Y&R Transcript Friday 6/8/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 6/8/07 -- Canada; Monday 6/11/07 -- U.S.A.


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Summer: (Crying)

Phyllis: Hey, Sweetie! Hey, Sweetie, Mommy is here. Mommy is here. hi, Sweetie. Mommy is here. Hang on. All right. Oh, look at the pretty baby girl. Hi, Darling. Hi! Oh, my gosh. Look at you. Oh, you miss your mommy. Oh, your mommy misses you. That's right. Oh, you miss your mommy, I know.

Sharon: Phyllis, what are you doing?

Phyllis: Your mommy needs you--

Sharon: What are you doing?

Phyllis: Huh? Aah! Aah! I just--ow. Oh, gosh, Sharon, I-I--the baby was crying. I called for you. Can you take her? Can you take her?

Sharon: I'm upstairs. I can't hear you guys. I mean, that's why we need a nurse.

Phyllis: Right, right. I'm in pain. I'm in pain. Just give me a second. I just--I needed to get her.

Sharon: Well, sit down. Here, you want me to help you?

Phyllis: Yeah, thank you. Thank you very much.

Sharon: All right. Yeah, listen, you don't want to make this worse, right?

Phyllis: No. No, I don't.

Sharon: Well, you just sit there. I-I'll take care of Summer.

Phyllis: Aah! Thank you. Thank you. I just need a second. Ah. I really appreciate it.

Sharon: Oh, yeah.

Summer: (Cries)

Michael: Yes, come, come. He's right over there.

Man: Excuse me, Sir.

Gloria: Oh! (Whispers indistinctly)

Man: Excuse me. How long has he been unconscious?

Gloria: I don't-- 10, I don't know, 12 minutes. Michael?

Man: What happened?

Gloria: Uh, he covered his eye with his hand, and then he fell over, and he passed out. Just please--

Man: Did he complain of anything before he passed out?

Gloria: He had a-- he had a terrible headache. I gave him some aspirin, and then at one point, he couldn't see at all.

Man: Okay, let's uh, get him on some oxygen. We'll start the I.V. in the back. He's got a good, strong, regular radial pulse.

Kevin: Here you go, on the house.

Daniel: Thank you.

Kevin: Yeah, free coffee, man. It's one of the perks of owning the place.

Daniel: Well, I could use all the hookups I could get, 'cause I have to waste all my money on a "Professional."

Kevin: Will you look at those hotties?

Daniel: That's what got me in trouble in the first place.

Kevin: Is, uh, what, is the wifey still not talking to you?

Daniel: Until I see a therapist.

Kevin: Then go, man. You really want to lose your wife over this? What the hell is stopping you?

Daniel: How about the fact that this is completely ridiculous?

Kevin: Dude, everyone can benefit from a little bit of couch time. You want the number to my therapist?

Daniel: No offense, Kev, but, you know, you actually have a problem. I don't.

Kevin: Daniel, it's an hour. It's gonna make Lily happy. What the hell is the big deal?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. Fine, yeah, give me the number.

Cane: Oh, man. She actually wore her hair that way?

Plum: Like every day for a month.

Cane: Oh, man, that is funny. How old was she, like, 5?

Plum: 12.

Cane: (Laughs)

Amber: Having a good time?

Cane: Hey, Baby, how was work?

Amber: Oh, it was good.

Cane: Mwah.

Amber: What's so funny?

Cane: Uh, nothing, nothing. Garrett was just telling me about your, um, Pippi Longstockings phase. (Chuckles)

Amber: My what?

Plum: You remember, Cuz. When you were 12?

Amber: Oh, um, pigtails, right? It--it was--it was Halloween, wasn't it?

Plum: Yeah, yeah, like--like every day Halloween.

Cane: How'd you get them to, um, you know, stick out of the side of your head like that?

Amber: Uh, wire coat hangers.

Plum: Okay, the best part was her makeup. You remember?

Amber: Oh, I-I wasn't very good at wearing it.

Plum: Like, she had blush all over her face, like six shades of eye shadow up to her eyebrows. Okay, it was a mystery how her mom ever let her out.

Cane: Oh.

Amber: (Chuckles nervously) yeah, it wasn't the only mistake I ever made.

Brad: What about the investigation into the real estate purchase?

Woman: Guaranteed immunity if you sell the property for the same price you paid.

