Y&R Transcript Thursday 5/24/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 5/24/07 -- Canada; Friday 5/25/07 -- U.S.A.


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Will: Will you be my wife?

Gloria: I would love to marry you, William. Oh, my! Oh! Michael! Lauren, would you please come in here for a moment?

Michael: What?

Gloria: William, uh... just proposed and we're getting married.

Lauren: Congratulations!

Will: I'll do everything in my power to make your mother happy.

Lauren: Say something, Michael. I've never seen my husband speechless like this. So congratulations from both of us.

Michael: I'm overjoyed.

Will: Thank you.

Gloria: Isn't it something? Michael, William’s going to be your stepfather.

Michael: It’s... maybe we can get together and grab our mitts and... go out and toss a ball around.

Will: How about we just get a drink together instead?

Michael: Oh, that would be lovely. We'll have lots of drinks, right?

Gloria: Well, I know that I really wanna go all out for this wedding, and give Genoa City something they've never seen before.

Will: Whatever your heart desires.

Gloria: Oh, William, I can't wait to marry you. And I can't wait to tell the whole world.

Jill: My mother has no right to interfere in my life this way.

Ji Min: Agreed. But she does have a right to her company. And right now, I'm on the outs.

Jill: Yeah, but you have done a brilliant job of turning Jabot around.

Ji Min: But the problem is that Katherine doesn't trust me. She thinks I was involved with Jack from the start.

Jill: I don't know. I think she's making this personal. She's doing it to get to me.

Ji Min: I hate the fact that my situation has caused this conflict between you two. No, I... I feel like it might be better for me to be outside of the Jabot picture altogether. I have things online. I'm looking at a small cosmetics company in Thailand.

Jill: Thailand?

Colleen: Excuse me? Um, can I get you guys anything else? Would you like dessert or coffee?

Jill: No, no, no, thanks, Colleen, we're fine.

Colleen: All right, here's the damage.

Ji Min: Thank you.

Colleen: Thank you.

Jill: That's it? Just like that? You're gonna take off for Thailand?

Ji Min: Don't get excited. I'd be saying good-bye to Jabot, not to you.

Jill: I don't think it has to be either/or.

Ji Min: Well, Katherine does.

Jill: Well, you just let me handle Katherine.

Ji Min: You really think you can change her mind?

Jill: I'm sure as hell gonna try.

Amber: You can't kick me off the show. I'm exactly the kind of contestant you need.

Cane: She has an incredible sense of style. That alone should qualify her.

Woman: No can do. She's related to one of the judges. We can't afford a hint of impropriety.

Amber: It's a reality show! Impropriety is exactly what you need to have millions of viewers. Okay, picture this-- I'm in a disguise, no one recognizes me. Jill doesn't even recognize me! And I get outed by an anonymous phone call. The whole world will be shocked to know that I'm Jill's daughter-in-law.

Woman: And then we'd have to let you go.

Cane: Not necessarily. What other choice did she have then to hide her identity? My mother is the evil judge.

Woman: Uh, blunt is how we like to phrase it.

Cane: All right, then what happens when the blunt mother-in-law from hell has to judge her son's sweet new wife?

Amber: Will Jill Abbott destroy her daughter-in-law's career? Break up her son's marriage?

Cane: The audience will empathize with her. They'll root for her and they'll watch her week after week.

Amber: I love my husband, but I also love fashion.

Cane: But the question is, can she have both?

Amber: Trust me, they will tune in.

Woman: Mmm. I'm not so sure.

Amber: Well, I am sure. And I know Jill will go for it.

Jack: It would be my pleasure, thanks, Sir. Just spoke to the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers-- uh, where's Ben?

Phyllis: I haven't seen him.

Jack: Phyllis, what are you doing here?

Phyllis: Um, I am working.

Jack: You are on a leave of absence.

Phyllis: I am helping you with the campaign.

Jack: This is not a good idea.

Phyllis: Well, I disagree. Have you seen your web site? It's a wreck. You don't even have your itinerary on here. How are your voters gonna hear you speak?

Jack: I can have an assistant handle that.

Phyllis: Please? Please, can I help you with the campaign? I'm--I'm actually begging you. I don't have anything, Jack. I-I have nothing to go home to. And when I'm there, all I do is think of Nick and obsess about this trial. Please, I really, really, really, really wanna help you.

