Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/13/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/13/07 -- Canada; Thursday 6/14/07 -- U.S.A.


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Sharon: Jack, listen, I know that the nanny cam may seem extreme, but honestly, I have been in the room with her and she’s okay, and then the next minute she's in total agony. And I just don't understand how she can go from one to the other.

Jack: You know how she is. She pushes herself when she shouldn't.

Sharon: Okay, but you know how she also lies to get what she wants.

Jack: But not this time. You have proof that she's not faking it.

Phyllis: Hey, guys, my hearing is just fine.

Sharon: Um... yeah, I was just trying to explain.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. Listen, I wouldn't blame you for sending Mike Wallace after me. Like you said yourself, I do have a history.

Sharon: That doesn't give me the right to spy on you.

Phyllis: Don't worry about it. It's already forgotten.

Jack: Well, I wish the press was that charitable about my political gaffes.

Phyllis: I don't wanna stress you guys out. You've already gone above and beyond.

Jack: Hey, we're letting you crash on our sofa. It's not that big a deal.

Phyllis: No, I mean it. You've really stepped up. I didn't think I could go on after I lost Nicholas. And you two showed me that I have a lot to live for. You have. Sharon, you've been my lifeline since I lost my husband.

Gloria: You know something? I used to always pop a breath mint every time I thought I was going to see you, just hoping... that you might kiss me.

Gloria: I know you're gonna kiss me again someday very soon, William.

Lauren: Gloria, its Michael.

Gloria: Honey, Michael's here. I'll be right back.

Gloria: Please tell me it was a mistake.

Michael: The only thing William's uncle left him was a company full of debt.

Gloria: No wonder he never talked about his inheritance.

Lauren: It makes sense. It's not like he was rushing to retire or anything.

Gloria: All right. It doesn't matter. I vowed to be with him for richer or poorer, good times and bad and I meant it, so William's just going to have to get better, right?

Lauren: Right.

Michael: Yeah, we will find the best rehab center there is for him.

Lauren: Exactly.

Gloria: Or maybe-- maybe the universe is going to take William away from me to pay me back for what I've done, because I don't deserve him. Just like I didn't deserve John.

Lauren: Don't be ridiculous. You did not bring this on, Gloria.

Gloria: He doesn't deserve to be lying in there fighting for his life. And maybe... maybe I do need to be in prison.

Lauren: He's conscious and he's alert. Those are positive signs.

Gloria: John was conscious. And John was alert.

Michael: All right...

Lauren: Gloria, please, please, don't go there. You don't need to go there.

Michael: If he recovers, you and only you can be there for him. You're the only one who knows that your husband ordered that D.N.A. test.

Paul: What's this? Records of all the times I forgot to call you?

Sullivan: You know, it would be a lot thicker than this.

Paul: Oh, ouch! Ouch!

Sullivan: Well, you know...

Paul: You have a definite evil streak.

Sullivan: No, I don't have an evil streak. These are-- these are William's files. I'm helping the D.A.'s office cover his workload.

Paul: Find anything interesting?

Sullivan: Yeah. I think William was about to crack the Jabot case. He had the, uh, D.N.A. tested at a private lab and it matched the D.N.A. found at the crime scene.

Paul: Do you know who it is?

Sullivan: Not yet. But I'm gonna find out.

Lily: You know what? I'm gonna pay with a card. Is that okay?

Man: Yeah, no worries. Debit's more common than cash these days.

Lily: Okay, thanks.

Man: I'm sorry. Your card's been declined.

Lily: What? Oh, you know what? My husband lost his bank card and I forgot that he canceled it, just in case. I'm sorry.

Amber: Um, you know what? Um, it's on me.

Lily: No, Amber. No, thank you. I'm just gonna write a check.

Man: We don't accept checks.

Lily: Listen, my husband is the owner's best friend, okay? So I promise you I'm good for it.

Daniel: And no one wants to buy my car.

Kevin: Why are you selling it?