Brad: Done. I already have a buyer.

Woman: I'll draw up the papers today. Who are you selling to?

Brad: Jack Abbott.

Jack: Hey! How's the patient?

Phyllis: Oh, fine, just fine.

Sharon: Yeah, no, we had a--we had a little incident earlier. Phyllis tried to get up, and--and she strained herself.

Phyllis: Summer was crying.

Sharon: Yeah, and I was upstairs. I couldn't hear them.

Jack: Well, is Summer okay now?

Phyllis: Oh, she's fine.

Sharon: Yeah, I wish that I would have been here.

Phyllis: Oh, Sharon, don't worry about it. Listen, you have been great. I know how busy you are. If it's a burden, I'll--I'll go.

Jack: She's right. Why don't you go out for a while, take a break, huh?

Sharon: Yeah, you know what? I-I could really use a break. I think I'll--I'll just run to the store and, um, do you need anything?

Jack: Not that I can think of.

Sharon: Phyllis?

Phyllis: No, no, thanks.

Sharon: Okay, well, I'll be back then.

Phyllis: Know what? Sharon, on second thought, um, I do. Uh, I think that Summer is almost out of formula.

Sharon: Okay, I'll get some.

Phyllis: And diapers, too.

Sharon: All right, I'll-- I'll pick some up.

Phyllis: You know, and while you're out, can you stop by the G.C.A.C. and get that really great lemon custard that they have? I love that.

Sharon: Fine. I'll be right back.

Phyllis: Thanks. (Door closes)

Phyllis: I'm not screwing up your campaign by being here, am I?

Jack: No, you are not. I don't even want you talking like that.

Phyllis: All right. Well, it's important to me. I want you to win.

Jack: How do you think Nikki's campaign's doing? How is she getting along with her people?

Phyllis: Jack, they don't stand a chance.

Jack: Can I get you anything at all?

Phyllis: No, I'm fine. You know what? Can you fluff the pillow?

Jack: Sure.

Phyllis: Thank you. Ah.

Jack: This good?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: Hey, you okay?

Phyllis: Yeah, I am. I can't imagine being in better hands.

Plum: So I go out back and--

Cane: Must be hard for 'em.

Plum: And there's Cousin Amber, running through the sprinklers completely naked. You couldn't keep clothes on that one.

Cane: Some things don't change, eh?

Amber: Ha. I was 4 years old.

Plum: With her, it was either her mom's high heels or nothing at all.

Cane: Sounds about right, eh, Baby?

Amber: (Chuckles) yeah, when I could get the high heels away from you. (Laughs) dress up was our favorite game, remember, Garrett?

Cane: For real?

Plum: No, I--

Amber: Yeah, we used to fight over his mom's pink high heels. Those were his favorite. And one day, he wanted to wear 'em to school, and his mom had to convince him that they were just for girls. He cried for a week straight. (Chuckles)

Plum: What can I say? They flattered my skin tone.

Cane: Well, on that note, I'm gonna get a top-up. Would you like anything, Pippi?

Amber: No, thanks.

Cane: All right, I'll be back.

Plum: Nice twist to the end of the story.

Amber: What are you gonna do next, call my mom and get my baby album?

Plum: If I wanted a naked picture of you, I have one of you in the bathtub, and you're all grown up. What do you think your husband would think of that?

Amber: Don't you dare.

Plum: Relax. It's just a joke. I remember when you used to love putting people on.

Amber: You know what? This is not funny.

Plum: Man, you know, it's really true what they say-- having money makes you less fun.

Amber: (Sighs) I don't have any money, remember? I make minimum wage.

Plum: It doesn't matter. I'm only here for you.

Amber: Making me look stupid in front of my husband isn't gonna score you any points, so just knock it off.

Daniel: (Grunts)

Kevin: Did you get through?

Daniel: Uh, yeah. She's actually got an opening this afternoon. She wants Lily to come, too, though.

Kevin: Good. You think she'll go?

Daniel: I don't know. Guess we could find out. Can I have a water, please? Thanks.

(Cell phone rings)

Lily: Hello?

Daniel: Hey, it's me.

Lily: What do you want?

Daniel: Listen, I, uh, called a therapist, and she wants you to come to the session, too, this afternoon.

Lily: Why? You have the porn problem, not me.

Daniel: Lily, I'm--I'm trying to do what you wanted, okay? This isn't exactly fun for me.

