Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/23/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/23/07 -- Canada; Thursday 5/24/07 -- U.S.A.


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Sharon: Mmm! Mmm, this is so good.

Noah: Where's Jack?

Sharon: He's on his way.

Noah: Something bad could've happened to him.

Sharon: Nothing happened to him, Sweetie.

Noah: How do you know? You didn't know anything bad was gonna happen to Dad or to Cassie.

Sharon: Okay, well, I'm calling him.

Sharon: Voice mail.

Noah: See, I told you.

Sharon: No, Honey, I don't think-- hi, Jack, it's Sharon. I've just called to see if you were on your way.

Jack: Hey, sorry I'm late.

Sharon: Oh!

Noah: You're okay.

Jack: Yeah. Of course I am. Wow, that looks good.

Noah: You should order one.

Sharon: You have to eat fast. School starts in 20 minutes.

Jack: Hey, I'd be happy to drive you there.

Noah: No. I'm sick. I can't go.

Sharon: You can't, or you don't want to?

Noah: I don't wanna go! You can't make me!

Jill: All right, I'm gonna assume that your edict yesterday was yet another lapse in your sanity.

Kay: Good morning to you, my dear.

Jill: No, actually, it is a horrible morning. You're about to banish the man who held Jabot together.

Kay: Yes. Oh, indeed, it is a gorgeous morning.

Jill: Your decision defies reason, Katherine.

Kay: It makes sense to me. Your Mr. Kim is morally bankrupt.

Jill: Oh, and you're a paragon of virtue.

Kay: It is my company. And I will do with it as I wish.

Jill: I really thought you liked making money.

Kay: Are you sure this isn't about money? Oh, by the way, I haven't noticed your Mr. District Attorney in the picture anymore.

Jill: This is strictly business, Katherine. You would be a fool to let Ji Min go.

Kay: He can be king of the Cottage of Kim for all I care, as long as he is across that international date line. Now deal with it.

Amber: Hello, Handsome!

Cane: They got buttons for reception, interception and deception, but what do I push to make a bloody call to my mum?

Amber: Inside or outside line?

Cane: Is that a trick question? Wow. Aren't you the dazzler?

Amber: Mmm. You like? Hey, you should come watch my "Extreme Catwalk" audition.

Cane: I didn't know you were trying out for that.

Amber: Well, it was a last minute, you know, regional thing. There was a dropout. They're only seeing finalists.

Cane: But you're not a finalist.

Amber: Yet.

Woman: Mr. Ashby? If I'm interrupting--

Cane: Oh, you can call me Cane.

Amber: Uh, yeah, I'm Mrs. Ashby. You are?

Woman: The new assistant. Pepper, like the spice? This came from accounting. Looks important.

Cane: What is it?

Amber: Uh, you should wait to open it.

Pepper: Buzz if you need me. Oh, and the "Extreme Catwalk" people just arrived. And they're using this room.

Cane: Okay, thanks.

Amber: Open it!

Cane: It's a check. I haven't even worked an hour.

Amber: Well, I asked for an advance. Because I figured you won't be seeing a real paycheck for a while, and I'm not making so much at the boutique, so...

Cane: I married a brilliant woman, didn't I?

Amber: That's it?

Cane: I reckon it's fair for a week's work.

Amber: Felons make more than this. Honey... uh, what exactly is your annual salary?

Cane: I don't know. Katherine said some line "Within industry standards."

Amber: Cane... I love you, but you got a lot to learn.

Lauren: Can you believe Fen slept through the night last night?

Michael: I know. Thank goodness.

Lauren: Did you even go to bed last night?

Gloria: For a little while.

Michael: What are you watching?

Gloria: I'm studying, Michael.

Michael: It's "Gattaca." What in the world would you--?

Gloria: Hey! Hey! Hey!

Michael: No, I know this film. The plot centers around faking D.N.A. tests.

Lauren: You're taking lessons from a movie?