Daniel: Because I need to get some money in my account before Lily realizes that we're broke.

Kevin: Why don't you just tell her that you were scammed. It's not like you blew the money.

Daniel: No, no, I can't do that. You see, 'cause I was checking out that swingers site. I mean, I'm already in enough trouble.

Kevin: I'd loan you the cash, but I'm out. The search for my psycho ex-girlfriend has wiped me clean.

Daniel: Huh. Hey, if I get the 411 on Jana, will you pay me?

Kevin: Yeah, sure, you, Paul, it doesn't matter. Did I tell you that she's been sending me these instant messages telling me how much she misses me?

Daniel: Are you serious?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, no joke.

Daniel: Well, what else did she say?

Kevin: Um, she was saying something about my atlas and this trip we were planning together, which is why I have to find it.

Daniel: Well, you know, I could help you look for it, but I do require a finder's fee.

Kevin: Garrett, open up!

Daniel: Hey, he's probably not even in there.

Kevin: He's gotta be in there. The door is locked. You can only lock it from the inside. You know, I bet he got wasted and passed out.

Daniel: Well, the cash advance place won't give me any money either. Because they said I don't have enough collateral.

Kevin: Just chill out. Didn't you say the bank was investigating? They'll replenish your account as soon as they determine that you were in fact scammed.

Daniel: Well, yeah, but that could take weeks. And that's one thing I don't have right now is time.

Daniel: Hey, Lily, it's me. Don't hang up.

Lily: Listen, when are we getting new debit cards? I had to write a check for coffee.

Daniel: Um, actually, I wanted to talk to you about that. Can I come over to the coffeehouse and meet you?

Lily: Daniel, we're already on the phone. Just tell me now.

Daniel: I can't. My battery's about to die.

Lily: Fine.

Kevin: What was that about?

Daniel: You're right, man. I'm out of options. I gotta tell Lily about this money.

Phyllis: Nine out of ten experts say the ex-wife should not live with the newlyweds.

Jack: Yes, this does have the makings of a reality show.

Phyllis: Yeah. Sharon already shot the pilot. Spying on the enemy is a show stopper.

Jack: I'm not sure any of us is up for episode number two.

Phyllis: Well, if I keep on getting meals like this, I am.

Jack: Episode number two, wife cooks for the ex-wife.

Phyllis: Sharon made this? You know what? Uh-oh, I'm not hungry.

Jack: Well, you know, I helped. There's--there's no poison. At least, I don't think so.

Phyllis: Okay, good.

Jack: Of course, I did leave the room at one point.

Phyllis: Would you like a bite?

Jack: I'm glad you're here.

Phyllis: Good. I couldn't do this alone.

Logan: Nick?! Nick?!

Daniel: Hey, Amber, have you seen Lily? She was supposed to meet me here, but I think she was just saying that to get me off the phone.

Amber: Relax, she's in the bathroom.

Daniel: I gotta tell her the truth. I gotta tell her I had all our money stolen.

Amber: We don't have to.

Daniel: I don't have a choice.

Amber: You always have a choice. This time, I wouldn't vote for honesty.

Daniel: Okay, then how about you give me all the money I need to replenish my bank account?

Amber: Yeah, I haven't been able to touch a dime of the in-laws millions. You know, I don't even have enough money to get the ring back that I hocked for my Vegas trip.

Daniel: Well, looks like I don't have a choice then.

Amber: Good luck.

Daniel: Hey.

Lily: Hi. So, what did you have to say that was so important?

Daniel: Can we sit down somewhere?

Lily: Did you get the debit card thing figured out?

Daniel: Not exactly.

Lily: Why? I mean, they should issue us new ones. I read the bank's web site. It only takes a couple of days.

Daniel: Yeah, well, there's more to it than just waiting around for some forms to be processed.

Lily: Well, what do they want? People lose these things all the time.

Daniel: It takes time. Look, I didn't come here to talk to you about money. I came here because I wanted to see you.

