Y&R Transcript Friday 5/11/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 5/11/07 -- Canada; Monday 5/14/07 -- U.S.A.


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Nikki: Could you hold on just a moment?

Woman: Your son doesn't answer his cell phone.

Victor: Just keep calling, okay?

Woman: Okay.

Nikki: Okay, uh, no, no, don't fax the manifest, just when you get it, call and tell me, all right?

Victor: I'm holding

Nikki: Thank you. I'm here.

Victor: Yes?

Nikki: Well, call her again.

Victor: Forget about the damn paperwork now for heaven's sake! What difference is the paperwork now? Sent equipment out there! Now!

Jack: Katherine, I'm confident we can come up with a mutual agreement--

Esther: Excuse me! Excuse me!

Kay: Not now! Not now, Esther.

Esther: No, you need to hear this, Mrs. C. The Newman corporate jet crashed.

Jack: The Newman jet?

Kay: How do you know?

Esther: I heard it on the news. It was en route to Clearwaters or I don't know.

Jack: Clear Springs.

Esther: Yes, that's it!

Kay: Oh, dear God in heaven!

Jack: Sharon's on that flight.

Phyllis: What's that? What's that right there? What's that? Is that a baby girl? Is that a baby girl? (Baby talk voice) you wanna say good night to Daddy? Let's call Daddy and say good night. Let's call Daddy and say good night because we love him so much! I'm crazy, talking like this. I know. You're looking at me like I'm crazy, talking like this. My pretty baby girl. Hey, Baby, I hope you had a good flight. Hey, call me when you get to the hotel. And now, duh-doo-doo-doo, somebody very special wants to say good night. Wanna say good night to Daddy? Say it? Say good night. Say, good night, Daddy. Good night, Daddy.

Summer: (Coos)

Phyllis: She just said good night. Did you hear that? She's a genius! Okay...

Summer: (Coos)

Phyllis: Ooh! What else do you wanna say? Hang on, Sweetie, she wants to say something else. Say hi to Daddy.

Summer: Dada.

Phyllis: (Gasps) did you hear that? She just said "Daddy." You just said "Daddy"! You said "Dada." You said "Dada" just now. Oh, my gosh, Nick! Nick! Nick! You said Daddy! She just said Daddy!

Nikki: No, you don't understand. The flight plan is irrelevant now.

Victor: What's the E.T.A.?

Brad: Sorry to interrupt.

Victor: All right, good.

Nikki: Brad, where is Victoria?

Brad: Uh, I don't know. Did you call her cell?

Victor: I will-- I will call you back, all right?

Nikki: Call me back in five minutes.

Victor: I've called her cell phone, secretary, office, housekeeper, the whole thing.

Brad: I haven't seen her in a while. I think she went home to rest. What--what's going on? What is it?!

Victor: The company jet went down over Lake Michigan.

Brad: What?

Victor: No sign of survivors. It doesn't look very good.

Nikki: It has not been confirmed, Brad. We don't know anything.

Brad: Who was on the plane?

Victor: As far as we know, Nicholas and Sharon and the pilot and co-pilot.

Nikki: We don't know for sure. We don't know for sure.

Brad: I just need to...

Brad: I need to...

Victor: Kindly get Victoria and Noah, okay?

Brad: Would you excuse me?

Victoria: You know what? When I, um, dropped my baby clothes off at the goodwill, they must've thought that I was, like, a robber or something because... my stuff still had all the tags on. Did I tell you when I got pregnant, I, uh, I went on a shopping spree and I, um, I bought everything from newborn to terrible twos. How insane is that?

J.T.: Obsessive, maybe, not insane.

Victoria: You don't think I jinxed myself, do you? By--by buying my baby clothes too soon?

J.T.: No. No, not at all.

Victoria: When I was unloading, there was this, um, there was this woman in the parking lot. She was easily eight months pregnant. And inside she had bought, um, these two used baby sweaters. So I gave her-- I gave her some stuff out of my--my trunk. You know, I let her pick from what she wanted. She was-- she was pretty grateful. Here I am this rich--rich lady, you know, donating all my clothes and this woman can't even afford to buy a couple of used baby sweaters. But you know--you know what? I was the jealous one.