Lily: Oh, I know. I'm sure you'd much rather be looking at porn.

Daniel: Okay, well, um, the appointment's at 4:00 with Dr. Lynette Farr. The address is over on Cider Street, and I really hope that... hello? Lily? She hung up on me.

(Closes cell phone)

Michael: I've got somebody taking care of Fenmore.

Man: What do we have?

Man: Male in his 50s...

Michael: All right, Sweetie, see you here. Lauren's on her way.

Man: Possible stroke.

Doctor: Thank you. Get a stat C.T. if there's no bleeding, administer a T.P.A. then schedule an M.R.I. I'm sorry, but you're going to need to wait in the waiting room.

Gloria: No, no. Just tell me if my husband is going to be okay.

Doctor: I'll know more in a bit. You just sit tight. I'll be with you as soon as I can.

Gloria: If he dies, Michael... it's my fault.

Michael: What do you mean, it was your fault?

Gloria: Because he found out. William knows I'm the one who contaminated the cream.

Michael: What? How?

Gloria: (Sniffles) my hair... and he did a test, and the D.N.A. matched.

Michael: That's not good.

Gloria: But, Michael, don't you understand that's what caused this? Because he was getting ready to turn me in when he fell. I can't lose him, not like this. Not now, not now.

Michael: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, just--just sit down for a minute. Here.

Gloria: (Sniffles)

Michael: All right, Gloria, you need to tell me. Does anyone else know? Do I need to start preparing your defense?

Gloria: No! I don't even think it was part of the investigation. (Sniffles)

Michael: (Whispers) all right, so nobody else knows?

Gloria: I don't know, and right now I don't care, Michael. I just want William to get better.

Cane: So have you got any more Amber stories? I can listen to these all day.

Amber: (Chuckles) you know, reminiscing is so much fun, but I'm sure Garrett has someplace to be, right?

Plum: Nope, I, uh, I don't have a whole lot going on here. Uh, yo, Daniel, Kevin asked if we could take out the recycling. You mind handling it?

Daniel: Yeah, sure. Later, guys.

Cane: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You staying with that guy?

Amber: Uh, with Kevin.

Plum: Yeah, Daniel set it up as a favor for my Cuz.

Cane: That guy does you a lot of favors, doesn't he?

Amber: Not Daniel. Kevin. It's his apartment. He is the only one doing the favor.

Sharon: I'll have a lemon custard tart to go, please. Oh, and a water for me.

Brad: You hate custard.

Sharon: Yeah, it's not for me.

Brad: For your husband?

Sharon: Nope. Phyllis. Yeah, she's still with us.

Brad: You're running her errands now? What are you, her personal assistant?

Sharon: Oh, I'm also her nurse, and I'm her maid. Yeah, I hope she offers a good 401(k) plan. Jack feels responsible, and the least I could do is help out with her baby.

Brad: Mm. So you're doing this for Summer.

Sharon: Well, that's what I keep telling myself, yeah.

Brad: Well, with a mother like Phyllis, that kid's gonna need all the help she can get.

Sharon: And with a houseguest like Phyllis, I'm gonna need all the help I can get.

Brad: That bad?

Sharon: Yeah, I'd say I prefer cockroaches. Mm-hmm. (Chuckles)

Brad: (Chuckles) yeah, you know, I've heard about these Phyllis infestations-- difficult to exterminate.

Sharon: Oh, yeah.

Brad: But I may have found a way. I cut a deal. They're gonna drop the perjury charge in exchange for my testimony.

Sharon: Brad, that is so great. And honestly, she is not worth lying for.

Brad: No, she definitely is not. No jail time for me, lots of jail time for her.

Sharon: Lots of jail time that she deserves, sadly.

Brad: And she ain't gonna be your problem anymore.

Sharon: Well, I'll drink to that.

Phyllis: Someone is having fun over there.

Jack: Oh, yes, he is.

Phyllis: I meant Summer.

Jack: Oh, well, I think I'm having a better time than she is. Aren't I? 'Cause I love having a pretty little girl in my house. Yes, I do. I miss having a baby here. Oh, you are just so beautiful. Is that a smile? Is that a smile?

Phyllis: Hi, Sweetie! No matter what kind of day I'm having, one look at her, and all my troubles go away. There's no way I would have survived all of this without her.

Jack: When you first told me you were pregnant, I have to admit, I hoped she was mine.

