Y&R Transcript Friday 4/27/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 4/27/07 -- Canada; Monday 4/30/07 -- U.S.A.


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Phyllis: Okay, okay, well, I guess the minister's a no show. Anyone wanna get ordained online?

Nick: The minister's still not here?

Phyllis: No, no, can you believe it?

Nick: Well, what's the big deal? We've all done this before. We know what to do, right?

Michael: Yes, Nick's right. I mean, what's to rehearse? Bride and bridesmaids on the left.

Lauren: Right. Groom and groomsmen on the right. You walk down the aisle. You listen to some vows.

Victor: Seems that Noah got his part down pat. He is done and gone.

Victoria: I wish I could do the same.

Phyllis: Listen, um, forget about this. This isn't fun. Let's just go to dinner. Let's have a good time.

Victor: I think that would be energizing. That's a wonderful idea.

Nikki: Oh, I'm so sorry. Um, I just got this message. I can't come to dinner. I've gotta meet with Karen. I'm sorry.

Nick: Your campaign manager? Now?

Nikki: I'm sorry, Honey, it's urgent. I'll talk to you soon.

Victoria: You know, I have to leave, too. I'm not feeling so well. And I probably wouldn't be able to--to keep anything down anyway, so, uh... you know how it is, right, Phyllis? Sometimes just looking at something can make you sick. So I'm gonna go.

Sharon: Jack... I'd like to move in with you, but David has a point. If we go public with our marriage, you're going to join me on the front page of the tabloids.

Jack: There is no such thing as bad publicity, right?

Sharon: That is not true in politics. I don't wanna ruin your campaign.

Jack: You won't. I don't wanna hide the fact that we're married. We're together. We should be together.

Sharon: Well, I have been looking forward to wearing my ring in public.

Jack: Is that a yes?

Sharon: I'll come by and check out your place.

Jack: You've seen my place plenty of times.

Sharon: Not as my home.

Kevin: Are you reading the "Extreme Catwalk" fan boards again?

Gloria: No, I'm learning everything I can about collecting DNA evidence. In case I have to have a defense if William finds out that glove was mine.

Kevin: Ooh! He's onto you, Mom.

Gloria: Honey, do you really think this is funny-- that's he's reopening the Jabot investigation?

Kevin: Mom, don't freak out, okay? Your DNA isn't on file. You're not on the suspect list. I doubt William's even gotten that far yet.

Gloria: Yeah, but he will. He's probably gonna ask everybody at Jabot for a DNA sample.

Kevin: All the employees? Unh-unh, it's not gonna happen. Don't sweat it.

Gloria: Oh, yeah? And how do you know that?

Kevin: Because, mom, DNA tests cost a fortune. There's too many people at Jabot, so just wait for this whole thing to blow over.

Gloria: And what if it doesn't?

Kevin: Well, then be smart, listen to Michael and stay away from William.

Gloria: I can't do that. I put too much time into getting close to him. I'm not giving up on him now.

Kevin: You know, Mom, I helped you land the guy because, well, because you guilted me into it, but now that I know that he could lock you up, I'm off the team.

Gloria: Fine. Leave me alone. Leave me helpless.

Kevin: Oh, please, stop it. You can put the guilt trip book away. It's not gonna work. And for the record, Mom, you have never once been helpless in your life.

(Doorbell rings)

Gloria: Behave yourself.

Kevin: Don't bet on it.

Gloria: Good evening, William. Please, come in.

Will: You look lovely, as always.

Gloria: Thank you. And you are so good for my ego.

Will: You know, I've been looking forward to this. I haven't had somebody make me a dinner in a long time.

Gloria: Oh, really? Well, it will just be the two of us, because Kevin's on his way to the coffeehouse.

Kevin: No, I'm not. I haven't had anyone make me dinner in a long time, either. I'm gonna stick around.

Nikki: Look, as far as I'm concerned, we did our duty showing up at that pointless rehearsal.

Victoria: That doesn't mean that we have to keep up the happy family acts through an interminable dinner with Phyllis.

Nikki: We will be there tomorrow for your brother.