J.T.: Hey... come here. How did Brad handle the miscarriage?

Victoria: Not well.

J.T.: Well, maybe you two can...

Victoria: No, no, no, no, no, we can't--we can't. I mean, we could, but I... I don't see myself getting pregnant by him anytime soon... or ever. My marriage is just a mess. My whole life--it's a mess. When I... when I lost the baby, I just, I didn't think that I...

J.T.: Hey, hey... I'm sure that had to be rough.

Victoria: And then finding out about Brad and Sharon and... that Brad was behind Phyllis' arrest and my mother... my mother, I mean... your mother's supposed to be your--your built in ally. Isn't that in the job description? Not in my case. No, if my mom wants something... there's no one I can trust.

J.T.: Victoria, come on, now that's not true.

Victoria: If I was smart... I wouldn't even trust you, which shows you how not smart I am, because I do. I trust you. At least I want to, but I shouldn't.

J.T.: Yeah, you should.

Victoria: Yeah... that's what everybody always says.

J.T.: Well, I mean it.

Victoria: I'm sorry, I don't mean to come down on you. I just, I... I just, I can't.

J.T.: You have good reason not to trust people.

Victoria: I... I do trust my brother. You know, I do trust Nicholas. He's come a long way with this marriage and... and a new baby and everything. Hey, you know what? If he can do it, maybe I can.

J.T.: Absolutely.

Victoria: Yeah. Nicholas... Nicholas will be my new role model.

Kay: Uh, Victor, I have Jack here with me. Could I put you on speaker phone?

Victor: Uh, certainly.

Jack: Hello, Victor?

Victor: Jack.

Jack: What do we know?

Victor: The plane went down over Lake Michigan and, uh, we're waiting for the release of the, uh, passenger--the crew list.

Jack: Give me a worst case scenario.

Victor: Nicholas and Sharon were on that plane. And the coast guard sent out... a rescue team.

Kay: And?

Victor: Nothing yet.

Kay: Let me know if I can do anything at all.

Victor: Of course.

Jack: So we just wait?

Victor: Yeah, and pray.

Jack: Which means...

Kay: We'll be in touch.

Victor: Okay.

Kay: Jack, um... sit down, Darling, please. Esther, uh, would you please make some coffee?

Esther: Yes, yes, right away.

Jack: You know, I-I... I don't want--I...

Kay: Darling...

Jack: I gotta be in my own home.

Nikki: I don't have it in me to call Phyllis, but we should find out how she's doing.

Victor: If she even knows about it.

Phyllis: Sweet dreams, little baby girl.

(Telephone ringing)

Phyllis' voice: Hello, you've reached Nick and Phyllis. Leave a message.

Victor: Phyllis, this is Victor.

Phyllis: Great.

Victor: It's very important that you call me or Nikki as soon as you get this message.

Phyllis: Yeah, that's gonna happen.

Nikki: Did you find Victoria?

Brad: No. Any more news?

Victor: No.

Brad: Has anyone been able to reach Phyllis?

Victor: She's not answering her phone.

Nikki: Maybe it's just our calls she's not answering.

Michael: Okay, how about this one. What's worse than a busload of lawyers at the bottom of Lake Michigan?

Man: I don't know.

(Cell phone ringing)

Michael: Oh, sorry. Michael Baldwin.

Brad: Michael, this is Brad Carlton. Are you aware of what's happened?

Michael: On a world scale? Nationally? Locally? Statewide?

Brad: The Newman jet crashed.

Michael: What?

Brad: Nick and Sharon were on board. Michael?

Michael: What can I do?

Brad: We haven't been able to contact Phyllis. We don't know how she's doing or for that matter, if she's heard. I know it's a long shot, but I thought you might know where she is.

Michael: No, but I'll find out. Thanks for calling.

Man: Hey, you never said what's worse than a busload of lawyers at the bottom of Lake Michigan?

Man on TV: We have an update on that private jet that went down over Lake Michigan earlier this evening. The coast guard is searching the area with surface vessels and aircraft looking for signs of any possible survivors.

Nikki: Oh, dear God... oh, my God.

Victoria: Oh, why don't you turn that thing off, like I turned mine off?

