Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/14/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/14/07 -- Canada; Friday 6/15/07 -- U.S.A.


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Kevin: Whoa.

Amber: Oh, my God.

Daniel: That's a lot of money.

Amber: Thousands of dollars.

Kevin: No, this is like hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Amber: That's why he fell he was trying to get to-- the bag down.

Kevin: What a way to go. Was your cousin rich?

Amber: No way.

Daniel: You think it's stolen?

Amber: I don't know. I mean, he stole from me once, but it was like a hundred bucks. This is...

Daniel: This is like robbing a bank.

Kevin: Or selling drugs. Was he a dealer?

Amber: Not that I know of. I mean, he never really hung out with the right crowd.

Kevin: Oh, great! Well, thanks! Thank you! Thank you for telling me this before I let him stay here.

Amber: Well, it doesn't matter, okay? We need to find my--

Kevin: Oh, right, the vague digital storage thing.

Amber: Whatever! Just help me!

Daniel: You know what? We'll find it.

Kevin: No, you know what? There's a dead body. There's a bag full of cash and you're still worried about that thing? I'm calling the cops.

Amber: No! No! Please! Please, okay? Just help me find what I'm looking for! Please!

Phyllis: Is she okay?

Jack: Yeah, she's up helping Noah with his homework. Listen, about earlier...

Phyllis: I understand. I've overstayed my welcome. I'll go.

Jack: I just think that would be for the best. I wish this would've worked out, but I think the stress on Sharon is--

Phyllis: It's too much. I understand that. Don't worry. Honestly, Jack... I-I didn't realize--

Jack: No, it's not your job. I should've noticed.

Phyllis: Well, she's your wife. You have to have her back, right? No hard feelings.

Jack: I promise I will see to it you are well cared for.

Phyllis: Don't worry about me. I'll manage.

Jack: Look, I know you're scared to go home.

Phyllis: Um... you know, I'm gonna book a suite at the athletic club, like you suggested. Just hand me my phone and I'll confirm it, please.

Jack: Slow down. Slow down. I'm not kicking you and Summer out tonight.

Phyllis: Oh, that's too bad. She has a very mean hitchhiking thumb.

Jack: We'll make arrangements first thing in the morning, okay?

Phyllis: Maybe I'll pick up a few things before that.

Sharon: Okay... the baby's asleep, and Noah’s all finished. I'm really sorry.

Jack: Wait, wait, don't be. Don't be. We're all under a lot of stress.

Phyllis: Um, Sharon? I'm gonna be leaving in the morning. I really apologize for this. I'm sorry if I've made things difficult on you.

Sharon: Yeah, I-I think that's best. Especially for Jack. This is really starting to affect his campaign.

Karen: No.

David: Remind me to thank Jack for running his home like the playboy mansion.

Nikki: That mock-up of him in Hef's robe go out?

David: Only every outlet picked it up.

Karen: That was a vicious attack that has no basis in fact.

Nikki: What are our numbers?

Phyllis: Um, Sharon? I'm gonna be leaving in the morning. I really apologize for this. I'm sorry if I've made things difficult on you.

Sharon: Yeah, I-I think that's best. Especially for Jack. This is really starting to affect his campaign.

David: Polls still have you leading by six points.

Nikki: That's not enough.

Karen: No, Nikki Newman has never supported legalized prostitution.

Nikki: What? What is this?

Karen: Several op-ed columns are coming out tomorrow questioning your moral character.

David: Well, we can thank Jack for blanketing the state with that robocall.

Karen: I'm booking you at the ladies auxiliary and the P.T.A.

David: No, no, no, we need to drown this out before she takes a hit in the polls.

Nikki: You're talking about the mafia ties copy?

David: That's right. We gotta get this out as soon as possible.

Karen: When did you work on that?

David: Last night after you left.

Nikki: I was really... I was hoping not to use this unless absolutely necessary.

David: Now's the time, Nikki. We can't chance you losing the lead.

Nikki: Oh, God, politics is just such a vicious game. Run it. Run it.

Ben: Jack? Sorry, but we have to talk about this, uh, video with you and the mob boss.

Jack: Why? We took it down so fast no one saw it.