Victoria: Well, I'm hoping that Nick wises up and calls the whole thing off.

Nikki: Don't hold your breath. I hate the idea of using my family for this damn campaign, but according to Karen, I need this wedding to happen. She's going to make available the wedding party photos to the press.

Karen: Yes, because that is the image we want the public to see-- the glamorous, unified Newman's.

Victoria: I thought you were lying about the meeting.

Nikki: No, just the part about it being urgent. (Cell phone ringing)

Victoria: Hello? Hi, Alberto.

Nikki: Um... status check about that matter we discussed?

Karen: It's taken care of.

Nikki: Good.

Jack: Back again so soon?

David: I just got a call on my way out. I thought it would be a good idea to come in and share the news.

Sharon: Good news, I hope?

David: Not exactly. Turns out I was wasting my time trying to convince you not to live together. Somebody leaked your marriage to the press.

Sharon: What?

David: That's right. I'm already doing damage control, but it will hit the morning papers.

Jack: You know what? This was gonna get out sooner or later.

David: Later would've been better, Jack. Let's say, after the election?

Sharon: How nasty is this gonna get?

David: I'm sure the lead will read something like, "State senatorial candidate Jack Abbott elopes with model Sharon Newman, who most recently made headlines when she--"

Sharon: She got into a fight that resulted in her friend's death.

David: More so, when she got into a fight with the woman responsible for breaking up her last marriage.

Phyllis: Uh, they're just, um, they're moving some of the chairs. We should sit down soon.

Nick: There will be plenty of space.

Victor: You know, I'm gonna go to the bartender and get a special bottle of something.

Phyllis: That's great.

Victor: For us to celebrate, okay?

Phyllis: Okay, thank you.

Victor: There.

Phyllis: I'm not on your dad's hit list.

Nick: I haven't told him about the blackmail. I figured things were awkward enough as it is.

Phyllis: Awkward? Really? I don't feel awkward. I feel fine. I feel great. Unlike your sister and your mom. What, they couldn't come to this for your sake?

Nick: I'm gonna go check on Noah. Sam's mom just dropped him off.

Phyllis: I'll go with you.

Nick: That's okay. I'll go alone.

Kevin: (Humming)

Gloria: Oh, Fen is so adorable. He scrunches up his nose when he sleeps and Summer just has her mouth wide open. Please, sit down.

Kevin: You know, Mom, I hope that Michael and Phyllis don't mind that you're babysitting and entertaining.

Gloria: Don't be silly, Honey. The babies are sleeping.

Will: Well, I'm starving. I can't wait to find out what your famous specialty is.

Kevin: Yeah, neither can I. She's a regular Rachael Ray, this one. Everything that she makes is delicious.

Will: Well, I kinda know my way around the kitchen, too. Next time I'll make you my, um, stir fried chicken and vegetables.

Gloria: Is there no end to your talent, Mr. Bardwell? Did you know that William's also a classical music buff?

Kevin: There's a surprise.

Gloria: As a matter of fact, we should all go to the symphony together. You know, they're playing "The Four Seasons" right now.

Kevin: No, thank you. I'm really not into, uh, classical music.

Gloria: Yeah, Kevin only likes his music if it comes out of a garage.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, Mom, you said it. Cranked to the max.

Gloria: Kevin, did I tell you the news that William is reopening the Jabot investigation about the product tampering?

Kevin: No, I had no idea. Why?

Will: Well, it's always been an open case. Um, some new evidence has turned up.

Kevin: Bit of a long shot, don't you think?

Will: No, not if we are--

Kevin: Let me ask you this-- why don't you spend your time on cases like, I don't know, J.T.? The guy beats the hell out of me, a room full of people see it, and you refuse to lift a finger.

Gloria: Kevin...

Will: I explained to you why I dropped the charges.

Kevin: Yeah, because you like going after innocent people, right?

Gloria: We understand your decision.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, yeah, I completely understand.

Gloria: Kevin. Enough. Now please, just go check on dinner for us, okay?

