Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/22/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/22/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 5/23/07 -- U.S.A.


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Michael: Here you go, Sweetie.

Lauren: Mm-hmm, this scone is so good. What was up with you last night?

Michael: What are you talking about?

Lauren: I'm talking about the fact that you were doing the samba. You were thrashing all around. You almost knocked me off the bed.

Michael: I was having a nightmare.

Lauren: About what?

Michael: Um... Victor Newman... chasing me through the woods with a machete.

Lauren: Why? Because you didn't warn him about Jack?

Michael: I can't warn him about Jack.

Lauren: Let me ask you a question. Can't you just take a little vacation from that attorney/client privilege for just one day?

Michael: It doesn't work that way.

Lauren: Well, here's what I know for sure. I know Victor's gonna go ballistic when he finds out that Jabot was sold. But I don't think he's gonna be coming after you, Honey.

Michael: I wouldn't be so sure.

Lauren: So what are you gonna do?

Michael: I've already done it. I wrote a report hoping it'll convince Katherine not to buy.

Lauren: And if that doesn't work?

Michael: Um... I'll stall for time.

Lauren: How's that gonna help?

Michael: Well... it'll give me time to figure out how I can leak the information without being disbarred.

Jack: Have you seen Victor? I need to speak with him as soon as possible.

Neil: Victor's out of town.

Jack: For how long?

Neil: Indefinitely.

Jack: Well, what does that mean? Days? Weeks? Months?

Neil: Buddy, I can't answer your question. You're gonna have to ask his family.

Jack: Katherine, its Jack. Uh, get back to me as soon as you can. I would like to wrap our deal up as soon as possible.

Evan: So how'd your date go with William last night?

Gloria: Don't ask.

Evan: Did he make a move?

Gloria: Oh, yeah, he made lots of moves. Just not the right ones.

Evan: Meaning?

Gloria: In his spare time, he's decided he wants to investigate you.

Evan: That's a joke, right?

Gloria: I wish it was.

Evan: What does he know?

Gloria: Well, he knows you don't have any outstanding warrants, otherwise you'd be in jail.

Evan: What else?

Gloria: He knows you're not a wealthy sailor.

Evan: Well, I lied to impress a woman. That's not illegal.

Gloria: And he thinks you're a con man.

Evan: And he wants you to stay far away from me, I'm sure. Jealous. What did you say?

Gloria: Not much. I decided it was better to leave before he asked too many questions.

Fen: (Cries)

Gloria: That is Fen. He probably needs changing. Why don't you come help me?

Evan: Diapers? No, I want hazard pay.

[Lauren walks in the front door and hears their conversation over the baby intercom]

Gloria: Hand me those wipes.

Evan: Wipes?

Gloria: Evan, I need a plan.

Evan: We could call the whole thing off.

Gloria: No way. Not after all the money I've spent. No, William thinks you're my beau. And I can hardly write a $300 breakfast off on my taxes. There you go, Fen. All better!

Lauren: I'm home!

Gloria: Oh, hello, Lauren! Didn't hear you come in.

Lauren: I know.

Gloria: Lauren, I just changed Fen. He's fine. And this is an old friend of mine Evan Owen.

Lauren: Hello.

Gloria: And this is my daughter-in-law Lauren.

Evan: Of course. Yeah. I've heard a lot about you. It's nice to meet you. Gloria talks about you all the time.

Lauren: Oh, yeah, sure. I'm sure. You know, it's funny, she's never mentioned you.

Gloria: Lauren, I hope you don't mind us being here. We're just catching up.

Lauren: All right, all right, why don't you just drop the act? I know you're having this man pretend to be your boyfriend.

Gloria: All right, I can explain.

Lauren: Yeah, I'm sure you can. The question is, is your nose gonna grow while you do it?

Gloria: I should've kept my big mouth shut.

Evan: Give her a chance.

Lauren: Oh, ho, ho, ho, which time, Gloria?

Gloria: All right, I was with William. I don't remember what we were talking about, but I asked him to marry me.

Lauren: You what?!

Gloria: Yes, it just popped out. And, yes, I'm embarrassed.

Evan: She's always been a spontaneous one, so...

Lauren: So I take it he turned you down?

Gloria: Not exactly. He was speechless. And I thought, "That's the end of William." And then just like in a movie...

Evan: I showed up.