Gloria: I am being subpoenaed for a D.N.A. test and prison is not an option.

Michael: And this is?

Gloria: I'm gonna beat that test, Michael. Let's just hope the lab technician hasn't seen this movie.

Michael: I'll figure out a way to get you out of this.

Lauren: In a legal way. I'm sure you meant to say legal.

Michael: You didn't mean to harm anyone. And the most you could get is manslaughter.

Gloria: That doesn't make me feel good. Let's not forget the food poisoning.

Lauren: The problem is, that once you give your D.N.A., they're going to charge you.

Gloria: And maybe not! You know, the district attorney can't prosecute his own wife.

Michael: I'm sorry. "A"-- au contraire, and "B"-- thank God-- you're not married to William.

Gloria: Not yet, but I'm still working on it. And, oh, by the way, that earring thing didn't work.

Michael: What earring thing? What earring thing?

Lauren: Nothing.

Michael: What earring thing?

Lauren: Nothing! You can't seduce your way out of this one.

Gloria: I'm going to the club.

Lauren: Gloria, flaunting your new boyfriend in front of William is not gonna make him propose.

Michael: If we could shine the light of reality on your otherwise delusional schemes, um... has William ever... in so many words, ever, ever said, "I..."

Lauren: Love you?

Michael: Yeah.

Gloria: Not in those exact words.

Michael: Not in any words. You know, tricking William won't work any better than gluing a piece of latex in your inner cheek and putting somebody else's D.N.A. on it.

Gloria: Aha!

Michael: No, aha! I got one word for you--saliva.

Gloria: Ethan Hawke used used a fake thumb in that movie!

Lauren: Tell me you're even gonna try that! It's not gonna work!

Gloria: All right, if they find my D.N.A. on the evidence, it got there by accident.

Lauren: The evidence is your own gloves!

Gloria: Yeah, which I put into a dumpster and the real criminal found and happened to put on.

Michael: If they find your D.N.A. in that glove, they are not gonna acquit you!

Gloria: All right, then, Michael, you tell me how I'm gonna get out of this.

Lauren: Why don't we try something new, huh? Something crazy. How about the truth?!

Sharon: He hardly had a bite of his favorite breakfast.

Jack: Yeah, poor kid's dealing with a lot right now.

Sharon: Cassie-- I can't believe it's been two years.

Jack: And now his father. It's amazing the kid's even functioning. Oh, or you, for that matter.

Sharon: I'm not. I just don't want him to know.

Noah: Can we go now?

Sharon: How's your stomach?

Noah: Fine. And I wanna go, but not to school.

Jack: Hey, what's the rush?

Noah: This kid from school? Taylor? I saw him in the bathroom. He goes, "Hey, I hear your dad is dead."

Jack: You know what? Sometimes I just can't bear going to work. Today is one of those days. I feel like just playing hooky.

Noah: Can I?

Sharon: Absolutely not. Unless I can play hooky, too.

Jill: You know, you're really slipping.

Kay: What's that supposed to mean?

Jill: It means that you haven't even considered the possible consequences of your decision. Ji Min had absolutely no idea that anything was illegal about that deal.

Kay: Well, if that is the case, the man is a fool and I will not have a fool running my company.

Jill: Ah, would you rather have someone running it who intentionally deceived their shareholders? Because it could come out that Jack sold you back Jabot.

Kay: Are you threatening me?

Jill: No. No, I'm just guarding our corporate assets. 'Cause what if it did leak? Oh, all the lawsuits and all the jurisdictions where we do business-- all that progress we've made-- gone. Is it worth it, Katherine?

Kay: Very venal of you.

Jill: Yeah, isn't it?

Jack: Five seconds left in this epic battle. The Rockets have the ball. Tracy McGrady turns left, shoots!

Sharon: One more!

Jack: Scores! He's done it! Yay!

Sharon: The Rockets win!

Noah: Don't do that!

Sharon: Don't do what?

Jack: Wait, what?

