Y&R Transcript Friday 5/18/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 5/18/07 -- Canada; Monday 5/21/07 -- U.S.A.


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Victoria: I always looked forward to talking to Nick. You know, whether it was about business stuff or... family or movies or... you know, whatever, if I needed help with anything or if I had a problem. And I just realized that... that won't happen anymore, because my little brother... my little brother's dead. You have got to be so sick of me talking about him.

J.T.: No. No, I'm just frustrated I can't do anything for you.

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, what kind of friend are you anyway?

J.T.: Well, I do know this joke if you wanna hear it. So...

Victoria: (Chuckles) that's bad.

J.T.: That's bad?

Michael: Paragraph four-- Jack agrees to quit all past and future claims to the company. Paragraph five-- in the most one-sided confidentiality agreement ever in the history of the state-- Jack agrees not to comment on the sale. No similar restrictions are placed on you.

Victor: Um... I like this part-- "I declare I enter this agreement freely, without any mental reservation." Right.

Michael: I thought you'd appreciate that. You know, this document really belongs in the Guinness book of records for the most maliciously unbalanced contract ever.

Victor: I want Jack to sign this. And if you have time, do me a favor. Witness the signing, all right?

Michael: Well, have your secretary let me know when Jack is scheduled and I'll arrive with, uh, a marching band and the Mormon tabernacle choir. Uh, Victor... Lauren and I made a contribution to Oxfam in Nicholas' honor. It's earmarked for refugee children.

Victor: My boy would've liked that. I'll tell Nikki about that. That's very nice of you. Now, let us address what we... euphemistically refer to as the Jabot case.

Michael: Well, I prefer to close this deal out first.

Victor: The sale is final as far as I'm concerned. You know that Katherine is still wide open to a lawsuit for having sold the company to Jack Abbott in the first place.

Michael: What if Katherine decides to buy back the company? Takes the liability risk?

Victor: No.

Michael: No?

Victor: No, I do not want her to do that.

Victoria: Well... I gotta get going.

J.T.: I'm gonna get some more coffee and do some paperwork. But call me if you need, uh, you need to talk or anything, okay?

Victoria: All right. Thanks for putting up with me.

J.T.: Well, putting up with you is not what I would call it.

Victoria: What would you call it?

J.T.: I would call it... spending time with someone I wanna spend time with.

Victoria: Thank you for not making me feel guilty for reciting my litany of woes.

J.T.: Oh, didn't you know that non-judgmental is my middle name?

Victoria: Hmm... that would make you J.T.N.J. Has an interesting ring to it.

J.T.: Yeah.

Victoria: All right.

Brad: You have a professional reason for seeing my wife, J.T.?

J.T.: If she were a client, you would know that I couldn't talk about it. We were just having a friendly breakfast.

Brad: Just a friendly breakfast, huh?

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Brad: When I told you to stay away from my wife, I meant it.

J.T.: If she asks me to leave her alone, I'll do it. But, you, my friend, as they say, are not the boss of me.

Brad: When it comes to my marriage, J.T., I am the boss of you.

Victoria: Brad?

Victoria: Hi.

J.T.: Hey.

Victoria: I left my cell.

J.T.: Oh, sorry, I didn't even see it.

Victoria: Was... was Brad over here?

J.T.: Mmm. Yeah, he stopped by. He, uh, he wasn't hungry.

Victoria: What did he say?

J.T.: He told me that I should leave you alone. And I told him, that unless that-- that came from you, it wasn't gonna happen.

Victoria: Let's have lunch today.

J.T.: Okay.

Victoria: I'll... I'll check my schedule and I'll give you a call.

Michael: Victor, whatever your preference is, Katherine can certainly buy back what was her company if she wants to.

Victor: I ask you respectfully, Michael, to not encourage Katherine to reacquire Jabot at this time, all right?

Michael: I'm in no position to encourage Katherine, nor am I in a position to stop her either.

Victor: Well, does she wanna buy it back?

Michael: You know I can't, uh, disclose another client's intentions.

Victor: Kindly persuade her not to, okay? I want Jack Abbott to end up with nothing-- absolutely nothing. And so do you.

Michael: Guilty as charged.

Victor: The timing of your advice to Katherine is crucial as to what happens to Jack Abbott.

Michael: Well, I only want what's best for my clients.

Victor: And I only want what's worst for that man.