Ben: Yeah, well, there's a blog about it implying a lot worse than the actual video.

Phyllis: What does it say?

Jack: "Jack Abbott-- is he the new kingpin?"

Ben: "Senate candidate's ties to organized crime has voters wondering what he's willing to turn a blind eye to."

Sharon: "And he's already versed in extortion from his ex-wife. And the questions still remain about his involvement in that."

Jack: "How much will he prostitute himself to curry favor with his new associates?"

Ben: "How can he fight crime when he's on the other team?"

Jack: This is a new low.

Ben: Yeah, well, it will be for our poll numbers if we don't do something about this and fast.

Sharon: Can't you do anything about this?

Ben: We can strategize another attack.

Sharon: No, I meant about what's online.

Ben: I issued a statement that the video was fabricated, so...

Sharon: Well, it got spread anyway. Won't this do the same thing?

Phyllis: You know, I knew Nikki wanted to win, but I never knew that she'd go this far.

Jack: I got into this race because I'd turned my personal life around and I thought I could do the same thing for the state of Wisconsin. I've been fighting political battles my whole life. I am the right person to take on these lobbyists. I know how big business works. I've been in it half my life. I've developed a plan to create 50,000 new jobs in the next four years, worker training programs, tax breaks for education, a patient's bill of rights. I am not gonna let all that slip away because... a bored housewife wants to make a point to her husband. I am the right person for this job. I can get the most accomplished in this position.

Phyllis: Jack, you would destroy her on the issues.

Ben: If it were about that.

Jack: I wanna challenge this woman to a debate.

Sharon: Now I think that is a great idea.

Ben: I agree. Your stance on the issues is strong, Jack, but you have to be ready for everything, and I mean everything to be out in the open.

Jack: Believe me, I am more than ready. Let's get a few things straightened out. I'm tired of people making assumptions about me. I wanna have a conversation with this woman face-to-face in a public forum. Make the call.

David: Yes, I understand. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Jack is challenging you to a debate.

Cane: He didn't show? I know it's a big favor to ask. No, no, you know, he had a reference. I called the reference. No, it checked out. It was just the one reference. I know, I know. Don't call it in if you can't deliver, I know. Look, I don't know what happened to Garrett. Look, I'm sorry for wasting your time, okay? I'm sorry.

Amber: Did you check under the bed?

Kevin: You know, it would help me if I knew what I was looking for.

Daniel: There's nothing under there.

Amber: Did you check his computer?

Kevin: Yes, there's no DVD, no USB port, nothing.

Amber: Okay, well, what about his duffle bag, huh?

Daniel: Twice. I was in there twice.

Kevin: Give it up, okay? We've looked everywhere.

Amber: No, it has to be here!

Daniel: Look, are you sure that whatever you're looking for-- that he even had it? I mean, he wasn't bluffing, was he?

Amber: No, no, no, we just have to keep looking, okay?

Kevin: All right, what's the deal with this digital recorder thing?

Amber: It is urgent. It is something that means a lot to me.

Kevin: Do you care to share?

Amber: No, no time to.

Daniel: Can we just keep looking?!

Kevin: You know, all the time that we've wasted looking for this thing--

Amber: We are wasting more time talking!

Daniel: You know what? Garrett's been dead for a little while already. A few more minutes-- they aren't gonna hurt anything!

Kevin: Oh, yeah, you're right. No big deal. It won't hurt anything. There is a dead guy in my apartment, a bag full of cash--there's nothing sketchy about that! I'll just keep looking for this thing!

(Cell phone ringing)

Daniel: It's the phone you gave me.

Kevin: What?

Amber: Well, don't-- don't answer it.

Daniel: Too late anyway.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Here.

Amber: Hey, Honey, what's up?

Cane: So I finally gain my colleagues' respect and your cousin makes me look like an idiot.

Amber: Oh, I'm sorry. I should've never asked you to get him that job.

Cane: Have you talked to him?

Amber: No.

Cane: I've called him. He's not answering his phone. I'm gonna go over to Kevin’s and give this guy a piece of my mind.

Amber: No, no, don't come here. Um, I just came by and he wasn't there.

Cane: Well, I'm coming over there.