Phyllis: Okay, well, Gina put this menu together. It's, um, northern Italian specialties, so dig in!

Victor: This looks delicious.

Lauren: Very nice.

Nick: Hey, bud, since, um, my mom and your aunt aren't here, you could probably have seconds.

Noah: Why didn't they have to come? I wanted to stay at Sam's party. But they were about to play games.

Nick: Well, you got to go for a little while. That was the compromise, remember?

Noah: It's not fair.

Lauren: Well, Honey, it wouldn't be fair to your dad if you weren't here. I mean, he wants you at his party as much as Sam does.

Noah: I guess. But doesn't Dad want Aunt Victoria and Nikki here, too?

Michael: Of course he does. But they had very important things to do.

Noah: Like what?

Nick: My mom, uh, she had some important work to do and your aunt wasn't feeling well.

Noah: Whatever.

Nick: All right, why don't you go wash your hands for dinner, okay?

Victor: He's totally justified asking those questions. This is an important family event and your mother and your sister should bloody well be here.

Sharon: So much for living happily ever after.

Jack: That is exactly what we are going to do.

Sharon: A political scandal equals happily ever after? What kind of books did your parents read you?

Jack: The realistic kind.

Sharon: You know this isn't good, Jack.

Jack: Being convicted of a felony is a scandal. Accepting campaign money from the mob-- that's a scandal. This is a marriage announcement. There's nothing bad about that.

Sharon: Well, you better tell that to David. Because he's gonna be up all night trying to put a spin on this.

Jack: Don't worry. Another juicy scandal is coming along and it's gonna steal our thunder.

Nikki: The moment I am sworn into office, I'm gonna stop Jack from razing that town.

Victoria: I hope you make it in time.

Nikki: Oh, I'm on it. I've already been lobbying in Madison. Everything will be fine.

Victoria: Oh, Mom!

Nikki: By the time the election gets here--

Victoria: Mom!

Nikki: What?

Victoria: Come here. Come here.

Victoria: Oh, my-- you have to see this.

Nikki: Oh, my God.

[They look on the internet and there�s a video of Nikki stripping when she was young]

Lauren: So here I was, stuck with 300 leopard print skirts that I could not return. I didn't know what to do. So Michael says...

Michael: Stick them in Gloria's closet and she won't even notice.

Phyllis: That's great. Whoa! My napkin. Nice try.

Michael: Well, I'm giving my best material. I should get some credit.

Noah: Can I go now? They added a new foosball table in the rec room.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Nick: I'd like you to stay, Bud.

Phyllis: Oh, foosball's fun, you should let him go.

Nick: Okay. You can go for a little while. I want you to come back before the next course.

Noah: I will.

Victor: All right, I'll join you when I have time. I love that game.

Noah: Okay.

Victor: All right. Your son feels uncomfortable because he realizes there's something going on between the two of you. As do I.

Nick: Well, just, working--

Phyllis: Nothing's going on. It's just, you know, we're working a lot.

Nick: A lot.

Phyllis: And working on the wedding, getting it together. You know, the invitations and the minister, or lack thereof.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nick: We've just been really busy. And having to cancel the rehearsal kinda threw us off.

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, once, um, we get everything together, it'll all settle down.

Nick: Yeah.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I guess you didn't realize how stressful weddings can be. Your father should know. I've been through a few.

Lauren: Michael was a nervous wreck before ours.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Michael: I had to hit so many marks. It was more of a recital than a wedding.

Lauren: Oh, come on, it wasn't that bad.

Michael: Nah, it wasn't.

Lauren: Yeah.

(Cell phone ringing)

Victor: Excuse me.

Phyllis: (Whispers) you think he bought that?

Victor: Yes? Why now? All right, I'll be right there. I'm sorry for the interruption. I, unfortunately, have to join the exodus.

Nick: Its okay, Dad.

Victor: Phyllis, this is wonderful, okay?

Phyllis: Glad you like it.

Victor: And congratulations and we will see you all later.

Phyllis: Okay.

Victor: All right?

Nick: Good night, Dad.

Victor: Have a nice evening.

Lauren: Good night.