Sharon: Why on earth would you sell N.V.P. now? Especially when you've made that company into a huge operation-- and not just huge, hugely successful.

Jack: It was time.

Sharon: What does that mean?

Jack: I honestly believe I can make a real contribution in public office.

Sharon: You can, because of your experience as an entrepreneur and your management expertise.

Jack: I need to avoid conflict of interest or even the appearance of conflict of interest and Clear Springs would've been a target for anyone who opposed me on anything.

Sharon: Is there something you're not telling me, Jack? Are you feeling some other kind of pressure to sell?

Jack: It's a judgment call. I wouldn't be selling N.V.P. if I weren't running for office. It's that simple.

Korbel: Thank you. So... the dean accepted my resignation.

Colleen: Oh, great, now I have to live with that my entire life.

Korbel: "Live with that for my entire life"? Who died and made you queen of melodrama?

Colleen: Look, I'm sorry, you have so much to offer as a teacher and you would still be doing that if it weren't-- gosh, for some jerk reporting us. I'm sorry. I feel responsible for getting us in this situation.

Korbel: If you had that much influence over events, you could be in charge of finding a permanent peace in the Middle East. In fact, what happened was a publisher accepted my proposal for a book on the history of Kutna Hora. This is every academic's dream-- to get an advance for a book I would've written anyway.

Colleen: Well, congratulations, but you could still be teaching while writing.

Korbel: No, been there, done that. Didn't work. Two years after my Watson fellowship, I taught class while writing my dissertation. It added at least two years to the time it took me to finish.

Colleen: You have more experience now.

Korbel: People often confuse classroom hours with teaching hours, but in fact, there's the time it takes to prepare before and the grading of assignments after. All of which are like six or seven times as long as the lecture itself.

Colleen: I'm sorry. I still feel responsible for you not teaching, so I will just wallow in my own sadness.

Korbel: Get over it, all right? The culprit is the person who reported us to the dean.

Colleen: That is J.T.

Korbel: Look, it happened, all right? And we're still here.

Colleen: I know. I just--I wish I could let it go, but I want to kill someone in his sleep.

Korbel: Will anyone suffice as a victim of your violence, or, uh...

Colleen: No. You know who I-- who I think reported us to the dean. I'm not gonna let him get away with this.

Korbel: Just let it go, okay?

Colleen: No.

Michael: Can I have some coffee, please? A little advice to the executive on the rise, he who watches video games when he should be at work--

Kevin: Be quiet! Be quiet!

Michael: Appears to be a teenager in a grown-up world.

Kevin: Be quiet! Be quiet! Be quiet!

Michael: What?

Kevin: I'm eavesdropping on the boardroom.

Michael: Yet another item on the long list of things I officially can't know are taking place.

Kevin: It's nothing earth shattering. Jill is trying to persuade Ji Min that she should go with him overseas.

Michael: Dear Brother, we found out some time ago everything we needed to know.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that Jack has been running the company, I know, but be quiet! Jill is setting herself up to�

Jill: Accompany you on your trip to Asia.

Ji Min: You covered here?

Jill: There's no conflict on my schedule. Nothing I can't monitor from a distance.

Ji Min: Well, that'll give me a chance to show you some of my favorite places. And... we could always save on travel expenses by... sharing a hotel suite?

Jill: I'm all in favor of keeping overhead as low as possible.

Amber: You look like you wanna murder someone.

Colleen: I do.

Amber: Who?

Colleen: J.T.

Amber: Hmm. I'm down. Well, not for actual murder murder. You know, I don't really have anything particular against J.T., but...

Colleen: I do.

Amber: Well, I'm down with whatever the most legal and satisfying next thing is to do. See, I got a lot of time on my hands, so I need something to do.

Colleen: Okay.

Amber: How do we do it?

Colleen: Well, I have proof that he did what I think he did.

Amber: Does he say he did the thing you think he did or does he deny it?

Colleen: No, he denies it, but he's lying.

Amber: Who's the best computer geek we know?

Colleen: That would be Kevin.

Amber: E-mails contain the meaning of life. E-mails tell you exactly what you need to know about a person. In fact, if we had e-mail in biblical times, we probably wouldn't be fighting over religion right now, but--

Colleen: Wait, Amber, focus.

Amber: Okay.

Colleen: Just focus. You were gonna tell me how we could possibly hack into J.T.'s e-mails?

Amber: I did. Kevin.