J.T.: It's Brad.

J.T.: If he asks, are you here?

Victoria: No. No, I don't wanna talk to him.

J.T.: Hello?

Brad: J.T., its Brad Carlton.

J.T.: What can I do for you?

Brad: I've been trying to reach Victoria. I thought you might know where she is.

J.T.: Well, I don't, but if I run into her, I'll tell her you're looking for her. Is there anything else?

Brad: I assume you haven't heard the news?

J.T.: What news?

Brad: The Newman jet crashed. Nick and Sharon were on it.

J.T.: I, uh... you should talk to him.

Victoria: No. No. I don't feel like explaining anything right now.

Brad: J.T.?

J.T.: Um... yeah, listen, if I run into her for any reason, I will tell her to contact you.

Brad: And her parents. We're all worried about her. We'll be meeting at the ranch.

J.T.: Got it.

Victoria: I'm really sorry. I'm sorry to--to ask you to do that, but I just didn't wanna talk to him right now. I hope you don't mind. I just... feel like I need a break from the real world. (Sighs) sorry. What?

J.T.: You should... you should talk to him or your parents.

Victoria: What-- what did he tell you?

(No audio)

Ben: Jack? I have a draft of the statement you wanted.

Jack: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Ben: We... if we issue it soon, you won't have to deal with the press one-on-one. "Sharon Abbott, her husband's closest advisor, will be remembered as a devoted wife, and above all a loving mother who was--"

Jack: You know, I... I can't concentrate on this right now. Write--write whatever you're gonna write. I trust you. Just make sure you say that... my sympathies are with the Newman family and that I... I...

Ben: Share in their grief?

Jack: Share in their grief. Yeah.

Brad: The driver is waiting for you.

Victor: Thank you.

Brad: I'll drive myself.

Woman: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Victoria: All right, I'm okay now. Do I look okay?

J.T.: You look fine.

Victoria: Uh, thanks for letting me come over here. I really... I needed someone to talk to.

J.T.: Absolutely, no problem. I'll drive you to the ranch, okay?

Victoria: No, no, no, there's no need. I'm fine.

J.T.: No, I'll drive you.

Victoria: No, thank you for the offer, I'm fine.

J.T.: I'm driving. I'm driving.

Victoria: What about my car?

J.T.: I'll bring it by in the morning. Okay?

Victoria: Okay.

J.T.: Come on.

Victoria: You know... he was the one person in the world that I trusted, you know? He was the only one.

J.T.: Come on.

Phyllis: Hey! Come in! What are you doing here? Did you get my message about Summer?

Michael: No, I didn't.

Phyllis: She is a genius! She said "Dada"! She said "Dada"! She just said it! She's a genius!

Michael: She's brilliant.

Phyllis: Is Fen that smart? Has he said "Dada" yet? Hmm?

Michael: The Newmans have been trying to reach you.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. I have successfully avoided their calls. What, did they send you here to get me? Are they gonna send a security guard next? Great, "The Newmans." Terrific.

Michael: All right, Phyllis, please, just, uh, just, you need to be quiet for a minute.

Summer: (Fussing)

Phyllis: What's going on? I don't want any information about Bardwell, please. I cannot take it tonight.

Michael: Just be quiet.

Phyllis: What's going on?

Michael: The Newman jet went down. Nicholas was killed.

Phyllis: What? What?

Michael: The Newman jet went down. Nicholas...

Phyllis: No! Michael!

Michael: Its okay, Sweetie.

Phyllis: No! No! Why?

Michael: Shh. Shh. Sweetie... its okay. It's okay. You're gonna-- you're gonna scare the baby.

Summer: (Cries)

Michael: The baby's crying. It's okay.

Phyllis: I don't...

Summer: (Cries)

Michael: It's okay. It's okay. Look, your mommy's okay. Mommy's gonna be okay. Mommy's gonna... I know, Sweetie. Mommy's gonna be okay.

Phyllis: What am I gonna do? I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die.

Michael: No, you're not gonna die.

Summer: (Cries)

Michael: No, no, Sweetie, look, you'll be okay because Mommy-- Mommy needs to take care of the little baby, doesn't she? She's got a little baby to take care of.