Phyllis: I know you did.

Jack: Nothing would have made me happier... (Whispers) nothing. Nothing.

Lauren: Gloria, is there anything I can do? Do you want water, anything?

Gloria: Nothing. Thank you.

Kevin: What the hell happened?

Michael: We think it was a stroke.

Gloria: Where is the doctor? Why won't he tell us something?

Doctor: Excuse me. Mrs. Bardwell?

Gloria: Yes. Yes. Did you find out what is wrong?

Doctor: It was an ischemic stroke. A blood clot came loose and blocked blood flow to his brain. You did the right thing. You increased his chances of survival greatly by calling 9-1-1 right away.

Gloria: But how is he now?

Doctor: We're going to do an M.R.I. to assess the extent of the damage.

Gloria: Doctor...

Doctor: Yes?

Gloria: William and I... we were having a fight when he fell. Could that have...?

Doctor: Caused this? No. There are many possible causes, but arguing with your wife isn't one of them. Excuse me.

Gloria: Oh, God.

Plum: I'm gonna get a refill. Anyone want anything?

Cane: No, I'm good, man. Thanks.

Plum: Amber?

Amber: I'm good, Cuz.

Cane: So why'd you stick Garrett with Daniel?

Amber: I didn't stick anyone with anyone.

Cane: You know what I mean. Amber, the bloke's trouble.

Amber: Then they will get along just great.

Cane: He could have stayed with us.

Amber: Oh, unh-unh. Bad idea.

Cane: Why?

Amber: Well, because Garrett might be family, but he's not the most reliable person in the world.

Cane: Yeah, but you gotta admit, the guy's a ton of fun.

Amber: Trust me... he's been known to swipe stuff.

Cane: He steals?

Amber: Yeah. I mean, it was a long time ago. Maybe he's changed, but why chance it, you know? Not with all the nice stuff in your grandmother's house.

Cane: So you stuck him with Kevin instead?

Amber: He's the only guy I know who has a spare room.

Cane: Huh. But Daniel's there, isn't he?

Amber: Well, maybe he'll be on the couch. I'm not sure how the logistics work.

Cane: Oh, well, it's only temporary, isn't it?

Amber: Yeah. Yes. He will get a job, and then he will leave. You know, maybe you can set him up with a construction job in Clear Springs.

Cane: Okay. See if I can swing something for him.

Amber: Perfect.

Cane: Mm.

Daniel: I don't know if my wife's gonna be able to make it on such short notice.

Woman: Mm. (Knock on door)

Woman: Come in.

Daniel: You made it.

Lily: Hi. I'm--I'm Lily.

Dr. Farr: Dr. Lynette Farr. Pleasure. Please.

Dr. Farr: Ah, well, I'd like to start by having you guys talk about yourselves. Daniel, you go first.

Daniel: Uh, I don't really know what to say.

Dr. Farr: Start with the basics.

Daniel: Okay. Uh, I'm Daniel.

Dr. Farr: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: You already knew that. Uh, I'm in college, undeclared. Spent most of my life in boarding schools, mostly Europe.

Dr. Farr: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Uh, I moved back here to finish high school, and then I met Lily, got married, and here I am on your couch now.

Dr. Farr: (Chuckles) that's a good start. Lily, your turn.

Lily: Um, spent my childhood between here and Paris. Uh, my mom and I left when I was a kid and came back here, then, uh, my parents got remarried.

Dr. Farr: Is something the matter?

Lily: Um... well, my mom passed away a few months ago, so...

Dr. Farr: I'm sorry for your loss.

Daniel: I've tried to be the best husband I can possibly be since then.

Lily: (Scoffs) that's funny.

Dr. Farr: Well, why do you think he hasn't been an acceptable husband?

Lily: Well, let's see. Because he's been looking at naked pictures of women. So if that's being the best husband he can be, then he's definitely earned a gold star-- maybe even five, Daniel.

Daniel: I stopped as soon as she said it was a problem.

Lily: I shouldn't have had to say it was a problem. You knew it was wrong.

Dr. Farr: So when you say your husband's been looking at women, what does this mean exactly?

Daniel: I was looking at porn. When she told me that it bothered her, I stopped. I mean, I'm done with it.

Lily: No, you aren't. You lied about it for weeks and made the problem even worse.

Dr. Farr: Let's--let's keep this on Daniel for a moment.

