Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/8/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/8/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 5/9/07 -- U.S.A.


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Phyllis: Since when did I become public enemy number one? Nobody asked me for a quote.

Nick: That's because you can't give one.

Phyllis: Defendants do it all the time.

Nick: Yeah, and then their lawyers quit.

Phyllis: I'm not asking for a press conference. I'm asking just for a statement. Look--look what I wrote.

Nick: That's precise and well written.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Nick: It's also the kiss of death. You can't issue it.

Jack: Ladies and gentlemen, everything is under control.

Woman: Well, you have to be a little bit concerned, Mr. Abbott. One of your staff members is under arrest for extortion.

Jack: Of course, Phyllis is not only a colleague, she also happens to be--

Woman: An ex-wife, correct? And isn't your current wife involved in the scandal?

Ben: Unproven allegations.

Woman: Do you at least want this case to go to trial?

Jack: I think we owe it to the people of Wisconsin not to rush to judgment here. If you'll excuse me, I have a business to run. Thank you both.

Victor: Jack Abbott will be ruined once it becomes clear that he owns Jabot Cosmetics. He will have nothing left.

Ji Min: Let me get this straight. You don't support his campaign and yet, you're his chief financier?

Victor: Now you listen carefully. Either we do this together, or I'll do it alone and I'll take you down with him.

Ji Min: I believe in enlightened self-interest.

Victor: Good. That's highly motivating, isn't it?

Ji Min: So is federal prison.

Victor: If things get too dicey for you, we'll find a safe house for you with enough financial support to last you for a while.

Ji Min: I can take care of myself, but thank you, Victor.

Victor: Now this is my enlightened self-interest. You get facts, not conjecture, that Jack Abbott owns House of Kim and by extension, Jabot Cosmetics.

Ji Min: I'm gonna need some time to consider the best approach.

Victor: Let me show you the best approach. By the end of the day, you bring me the evidence I need.

Victor: Jack Abbott destroyed Senator Bodiís entire political career by using exactly such a device. It's ironic that you will now do the same thing to Jack Abbott, isn't it?

Colleen: He had a sex DVD in his backpack?

Lily: Yes. And Daniel fed me this B.S. about how he was trying to get back at Cane.

Colleen: Maybe he was.

Lily: No, I don't buy it. I mean, he lied about that web site thing and he swore that he would not lie again. So this is part of the same stupid prank.

Colleen: He would've told you.

Lily: Yes, and for all I know, he's still on that web site, meeting girls.

Colleen: No, you don't think he would still do that after getting caught?

Lily: Listen, at this point, I wouldn't put it past him.

Gloria: So tell me... am I glowing? (Giggles)

Michael: I'm glad somebody's happy.

Gloria: Aw.

Kevin: What is with you this morning?

Michael: Well, in case you two have forgotten, my wife found out that I lied to her again and she wasn't too thrilled.

Gloria: You were protecting me and she has to understand that, Michael.

Michael: What she understands is I broke a promise.

Kevin: Lauren's chill. Give it time. She'll--she'll get over it.

Michael: Right.

Gloria: All right, how about we start the day with some really good news? I asked William Bardwell to marry me.

Michael: You...

Kevin: What, are you crazy?

Michael: You know, you are not gonna upset me. I have many more important things to worry about today besides your escapades. Besides, I'm sure when they up that man's medication, he'll run for his life.

Kevin: Behold, the face of fear. Running in the wrong direction.

Michael: Were you expecting him?

Gloria: It's kismet, Darling.

Michael: Yeah, well, business before whatever it is you're doing. Excuse me.

Will: Hi, let me have a blueberry muffin and a large coffee, please. Thanks.

Michael: Good morning, Counselor.

Will: Michael, forgive me if I don't ask you to join me, but this is a working breakfast.

Michael: Oh, work suits me just fine. I've been talking to Phyllis about our negotiated plea.

Will: Ah. About that, you know, I think I was too generous with my offer of six months. But I made it in good faith, so I'll let it stand.

Michael: I'm not gonna accept it. I have no doubt I can win this case.

Will: You really wanna run the risk? Why don't you take the plea and walk?