Amber: No, no, um, um, I will meet you. I'm starving.

Cane: I'm at the coffee shop.

Amber: Okay, keep my seat warm.

Kevin: I'm sorry, you're getting dinner?

Amber: I had to stop him from coming by.

Daniel: No, you can't leave here right now.

Amber: I have to, okay? I will be back as soon as I can.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Hey, Paul.

Amber: Come here, come here. Promise me you will not tell him anything or do anything until I get back.

Daniel: You better hurry up and get back here, because I don't know how much longer I can convince him.

Amber: Okay, okay, well, at least keep looking, okay?

Kevin: I gotta go. Hey! Hey! This is not a drop off zone for dead guys! That's it, I've had enough.

Daniel: Oh, Kev, whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing?

Kevin: I'm calling the cops.

Daniel: No, Kev, you can't! Come on, I promised!

Kevin: You promised, I didn’t.

Nikki: I'm not afraid of facing off with Jack. Let's do it.

Karen: It's a matter of strategy. You're ahead in the polls.

David: And she could build on her lead.

Karen: One bad sound bite could destroy it.

Karen: I think there's too much at risk.

Nikki: But the people could hear directly from me about the major issues in a bigger forum.

Karen: We have more televised interviews scheduled.

David: And she could also address some of the rumors that have been leveled at her in public.

Karen: Which could call her husband's lack of support for her into the spotlight.

Nikki: I've gone this far without him.

Karen: Nikki, nothing compares to a televised debate. His absence will be glaring. Your husband-- one of the most prominent businessmen in the state-- has nothing to say about your campaign? That will be focused on.

Nikki: Can you just please draft the P.T.A. meeting speech?

David: Of course.

Karen: Your feelings for her are affecting this.

David: You're wrong.

Nikki: Victor, it's your wife... again. Can you please call me back? I am begging you. I'm worried that I haven't heard from you. I'm worried about you. I just wanna make sure that you're okay. Please.

Nikki: Yes, this is Nikki Newman. Hello, Hope.

Ben: Solo mediator, panel or town hall forum?

Jack: Town hall forum. Let's put this before the people. Let them ask the questions.

Ben: Her camp may want something a little more controlled.

Jack: Fine. Let 'em have it. I'll meet her anywhere she wants and I'll still win.

Sharon: Well, I guess I should help you gather your things.

Phyllis: Oh, don't worry, Sharon. You've already done enough for me.

Sharon: No, I don't mind, really.

Ben: And there isn't anything you haven't told me? Anything that she might spring on us?

Jack: There's nothing you need to worry about. Besides, she's already exploited everything she can think of across the internet. I'd like to answer some of those things.

Ben: Okay. You're sure?

Jack: Well, I'm as sure as I can be. I don't know what she's gonna pull, but I'll be ready for her.

Sharon: Um, I'm just gonna run to the kitchen and get some iced tea. Anybody else want anything?

Ben: Actually, uh, Sharon, I'd like to talk to you about your appearance at the luncheon. Mind if I join you?

Sharon: Great.

Phyllis: Jack? There's nothing you need to worry about? Are you crazy? Nikki could tell everybody you owned Jabot.

Jack: If Nikki were gonna go after me about Jabot, she would've done it already.

Phyllis: She could be saving it for late in the race to give her an edge.

Jack: No, I thought about this from every angle. If she brings it up, it hurts her worse than it hurts me.

Phyllis: How so?

Jack: Well, for starters, she destroys her relationship with Katherine.

Phyllis: I don't think she really cares about that. I've seen her throw a few people under the bus.

Jack: Most of her campaign financing comes from Chancellor Industries. She's not gonna risk that.

Phyllis: Don't underestimate her. She wants this senate seat more than anything.

Jack: I still say it hurts her worse than it hurts me.

Phyllis: Okay, so what do you plan to say?

Jack: I'd tell the truth. My father just died. I didn't wanna lose the company he'd spent his whole life building. Once I garner the sympathy, I would tell them how Victor and Nikki set me up. The world would finally see that Nikki’s every bit as ruthless as her husband.

Nikki: Well, thank you for the information. Yes. Yeah, you, too. Bye-bye.

Karen: Here's a preliminary outline for your approval. Nikki?