Jack: I have a campaign manager who's gonna-- okay, against my better judgment, okay.

Phyllis: Thank you. You won't be sorry! You won't be sorry. Okay, listen, here, um, are some--some notes and see if they work out with your calendar.

Sharon: Um, I've been asked to speak at the businesswomen's luncheon next week and-- in Green Bay... what is she doing here?

Phyllis: Hey, Sharon.

Jack: Phyllis is here to help me with a few things on the campaign.

Phyllis: Yep. And I'm... getting ready for my big date with the grand jury.

Sharon: Oh, you're not the only one.

Phyllis: Coffee, anyone?

Jack: No, no, I'm good. Thanks.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: So, Green Bay? Wow! You think you'll do it?

Sharon: Yeah, I'm gonna ask your campaign manager about it first. Jack... having her work here--

Jack: I know... is a terrible idea.

Nikki: Okay, follow up on the environmental impact report and call Harmon again at the Department of Transportation. If we don't have an answer by the end of the day, I'm gonna get the lawyers on it.

Victoria: Got it.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: Nikki Newman. Oh, I'm sorry. I completely forgot. I'll be right there. Look, is there anything else that's pressing, 'cause I'm late for a meeting.

Victoria: No, go, go. Go, we'll catch up later.

Nikki: Okay.

Brad: We need to talk. Now.

Victoria: Can it wait? I'm busy.

Brad: Yeah, you're busy, all right. But somehow you found time to have me investigated by J.T. Why don't I hire someone to dig up dirt on you? See how you'd react.

Victoria: Well, go right ahead. I have nothing to hide.

Brad: Did you give him my password? Is he still looking at my e-mails? I mean, how far did you to go did you two go with this?

Victoria: Far enough to find out you slept with Sharon.

Brad: Once.

Victoria: Oh, well, pat yourself on the back for not doing it again. It must've been really hard to resist the temptation.

Brad: You betrayed me.

Victoria: Well, now we're even.

Phyllis: Where's your energy plan? Where's your environmental clean-up proposal?

Sharon: He just stepped out. Can I take a message?

Phyllis: How do you expect the voters to know your stance?

Jack: I don't have a position on clean-up proposal yet. We're still looking at our options.

(Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: Phyllis Newman. Oh, yes, yes, yes, I'll be right there. That was the nursery. I have 'em call me when Summer's crying. I'll be right back.

Sharon: Okay, I'll tell him. Bye. You feel sorry for her? Is that it?

Jack: She just lost her job and her husband and could lose her daughter if she goes to jail.

Sharon: She did that to herself.

Jack: She needs a friend right now.

Sharon: And you have to be that for her? Even though she's a huge liability to your campaign?

Jack: Yes.

Sharon: She could be indicted on felony charges. And tomorrow I have to speak before a grand jury because your friend is a blackmailer.

Phyllis: These elevators take forever. All you have to do tomorrow is not remember.

Brad: What I'm not doing is having this conversation with you.

Phyllis: Love this. None of this would've happened if you and Sharon hadn't slept together in the first place.

Brad: Oh, that's right. We forced you to blackmail us. Typical Phyllis, blaming everyone else for your mistakes.

Phyllis: Are you coming?

Brad: I'll take the stairs.

(Cell phone ringing)

J.T.'s voice message: Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Victoria: Hi, it's me. Me being, uh, Victoria. Uh, call me-- call me when you get this. It's important.

Michael: Hmm. So you're sure you're ready for this? You're about to be inundated by swatches and place settings and cake tastings and... wedding videos of people you haven't met yet.

Gloria: Lauren, I would love to have a real church wedding.

Will: Well, my first wife and I had a very simple wedding. I was in law school then. We couldn't really afford anything grand, so... I'm kinda looking forward to this.

Lauren: Are you sure that's not a little too much?

Gloria: Not at all.

Michael: Are we going to enjoy being on opposite ends of the grand jury tomorrow?

Will: Is that a trick question?

Michael: I've never been up against my mother's fiancé.

Will: First for me, too.

Lauren: So tomorrow I'm gonna take you to the bridal department at Fenmore’s and we are gonna find you something fantastic.

Michael: You could always drop the case, save the taxpayers a few pennies.

Will: We've been over this. Not gonna happen.