Lily: Yes. Yes, let's do that.

Daniel: They were pictures. They're just stupid pictures, okay? I-I-I have never been unfaithful to my wife. It doesn't mean anything. It's not a big deal.

Lily: No, no. He wasn't just looking at pictures of a porn star. He was on a swingers site looking at real people, and not just looking. He had a secret e-mail address, and he was e-mailing them about sex.

Daniel: It's the internet. It's not even real. You know, I--it's not like I've met any of these people in real life, Lily.

Lily: No, Daniel, it's real to me. What about the picture of the girl's naked breasts on your cell phone? You say it wasn't Amber. Then who was it? And if it was sent to you as a joke, then why did you keep it on your phone? So you just keep lying over and over again, and this is why it is a very big deal.

Jack: Hey, Buddy. How was practice?

Noah: Oh, fine.

Jack: How was school?

Noah: Fine.

Phyllis: What did you learn about today?

Noah: Nothing.

Phyllis: Nothing? Really? I studied nothing one time. It wasn't very interesting.

Jack: I always say "Nothing" is overrated.

Phyllis: Mm.

Jack: So do you have any homework on your nothing?

Noah: Nope.

Jack: Any homework with any of your other subjects?

Noah: Yep.

Jack: Need any help, maybe?

Noah: Maybe.

Jack: So what's the assignment?

Noah: I have to write an essay about my hero. Some guys on my team were talking about it at practice.

Phyllis: Who'd you choose?

Noah: My dad. I was going to give it to him as a father's day gift.

Jack: You know, you could still write about your dad.

Noah: I actually want to write it about you instead.

Jack: You... you want to write about me?

Noah: Yeah. You're pretty cool.

Phyllis: Yeah, he is pretty cool.

Jack: Um, are you sure?

Noah: Yeah.

Jack: Uh, yeah. Uh, uh, great. What--what do you want to know?

Noah: Where do you like to go on vacations?

Jack: Ah, that's easy-- Yellowstone. Uh, I went there a long t-- I went there a long time ago with your dad... with the boy scouts.

Noah: Really? I've never been to Yellowstone.

Jack: It's amazing, gorgeous. We saw buffalo. We hiked all over the place, took a rafting trip down the Snake River.

Noah: Is it called that because there's tons of snakes in it?

Jack: (Chuckles) it's called that 'cause it snakes around.

Noah: Oh, that's cool.

Jack: Yeah, it was cool. Thank God there were no snakes. Your father fell in about halfway down the river.

Noah: He probably jumped in because he was hot. That sounds like something my dad would do.

Jack: Yeah, he came out all smiles, wanted to jump right back in.

Noah: Did you let him?

Jack: Oh, no. That was enough for me for one day.

Noah: Oh, well, that's no fun.

Jack: Well, actually, it was kind of fun. We camped by the river's bank. The boys dug around-- know--you know what? Your father found something special that day.

Noah: What?

Jack: A rock.

Noah: Big deal.

Jack: Yeah, well, this wasn't just your ordinary, garden-variety rock.

Noah: Did it have special powers?

Jack: Well, he thought it was pretty special. He kept it.

Noah: He did?

Jack: Yes, and that rock started a big collection of rocks that your father had for quite a long time. We kept it here, I think.

Noah: Do you still have it?

Jack: Well, I sure think so, up in the attic maybe.

Noah: Can we go see it?

Jack: Tell you what-- why don't you go on up there? I'll be there in just a second.

Noah: Okay.

Phyllis: Hey. That story you were telling about Nick--is it true?

Jack: Every word of it.

Jack: I'm comin', Buddy!

Brad: Why can't Phyllis stay at her own house, or somewhere else, for that matter?

Sharon: Because she doesn't have anyone else. She has no friends.

Brad: What about Michael and Lauren?

Sharon: My guess is they just put up with her because they have to. You know, sometimes I actually feel sorry for her.

Brad: You do?

Sharon: Well, until she opens her mouth, and then I'm over it.

Brad: Who would want to be her friend?

Sharon: Well, apparently, beyond all knowing and logic, my husband wants to be her friend... and I have to support that friendship if I want him to...

Brad: Support your friendship with me.

Sharon: Exactly.

Brad: Well, you know what? Reciprocity, uh, is one thing, but do you think if the roles were reversed and I was the one on the couch, he would let me stay there?

