Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/6/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/6/07 -- Canada; Thursday 6/7/07 -- U.S.A.


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Michael: Ah, surprise!

Lauren: Honey!

Michael: Surprise! Surprise!

Lauren: Oh, my gosh, you made breakfast? This is beautiful! What's the occasion?

Michael: What's the occasion? How gorgeous are you?

Lauren: In my pajamas?

Michael: Mm-hmm. My beautiful wife... all to myself...

Lauren: Yeah, that's right.

Michael: No more Gloria.

Lauren: No.

Michael: No drama.

Lauren: No.

Michael: No interruptions.

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Fen: (Cries)

Lauren: Oh, he must've heard us.

Michael: Mnh-mnh.

Lauren: Are you fighting for my attention?

Michael: Yes, I am.

Lauren: Okay.

Michael: You hear that?

Lauren: What?

Michael: It's quiet. He's gone back to sleep.

Lauren: You say that, but see, what he's really doing-- he's faking us out. It's a countdown till the yelling starts. Trust me.

Michael: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.

Lauren: Where you going?

Michael: His screams will be like music compared to Gloria's rants.

Lauren: Somehow that worked out, didn't it?

Michael: We'll see.

Lauren: She hasn't shown up at our doorstep.

Michael: Mm-hmm. A few nights down, a thousand to go.

Lauren: You don't think it will last?

Michael: I'd like nothing more than for Gloria to live happily ever after... out of jail.

Lauren: Well, I think that's a safe bet now that she's married.

Michael: Nothing's safe about Gloria. Come here.

Gloria: Oh, Tahiti! A wonderful island honeymoon! Or Paris, the city of lights-- even more romantic. Or Italy... you know, I've always wanted to see Italy. We could stay in one of those fabulous villas and throw coins in that fountain.

Will: Uh-huh. I've got a trial coming up.

Gloria: I know. You work too much.

Will: Well, I kinda have to. It's part of the job.

Gloria: I know, Honey, and I love the fact that you love your work. But someday, sometime, we should take a real, you know, honeymoon. I mean, what's life without a little adventure and excitement?

Will: Well, you brought enough of that to me already. That's why I fell in love with you.

Gloria: Keep going.

Will: Your energy is infectious. You make me feel young again.

Gloria: We are young, William. And it felt so good to wake up next to you this morning.

Will: Yeah. I wish we could've stayed there all day.

Gloria: Aha. I am rubbing off on you! And you, my love, are growing on me more and more. I never thought I'd feel that way again. Not after John.

Will: Yeah. I felt the same way after Miranda. It's hard to open yourself up again. You don't wanna take the chance of getting hurt.

Gloria: We're so lucky.

Will: You know... I still haven't given you a wedding gift.

Gloria: Oh, come on! I don't need one. I've got you.

Will: I wanted to solve the tainted cream case for you, take your mind off of it for good.

Gloria: Yeah? Well, I can think of a few other ways you can take my mind off things.

Will: You don't seem to have a care in the world.

Gloria: Why should I? You have made me the happiest woman in the world. I can't think about anything else.

[Will remembering]

Will: Give me a kiss.

Gloria: Oh! Oh, ow!

Will: Oh, what are you—[Will pulls a strand of Gloria’s hair for his DNA sample] oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! You okay? Oh, I'm sorry.

Will: Lois? Um, I need a favor. I'm sending over some hair samples to be analyzed. D.N.A.

Gloria: William? Hey?

Will: Hmm? Oh. Sorry, daydreaming.

Gloria: That's fine. As long as it was about me.

Jack: Here you go. How'd you sleep?

Phyllis: Oh, thanks. Um, great. I didn't roll over once.

Jack: Well, Summer woke up early. She ate. She's been changed and she's back napping.

Phyllis: Yeah, I-I heard she was crying.

Jack: Babies cry. I'm not worried about that.

Sharon: Good morning.

Jack: Hey, there! And how are you?

Sharon: Fine. How are you?

Jack: Good.

Sharon: Phyllis, how are you feeling?