Brad: I need copies of the bids and projects completed by the low bidders in the last four years. Yeah. I'll have to get back to you.

Victoria: Don't you threaten J.T. he's a good friend. I want him as a friend and I rely on his friendship.

Brad: You know that I'm not a man who is inclined to bare his soul, so I ask you if you could imagine how difficult it is for me when I see you go to another man for moral support when you're having troubles.

Victoria: You know, that's a really odd question because I-I think I know exactly how you feel. You visit Sharon for all the same reasons I visit J.T.

Brad: I occasionally have conversations with Sharon, but I don't go to Sharon for one-on-one sessions the way you go to J.T. and you wanna know why else our relationship is totally different from yours?

Victoria: I don't see how it's any different at all!

Brad: Sharon is a good friend who I made the terrible mistake of sleeping with one time. I have not been unfaithful since. And Sharon is no threat to our marriage. Now J.T., on the other hand, is a boy who is totally and completely infatuated with you.

Victoria: If you are threatened by my friendship with J.T., it's because you think that I love him the same way that you love Sharon.

Brad: I love Sharon as a friend. Period.

Victoria: J.T. is my friend. Period! I'm not even prepared to use the word "Love" when it comes to my friendship with him!

Brad: Well, the boy certainly loves you.

Victoria: You have seen Sharon forever and gone on and on about your deep friendship. And I can't even have one friend? Grow up, Brad! Just grow up! Your jealousy is more of a threat to our marriage than-- than J.T. could ever be.

David: It's easy enough to suggest that Jack abbot lost the confidence of upper management here at N.V.P. We'll also have reliable sources say that his major creditor--you-- uh, Newman Enterprises, is displeased with--

Victor: Strongly displeased.

David: Very strongly displeased with his oversight of Clear Springs, seeing him as unable or unwilling to deal with challenges as they--

Victor: What challenges are you talking about?

David: Um, challenges. Routine challenges as they arise. We'll also suggest, without using so many words, that you-- even as a strong supporter of his candidacy-- feel that Jack bit off more than he could chew. We'll present you as the knight in shining armor coming to Jack's rescue with sound fiscal and managerial policy-- yadda, yadda, yadda. And Nikki, because of your involvement, will have no comment, no comment, no comment. I think altogether we'll be pretty well set to trash Mr. Abbott for selling N.V.P.

Victor: Ah, thank you.

Victor: That'll be all, thank you.

Victor: My boy... my boy...

Lauren: You're awfully quiet.

Michael: Don't wanna wake the baby.

Lauren: Victor made too many demands on you.

Michael: How'd you know?

Lauren: It's not rocket science, Honey. You just met with him.

Michael: He wants me to persuade Katherine not to buy Jabot, which she should do, as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Lauren: But your legal obligations are to Kay. I mean, he's completely out of line asking you to get another client to do what he wants.

Michael: Yet he is also my client.

Lauren: He's completely out of line.

Michael: Of course, you're right. But getting Victor upset is a dicey proposition.

Lauren: I hear you on that. I guess to serve both clients well... you have to come up with a good reason for Kay to delay the purchase, and whatever that reason is, it has to be completely unrelated to whatever it is that Victor wants.

Michael: I am truly humbled.

Lauren: You're welcome.

Michael: I'm enamored of you. And I am thinking thoughts that, uh... I cannot verbalize in front of the child.

Lauren: You're so easy. You are. To turn you on, we just have to have a hint of intellect and a little beauty doesn't hurt.

Michael: You see what you just did? You see that? Because you did that, I won't be able to concentrate on my work all day. Because of that, right there.

Lauren: You are so funny.

Kevin: There are thousands of faculty, staff and students at G.C.U. How are you gonna narrow down the list of people who could have or would've ratted you out?

Colleen: I have a very short list.

Amber: It starts with J.T.

Colleen: And ends with J.T.

Kevin: Ah, yes, my best buddy.

Amber: That's not what I heard.

Kevin: Oh, what? What, you think I'd like to see that wiener get what's coming to him? That I would like to string him up by his toes and practice my pi�ata bashing skills on him? Step into my office.

Amber: Hey, wait! Wait! Wait! Kevin, you were my idea. I get to help.

Kay: Two, please. (Cell phone ringing)

Kay: Yes, Jill, I already have our table.

Jill: Sorry to stand you up, Mother, but I have got a ton of stuff to deal with before I leave for Asia.

Kay: Since when?