Lauren: Oh, it's amazing.

Gloria: No, William didn't commit, but he didn't say no. So I say there's still hope.

Evan: So she filled me in on what happened, I was more than happy to help.

Lauren: How much is she paying you?

Evan: I'm not getting paid for this.

Lauren: Oh, right. Could you excuse us for a minute?

Evan: Absolutely. Not a problem.

Lauren: Great. Good. This is the kind of thing that got you in trouble before! Do you remember when you hired those two men to be your sons and then you slept with one of them!

Gloria: That's right, I did. And look how that ended up. John married me.

Evan: If the two of them are meant to be together, it'll happen.

Lauren: Well... then if you're right... why are you still pretending?

Gloria: Why not speed up the process?

Korbel: I was very sorry to hear about your brother.

Victoria: Thank you. Thank you. It's still hard for me to believe.

Korbel: Well, if you ever wanna talk to someone...

Victoria: I appreciate that but... right now I just really-- I'd like to discuss business.

Korbel: That's what I'm here for.

Victoria: All right, well, now that my mother is in charge of N.V.P., we'd like to move forward with the restoration project.

Korbel: Revitalizing those old buildings is the best thing you could do for a town like Clear Springs.

Victoria: First, finding businesses that are compatible.

Korbel: Well, the Greek revival homes can be turned into pretty much anything-- restaurants, boutiques, even office space.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. And the old town hall as a library, with all those fabulous pillars and crown molding and that marble.

Korbel: That's a great idea. It's all about reinvention.

Victoria: Exactly. Which is why my mother and I would like to use Cleveland as a model.

Korbel: Perfect! You know, they turned this undesirable warehouse district into trendy hotspots.

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, they did. I see you've done some research.

Korbel: Well, I am a professor. Have you selected a general contractor yet?

Victoria: Chancellor Industries. We'll be meeting with them on Monday to discuss architects and engineers and that sort of thing. I hope you'll join us.

Korbel: Monday? No can do. Meeting with a journalist from Prague.

Victoria: Oh. Uh, about what, may I ask?

Korbel: More research. I'm hoping to write a book about Kutna Hora and the treasure discovered there.

Victoria: Wow. Wow, that's amazing. Is Colleen helping you?

Korbel: Yeah. Your input would be welcome, too.

Victoria: I would love to-- to help with whatever I know. Proofread for accuracy.

Korbel: Terrific. Actually, there are... certain people that you might be able to get information from easier than I could.

Victoria: If you mean Brad, I doubt that even I could persuade him to help.

Brad: Hello, everyone.

Neil: You're late.

Brad: Sorry.

Neil: Brad Carlton, meet Paxton Kline. He represents Kline Outdoor Signs, Inc. These are his associates.

Paxton: Nice meeting you.

Brad: You as well.

Neil: I've already explained that Devon will be point man for Newman Enterprises when we roll out for the fall campaign.

Brad: Your son?

Neil: They're aware that this is Devon's first major project and have agreed to work closely with him.

Devon: I'm excited for the opportunity.

Brad: Are you sure?

Paxton: We are delighted to be working with him.

Brad: If you think it's best.

Neil: Good. Glad we're all on the same page.

Kevin: I was hoping you would come in for a caffeine fix today.

Colleen: Because?

Kevin: Because I have some gossip that needs to be shared.

Colleen: About what?!

Kevin: Not about what. About who. Your ex. Oh, no, here he is. Okay, listen, um... okay, play along. Come here.

Colleen: What?! Oh, my gosh, my stomach hurts from laughing. How do you come up with this stuff?

Kevin: Oh, no, no, no, no, it's, uh, it's a trade secret.

J.T.: Having fun? I can see you're not working, as usual.

Kevin: Oh, I'm just, uh, keeping a customer happy.

J.T.: Well, why don't you do that and get me an espresso.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, I'll get right on it.

Colleen: So what's the scoop with J.T.?

Kevin: Well, it turns out that J.T., right, has been real busy with--

(Cell phone ringing)

Colleen: Hold on one second. Hello? Hi, Gina. Right now? Oh, okay, I'm on my way. Thanks, bye. I have to cover a shift.

Kevin: Oh, but listen, J.T.--

Colleen: No, you know what? Hold that thought. I will be back as soon as I'm done. I promise. Bye.

Kay: It's interesting.

Michael: Does that mean you agree?

