Y&R Transcript Monday 6/11/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 6/11/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 6/12/07 -- USA


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Lauren: Yeah.

Michael: You look like you've been walking around in circles for most of the night.

Gloria: No, I think I dozed a few minutes.

Michael: You talked to him?

Gloria: Not this morning. They're still doing tests to find out the extent of the stroke and whether to continue the TPA treatment.

Lauren: Have you eaten? Do you want me to get you something?

Gloria: (Sighs) no, no.

Michael: Come on, at least something. We don't want you passing out the first time you see your husband.

Gloria: Michael, Michael, the only thing I need is some good news, okay?

Lauren: Well, I just want you to know that we're praying for him.

Michael: And--and if the, uh, news doesn't turn out to be so good, I'll be here as your son to hold your hand and... if he wakes up and accuses you of manslaughter, I'll be here as your attorney. So, well, you're covered either way.

Kevin: Hey, so how did your first session on the couch go?

Daniel: (Chuckles) total waste of time.

Kevin: Just give it a chance. It'll help, trust me.

Daniel: It went nowhere, Kev. It's not worth it.

Kevin: Daniel, you can't expect that all your problems are gonna be solved overnight.

Daniel: And if my wife and I are gonna fight, why should we be charged by a third party to sit there and watch?

Kevin: She's there to offer up perspective.

Daniel: Yeah, well, all it did was make Lily feel worse about things than she already did, so what's the point?

Kevin: The point is to save your marriage.

Daniel: (Scoffs) not gonna happen in that office.

Kevin: Just give it another chance.

Daniel: I can't, because Lily told me that this was my problem, so I should deal with it.

Kevin: Well, then suck it up and deal with it.

(Cell phone ringing)

Daniel: Hello? This is Daniel. What? Um, you know what? Let me, uh, try and figure this out, and I'll give you a call back, okay? Yeah, thanks. (Laughs)

Kevin: Whoa, whoa. What's up?

Daniel: My check bounced, and I'm about to lose my wife. That's what's up.

Plum: Do I know you?

Lily: Um, I don't think so.

Plum: I mean, you look really... you're the girl from the "Extreme Catwalk" video on the internet.

Lily: Um, I don't mean to be rude, but I-- I don't want to talk about that.

Plum: Touchy subject, huh?

Lily: Just... a little.

Plum: Look, I'm only gonna say one more thing.

Lily: You know, I'd rather--

Plum: Your husband? He's an idiot for having a picture like that on his cell phone.

Sharon: You sure all you want is toast?

Phyllis: Yeah, toast is fine.

Sharon: Okay, well, I-- I left the phone and the remote right there on the table for you, so...

Phyllis: Thank you. I'll manage.

Sharon: Okay.

Phyllis: Listen, Sharon, I feel awful about this.

Sharon: Oh, well, why?

Phyllis: Well, because you've had to put your life on hold to be a housemaid for me, and... I know you have no reason to be nice to me.

Sharon: Oh, well, it's-- it's really no problem. So... did you sleep well last night?

Phyllis: No, I didn't, actually. I kept on thinking of things I should have said to Nick.

Sharon: Like what?

Phyllis: Like that time he bought you an anniversary gift, and I got really jealous... and we had a fight about it. It was stupid. I wish I could tell him how sorry I am for doing that, but I can't. And it's just silly, because... I don't know why I was jealous of someone who's been so thoughtful to me.

Nick: Who are you?

Logan: I'm Logan. How do you feel?

Nick: Dizzy. My leg is killing me.

Logan: Yeah, well, you have a deep laceration.

Nick: (Groans)

Logan: Shh. Save your strength.

Nick: Ohh. Where am I? Where am I? Get that out of my eye.

Logan: I'm just checking your pupils. Your pulse seems normal.

Nick: My--my leg hurts so bad. What--what happened to me?

Logan: I'm not sure. What's your name?

Nick: Nick. (Groans)

Logan: Hey... don't move. I don't know the extent of your injuries. You could make it worse.

Nick: How can this get any worse?

Logan: You could be dead. I'm the only reason you're still alive.

Nick: (Groans)

Logan: Does it hurt when I press there?

Nick: Yeah. Ow, ow! What are you, a doctor?