Lily: Great, so you lied to me... again. What else is new?

Daniel: Look, Lily, I'm trying to change, okay? But I can't do this on my own. I want you to come back to therapy with me.

Jack: What's that? I think somebody else is hungry.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: Yes, she is. And what is it you're looking for? Formula? I happen to have some formula. Let's go get that. Excuse us, please.

Phyllis: How's Noah?

Sharon: Um... Jack's gone. You can drop the act.

Phyllis: It's not an act, Sharon.

Sharon: Come on. You've gotta be furious with me.

Phyllis: No, I'm not. All you did was prove that I injured my back.

Sharon: Well, I betrayed your privacy.

Phyllis: I have nothing to hide.

Sharon: How did Jack find the camera?

Phyllis: He was getting something for me.

Sharon: Wow, that didn't take him long.

Phyllis: Mnh-mnh. Ow! Ow! Oh, my gosh! I'm having a spasm. Could you adjust the pillow for me, please?

Sharon: It would be my pleasure.

Logan: Nick?

Logan: Nick?!

[Nick hallucinating]

Nick: Cassie?

Cassie: I have been looking for you everywhere.

Nick: You look so beautiful.

Cassie: You have to say that. You're my dad.

Nick: I missed you so much.

Cassie: Well, now we can be together. Come on.

Amber: Hey, have you seen my cousin? My husband just informed me he didn't show up for his job interview.

Kevin: Uh, no, your loser cousin has locked himself in his room. He hasn't come out in I don't know how long and he won't answer when I knock on the door.

Amber: What a loser. You know, I felt obligated to help the jerk, and this is how he repays me? I'm gonna kill him.

(Cell phone ringing)

Sullivan: Hi, Gloria. I hope--I hope you don't mind me visiting.

Gloria: Of course not, Maggie. My husband's probably very happy to see you.

Sullivan: Is he responsive?

Gloria: Not yet. But soon.

Sullivan: Hey you. Well, I'm exhausted 'cause I've been going through all your case files. You know you work too hard. I ever tell you that? Okay, so it's the silent treatment. That's all right. That's all right. You know that I have ways of making people talk.

Gloria: Well, I hope so. Because William always said you were the best detective on the force.

Sullivan: My record's nowhere near as good as his.

Paul: So how is he? Really?

Michael: Well, they're not sure yet. He had a pretty severe stroke, but they were able to start the TPA treatments right away. They're still running some tests.

Lauren: Yeah, he's conscious. At least that's a step in the right direction.

Paul: You think he's gonna make it through this?

Michael: We'll have to wait and see.

Gloria: So, Maggie, please, do keep talking to him. A visit from a good friend is probably just what he needs, so I'll give you two some privacy.

Sullivan: All right. Thank you.

Sullivan: Okay, Pal, it's just you and me now. I think this is the part where you start talking, so that I can stop worrying so much. All right. Well, then we're gonna have to work on your cases together then. I'm gonna get rich on overtime. Okay, okay, fine, I don't get overtime. I'm just on salary. You probably need overtime anyway, to buy for Gloria. I know. I'm sorry. You two should be on your honeymoon. William, are you trying to tell me something? Can--can you... can you--can you... can you--can you write? Huh? Why don't we do that? Can you write?

Sullivan: Okay, okay, okay... I don't read code yet, so... we're gonna have to think of some other way. Yeah. You got this blinking thing down. How about this? How about if I ask you questions and you blink once for "Yes," twice for "No?" Okay. All right, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna take that as a yes. Okay, good. So... I got your files. Let's see how you feel about... talking about work.

Lauren: What do you think Maggie is talking to him about?

Michael: Who knows? As long as she leaves Gloria's name out of the conversation, I think we're safe. If she mentions her, William's gonna react.

Gloria: Absolutely, absolutely, but I just think it's wonderful that you and Maggie stopped by.