Phyllis: Not great, I'm afraid.

Sharon: Oh, that's a shame. (Doorbell rings)

Jack: Oh, I'll get that.

Jack: Hey! "Jack Abbott-- future polygamist"? What is this?

Ben: Keep reading. "Jack Abbott moves ex-wife into home with current wife just after she testified at her grand jury hearing." "Talk about three's company." How did this get out?

Ben: I don't know. I don't know. I have... I have no idea how they found out about Sharon testifying. It was supposed to be a closed hearing.

Woman: Mr. Abbott? I'm Anna Schick from the "Chronicle." I'd like to ask you a few questions.

Ben: Excuse me. Uh, if you want an interview with Mr. Abbott, call his assistant, please. Excuse us.

Abby: Daddy?

Brad: Yeah?

Abby: Look at the pictures I drew for you.

Brad: Oh, let's see!

Abby: This one is of Mommy and me in California.

Brad: Yeah?

Abby: And this one is of me, you, Colleen and Victoria.

Brad: I love them, Sweetheart. They're beautiful. You know what? Why don't you go put 'em on the fridge?

Abby: Okay.

Brad: Honey, um... the D.A.'s gonna be coming over soon to talk about the trial.

Colleen: What about it?

Brad: Well, I don't really know. But I need you to keep your sister occupied.

Abby: All done!

Brad: How'd you like those presents I got you?

Abby: I wanna show Noah all the cool stuff I got. Can I?

Brad: You bet. That's a great idea.

Colleen: Um, I'll take her.

Brad: Okay.

Abby: Where's Victoria? I wanna show her, too.

Brad: She's working, Honey.

Nikki: I was worried about you after you left the office. What did you do, turn your phone off?

Victoria: No, no, Mom, I just... I was trying to get away from everything for a while.

Nikki: Did it work?

Victoria: No.

Nikki: I hear ya. Reading, working-- nothing helps.

Victoria: It just felt like losing my brother all over again, you know?

Nikki: I do know.

Victoria: I mean, I can't stop thinking about... how scared he must've been and--and, you know, what he was-- what he was thinking.

Nikki: Victoria, please, don't think about those moments. We can't.

Victoria: I'm sorry, Mom. I'm sorry. I just miss him.

Nikki: I know.

Victoria: I'm just gonna have to keep my mind occupied.

Nikki: You want some company?

Victoria: Mom, I'm, um... I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm meeting Adrian in a little while and we're gonna discuss some of the plans for the renovations, so...

Nikki: Ah, he just walked in the door.

Victoria: Oh, he's early.

Nikki: Well, Honey, you go. I love you. Go ahead.

Victoria: I love you, Mom. Thank you. I'll see you later.

Nikki: Okay. Hey! You're early.

Korbel: How are you?

Victoria: Good.

David: Have you seen the news?

Nikki: Oh, David, I... I can't take in any news right now.

Nikki: What?! Phyllis has moved in with Jack?

David: That's right. We are gonna have a field day with this!

Nikki: Unbelievable!

Lauren: It's so good.

Michael: Well... Fenmore's eaten.

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Michael: We've eaten.

Lauren: We have. We're right on time. Now we just have to get ready.

Michael: Fenmore went back to bed. Maybe we shouldn't break the pattern.

Lauren: Mmm, I wish, baby.

Michael: Well, it's an easy wish to make true. You would have two more wishes left and you could use them wisely.

Lauren: No, you know, remember why we were getting ready?

Michael: Ugh.

Lauren: Clear Springs meeting?

Michael: Really?

Lauren: Yes!

Michael: Is it that important? I mean, do we really have to--

Lauren: Is it that important? Is it that important?! I can't believe you! Yes, it's important!

Michael: All right, all right, all right, it's a big decision. I get it.

Lauren: A big decision? It's huge! In fact, now that Nikki's running the project, I'm not even sure she's gonna want Fenmore's. In fact, I'm interested to see what she has to say to us today. Because she has very different ideas from Jack.

Michael: Oh, I don't see why she wouldn't want your store. She shops there.

Lauren: True.