Gloria: Do you remember that dress that Melaina Trump wore? The one with the 13-foot train and the 16-foot veil?

Lauren: Oh, yeah, that Dior that weighed 50 pounds?

Gloria: And 1,500 crystal rhinestones and pearls.

Michael: Your case is too weak to win. Don't you want to keep your conviction record?

Will: If you're so sure, why are you so worried? If the case is weak, the jury won't indict.

Lauren: Oh, but, Gloria, that thing cost a fortune!

Gloria: And William can afford it.

Lauren: What?

(P.D.A. beeping)

Will: Sorry. Ah. I hate to propose and run, but, um. I've got a lunch meeting at the Athletic Club.

Gloria: Honey, don't you worry about a thing.  

Lauren: We're gonna plan a dinner, okay? Just the four of us and Kevin, to celebrate.

Will: Well, I look forward to it. See you soon, Counselor.

Michael: Bye.

Will: I am a lucky man.

Gloria: I'm the lucky one. I'll see you soon.

Will: Yeah.

Gloria: Does it get any better than that? I am going to be Mrs. William Bardwell, and a judge on "Extreme Catwalk."

(Knock on door)

Gloria: He must've forgotten something. William?

Man: Gloria Abbott?

Gloria: Yes?

Man: You've been served.

Michael: What? What?

Gloria: What is this?

Michael: Oh, well, what do you know? Things just did get better. You are being compelled to submit for a D.N.A. test by the district attorney's office.

Cane: I'm telling you, the producer was all over it.

Woman: Yeah, that's right, she's married to Jill Abbott’s son.

Amber: What if they still say no?

Cane: The evil mother-in-law idea was a corker. I would put money on this.

Amber: Okay, we don't have money to put on anything.

Cane: But we will if you land the deal.

Amber: Well, it would be nice, but you know, that's not what this is about. See, no matter what I did, it was never good enough for the Forresters. See, I wanna show them. I wanna show everyone who never thought I'd amount to anything.

Cane: Your friends in Furnace Creek, too?

Woman: Well, that's the idea-- play up the connection.

Amber: Frenemies. Like Deirdre-- she was the captain of the cheerleading squad. See, I aced the tryouts, but I couldn't afford a uniform, so Deirdre trashed me. And whatever Deirdre said was right by everyone else.

Cane: Why'd you care?

Amber: Because I was a kid. I wanted to be accepted. Now I just want Deirdre to see me on TV with my super successful husband.

Cane: And don't forget his smokin' hot wife.

Woman: Okay, I'll tell her. So they're gonna run it by the network, but as of this moment, you're off the show.

Jill: Hey, now that the trip is canceled, I can do "Extreme Catwalk."

Ji Min: Good. I knew you were excited about it.

Jill: I am.

Ji Min: It's gonna be great publicity for the company and, well, it's always good to go out on a high note.

Will: Hello, you two.

Ji Min: Hello.

Jill: Hello, William.

Will: How are you both doing this lovely day?

Ji Min: Splendid.

Jill: Well, you look very cheerful.

Will: Actually, I'm engaged.

Jill: Wow. And who's the lucky woman?

Ji Min: Let me guess. Gloria?

Will: Can you believe she said yes?

Jill: Yeah, I can believe she said yes.

Ji Min: Congratulations.

Jill: I wish you the very best, William.

Will: Thank you. Enjoy your lunch.

Jill: Mmm.

Will: Excuse me.

Jill: Oh, that poor man. It's all my fault he's getting married.

Ji Min: How?

Jill: Well, if he hadn't walked in on you and me the other night--

Ji Min: Um, do you regret it?

Jill: Only that he walked in. I'm surprised he even speaks to me after what he saw, though.

Ji Min: Well, it was quite a show.

Jill: Oh, great. Here's Gloria. I understand that congratulations are in order.

Gloria: Thank you! Have you seen my future husband?

Jill: Yes, your future husband is right over there.

Gloria: Excuse me.

Will: Hi.

Gloria: William, I've changed my mind about the wedding.

Will: You don't wanna get married?

Gloria: Of course, I do! I just don't wanna wait. Let's run away and get married right now!

Michael: Fenmore is lying in his crib talking to his stuffed animals.

Lauren: I'm worried.

Michael: Oh, it's just a phase. He'll grow out of it.