Kay: About what?

Michael: Uh, about my recommendation.

Kay: Well, I still don't understand why you think my buying Jabot is a mistake. According to your reports here, the company is recovering quite well.

Michael: Well, my report also states that Jabot's future is, uh, it's not certain. Look, Katherine, as your attorney it's my duty to advise you if I think you're headed down the wrong path.

Kay: Well, I am moving forward. The financial's look great. They're great.

Michael: Well, that could change in the future.

Kay: Well, as with any company. No, I, uh... I wanna close on this as soon as possible.

Michael: Look, Katherine, what's the rush? You need to take your time. I want you to think about your options before you--

Kay: Michael, this is too good a deal to pass up, dear. It really is. Now I have made, uh, an appointment with Jack Abbott to meet him at the athletic club in a half an hour. Can you be there?

Michael: Yes.

Kay: Good. I wanna make this happen today.

Victoria: You look really irritated.

J.T.: I just-- I don't understand what Colleen sees in that guy.

Victoria: Who? Kevin?

J.T.: Yeah, I mean, how... how he got her to go out with him is... it's beyond me.

Victoria: You're joking, right? She's not-- she's not with Kevin. She's--she's still seeing Adrian.

J.T.: Are you sure about that?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm positive.

J.T.: Oh, well... she had me going.

Victoria: You really didn't know?

J.T.: No. I'm gonna kill Kevin and Korbel.

Victoria: Oh, you know, I would, um... I would lay off Adrian Korbel. I think you're gonna wanna stay on his good side.

J.T.: That's impossible.

Victoria: Well, you oughta try. Because he's working on writing a book about finding the treasure in Kutna Hora.

J.T.: Why?

Victoria: Because he can. And because he's very interested.

J.T.: How much does he know?

Victoria: I don't know. I don't think he knows that much. But I wanna be sure, so I volunteered to help him research his book.

Colleen: Hey. I got all the citations that you need.

Korbel: Excellent. Uh... because I am anxious to get to work.

Colleen: Really?

Colleen: Somebody's anxious for something.

Korbel: You know, I almost got a ticket driving back here from campus. I just could not stop thinking about you.

Colleen: Really? I can just see it now, "Officer, please, you don't understand. I'm writing a paper on the 11th century goldsmithing techniques, and if I don't get it in time--"

Korbel: You were eavesdropping on me?

Colleen: I'm just saying that you should be a lawyer, because you're very convincing.

Korbel: Hey. You up for a little one-on-one?

Colleen: There's only one place I play that game.

Korbel: We can be home in ten minutes.

Colleen: That was not an invite.

Korbel: Oh, tease. What, did you just come here to rile me up?

Colleen: No. They called me to fill in at work, but the girl showed up anyway.

Korbel: Oh, so you are free?

Colleen: Nice try.

Korbel: Oh, uh, I meant to tell you, Victoria offered to help me with the book.

Colleen: Really?

Korbel: Yeah. Now all I have to do is convince your father.

Colleen: Long shot.

Korbel: Your dad, or the basket?

Colleen: Both.

Korbel: Well, you never know till you try. Oh! And again. There we go!

Colleen: There you go. Um, I thought that you would be working this morning.

Korbel: Writer's block.

Colleen: And this is how you sort through that?

Korbel: I do some of my best work on the court. Theory has it that if you remain physically active, your subconscious is still working on the problem. Now I'm not sure that this activity is up to par. I might need something a little more... stimulating.

Colleen: I have to go. Call me.

Korbel: Tease.

Neil: We'll be in touch. Thanks for coming.

Devon: Thank you for everything.

Paxton: Okay. Looking forward to working with you.

Neil: Likewise. Good job, Kid.

Brad: We need to talk.

Neil: We don't need to talk about anything.

Brad: No slight to you, Devon, but your son simply doesn't have the experience.

Neil: Well, then he'll get it by working on this project. And with Paxton mentoring him, I'm not worried.

Devon: Would you like me to stick around?

Neil: No. Actually, I'd like you to go home. We'll talk about everything there, okay?

Devon: Okay. I'll see you later.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Mr. Carlton.

Brad: Devon. Are you nuts?

Neil: It's not a big deal.

Brad: That's how you feel about Newman's business dealings?

Neil: My son is a bright young man and a fast learner. This project is small and a great place for him to start.