Nikki: Hey, it turns out I was wrong.

David: Regarding?

Nikki: Victor. He's doing just fine. Don't have to worry about him.

David: Have you spoken with him?

Nikki: No, but his ex-wife did. He called her a few days ago. He's just fine and dandy. He had time to touch base with her, let her know he was all right.

Karen: Is he coming back?

Nikki: I don't know. He didn't tell her where he was headed next, but I have a feeling it isn't home.

Daniel: Kevin, please, just chill. Just for a little while longer.

Kevin: Fine. Fine. Fine. I can't call anyway.

Daniel: Thank you. Thank you.

Kevin: No, no, no, this is not because of the promise you made to her. Who am I gonna say found him? Us and Amber? Well, great, where is she?

Daniel: She'll be back soon.

Kevin: Yeah, but the police will question her and what if our stories don't match? We all need to be here. We need to be on the same page. Otherwise we're gonna look guilty. The minute one thing is off, we--most likely me--are screwed.

Daniel: I think we're all in the same boat here together.

Kevin: I don't think so. With my track record?

Daniel: Okay, well, you have a point.

Kevin: One thing is wrong, and they're gonna pin this on me. The cops would love that.

Daniel: Looks like you're just gonna have to trust Amber.

Kevin: Great. That's great. First she gets to you and now me.

Paul: No felonies. No nothing. Yeah, well, that could get expensive. Three times. Actually, that's kind of interesting. How many years ago? I wonder what the governor would say about that. Yeah. That's it? Nothing more? Okay, thanks. You, too, bye. Hmm.

Cane: Bad day, Mate?

Paul: No, not really. Just surprised, another dead end.

Cane: Can I sit?

Paul: Yeah, sure.

Cane: Must happen a lot in your line of work, eh?

Paul: Uh, more so when I'm not expecting it.

Cane: Well, you know what they say about predictability, huh? It's the job that'll kill ya.

Paul: How's it going over at Chancellor?

Cane: It's good. It's good. Actually, it's really good. I think I make my grandmother proud of me.

Paul: Good for you. You want some advice?

Cane: Yeah, sure, always.

Paul: Take the wife out at least once a week.

Cane: And what does that guarantee me?

Paul: Well, trust me on this one.

Cane: Speak of the devil. All right, hey, nice to see you again.

Paul: Good to see you, too.

Cane: Take care.

Paul: Bye.

Cane: Hey, Babe.

Amber: Hey, I got here as quick as I could.

Cane: So I found out more about your cousin.

Amber: What?

Cane: I went online. It turns out the company he said he worked for doesn't exist.

Amber: I don't get why he would lie about something like that.

Cane: So if the company doesn't exist, then the reference is bogus.

Amber: You know what? Just forget him. He's just not worth the stress.

Cane: No, not until I go over there and confront this guy. I've ordered the food to-go.

Amber: No, no, no, no, you didn't let me finish. After I got off the phone with you, I went to get something out of Garrett’s room and all his stuff was gone. He skipped town.

Cane: He bailed on you, too?

Amber: Yeah. Yeah, no call, nothing.

Cane: I don't understand. Why would this guy go to the effort of trying to get this job and leave like that?

Amber: I don't know. Okay, he's random.

Cane: Yeah, well, this doesn't make sense to me. I'll bet you that that Faroudi guy is a friend of his posing.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: What's with Amber's bat phone?

Daniel: It's nothing.

Kevin: Nothing? Right. She's sucked us both into this. You know, friends do not let friends baby-sit corpses.

Daniel: Come on, Man, it's not her fault that this guy died.

Kevin: Uh, it's her fault he's still here.

Daniel: Look, can we just find whatever she's looking for, and then when she gets back, then we could talk about what we're gonna say to the police.

Kevin: Yeah, we have to talk about what we're gonna say to the police. We need to memorize it. No tangents. No lone wolf crap. Otherwise, one mistake, we all go down together.

Nikki: My changes are in the columns. Thank you.

Karen: I'll address that at the volunteers meeting tonight. Yeah.

Nikki: (Sighs)

David: Second wind?

Nikki: I just made a few changes in the nurses' union speech. But I wanna organize a tour of the local hospitals so that I can see firsthand the problems they're dealing with.