Lauren: Gloria. You saw the way she flew out of here. I mean, what if she does something foolish?

Michael: Well, the odds are in her favor.

Lauren: Is there some way that you could get out of giving her D.N.A. sample?

Michael: Well, let's see, the district attorney could drop the case. But we both know that he's not the kind to give up.

Jack: Believe me, it will be our pleasure. Thanks, bill. Get yourself a new dress at Fenmore’s.

Sharon: Why? What's the occasion?

Jack: The realty association's annual formal dinner. I am the keynote speaker. You will be sitting at the dais. And we are on the rubber chicken circuit.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh! Jack, that is fantastic!

Jack: Hey... hey... you're gonna do fine tomorrow.

Sharon: I have to tell the grand jury that I slept with a married man. Whoo-hoo!

Jack: I don't think they're going to find it the great scandal that you're worried they will.

Sharon: I'm not worried about myself, Jack. I'm worried about this campaign.

Jack: Hey, take that off your mind. It is my turn to look out for you for a while.

Phyllis: Okay, I'm back.

Jack: Hey, how's, uh, Summer?

Phyllis: Oh, she's great. She loves playing with her big brother.

Sharon: Yeah, Noah feels the same way.

Phyllis: Oh, good. You know, Sharon, no matter what happens to me, I want our kids to always be close.

(Knock on door)

Jack: Uh, oh, I gotta go. Um, I'm on my phone if you need me for anything.

Sharon: Okay, I'll see you later.

Jack: Coming!

Sharon: You shouldn't be here. It isn't good for my husband's campaign.

Phyllis: Listen, if I could take it all back, I would.

Sharon: Just make sure that you don't hurt Jack. He really wants that senate seat. And everything we do reflects on him, so if you really care about Jack, if you really wanna help, you'll just leave him alone and stop thinking about yourself.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. I'll think about it.

Nikki: If you could please take care of this right away.

Woman: Absolutely.

Nikki: Thank you.

Woman: Oh, there you are, Phyllis. I had a question for you about the Mother's Day ad.

Nikki: Uh, just a minute. She doesn't work at N.V.P. anymore.

Woman: But I thought, she's here, so--

Nikki: Any business related questions should be posed to me. Nothing should be run by Phyllis.

J.T.'S voice: This is J.T. Hellstrom, I'm unable to take your call. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Victoria: Hi, it's Victoria. Uh... I have your pen. Uh, that's not why I'm calling, though. Um... did I say before on my message that it's important for you to call me back? It's important. Call me.

J.T.: Your wife isn't here.

Brad: You're a piece of work.

J.T.: Here we go again. You're upset at me and I'm nowhere near your wife.

Brad: Stay away from my wife and my daughter.

J.T.: Well, that's fine. If you haven't noticed, Colleen and I don't even talk to each other anymore.

Brad: Really? Then how'd she know I was being investigated?

J.T.: I don't know. That's news to me.

Brad: She knows I slept with Sharon.

J.T.: Well, then your daughter knows you're a liar.

Brad: J.T., you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, but you should know better than to push me. I know exactly what you're doing.

J.T.: You're just upset because everybody knows you cheated on your wife.

Brad: Yeah, and you love that, don't you? Because you want her for yourself. But that ain't gonna happen. Not as long as I'm around. Stay away from my wife.

Phyllis: Hey, Sharon, how do you feel about me putting pictures of you and Noah with Jack on the web site?

Nikki: Are you still here?

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm still here. I'm working on Jack's campaign.

Nikki: No kidding. Wow, that's the best news I've heard all day. I can't lose.

Phyllis: What did I do to her?

Sharon: Welcome to the club.

Jill: Are they worried that I won't be able to be objective?

Ji Min: Well, the audience might think the show is fixed.

Amber: I gave the producer some great ideas about how to get around it.

Jill: Oh, such as?

Cane: The mother-in-law from hell who's out to destroy her son's marriage.

Jill: That's great. I'm gonna call them.

(Cell phone ringing)

Amber: Would you?

Jill: Of course I would.

[Cane answers his cell phone]

Cane: Cane here.

Jill: Yes, this is Jill Abbott, is she in?

Cane: Yeah, um... we already talked about the prefab metal trusses.

Jill: Hi, yeah. Listen, I'm just standing here with Amber and--

Cane: Well, send me all the paperwork, all right? We'll get started.