Paul: Oh, it's, you know, it's nothing. We, uh, have just been worried about him, that's all.

Gloria: I know. And you know, work means everything to William, so who knows? Maybe having Maggie in there will help motivate him to get better.

Daniel: I can pay you for this session. I'm sorry about that bounced check last time.

Dr. Farr: Daniel, I'll send you a bill.

(Knock on door)

Lily: Hi. Can we please just get this over with?

Dr. Farr: Lily?

Lily: Yes?

Dr. Farr: Let's try sitting on the couch today.

Dr. Farr: Daniel, you told me there's something you want to say to your wife?

Daniel: I messed up big time. And that's why I wanted you to come here today so I could fix it.

Dr. Farr: Acknowledging your mistake is the first step.

Daniel: Lily... I wanna change, which means telling you everything. It also means I'm gonna look like even more of a bad guy.

Lily: Daniel, I never said that you were a bad person. You're just not the same guy that I married.

Daniel: Of course I am. Do you remember that wedding dress I got you at that thrift store?

Lily: Yes.

Daniel: You told me that you didn't care what you wore. You know, it didn't matter, but I knew how happy it would make you to have a real wedding. I wanna make you that happy again. I never meant to hurt you.

Lily: Yeah, but you did. You knew exactly what you were doing and that's why we're here.

Daniel: You know, when I was looking at those pictures, it wasn't because I wanted to be with other women.

Lily: Daniel, that doesn't matter. You were still checking out naked women and writing to them. That's just as bad.

Dr. Farr: Focus on your emotions, Lily, not your judgment of his actions.

Lily: Well, I just feel like I'm not... good enough for him. And I keep thinking, you know, is he comparing me to those photos? Is that all I am to you?

Daniel: I never did that. I swear.

Lily: You know, Daniel, you've sworn to so many things that it's hard to believe anything you say anymore.

Amber: I have called every bar in town. No one has seen Garrett. He's just doing this to drive me crazy.

Kevin: Hmm, join the club. Jana's playing hide and seek, too.

Amber: If Garrett would disappear to wherever she is, I would just be thrilled.

Kevin: Just let me know where he's going first.

Amber: I don't wanna know.

Kevin: You know, you should be grateful that he didn't try and kill you first. Laughing at how gullible you were.

Amber: Well, in her own sick and twisted way, she might have cared about you.

Kevin: Oh, right. I think trying to kill somebody really is a good way to show your devotion.

Amber: You know, why not just forget about her? She's part of your past. She has nothing to do with your life now.

Kevin: Yes, she does. She affects me every day. I think about her. I get angry. I want her to know what it feels like to be locked up with no way out, fearing that every breath might be her last.

Michael: So Kevin's obsession with Jana is getting worse?

Paul: Well, I suppose you could say determined.

Lauren: We both know what happens when Kevin gets determined.

Gloria: Determined isn't a bad thing, Lauren. It's not like he isn't justified.

Lauren: We just wanna make sure that he's gonna be all right.

Paul: I suggested he save his money and, uh... give the investigation a break, you know, wait for Jana to make a mistake.

Michael: And?

Paul: He refused. He said he would find her with or without my help.

Gloria: And he wouldn't have to do that, if the police had just done their job.

Sullivan: Okay, so, um, I'm gonna ask you some questions and, um... where do we start? Um... how about the Jabot case?

Michael: Gloria, the police have other cases to solve besides Jana's.

Gloria: She tried to kill your brother.

Paul: Trust me, the police are still looking for her. Maggie is keeping me updated on the progress.

Gloria: Progress? There hasn't been new information in months.

Michael: Gloria, the police aren't gonna share every lead they have with you. These things take time.

Lauren: I just hope that the authorities get to her before Kevin does.

Paul: Look, now that she's left the country, there's only so much the police can do from afar.

Gloria: Yeah, well, if they didn't focus on cold cases, they might be able to find her.

Michael: Paul has no control over police priorities.