David: I'll get right on it. I'm sorry about Victor.

Nikki: Oh, it's fine. He was never supportive of my campaign anyway. It's best that he's not here.

David: You got here on your own, Nikki. You don't need him. Although he should be here to help you deal with the loss of your son.

Nikki: I don't wanna talk about that. I think you need to call the union.

Karen: Shouldn't we finish our discussion about the debate?

Nikki: I am not going to let Victor be a factor in this. I am not running as Victor Newman's wife. I'm in. In fact, I think I shall call my opponent and accept his gracious invitation.

(Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Hello?

Nikki: Hey, it's your competition speaking.

Jack: Nikki, how nice to hear from you.

Nikki: Well, I just wanted to thank you for your invitation. I would love to take part in a debate with you.

Jack: Well, that's great news. Nothing like a little healthy dialogue, huh?

Nikki: Looking forward to it. I wanna be ahead by more than six points going into this. So do whatever you have to do.

Jack: She's in.

Phyllis: I love this. Captain of the debate team versus ex-stripper.

Jack: I hate to be the one to point this out. Captain of the Harvard debate team.

Sharon: You're going to do great, Jack.

Ben: This could get you ahead in the campaign, get you ahead of the race.

Jack: Bring it on.

Ben: After what they put out there, we have to hit back-- hard.

Jack: How about the fact that Victor and Nikki need a continent between them to somehow get along? The untaming of the shrew. Oh, God.

Sharon: What's wrong?

Jack: God, things change pretty fast. Not long ago I fired David Chow for lacking integrity. Look what I'm doing.

Sharon: Nikki didn't give you a choice, Jack.

Ben: We tried to run a clean campaign.

Jack: I was working on the assumption that Victor and Nikki were friends of mine. Even after she entered the race.

Phyllis: You changed. They haven’t.

Jack: Yeah, well, look how long that lasted.

Sharon: You had to fight back. This is not your fault.

Jack: I can never let my guard down again. You agree for one minute to play by another set of rules, you lose. I got soft. And I left the people I care more about vulnerable. Nikki didn't just do this to me. Your affair was made public because of her. You wouldn't even be looking at jail time if it weren't for her. No, she brought this on. She wanted to take this fight to the gutter? You do what you have to do. I'm not gonna lose to her.

Kevin: I know, I know. Look, I will get you your next payment soon. Please, just don't stop looking for her. You know how hard it is to pick up on a trail once you lose it! Tomorrow. I'll get the next payment tomorrow. Bye. Hi, uh, this is Kevin Fisher. I was calling to see if my loan has come through yet.

Daniel: I know I put the rent check in the mail, Mrs. McDonald. It should've been there by today.

Kevin: I know, but I can't wait that long.

Daniel: You didn't check the house, did you?

Kevin: Okay.

Daniel: Uh, no reason, I was just asking.

Kevin: I sent the loan application yesterday.

Daniel: Okay, bye.

Kevin: Yes. Okay, thanks.

Daniel: I can't find what Amber was looking for.

Kevin: Who cares? Where the hell is she?

Daniel: I don't know. Her phone's off.

Kevin: That is not a good sign.

Amber: Garrett is gone. Can't we just all forget about him?

Cane: No, no, no, 'cause I don't understand this, all right? You're family and he took off without telling you. You're not even worried about him?

Amber: No. You know, it just proves he hasn't changed at all. You know, I thought he had grown up. I wanted to give him another chance, but he's just as much of a flake as he's always been.

Cane: So he's done this before?

Amber: What, taken off? Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry. I never should've...

Cane: Baby, don't worry. It's not your fault. He used both of us.

Amber: You would've thought that he would've grown up by now.

Cane: You know, I had a mate like Garrett in Australia when I was growing up-- one of my best friends. Best friends--I'd do anything for this guy and I did. He's down on his luck. He's got nowhere to live. He's dumped by his girlfriend. He hasn't got a job. I let him move in with me. I take him to my job. I get him a job there. I take him out to meet all my friends. Next thing you know, a few months later he's taken out credit cards in my name and he's hitting on my girlfriend behind my back in my apartment. And that's not the only thing he was doing behind my back. I don't like liars. I can't stand 'em, especially people who lie to get close to someone. It's unforgivable, Amber. I am so sorry, Sweetheart. I shouldn't have got worked up like that.

