Y&R Transcript Thursday 5/10/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 5/10/07 -- Canada; Friday 5/11/07 -- U.S.A.


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Daniel: Hey, uh, Kev, it's me. Listen, I need a place to crash tonight, Man, so can you just hit me up when you get this? Thanks.

Daniel: Hey, Coll, how's it going?

Colleen: Hey. Um, kinda crazy. I have two papers, and I'm working on a project with Victoria.

Daniel: So have, uh, you talked to Lily?

Colleen: Not since this morning.

Daniel: Did you guys say anything about me?

Colleen: You know, as cool as you are, you're not always the topic of conversation. Why?

Daniel: We had a fight.

Colleen: You know, that... that happens. Daniel, come on, I mean, I care about both of you guys. I hate it when you fight. You're miserable. Lily's miserable. Why don't you just tell her that you're sorry?

Daniel: Wait a minute, why should it be me? She's the one who's being unreasonable.

Colleen: Oh, thank you. I'm sure you'll work it out. See ya later.

Amber: My closet is bigger than our entire apartment!

Cane: Yeah, but it's only temporary, because I'm getting a place of our own.

Amber: Honey, when you get older you're supposed to upgrade homes, not downgrade.

Cane: I wanna be self-sufficient.

Amber: Mmm. Well, I guess I'll have to take advantage of it while it lasts, huh? Hey, you wanna go swimming? Or we could play tennis?

Cane: I've gotta go downtown and meet Katherine at the office.

Amber: Now?

Cane: Yeah, she wants to introduce me to everybody.

Amber: Aw! And introduce everyone to her handsome grandson. Who could blame her? Mmm. We could go for a midnight swim later.

Cane: I don't have any swimming trunks.

Amber: Ace.

Cane: You're on. (Cell phone ringing)

Amber: Hello?

Daniel: Hey, it's me.

Amber: Daniel, you gotta come over here right now. You gotta see this place. Daniel?

Daniel: Can I come over now?

Amber: Sure. You okay?

Daniel: Yeah, I'll-- I'll tell you about it when I get there.

Nick: Seems like all the Newman women have been in trouble lately.

Sharon: I'm an Abbott, remember?

Nick: Right. I keep forgetting.

Sharon: Well, your mom doesn't. She's thrilled.

Nick: When are you moving in with Jack?

Sharon: Um... probably right when I get home from the shoot.

Nick: I'm really gonna miss having you and Noah nearby.

Sharon: It's gonna be a really tough adjustment for him, too.

Nick: Well, you wanted my advice. I would say just give Noah some time. He'll come around.

Sharon: Actually, um, it was something else I wanted your advice about.

Nick: I heard you refused to give a statement to the D.A.'s office.

Sharon: Did you also hear that I have been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury?

Nick: Well, let's hope you can get out of that. This should not go to trial.

Sharon: Nick, if you think that I am going to perjure myself to save Phyllis, think again. She's the one that got me into this mess.

Phyllis: Sharon has been subpoenaed?

Nikki: I'm sure that doesn't surprise you.

Phyllis: You love this, don't you?

Nikki: What? Seeing you sweat? You know, Sharon's gonna have to tell the grand jury everything.

Phyllis: Your point being?

Nikki: You're not gonna need those files. You'll be far too busy preparing for your trial.

Jack's voice: I own House of kim! I own Jabot! For all intents and purposes, I own you! Now you get us out of this, or you will be finding yourself in an unemployment line!

Jack: Where did you get that?

Victor: You thought you were playing me, huh? You think you're smart? I'm smarter.

Jack: Victor...

Victor: I've known about this for months. I thought you and I were friends for a while.

Jack: We are... friends.

Victor: You don't know the meaning of that word! You took advantage of me when I was sick and most vulnerable!

Jack: I will admit that my motives were self-serving--

Victor: You betrayed me! You betrayed me. You've known me long enough to know damn well you can't get away with that. Now... from here on out, you'd better cooperate with me fully.