Logan: Internist.

Nick: And you live here?

Logan: Hiking trip.

Nick: My leg, what-- it's throbbing. How bad is it?

Logan: You need stitches. The butterfly bandages are holding your wound together for now.

Nick: My head hurts.

Logan: I'm not sure what kind of accident you had. You may have hit your head at some point.

Nick: Oh, you think?

Logan: Sip some water. Slowly. You're dehydrated.

Nick: How long have I been here?

Logan: I'm not sure when you had your accident. I was hiking when I found you. It's a good thing I lift weights. I had to drag you here.

Nick: You got a cell phone?

Logan: I can't get reception out here.

Nick: And you have no idea what happened to me?

Logan: None.

Nick: Okay, but why haven't you gone to get help yet?

Logan: I couldn't risk leaving you alone.

Nick: You got a car?

Logan: Of course, but it's nowhere near where we are.

Nick: Great. I gotta go.

Logan: No, please, don't move.

Nick: (Grunts) look, my leg is killing me. I gotta get to a hospital or something.

Logan: You're not going anywhere.

Daniel: The check couldn't have bounced. I mean, we have plenty of money in... $53? You gotta be... wait a minute. You don't think that Lily could have been so furious that she would have wiped out my account, do you?

Kevin: Mm... hold on a sec.

Daniel: You know, this is just brilliant. I mean, first I get kicked out of my house, and now I have no money.

Kevin: Chill out for a sec, will you?

Daniel: What are you looking for?

Kevin: It wasn't your wife... unless your wife has an account in Tulsa you don't know about.

Daniel: You mean, like, Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Kevin: Yeah, that Tulsa. Your funds were sent to a bank there.

(Cell phone ringing)

Plum: Yo, this is Pl-- Garrett speaking.

Cane: Hey, Man, it's Cane. Uh, do you have a résumé?

Plum: Uh, yeah, sure. Uh, just gotta print it out somewhere.

Cane: All right, why don't you stop by the Chancellor estate, and I'll, uh, hand-deliver it to the human resources department myself.

Plum: Oh, thanks, Cane. Uh, I'll see you soon.

Michael: Why does she do this to hers--?

Gloria: Doctor, how is he?

Michael: What's his condition?

Doctor: Stable, although we still don't know the extent of the damages yet. We'll be running more tests shortly.

Gloria: But is the TPA working?

Doctor: It's dissolving the clot, but it can sometimes cause bleeding in the brain.

Gloria: May I please see him?

Doctor: Yes, for a few minutes. Right this way.

Gloria: Michael?

Michael: Mm, in a minute.

Gloria: Okay.

Doctor: Give me a moment.

Gloria: Yes.

Michael: (Softly) do you realize the man lying in there is the only person who can accuse Gloria of this crime and make it stick? You know, I wouldn't wish this on anybody. I... its buying Gloria some time.

Lauren: (Whispers) do you really think that he would try and put his new wife in jail?

Michael: He already did. And if he can talk when he wakes up, I have no doubt he will try again.

Michael: Are you sure you're ready to go in there?

Gloria: Of course I am. I need to see him.

Michael: Um, you realize that William may never fully recover? He could have brain damage. His speech center or his coordination could be affected.

Gloria: I know that, Michael. I went through it with John, remember?

Michael: I know, I know. I-I just want you to be realistic about his chances of getting through this unscathed.

Gloria: William? Doctor, his eyes opened. His eyes opened.

Lauren: He's awake.

Gloria: Hello, Darling.

Plum: Thank you. Here's that résumé.

Amber: Oh, thanks.

Cane: Thank you.

Amber: Um, I--I'll walk you out, okay?

Esther: Would your friend like some breakfast?

Amber: No, he--

Plum: I would love some.

Amber: I thought you had another job interview for today.

Plum: It got canceled.

Esther: I'll go fix you a plate. Uh, coffee?

Plum: Please. Extra sugar?

Esther: Okay.

Cane: I'm going to the other room, make some work calls.

Plum: Oh, thanks, man. I really appreciate this.

Cane: No worries, Mate.

Amber: Mm. Bye, Baby.

Cane: Mm, bye. Bye.