Michael: It would increase her revenue. (Telephone ringing)

Lauren: Hold on, babe. Hello? Oh, hi, Nikki. Of course. Yeah, no problem, we can push the meeting back. All right. See ya later. Bye.

Michael: Come on, baby. Come here!

Lauren: It's your lucky morning!

(Knock on door)

Gloria: Good morning, you two!

Michael: Maybe not.

Gloria: Please tell me you've heard!

Lauren: Hmm.

Michael: What? William throw you out already?

Gloria: No. As a matter of fact, I'm here to pick up my things. So you haven't read that?

Lauren: Read what?

Gloria: And good morning. I'm sorry I interrupted.

Lauren: Hi, Gloria.

Michael: Someone leaked that Sharon spoke to the grand jury.

Gloria: Honey, that's not the good stuff. According to that, Jack is practically a polygamist! And I love it when that jerk shoots himself in the foot. It's karma! I'm telling you! It's karma!

Michael: All right, uh... I have to go speak with Phyllis.

Lauren: Yeah. Yeah, go, Sweetie. See you later.

Phyllis: I'm obviously causing too much trouble. This isn't good for your campaign.

Jack: Well... and what? You're gonna risk hurting yourself even more? No, you stay right where you are.

Ben: You know what? I can spin this to show Jack's compassion.

Jack: Not just mine, Sharon's. I'm not gonna have the media attacking her for helping a friend in need. And I use the word "friend" loosely.

Sharon: Right. Of course.

Ben: I can issue a statement, but it will get buried by all the sensational articles.

Jack: Not if we all give the interview.

Ben: Interview?

Jack: I say we give this reporter the exclusive on this so-called story, but we don't mention the grand jury.

Phyllis: That's-- you know what? That's a good idea. But I think I'm causing too much trouble, so I'll just--

Ben: You know what? I don't think that's the best approach, Jack.

Jack: You know what? We have to do it. We have to. I'm not gonna have this turned into something that it's not.

Ben: Are you sure?

Jack: Sharon, what do you think?

Sharon: I trust you, Jack.

Jack: Phyllis?

Phyllis: I'm in.

Ben: Well, it's gutsy, but it would show a united front and it could undo the damage.

David: My phone hasn't stopped ringing. Karen is on her way down from Madison. She said that's all anyone's talking about up there.

Nikki: What is Jack thinking?

David: Obviously, he has a weakness for redheads.

Nikki: Yeah, for particularly dangerous ones.

David: Are you sure Phyllis isn't on our payroll?

Nikki: She should be. She is taking down Jack's campaign with no help from us.

Will: I hear Abby's back in town. Must be wonderful having her home.

Brad: It is. You wanted to talk about my trial?

Will: Yeah. The date's been set.

Brad: And you came all the way out here to tell me the news in person?

Will: Well, maybe now that you see what you're facing, you've changed your perspective.

Brad: You offering me a deal?

Will: Yeah, your last one. This trial doesn't have to happen. Testify against Phyllis and you make it all go away.

Brad: And if I don't take your deal?

Will: Your trial will go forward and you'll be convicted of perjury. It would be a shame for Abby to grow up with a father in jail.

Brad: When do you need to know?

Will: By noon today. Otherwise, the deal's off the table. Colleen.

Colleen: Hi.

Will: I expect to hear from you soon.

Colleen: Dad? You have to take that deal. You can't go to jail.

Victoria: I'm telling you, how amazing would it be to work out here. I mean, look-- look at this place-- high vaulted ceilings, the beautiful cornices and friezes.

Korbel: I'd get a membership just to gawk.

Victoria: Yeah, you would. It's hip, it's modern and what's the one thing that people want when they're working out?

Korbel: A distraction, to keep their mind off working out.

Victoria: Exactly! I think everyone would wanna be a part of this.

Korbel: A perfect marriage of old and new.

Victoria: You know what's amazing to me, is that structures like this have been vacant for so long.

Korbel: And people other than you and me will get a chance to appreciate them. Oh... have you seen these buildings?