Amber: It's nice to see that kind of intensity. Outside the bedroom, I mean.

Cane: You know, speaking of which, I still have some time left on my break if you wanna swing past the house.

Amber: Save it for later. Don't you have a meeting with Kay?

Cane: Yeah, but it's after dinner. We still have plenty of time.

Amber: Oh, well, I don't want you getting into any trouble with work and I gotta run anyway.

Cane: Where you headed?

Amber: Oh, I told Kevin that I would help him clean up after my cousin.

Cane: I'll come with you.

Amber: No, no, no, no, remember, work? Trouble?

Cane: Baby, there's no trouble. I'm the boss, remember?

Amber: Your grandma's the boss. And you know, Garrett’s gone. So...

Cane: I know you're covering.

Amber: What do you mean?

Cane: Amber, I know you miss your cousin.

Amber: Trust me, I will be fine.

Cane: Well, you can't get rid of me that easily. I'm coming with you.

Amber: No. You really don't need to.

Cane: I'm gonna go pay the bill and we're going.

[Cell phone rings]

Amber: Oh, Cane and I are on our way over. I told him that Plum just-- just took his things and left town.

Daniel: What?!

Amber: Just get rid of us at the door, okay?

Daniel: She's bringing Cane over here.

Jack: Then you also know my opponent's proposal would add a $1.7 billion of tax increases.

Phyllis: All right, let's start putting personal information about Nikki and her relationship with her campaign manager.

Ben: No, no, it's too easy to deny. Until we get more dirt on the relationship, it won't stick.

Sharon: All right, well, let's just focus on their sleazy tactics, like the mob ties. Help Jack put a dent in that.

Phyllis: Guys, I wanna go on the offense here. We have to get personal.

Sharon: Sometimes that backfires.

Phyllis: Yeah, you're telling me.

Jack: I don't even wanna go there, but it's a pretty slippery slope when you start legitimizing illegal behavior.

Ben: Hey, her mobility's better.

Sharon: Yeah, um, we didn't get a chance to tell you, but she's moving out.

Ben: Finally!

Sharon: Right?

Jack: And what are we supposed to tell our children?

Sharon: Tell me about it.

Ben: Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is great news for Jack's campaign.

Sharon: Yes.

Ben: And for you.

(Cell phone ringing)

Ben: Oh, excuse me a second.

Jack: No, I enjoyed talking to you, thanks.

Ben: Yeah. Yeah, oh, hey, thanks for calling me back. Yes. Yes, today, at our campaign office.

Sharon: Hey, you all right?

Ben: We're heading there right now.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. Don't worry about me.

Ben: Excellent. All right. Hey, the interview's set.

Phyllis: Interview?

Jack: Yeah, I'm countering the mob stamp that Nikki’s put on me.

Ben: Yeah, and, uh, robocall. Come on, let's get going.

Jack: All right.

Sharon: Bye. So... what did you come up with as far as something personal?

Phyllis: I think Jack said it best-- Nikki and Victor.

David: F.Y.I. -- the mob affiliation is sticking to Jack. Therefore, we have to be very careful not to detract from that with whatever else we decide to level at him.

Nikki: All right, well, then put the focus on Sharon and Phyllis.

Karen: Anyone else joining the circle of polygamy?

Nikki: Been there, done that. I can't believe I was once married to that man.

Karen: Okay, that I can't even imagine.

David: Well, some men don't realize what they have until it's gone.

Karen: All right, let's focus on these two women that he's been shacking up with.

David: That should work. He's been touting those two as his supportive team for weeks. Let's show just how shaky that foundation really is.

Karen: Right.

Nikki: Could you get started on that?

Karen: I wanna finish drafting the press release for this debate and get it out.

Nikki: I should start up here, right?

Daniel: Hey, listen, not to be rude, Guys, but now is really not a good time.

Cane: What, you got a porn site you're checking out?

Kevin: No, uh, Daniel was just helping me clean up. I have a date coming over. Soon.