Amber: (Sighs)

Plum: Man. You know, I could really get used to living like this. Oh, why don't you invite me over more?

Amber: You know, don't get too comfortable. You're leaving soon.

Daniel: This is bad.

Kevin: Happens all the time. People get their identity stolen every day.

Daniel: Yeah, but I don't understand how.

Kevin: Um... what about at the A.T.M.? Did you ever notice anyone looking over your shoulder when you're withdrawing cash?

Daniel: No. No, I wasn't born yesterday, Kevin.

Kevin: Does anyone else know your P.I.N. number?

Daniel: My wife.

Kevin: What about canceled checks?

Daniel: No, no, no. We--we--we get a copy if we specifically request it. Otherwise it goes straight to the bank. All of our information I-is online. You need a password to access the account. (Cell phone rings)

Kevin: Hmm. Mm, this is Kevin. Hey, Paul. Yeah, I'm really, uh, I'm really happy to hear from you. Uh, yeah, yeah, I could-- I'll be there as soon as I can. Oh, okay, bye. Uh, I gotta run. Uh, lock up if you leave.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What about me? What if Lily finds out?

Kevin: Uh, just keep trying to figure out what happened. In the meantime, uh, borrow money from your mom.

Daniel: (Scoffs)

Sharon: Oh, Phyllis. Well, hey, if you can sit up like that, maybe you're getting better.

Phyllis: Um, or maybe I'm just tired of looking at the ceiling. (Chuckles)

Sharon: Yeah. Well, I'm gonna hope for the best.

Phyllis: Uh, actually, it is better. It is better. I couldn't have done this the other day.

Sharon: Oh, okay. Well, that--that's great. Maybe then you should, um, schedule that M.R.I. that the doctor was talking about. You'll be up and around in a couple of days.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, that's great. I'll have Lauren and Michael take me.

Sharon: Okay, great. Here's the number.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Sharon: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: Ah. Ah.

Phyllis: Hello. Um, my name is Phyllis Newman. I am a patient of Dr. Fabillar's. Listen, he wanted me to call and schedule an M.R.I. I--I'd like to do that. It's for my back. Oh, really? Oh, no, no. Oh, my gosh. A week from Friday? That's the first available appointment you have? Okay, I guess we're gonna have to do that then. Thank you very much. Oh. Phyllis Newman. Thank you.

Nick: I wish you'd stop poking me.

Logan: I'm concerned about internal bleeding. Unfortunately, without x-rays or ultrasound equipment, I have to go by touch and your reaction.

Nick: My leg's infected, isn't it?

Logan: Yes.

Nick: You need to go get help.

Logan: My car's a long way from here.

Nick: Why'd you camp out so far?

Logan: I love hiking. It's so peaceful out here. Sometimes trees are better company than people.

Nick: Great. Of all the doctors to find me, I get an environmentalist.

Logan: Laugh now. With global warming, a few decades from now there might not be forests like this, at least not as pristine as they are today.

Nick: Well, in a few hours I may not have a leg unless you get me some medical attention.

Logan: We'll have to make do with what we have.

Nick: That's comforting.

Logan: Hey, you're alive... and you're lucky I found you when I did.

Nick: What if you go now? If you... isn't it just gonna get worse later? I mean, you may never have a chance to leave.

Logan: You could develop a fever. There's no way I'm leaving you alone in this condition, all right? We gotta change this bandage.

Nick: Oh, no.

Gloria: He's trying to say something. Doctor, Doctor, he's trying to say something. What... why can't he talk?

Doctor: Mr. Bardwell, try and relax. It's very common for the speech to be affected after a stroke.

Michael: Doctor?

Doctor: Yes, Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: Will his speech loss be permanent?

Doctor: Well, the sooner he gets specialized stroke care, the better his chances are for a full recovery.

Gloria: Look, he's lifting his hand! Doctor. William! William, please, I don't understand.

Doctor: I think he wants to write something.

Gloria: Here you go, William. Okay.

Gloria: Oh, Honey, don't you worry. This is all gonna get so much easier. I am going to get you the best care possible, and you're gonna be just fine. And I don't care how long it takes. I'm gonna be right there for you.

Gloria: Sweetheart, are you done? He dropped the pen. I think he's done.