Jill: Ji Min and I decided we needed some serious face time at our operation there.

Kay: Are you going with him?

Jill: What?

Kay: Are you going together with Ji Min?

Jill: Well, I'm going there and he's going at the same time. I mean, we happen to be traveling at the same time. I'm not going together with him. I'm going. He's going. It--if... I can't make lunch, okay? I've just got too much to do.

Kay: I understand.

Jill: Maybe we could have a late lunch?

Kay: I'll see.

Jill: Okay, thanks, bye.

Kay: I just lost my appetite.

Paul: Well, Victor Jr. Seems like a very accomplished, very independent fellow.

Victor: Yeah, I'm afraid maybe too independent.

Paul: How so?

Victor: Well, I talked to his mother the other day and she said that she had not talked to him in... quite some time now. And there's no current information as to his whereabouts.

Paul: All right, I'll see what I can find out.

Victor: You know, because of losing one son, I may have become hyper vigilant about the other, but... so be it.

Paul: I understand. We'll find him.

Victor: Thank you, Paul.

Paul: And, Victor, again, um... my condolences.

Victor: Thank you.

Sharon: I don't want my husband facing criticism for walking away from this company during this board of trustees mess, which was not his doing.

Ben: I already explained to Jack--

Sharon: Yeah, Jack told me that you've got him making the people of the great state of Wisconsin his first priority, while insuring this grand and glorious future for the company, but are the downsides to selling?

Ben: Okay, I didn't say grand and glorious, but I do like the way you cut through the non-essentials.

Sharon: Yeah, cut through the crap.

Ben: Yes, and get right to the point. Wow.

Sharon: Wow, what?

Ben: Well, most campaign spouses need, uh, more hand-holding than you require.

Sharon: So, worst-case scenario-- what's this gonna do to him?

Ben: Well, if the Newman board disintegrates into extreme fighting, he can't be held responsible for those board members or his ex-wife. Although, uh, their decision to fund Jack's development represents a corporate vote of confidence in his abilities as an entrepreneur.

Ji Min: Oh, Mrs. Chancellor, I wasn't expecting--

Kay: Jill will not be going overseas with you.

Ji Min: Excuse me, why not?

Kay: Because I don't want her to. You are a front for Jack Abbott. He owns this company and you have lied to me ever since I have known you.

Ji Min: He is the owner, but, Mrs. Chancellor, I'm a victim of fraud just as you are. He bought my company to buy Jabot. And I had no idea of the lawsuit or any of the legal ramifications.

Kay: Well, if you didn't know, that makes you incompetent. So it's either liar, incompetent hustler, liar, or just plain incompetent. Would I want my daughter connected with either one? No, don't answer that. Oh, and by the way, I'm repurchasing Jabot sooner rather than later. So as of this very moment, your services are no longer required after the sale is completed. And as a final act, you will tell Jill you've decided she is not going along with you and make certain she understands it is your decision, it is a business decision. You know what? Have a safe flight. Oh! Cancel your return trip.

Kevin: Okay, so because of his profession, J.T. is gonna have a more sophisticated firewall than most people. It's gonna take me a while before I can get by it.

Colleen: How long?

Kevin: Mmm.. I don't know, a month? Maybe more?

Colleen: A month?

Amber: That's no fun.

Kevin: Well, it's not easy. Now, Colleen, can you start an e-mail exchange with him?

Colleen: I will if I have to.

Kevin: Good, good, good, then you get him relaxed. You can start I.M.-ing and I can monitor his I.D.

Amber: Wouldn't it be quicker to just break into J.T.'s apartment or use his computer or something?

Kevin: Uh, yeah, yeah, it would.

Amber: Then do it.

Kevin: No.

Colleen: No. No. No, we're not breaking into J.T.'s place. Forget this.

Amber: Fine! Hey, Kevin?

Kevin: Mm-hmm?

Amber: What if I got you his P.D.A.?

Kevin: What?

Amber: His P.D.A.?

Kevin: Uh... that kinda sounds like a half-baked plan.

Colleen: Guys, he just came in. What are we gonna do?

Amber: We are going to borrow J.T.'s P.D.A. Colleen, he's still mad at you, right?

Colleen: Yes.

Amber: Okay, then make like you're having the best day of your life. That always just really gets to an ex. And, you, stay here and wait for me. Come on!

Colleen: Okay.

Amber: Hey, J.T.

J.T.: Hey.