Cane: Then it's your lucky day, because Amber and I are gonna clean up after Garrett’s mess.

Amber: You know what? We should really do it later. I don't wanna cramp Kevin’s style.

Cane: No, the more hands the merrier. And we can't let the bachelor do it on his own.

Amber: Well, if Kevin gets lucky, it's not like he's gonna bring his date to Garrett’s room.

Cane: Did, uh, her cousin say he was leaving or something?

Amber: We should just pick up a few things, um, you know--

Daniel: No.

Amber: What are you doing?

Cane: Calling Garrett’s reference.

Kevin: (Whispers) get him out of here.

(Cell phone ringing)

Daniel: It's Lily. I gotta, uh, take this.

Kevin: (Normal voice) hey, you know, Guys, I appreciate the help, but, uh, you know, I've got the routine down. If you guys are here, you know?

Amber: You know what? You know what? Say no more. We are outta here. Come on, Babe.

Cane: I just gotta use the loo first.

Kevin: Oh, no, you might wanna wait. The pipes are acting up. I gotta get 'em checked out.

Cane: That's okay. I'll check 'em out while I'm in there.

Amber: Cane! Cane! It's not what it looks like, okay?

Cane: Looks like a mess to me. I mean, the guy really tore the place up, didn't he?

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Typical frat guy. They sure make the worst roommates.

Cane: Did he leave any clues as to why he bailed? Where he skipped to?

Amber: I looked, uh, when I was--when I was here before. Um, you know what? Aren't you gonna be late for work, huh? Can't have you working overtime. I got a little surprise for you tonight.

Cane: Yeah, you're right. You're right. I gotta go. All right, um, hey, listen, good luck with your date.

Kevin: Hey, thanks, thanks.

Amber: What did you do?!

Kevin: Garrett is under the bed. The money is in the closet.

Amber: Okay. Wait, whoa, what about the thing that I was looking for?

Daniel: Nada! Nothing!

Kevin: Forget that innocuous little thing! We are screwed because of you! If we call the cops, it is gonna be all over the news that he died in my apartment and Cane is gonna know that we lied and hid the body!

Sharon: I think Jack was just lashing out when he said that about Victor and Nikki’s marriage. I don't know if we should go after that. I think we should wait.

Phyllis: You've gotta be kidding me.

Sharon: What?

Phyllis: It's about us.

Sharon: "The Olympic Champion of Adultery"?

Phyllis: "Blackmailing is like breathing to her."

Sharon: "She latched onto the wealthiest man she could find"?

Phyllis: "She should be thrown in jail."

Sharon: What? "When she couldn't break up her lover's marriage--"

Phyllis: "Her daughter should be spared being raised by her just like her son was."

Sharon: "A weak wife!"

Phyllis: "A weak mother." Nikki.

Sharon: Nikki.

Jack: It's Nikki’s project. I mean, that is the great irony of this whole slander. I'm not developing land there anymore, much less building casinos with Tony Soprano.

Woman: What about the claims that you were behind the robocalls of Ms. Newman advocating legalized prostitution?

Jack: I resent the accusation that I or any member of my staff was involved in that. As well as the implication that we had anything to do with these character assassinations. I fired David Chow the moment I learned that he had uploaded videos of Nikki stripping on the internet.

Woman: And now he works for Ms. Newman?

Jack: I think the fact that he's part of her campaign speaks volumes by itself.

Karen: You know, maybe you should handle this meeting with the volunteers.

David: Why? You're their contact.

Karen: No, I...

David: I'm not as up to speed on that, okay? Just relax. I'm gonna be leaving soon.

Karen: Good.

Nikki: So, David, at the debate, I wanna focus on at-risk youth, job growth, affordable healthcare and environmental controls.

David: All good choices. And make sure you emphasize your stance on crime. I believe he's vulnerable in that area.

Nikki: Right. And he says he wants to lower taxes, but that does not match up with his proposals. He's talking out of both sides of his mouth. We know how good he is at that.

David: And that's where he's gonna trip up.

Nikki: But he has had so much training. Years of training. When he was at Harvard... well, we all know where I was.

David: Your past doesn't matter, Nikki. You're smart and you're tough as nails. And you know what you care about. You're not like Jack. You're real, okay? And that is what the people will connect with.