Noah: That over-the-shoulder shot. That's my dad's shot. He taught it to me and Cassie. You stole it!

Jack: Hey, really, I didn't mean to...

Noah: Yes, you did.

Sharon: Honey, he didn't know.

Noah: Yes, he did!

Jack: Wait, wait, I really didn't.

Noah: Liar!

Jack: Noah, let's slow down for a second here.

Noah: Shut up!

Sharon: Hey!

Jack: Noah?

Noah: Shut up! You're not my dad!

Jack: Hey, you know what? I was thinking... we could name that fancy shot after your dad. What do you say?

Noah: I don't care.

Sharon: Yeah, you know what? That's a great idea. How about, um... we'll call it "The Nick Knack." How's that?

Noah: Stupid.

Jack: Hey, no, really, when--when somebody invents something great, it lives on forever and every time anybody takes this shot, they're gonna remember your dad.

Sharon: Yeah, that's pretty cool.

Noah: I only want my dad to do that shot. When he comes back, he'll show you.

Sharon: Your dad's in heaven, Honey.

Noah: Prove it.

Jack: She can't.

Noah: Because he's not in heaven! He's here and I can prove it! My dad said he would never leave me.

Cane: So how's it going?

Amber: It isn't. Every time I try to talk to her, someone comes and beats me.

Cane: There's your chance. Scoot. Go.

Amber: Hi, I'm Amber.

Woman: Amber who?

Amber: Just Amber. You know, like just Madonna or just Fergie. When you're me, you don't need a last name.

Woman: Lucky you.

Amber: I'm here to audition.

Woman: I don't have you down.

Amber: Really? Wow, there must be some kind of mistake. I got this voice mail.

Woman: From who? Mia?

Amber: Yes, Mia. Mia--she left me this long voicemail. Uh, she said because I had so much experience designing in L.A. that it would be fine. I could just come in as long as I'm here by 10:00. I mean, I saved the voicemail for posterity, but, um... I hope I'm not getting her into any trouble or anything.

Woman: Hold the next person, please. You've got five minutes to prove that you're all that and a bag of Kate Spade.

Michael: I think Gloria's getting desperate.

Lauren: Gee, ya think? I mean, what was with the latex cheek implants?

Michael: What was with the latex cheek implants? You know... the deeper she gets in with Bardwell, the angrier he's gonna be when he finds out it's her D.N.A. in that glove.

Lauren: Thanks, Babe.

Michael: How do I save that woman from herself?

Lauren: How about... this time you don't?

Michael: I wish it were that simple.

Lauren: Meaning?

Michael: Meaning... say she tries to pull something and, uh, they question her. I'm with her. Bardwell reminds her that she's under oath and asks her who else knew about what you were pulling?

Lauren: So of course, she turns to you and says, "My wonderful son, Michael"

Michael: Yeah. "And my beautiful daughter-in-law, Lauren." And, voila! We are unindicted co-conspirators.

Will: I know it's all very C.S.I., but a D.N.A. test doesn't hurt a bit.

Gloria: Well, that's very good to hear, William.

Will: Well, we should get the results in a couple of days. In fact, I'll put a rush on yours.

Gloria: Thank you very much.

Will: Good thing Evan found it, huh?

Gloria: What? Oh.

Will: Your earring. Was it, um, before or after I told you about his background check?

Gloria: William... William, please, I would feel terrible if you got the wrong impression. I was on my cell phone. I took it off and forgot it, that's all.

Will: Yeah, well, if I were you, I'd stay away from that guy.

Evan: Gloria? Hi.

Gloria: Evan.

Will: Nice to see you.

Evan: Yeah. Gloria, I called your apartment. Your son said that you were here. Could I, uh, could I speak to you a moment, privately?

Will: Um, we're in the middle of something here, if you don't mind.

Evan: I do. You know, you seem like a decent guy, but you know what they say about love and war?

Gloria: Excuse me, excuse me, Gentlemen, please. William, will you please excuse me for a moment?