Michael: Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you? No work on your part? I'm sorry, William, but I intend to go to court and I intend to win this case.

Will: 5:00, Michael. You have until then to change your mind. After that, the plea offer is gone.

Brad: Hey, Vicki, I've been thinking about you all morning. I obviously can't focus on my work. I wish I was there with you. I hope you're feeling better. Call me when you're up to it, okay? I love you, bye.

Jack: Hey, Brad. Well, let's hope that the baby has Victoria's attitude.

Brad: I saw your new ad this morning, Jacko.

Jack: Oh? And?

Brad: Very clever. Bringing Nikki down without using guerilla tactics.

Jack: Oh, I was never real big on surprises. Always preferred to focus on strategy. Much like you.

Brad: Meaning?

Jack: What you're doing with Phyllis right now.

Brad: She did it to herself, Jack.

Jack: It's gone too far, Bradley.

Brad: Well, maybe it has, maybe it hasnít.

Jack: You can bring this whole thing to an end by going to Will Bardwell and explaining to him that you were pressured into bringing these charges. And I'm sure, under the circumstances, he'd understand.

Brad: Right. Nikki withdraws. You do back flips into office. I see your strategy. Nice try, Senator.

Jack: I will be senator, Bradley. Soon enough. Look, the word is out. You allowed your mother-in-law to pressure you. What difference does it make now?

Brad: Big difference. You're the one who stands to profit the most.

Jack: You're forgetting someone. You get to focus on what's important to you-- your marriage, your new baby.

Brad: I understand Phyllis is considering a plea bargain.

Jack: Why let it get that far? You could be a hero here. We'd all owe you, plus we'd respect you for bringing an end to all of this.

Nick: Phyllis wrote a statement.

Michael: Oh, really?

Phyllis: Read that.

Nick: It's precise and well written.

Michael: Hmm.

Phyllis: Hey! Hey! Hey!

Michael: I talked to Bardwell this morning. I told him we were going to trial.

Nick: Good. What did he say?

Michael: He was surprised. He urged me to accept his pathetic plea bargain. He said he should up the prison time.

Phyllis: Really? How long does he want me in there for?

Michael: It doesn't matter what he wants. I told him this was not a case I was going to lose.

Lily: You know what? I shouldn't have dragged you into this. This is so embarrassing.

Colleen: No, Sweetie, it's okay. Just let me do all the talking.

Kevin: Good morning, Ladies.

Colleen: Good morning.

Kevin: What's your pleasure?

Colleen: Um, speaking of pleasure...

Lily: Um, we have a favor to ask.

Kevin: Okay.

Lily: Um... itís... personal.

Kevin: Oh. Well, I only do bachelorettes and birthday parties. Everything else is off limits.

Colleen: (Giggles)

Kevin: I'm sorry. What? What? What?

Lily: It's about Daniel. Um... I...

Colleen: Um, Lily thinks that Daniel has a problem with pornography.

Kevin: What kind of problem?

Colleen: Well, he can't stop looking at it behind her back.

Lily: Look, hereís... here's the story. Daniel joined this adult web site and he claims that it was sent to him as a joke. Although, I know for a fact that he's been on there on more than one occasion. And... I think he's hiding stuff from me.

Kevin: Um... I hate to break it to you, but guys look at that stuff. People make too big a deal out of it.

Lily: Um, that's-- that's great, but I wasn't really looking for an editorial comment.

Kevin: Fine. Then talk to Daniel about it.

Lily: No, I-I have. And every time I think that he's over it, something else happens.

Colleen: Um, Kevin, we were thinking since you're such a computer genius, that you might just take a look at his hard drive and...

Kevin: Yeah, well, you know, I'm a sucker for flattery, but in this case? I can't go behind my buddy's back.

Colleen: It's okay.

Gloria: Am I interrupting?

Will: Please. I've gotta leave in a few minutes. You know, it's amazing. This--this muffin tastes almost like the one you made the other day.

Gloria: Really? Isn't that a coincidence? Kevin asked for my recipe.

Will: Well, you could have a second career as a pastry chef.

Gloria: Oh, William, no, I don't wanna cook for anybody. Well, bake maybe for my children or... I don't know, a husband?