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah. They're beautiful.

Korbel: The range of architecture is remarkable. And they're all owned by a French company pas vôtre immobiliers. I'm working on tracking them down, talk to them about preservation.

Victoria: You have enough to do. Why don't you let me take care of it?

Phyllis: Everybody knows that Sharon testified against me to the grand jury. What are my chances really?

Michael: Well, Brad's testimony still conflicts with Sharon's. That's reasonable doubt. As far as the interview, Sharon taking care of you, while you're in this condition, that should help your image, but stick to those facts, nothing else, right?

Jack: Are you two done yet? We need to get ready for an interview.

Phyllis: Yeah, we're all set.

Michael: No questions-- absolutely no questions about the grand jury, right?

Jack: Already been covered.

Ben: The interviewer's have been warned. They ask, we cut 'em off.

Jack: Okay, Phyllis--a valued member of the Jack Abbott for senate campaign-- was working in our house--

Ben: With you and your wife--

Sharon: Because we all have the common goal of wanting what's best for the state.

Phyllis: When I fell and put my back out.

Michael: When you describe your fall, describe it in detail. Leave no room for conjecture.

Phyllis: I tripped over the rug and hurt my back.

Sharon: And we were so scared for her safety, she couldn't move.

Michael: All right, when you have an authority cited. Talk about the doctor.

Phyllis: Dr. Fabillar put me on bed rest.

Ben: You couldn't be moved under any circumstances.

Jack: We did not want to risk paralysis for the sake of my campaign.

Phyllis: Thank you very much.

Jack: So my generous wife and I brought Phyllis and her daughter into our home until she's fully recovered.

Phyllis: And Jack Abbott will take care of the voters just the same. He will not abandon you!

Ben: There you go. This is good. This is really good. All right.

Nikki: Jack's love shack. That should be the theme song to his campaign.

David: Oh, that's perfect! I'm telling you, the man can't even decide which wife to live with. How is he gonna make decisions for the people of this state?

Nikki: Why don't we do a viral video? Anonymously.

David: You know something? We could get footage of him with all his women.

Nikki: And we'll splice it together.

David: Right, right, we'll put some music on it.

Nikki: Make it look like a harem!

David: And bam! There it is! We could make a series of videos like this.

Nikki: Is he into polygamy? What's his thing, you know? What--what else could we do? What other angle?

David: All right, let's see. Let's see. How about Jack keeping tabs on all his women, okay? He wants to have them all under one roof.

Nikki: Male chauvinism. Oh, I hear that.

David: Yes, that's right. And so will every other woman in the state of Wisconsin to some degree. I'm telling you, this is gold!

Victoria: Did, uh, Abby get home safely?

Brad: Yeah, she asked about you.

Victoria: Did you tell her about the divorce?

Brad: No. Not yet. It's gonna be a little harder than I thought.

Victoria: What can I do?

Brad: Well, if you wouldn't mind, you could tell her with me.

Victoria: Yeah, yeah, I'd be happy to, of course. I mean, I guess I could come by after work.

Brad: Great. Thanks.

Victoria: We still have some business to discuss.

Brad: Can it wait?

Victoria: No, it can't. I-I need an answer on my property proposals.

Brad: I don't have one for you.

Victoria: Well, N.V.P. is looking to acquire what you own within the next few days.

Brad: They're not for sale.

Victoria: They will be-- they will be if you want to stay out of legal trouble. And, um, hey, you get to keep your board seat. It's your choice.

Brad: You know I don't like being backed into a corner.

Victoria: You're backing yourself into one. I am giving you a way out.

Brad: I can't believe that you of all people would hold this over me. You were thrilled when I bought those properties. I did it for you.

Victoria: It's business. And I want my lawyers to get started on this right away. I want those properties to be a part of the project.

Brad: And that comes first, right?

Victoria: You know, you're facing perjury charges. Do you really wanna worry about some little insider land deal?

Brad: I can't believe you would threaten me with this.

Victoria: You know, why don't you just sell those properties to my mother and make everyone's lives easier.