Michael: Good night.

Phyllis: Wow. All this food. I hope Zapato's hungry, because we're gonna have a lot of doggie bags.

Michael: Well...

Nick: Yeah.

Gloria: Well, dinner is just about ready.

Kevin: Well, it seemed pretty much done when I checked on it, Mom.

Gloria: Well, actually, it just needed a little bit more seasoning.

Will: It smells great.

Gloria: Oh, good. William, I hate to ask because you are the guest, but the ice maker broke. And would you mind running downstairs to the corner and getting a bag of ice while Kevin and I set the table? Please?

Will: Sure. It would be my pleasure.

Gloria: Thank you. And do hurry back. (Door closes)

Kevin: Good move, Mom. This way you can throw out the take-out containers before William gets back and realizes that the only utensil you know how to use is your credit card.

Gloria: All right, cut the attitude.

Kevin: Mom, you can't even be yourself around the guy.

Gloria: I have just about had it up to here. Enough, Kevin.

Kevin: Oh, that's a shame, 'cause I'm just getting started. He's self-righteous. He's condescending. Not to mention the fact that the guy tries to put me in jail for attempted murder.

Gloria: I know you hate William. I don't care. Given half a chance, I could love him.

Kevin: Yeah! Yeah, just so that you could stay out of prison.

Gloria: Yeah. So could you get with the program?

David: Well, you'll definitely get the family values vote now.

Jack: I can't believe you did this.

Sharon: You call this damage control?

David: All right, now wait a minute, we needed something to take the heat off of the two of you.

Jack: Not like this!

David: You asked to prepare an arsenal against Nikki, so I did. I knew that this would be perfect in case we needed to press the panic button.

Jack: I made it very clear I didn't want to take this route!

David: Unless necessary. You forgot that part, huh? Now I bet you that Nikki was behind your marriage going public.

Jack: Regardless, you should've run this by me! You didn't think of the ramifications! Nikki is not just my opponent. She is Victor's wife.

Victor: There better be a very good reason why I rushed over here.

Nikki: Karen, I'll call you back. I'm sorry. I didn't wanna bother you with this.

Victor: What on earth could possibly be more important than your son's rehearsal dinner? You both should've been there.

Victoria: Well, I just-- I thought maybe you might like to see your good friend Jack's latest strategy.

Victor: I'm trying to stay out of both campaigns, all right?

Victoria: This turned up on viewclick.net. So you still feel neutral?

Victor: "Nikki Newman is a strong woman. I guess she's referring to her ability to climb a pole." Boy, I'm gonna track down whoever posted this garbage.

Victoria: Every time I click refresh, there's another 20 messages.

Nikki: Hey, look at this one. "If she takes it all off at her next speech, she definitely has my vote." Hey, I got a few supporters.

Victoria: "I'm not prude, but this isn't appropriate behavior for a politician." That's not fair. This was a long time ago.

Nikki: It's not like nobody knew about my past. But seeing it like this, it's a little jolting.

Victor: I think I'm gonna have a few words with Jack Abbott.

Nikki: Oh, no, you don't. You've already been in one fight today. I don't need you defending my honor.

Victor: Don't you worry about it, okay?

Victoria: You should confront him yourself.

Nikki: Why? Why let him know that it got to me? That's exactly what he wants. I'm gonna just let it go. I'm not gonna give it to him.

Victor: Darling, this is very personal.

Nikki: It's politics. It's not personal.

Victor: It is very personal.

Nikki: Well, I don't know why you're so upset. You're the one who warned me this could happen.

Victor: Jack Abbott and I agreed that we wouldn't conduct a campaign this way. He looked me straight in the eye and he lied once again.

Phyllis: And where did that "Something borrowed, something blue" thing come from?

Nick: The groom doesn't get any of that. I kinda feel left out.

Michael: Ah, we can start a new tradition-- gifts for the groom.

Lauren: That's right-- something small, something tall.

Nick: I do have the tall part covered.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. Do you have everything ready for the wedding?

Phyllis: I'm not even close. There are so many last minute details.