Doctor: I'm afraid it's not legible.

Lily: Okay, wait, hang on. I'm--I'm writing all this down. So, um, I can register for summer school later today? Okay, great. Thank you. Bye.

Lily: Hey, Kelly, it's Lily. Hi. I'm good, thanks. Um, I'm registering for summer school later today, but I have to coordinate it with my shifts. So can you make me up a schedule before then and have Lauren okay it? No, I-I don't want less hours, 'cause I need the money for bills. Yeah. Okay, that's fine. I--yeah, I just, um, I just don't want to work with Amber... ever.

Cane: So I've checked your cousin's references, and they're bogus. The phone numbers don't even exist.

Amber: Are you kidding me? That's so weird.

Cane: Look, I got a busy day. Will you handle this for me, please?

Amber: Wh-what do you want me to do?

Cane: Look, I know that people fudge their résumés, but nothing like this. So just--just talk to the guy and see what's up.

Amber: Will do. Um, I'm surprised that he would do that, though.

Cane: Probably living with Daniel's already rubbed off on him.

Daniel: Okay, you said check all my e-mails, right? Okay, hang on. Hey, uh, Kev, they said that I should check all my e-mails and look for anything suspicious.

Kevin: Well, sometimes they can get you by hacking into your--

Daniel: Wait a minute. I got an e-mail here from strangersbynite, but "nite" is spelled n-I-t-e instead of n-I-g-h-t.

Kevin: And you gave them your info?

Daniel: Yeah, I mean, I thought--

Kevin: Oh, Dude, you've been phished.

Daniel: You gotta be kidding me.

Kevin: Welcome to the digital age. You know, I bet somebody hacked into the real strangersbynight site, right? Got a hold of their member list, and--wait, how is their security?

Daniel: I don't know. I didn't check.

Kevin: (Sighs) that's what internet thieves are looking for, man. You know, they send out a bogus e-mail, see if anyone takes the bait, and you did.

Daniel: How could I have been so dumb?

Kevin: Hey, I'll--I'll, uh, give you a lesson on internet 101 later. I gotta run. Hey, Paul, how are you?

Paul: Well, a little jet-lagged, but, uh, good.

Kevin: I was hoping for "Great," as in, "Great news, Kevin, we found your ex-girlfriend, and she's being extradited back to Genoa City."

Paul: Yeah, high hopes, but, uh, not so much.

Kevin: Well, you gotta start somewhere. So what did we find?

Paul: Well, unfortunately, I didn't find Jana.

Kevin: Well, please tell me you do have at least some leads.

Paul: Some. Uh, I was able to contact some distant relatives of Jana in Kutna Hora.

Kevin: Have any of them talked to her?

Paul: Uh, no, they haven't talked to her, haven't seen her, nothing. So I checked out some of the hotels in the area, and I came across a guest book in a pension.

Kevin: Uh-huh.

Paul: It was signed a couple of months ago by, um, a Janice Cardinale-- Cardinal. Here's the photocopy.

Kevin: "Thanks for the memories, Janice Cardinal." Paul, this is her handwriting. Jana Hawke, Janis Cardinal-- oh, that's so lame. And here I thought she was brilliant at this kind of thing.

Paul: Yeah. I also found this.

Kevin: Well, it's not signed, but that's it. That's--that's her handwriting. I mean, I-I lived with her. I watched her write down coffee orders. I could spot her cursive anywhere.

Paul: That was found under a bed at the Four Corners Hotel in Kutna Hora.

Kevin: What is it-- it's addressed to-- what does that say--"Fiji"?

Paul: Fiji. The maid turned it in to the front desk, where it collected dust until... I was rummaging through the lost and found.

Kevin: You really think she'd be this careless?

Paul: I don't know, Kevin. I mean, people do make mistakes.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Paul: It could have slipped under there unnoticed.

Kevin: Or it could be a misdirect, right? I mean, you know, Jana really liked to play games.

Paul: Ding, ding, ding. I wouldn't put it past her.

Kevin: I mean, there's not really much to it. "See you soon, sooner than you think."

Paul: No--

Kevin: It's addressed to a Chaz Mason in Fiji.