Amber: You see that guy Colleen is talking to?

J.T.: Yeah.

Amber: He thinks he's so hot 'cause he's some kind of lawyer or senator's chief of staff or something.

J.T.: Listen, Amber, I'm kinda busy right now, so...

Amber: Oh, okay, fine. Double sorry!

J.T.: That's okay.

Amber: You know what? I'm just--I'm just gonna let you get back to work. I'll see you later. Bye.

Amber: I think you got about 12 seconds before he sees it's missing. Come on!

Kevin: Okay.

Kevin: Okay.

Jill: Okay, I cleared my schedule and I can even make your flight, so we can share a bottle of wine.

Ji Min: You know, when we discussed traveling together, I completely neglected our commitment to "Extreme Catwalk." Why don't we have you fly over as soon as that's completely in the can?

Jill: No, no, no, we did talk about that. We decided I didn't need to be here, that Gloria could handle it while I was overseas.

Ji Min: Well, Jill, if I know you're here, I know the reality show thing won't spiral out of control. And Jabot won't end up on Viewclick.

Jill: Okay. I get that you don't want me to go. What I don't quite get is your logic.

Ji Min: I've explained to you my logic. Look, I want you here for the reasons I gave you. And, please, Jill, don't read between the lines.

Victoria: Hey! Hi, there.

J.T.: Hey.

Victoria: Well... I'm just gonna be having coffee. Because I wasn't actually thinking about food when I asked you to lunch. I was just... mostly... angry with Brad. Yeah.

J.T.: What else is new?

Brad: I don't know why I can't convince Victoria that you're not a threat to our marriage.

Sharon: Well, maybe I should talk to her.

Brad: No, no, no. Thanks for offering, but if she knows I was discussing our difficulties, it would only make her feel worse.

Sharon: Well, I hate to be the source of a problem for you two.

Brad: It's not you. It's how I feel about you.

Sharon: She's afraid that our friendship will become more than just a friendship?

Brad: Like it did in New York.

Victoria: He keeps telling me that I shouldn't be threatened by this love that he has for her, but... why does there have to be a double standard for me? I mean, why can't I have a friend of the opposite sex if he does?

J.T.: That's a question you're gonna have to ask him, not me.

Victoria: What?

J.T.: I don't know what the hell I did with my P.D.A. you know, maybe it's in the car. I'll be right back.

Victoria: Oh, you know what? I'm gonna-- I'm gonna go with you. I've gotta get back to the office. Thank you for your objectivity.

J.T.: I'm not objective. I'm always on your side.

Amber: Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Come on! Hurry up!

Michael: I don't trust Jack.

Kay: Neither do I, but that's no reason not to take advantage of his offer to sell.

Michael: No, this can't be as good as it seems. He's got to have an angle.

Kay: Michael, it is a good deal for me and I want to move on it quickly.

Michael: All right, I have to vet the prospectus and have an accountant certify the books.

Kay: Well, do your due diligence. I want a contract to buy that company before someone else does.

Brad: Hey, I was just coming to see you.

Victoria: I've sort of come to a big decision. I'm sorry, what did you wanna say?

Brad: No, no, I'm sorry, you go. No, please, you--you go first.

Victoria: What I wanted to say is that... maybe I overreacted about Sharon. And, um... Nick's death and our baby's death have... got me afraid. And I know that you were devastated when we lost the baby. I know you were. But you hid it because you felt so sorry for me. And maybe I should've been more sympathetic because... I really-- I felt sorry for you.

Brad: I know you did.

Victoria: And in my clearest and sanest moments, I know that people of the opposite sex can be friends and... I'm just hypersensitive about Sharon because, well...

Brad: Because... because I was unfaithful.

Victoria: Yes. But it's up to me to get past that. And it's up to me to... trust you. And so I do. I wanna trust you.

Brad: Thank you.

Victoria: Okay, what did you wanna say?

Brad: Nothing so eloquent.

Victoria: Try me.

Brad: I just never wanna see you hurt. Certainly not by something I do or say.

Victoria: I know that.

Brad: And I'm sorry for anything that have--

Victoria: I know that, too.

Brad: Listen, uh... your friendship... with J.T... is yours. It's not for me to determine who you can or cannot be friends with.

Victoria: Thank you.

Brad: I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to say those words.

Victoria: But you did.

Victoria: Do you think the conference room is empty?