Jack: What is it you want from me?

Victor: I thought you'd never ask.

Jack: Victor, you have to know how much our friendship has come to mean to me. When my father died, it was all about me. I thought the world owed me. But you, of all people, came through for me. And I took your advice. I have changed.

Victor: I know you haven't.

Jack: Victor, I have learned that winning isn't everything, that honesty and integrity and friendship are important.

Victor: You know nothing about any of that. You have no one to blame but yourself.

Jack: What is it you want?

Victor: You sell back N.V.P. to me. If you refuse, I'll take you down. If you do, then I'll continue to support your campaign publicly.

Jack: Wait, that's it? You went through all this just to get N.V.P.? Victor, you should've talked to me a long time ago. I'd have sold you back N.V.P. in a heartbeat.

Jill: We underestimated our shipping costs, but manufacturing came in under budget, so we should break even. Have you heard a word I've been saying? I've decided to give myself a $100,000 raise and take a six-month vacation. Work for you?

Ji Min: That's fine. That's fine.

Jill: What are you waiting for? You've been glued to that P.D.A. for hours.

Ji Min: I'm sorry, Jill. I've been waiting for a call about a difficult negotiation.

Jill: Stop watching it and it'll ring. I have an idea! You stood me up for our dinner date the other night, so I am calling in my marker.

Ji Min: Jill, um, would you like to go to dinner with me?

Jill: Tonight? I would love to!

Kay: And here we have Jill's office, which I'm sure you've seen before.

Ji Min: Oh, hello, Kay.

Kay: Ji Min.

Jill: You've met my son Cane.

Ji Min: Of course. It's good to see you again.

Cane: You, too, Mate.

Kay: My, uh, grandson is going to oversee, um, the construction of Clear Springs.

Ji Min: Oh, so you're moving into the offices we leased to Chancellor. Excellent.

Cane: For the time being, yeah.

Jill: It was my idea to have him work down the hall. Ah! I have a little something here. For you, my son, to help you on the job. See? That way, you can keep track of all your appointments.

Kay: Oh, that's exactly like the one I gave you this morning.

Cane: It's perfect.

Kay: Same brand.

Cane: Thank you. Well, at least now I have two. So, you know, I always lose things. I suppose great minds think alike, eh?

Jill: Uh, our minds are nothing alike.

Kay: Pardon me. Um, she's upset because, uh, I have the greater of the two minds.

Cane: Yeah, but I'm related to both of you so I suppose I have nothing to worry about.

Kay: Yes.

Amber: Hey! Want some chocolates? They're from Belgium.

Daniel: No, I'm fine.

Amber: You don't look fine. What's up with you?

Daniel: Lily.

Amber: She still mad at you?

Daniel: And she has a right to be.

Amber: Why? Did something else happen?

Daniel: Well, yeah, I really messed up this time.

Amber: Daniel? Its okay, you can talk to me about anything.

Daniel: Lily found out I was lying to her. She created an account on strangersbynight.

Amber: What? Why would she do that after yelling at you--

Daniel: No, no, no, it's not what you think. She pretended to be a stranger and sent me an e-mail asking if I was single.

Amber: Oh, no... you didn't?

Daniel: Oh, yes, I did. So now she knows that I've been lying to her and she thinks that I've been seeing other girls.

Amber: How'd you leave it?

Daniel: I walked out.

Lily: Daniel is such a liar! I mean, he admitted that he looks at porn, but he said he never met anyone online!

Colleen: Lily, look, I never should've suggested that you fake e-mail him. That was just a bad idea.

Lily: No, I'm glad you did! 'Cause I had to find out. And now I know that I can never believe a word he says again!

Colleen: No, you love him. He loves you. Look, this'll work itself out, all right? He looked miserable when I saw him.

Lily: Good, I'm glad he did.

Colleen: Do you wanna call him?

Lily: No. He's the one that walked out on me, remember?

Colleen: Yeah, I do. I do. Maybe... maybe it is better to let things cool down.