Jill: Yeah, but I'm sure we can work something out. I'd hate for her to miss this opportunity.

Cane: All right, thanks.

Jill: Really?

Cane: Okay, bye.

Jill: Okay. Thanks, bye. They're waiting for the final word from the network. It doesn't look good, though. Sorry.

Amber: Oh. Okay. Well, thanks for trying. I'm officially depressed. Um... I need something sweet. Let's go, Babe.

Cane: Thank you.

Jill: I'm sorry.

Ji Min: Chin up.

Jill: Oh, I feel bad.

Ji Min: About the D.A.?

Jill: About everything. What?

Ji Min: Well, I might be able to make you feel a little better.

Jill: Oh, whoa, big boy. Not today. People walk in here with camera phones?

Ji Min: Mmm.

Ji Min: Well, you know, this might be the last time we're in the boardroom together. Might as well make it memorable.

(Cell phone ringing)

Jill: Hello? Yes, Dr. Acosta. Oh, good, that's great news. That's really odd. I don't take any hormone replacement. I don't take any libido enhancers either. Yeah, yeah, no, I will. Thank you. Thank you.

Ji Min: Libido enhancers? I don't think you need any of those.

Jill: No, I don't. I don't. I hope it stays that way. It's just that my yearly physical results showed that I have enhanced hormone levels.

Ji Min: Well, do you take yam or any other supplements?

Jill: How do you know about yam?

Ji Min: I'm a chemist.

Jill: Yes, that's right, you're a chemist. All right, as a chemist, they mix up bloodwork in the lab all the time, don't they?

Ji Min: Occasionally. Do you, uh, drink herbal teas?

Jill: Only earl grey and coffee. You know something? I had my physical the day after you and I, you know... something must've been going on with my hormones then.

Ji Min: Well, God bless those hormone receptors in the brain.

[Jill remembering]

Gloria: Oh, and I think everything's all set up for you. We have some snacks, the files have been pulled and of course, drinks. Decaf for Mr. Kim and regular coffee for Jill.

Jill: It is definitely hot in here.

Ji Min: Yeah.

Will: Jill?!

Jill: William! Oh...

Will: I can move a few things around on my calendar. Can you wait till tomorrow to get married?

Gloria: Well, I'm shooting "Extreme Catwalk" tomorrow, but we can leave as soon as I'm finished.

Will: Yeah. Right after you give your D.N.A. sample.

Gloria: I'll do that when we get back.

Will: It'll only take a couple of minutes. I'd like to get it over and done with.

Gloria: Me, too, but I'm gonna be so busy tomorrow with the show and getting married. You want me to worry about that on our wedding day?

Will: My point exactly. What better present? You'll be free of worry, I'll solve the case, and we'll go off and live happily ever after.

Gloria: You're so sweet.

Sharon: It'll never get better, you know.

Phyllis: Great.

Sharon: Yeah, after Nick and I divorced, I still always felt like I was married to his mom.

Phyllis: That's another thing I like about working on Jack's campaign-- you get to trash the opponent and it's all justified.

Sharon: Well, so hitting her with a truck isn't?

Phyllis: You have my full support on that. Listen, Sharon, as trite as it sounds, I'm... I'm truly sorry that you have to go in front of the grand jury tomorrow. I know it's gonna be a difficult day for you.

Sharon: You do?

Phyllis: Yeah. I know it's the anniversary of Cassie’s death. Nick was gonna do something special for her.

Sharon: Well, now they're both gone.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, they're probably doing something special together now.

Jack: Am I gonna have to build another break room?

Phyllis: No, no, not today. We're fine. Excuse me.

Jack: Uh... what was that about?

Sharon: Nikki Newman.

Jack: Well, there's one thing the two of you can agree on.

Sharon: Yeah. You're a different story, though. She may mean well, but I wouldn't put too much faith in Phyllis if I were you. I don't wanna see you get hurt again.

Ji Min: Did you find anything in Gloria's office?

Jill: A calendar.

Ji Min: Well, we're gonna need more than that.

Jill: We have it. A handwritten note dated before my physical-- the same night that we...

Ji Min: We couldn't resist each other.

Jill: Yes.

Ji Min: Well, say Gloria goes to the doctor, she gets a prescription for libido enhancers, how do we prove it?

Jill: She wrote down the doctor's phone number. Okay...