Paul: They're doing everything they can. Right now, Maggie's got her hands full taking over William's workload.

Gloria: Does that include the Jabot case?

Sullivan: See, what I don't understand is why you had the D.N.A. tested at a private lab. You must've had a reason. Were you worried about a leak? Okay. Okay. Okay, William, it's okay. It's okay. We'll find some other way.

Gloria: So? How's my husband doing now?

Sullivan: Well, he's... hard at work, as usual. Have you, uh, had any luck getting him to communicate?

Gloria: Mnh-mnh. Not really.

Sullivan: Well... I'll keep trying.

Gloria: No, no, no. Maggie, I don't think that's such a good idea. I don't think we should push him too hard.

Sullivan: Gloria, whatever he's trying to tell me is pretty important. And I think it's about a break in the Jabot case.

Gloria: I'm sure that you have more important cases than Jabot.

Sullivan: Well, yeah, I'm doing this for William. It's important to him because it affects you.

Gloria: I see. Well, will you excuse me, Maggie? Now he's upset and his recovery is more important than any investigation. This is just too much for him.

Sullivan: Wait, wait, I think he's trying to tell us something.

Gloria: He does this and the doctors say it's probably nothing.

Sullivan: No, no, no, no, Gloria, he was responding to me earlier. And I--

Gloria: Maggie, he is tired. And please, he needs to rest.

Sullivan: All right. All right.

Lauren: Gloria seems upset.

Michael: Yeah, and it's only Maggie's first visit.

Paul: How's he doing?

Gloria: Same. I thought he should take a break and get some rest.

Sullivan: I think he was clearly frustrated that he couldn't communicate with me. Has William told you anything about the Jabot case?

Gloria: Just that he wanted to solve it as a wedding present. But he had the stroke, so he never got the chance.

Paul: Well, Maggie might be able to give you that present.

Lauren: It is what William would've wanted.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Michael: So have you learned anything new?

Sullivan: Yes, actually, I think William was about to crack the case. His file had information about a D.N.A. match.

Daniel: Lily... I'm sorry. You know, I know it must make you sick, but I never meant to hurt you.

Lily: Daniel, I just hate that you had to go there. It's like I wasn't enough for you.

Daniel: It was never about that.

Lily: Then what was it about?

Daniel: I'm trying to find the right words here to explain.

Dr. Farr: It's possible to regret the consequences of an action but not regret the action itself.

Daniel: No, no, no, that's not it. Look, if I could take this all back, I would.

Lily: You know what? I wish you could. Because before all this happened, we were happy.

Daniel: Then give me another chance. You know, let me prove to you that I can still be a good husband. Lily, I... I will do whatever it takes.

Jack: Well, the baby's asleep. Where's Phyllis?

Sharon: She's soaking in the tub. I helped her walk to the bathroom.

Jack: You know, Florence Nightingale was not this patient.

Sharon: Yeah, well, it was either that or give her a sponge bath.

Jack: Not many women would do what you did. I'm surprised the two of you are still in one piece.

Sharon: Yeah, that's only because you hid all the sharp objects in the house.

Jack: As soon as I saw that camera, I realized I put you in an impossible position.

Sharon: It's not impossible.

Jack: It's just too hard. I know that now. And I'm sorry. And, yes, it's time to ask our guest to leave. I'm gonna set her up with a nurse at her place.

Sharon: No. No. I want her to stay.

Jack: You don't have to do penance here.

Sharon: Listen, I know that Phyllis can be... really infuriating, but... she'll be better in a few days and she just-- I know she needs help with the baby, so... I can stick it out a little while longer.

Jack: What, are you bucking for sainthood?

Sharon: Well, my halo needs a little polishing.

Jack: Yeah?

Logan: Hey! Hey! Oh, God.

Logan: Come on.

[Nick sees Logan as Cassie]

Cassie: Come on.

Nick: Logan?

Logan: I am so glad I found you. Any longer and you could've died out here.