Lily: You know, I like how Daniel messes up, but yet he makes me feel bad about it.

Colleen: Yeah, that's messed up.

Lily: I mean, I expected a big fight, but I never expected him to leave.

Nick: There's a storm moving through the west. We can't take off for a while.

Sharon: Um... I'm sorry I snapped at you before.

Nick: It's all good. You know I wasn't gonna ask you to perjure yourself, right?

Sharon: I know.

Nick: Okay. Everyone's been under a lot of stress lately.

Sharon: It's still, um... its hard being with you. And it's hard to believe that it's been two years since...

Nick: Yeah, since... Cassie died. I've been thinking a lot about that lately.

Sharon: It seems like everything just fell apart after she passed away. It's like there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.

Nick: We tried.

Sharon: And I made a mess out of my life.

Nick: I'm not really one to talk after what I did to you.

Sharon: Well... you know, I did the same thing. You fell in love with Phyllis. I fell in love with Brad.

Nick: Fell in love with Brad? What about Jack? Are you still in love with Brad?

Sharon: Yes.

Nick: Wait... when did you fall in love with Brad? Before you slept with him?

Sharon: Yes.

Nick: And before he married Victoria?

Sharon: Look, just forget I said anything, okay?

Nick: No, no, no, no, I need to know.

Sharon: Fine, um... I-I knew that I loved him before New York and before he proposed to your sister. You and I were trying to work out our marriage.

Nick: He was trying to get you to leave me, wasn't he?

Sharon: Well, I turned him down.

Nick: All this time...

Sharon: What?

Nick: Don't you get it? Don't you get how guilty I felt because I hurt you and because I broke up our family, and you were in love with Brad.

Sharon: Well, Nick, I... I still loved you, too. And there was the Phyllis thing and I was confused.

Nick: All this time... I thought it was my fault.

Sharon: Nick...

Nick: Everything Victoria was afraid of is true.

Sharon: Yes?

Nick: And are you sleeping with him?

Sharon: No! No, of course not! Look, I've been holding in my feelings for Brad for a year and a half. I see him in the office all the time and we're just friends. But, yes, I finally, I... I told Brad how I feel about him.

Nick: What made you give in?

Sharon: Jack asked me to marry him and it just-- it came out of me. I panicked.

Nick: And what did Brad say?

Sharon: Well, what could he say? You know, he's married to Victoria and they're having a baby together--or they were. He wasn't gonna abandon his own child.

Nick: So what's Brad gonna do now? Is he gonna leave my sister?

Sharon: Um... I'm married to Jack. He's running for office. I told you I made a mess of everything.

Nick: No kidding.

Colleen: Here you go.

Lily: Thank you. Hey, do you remember when I was at boarding school and Daniel and I couldn't talk, so we used to e-mail each other?

Colleen: You guys were crazy. You would do anything to talk to each other.

Lily: Yeah, he was all romance all the time. His screen name was Iberomeo.

Colleen: And yours was Ibejuliet.

Lily: Yeah. Quite a contrast from Studguy101, cruising women online. I mean, do you think it's me?

Colleen: Sweetie, why would you think that?

Lily: I don't know. Maybe I'm not... enough for him.

Colleen: Lily, Daniel is lucky to be with you.

Lily: Yeah, you have to say that because you're my friend.

Colleen: No, I have to be honest because I'm your friend. I don't know what his deal is, but... it's not you.

Lily: Well, he thinks I'm making a big deal about nothing.

Colleen: You caught him talking to strangers online and looking at porn. What do you really think, Lily?

Lily: I don't know, Colleen! Maybe... maybe I am overreacting.

Amber: I'm so sorry, Daniel. I never should've turned you on to that web site in the first place.

Daniel: It's not like you forced me to watch.

Amber: Sure you've never met any women offline?

Daniel: No! No! Look, I e-mailed a couple of people for fun, okay? It never went any further. She's freaking out over nothing!