Jill: (Imitating Gloria) yes, this is Gloria Abbott. Is Dr. Marx in, please? Thank you!

Ji Min: What are you going to say?

Jill: Oh, yes, hi, Dr. Marx, this is Gloria. Now, I'm fine. I mean, as well as can be expected. Do you remember that little problem I told you about a couple weeks ago? Yes, well, it's really embarrassing, but I was wondering if I could possibly have a refill on my prescription? Oh, thank you! You are a doll! Thank you, Doctor!

Ji Min: Well, did he say what it was?

Jill: (Normal voice) no, but it's being refilled right now.

Ji Min: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get the hell out of here.

Jill: You know what? That would be too suspicious. You just sit tight and I will be right back.

(Cell phone ringing)

J.T.: Hello?

Victoria: Finally!

J.T.: Hey, Friend, you could've warned me.

Victoria: I tried. You didn't pick up your phone. What happened with Brad?

J.T.: Well, uh, no punches were thrown. Close, though. Maybe a bruised ego, but don't worry, not mine.

Victoria: (Sighs) I apologize for my husband's behavior.

J.T.: Well, I'm gonna need more than that. Can you apologize for his lousy basketball attire? I mean, honestly, what kind of a moron comes onto a basketball court wearing a suit and tie?

Victoria: You got me.

J.T.: I'm glad you still got your sense of humor. Hey, I gotta run.

Victoria: From who? Brad again?

J.T.: I'll call you later.

Victoria: All right, I'll be waiting, as usual.

Brad: Oh, let me guess. That was J.T.

Victoria: You just had to go and confront him, didn't you?

Brad: The guy needs to learn a lesson. I want him to stay away from you.

Victoria: Well, that's not your call.

Brad: He shouldn't have told you about Sharon and me.

Victoria: No, you should have. You know, I paid good money for that information.

Brad: Yeah. Well, job's done. Time to send your hired hand back where he belongs.

Victoria: He's not going anywhere.

J.T.: Come with me.

Colleen: I'm working. Let go of my arm.

J.T.: First explain to me why you told your father about my investigation.

Colleen: I don't owe you anything, J.T.

J.T.: You had no right to tell Brad.

Colleen: My father has every right to know that you're trying to break up his marriage.

J.T.: It's ridiculous and you know that.

Colleen: No, it's ridiculous that you're trying to blame me for your actions.

J.T.: Colleen, stay out of my business, okay?

Colleen: Actually, J.T., I can do better. I'll stay out of your life and please stay out of mine.

Will: No, no, no, that's okay. We'll just, uh, we'll just reschedule. Yeah. Yeah. Bye. Um... we're not having lunch after all. Could I get a check for the iced tea?

Colleen: Oh, no, that's on the house.

Will: Thanks. Here you go.

Colleen: Oh, thank you!

Will: You're welcome.

Michael: Hi, Colleen.

Colleen: Excuse me. Hi.

Will: You just missed your mother.

Michael: Well, too bad. Anyway, I needed a chance to talk to you alone.

Will: Has your client decided to confess?

Michael: Look, whatever your approach it is going to be extremely difficult to convict the newly-minted widow of Nicholas Newman.

Will: So you say. We'll let the courts decide.

Brad: Hey. You see Phyllis walking around here today? The woman has not a shred of integrity.

Sharon: She's working on Jack's campaign.

Brad: He's letting her?

Sharon: Yeah, he feels sorry for her. And you know, to tell you the truth, so do I.

Brad: She was blackmailing you, remember?

Sharon: What are you going to say in front of the grand jury?

Brad: I don't know what I'm going to say. Jack pressuring you?

Sharon: No, he's being supportive.

Brad: Unlike Victoria.

Victoria: Oh, Colleen! Good, um... have you seen J.T.?

Colleen: Why, do you have another job assignment for him?

Victoria: What?

Colleen: I don't really think there's anything else to dig up about my father. You're wasting your money. I know that you had my father investigated.

Victoria: Who told you?

Colleen: That doesn't matter. After all we've been through, you're spying on your husband?

Victoria: It's a little more complicated than that.

Colleen: Well, feel free to explain.

Victoria: This is between your father and me, all right? It would be-- it would be inappropriate to discuss.

Colleen: Not anymore inappropriate than going behind my father's back.