Amber: Wake up, you lazy bum! Are you afraid to face me because you flaked out on your job interview? You know what? My husband worked really hard to get you that job opportunity. Just... oh, wake up!! Are you sure he's even in there?

Kevin: Well, the door didn't lock itself.

Amber: Oh, well, maybe he crawled out the window.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, I'm sure he has a death wish because it's about a 75 foot drop. Hey.

Daniel: You're telling me he still hasn't come out of his room yet?

Kevin: No.

Daniel: Why don't we just break the damn door down and see if he's even in there?

Kevin: Fine, he's paying for a new door. On the count of three. One--

Daniel: Three!

Amber: Is he...

Kevin: Yeah, he's dead.

Daniel: Oh, holy crap.

Amber: Oh, my God! How did this happen?!

Daniel: He could've fallen off this chair.

Kevin: Yeah, and broke his neck.

Daniel: And take the chair down with him on his way down.

Amber: Don't you guys know C.P.R.? We gotta do something. We can't--we can't leave him here like this!

Kevin: It's too late. It's too late. He's been-- he's been dead for a while.

Amber: Oh, my God, he's blue. He's blue. He's blue. I can't--I can't look at him. Do you have, like, a sheet or something?

Kevin: Okay, okay, I have to call 911 and get him out of here.

Amber: No, no, not yet!

Kevin: Not yet?! There is a dead guy in my apartment!

Amber: But he has something that belongs to me. I have to find it before people start, like, looking around.

Daniel: You wanna start looking for things now?

Kevin: We'll find it later. We'll find it later! This already looks really weird. That there has been a guy dead in my apartment for a couple hours and you want me to explain you ransacking the place? No!

Daniel: Okay, you know what, Kevin? Maybe-- maybe it won't take that long. We'll just look real quick.

Amber: I will put everything back the way it was, okay?!

Kevin: What is this all important object you're looking for?

Amber: It is something that contains digital storage, okay?

Kevin: Oh, my God, that is so vague!

Daniel: Let's just help the girl! Just help the girl! Okay, come on, look, look!

Kevin: Fine, fine, just hurry up! Hurry up!

Gloria: When the doctor's free, I'd like to discuss rehabilitation options for my husband, please. Thank you. Maggie? I know that William would be very happy-- all this work you're doing on Jabot.

Michael: She should get an award for this performance.

Lauren: Shh. She might overhear you.

Sullivan: Yeah, I still can't figure out why he had the D.N.A. tested at a private lab. Did he say anything to you about it?

Gloria: Oh, you know William. He's very private and professional. He doesn't discuss it with me.

Paul: Well, he could've made an off-hand remark about a suspect or...

Gloria: Not that I recall.

Sullivan: There's gotta be a specific reason why he didn't want our people handling the test.

Gloria: I really wish I could help you.

Sullivan: Well, just think back. Even the most innocuous statement could be a clue.

Lauren: All right, you know what? Everything that Gloria has on her mind right now, I mean, she can't possibly remember something like that.

Sullivan: I'm sorry. But you've done a lot of legal work for Jabot. Did you get an update?

Michael: It's like Gloria said, he wasn't one to discuss the case, even with me.

Gloria: I'm sure he had his reasons for keeping it secret.

Nick: Cassie, don't go. Cassie, come back!

Logan: Oh, God, you're burning up.

Nick: Don't leave me! Don't leave me!

Logan: I've got to bring your fever down. I think I saw a plant here on the way that could help.

Nick: Help me. Help me, Cassie.

Logan: I can't let you wander away while I'm gone.

Nick: Cassie...

Logan: You won't survive another hike. I'm sorry, Nick. This is for your own good.

[Phyllis dreaming]

Phyllis: Oh, my God, Nicholas! Is it really you?

Nick: In the flesh. I just can't stay away.

Phyllis: Oh...