Gloria: Ahh.

Lauren: Here we go.

Gloria: Oh, this is going so much faster with two people. Thank you so much, Lauren.

Lauren: Believe me, it's my total pleasure.

Gloria: Can you believe it? I'm actually moving in with my husband.

Lauren: Yes, I'm sure you're thrilled that this whole thing with Evan blew over.

Gloria: William is so wonderful. He said, "How could I believe a con artist over my own wife?"

Lauren: Isn't that shocking? That he would actually believe you over the truth.

Gloria: You know what he said? He said my natural charm should come with a warning label.

Lauren: Oh, my.

Gloria: That Evan couldn't help himself. He just fell for me.

Lauren: Oh, my! Now did you say that, or did he?

Gloria: William said that. You know, I'm never gonna get tired of the way he looks at me. You know something, Lauren? I'm really happy.

Lauren: I'm glad you didn't have any ulterior motives. Oh, I'm kidding. You know I'm happy for you.

Gloria: You know, in the beginning, yeah... ulterior motives. But now... I just wanna make William happy every day for the rest of our lives. Why shouldn't every day be a honeymoon, huh?

Michael: Pardon my na veté, William, but I always thought the deliberations of a grand jury were closed. How did that information get out?

Will: I have no idea. I was as shocked by it as you are.

Michael: Somehow I doubt that. I think your office leaked it.

Will: That's absurd.

Michael: You're attempting to try this case in the press.

Will: Your accusations--

Michael: It is so weak that you will do anything to turn heads.

Will: Am I always the first person you blame?

Michael: I am filing a motion to have the case tossed out due to this leak and the lack of any corroborating testimony from a main witness.

Will: There are plenty of other sources the leak could've come from, including the witnesses. I would not risk the integrity of my office.

Michael: Integrity? Integrity? You have no concern for anything but winning a case! Forget about the person who could end up behind bars!

Will: You think I don't know how difficult it is to have someone you care about facing that possibility?

Michael: No, William, I don't!

Will: I would love nothing more than to have people be innocent and for us to go on about our lives, but I have a responsibility to pursue this crime and I will not turn away from that!

Michael: Oh, your civic duty. Your civic duty! Like D.A.'s never chase headlines! Please!

Will: We're done here.

Michael: This is so awkward. Well, uh... I guess you and Gloria won't be inviting us over for dinner anytime soon.

[Phyllis calls Brad on her cell phone and Sharon is in the other room and overhears]

Phyllis: Brad?

Brad: I don't have time for you.

Phyllis: I just wanted to make sure you gave enough thought to what would happen if your land deals became public knowledge. Listen, you better stick to your story. We both have a lot to lose, Brad.

Sharon: Are you threatening Brad again?

Phyllis: Of course not.

Sharon: You are unbelievable. After everything that has happened, and you just can't stop yourself, can you?

Phyllis: Sharon, I don't know what you think you heard--

Sharon: No, I know what I heard, Phyllis, so don't you dare try to deny it!

Jack: Well, we look forward to setting the record straight. Please come in. Anna Schick, I would love for you to meet my wife, Sharon Abbott.

Sharon: Hello, nice to meet you.

Anna: Nice to meet you.

Jack: And Phyllis Newman.

Nikki: Jack having Phyllis under his own roof is gonna blow up in his face.

David: More than it already has?

Nikki: It's impossible to spend two minutes with that woman. 24/7? Sharon's not gonna make it.

David: I look forward to the fireworks.

Lauren: Hello, Nikki!

Nikki: How are you?

Lauren: Good.

Nikki: You look beautiful.

Lauren: Nice to see you. Michael's gonna be here in a minute.

Nikki: Oh, okay. Well, thank you so much for meeting us today.

Victoria: Do you want anything to drink?

Lauren: No, I'm fine.

Victoria: Okay.

Nikki: Um, before I get started, I just wanna make one thing clear. Even though the vision and the leadership has changed, we still very much want Fenmore's to be part of the new development.

Lauren: Good. I'm really looking forward to hearing your proposal.