Amber: Wrong answer! Okay, if Cane wanted to look at porn, we would bring a laptop to bed. But not all women are like me. Some just don't like it.

Daniel: I didn't do anything wrong!

Amber: Okay, from her point of view, you did. You hid something. You lied to her. And when she confronted you about it, you walked.

Daniel: She tricked me.

Amber: You lied to her.

Daniel: You girls are all the same. You're taking her side!

Amber: No, I'm not. I'm trying to show you how she feels.

Daniel: Yeah, well, in that case, I'll be lucky if she ever speaks to me again.

Amber: Oh, I wouldn't worry so much. You know, I never met a problem I couldn't fix.

Nikki: I will have to run this by Jack and get back to you, okay? Thank you.

Victor: Well, you won't have to run this by Jack any longer.

Nikki: Why is that?

Victor: He's selling back N.V.P.

Nikki: Selling it? What do you mean? We're getting the company back?

Victor: That's what you wanted, isn't it?

Nikki: Yes! This is wonderful!

Victor: That's the first time I've a smile on your face in a long time.

Nikki: Oh, my God! How did this happen? What did you do?

Victor: The less you know, the better. Are you thrilled?

Nikki: I am more than thrilled.

Jack: (Retches)

Amber: Hi, Colleen.

Colleen: Hi.

Amber: Hey, have you seen the new lace camisoles at the store? They're totally cute.

Lily: No, um, I've been kind of distracted lately.

Amber: Mmm. Daniel, you have company!

Lily: Um, he's-- he's not home.

Amber: Really? He said he was gonna be here. He said he was gonna check out some new tunes I've been working on.

Lily: Well, I don't know when he's coming back, so...

Amber: You know, he said if they were good enough, he was gonna give 'em to his dad's manager. Ooh, can't wait!

Colleen: You know, maybe you should try him on, um, his cell phone.

Amber: Did you two get in a fight?

Lily: Um, I don't really wanna get into it, so...

Amber: You're still mad at him about that porn stuff, huh? You know, I told Cane he never should've done that. I could kill him. It's just-- it just really wasn't a funny joke.

Lily: Um, can I ask you something?

Amber: Sure.

Lily: You don't care that Cane looks at porn?

Amber: Not really. I mean, sometimes it works in my favor if you know what I mean.

Colleen: Does he ever write women online?

Amber: You mean, like flirt? Well, sometimes, but it's harmless.

Lily: Well, I don't think it's harmless.

Colleen: Um... she's really upset.

Amber: What happened?

Colleen: Don't tell her I told you this, but Daniel's been chatting with women on a porno site.

Amber: Lots of guys do that.

Colleen: Yeah. Well, when she went to go confront him, he walked out. She's miserable.

Amber: Poor Lily. They really need to talk.

Colleen: I know, but she's not calling him and he's not calling her anytime soon.

Amber: Then you and I have to do something about it.

Nikki: Got it. Eau Claire, Thursday night, green bay and Milwaukee, Friday. Saturday we have Appleton, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac and on Sunday I rest. What? Wausau? David... you are very hard to please. Maybe. That's a maybe. Okay, bye. Well... how would you like to go to church with me this Sunday in Wausau?

Victor: Sweetheart, its best I don't.

Nikki: Why not? You can drop the charade. You got Jack.

Victor: It ain't finished yet. You should've seen the expression on his face. Better than I had envisioned all these past months.

Nikki: I'm very glad you got what you wanted. More importantly, we are getting N.V.P. back.

Victor: That's only the first step.

Nikki: You're gonna go ahead with this, aren't you? Full force.

Victor: He stole a company from me. He put the noose around his own neck. Now it's up to me to tighten it.

Jack: Hey.

Phyllis: Oh, there he is now. The man who gave me a leave of absence. What--what are you doing here? You here to give me my job back?

Jack: No.

Phyllis: Well, then why are you here? Don't you have some big election function to go to?

Jack: No, I canceled it.

Phyllis: Well, I don't wanna hear about it. I have my own problems to deal with, Jack.