Will: Gloria... about your proposition...

Gloria: Yes?

Will: I'm flattered. And I'm late. I'm due in court. Could we, um... have dinner tonight? We could talk some more?

Gloria: I'd love to.

Will: Anywhere but the athletic club. I'm having lunch there today.

Gloria: I'll make all the arrangements.

Will: Okay. Thank you.

Kevin: Refills?

Will: Uh, no, none for me, thanks.

Gloria: I'll call you, William.

Kevin: Double-time exit, stage left. Michael's prophecy fulfilled?

Gloria: The idea is I chase him until he catches me.

Nikki: In difficult business situations, I always like to think what I would do I was on the other side.

David: That's an excellent strategy. Unfortunately, most politicians aren't very good at it. They allow their overblown egos to get in the way.

Nikki: Well, let's see how I do. I'm Jack. If I were him, I'd want the voters to think that Phyllis and Nikki were joined at the hip.

David: Very good. Go on.

Nikki: And I would remind everyone that they are the "N" and the "P" of N.V.P.

David: Okay. Then Ben Hollander leaks that you, Nikki, manipulated the whole affair. You forced Phyllis into pressuring Brad.

Nikki: To make Jack look like the bad guy. Oh, how very devious of me!

David: Do you have anything to say for yourself, Ms. Newman?

Nikki: Well, I don't think that my opponent was aware that his ex-wife and campaign leader were manipulating a corporate vote for his gain. Therefore, I have to give Mr. Abbott the benefit of the doubt, even though he does stand to gain financially and personally by ms. Newman's actions.

David: I think it's time for a press release.

Phyllis: Hey, Brad. I have some news this morning.

Brad: And you're just dying to tell me about it?

Phyllis: Bardwell's given me time to cop a plea.

Brad: Is this the part where I'm supposed to feel bad?

Phyllis: Oh, I don't want your sympathy, but thanks. We're going to trial. Michael's gonna get me off.

Brad: Hmm. I gotta admit, you always had guts.

Phyllis: Something you lack.

Brad: Excuse me.

Phyllis: Hey, hey, Brad? Even though Michaelís gonna win, I'd rather skip the stuffy courtroom and you can make this all go away.

Brad: Come again?

Phyllis: I'd like to make you a deal.

Brad: Really? Well, this should be good.

Phyllis: No matter what I say, questions will be asked.

Brad: About?

Phyllis: Well, say when a person feels that they've been unduly pressured in a land deal, and as a result, they snatch up that same real estate and make a windfall profit? I'm not a lawyer, but I believe that's a breach of fiduciary duty. And I think it's illegal.

Brad: I don't think so.

Phyllis: Imagine how difficult it is for Victoria now. But think, when that baby is born and her daddy's in prison? Do nothing by 5:00, and I won't be the only one locked up.

Phyllis: So?

Brad: I'm thinking.

Phyllis: I want you to know, I realize I never should've done what I did. I realize that.

Brad: You're genuinely sorry?

Phyllis: Yes, I am, Brad. I'm very sorry.

Brad: I'm touched. You and your sorrow should go a long way at trial.

Phyllis: That's it?

Brad: I told you before the board vote, Phyllis. If I go down in flames, you're gonna burn with me.

Man: Hi, uh, double espresso. Please. Thank you.

Gloria: Evan? Evan--Evan... Owen! Gloria Abbott!

Evan: Of course, yes.

Gloria: We met a couple of years ago on the cruise when John and I got married!

Evan: Gloria, I remember you won the tango contest.

Gloria: Yes!

Evan: I forgot that you and John lived in Genoa City.

Gloria: Uh-huh!

Evan: Well, how are you and John?

Gloria: Well, I'm fine, but unfortunately, John passed away last summer.

Evan: Oh.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Evan: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Evan: Have a seat.

Gloria: Well, thank you. Thank you.

Evan: It's good to see you.

Gloria: Likewise. So what brings you to Genoa City?

Evan: Well, I'm not sure if you would remember this, but I was saving for a sailboat.

Gloria: You got it!

Evan: A 19-foot flying Dutchman. I'm here for the Genoa City Regatta.