Michael: I'm so sorry I'm late.

Nikki: Oh, not at all.

Victoria: That's fine.

Lauren: It's okay.

Michael: Victoria, how you doing? Nikki.

Nikki: How are you?

Michael: Pleasure.

Victoria: Please, everyone, let's sit down.

Nikki: Sit. Please, sit.

Lauren: Here? Is that all right?

Nikki: That's fine. Here.

Lauren: Thank you.

Victoria: All right.

Nikki: Are we all on the same page here?

Victoria: Thank you, Mom. Okay.

Nikki: Now... I understand that Jack wanted Fenmore's to be part of a mall?

Michael: Hmm.

Victoria: What we want is to make it the centerpiece of a revitalized downtown.

Lauren: Revitalized?

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Michael: As in rebuilding?

Nikki: Exactly. The main difference between the two plans is that we wanna focus on restoration rather than building from scratch.

Victoria: There are so many historical buildings that we don't wanna see torn down. This way, we'll be able to protect the historic integrity of the town, while generating new revenue.

Nikki: Right.

Lauren: Okay, so how does this affect Fenmore's?

Nikki: We wanna retrofit an old department store that's in the downtown area.

Lauren: Uh... how old are we talking about?

Victoria: 1920s. It was the first department store built in the state. It's a landmark.

Michael: What condition is it currently in?

Nikki: It's been abandoned for quite some time, so it's not in very good shape. But we plan to go in there and clean it up, bring it up to code. Chancellor Industries is heading up the construction, so we know that it will be done impeccably.

Lauren: My whole problem with this project has been the downtown location. When I took a tour it was completely run down.

Victoria: Well, we plan to revitalize the whole area, starting with Fenmore's. You'll be the jewel in the crown.

Michael: That's still no guarantee of adequate foot traffic.

Lauren: And I'll be the first one?

Nikki: Yes, you will.

Lauren: So basically, the revitalization depends on the success of Fenmore's? It's too risky. I'm sorry.

Korbel: I have barely had time to focus on my book. With grading final papers, cleaning out my office, Clear Springs... although, I think I finally have the structure down. Colleen? Hi.

Colleen: Oh, yeah, sorry, I was, um... just looking for my pen. Okay, let's, uh, let's get to work.

Korbel: God, you really turn me on when you're all focused.

Colleen: Key word--focused. Okay.

Korbel: All right, well, I started laying out the chapters for the book. The first two are gonna focus on the history of the treasures and the artwork and how they were stolen from their rightful owners.

Colleen: I can start cataloging these if it's gonna make it easier for you to reference.

Korbel: That will save me a lot of time. And the third chapter will get into the reliquary and launch the whole real life "Da Vinci Code" story of how the treasures were found.

Colleen: Are you writing about my family?

Korbel: Yeah.

Colleen: Well, when you said that you were gonna be writing about the history of Kutna Hora, I thought that meant the treasure. Adrian... you--you're an art historian, not a mystery writer.

Korbel: This is about this history of the art. Including how the treasures were found and everything that led up to that. It's a great story.

Will: Brad. Come on in. Can I get you anything?

Brad: No, thanks. I won't be staying long.

Will: All right. I hope you're here to cooperate.

Brad: Well, that all depends.

Will: On?

Brad: I'll agree to your terms to testify against Phyllis, but there's one more stipulation I need added to the deal.

Will: Stipulation?

Brad: There's another matter I need immunity on.

Will: I'll need details.

Brad: Well, I can't give those to you until I'm granted immunity.

Will: It's not that simple.

Brad: You don't have a case against Phyllis if I don't cooperate.

Will: We have other evidence.

Brad: Contradictory testimony is lethal to a case. It leaves you wide open to reasonable doubt. Now why cut your losses when you could win?

Will: I don't need you to tell me the merits of this case.

Brad: Well, apparently, you do. I brought the complaint to the state. I'm your strongest witness. Now I know you'd like to keep it that way.

Will: You're not our only witness.

Brad: You need me, Mr. Bardwell. That's why you keep offering me deals. Now I'm willing to cooperate, if you're willing to play ball.