Michael: Oh, I'm having vivid flashbacks.

Lauren: All right, so bridesmaid at your disposal. I can come over right now and help you.

Phyllis: It's fine. Nick and I will take care of it.

Nick: Actually, I think that would be great, Lauren.

Jack: I'm saying I had nothing whatever to do with the release of that footage. No, I do not think Nikki Newman's past should be used against her in this campaign. Thank you. I could make a thousand of those calls, I wouldn't undo this.

David: You're right. Nikki's dance moves will be the talk of the town and your marriage won't be. Goal accomplished. You're welcome.

Jack: Victor Newman has been incredibly supportive of this campaign. The one thing he asked is that we not attack his wife. I made a promise!

David: You hired me to make these tough calls, Jack. I will not apologize for doing my job.

[Victor is standing outside in the hallway]

Jack: No, you're right. I hired you. We're gonna do things my way now.

David: I think you mean Victor's way. All right, look, Jack, bottom line-- we are bound to face a lot more of these situations. So I guess the question is, do you wanna play by Victor's rules, or do you want to win?

Jack: I hired you, David, because you're an excellent campaign manager. Because you know more about putting a man in office than I will ever know.

David: So we have an understanding?

Jack: I may very well regret this one day, but I've gotta let you go. You're off the campaign, as of right now.

David: You're right, Jack, you will regret this... on election night.

Victor: You made the right call, Jack.

David: Big surprise you think so.

Victor: David Chow, you're not the man I thought you were.

David: Really? And I would've thought you of all people understand what it takes to win an election, Victor.

Victor: Nice to see you, David. Jack, I gotta hand it to you. You possess a quality that is sorely lacking in the world of politics these days. You have integrity.

Will: My compliments to the chef.

Gloria: Thank you.

Kevin: Yeah, Mom, I gotta say, all that time you spent slaving over the hot stove really paid off.

Gloria: I like to think I know your tastes by now, William.

Will: Well, I just hope that my cooking will measure up.

Gloria: I'm sure it will. But you know, there's no hurry. I know how hard you work. In fact, I don't know how you have any time at all for the Jabot investigation.

Will: Well, I've been putting in a lot of late night hours at the office.

Gloria: And I admire that. But I have to tell you, it worries me-- you reopening the case. It could create a lot of negative publicity. Jabot has finally recovered from that scandal.

Kevin: We've recovered? Since when? Sales are still way down.

Gloria: And going up all the time. Now I want whoever did this to get caught. But after all this time, there's a-- not much of a chance really, is there?

Will: Well, the odds are against us.

Gloria: Well, then I think you should focus on the really important cases.

Will: Gloria, look, I understand why you're concerned, but I'm not gonna ignore this because it could hurt Jabot's bottom line.

Kevin: Well, good thing I have a second job to fall back on.

Will: Somebody deliberately sabotaged a product causing a woman to die. Now I may never find the culprit, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try.

Gloria: Hello, Michael.

Nikki: And I thought the worst part of my day was over after that rehearsal.

Victoria: Oh, Sharon? Sharon, could you come in here for a minute?

Nikki: Oh, great.

Sharon: Uh... shouldn't you be with Nick and Phyllis?

Nikki: Well, maybe I would be if it weren't for your husband.

Sharon: Nikki, uh, you should know that Jack had nothing to do with the release of those tapes.

Nikki: Oh, what tapes? Guilty by admission. You two are a perfect pair. You're just self-absorbed. You lie with ease. And then when something goes wrong, you blame somebody else.

Sharon: And people wonder whether I miss being in the Newman family. You know, I'd take the public scrutiny over being Jack's wife over that any day. Because the press couldn't possibly be any nastier than the two of you.

Nikki: Oh, nice.

Victoria: Oh, look, there she goes, being the victim again.

Sharon: You know, I always wondered what would be the perfect way to get back at Phyllis for sleeping with Nick. I'm looking at it! I hope she enjoys taking over the role of the reviled daughter-in-law.

Phyllis: Well, the programs are already at the church.

Lauren: Oh, good, good, good. And, um, hey, what about birdseed?