Will: Fine. I'll make some calls. You might wanna see which cruise line is hiring.

Sharon: Your dad didn't wanna leave you. It's just... sometimes bad things happen. And I know it makes you feel sad and angry and scared.

Noah: Can I get a soda?

Sharon: You didn't even eat your breakfast.

Noah: So?

Jack: You know what? I happen to know something about national hooky day, and it isn't that strange to have a soda for breakfast. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of maybe having a backward lunch. You start with all the dessert you can eat, and follow it with a hamburger.

Noah: I won't have room for a hamburger.

Jack: Well... aw, heck, what do you say, Mom? You can tell 'em to put it on my tab.

Noah: Thanks.

Sharon: I don't know what to say to him. Maybe I should talk to his therapist.

Jack: No, you're saying all the right things.

Sharon: No, I'm not. I'm a fake. And he can see right through me. I can hardly breathe when I think about Nick and Cassie. I don't know how I'm gonna do this, Jack. How am I gonna make my son think that everything is okay when it's not?

Jack: I'll breathe for all three of us.

John: Nice shot.

Jack: Hey, Pop.

John: Now, in my day, it was a two-handed set shot. You know, I'd like to see Lebron try that. Sharon and Noah are inside?

Jack: Well, you don't know?

John: I am dead, not omniscient.

Jack: Yeah, they're both inside.

John: Good. Then we can talk freely about how you lost my company again.

Jack: Dad, it wasn't meant to end up this way.

John: Right. The road to hell is paved, Son.

Jack: Yeah, is it literally?

John: You know, I tried to warn you in the Caribbean. I never got what I wanted by stealing from people, cheating, lying and trying to confuse them.

Jack: I wanted to get your company back. My company.

John: And you did it all wrong.

Jack: Okay, what do you want? You wanna hear me say I screwed up? I screwed up. You happy?

John: Are you?

Jack: No. No, and I can't seem to make anybody else happy. As much as I would love to.

John: They both need you, Son.

Jack: Yeah, I know. And I'm trying, but... they're both a mess.

John: Well, what did you expect? You're doing it all wrong again.

Kay: Bottom line, should Jill leak this story, where does that leave me?

Michael: Legally? You're sound. Back when you sold to House of Kim, we did our due diligence.

Kay: I am speaking of the buy back, Michael.

Michael: The buy back? That's dicier. Ji Min is the key. If he rolls over, it's on you.

Kay: And then what?

Michael: In my professional opinion, you have three options. Not mutually exclusive, by the way.

Kay: And they are?

Michael: They are number one-- keep Ji Min very happy. Number two--keep Ji Min very far away from you, or number three-- keep Ji Min very, very nervous.

Gloria: Finally. Showtime.

Evan: To the most amazing woman in the world-- beautiful, sexy.

Gloria: You say the sweetest things.

Evan: I write my own dialogue.

Gloria: Evan, what is this?

Evan: Make me the happiest man in the world. Marry me?

Gloria: You propose and he walks out?

Evan: Not good.

Gloria: Not good? It's a disaster. Don't, don't, don't.

Woman: We're all set. Look right into the camera and... action!

Amber: Hi, I'm Amber and I have a passion for fashion. In fact, this outfit that I'm wearing--

Woman: Let's move on to the fashion bible questions.

Amber: Hmm?

Woman: What was Coco Chanel's real name?

Amber: Uh... Coconut? Joking!

Woman: Stylish young women in the roaring '20s revealed what body part?

Amber: Cleavage? That's two body parts.

Woman: Which designer was the first to use spandex?

Amber: Someone who hates women?

Woman: Thank you, next!

Cane: How did it go?

Amber: I blew it. They gave the finalists this stupid fashion bible thingy to study and I didn't get one.

Cane: How to be an executive rule number five-- connections. Come with me.

Cane: Hello. Are you the producer of this shindig?

Woman: Yes.

Cane: I'm, uh, Cane Ashby. I'm a Chancellor executive. I think you know my mum-- Jill Abbott?

