Y&R Transcript Tuesday 4/24/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 4/24/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 4/25/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jack: You and Brad?

Sharon: Look, it happened a long time ago. Before you and I ever...

Jack: Yeah, I know, when you were both married to other people. Go ahead, say it.

Sharon: What do you wanna know?

Jack: That it was just sex. That it meant nothing more than that. My God, you can't even say it. What... so what--what was this? Was this revenge? Some way to get back at Nicholas?

Sharon: I suppose, yeah, that was part of it.

Jack: Part of it?

Sharon: I-I needed someone.

Jack: Right place, right time. And what was Carlton’s excuse? It seems to me he was... he would've been... on his honeymoon with Victoria at the time, am I right?

Sharon: Listen... none of this matters.

Jack: You and I made a lifetime commitment to each other last night in this room! If it was so damn important for me to know about Brad, why didn't you tell me before last night? What... oh, wait, I... I'm not the first to know, am I?

Sharon: Jack...

Jack: You were afraid that I would hear this from someone else and that's the only reason you told me.

Brad: This is a place of business, Nick.

Nick: Oh, you were fine with using company money to seduce my wif-- oh, no, I'm sorry, to console my wife in New York.

Brad: We're finished.

Nick: Why did you even marry my sister if you were gonna cheat a month later?

Brad: I love Victoria. But things happen in a marriage and you should know that better than anyone.

Nick: Do you even know what you want?

Brad: I want Victoria. And I'm hoping in time she'll take me back.

Nick: I wouldn't bet on it. You blew it this time. She's not gonna trust you again.

Colleen: Hey. I got all the citations that you need.

Korbel: Excellent. Uh, because I am anxious to get to work.

Colleen: Really?

Colleen: Somebody's anxious for something.

Korbel: Yeah, I almost got a ticket driving back here from campus. I just could not stop thinking about you.

Colleen: Really? I can just see it now, "Officer, please, you don't understand. I'm writing a paper on the 11th century goldsmithing techniques, and if I don't get it in time--"

Korbel: You were eavesdropping on me?

Colleen: I'm just saying that you should be a lawyer. Because you're very convincing.

Phyllis: Hang on, hang on, I just have to finish this thought. Or else it will plague me for the rest of the day. Okay. Oh, hey, Brad, what can I do for you?

Brad: You just couldn't keep your mouth shut, could you?

Phyllis: I didn't tell anybody.

Brad: No, of course not.

Phyllis: Brad, I didn't say anything.

Brad: Why deny it, Phyllis? You got what you wanted.

Phyllis: It's not what I wanted.

Brad: Of course, you had nothing to gain. You just enjoy seeing people suffer.

Phyllis: I did not tell Victoria about you and Sharon.

Brad: Then who did?

Phyllis: Well, I don't know, your wife is smart. Maybe she got suspicious and looked into it. Because you're always acting so guilty and weird around her.

Brad: Well, gee, well, maybe that's because I was being blackmailed? But guess what? Game over. You've got nothing to hold over me anymore.

Phyllis: Brad, I swear to you--

Brad: Save it.

Phyllis: I didn't--

Brad: It's all on you, Phyllis. It's all on you.

Jack: Do you love him?

Sharon: Yes. I do. As a friend.

Jack: I saw the two of you at the hospital holding hands. Something didn't feel right. I asked you then!

Sharon: And I told you the truth!

Jack: When you were forced to.

Sharon: There's nothing going on between Brad and me. He's committed to his marriage. I'm committed to mine.

Jack: Then why not tell me about it? Why lie?

Sharon: Well, listen, have you told me about every single fling you've ever had in your life?

Jack: This is not a fling, Sharon! This is an ongoing relationship you and Bradley have. You agreed to hide the truth to protect Brad! And now you're doing damage control!

Sharon: I feel terrible! I really do for what this is doing to Victoria and... Jack, I can't change the past, okay?! All I can do is focus on my future with you!

Jack: Because I was your only choice.

Sharon: What are you saying?

Jack: If Brad were a single man, you'd have chosen him.

Sharon: I chose to marry you.

Jack: Because Brad wasn't available?

Sharon: Because I want you. What we have-- it makes me happy.

Jack: Happier than pining after a married man?

Sharon: Look, just because you sleep with someone once, it doesn't mean you have to spend your whole life with them.