Phyllis: Birdseed?

Lauren: Yeah.

Phyllis: Oh, hey, guys? Um, what do you think about people throwing birdseed at us as--as we leave the church? What do you think about that?

Noah: Well, how about rice? We have a ton in the cupboard.

Nick: Whatever you want. Oh! Look at that!

Phyllis: You know what? Forget--forget that. We don't need anybody to throw anything.

Lauren: Okay. All right, so, no birdseed.

Phyllis: No.

Lauren: Um, did you get your list of shot requests to the photographer?

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no!

Lauren: No?

Phyllis: Oh, I forgot, along with all the other things I've managed to forget.

Lauren: Okay, hey, Phyllis? That's why I'm here. Relax, it's all right.

Phyllis: Okay.

Lauren: We'll do it.

Phyllis: I definitely want a shot of, uh, myself with you and Michael.

Lauren: Okay. All right.

Phyllis: Definitely. And, um... one alone with, uh, with Noah. And then the two of us alone with--with Summer.

Lauren: Okay.

Phyllis: The two of us alone with Noah--definitely.

Lauren: All right.

Nick: You don't wanna play anymore? All right, well, then, uh, it's almost bedtime. Why don't you go up and get dressed.

Noah: I'd rather stay at Mom's tonight.

Phyllis: Oh, wait a second. Wait a second, I heard that. We're having breakfast together tomorrow.

Noah: Like you'll have time to make pancakes.

Nick: Sure she will.

Noah: You just said you have a ton of stuff to do.

Phyllis: Yeah, I did, but I can finish tonight. I'll make you pancakes.

Noah: I don't care. I wanna stay at Mom's tonight.

Victor: So you had no idea what David Chow was up to?

Jack: Not a hint. I promised you I would not fight dirty.

Victor: Well, I'm sure that I would understand if you were tempted to. I guess tomorrow's numbers will show that Nikki's are plummeting and yours are rising.

Jack: Well, that's probably true, but it's a temporary fix. As fast as news cycles go, she'll be back on top next week.

Victor: Let's hope you're right about the short attention span of the voters.

Jack: Victor, this is a marathon race. I still intend to cross the finish line first. I'm gonna do it running fast, not tripping my opponent.

Victor: Jack, I'm glad to hear that.

Jack: Nikki has turned out to be a formidable competitor. Whatever happens, I am not going to do anything that compromises our friendship or makes you regret giving me your support.

Michael: Well, that lousy appellate court ruling has the potential to overturn a lot of convictions, William.

Will: Well, it applies only under very limited circumstances.

Michael: So...

Gloria: More coffee, William?

Will: Nah, I should be going.

Michael: Good night, William.

Kevin: Don't be a stranger.

Gloria: I'll walk you to the door.

Michael: Would you tell me that this was not your idea.

Kevin: Look, if I had my way, that guy would never step foot in this place again.

Michael: Well, if I can convince Gloria, you might get your way.

Kevin: Yeah, well, good luck with that.

Gloria: And how was your evening, Michael?

Michael: Probably not as exciting as yours. What part of "Stay away from William" did you have difficulty comprehending?

Kevin: I kept telling her it was a bad idea.

Gloria: And I keep telling you I have a plan. William is going to tell me everything he knows about the Jabot investigation!

Michael: (Sighs) you tell me this isn't happening.

Kevin: Oh, you should've heard her subtle attempts to work it into conversation. That was real smooth.

Michael: Have you lost what little common sense you had? If you keep asking William about Jabot, you might as well wear a neon sign that says "Investigate me!"

Victor: Jack told David Chow that he was off the campaign. No hesitation, he just fired him.

Victoria: I'm not surprised. Jack is the king of self-preservation.

Victor: Well, David Chow released that footage, not Jack Abbott. In fact, Jack was furious.

Nikki: Taking Jack's side again--there's a surprise.

Victor: I'm not taking his side. I'm telling you what happened, all right? I talked to him afterwards. He seemed sincere.

Nikki: Okay. All right. So the only person to blame is David Chow.