Woman: Oh, oh, wow, it's a pleasure to meet you.

Cane: Thank you.

Woman: We just adore your mother.

Cane: See, the problem is, she's not very happy with you right now. You see this, uh, young lady?

Amber: Amber, Mr. Ashby.

Cane: Amber. Apparently someone on your staff sabotaged Amber's audition. She didn't get the fashion bible.

Woman: I suppose that's right.

Cane: And my mum very much fancies her work, so I don't have to go to her and tell her it's true that, you know, this poor, talented girl didn't get a fair shot.

Woman: Oh, no, no, no, you don't have to do that. Um, forget the quiz. How about we try again right now?

Amber: Really?

Woman: Uh-huh.

Amber: I would love to. Thank you! Thank you!

Cane: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Woman: You're welcome.

Kay: Thank you for stopping by.

Ji Min: What can I do for you, Mrs. Chancellor?

Kay: Well, you can explain what you're still doing in Genoa City.

Ji Min: I haven't received official word that the sale is final. And until I do, I'll stay on and continue to rescue Jabot from the financial pit I found it in when I bought it.

Kay: What do they say? Honor among thieves?

Ji Min: Mrs. Chancellor, I had no idea about Jack's legal situation.

Kay: He was secretive and you had no suspicions? The next thing you're going to tell me, the pope is not catholic.

Ji Min: In the end, I thought you'd be grateful. You know, your daughter and I turned this company around.

Kay: Well, your accomplishments are duly noted. So is your deceit. But if you think that combination gives you the right to work for me, you think again.

Sharon: Why did you throw the ball at Jack?

Noah: I told you. He stole Dad's shot.

Sharon: You know, sometimes when you're sad, well, when I'm sad, it's easier to be mad at somebody else. I miss Cassie, too. So much.

Noah: But you don't miss Dad. If you did, you wouldn't have divorced him.

Sharon: I do miss him.

Noah: You want him to be dead.

Sharon: No, that's not true and you know it. Hey... would you do me a favor?

Noah: What?

Sharon: Would you apologize to Jack? You know, we're gonna be living in his house soon.

Noah: No, we aren't.

Sharon: Yeah, remember, he painted your room with the superheroes, and he put in a basketball court.

Noah: I don't care. I'm never living at Jack's house.

Jack: Noah's pretty angry, Dad. I'm doing all I can, but I think the kid resents me.

John: Jack, what do you expect? You're here, his father isn't. That boy does love you.

Jack: Yeah, I don't know about that.

John: Well, look, who did he turn to when his mom's friend Dru died? Not his father. You. I mean, can't you imagine how guilty he feels about that now?

Jack: Why didn't I see that?

John: Because you're alive. Now if you love that boy take two steps back. And when the time is right, he will take those steps towards you.

Jack: Two steps back, huh? Thanks.

John: You're welcome. You be well, Son.

Jack: Dad? I got so many questions I wanna ask you. What's it like, where you are now?

John: Oh... there--there are no words, Jackie, really.

Jack: Do you know who's going to die?

John: Son, there are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Jack: Have you seen Nick? I mean, could you talk to him?

John: I'm afraid I haven't.

Jack: I just thought it would be good for Noah. Maybe his father-- I don't know.

John: Two steps, Jack. Now with Sharon, it's a different story. Don't take those steps.

Jack: What are you saying?

John: I have a gift for her. A message from Cassie.

Cane: Relax.

Amber: Stop it! If they catch us, I'm toast!

Woman: Congratulations, Amber. You're officially on the show.

Amber: Oh! Thank you! Thank you! You will not regret this! I promise!

Cane: Can my mum pick 'em, or what?

Amber: And thank you, Mr. Ashby. If there is anything I can do for you...

Woman: Welcome to "Extreme Catwalk," Amber. We'll be in touch.

Cane: You know, come to think of it, there's maybe, uh, four or five or six things that you can do for me.