Korbel: I thought I mentioned that I talked to Victoria and was hoping to do an interview with your father.

Colleen: Well, I thought that you wanted to talk to them because of what they knew about the treasure. I didn't realize that you wanted to actually write about them.

Korbel: Is that gonna be a problem?

Colleen: My family has been in the spotlight a lot, especially my dad. He's been through enough.

Korbel: But your family is the hero in this story. They're the reason that the treasures are being returned to the families they belong to. It's a positive spin on things.

Colleen: I don't want you to put anything that could potentially hurt my family in there.

Korbel: Come on, you know me better than that, colleen. I would never exploit your family. All I wanna do is tell the story of a historical wrong was righted.

Colleen: Okay. But... if my father has any objections to any of the content, take it out.

Korbel: Deal.

Jack: When Phyllis threw out her back, she was immobilized. The doctor prescribed strict bed rest. She was not to be moved.

Sharon: And she couldn't care for her child on her own and that's when we stepped up.

Phyllis: That's right. I would never be burdening these two otherwise.

Anna: Has she been a burden?

Jack: No, of course not. We want Phyllis to fully recover. And until she does, we'll happily look after her daughter.

Phyllis: Honestly, the Abbotts have been incredibly generous. I don't know what summer and I would've done without them.

Anna: But hasn't it been awkward, given your well-publicized fight at the scene of Mrs. Winters' fall?

Sharon: That was an accident. It was a terrible accident.

Phyllis: That's right. And we both wish it would've never happened.

Anna: How long do you plan to take care of Mrs. Newman?

Jack: Until Phyllis is able to fully take care of herself, uh, she will stay here. When she can, she'll go home. But until that point, we are not abandoning her.

Nikki: We have done extensive marketing research and the community is very supportive and interested in revitalizing the area. They want the jobs. They want the turnaround. And most importantly, they wanna go there to shop.

Victoria: And the number one business they feel their town needs? A department store.

Nikki: Absolutely. Fenmore's has great name recognition. Your store in Richfield? It's the closest retailer they have and they drive two hours to get there.

Lauren: Yes, they do. Well, this research-- it's really impressive.

Michael: These photos of the building-- the interior seems to be in extreme disrepair.

Victoria: Oh, well, here--here are the artist's renderings. And, uh, this is what your store will look like once it's been refurbished.

Lauren: Wow. That's really beautiful.

Victoria: And being in a historic building will make it a huge draw. Just think Printemps in Paris and Macy’s in new York.

Lauren: Hmm. So what's the cost?

Nikki: You can take a look at it. Chancellor's budget has come in much lower than it would've been if we had started a new development. And being located in a downtown area, your rent will be much lower.

Michael: Well, any lease that Fenmore's enters into is contingent upon a positive comprehensive inspection report, of course.

Nikki: Oh, of course.

Lauren: And I would have full say on the build out and the floor plan?

Nikki: Absolutely.

Michael: Well, we'll talk with your legal representatives about the details.

Victoria: Great. I'll set up a meeting for tomorrow.

Lauren: Great. Looks like we may have a deal.

Nikki: Thank you, Lauren. You won't be sorry. That town has a bright future.

Michael: Well, we will see you tomorrow.

Lauren: Yeah.

Victoria: All right.

Lauren: Bye.

Victoria: Bye-bye. Thank you.

Michael: Thank you, Nikki.

Lauren: Thank you, Honey.

Victoria: More good news about the project. I talked to Brad.

Nikki: Well, it's only good news if he's agreed to sell.

Victoria: Yeah, well, it's only a matter of time. He's got nowhere else to turn.

Jack: Well, we appreciate you being here and giving the people a chance to hear the real situation.

Ben: Good. Please. (Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Thanks again. Hello?

Brad: Jack.

Jack: Oh, Brad, if you're calling to gloat about the headline, save your breath, okay?

Brad: I have a business proposition for you.

Jack: Is this some kind of a joke?

Brad: No, I'm very serious. And it's something you're gonna wanna hear.