Jack: You know what? That might be easier to accept if I'd heard this before last night.

Sharon: It doesn't change our relationship.

Jack: It sure as hell does now.

Sharon: Why? It doesn't change anything for me. Jack, when you asked me to elope, I said yes. And I meant that with all my heart. And when we said our vows, I meant every word of what I said.

Jack: I gotta go to work.

Sharon: Jack...

Korbel: Can we... drop the graphics directly into the article? Or should we attach 'em separately?

Colleen: Um, we should attach them separately. We can send bigger files. And the pictures will be sharper.

Korbel: Since I'm technologically challenged, I'll leave that decision up to you.

Colleen: You're giving me the power? Huh, I'll try not to let that go to my head.

Korbel: "More powerful is he who has himself in his own power."

Colleen: Self-control is overrated. Who said that, Socrates?

Korbel: Seneca.

Colleen: Oh, one of those "S" guys. What?

Korbel: Nothing. Uh, about the captions-- your shoulder bothering you?

Colleen: Oh, probably from the 15 pounds of books I brought over, just so we would look legit.

Korbel: What have we been doing for the last half-hour?

Colleen: Yeah, if anybody saw me knock on your door...

Korbel: Okay, I'm happy to give you a massage. It is a small sacrifice and far better than staying five feet away from you in public.

Colleen: Another reason why I wanna go to Paris with you.

Korbel: I know you said something about that before, but...

Colleen: Um, you know, we should probably get back to work, though. I need you to look over the notes so I can write captions.

Brad: Victoria, it's me. I still haven't heard back from you. I know you had lunch with J.T., but that was hours ago. I'm worried about you. Please get back to me as soon as you get the message.

Victoria: How likely is a strike? Both plants? Uh, well, yeah, I'd like to talk to both of their union reps, but... what's the time difference? About nine hours? All right, fine, um... give me his number. Hold--hold on a second, I need something to write with. Do you have something? Thank you. Thanks. Thanks. Okay, um... all right, shoot. Uh-huh. Okay, got it. Um, okay. I'll give him a call when I get into the office. All right. Yeah, yeah, all right, I'll talk to you.

J.T.: No escape, huh?

Victoria: Yeah. I must've been a slacker in a former life and this is the universe's way of punishing me.

J.T.: Except for you love it. Otherwise, you wouldn't pick up the phone.

Victoria: Yeah, well, work's the only place I seem to have control.

J.T.: You regret what just happened?

Victoria: It wasn't premeditated. It's not like I set out to... to be a hypocrite.

J.T.: No, things just got out of control.

Victoria: Yeah, just like they did for Brad and Sharon. How's that for irony?

J.T.: Stuff happens.

Victoria: Well, thank you very much for the out, but, um, I, uh, I don't need any excuses. I knew what I was doing.

J.T.: Oh, hey, you don't have to explain. I'm curious, though... what are you gonna do now that you know?

Victoria: Well, I was thinking that I-- I might create a new reality TV show and, uh, call it, "How messed up is this?" Starring Nick, Phyllis, Brad, Sharon, myself and you can be the host. I'm sure it'd be a hit.

J.T.: Yeah, well, that's pretty funny, except for the fact that it's your real life.

Victoria: Oh, I'll be all right.

J.T.: I never doubted it.

Victoria: Well, I should be going. Back to the real world.

J.T.: The one with your husband in it?

Victoria: Yeah, not yet. There's someone else I need to see first.

Colleen: "Filigree, from the Latin filum, or thread, was a common technique used in creating gospel covers or other religious artifacts throughout the medieval period. Artisans on the continent sought to emulate the intricacy of the Byzantine--" I didn't have that saved!

Korbel: What you said before, about coming with me to Paris-- were you serious?

Colleen: Would you rather I wasn't?

Korbel: Look, you had a fight with your dad and Victoria. Next thing you know, you're saying you wanna come with me when I take the job.

Colleen: So you are taking the job?

Korbel: It's a huge decision, Colleen.

Colleen: I know. It could change your whole life.

Korbel: I mean, for you. You're talking about moving halfway across the world, living together.

Colleen: You think I didn't mean it?

Korbel: Well, you'd be leaving behind your family, your friends.

Colleen: To be with you in Paris. What's that saying? Two can eat baguettes as cheaply as one? If you're not up for it...

Korbel: I am. I am. Come with me.