Sharon: Uh, maybe a couple of days?

Brad: Yeah, right. Then you'd find me mysteriously dead on that couch.

Sharon: (Chuckles) well, it is different. You don't have a baby.

Brad: Not the point.

Sharon: What is the point?

Brad: Jack isn't exactly lacking in the funds department. He could hire a full cleaning staff, a chef, a nurse, whatever she needed to be taken care of, and at her own house. But he didn't do that, did he?

Sharon: I know.

Brad: Because he wants her at your house. The question is why?

Noah: Wow, this one is really neat.

Jack: I think that one's called obs--obsidian. (Rock rattles on table)

Noah: Um... it's an ig... in-gee...

Phyllis: Igneous.

Noah: Igneous.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Noah: Okay. Obsidian is an igneous rock. Oh, wow. It forms from the lava of volcanoes.

Phyllis: Wow. That's very interesting. You know, in the stone age, they used to use obsidian to hunt. They were arrowheads.

Noah: Awesome.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Noah: Wow.

Phyllis: I studied rocks when I was a kid, too.

Jack: Yeah? Did you also hunt?

Noah: I'm gonna go out back to look for some more rocks, okay?

Jack: I think that's a great idea. Go ahead.

Phyllis: You turned his frown upside down.

Jack: Boy, I wasn't sure I could do it with that essay assignment.

Phyllis: Huh. Oh. You know, Jack, I'm glad you were Nick's stepdad. It means a lot to Noah, sharing these stories with him.

Jack: Yeah... meant a lot to me to share 'em. I like having kids around.

Phyllis: You're so good with them.

Jack: Well, I had a pretty good role model.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah--John. Oh, he was a good man.

Jack: Yeah, he was. I just hope I can live up to his very high standards one day.

Cane: Hey, man. Um, Amber says you're between jobs at the moment.

Amber: I hope you don't mind.

Plum: I'm surviving. No worries.

Cane: Yeah, but you could use some cash, right?

Plum: Who can't?

Cane: Do you have any construction experience?

Plum: Not really.

Cane: How much can you lift?

Plum: Uh, about 185, 200 on a good day.

Cane: Why don't you come work for me?

Plum: Was this Amber's idea? Hmm?

Amber: I'm always looking out for you, Cuz.

Cane: We, uh, just broke ground on this new construction place up in Clear Springs, and I could use some help with some heavy lifting.

Plum: Well, what are the hours?

Amber: Flexible.

Cane: And you'll at least make enough money so you can live on your own.

Plum: Awesome. Three's a crowd at the place I'm staying now.

Cane: We have great health benefits.

Plum: Where is this place?

Cane: It's up north by the lake.

Plum: Far?

Amber: (Under breath) not far enough.

Cane: It's a hike, but it's worth it.

Plum: Because?

Cane: Because anything is better than living with that Daniel bloke. He's a loose cannon.

Dr. Farr: Do you have anything to say, Daniel?

Daniel: Well, what's the point? I mean, everything I say she thinks is a lie. I could tell you that the sky's blue. She'd tell you I was lying.

Lily: Okay, you know what? You're being ridiculous.

Daniel: Lily, when in the past few months have you believed a word that I've said?

Lily: When have I had a reason to believe a word that you've said? How many lies have I caught you in? Shall we count?

Daniel: You know what? I was covering stuff up before because I didn't want you to take it the wrong way.

Lily: How should I take you looking at other women?

Daniel: The point is, I stopped. That should be the end of story.

Dr. Farr: Daniel, have you ever asked her how this makes her feel?

Daniel: No.

Lily: I-I feel like I'm not good enough for him. It's like, what does he get from it that I can't give him?

Daniel: Nothing.

Lily: Then why do it?

Dr. Farr: In order to solve the problem, we have to be able to talk about it.

Daniel: Well, we're not gonna be able to solve any problems with her harping on the past. You know, it's like she won't let go of this. It's like she wants to attack me.

Lily: 'Cause I don't believe you've stopped.

Dr. Farr: Why not?

Lily: Because I've caught him more than once, and who's to say that he won't do it again?

Daniel: Lily, I have done everything that you've asked me. I mean, I stopped looking at the pictures. I'm here. I don't know what else I can do to convince you. When's it gonna be enough?

Lily: I don't know.

Gloria: Just wish the doctor would come and tell me if William's even awake.