Phyllis: I'm not gonna make it.

Michael: Sweetie, yes, you are. Look, here... that's it. Come on, Sweetie, come on. Mommy's gotta take care of the baby. Mommy.

Phyllis: My baby girl.

Summer: (Cries)

Michael: See? See?

Man on tv: We know that a pilot and co-pilot were aboard. The names have not been released pending notification of their families, and two passengers-- identities unknown.

Jack: Don't let that keep you from speculating. This isn't news. You people aren't reporters. If you don't have something worth saying, shut up!

(Door opens)

Victoria: Thank you. Thanks, J.T.

Michael: Mm-hmm. Yeah. The plane did hit the water. All right, um... I'll... thanks--thanks for--

Phyllis: Let me talk to her. Hey, Sweetie. Yeah, thank you. Um, thank you for letting Michael stay with me. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Michael: Shh.

Phyllis: Mnh-mnh. No, it's better here. Um, Summer will sleep better here and, um... Noah is spending the night. He's spending the night tonight. And his friend's father is gonna bring him here after the movie and he's not gonna let him listen to the radio. I know. I love you, too. Thank you. Here's Michael.

Michael: Hi. Good night, beautiful. I love you. All right, bye. Sweetie, it's okay.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. I... what am I gonna tell Noah? Oh, my God, what am I gonna tell Noah? Both of his parents are dead. How am I gonna tell him that? He just lost his sister. What am I gonna tell him?

Man on TV: The Newmans are a tight-knit family and value their privacy.

Jack: How do you know they're a tight-knit family? You're just filling airtime.

Man on TV: They bring that same family loyalty to the operation of many businesses.

Jack: Yak, yak, yak, maybe they're not a private family at all. Maybe they just don't wanna talk to you!

Man on TV: Heir to the Newman fortune and sharing the duties of corporate C.E.O. with his sister Victoria--

Jack: More than Nick Newman was on that plane!

Man on TV: Nicholas Newman was seen as a rising star on the corporate horizon.

Jack: The most amazing woman on the earth was on that plane!

Woman on TV: And according to our sources it's doubtful that there is anyone presently within the company ready to Newman, along with his sister'

(Door closes)

Sharon: Oh, hi, everybody. I just wanted to tell you--

Nikki: Oh, my God!

Sharon: Well... Victor?

Victor: Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness.

Sharon: What...

Nikki: Where is he?

Sharon: Where's who?

Nikki: Where is he?

Sharon: Who?

Victor: Where's Nicholas? Nicholas?

Sharon: He's on the plane. No, he would've landed by now. You know, I meant to tell you that the photo shoot got canceled, and I was gonna call you from my cell phone, but I left that on the plane and... what's the matter? Brad?

Brad: The plane went down.

Sharon: Went down?

Brad: Nick's dead, Sharon.

Nikki: We don't know that for certain. That's not positive.

Sharon: Oh, I'm... oh, I have to tell Noah.

Brad: Noah's fine. He doesn't know anything yet.

Sharon: What about Jack?

Victor: He's not answering his phone.

Sharon: Well, I... I-I have to go. I just have to go...

Phyllis: Summer said Daddy today. She said "Daddy." Where is the poetic justice in this? Michael, where is the logic? Where's the logic? You tell me. Where is the logic in this? I can't find any logic in this. I can't... I don't want logic. I don't want unanswered questions. I'm gonna call his message machine.

Michael: What?

Phyllis: I'm calling his message machine.

Michael: I don't know if you wanna do that.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know his code. I wanna know if he got that message.

Michael: Phyllis, that's not a really-- that's not a really--

Phyllis: Shh! I'm doing it! Put in your code. Press pound. Okay, one saved message. Three unanswered. That's not it. That's not it.

Michael: Come here.

Phyllis: He didn't... he didn't hear it. He didn't hear it. He didn't hear his daughter say Daddy. He didn't hear his daughter say Daddy.

Victoria: This is...

Brad: I'm so sorry.

Victoria: Gonna take some time to get over.

Brad: Of course, it will.

Victoria: I'm not talking about Nicholas' death. Of course that will. But what I mean is it's gonna take some time for me to figure out how to deal with how much you love Sharon.

Brad: What?