Brad: Uh, too many people have a key, but... there's a vacant office upstairs that I'm aware of.

Victoria: What?

Brad: Yeah.

Victoria: You never told me.

Brad: Well, I'm telling you now.

Victoria: This tolerance of friendship thing has its limits, though. If you're ever unfaithful to me again, I'm gonna kill you.

Brad: And if you're ever unfaithful to me, I'm gonna kill him when he's sleeping.

Victoria: Ooh!

Paul: Yeah, well, just make sure that he has my cell number and the office number, as well. All right, thanks. Okay... uh... this is just preliminary. A lot of it is going to need, uh, confirmation. But that's what I was able to get from your son's former employer and the U.S. Consulate in Colombo.

Victor: Former employer?

Paul: Yeah, your son quit his job. The only notice he gave was this, uh, two-sentence resignation. They had to scramble to replace him. They weren't too happy about it.

Victor: Uh-huh. It doesn't sound too good. Did the consulate have any other information?

Paul: Well, they wouldn't even talk to me at first. But the name Victor Jr., kept triggering a series of very odd responses. Until eventually, a man who identified himself as the security attach� got on the phone and asked me some very detailed questions about me, my identity, my contact info.

Victor: That's a little strange, isn't it?

Paul: You know, it may all be very routine. But, uh, midway through the conversation my equipment detected a tracer, so I got off the line.

Victor: (Exhales)

Paul: And then finally, I was able to contact your son's former landlord. Uh, he kept hounding me for a month's rent. He said, uh... well, English was not his first language, and he said, from what I could understand, that... your son left without notice and behind in rent. And he said the rumor is-- and I'm pretty sure he used the word rumor-- that, uh, he was either working with or... hooked up with or joined up with... somehow associated with... what the landlord described as bad people.

Victor: Bad people?

Paul: That's all I could get from him. He just kept repeating that-- "Bad people. Bad people." Now, look, you gotta remember that English is not his first language, so it could be that, you know, he just didn't like your son's drinking buddies.

Victor: None of this sounds any good, does it? Do you believe it?

Paul: No, Sir, I don�t.

Jack: This contract is blatantly one-sided.

Michael: Maybe that's because this is a buyer's market.

Jack: One party agrees to a confidentiality clause, the other has no limits. One agrees to waive any right to sue or mediate and the other doesn't?

Michael: Oh, can't figure out a way to spin that? Oh. Let me give it a shot. Uh, let's see... the senatorial candidate, Jack Abbott, finally gets what's coming to him. Oh, wait! That's just the plain truth!

Jack: What goes around comes around, Michael. You know that.

Michael: Oh, my God, you're not flogging that ol' mule, are you? I mean, why don't you just remind me a penny saved is a penny earned? Or that I shouldn't cry over spilled milk?

Jack: I'm not joking. I will not forget that you did this.

Michael: Thank you. I'll leave a bunch of my business cards you can give to friends who might need similar services.

Victor: Is it finished?

Michael: Mr. Abbott has expressed some reservations about certain details in the contract.

Jack: Victor, with all due respect, this contract--

Victor: What the hell do you know about respect? You took advantage of me at the lowest point of my life. Did you respect me when I was medicated, when I was incapacitated, when I was sick? Did you?

Jack: I regret what I did. I've said as much.

Victor: Just sign it!

Jack: Victor, people change. With the help of your friendship--

Victor: Too little, too late! Just sign the damn thing!

Amber: Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!

Kevin: All right, come on, come on, come on, come on isn't helping me.

Colleen: Guys, he's coming back.

Amber: Ugh!

Kevin: All right, I'm almost done. I'm almost done.

Amber: God, just bring it to me when you're finished!

Colleen: Go, go, go, go.

Kevin: All right, shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Kevin: Got it!

J.T.: Hey, did anybody turn in a P.D.A.?

Woman: Um, no. Sorry.

Amber: Lose your P.D.A.?

J.T.: Yeah, either that, or I left it at home.

Amber: Hmm.

Colleen: Hi, J.T.

J.T.: Colleen.

Colleen: How's Victoria?

J.T.: I'm kinda busy right now.

Amber: He lost his P.D.A.

Colleen: Oh, he probably left it at home.

Amber: Yeah, yeah, that's what he thinks. Hey, is this it?

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, thanks.

Amber: No prob.

Kevin: I got the password.

Amber: We rock.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

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Jill: You cannot lie to me. I know you too well.

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