Lauren: I'm sure he'll be here soon. Here, do you want some more of your water?

Gloria: Thanks, Sweetie.

Kevin: (Whispers indistinctly) (normal voice) so why did Mom ask the doctor about a fight she was having with William?

Michael: They were arguing right before he collapsed.

Kevin: They're fighting already? About what?

Michael: (Lowers voice) he found out she was behind the cream contamination. He was about to call the police to turn her in.

Kevin: Whoa. Talk about timing.

Michael: Oh, yeah.

Kevin: Does anyone else know about this?

Michael: Not that I know of.

Kevin: So if he dies...

Michael: There's nothing to connect Gloria to the cream.

Kevin: Well, except for the lab analysis.

Jack: Hey! Ooh.

Sharon: Ohh.

Noah: Oh, Mom, come look at this.

Sharon: (Grunting)

Jack: I got it.

Sharon: Thank you. Wow! Oh, my gosh. What a pretty rock.

Noah: Yeah, it's obsidian. I found it outside. Did you know Dad used to collect rocks?

Sharon: No, I didn't know that.

Noah: Yeah, Jack showed me. He had this huge collection in the attic.

Jack: Actually, we were talking about going on a hike this weekend to find some more rocks.

Sharon: Wow, that sounds like fun.

Phyllis: Sharon, thank you for getting all of that. I really appreciate it.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. You know what? This was just no trouble at all, and see, this is for you.

Phyllis: Oh, yay! (Claps hands)

Phyllis: (Chuckles) thanks. Oh, great. Hey, Noah, you want to share this tart with me?

Noah: Oh, Mom, can I, please?

Sharon: Oh, okay, maybe just this once, but go wash your hands.

Noah: Okay.

Jack: I am telling you, that kid reminds me so much of Nick at his age.

Sharon: Jack, I'm... I'm so glad that you two are getting along like this. Um, what brought about this rock story?

Jack: He had an assignment from school to write an essay about his hero. He chose his dad.

Sharon: Oh. Well, I-I guess its okay that he writes about him. I...

Phyllis: You know, actually, it was too upsetting, but Jack-- he handled it like a pro.

Sharon: Thank you.

Jack: My pleasure.

Sharon: Um, listen, tomorrow you have that campaign stump in Lake Geneva, and I'm gonna be at work all day, so who's going to take care of Phyllis and Summer?

Jack: Well, maybe you could drop the baby off at the Newman day care facility, and we could just have someone come and check on Phyllis?

Sharon: Well, I was thinking maybe we should just hire a nurse instead.

Phyllis: Oh, listen, no, no, no, no, no. Sharon, I don't want to be any trouble.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh, it's no trouble at all. I mean, this--this would be really easy, and I mean, you'll have the nurse here 24/7. I'm sure you'll be much more comfortable, and it'll be better for Summer.

Jack: Honey, I really, this close to the election, don't want a new set of eyes and ears around this house. I don't have time to vet somebody like this.

Phyllis: Exactly. I don't want to screw up your campaign.

Jack: Well, I-- don't worry about that. I think we got it pretty much handled.

Daniel: So if she won't give me the slightest benefit of the doubt, I have no idea how to go about trying to win her trust back.

Dr. Farr: Mm-hmm. Our time is up. I hope we can continue this at a later date.

Daniel: Yeah. I'm still trying to nail down my summer school and my work schedule. Um, guess we'll get back to you.

Amber: It's been real, but I gotta go pick up my paycheck.

Cane: Oh, good. Maybe we can eat tonight.

Amber: (Chuckles) mm. It's your turn to buy, Baby. Later. (Door closes)

Plum: Dude, uh, thanks for the offer, but--

Cane: You don't want it, right?

Plum: No offense, I'm not much of the construction type.

Cane: Yeah, that's all right, man. I'm just doing my wife a favor.

Plum: Yeah, I'm much more comfortable indoors.

Cane: Let me look around. I'll see what I can find, okay?

Plum: Thanks, man.

Cane: All right.

Lauren: Here, Gloria.

Gloria: Huh?

Lauren: I brought you coffee. Two creams, right?

Gloria: Thank you, Lauren.

Lauren: Of course. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Gloria: (Sniffles) how is he, Doctor? How's my husband doing?

Doctor: He's stabilized.

Michael: Is he awake?