Gloria: Well, congratulations! Now is there a Mrs. Owen to go along with that boat?

Evan: Uh, no, no, there isnít. I, uh, I still do some time on the cruise lines, teaching women to samba. Most of the time I spend on my boat. I'm married to sailing.

Gloria: Well, there was that one gal on the cruise-- (Texan accent) the big gal with the big hair from Texas?

Evan: (Texan accent) "Aw, hell, Giselle."

Gloria: (Normal voice) that's what her husband kept saying.

Evan: (Normal voice) loud, proud and often.

Gloria: Oh, you know something? John and I used to bet on when he was gonna chuck her overboard.

Evan: Well, Giselle was pretty slick. She made sure that he saw her dancing with me.

Gloria: It worked.

Evan: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: He was jealous.

Evan: Well, that's me, saving marriages one slow dance at a time.

Gloria: Well, aren't you the little heartthrob?

Evan: Me? What about you? I couldn't get one dance in.

Gloria: Well, John wouldn't allow that.

Evan: Well, neither would you. Are you seeing someone?

Gloria: Mmm.

Evan: Is it too soon?

Gloria: Hmm... John will always have a huge place in my heart, but I know he doesn't want me to be alone.

Evan: I take it you've met someone?

Gloria: I have, but I haven't quite... snagged him yet.

Kevin: There you go. I call this a mocha-smoke-a. This has enough caffeine in it to power an aircraft carrier.

Daniel: Mmm. Mocha-smoke-a, huh?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: I don't think I need any caffeine right now, thanks.

Kevin: All right.

Daniel: Now why is it girls make everything so complicated?

Kevin: I do not know. You're asking the guy who fell for Jana the psycho killer.

Daniel: That's a perfect example. "I love you, Kevin, but now I have to kill you." Then girl torches guy.

Kevin: Daniel? Did Lily set you on fire?

Daniel: No. No, remember those pictures you found on my flash drive?

Kevin: I erased 'em. Lily never saw 'em.

Daniel: That time. But then she found out. And then she found a DVD in my backpack. And then she went off on me.

Kevin: Ouch.

Daniel: You know, I am totally committed and devoted to that girl. I just don't know how to make her understand that this isn't a big deal.

Kevin: You know, men and women have totally different mindsets. No matter how innocent we think something is, they're just not gonna get it.

Daniel: Okay, thanks, but I'm kinda looking for some advice here.

Kevin: I'm sorry. I wish I had some answers, Dan. But, uh, if you don't stop this, you might lose your wife.

Jack: Well, I couldn't wait any longer. Victor's proposal for the South Korean market-- lay it on me.

Ji Min: Well, it's very interesting actually. Victor was approached by some investors in a hedge fund in Pusan-- which is our second largest city.

Jack: And?

Ji Min: And the notion is that Newman and Jabot pool their funds to invest.

Jack: Well, that's dicey. These are unregulated funds.

Ji Min: But the administrative fee is reasonable.

Jack: How reasonable?

Ji Min: 45% with capital appreciation.

Jack: Forty-- that's not a fee, that's robbery! Jabot is not interested.

Ji Min: Well, actually, Jack, we are. I felt it was just too good an opportunity to pass up.

Jack: And just how much of Jabot's money did you commit to this opportunity?

Ji Min: I pledged to maintain a $10 million account for one year.

Jack: Are you out of your mind?

Ji Min: It was an executive decision, Jack.

Jack: You know what trumps an executive decision? I own House of Kim! I own Jabot! For all intents and purposes, I own you! Now you get us out of this. Or you will be finding yourself in an unemployment line.

Ji Min: I apologize, Jack. I guess I let my enthusiasm get the better of my judgment.

Jack: Look, I appreciate your enthusiasm. This time you went a bit too far. Remember, you're to run everything by me.

Ji Min: I understand. I apologize.

Jack: Tell Victor your attorneys in Seoul in doing their due diligence didn't like the fine print. He'll thank you for it.

Ji Min: Consider it done.

Colleen: What are you looking at?

Lily: Strangersbynight. I wanna see if Daniel really canceled his membership.