Amber: Really?

Cane: Really.

Amber: Better wait till we get home. Wouldn't want anyone thinking I'm getting... preferential treatment.

Sharon: Maybe you should ask him to play.

Jack: No, I'm gonna wait for him to ask me.

Sharon: Well, that could be a pretty long wait. Inside just now, he told me that he doesn't want to move into your place--ever.

Jack: I think we should respect his wishes.

Sharon: You do?

Jack: If I was in his shoes, I'd feel the same way.

Sharon: So... you'll stay with me then?

Jack: As long as it's okay with you and with Noah.

Sharon: Where did you learn to be so kind and wonderful?

Jack: You remember I told you once that... I occasionally talk to my dad?

Sharon: Yeah, I said that I-- I talk to Cassie sometimes, too.

Jack: Cassie ever talk back? I know this sounds crazy, I... I just had a long conversation with my dad.

Sharon: Okay, I'll bite. What did he say?

Jack: He had a message for you. From Cassie.

Sharon: Look, I know that you're only trying to help, but--

Jack: She said that last night, for the first time in a very long time, you got down on your knees and prayed.

Sharon: Wait, that... that happened. Well, you couldn't know that unless-- Cassie saw?

Jack: Cassie said that when you're lying in bed at night and you feel that wisp of wind on your face, that's her giving you a good night kiss. She wants you to know she's still with you and she always will be.

Sharon: Um... well, how come she couldn't come and tell me that herself?

Jack: I asked my dad that. He started quoting Shakespeare again.

Sharon: Well, thank you. Um, thank you. I'll tell Noah, okay?

Jack: No, he... he said this was just for you.

Sharon: Well, I wish that, um... I wish that she could talk to him or Nick could. Did your dad see Nick?

Jack: No.

Noah: Hey, Jack? Wanna play?

Jack: Yeah.

Jack: Go now! Yes!

Noah: Swoosh!

Jill: So... what did my mother want?

Ji Min: She wants me gone... from the company and from your life.

Jill: We don't have to give her what she wants.

Ji Min: Ah, Jill... it's her company and she seemed quite serious.

Jill: Oh! Let me tell you what she's even more serious about than winning. It's money. Now she knows that you are amazing at your job. And you had nothing whatsoever to do with Jack's fraud. So... I just say we hang tough.

Ji Min: I will if you will. Partners?

Jill: (Sighs) there is nothing I'd like more.

Lauren: Babe, you have a knot the size of jersey here. Hey, can you relax? Breathe through it?

Michael: I will relax when the world bends to my will.

Lauren: With your mother, that's totally impossible.

Michael: Oh... that hurts more. Rub. Yeah, there, there. I don't think she understands how serious-- oh.

Gloria: All right, I admit it. I ruined everything.

Lauren: Not bending.

Gloria: I just saw my future husband walk out on me.

Michael: What a surprise.

Lauren: What happened?

Gloria: I was at the club with William. Evan showed up and presented me with that. Unfortunately, it didn't make William jealous. He just got up and stormed out.

Lauren: Well...

Michael: Great. Just what you need when you're about to submit to a D.N.A. test in a murder case where you're the guilty party. An angry prosecutor.

Gloria: I know. Go ahead and say it. I went too far. (Knock on door)

Lauren: I'll get it.

Gloria: You know, but you can't say I didn't give it the good old college try, huh, Michael?

Michael: Well, you didn't go to college.

Gloria: I know.

Michael: And I wish you'd stop trying to--

Gloria: Please, Michael, stop, please.

Michael: You can't marry everybody who walks in off the street!

Lauren: William, hi.

Will: Hi.

Lauren: Come on in.

Will: Thanks.

Gloria: Hello, William.

Michael: Uh, to what do we owe the pleasure?

Will: I need to speak with you.

Michael: Is this a legal matter?

Will: Well, that depends.

Michael: It would be inappropriate for Gloria to answer any questions right now before--

Will: Michael, it's personal.