Brad: You don't think putting a raw kid on point sends the wrong message to the business community?

Neil: What I think is, I've made the decision and it stays. End of story.

Brad: You got it.

Gloria: This is Gloria.

Will: Hi, I'm glad I caught you. It's your favorite D.A.

Gloria: Oh, hello, William, what can I do for you?

Will: Have you, um, talked to your friend yet?

Gloria: Have I talked to Evan? No. No, no, no, not yet. He's not answering his cell phone.

Will: You free right now?

Gloria: For you, William, always.

Will: Well, I'm at the athletic club. Can you join me?

Gloria: All right. Um, it'll take me a few minutes to get ready, though.

Will: I'll be waiting.

Lauren: I cannot believe you're playing these kind of games with the district attorney.

Gloria: Evan, would you get me some tissue, please? All right... for the last time... I know that you are still upset about that contaminated cream thing, but it was not my fault.

Lauren: Oh...

Gloria: I was the only one who was supposed to get hurt. The bad batch was never supposed to leave the lab.

Lauren: Oh, I see, so it was Jack's fault?

Gloria: Yes, Jack's fault. If he hadn't been so greedy and rushed those samples out without telling anybody, nobody would've gotten hurt, Lauren! And never would've lost control of Jabot!

Jill: Mother!

Kay: Why don't you speak a little louder? They can hear you in the next county.

Jill: You're gonna buy back Jabot from Jack Abbott?

Kay: I-I don't know--

Jill: Don't--don't-- don't try to deny it. I know it's true.

Jack: Sorry, Counselor, I am expecting a guest.

Michael: Well, your guest asked me to join you.

Jack: Because?

Michael: Because I represent Katherine's best interest. And I'm here to make sure that she's not screwed over-- again.

Jack: By one of her closest friends?

Michael: One of her closest friends--really? Oh, close enough to put her in legal jeopardy by using Ji Min as a stooge. How thoughtful. What? You ain't got no explanation for that?

Jack: I don't owe you an explanation or anything else.

Jack: Thank you.

Michael: You may not owe me an explanation, but you owe my client one, big time.

Jack: Your client? Now which client are we talk-- oh, are we still talking about Katherine?

Michael: You're lucky she didn't nail you to the wall for what you did.

Jack: What, I'm selling her the company. Why do you have any interest in this at all?

Michael: I'm her attorney. I don't like when either one of us are made fools of.

Jack: You or your client, of which you seem to have quite a few these days.

Michael: English, Jack.

Jack: Let me make it real simple for you. Does Katherine know that you and Victor Newman are joined at the hip these days?

Michael: In what sense? I mean, this coming from Victor Newman's self-proclaimed best buddy.

Jack: Ooh, best buddy is one thing. A confidante is quite another.

Jill: So were you ever gonna tell me?

Kay: Well, yes, of course. I wanted to finalize the sale before I went public.

Jill: What? Public? I'm the C.E.O. and you said plenty to Ji Min!

Kay: Oh, he told you?

Jill: Where do you get off trying to force him out of my life, Katherine?

Kay: Those two committed a fraud, Jill!

Jill: Oh, Ji Min didn't know anything about it! Jack pulled the wool over his eyes!

Kay: How naive can you be? The man is a liar. You're better off without him. Oh, please.

Jill: That is for me to decide, not you, right? Plus, you could've had the decency to tell me about this sooner.

Kay: All right, I'm sorry.

Jill: All right then. Now, if you decide to do this thing, you leave Ji Min in place and give the man a chance to prove himself.

Kay: Why should I?

Jill: After all the stunts you've pulled on me, you owe me this.

Neil: Hey there, Kid.

Devon: Hey.

Neil: How'd your one-on-one with Paxton go?

Devon: It went good. I found my groove with business, Man. Now if I could only do that with my teachers, I'd be fine.

Neil: You're ahead of your time.

Devon: Yeah, well, I really do think that Mr. Kline liked my ideas for the new ad. I went with a more kind of modern, artistic theme.

Neil: Yeah, good, good. You know what he loves? He loves innovation and new concepts.

Devon: Yeah?

Neil: Especially from the younger generation.

Devon: Well, I'm glad I could make someone happy. Mr. Carlton didn't look too pleased when he heard I was heading the project.

Neil: Brad, huh? He's a guy you can never please. Son, don't even worry about it, okay?