Jack: Okay, spit it out.

Brad: Meet me at the conference room in an hour. We'll discuss it then.

Korbel: You know, there are other benefits to me writing this book.

Colleen: Like what?

Korbel: Well, the subject matter touches on Jana and her relatives in Kutna Hora. It might turn up some leads.

Colleen: She needs to be in jail. I still have nightmares about her.

Korbel: Yeah. In jail or dead-- makes little difference to me.

Colleen: I don't understand how she could have this whole other side. She seemed so nice.

Korbel: Nice isn't the same as good.

Colleen: Well, then it's a good thing for you that I'm so nice.

Korbel: And it's a nice thing for you that I am so good.

Colleen: Yes, it is.

Korbel: Although, it just goes to show you, nice or good, you never know what someone's capable of doing. Especially when something they want so desperately is at stake.

Gloria: Boo!

Will: Ahh!

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Will: Oh.

Gloria: Hi, Honey.

Will: Hi.

Gloria: I just took some things over to your place and I'm going back for the rest. But I missed you. I just wanted to stop by.

Will: Well... it's nice to see your face.

Gloria: And it's nice to see you smile. Rough day?

Will: Yeah, a couple of tough cases. It's been a roller coaster.

Gloria: Mmm. Well, you come on home tonight and I'll help you forget all about it.

Will: I'd like nothing more.

Gloria: Home. It's got a nice ring to it.

Will: It does.

Gloria: You know, William, material wise, I may not be bringing a lot to this marriage. But you will always have my complete devotion. Because I do love you.

Will: I love you, too.

Gloria: Enough of this silliness. You go back to work and hurry home to me.

Man: William? I got here as soon as I could. I ran the D.N.A. test myself.

Will: Thank you for handling this so quickly.

Man: No problem.

Victoria: Well, I have to say, congratulations, Mom. Securing Fenmore's as a part of this project is absolutely huge.

Nikki: Well, I couldn't have done it without you. Now all we need is Brad's cooperation.

Victoria: I have no doubt we'll be seeing those properties very soon. I'll see you later.

Nikki: Okay.

Victoria: Okay. Hello.

Nikki: Hi.

David: Hey. Looks like the meeting went well.

Nikki: They're in.

David: I'm not surprised. Whenever you set your mind to do something, it gets done.

Nikki: Wow, I haven't heard that in a long time.

David: You came out as the long shot for this senate seat, Nikki. And now in the homestretch, you're the candidate to beat. You never give up, even after everything you've been through. You are an amazing woman.

Nikki: Well... I can't take all the credit for that. I mean, I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without you. You got me through everything. And for that, I am very, very grateful, David. Thank you.

Jack: You could've made this proposal over the phone.

Brad: I missed you, Jack.

Jack: This is a waste of time.

Brad: I doubt you'll think so after I'm finished.

Jack: Fine, let's get right to the point then.

Brad: Careful now, I might just change my mind.

Jack: I'm gonna give you one more minute, Bradley, and then I'm gonna leave.

Brad: All right, don't get your shorts in a bunch. I know how upset you were when I bought all those properties in Clear Springs.

Jack: Not my problem any longer. Speak to my opponent.

Brad: I will. If you turn me down.

Jack: This is only a matter of concern to Nikki.

Brad: Which is exactly why you should be interested.

Jack: How so?

Brad: I'm willing to sell you all the properties I own there.

Sharon: Michael, are you gonna be here for a little while, because I'd really like to get out of here.

Michael: Oh, sure, please. Go.

Sharon: Great.

Michael: Go ahead.

Phyllis: Hey. Watch out. You're gonna be Sharon's new hero. You set her free. What is it?

Michael: Brad cut a deal with the D.A. he's going to testify against you.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: Congratulations! You managed to humiliate just about everyone.

Brad: Oh, yeah, right, Jack.

Sharon: This was supposed to be confidential.

Victoria: Like my husband was supposed to be faithful.

Michael: Brad cut a deal with the D.A. to avoid perjury charges.

Phyllis: Which means he will testify against me.

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