Colleen: All bodies and no heads? That's weird.

Lily: Yeah, well, you have to be a member to see faces.

Colleen: Hmm... do you think those are real?

Lily: Let's just say that if she were swimming, she wouldn't need floaties. Colleen, you're not helping.

Colleen: Sorry.

Lily: Oh, my gosh!

Colleen: What?

Lily: I know that butt.

Colleen: What butt?

Lily: That butt! That's Danielís butt!

Colleen: Uh, no, Lily, come on, you're paranoid!

Lily: No, Colleen, I took that photo last summer when we went skinny dipping.

Colleen: Are you positive? Okay, okay, fine, I believe you.

Lily: Dangit. I can't see anything else unless I join.

Colleen: Um... uh, here. Let's see...

Colleen: Go ahead and charge it to me.

Lily: And then what?

Colleen: Well, and then find his profile and write him an e-mail from... I don't know, Luscious Lips?

Lily: Luscious Lips?

Colleen: It doesn't matter. The point is, just write him an e-mail and pretend like you're some girl that scoped him out.

Lily: And see if he takes the bait?

Colleen: Right.

Lily: (Sighs) this makes me wanna puke.

Colleen: Come on.

Daniel: Here's what I don't get. I know I'm a good guy, right? So why am I always in trouble?

Kevin: You know, it goes back to that whole men are from mars, women are from venus theory. We're just different. End of story.

Daniel: I don't wanna lose her.

Kevin: Well, then donít.

Daniel: Like it's that easy?

Kevin: Daniel, sex is human nature.

Daniel: Oh, right. You know what? Then that's what I'll tell her when I wanna make things all better.

Kevin: Again, I am the last person you should be asking for advice on women. My--my track record should have you running in the opposite direction. But... okay, if you can't stop looking at the stuff, here's my opinion. Whatever it is you're looking at-- whether it's porn, erotica, whatever-- if you look at it without her, she's gonna feel insecure, right?

Daniel: Go on.

Kevin: But if you look at it together... well, you know, the couple that plays together, stays together.

Daniel: How do you know?

Kevin: Well, you know, Jana was, uh... she was an adventurous girl.

Nick: Phyllis is a wreck inside, I can tell. She's doing the right thing by going to trial, but...

Victor: She's very worried. I understand that.

Nikki: I do, too.

Nick: All right, look, you're the one who told me that a family divided cannot stand. I'm asking you to hear me out.

Nikki: Well, go ahead, Son.

Nick: First, we nullify the vote. We put forward a new resolution.

Nikki: I'm listening.

Nick: Second, the new resolution alters the project. It keeps the core revenue-producing elements, but devotes more resources to historic preservation. Third--

Victor: So not only as a corporate entity, but as an individual, Brad Carlton backs off?

Nick: Exactly. That way, the project moves forward, my wife stays out of jail and the family is no longer divided.

Victor: Interesting.

Nikki: Yes, it is interesting.

Victor: Why don't I discuss this with your mother?

Nick: The lessons that both of you taught me about being a Newman? I need to know they're still true. It's not just the money and the power. It's Noah and Summer's legacy.

Victor: Well, it seems we have raised a good son.

Nikki: Who chooses wives poorly.

Victor: What do you think of his idea?

Nikki: I think it's ambitious.

Victor: I think it's terrible. Born of desperation. I have an alternative.

Nikki: You always do.

Victor: You go to Brad Carlton and ask him to withdraw the charges. In return, you can watch the destruction of Jack Abbott, which is about to happen.

Nikki: No. No, you're on your own here. So am I.


(Cell phone ringing)

Brad: Good. Hey, Honey. Hi. Are you in any pain? No, my heart, too, if it helps any. No, no, I promised I wouldn't say anything to your parents. Well, tell the doctor to give you something. Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I can. All right, I love you.

Victor: Was that about Victoria?

Brad: Yeah.

Victor: Is she all right?

Brad: A little morning sickness that's turned into all-day sickness.

Victor: Aha. Be careful with the medicine, you know? That could hurt the baby.

Brad: She's aware.

Victor: At least the child will be lucky to have both parents.