Paul: Mm. No address, no town. I mean, it's possible she was gonna fill in that later... or it's possible that she was just giving you enough information to send you on a wild goose chase.

Kevin: Well, it's a start. Fake or not, we have to follow the lead.

Paul: Kevin, its one name that may or may not be an alias of a guy that lives in Fiji. These aren't strong leads. They aren't real leads.

Kevin: Yeah, but this could point to something that could be real, Paul.

Paul: Look, you know how much I want to help you find Jana. But the best advice I could give you right now is to back off for a while.

Kevin: What? What, are you kidding me?

Paul: No, I'm not kidding. Let her get confident. She'll make a mistake.

Kevin: What-- th-this could be--the postcard, this could be the mistake.

Paul: We need to wait for something more substantial.

Kevin: (Scoffs)

Paul: Or we may never find her.

Kevin: Yeah, well, maybe you won't, but I will. I don't care how long it takes, Paul, I'm going to find her.

Paul: Kevin... (Sighs)

Paul: Let's say I keep working on the investigation.

Kevin: Okay, that's good.

Paul: Now I've got other cases going on here in Genoa City, which means I can't be two places at once. So I would have to hire someone local in Fiji.

Kevin: Fine. That's okay. Do it.

Paul: I would have to pay them.

Kevin: Whatever it costs, Paul, I'm good for it.

Paul: Kevin, I don't think you understand how this works. Um, I was in the Czech Republic, and from there I got the thinnest of leads that's gonna send me halfway around the globe to Fiji. From Fiji, I could be sent to the Falklands, from the Falklands to the Philippines.

Kevin: All right, I get it.

Paul: This could go on and on--

Kevin: I get it, I get it, I get it. I get it! You're saying it's gonna get expensive. Fine, that's what credit cards are for.

Paul: Credit cards have limits.

Kevin: Paul, whatever it takes, I'll find a way to pay you.

Paul: I think it's a better idea--

Kevin: I said I would find a way.

Paul: Okay, can't we just back off?

Kevin: No, no, no! That's not gonna happen.

Paul: Why are you so adamant about this?

Kevin: Because I promised myself, as Colleen and I were choking half to death in that fire, that if I got out of there that I was going to find her, and that's what I'm gonna do, with or without your help.

Doctor: Oh, ischemic strokes can be devastating to a patient. It's not unusual for them not to be able to write or speak.

Michael: Ah, well, is... this going to be permanent?

Doctor: Well, it depends. If they get proper rehabilitation and treatment...

Michael: Hmm. What other aftereffects could he suffer?

Doctor: Well, it varies between weakness of body, problems with balance and coordination, problems with language, numbness in areas. It can also affect thought processes and, uh, attention span.

Michael: Thought processes. Thought processes. That's interesting.

Doctor: Patients can be easily confused, but I'd say the main thing we see with them is depression.

Michael: 'Cause it's so difficult to fully recover?

Doctor: In some cases, but I have seen patients with full paralysis go on to make a full recovery.

Michael: Thank you. I'll make sure to inform Gloria about all this.

Doctor: Okay.

Gloria: I know you must be very scared. But things are gonna get better, William. I promise you that. Because I am going to get you the best doctors that money can buy. And even if we didn't have any money, I'd work three jobs just to pay for it all. 'Cause you're everything to me, William, and you're not going through this alone. Once you are better, we're going to have our reception... to celebrate our marriage... and your recovery. And then we will live happily ever after, hmm? But first you are going to have to take a nice, long leave of absence. Who knows? Maybe... maybe we can charter a yacht and sail the seven seas and smell the sea air and soak up the sun and just relax. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Well, it doesn't really matter where we go, just as long as we're together. Hmm? (Whispers) and believe me, the doctors and the tests, that'll be all over very soon... and then it will just be you and me.

Sharon: Yes, hello. I would like to confirm an appointment for a medical exam. It's for Phyllis Newman. It's an M.R.I. for next Friday afternoon. You don't have her down? Oh, that's odd. Well, um, if you have anything sooner than that... you're wide open. I see. Okay, well, let me get back to you. Thank you. Oh! Gina! Gina, here. Let me help you with those.

Gina: Oh, thanks, Honey. Just put 'em on the bar.