Paxton: Neil's son seems like a sharp kid.

Brad: He is a sharp kid. But this is a pretty important assignment.

Paxton: He'll learn. We all had to start somewhere.

Brad: Mmm. Yes, we sure did. You know, I would appreciate it if you'd send me periodic reports on his progress. Better yet, why don't you C.C. me on all of the project documentation.

Paxton: Are you that worried?

Brad: Well, you know, I just wanna make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Think of it as a safety net.

Paxton: Will do. Here's my card. We'll be in touch.

Brad: Okay, thank you.

Brad: Hey.

Victoria: Good, you're here.

Brad: That's what I like to hear. Happy to see me, huh?

Victoria: I need to warn you.

Brad: About?

Victoria: Adrian Korbel. He's working on a book about the treasure found in Kutna Hora.

Brad: Great. That's the last thing I need.

J.T.: Professor Cowbell.

Korbel: T.J.

J.T.: You up for a friendly one-on-one game?

Korbel: You're on. I'm looking forward to a rematch.

Kevin: There you go.

Colleen: Hi.

Kevin: Hey.

Colleen: I came back because I couldn't resist you.

Kevin: You can ditch the "Kevin is irresistible" act. J.T.'s not here. However, if you do find me irresistible, then--

Colleen: What were you talking about earlier?

Kevin: Right, okay, well, it turns out that J.T. is investigating your dad.

Colleen: Again?

Kevin: Yep.

Colleen: Are you sure?

Kevin: I'm positive. And here's the kicker, guess who hired him?

Colleen: Who?

Kevin: Your stepmom.

Jack: Well, believe me, I have you figured out.

Michael: I work for Victor Newman. Big surprise.

Jack: What is it you do for him? You bury the dead bodies?

Michael: That's a strong card for you to play. You put Katherine Chancellor in a horrible position. Your friend--

Jack: Says you?

Michael: No, says the settlement agreement. You cannot work for Jabot, nor can you own it.

Jack: Well, once Katherine buys it, no one will be the wiser.

Michael: What if it had gotten out?

Jack: Baldwin, I don't have time for hypotheticals.

Michael: You had time to lie to my client. Answer the question. What if it had gotten out?

Jack: It wouldn't have mattered. Katherine thought she was dealing with Ji Min.

Michael: It would've mattered if she were facing a huge lawsuit.

Jack: You know what? I'm getting a little tired of this.

Michael: Jack Abbott for Senator. Fraud'

Jack: It's only fraud if someone finds out.

Michael: Is that your slogan? Is it?

Jack: All right, that's enough. I'm not gonna take any more of--

Kay: All right, Gentlemen, put the gloves down. I'm here on business. Ah-ah-ah, no, no, please.

Gloria: I know you may not believe me, Lauren, but I really do care for William. And if we do get married, I won't be living here anymore.

Lauren: Maybe I should rethink my position.

Gloria: You're a Baldwin through and through, Honey.

Evan: Gloria, I'm sorry. I got distracted. I was reading this article on horse racing-- beating the odds.

Gloria: Forget about that. I have an idea.

Lauren: Oh, no.

Evan: Good. It's about time.

Gloria: What if we make William think that I'm sleeping with you?

Evan: Oh, I like it.

Lauren: I don't.

Evan: I'm willing if you are.

Gloria: Don't get excited. We're not really gonna do it.

Evan: Well, it might help convince him.

Gloria: Oh, forget it. It won't work. Never mind.

Lauren: And why not?

Gloria: Because William's checked him out. He's warned me about him. He'll think I'm crazy if I hop into bed with him.

Evan: I don't.

Lauren: I do. Oh, why don't you just do the old return the earring thing and call it a day?

Gloria: Perfect. When I'm with William, you can stop by the table and return my earring.

Evan: I'll pretend that you left it at my place. I get it.

Gloria: And you're a genius.

Korbel: Ow! Oh, foul.

J.T.: Come on, professor, you can't hack it?

Korbel: No, you can't hack my arm. It's called a foul.

J.T.: All right... that's a charge. That's a charge.

Korbel: That's bull. All right, you know what? If this was for real, I'd be smoking you on foul shots alone.

J.T.: Oh, is that your style, Professor? Take what you can get?

Korbel: Things just naturally to me. What can I say?

J.T.: Like Colleen? I hear you two are still hitting the sheets.