Brad: What is it with you people? You stand in line and take a number? Save your breath, Victor. I'm not recanting.

Victor: I've known you for many years, Bradley. I brought you into this business, and I can take you out.

Brad: I can't help you.

Victor: I just talked to Brad Carlton.

Jack: Please tell me you got through to him? Yeah, I understand. Well, I tried. You tried. Victor tried.

Phyllis: 0 for 3.

Jack: Listen, I've been thinking about this a lot. And I am saying this as someone who cares a great deal about you and always will. Take Bardwellís deal.

Phyllis: No. It's too late. I'm going to trial.

Gloria: And there he is-- Mr. "Why don't you marry me?"

Evan: Ah.

Gloria: And that table right over there would be just perfect.

Gloria: William?

Will: Oh, hello.

Gloria: You did say you were having lunch here today. Oh, I'm so glad you're here. William, this is Evan Owen, an old friend and he's here in town for the regatta. And this is William Bardwell.

Will: Nice to meet you. Good luck with the race.

Evan: Oh, thank you, I appreciate that. You ever do any sailing?

Will: I wish I had the time.

Evan: Well, you owe it to yourself to relax now and then. You know, I could take you today. Between races, this afternoon?

Will: Well, that's very nice of you, thank you.

Gloria: William, join us for lunch?

Will: I canít. I'm waiting for an old friend.

Gloria: Oh, what a shame.

Evan: Well, some other time. Nice to meet you.

Will: You, too.

Evan: And think about the sailing. It can change your life.

Gloria: Enjoy your lunch.

Will: Thank you.

Gloria: Oh, thank you, Evan.

Phyllis: Your parents? They said no?

Nick: My mother said no.

Phyllis: I did this. I did this. I can't blame anybody. I can't blame your mom. I can't blame Brad.

Nick: There is enough blame to go around.

Phyllis: That doesn't matter to our daughter. I'm--I'm not gonna be there for her. I'm not gonna be there for her. I'm not gonna be there to rock her to sleep. I'm not gonna be there to sing that song to her that makes her laugh. I'm never gonna be able to make this up to her.

Nick: Listen to me. I need you to stay positive. All right, I know it sounds like a clichť, but if it works, then I'm all for it. Look, Michael is confident. He needs you to be confident.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: So does Summer.

Phyllis: Right. All right.

Nick: Do it for her.

Phyllis: I will.

Phyllis: I did something-- I did something really good to deserve you.

Nick: And I wanna keep on deserving you. So what do you say?

Phyllis: I say we're gonna kick this trial's butt.

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Michael...

Michael: Yes?

Phyllis: Uh, we're gonna kick this trial's butt.

Michael: Good to hear it.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nick: She wanted to show you her conviction.

Michael: Well, I'm glad that you both feel you're ready for this. I want you to make sure you understand everything.

Phyllis: Meaning what?

Michael: Nothing's a sure thing. We have agreed to go to trial. There will always be a miniscule chance that you could be convicted.

Phyllis: That won't happen because you're a phenomenal attorney.

Michael: I appreciate your vote of confidence.

Nick: You don't need it.

Michael: All right. I want you to stay tough, mentally prepared. And if you'll excuse me, I've got a trial to win.

Colleen: Hey, there you are.

Brad: Hey. Shouldn't you be in class?

Colleen: Not until later. I've left you a couple messages.

Brad: Oh, uh, yeah, I was just, uh, checking them. I've been kinda distracted.

Colleen: What?

Brad: She lost the baby.

Colleen: Oh, my God! When?

Brad: Yesterday. Please don't say anything, Honey. I promised I wouldn't tell anyone.

Colleen: Um...

Michael: Sorry for the interruption.

Brad: This really isn't a good time, Michael.

Michael: My apologies. But bad or no, time is of the essence. I need to get your statement.

Brad: Right now?

Michael: Now. I called Mr. Bardwell and a court reporter. They're on their way. We'll do it in the conference room.

Colleen: Michael? Can we have a minute, please?

Michael: A minute.

Colleen: Thank you.

Brad: You really did grow up when I wasn't looking.

Colleen: I know.

Gloria: William? Please, join us!