Doctor: Not yet. We're taking him upstairs for a cerebral angiogram. Should give me a better picture of the blood vessels.

Gloria: May I please see him?

Doctor: Only for a minute. This way.

Lauren: Sweetie, I'll go with you.

Gloria: Michael, here.

Michael: Sure.

Sharon: What are you doing here?

Phyllis: Yeah, what are you doin' here?

Brad: Got some business to discuss with Jack-O. I heard about your back. Tough break.

Jack: Hey, Brad. Thank you for dropping by.

Brad: Brought the papers for you to sign. Notary should be here any minute.

Jack: Thank you.

Sharon: Papers?

Jack: Yeah, I'm buying a few properties from Brad.

Phyllis: Properties? What properties?

Brad: The ones in Clear Springs.

Sharon: Well, that's great. And, Jack, if you own them--

Jack: If I own those, I can see my original dream realized without N.V.P.

Phyllis: That's great. That's so great. I'm so happy for you.

Daniel: Here you go. I think that went fairly well. When should I make the next appointment?

Lily: Don't ask me. I'm not going.

Daniel: Why not?

Lily: 'Cause it made me feel worse about everything.

Daniel: Lily, come on, please.

Lily: No. This is not my problem. It's yours. So deal with it yourself.

Cane: Okay. All right, I'll send him in the morning to fill out the application. And, Mom? Thank you.

Amber: What did your mom have to say?

Cane: Oh, she's, uh, gonna find Garrett a job.

Amber: I thought he was gonna work construction.

Cane: Yeah, that didn't really work out.

Amber: Why not?

Cane: 'Cause he's not really the construction type. So, uh, there's a job at Jabot which, uh, he's gonna apply for.

Amber: Oh?

Cane: At least that way he won't have to crash with Daniel if he wants to stick around town, will he?

Amber: Yeah.

Kevin: Ahem.

Michael: You found the analysis?

Kevin: I think so.

Michael: What do you mean?

Kevin: There's no name on it.

Michael: William had it done anonymously. Gloria's name is not attached.

Kevin: Yep. So he's the only one who knows she did this.

Michael: Yeah.

Gloria: William? William? You gave me quite a scare back there at the apartment. I thought you were gonna make me a widow all over again. But you didn't... and I'm so grateful you're still here with us. I haven't forgotten all of our plans... the honeymoon on a tropical island, and watching my grandson grow up... and traveling the world... together.

Gloria: You didn't deserve this, William. The doctor said your stroke had nothing to do with me or our fight... but I don't believe that. I know this is my fault. So please, William... I just want you to be okay.

Jack: Thank you for coming by on such short notice.

Brad: And thank you, Jack. This went exactly as I'd hoped.

(Door closes)

Sharon: Well, Jack Abbott, you just bought half a town. How do you feel now? What are you gonna do?

Phyllis: Yeah, Jack, what are you gonna do with all that land?

Jack: Oh, I have my plans.

Summer: (Crying)

Jack: Oh, let me-- let me get her. Let me get her.

Brad: (Chuckles)

Phyllis: Uh, that's her "I need a new diaper" cry.

Sharon: Well, it's a good thing I picked some up then.

Brad: (Chuckles) he really loves that baby, huh?

Phyllis: Yeah, they have a great connection.

Jack: Sharon, did you get more baby wipes?

Sharon: I did. You know what? We'll change the baby together.

Brad: So how's that back feeling?

Phyllis: It hurts a lot... not that you care.

Brad: No, I really don't. But you've got yourself quite a nice setup here, don't ya?

Phyllis: Yeah, Jack has been great.

Brad: Oh, I'll bet he has.

Phyllis: Let me guess-- this little monopoly game you're playing--that has something to do with a deal that you cut with the D.A.?

Brad: Yep.

Phyllis: Okay. They drop the perjury charge if you get rid of that property, right?

Brad: And I agreed to testify against you just for fun.

Phyllis: What will your wife say?

Brad: Soon to be ex-wife.

Phyllis: The plot thickens.

Brad: Is that real surprising to you, Phyllis?

Phyllis: Imagine if your wife had asked for a divorce six months ago. Sharon might have a different husband.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Cane: I checked your cousin's references, and they're bogus.

Kevin: I promised myself as Colleen and I were choking that if I got out of there, that I was going to find her, and that's what I'm gonna do.

Michael: The man lying in there is the only person who can accuse Gloria of this crime.

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