Victoria: I don't blame you. I don't. I mean, nobody can really help who they fall in love with.

Brad: I love you.

Victoria: And this is my problem now, not yours.

Brad: What's going on?

Victoria: I saw how happy you were. You were so, so happy when Sharon walked in.

Brad: Of course I was happy. We all were.

Victoria: You... you were transformed.

Brad: Victoria...

Victoria: And when we all expected Nicholas to walk in behind her... I wish I never felt all of that extra hope. Because then he was just... dead again.

Brad: You're in shock. We're all in shock.

Victoria: And then all of that hope was gone. And it's final. And I looked at you, and you still had Sharon. And I saw your body. I saw you tense up. And I realized that you were holding yourself back from running to her and holding her.

Brad: Victoria... this has been the worst day of your life. I understand that. But you're not being fair. You're taking a perfectly normal reaction, and you're--you're reading something into it.

Victoria: And it all became clear right then. And I... I understood that what I always thought... was... true. You love Sharon.

Brad: Victoria!

Victoria: And you're never gonna quit loving her.

Brad: You're my wife. You're the one I chose to marry.

Victoria: But you love her more than me.

Brad: Your perspective is off. You've suffered these two horrendous losses and it's distorted your view of things.

Victoria: I saw your face. I saw everything in your heart.

Nikki: You know... the world would've been just fine without another damn housing development.

Victor: Want me to get you a drink?

Nikki: No. This project killed him.

Victor: What do you mean, this project killed him?

Nikki: Your project killed him. If you hadn't funded Clear Springs, he wouldn't have been on that plane. He would be alive.

Victor: What are you talking about? What are you talking about?

Nikki: I was against this from the very beginning, but you wouldn't listen to me. You wouldn't listen to anybody and now...

Victor: Are you listening to what you're saying? You know what you're implying?

Nikki: It's true!

Victor: What the hell are you saying?

Nikki: I'm not going to deny it. That's how I feel! And that how I'm gonna keep feeling!

Victor: I don't give a damn how you feel! How dare you imply this?!

Sharon: Jack...

Sharon: Jack?

Jack: No ghosts. No. No ghosts!

Sharon: Jack!

Jack: No!

Sharon: Jack, stop it!

Jack: No, I don't see you. You're not here!

Sharon: Stop it, Jack!

Jack: Go away.

Sharon: Jack, it's me. It's me.

Jack: I don't hear you.

Sharon: Calm down, okay? Calm down. Calm down.

Jack: Oh, dear God! Oh, dear God!

Sharon: (Sobs)

Jack: I will never hurt you again. I never meant to hurt you. I only... I will only--only--always-- ever be good to you the rest of my life. I'll never-- I'll only make you--

Sharon: Shh. Shh. It's okay. It's okay.

Jack: I'm not worthy of you.

Sharon: No, that's not true.

(Car approaching)

Phyllis: All right, let's go. I know what I'm gonna do. Come on, let's go.

Michael: Do your best. That's all you can do, all right?

Noah: Hi, Mr. Baldwin.

Michael: Hey, Kiddo.

Noah: They told me I was supposed to go to Grandma and Grandpa's, but I told 'em I was supposed to go here instead. That was the best movie ever! It was like martial arts on horseback. I mean, seriously...

Phyllis: Yeah?

Noah: The guys-- they stood up while they rode and they did all their moves while the horses were in full gallop. I mean, there had to be animation. Well, anyway, what, uh, my dad gets home, I'm gonna show him how to do those moves.

Phyllis: Okay. Hey, listen, uh, Sweetie, I wanna talk to you about your dad.

Noah: What?

Phyllis: Sit down. Yeah. Um... you know what?

Noah: What?

Phyllis: You know, I think that, um... I think that your sister would like a big kiss from you.

Noah: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay.

Noah: Hi, Summer.

Phyllis: (Chuckles nervously) she likes that.

Noah: Yeah, I think she likes me.

Phyllis: I think she loves you.

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Daniel: I know.

Man: I'm Captain Devitt, united states coast guard.

Victor: Did you find my son?

Nikki: It should've been me, Katherine. If God had to take somebody, he should've taken me.

Kay: No, no, no, no, no.

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