Lauren: Okay. Uh, we will be in the kitchen. If you need anything legal. Michael.

Gloria: Legal? Personal? It's all very confusing.

Will: Well, confusing is an accurate description. You see, I'm onto your game.

Gloria: I didn't mean it, William. It was all just an accident.

Will: Yeah, yeah, I got that. You had no idea Evan was really gonna fall for you.

Gloria: What?

Will: When I saw you two today, I knew there-- I knew that it was time for me to do something other than just stand by and watch. My wife... was an amazing woman. And I never wanna go through that kind of pain again. That's why it's so hard for me to admit that... I love another amazing woman.

Gloria: Really?

Will: I think I've loved you since that day you sang "My Funny Valentine" to me.

Gloria: I was kinda hoping that you'd ask me to be your valentine.

Will: Well, I didn't. But, um... I'd like to make up for it and ask you this instead. Will you be my wife?

Ji Min: Hello, Jack.

Jack: This is not a good time. Coffee, black.

Ji Min: Jack, I understand why you're suspicious of me.

Jack: Oh, that would be an understatement.

Ji Min: Think about it, Jack. It was not in my interest to ruin a profitable arrangement. I enjoyed working with you. I wanna work with you again.

Jack: You and I will work together again when--

Ji Min: Go ahead, say it.

Jack: Not a single question about my wife's son? The fact that he lost his father? Not a mention of it?

Ji Min: Look, I was worried about us. I... I'm sorry. How is he?

Jack: Too little too late. (Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Yeah? I'm on my way. Well... have a cup of coffee on me.

Amber: Now... about those favors... what exactly did you have in mind, Mr. Ashby?

Cane: Well, considering we're still in public, I think we should be quiet about this.

Amber: Then you be quiet.

Woman: Hello, Mr. Ashby. Mrs. Ashby.

Cane: So you followed us here?

Amber: How'd you find out?

Woman: Someone named Pepper?

Cane: Look, okay, I admit this, uh, lovely lady is my wife, but my mum really loves her designs, so I say to you, please, just judge her-- just see if she'll be good for the show, that's all.

Woman: And I say, she's disqualified.

Amber: You know, this is really gonna piss my mother-in-law off!

Kay: You know, I've been thinking about what you said earlier. It was quite convincing.

Jill: And?

Kay: I've changed my mind. Ji Min can stay at Jabot.

Jill: Oh, that is wonderful news!

Kay: Is it? I mean, you have just turned down the chance to run your own company.

Jill: Well, that's all right. We'll be an equal partnership. We'll run it together.

Kay: Oh, not a chance. Not a chance. Consider this, you become C.E.O. of Jabot, in which case, he goes. Or... he takes over at Jabot, in which case... he becomes your boss.

Jill: That is ridiculous!

Kay: Call it what you want. The man or the job? Your choice. Your choice.

Sharon: Well, you told Jack you wanted a backwards lunch.

Noah: I changed my mind.

Sharon: Okay... what do you want?

Noah: I told you. I wanna go home and wait for Dad.

Sharon: I want that, too, Honey, but that's not gonna happen.

Noah: Yes, it will. He could be there right now.

Sharon: All right, um, look, we can do whatever we want. We can go to a movie.

Jack: Hey, sorry I'm holding things up. Wait, you didn't get started without me, did you?

Sharon: Um, Noah keeps saying that he wants to go home and wait for his dad.

Noah: If he comes home and I'm not there, he'll think I forgot about him.

Jack: You know what, Buddy? If I had one wish, it would be that your father would come home, but--

Noah: I'm not listening to either of you. I want my dad!

Sharon: Noah!

Jack: I'll go. I'll go.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Gloria: William, I've changed my mind about the wedding.

Will: You don't wanna get married?

Sharon: I have to tell the grand jury that I slept with a married man. Whoo-hoo!

J.T.: Everybody knows you cheated on your wife.

Brad: And you love that, don't you? Because you want her for yourself.

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