Jack: Would you just let me talk for a second?

Phyllis: What is it?

Jack: Victor set me up.

Phyllis: What do you mean, Victor set you up?

Jack: When I lost Jabot, I thought nothing worse could happen. I had let my father down so badly I couldn't look him in the eye anymore. He was disappointed in every possible way.

Phyllis: He--he-- he never thought that.

Jack: No, he never said it, but I could see the hurt in his eyes. I had taken from him his chance to leave the company he started to his children, to his grandchildren.

Phyllis: Listen, Jack, all he wanted for you was to be happy.

Jack: And I was happy, until I lost Jabot. And then I had to live with it every day of my life. I couldn't take it anymore. So I promised myself I would do whatever it took-- whatever it took to get Jabot back.

Phyllis: I don't blame you.

Jack: If that meant stealing and lying and cheating, so be it.

Phyllis: What are you saying?

Jack: I own Jabot.

Nick: All right, look, I really... want what's best for you and Jack.

Sharon: Thank you. If it worked out, that would solve a lot of problems.

Nick: I just don't get what you and Vick see in Brad.

Sharon: Just like you with Phyllis.

Nick: I guess I deserved that.

Sharon: Hey, I, um... I understand what you went through. I can see how you would be in love with two people at the same time and... I understand why you did what you did. And I know that... we're probably long past this, but it would just make me feel better if I could say this out loud. Everything that happened back then--you, me, Phyllis-- I forgive you.

Nick: Thanks. I needed to hear that.

Cane: So what's this meeting about? I thought we had our midnight swim rendezvous.

Amber: I'll be there. First we have to help Daniel and Lily out.

Daniel: Hey, guys.

Cane: Hey.

Daniel: So I got your text. Did you talk to Lily?

Cane: Did I send you some more porn that I didn't know about?

Amber: No, not this time.

Cane: Whew!

Daniel: Amber's great at fixing marital strife.

Cane: Don't get involved.

Amber: Daniel needs our help.

Cane: Amber, don't get in the middle of this.

Daniel: You know what, guys? I'm gonna be right over here, okay?

Amber: If you and I were arguing, wouldn't you want Daniel to help me out?

Cane: No, and I'm telling you, don't get stuck in the middle of this.

Amber: Too late.

Lily: I swear, I'm gonna drown my sorrows over cookies.

Phyllis: Jack, how can this be? You and Katherine had an agreement.

Jack: I broke the agreement. I had to have my father's company back. It's the only way I could have peace.

Phyllis: Lying gives you peace?

Jack: I did what I had to do.

Phyllis: Who knows about this?

Jack: Uh, Nikki probably knows about it by now.

Phyllis: I cannot believe this.

Jack: I tried to contain this thing. I tried to keep a lid on it. I couldn't. And now I'm about to lose Jabot again.

Phyllis: You know, I don't condone what you did.

Jack: Oh, nobody will.

Phyllis: But I certainly understand.

Jack: You do?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. I do. We're a lot more... alike than you'd like to think.

Jack: I thought I'd finally found peace with Victor Newman.

Phyllis: I can't believe he's done this to you.

Jack: Well, he's-- he's paying me back for what I did to him. I took advantage of him when he was ill. I got exactly what I deserved. I just... just when I was starting to feel like I was the son my father would be proud of.

Phyllis: You--you are.

Jack: Phyllis, I would've sold N.V.P. to them if they'd just asked. Without any questions.

Phyllis: I can't believe them. They accuse you of being duplicitous and they're setting you up. It's phenomenal. We can't let them get away with this, Jack.

Daniel: Hey.

Lily: I'm okay.

Daniel: How are you?

Lily: How do you think I am? I don't get why you're doing this.

Daniel: Lily, I'm sorry for walking out on you before.

Lily: Oh, but you're not sorry for e-mailing other women?

Daniel: You are making a big deal out of nothing.

Lily: Daniel, there is no difference between what you're doing and cheating.