Korbel: Well, you gotta check your sources.

J.T.: You denying it?

Korbel: 15-10. That's game. What's the matter, T.J.? You can't keep up?

J.T.: Two out of three.

Kevin: See, it's all here in the e-mail. J.T. gives an update on the investigation.

Colleen: Now I knew that they were having trouble, but hiring a P.I. to tail your husband? I mean, talk about trust issues.

Kevin: See, that's why I don't use e-mail. It's too easy for someone to hack into.

Colleen: Open that one.

Kevin: Uh... just more updates on what he found.

Colleen: Let me see it?

Kevin: You know what? That's--that's not a good idea. We should just quit.

Colleen: Oh, my Sod! My dad slept with Sharon.

Brad: Just when I thought the nightmare was over, Korbel wants to turn it into a best-seller.

Victoria: Yeah. Uh, I told him I'd help.

Brad: What? Why would you give him anything?

Victoria: Well, this way I can control what information he finds and make sure that he doesn't look in certain places. It might not be a bad idea if you did it, too.

Brad: Maybe you're right. It'll give us more control.

Neil: No matter how much you talk about it, you're not in control.

Brad: Yes, Neil, you've made that clear.

Neil: Apparently not. I know about your request for all material to be run through you.

Brad: That's not a secret. I'm just looking out for Newman. I wanna make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Neil: Okay, well, listen, from now on, I don't want you within 100 yards of Mr. Kline or his people, got it?

Victoria: Would somebody please tell me what's going on here?

Brad: Neil put Devon in charge of working with that outdoor advertising company we just made a deal with. Now don't you think we need someone with more experience? He's just a kid.

Victoria: I trust Neil's judgment. It's his call, not yours.

Kay: It's all there in the fine print. Is there a problem?

Jack: Katherine, is there perhaps room to negotiate A... I had hoped to sell the company, not give it away.

Kay: Oh, Jack, you accepted my offer days ago. It's final.

Kay: Those are my terms. My terms. Take them... or leave them.

J.T.: Oh, 13-11. That is pretty, Professor. That is pretty. How's that make you feel?

Korbel: Just let me get a quick time out here.

J.T.: What, did you forget your inhaler?

Korbel: It's just running low like your I.Q.

J.T.: All right, let's play. Come on. Quit postponing the inevitable.

Korbel: All I know is you sure talk a lot of game for somebody's who's got none.

J.T.: Do I? We'll see about that.

Korbel: Oh! It's ugly, but I'll take it.

J.T.: Yeah, well, it's too bad your girlfriend's not here to see you play such a beautiful game.

Korbel: No need. She knows I'm better than you at pretty much everything.

J.T.: So you do admit it? You guys are seeing each other.

Korbel: Yep, well, we live in the same town. Occasionally, we do see each other.

J.T.: You think you're... pretty clever, pulling one over on your colleagues, don't you?

Korbel: Can't pull one past you, though. You're a P.I.

J.T.: Keep laughing it up. It won't be-- it won't be long-- it won't be long before the dean figures out what's going on.

Korbel: Well, P.I. 101-- you need evidentiary support if you're gonna close the case.

J.T.: Thanks for the lesson, Professor. How much do I owe you?

Korbel: You know what? I'm taking Colleen to dinner tonight. Why don't you come by and see if you can get something for the dean.

J.T.: You're offering?

Korbel: Why not? I quit my teaching position. I can date whoever I want. Or didn't you know that?

Korbel: That's game. You lose again.

Brad: So you're siding with Neil? That's a little bit demeaning.

Victoria: Neil is a very capable, respectable businessman, which is why my father put him in charge along side of me.

Brad: That means he decides who does what around here?

Victoria: Yes. And I'm sure that he'll keep a very close eye on Devon like my father watched me when I first started out, like I'm sure you would watch your daughter if she had a project here.

Brad: Well, I think he and now you are taking too big a risk.

Victoria: You're angry because you're not in charge?

Brad: It's not a question of anger. I could simply do a better job.

Victoria: Just remember, this is business. Don't make it personal.

Jack: Katherine... be reasonable.

Kay: Jack... the negotiation portion of this sale was off the table days ago.

Jack: There are any number of people I could go to who would pay four times this and think it a bargain.