Sharon: Are you limping?

Gina: Uh, yeah. I sprained my ankle skydiving.

Sharon: Are you serious? You were skydiving?

Gina: Well, it sounds a lot better than the truth.

Sharon: Which is?

Gina: I twisted it getting out of bed.

Sharon: Ohh.

Gina: (Chuckles)

Sharon: Well, your secret's safe with me.

Gina: Good. Just let me know if there's anything I can get you.

Sharon: All right, thank you.

Gina: Bye-bye, Honey.

Sharon: Hi, I would like the number for Genoa City Florists. Thank you.

Sharon: Yes, I would like to order, uh, a floral arrangement for a friend of mine-- Phyllis Newman. Me? Mrs. Abbott. You should have my address listed under my husband's name. It's Jack. Um, something large and colorful without being ostentatious. That sounds great. Can you get those out right away today? Terrific. Um, one other thing. I'd like a delivery confirmation. I want to know if anyone signs for the flowers. Your driver will call with the name? That's perfect. Okay. My number...

Woman: Mrs. Abbott? Your flowers were just delivered. I left them-- (beep)

Sharon: Okay, thank you so much. I-I have to answer the other line. Hello?

Phyllis: Hey, Sharon, it's Phyllis. The flowers are gorgeous.

Sharon: Well, I'm glad you felt well enough to get up and answer the door.

Phyllis: No, the delivery person left them on the front porch.

Sharon: Then how did you know they're gorgeous?

Phyllis: Well, I doubt you'd send me dandelions.

Sharon: Well, I'll bring them in when I get home.

Phyllis: Listen, I'm gonna call Jack and tell him what a sweet gesture that was.

Sharon: You don't have to do that, Phyllis. I didn't do this to score points with my husband. I just really thought you would enjoy the flowers.

Phyllis: I do. Um, they're the first flowers anyone's sent me since Nick died.

Logan: Is the pain getting worse?

Nick: (Mumbles) yeah.

Logan: Okay.

Nick: What? Tell me.

Logan: You're running a fever.

Nick: It's the infection.

Logan: Not real high yet, but we'll need to watch it.

Nick: With what? You don't have anything here. I'm so thirsty.

Logan: Here. Easy. Hey, slow sips, remember?

Logan: I'll have to go to the stream and get more water.

Nick: You think you can make a splint?

Logan: Why?

Nick: If you help me, I think I can make it to your car.

Logan: Your wound would reopen. You'd lose more blood. We'd never get to a hospital in time.

Nick: Have you got any flares?

Logan: In my car.

Nick: Okay. Go get 'em. We can make an S.O.S. signal with rocks, put it in that clearing--

Logan: We're miles away from any airport flight path. I haven't heard a plane for days.

Nick: We have to do something. I can't stay here.

Logan: Right now the important thing is for you to stay still. I'm gonna go get some more fresh water.

Lily: You know, actually, I don't even-- I don't even know Amber.

Plum: Amber is a character, you know, but she's as nice as they come.

Lily: I heard that she was a fashion designer in L.A.

Plum: Yeah.

Lily: Did she grow up in L.A.?

Plum: Uh, no, uh, Nevada. Yeah, she grew up in the desert.

Lily: Oh, I love the desert.

Plum: Amber hated it, you know? Nothing but cactus and dirt for miles. Not very high-heel friendly.

Lily: Yeah, I'm sure it wasn't the best for an aspiring fashion designer.

Plum: I'm gonna get a coffee. Do you want anything?

Lily: Uh, no, I'm okay. Thank you.

Plum: Okay.

Amber: Hey, Lily.

Lily: Uh, what do you want?

Amber: For us to be friends again. I know what you think, but your impression of me is totally off base.

Lily: Yeah. You know what? Maybe--maybe you're right. Maybe I got you all wrong.

Amber: Yeah, you did. I-I mean, if you give me another chance, I'll prove it to you.

Lily: Um, I met your-- your cousin. He told me a lot about you.

Amber: Oh? Um, like what?

Lily: Just how it was hard on you growing up in the desert.

Amber: Not exactly prime for an aspiring fashion designer.

Lily: Yeah, I'm sure. Where was it again that you grew up?

Amber: Furnace Creek, California.