Daniel: Yes, there is. There's a huge difference.

Lily: Oh, really? Really? Okay, so then you wouldn't care if I started e-mailing random guys telling them that I'm single?

Daniel: When you're at school and a guy smiles at you, you don't smile back?

Lily: That is not the same thing and you know it.

Daniel: It is exactly the same thing.

Lily: You really believe that?

Daniel: Yeah, I do.

Lily: I have to get out of here.

Amber: No, Lily, don't go. You know Daniel adores you.

Cane: Amber, look...

Lily: Oh, so that's why he flirts?

Amber: No Daniel would never touch another woman! It's completely harmless.

Daniel: So now you're just gonna walk away from me?

Lily: What's the point in talking to you? You don't get anything I say. Let's go.

Sharon: You know, Noah's really warming up to Jack. And he's great with kids.

Nick: I can attest to that.

Sharon: He's really excited about the half-court that Jack's building for him.

Nick: Oh, I know. That's all the kid talks about. I'm never gonna be able to get him to come out to the ranch.

Sharon: Yeah, you will. Maybe you have to buy him a couple more horses, though.

Nick: Or I could build him a soccer field on one of our pastures. Then he'd come and hang out with me.

Sharon: No, seriously, Nick, it's not a competition.

Nick: Oh, yeah, it is. Our son knows how to play both sides of his parents.

Sharon: Great. Next you're gonna find yourself buying him a dog, and then you're gonna have to come home at lunch hour and feed him.

Nick: Zapato could use a friend. That wouldn't be too bad.

Sharon: No.

Man on P.A.: Mr. Newman, Mrs. Abbott, we've just been cleared for take-off. Buckle your seatbelts, please. We'll be getting in line on the runway shortly.

Sharon: I'm disappointed that we're taking off so soon.

Nick: Yeah, it was... nice to finally spend some time with you. I'm glad you're here.

Ji Min: That's right. Thanks for that.

[Ji Min remembering]

Victor: If things get too dicey for you, we'll find a safe house for you... with enough financial support to last you for a while.

Ji Min: Jack, did we have an appointment?

Jack: You made a deal with Victor, didn't you?

Ji Min: What?

Jack: Cut the act! Don't pretend you didn't.

Ji Min: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jack: Victor played a tape for me of the two of us talking.

Ji Min: What were we saying? Where did he get that?

Jack: I was telling you that I own Jabot. Imagine that! The coincidence of Victor Newman getting his hands on that tape!

Ji Min: That's impossible! Where would he get a tape like that?

Jack: Don't play games with me, Ji Min.

Ji Min: Take it easy, Jack. This room could be bugged right now.

Jack: Or you could've been wearing a wire.

Ji Min: What?! Are you crazy? If you go down, I go down. Now who else knows about this?

Jack: Nikki, I'm sure. I'm not worried about Nikki., I'm worried about you. You are the only person that could've recorded a private conversation between the two of us.

Ji Min: That's ridiculous! Just don't panic. I'm gonna call security right now. We'll get this room swept for bugs.

Nikki: Voila! I have checked in. I have my boarding pass.

Victor: Ah. When will you leave for the airport?

Nikki: In an hour.

Victor: By the way, who are you meeting with in Madison?

Nikki: Oh, too many people. David has a list. I can't keep up with it. (Knock on door)

Victor: Come in.

Nikki: Phyllis!

Phyllis: Are you two happy? I mean, I-I cannot believe what you did to Jack.

Victor: Next time, kindly close the door. So Jack told you?

Phyllis: Yes, he told me. He's devastated. Are you guys really that heartless? Phyllis: Jack told me everything.

Nikki: Our hands were tied.

Phyllis: There's not much room for interpretation, Nikki. I don't understand why you two are doing this to him. Jack is a wreck.

Nikki: Only because he got caught.

Phyllis: Jack is your friend.

Victor: Does a friend steal a company from someone when he is sick? Does he take advantage of someone when he's not in possession of his faculties? You're calling me heartless?