Will: Um... well, if you're sure I'm not intruding.

Evan: Oh, please, sit down.

Will: Okay. So... how did you two come to know each other?

Evan: We met on a cruise. Do you have any idea what a fantastic dancer this woman is?

Gloria: Oh, Evan! Well, I try.

Evan: She's being modest. Every guy on the ship wanted to tango with her. And I am hoping to be that lucky guy tonight.

Gloria: Oh... oh, William... would you mind very much if we postpone our dinner? I mean, Evanís only going to be in town for a day or two.

Will: Sure, no problem. Another night.

Evan: Fantastic.

Jack: Phyllis just gave me some interesting news. Have you heard?

Nikki: Nicholas called. The people of the State of Wisconsin vs. Phyllis Newman.

Jack: You'll be asked to testify.

Nikki: Ditto.

Jack: The door will be wide open for a third candidate to walk in.

Nikki: That's inevitable.

Jack: I can just hear his announcement right now.

Nikki: His? Maybe hers?

Jack: Okay, hers. "A pox on both their houses!"

Nikki: We can't let that happen.

Jack: No, we canít.

Nikki: You know what we have to do then? A joint press conference--

Jack: A joint statement about Phyllis--okay. She's gonna hate us for this.

Nikki: Oh, well.

Nikki: Phyllis, its Nikki. Can you meet me in Victor's office in a half an hour? It's important. Good, I'll see you then.

Jack: I notice you didn't mention me.

Nikki: Of course not. We want her to show up.

Lily: Hey.

Colleen: Please tell me you didn't send it already.

Lily: The e-mail from Luscious Lips? It's already to go.

Colleen: Look, Lily, I was with my dad and I realized that this is a bad idea. I think that you should talk to Daniel instead.

Lily: Colleen, I have tried that many times and it did not work.

Colleen: Then get help. Go see a marriage counselor.

Lily: He doesn't think there's a problem!

Colleen: Just tell him that you wanna see a marriage counselor. He can't say no.

Lily: Sent. Love, Luscious Lips.

Daniel: I've got mail.

Daniel: Interesting.

Victor: I trust it was a success?

Ji Min: It was.

Victor: Good. Thank you. You made the right decision. To the future. May the Jack Abbottís downfall be slow and long... and exceptionally painful.

Jack: Then you and David have come up with a statement?

Ben: We've got a draft.

David: That's right. We just have to hash out the final.

Nikki: I wanna read that before it goes out.

Jack: As do I.

Ben: I suggest a joint press conference.

David: Tomorrow. Why don't we, uh, let the statement stand overnight?

Ben: Agreed. Give the pundits something to chew on.

Nikki: It's good with me. Jack?

Jack: Yeah.

Nick: What's with the joint session of congress?

Phyllis: I thought you wanted to see us alone.

Nikki: Others were also affected by your decisions.

Jack: Nikki and I are issuing a joint statement, Phyllis. You are now on leave from N.V.P.

Phyllis: What? You can't do that.

Jack: Effective immediately, without pay.

Nikki: Please go to your office, gather your personal belongings and security will escort you from the building.

Nick: Mother, you can't do this.

Nikki: It's already done.

Phyllis: I thought you weren't going to rush to judgment.

Jack: We didnít.

Phyllis: Is this your doing?

Ben: It came from the candidates.

David: And we concur.

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm sure. Okay. Fine. I'll do that. Did you think I was gonna beg, Jack? We're going to trial. And when I'm acquitted-- and by the way, I will be acquitted-- I will accept your joint apology.

Nick: I wonít.

Will: In the matter of the people of the State of Wisconsin vs. Phyllis Newman, I wanna remind you that it's essential to the prosecution of your earlier complaint that you tell the truth here, even though this is not a formal deposition.

Brad: I understand.

Michael: Uh, what is the substance of your earlier complaint against Phyllis Newman?

Will: You have a copy of it.

Michael: Well, I am interested in hearing Mr. Carlton's words, unburdened by legal jargon and unfiltered. So come on. What was your beef against Phyllis? Did she bribe you? Try and threaten you? Try to persuade you? Blackmail you? What? What? In your own words.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

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