Lily: Oh. That's funny.

Amber: What is?

Lily: Well, your cousin said that you grew up in Nevada. You know, it must be hard keeping all your lies straight.

Amber: Well, I was born in Furnace Creek, and Garrett's family is from Nevada. We moved there when I was 10. That's when we really got to know each other.

Lily: Wow. You are quick. You are quick, Amber. I will give you that. But you blew your chance.

Plum: Thank you.

Amber: Stay away from Lily. You hear me?

Plum: We were just having a friendly conversation.

Amber: About me.

Plum: I was singing your praises.

Amber: Well, don't.

Plum: Well, what are relatives for?

Amber: You knew where I grew up. Why did you lie?

Plum: I forgot. I winged it. I'm sorry.

Amber: Well, I told the truth, and now Lily thinks I'm even a bigger liar than she already thought I was.

Plum: Oh, look. I'm sure you handled it.

Amber: I am so sick of covering for you. Oh, and my husband checked your résumé references. They were fake.

Plum: They check those things? I just thought it was a formality.

Amber: I think you should leave town.

Plum: No. I'm staying. I'm still in love with you.

Amber: (Scoffs) will you just tell me the real reason why you're here, please?

Plum: All right. You got me. I... I got some people mad back in L.A.

Amber: What people?

Plum: It doesn't matter. I just don't want Cane going around asking about me. Got it?

Amber: (Sighs) what am I supposed to tell him about your references?

Plum: Well, you're a resourceful girl. I'm sure you'll think of something.

Daniel: I'm glad you're here.

Lily: That makes one of us.

Daniel: Listen, this is kind of important. Um, I lost my bank card, and we need to get new ones with new PIN numbers, so here are the forms that we need to sign.

Lily: Well, I'm gonna be registering for summer school later today. So I'm gonna be signing a $1,000 check. Is that okay?

Daniel: Yeah, it should be.

Lily: Are you sure?

Daniel: I checked with the bank. Our account hasn't been touched.

Gloria: We need that inheritance fund to pay for all of these bills that are going to be coming...

Lauren: Not until December? (Sighs) okay. Thank you.

Gloria: What do you mean, there is no fund? No, I--I'm sorry, but there must be some mistake. My husband just inherited a fortune. Uh.... all right, I see. Well, um, we will be in touch. Thank you.

Michael: What's going on?

Gloria: William's accountant said that, uh... he inherited a company.

Michael: Yeah, his inheritance. Money, money.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: A company riddled with debt and tied up in litigation.

Sharon: Phyllis?

Phyllis: Hey.

Sharon: Look at you. You're all up and around. You must be feeling better.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, not really. Uh, I took a bath in some Epsom salts. I-I call this the Phyllis shuffle. (Chuckles) ooh! Ah.

Sharon: Well, here.

Phyllis: I just--

Sharon: Let me help you.

Phyllis: Oh, thank you. I feel like such an invalid.

Sharon: Relax on the sofa. There you go.

Phyllis: Aah! Ooh, watch it.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Oh, the flowers! Oh, they're even more beautiful than I thought. Look at those.

Sharon: Yeah, you know, when I'm not feeling well, flowers always make me feel better.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: And I got you a magazine so you can keep up on your gossip.

Phyllis: Oh. (Laughs) wow. Look at this. Huh. "Celebrity cellulite." So rude. It's so invasive.

Sharon: Yeah. Huh?

Phyllis: It's insane. You know, all they do is put celebrity heads on other people's bodies. It's not even real.

Sharon: It's unbelievable.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. You can completely tell. Look at that line right there. There's a line.

Phyllis: That...

Sharon: (Chuckles) hey, uh, I think it's time for your--your pill. Are you in any pain?

Phyllis: Not really, no. Listen, I-I don't think I need it. I'll just--I'll tough it out.

Nick: Aah!

Nick: (Grunts)

Nick: (Groans) (panting)

Nick: Aah! (Pounds table)

Nick: (Breathing heavily)

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Amber: Well, you are an embarrassment.

Plum: As embarrassing as your X-rated videos?

Nikki: Did you say something to Karen about what we did?

David: About our kiss?

Sharon: I don't think that Phyllis is really injured!

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