Phyllis: Victor, he had ulterior motives,but he's changed. He changed. He was loyal to you.

Victor: I don't wanna hear about ethics from someone who has been charged with extortion.

Phyllis: Victor... your--your desire for retribution-- I don't understand this. You're--you're hurting the people who really love you and you're harming everybody who cares about you.

Victor: And you think Jack is one of them?

Phyllis: Yes, I do.

Victor: Phyllis, with all due respect, you are naive.

Ji Min: That's right. Non-stop, O'Hare to Seoul. First available flight. Thanks. Yeah, call me back.

Jill: You're going to Korea?

Ji Min: Um... something came up suddenly.

Jill: Do you go there a lot?

Ji Min: My family has a home in the mountains there. It's gorgeous. We used to go there every summer when I was a kid.

Jill: Oh, I'd love to see it.

Ji Min: Well, I'd love to show it to you.

Jill: Ji Min, um... how about tomorrow? No, I mean, I could rearrange my schedule and join you and you could show me Jabot's Korean operation. We could mix business and pleasure.

Ji Min: The president and the C.E.O. of Jabot going to Korea together?

Jill: What, are you worried about what people will think?

Ji Min: I just don't wanna... sully your reputation.

Jill: Aren't you a gentlemen? No, come on, we could legitimately have business there together. I'm not concerned about people.

Ji Min: Well, you know, it is the lotus festival. It's Buddha's birthday. There will be thousands of lanterns shaped like dragons and animals.

Jill: I can't wait.

Ji Min: I'll call the travel agent.

Jill: Good.

Kay: Well, I am glad to hear that Ashley is doing so well in Los Angeles.

Jack: She is, Katherine. I've been thinking a lot about family lately. You've always been an important part of the Abbott family. You and my father were very close.

Kay: (Chuckles) oh, Jack, I have known you since you were a boy and when you start tugging at heart strings, something big is up. What is it?

Jack: As one businessperson to another, I'm hoping we can keep this between the two of us.

Kay: Out with it.

Jack: This is not something that either of us would want to become public knowledge.

Kay: Well... Jack, it would be wonderful to know what that something is.

Jack: I've made a huge mistake, Katherine, and I've come here to rectify it.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Jack: As simply as I can put it... I own Jabot. And I now want to sell it back to you.

Kay: You... own Jabot?

Jack: I know I should not have gone behind your back.

Kay: Oh, well, you damn well shouldn't have! Do you know the trouble you have put me through?!

Jack: Yes.

Kay: Do you know what this implies?

Jack: Katherine, I know.

Kay: What? I mean, I'm talking about the legal problems! The mess we're in if anyone finds out?!

Jack: Believe me, I know I could be facing jail time myself.

Kay: Well, you certainly deserve to face jail! How in the... no, I don't wanna know how. I do not want to know the details. I don't.

Jack: Now you know why we need to keep this quiet.

Kay: All right, tell me this. Why are you selling Jabot if it's getting back on its feet, Dear?

Jack: I need to move forward. I'm planning on winning this election, Katherine. And I am going to make a name for myself outside of my father's company.

Kay: Yes, well, there will only be one John Abbott.

Jack: Yeah, you're right about that. I don't have to tell you when my father died, my life fell apart. In this last year, putting the pieces back together, I've learned a lot about friendship, a lot about honesty. I couldn't regret any more what I've done. That's why I'm here, Katherine. To set things right.

Phyllis: Hey, Baby, it's me. You won't believe what your father just did. Actually, you will believe it. Anyway, can you call me when you get this message? I love you.

(Telephone ringing)

Victor: Yep. What? What?!

Nikki: What is it?

Victor: The jet...

Nikki: What about it? Victor, what? You're scaring me! What?!

Victor: The... the jet went down.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Brad: You're my wife. You're the one I chose to marry.

Victoria: But you love her more than me.

Michael: The Newman jet went down.

Phyllis: What?

Nikki: We don't know anything.

Brad: Who was on the plane?

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