Victoria: Well, at least he won't be able to do anything like this again.

Victor: I suggest we all get out of here. I have a lot of things to take care of at home. And I think you could use a break.

Nikki: All right, I'll see you later.

Victor: Good luck.

Nikki: Well, he may be ready to nominate Jack for the Nobel peace prize, but I'm not convinced at all.

Sharon: You work very well under pressure, Mr. Senator.

Jack: Oh, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Sharon: No, the way you handled Victor and David proves that you are the expert at damage control.

Jack: I just wanna make sure all these transitions go smoothly, including your moving in here. It's not gonna be easy for Noah.

Sharon: Yeah. He's lived at the ranch his whole life. It's not gonna be easy for him. But who wouldn't wanna live in a manor?

Jack: Maybe a ten-year-old kid who's perfectly comfortable in his own home? I just wanna make sure this is as painless as possible for him. Which is why I hired an interior designer to redecorate his room in a superheroes theme.

Sharon: Ooh, he's gonna think you're the coolest.

Jack: I also asked the groundskeeper yesterday if he'd built a half-court out back where Noah can shoot hoops anytime he feels like it.

Sharon: Wow, Jack! How am I gonna beat that on his birthday or Christmas?

Jack: Oh, I think we'll figure out something. (Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Is that you?

Sharon: Yeah. I'll take this. Hello?

Nick: Hi, Sharon, I'm at your place with Noah. Where are you?

Sharon: I'm at Jack's. What's up?

Jack: I'm gonna get us something to drink.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: Well, Noah wants to spend the night with you.

Sharon: Why?

Nick: I think he's a little anxious about having multiple parents. And I know he's still having nightmares about losing you.

[Jack sees his dad�s ghost]

John: Up for a chat?

Jack: Great to see you, Dad.

John: Yeah.

Jack: Especially tonight.

Sharon: You rehearsing a speech or... just talking to yourself?

Jack: Uh, I would... I was talking with my dad. I do that sometimes.

Sharon: Oh. I understand. You know, it's been two years since Cassie's accident, but I still talk to her now and then, too.

Jack: Was that Nick on the phone?

Sharon: Yeah. Um, Noah wants to spend the night with me tonight. Um, Nick's wedding is making him worry about all kinds of things.

Jack: Well, you go. Go be with him.

Sharon: All right, um... look, I know that I was supposed to talk to him about the move.

Jack: Don't--don't worry about that. Go be with Noah. We will tell him after Nick's wedding.

Sharon: Thanks. See you tomorrow.

Jack: Yeah.

John: Well, Jackie, this is going to be a full house again-- only with your family. I am so happy that you've found another woman to love.

Lauren: The florist is gonna deliver the flowers at 12:00.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no! No, they have to be there by 11:00.

Lauren: Oh, okay. Well, then I'll e-mail her back and tell her the correct time. Problem solved!

Phyllis: Oh, no! No, none of my problems are solved! I'm swear to you, Lauren, this is not how I envisioned I would spend one of the happiest nights of my life.

Lauren: Okay. Phyllis... relax, okay?

Gloria: Michael? You really think William suspects me in the product tampering case?

Michael: Not yet. But we all know that discretion is not your strong suit.

Kevin: Yeah. And we don't want an orange jumpsuit to be your new fashion statement.

(Doorbell rings)

Gloria: Thank you.

Michael: Who the hell is that? (Chuckles) Back so soon?

Will: I left my jacket here. It's not like me to be so forgetful.

Gloria: Oh, William...

Michael: Kevin, let's go check on the babies.

Michael: (Whispers) end it.

Kevin: (Coughs) now.

Gloria: Well, that was certainly unexpected.

Will: Well, I meant to do it earlier. It's a good thing I left my Jacket.

Gloria: I think so, too. I meant to do something earlier, too. Or tell you something, but I didn't have the courage.

Will: You? You're the most fearless woman I know.

Gloria: Oh, yeah?

Will: Mmm.