Victoria: I'm... I'm an idiot.

J.T.: No, no, that role is currently being filled by your husband.

Victoria: You know, I thought that my marriage was solid.

J.T.: Can I retract that that statement?

Victoria: And you know what? I thought friends were supposed to be helpful and supportive.

J.T.: I am. I am. All of that. Lose the guy.

Victoria: Yeah. This marriage is not working.

Amber: We're waiting to hear if I'm on the show.

Woman: What do you mean we don't have a photographer tomorrow?

Cane: Look, I understand that, Mate, but I can't do anything until the surveyor's report hits my desk.

Woman: Get him a check. Take it over there yourself if you have to.

Cane: All right, okay. All right, Mate, I'll talk to you later.

Woman: I have another call coming in.

Cane: All right.

Woman: Hello?

Amber: Hold on, hold on, maybe this is it.

Woman: Okay. Okay. Mm-hmm. Yeah, I think so, too. Okay, I'll tell her.

Amber: Oh, my God! I'll call you back!

Woman: The network loved your ideas.

Cane: Oh! You will blow 'em away.

Amber: Oh, I am gonna make the judges and the public love me!

Jill: I got the prescription.

Ji Min: What did you find?

Jill: Look for yourself.

Ji Min: Oh, good Lord!

Jill: We were right. Gloria dosed us with libido enhancer.

Gloria: I can always wear the leopard.

Lauren: It's very you.

Gloria: Yes, it is, but how about red to draw attention?

Lauren: I don't think you need a suit for that.

Michael: Oh, picking out wedding clothes?

Lauren: No, we're trying to decide what Gloria should wear on "Extreme Catwalk." I'm glad you're here, because we need a man's opinion.

Michael: Oh, what, no orange jumpsuit? You might as well get used to wearing one of those.

Lauren: Michael?

Gloria: That's not funny, Michael. I couldn't get William to postpone the test.

Michael: Oh, big surprise. You ever think of maybe, what, uh, telling him the truth?

Gloria: And ruin my wedding?

Lauren: Gloria, John forgave you when you told him the truth.

Gloria: That was different, Lauren. I wasn't facing prison. How long does it take to get D.N.A. test results back?

Michael: It depends on the lab.

Gloria: I think it would be pretty awful if I got pulled out of the judge's chair in handcuffs.

Michael: Yeah, well, it sounds like great reality television to me!

Brad: What, do you like torturing us? What are you still doing here?

Phyllis: I'm working.

Brad: You were escorted off the premises.

Phyllis: Jack is renting space out and since I'm working on his campaign...

Brad: Wow, I didn't think it was possible. My opinion of him just got even lower. Let me guess, he's keeping you busy.

Phyllis: This trial is going to affect a lot of people.

Brad: Yeah, starting with you.

Phyllis: I kept my end of the bargain. I did not tell your wife about your affair.

Brad: So you could continue to hold it over my head.

Phyllis: This is not about me, Brad. I have a daughter. I'm all she has left.

Brad: She'd be better off without you.

Phyllis: Are you really that heartless? Who will raise Summer if I go to prison?

Nikki: Well, you don't have to worry about that, Phyllis. I'll take her. In fact, I'd love to raise my granddaughter.

Victoria: I'm really sorry Brad came after you like that.

J.T.: Are you apologizing for him again?

Victoria: I can't really help it. I feel like I have to.

J.T.: Did you ever notice that he enunciates when he gets mad?

Victoria: He does.

J.T.: He tried scaring the hell out of me when I first started dating Colleen by doing that.

Victoria: Hey, how did she find out that I hired you?

J.T.: I don't know.

Victoria: Well... maybe we should cool it for a while. You know, I don't want you getting beat up or anything.

J.T.: I'm glad he confronted me.

Victoria: Because?

J.T.: It made me realize how I feel about you.

J.T.: We should be together.

Victoria: You don't mean that. You... you just think you do. I mean... it's just a rebound thing.

J.T.: Right.

Victoria: We're friends.

J.T.: Yeah, yeah, we're friends, just like you got a great marriage. Come on, there's something between us and you know it.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kay: I am making you C.E.O. of Jabot.

Ji Min: What?

Victoria: We turned to each other for comfort and... that's all it was.

David: Your husband should be here, supporting you.

Nikki: Victor thinks of himself first. 

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