Nikki: I hope so. Thanks.

Kevin: I can't believe this. The one time I wanna call the cops and I can’t.

Daniel: Would your husband cover for us? Well, for you?

Amber: I can't guarantee that. I mean, once he's been lied to, I don't think he'll believe another word I say.

Kevin: Oh, fantastic! I'm gonna get turned in for something I didn't do! Dej-flippin'-vu.

Daniel: Amber--

Amber: I am sorry, okay? I didn't mean for this to get out of control. I had no idea that—

(P.D.A. Buzzing)

Jana's voice: I really do miss you. I'll keep writing till you believe me.

Kevin: You can write until your damn fingers fall off.

Jana's voice: I love you. Please, please forgive me. I'm so sorry.

Kevin: Yeah, you will be.

Kevin: The lines aren't blurred or broken. The numbers aren't sequential.

Daniel: How many big bills do you get at the coffeehouse?

Kevin: You'd be surprised. You gotta check 'em all out.

Amber: Yeah, yeah, you can't be too sure these days.

Kevin: You guys, I don't think this is counterfeit.

Daniel: Okay. So we got one dead body and we got one bag full of money.

Kevin: Yeah. We need to make a decision already.

Amber: Yeah, but no matter what, this stays between us, deal?

Kevin: Deal.

Daniel: Deal.

Amber: Okay.

(Computer chimes)

Nikki: Ooh... Liz Klein wrote something about me.

David: She's one of the worst gossip columnists around.

Nikki: All right, here we go. "With her son killed in a tragic accident and her unsupportive husband nowhere to be found, is Nikki Newman in any state to hold office?"

Nikki: (Sighs) she's right. How could my husband abandon me? I mean, how could he do that? How could he call hope and let her know that he's okay and not call me? I mean, I understand that he doesn't wanna deal with everything that's happened with Nicholas. I don't either! But I need him. Why isn't he here for me? I don't understand.

David: All right.

(Knock on door)

Jack: Hey.

Paul: Hey, Jack. I got the workup on David Chow.

Jack: And?

Paul: And it's gonna put you to sleep, I'm afraid.

Jack: No felonies? No restraining orders?

Paul: No overdue library books.

Jack: Was he married?

Paul: Three times.

Jack: Tell me they all three live under the same roof?

Paul: Sorry. He's divorced. He was widowed twice before that.

Jack: That's not gonna give me any leverage to get the guy out of a job.

Paul: No, he worked for Governor Abrams four years ago. Abrams was four points down in the polls before the election. He ended up winning by a handful of votes in a recount.

Jack: Did David get the credit?

Paul: Well, he took the credit. Whether he deserves it or not is anybody's guess. He played hard ball with the other side, but no dirty tricks.

Jack: Too bad. Of course, I'm personally thrilled it works out for Nikki.

Paul: Oh, yeah, of course.

Sharon: This is just going to kill Jack. You know it hurts him more when they come after... us.

Phyllis: He always blames himself.

Sharon: I've never seen him like he was earlier.

Phyllis: We have to help take the pressure off.

Sharon: How are we gonna do that? Nikki's attacks are relentless and she has no shame.

Phyllis: He's behind in the polls, Sharon. I mean, he's not gonna admit this to himself, but losing this campaign--

Sharon: Is just... it's gonna make him feel like a failure. And after he lost Jabot last year, I just... I don't know how he's gonna take this.

Phyllis: You know, Ben said that he would get a big surge if we could prove that Nikki was indiscreet with the campaign manager, right?

Sharon: Proof that we don't have.

Phyllis: But we could get it. I have two words for you-- nanny cam.

Sharon: In Victor's office.

Phyllis: Exactly. They work late nights. Really, we have to protect Jack.

Sharon: And not tell him.

Phyllis: Of course not. We're gonna save his campaign.

Sharon: Let's do it.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Neil: You're off the project.

Brad: I seem to be off all my wife's favorite projects.

Cane: Amber's not to blame for your marital problems.

Lily: We were doing fine until she came along.

Sharon: I hope we get some really good stuff to use against Nikki.

Phyllis: She's going down.

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