Gloria: The other night, when you kissed me for the very first time, I had a dream. And I dreamt... that we were married. I know, I know, I know, it's silly, it's silly. It's silly, William. But the point is, in my dream, I was so happy. And I never thought I'd feel happy like that again.

Phyllis: Oh, I hate this.

Lauren: I know this is a contender for the worst pre-wedding night ever, but you know what that means? It means tomorrow is gonna be flawless.

Phyllis: I don't know about that.

Lauren: Oh, yeah! Yeah, you'll get some sleep. We'll put some cucumbers on your eyes. And in the morning, you are gonna be a beautiful bride.

Phyllis: I hate the way I'm acting. I'm just so upset and passive and nice and... I mean, I was never like this with Jack, and we know how that turned out, so... but with Nick...

Lauren: What?

Phyllis: I just... you know, with Jack, if I felt he was having second thoughts, I would've talked him and made him level with me. I wouldn't have had him marry me out of obligation.

Lauren: No matter how angry Nick is, the two of you are already married. So just talk to him.

Phyllis: I-I-I can't. I-I already have. I can't do that anymore. I'm not gonna do that.

Lauren: Why not?

Phyllis: Because I don't-- I'm not gonna do that. I don't--I don't wanna know. I don't wanna know how he feels. Maybe all this time I was just a solution to his problems. Maybe that's what I was. And now it seems like I'm the source of them. I don't wanna know what's really going on with him. I'm afraid he's gonna tell me.

(Door opens)

Sharon: Where's Noah?

Nick: He's upstairs.

Sharon: Okay. Um, there's something I wanna talk to you about. I've decided to move in with Jack.

Nick: Well, you're married. So I guess it's, you know... it makes sense.

Sharon: Yeah. Well, we just-- we wanna talk to Noah about it and make sure he's okay with it.

Nick: To Noah, home is wherever you are.

Sharon: Well, you should get going. You have a big day tomorrow.

Nick: Yeah.

Sharon: You don't sound too excited.

Nick: Phyllis told me that she blackmailed you.

Sharon: Wow. I never thought I'd see the day where Phyllis admitted to anything.

Nick: I don't think she had much choice. And just so you know, I am not okay with it.

Sharon: Neither am I.

Nick: I mean, we're at home, you know, raising our baby together, and the whole time this is going on. Everything seems different now.

Sharon: That's how Jack felt. But we worked things out. You and Phyllis will, too.

John: You know, I thought you and Sharon were over before you started, but you came through.

Jack: Yeah, I didn't wanna mess this one up, Dad. Sharon's the best thing that's happened to me in an awfully long time.

John: And you have finally forgiven Victor? I mean, wow! What an accomplishment!

Jack: Wait, this is starting to sound an awful lot like a "My work is done here" speech.

John: Oh, no, no, no. No, I'm not going anywhere. Just give the old guy his moment. Son, you know, when you fired David and refused to go down that wrong path, that's the son I raised. I am so impressed.

Jack: Yeah, no one's more surprised than I am.

John: But you made me proud, Jack. I'll be able to rest peacefully now and so will you.

Nikki: Well... I thought you would've packed your bags by now.

David: Nah. I thought I'd stick around, give you a chance to let me have it.

Nikki: I'm surprised Jack gave you the boot. Especially now that you know all of his strengths and weaknesses.

David: Well, that makes two of us.

Nikki: When I heard the news, I was so happy I just wanted to dance on a table.

David: Well, too bad your feather boa is still at the cleaners.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Did you really think that, um, you could get away with crossing my father?

David: Contrary to his belief, this wasn't about him.

Victoria: You know what? You're not as smart as you seem. Either that, or you're secretly longing to rejoin the private sector in New York. But you know, I would be happy to have Newman travel book you a one-way ticket out of here.

David: My only mistake was not realizing that Jack and I had different campaign philosophies. I like to win.

Nikki: So do I! That's why I'd like to hire you to consult on my campaign.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Noah: You can't make me leave my house.

Daniel: You still blame my mom for what happened to your mom, don't you?

Nikki: Victor, I appreciate your concern, but--

Victor: David Chow is not gonna make a mockery of my wife!

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