Kay: Yes, yes, yes, yes, but you were smart enough to come to me. And I was the only one who had the money to buy the company at the time and the incentive... the incentive to keep it secret.

Jack: I still say this is highway robbery.

Kay: You accepted my offer.

Jack: I expected a reasonable offer.

Kay: Well, should you have second thoughts, then find another buyer, but think carefully about it. Should this become public knowledge, I would be forced to sue you... Senator.

Colleen: You are such a hypocrite!

Brad: Excuse me?

Colleen: Yeah, you stood there for months. You lectured me about my relationship with Adrian. You told me how inappropriate it was.

Brad: That hasn't changed.

Colleen: Oh, really? What, you think you're so much better than me, sleeping around on your wife?

Brad: All right, if you would just calm down for a minute, we can have a civil conversation.

Colleen: A conversation? No, you know what? We are so beyond having a conversation here. Dad, you made me question everything, okay? You... gosh... you made me pick between you and Adrian for months. Now I'm finding out that you slept with Sharon?

Brad: What happened between me and Sharon was a one time thing. It was a lapse in judgment and something I deeply regret.

Colleen: Mm-hmm, yeah, I'm sure you do. You seem to consider yourself some moral authority-- forbidding me to see Adrian, cutting me off financially. Do you know--do you know how that made me feel?

Brad: I can imagine.

Colleen: No, you can't. Dad, you lied and there's nothing you can do to make this better.

Brad: I have worked through my problems with Victoria.

Colleen: You know, poor Victoria. I actually feel bad for her. You guys weren't even married that long. I'm sure she was shocked when J.T. told her about your girlfriend!

J.T.: Whiskey, make it a double. Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hey. You look like I feel.

J.T.: Yeah, thanks.

Jack: Bad day?

J.T.: The worst. Started out promising, now I wish I'd just stayed in bed.

Jack: Oh, believe me, I'm sure it was a cake walk compared to my day.

Kay: Ah.

Jill: What happened?

Kay: Oh...

Jill: Mother, you look far too pleased with yourself. What did you do?

Kay: Once again I am the owner of Jabot cosmetics. Oh, you should've seen Jack Abbott. He was a sea of perspiration when he was signing the documentation.

Jill: And what about me?

Kay: You'll still be C.E.O.

Jill: And Ji Min?

Kay: I don't trust him. Your Mr. Kim is out.

Lauren: What happened at your meeting?

Michael: I, uh, wasn't able to convince Katherine not to buy.

Lauren: Oh... what are you gonna tell Victor?

Michael: At the moment, nothing. He's not in town.

Lauren: Okay, when he gets back, what are you gonna tell him?

Michael: Oh, well, he probably won't want anything to do with me, except perhaps to chase me with that machete.

Lauren: Okay. Let's think this through. Maybe it's a good thing that he's gone? You know, it's your excuse as to why you didn't say anything to him, right?

Michael: Mm-hmm. Well, that's not a valid excuse in Victor's book. As far as what I've done... it doesn't get much worse.

Lauren: Well... have you spoken to your mother lately?

Gloria: (Sighs) so... oh! Well, hello, Evan, what a surprise.

Evan: Hello, Gloria. How are you, Mr. Bardwell?

Will: Fine, thank you.

Evan: That's good. Gloria, I found this in my room when I was cleaning. I thought you might want that back.

Gloria: Uh, thank you very much, Evan. I appreciate that.

Evan: It's good to see you again.

Will: I don't trust that guy. Pretending to be somebody he's not.

Gloria: Well, I'll ask him about it when I see him next time.

Will: The sooner the better. If I were you, I'd just stay clear of him altogether.

Gloria: William, can we just forget about him? Why'd you wanna see me?

Will: I wanted to give you a heads up on the investigation.

Gloria: The Jabot investigation?

Will: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: Any new leads?

Will: No, not yet, but we've started the elimination process. As, um, district attorney, I can't exclude any suspect, no matter how improbable.

Gloria: Suspect?

Will: Mm-hmm. It's just a formality. Just so they can rule you out.

Gloria: Me?

Will: Oh, yeah, yeah, the--the grand jury has issued a subpoena for a sample of your D.N.A.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kay: Your accomplishments are duly noted, so is your deceit.

Will: I'm onto your game.

Gloria: I didn't mean it, William. It was all just an accident.

Sharon: Jack, how am I gonna make my son think that everything is okay when it's not?

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