Phyllis: I didn't know you were here. I was having a dream. You know, your instincts were right. I'm not just here because I hurt my back. I can't go home, Sharon. I can't go home. I can't go there. There's reminders of Nick everywhere. His favorite chair. His favorite chips are in the cupboard.

Sharon: Yeah, I know, salt and pepper.

Phyllis: Yeah. I can't do it. I mean, I don't know whether to take the chips out or just keep 'em in there. I don't know whether to open the cupboard, close the cupboard. Every time I look around the house, I'm reminded of him.

Sharon: Well, I miss him, too.

Phyllis: He was everything to me. He was... he was everything. He was my family. He was my husband. He was--he was my entire life. I-I-sometimes... sometimes I sleep in the middle of the bed, because I don't know whether to be on the left side or the right side--

Sharon: Stop, all right?! Do you ever shut up?! You never think of anyone else other than yourself. Don't you think that I miss him, too? He was married to me before you, do you remember? I'm not gonna stand here and feel bad for you any longer! I don't have any sympathy for the woman who stole my husband away from me.

Sharon: Hello? Yeah, I can move the appearance till noon. That'll be fine.

Phyllis: I'm an idiot. I'm an idiot. I didn't mean to upset her.

Jack: I know that.

Phyllis: I thought she'd understand.

Jack: It's happening a lot lately. It's too much.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. Maybe I should go.

Jack: I'll book you a room at the club with a nurse and a nanny. I'm gonna check on her, okay?

Gloria: Thank you two for coming. I'm gonna go check on my husband.

Paul: Give him my best, will you?

Sullivan: And let me know if there's anything I can do.

Gloria: Oh, believe me, Maggie, you've already done so much.

Michael: Maggie? Uh, let me know if you learn anything in the Jabot case. Gloria would wanna know.

Sullivan: Oh, of course.

Michael: Thanks.

Gloria: I hated lying to Maggie. But I did it for you, sweetheart. Because I can't let you send me to jail. Otherwise, I couldn't take care of you. I am going to get you the best care possible. I'm not going to leave you alone. Because I'm going to take care of you.

Nick: Logan?

Logan: Hey, you're awake.

Nick: What the hell is going on? What, are you like that chick from "Misery"?

Logan: Sorry. At the hospital, we call them soft restraints. They're used to keep patients from hurting themselves.

Nick: I tried to leave.

Logan: I could do more for you if we could get to a hospital. We just can't chance it. Not in your condition.

Nick: It's so hot in here.

Logan: Here. This should help. It's made from a plant called quaking aspen. It has a lot of the same properties as aspirin.

Nick: (Coughs)

Logan: It should help bring your fever down.

Nick: Where did she go? I wanted to go with her.

Logan: You're not going anywhere until you get better.

Nick: I wanna... I wanna find her.

Logan: Stop. Just drink this.

Nick: I'll be home soon. Just wait for me.

Logan: Here.

Kevin: Okay, okay, you know what? We haven't found anything and I think we should stop--

Amber: No! No! No! You--you are dead and you are still managing to screw my life up! Where did you put it?!

Kevin: Okay, if he answers you, you're in even bigger trouble.

Daniel: Amber, are you sure that it's even in here?

Kevin: Oh, no way! I found my atlas!

Amber: Oh, great! Now that that's out of the way, maybe you can help!

Daniel: Guys, guys, you know, we might be wrong about this. He might've fallen off of that chair. He might've been standing on it.

Kevin: Who cares, Sherlock?! We have to call the cops!

Daniel: Because, Watson, if he was standing on it, he could've been hiding whatever Amber was looking for.

Amber: Where? On the ceiling?

Daniel: No, but maybe in this thing. People hide stuff in bags, right?

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Phyllis: I'm gonna be leaving in the morning.

Sharon: I think that's best.

Nikki: Victor-- he's doing just fine. Don't have to worry about him.

Karen: Is he coming back?

Cane: I don't like liars. I can't stand 'em. Especially people who lie to get close to someone!

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