Colleen: Really? I just--I didn't know how you felt and...

Korbel: I love you, Colleen.

Colleen: I love you, too.

Korbel: Come here.

Nick: Have you heard the latest?

Phyllis: Yeah, I have. Uh, Brad was just here.

Nick: Oh, making excuses, I'm sure.

Phyllis: Have you talked to Victoria? How is she taking it?

Nick: You know, I don't know who she's more upset with-- Brad or herself for marrying this jerk. She gave him so many chances to tell the truth.

Phyllis: Right, right. How'd she find out?

Nick: She hired J.T.

Phyllis: Wow. I never thought she would go that far.

Nick: I know. But I'm glad she did. It's better to find out now. Though I know it can't be easy.

Phyllis: Well, I suppose... it's not that easy for you either. Knowing that your wife at the time had a one-nighter with Brad.

Nick: If that's all it was. She told me about their kiss in St. Louis on that business trip. What if she wasn't telling the truth? Maybe she had turned to Brad long before that.

Phyllis: Well, it doesn't matter now, does it?

Nick: It just makes me wonder how things got like this. You know, how did I mess up so bad? And not just me-- Victoria and my parents-- I mean, how many divorces have we racked up? It's like a Newman family curse.

Phyllis: Don't-- don't do that. I mean, I guess I married into the right family. You know, 'cause my track record isn't great either, so...

Nick: I don't want us to make the same mistakes. Dishonesty kills relationships. So let's not let that happen. All right?

Phyllis: All right.

Brad: I should've taken the stairs.

Jack: Feel free.

Brad: Congratulations on your marriage.

Jack: Oh, yeah, I'm a lucky man.

Brad: I didn't realize you and Sharon were in such a hurry to tie the knot.

Jack: Just waiting outside that mailbox for your invitation, are you?

Brad: I was gonna send you a present.

Jack: Yeah, I'll bet you were. You seem a little ruffled, Bradski. Having a bad day at the office or troubles with Victoria? Or, uh, are they now one and the same?

Brad: You have a point, Jack?

Jack: I just think it's not easy to live and work with the same woman.

Brad: Well, I guess you're in the same boat now, aren't you?

Jack: Except my father-in-law isn't the boss.

(Knock on door)

Victoria: Hi, there.

Colleen: Oversized studio, sleeping alcove, kitchen privileges. Oh, balcony looking over. The park.

Korbel: It's in the fifth arrondissement. It's the Latin Quarter. It's like a little village-- lots of shops, cafes.

Colleen: Oh, my mom and I-- we ate by the Sorbonne one time. And, uh, it was crazy 'cause everything's so close together, so we were pretty much talking and sharing bread with whoever was sitting there.

Korbel: Social distance between human beings is a language in and of itself. Oh, $1,600 euros.

Colleen: What?

Korbel: That's not bad rent for that part of town.

Colleen: Hmm. Have you been to Paris much?

Korbel: It's incredible. There's so many things I wanna show you.

Colleen: Notre Dame, the Louvre.

Korbel: Actually, I was thinking about my favorite ice cream parlor on Ile St. Louis.

Colleen: You know what's gonna be the best part about this? Walking down the street, holding hands, not having to pretend.

Korbel: I gotta get going. I'm meeting Victoria. We're talking about the preservation project.

Colleen: Um, I'm gonna come with you. I wanna tell my dad that we're leaving.

Korbel: So soon? I mean, it's not for a couple months. I was figuring we'd finish out the semester.

Colleen: I'm done with the lies. My dad wants me to be an adult. I wanna be open and honest with him. Sure, he may never accept that we're together, but the fact is, from now on, I wanna tell him like it is.

Korbel: I'm impressed.

Colleen: I mean, assuming you're ready for this?

Korbel: I got my Kevlar sports jacket back from the cleaners.

Sharon: Victoria, I'm not gonna try and make excuses for this. I'm just gonna try to explain to you--

Victoria: There's really-- there's--there's no need to explain. We all know that you can't function without a man. It doesn't really matter who. This thing with Brad was what, your third or fourth time forgetting your wedding vows? Oh, and by the way, double points for doing it with your sister-in-law's husband.

Sharon: I'm not gonna stand here and listen to this.

Victoria: Well, would you-- would you rather sit? Because that way we can take our time.

Sharon: If you came here hoping to reduce me to tears, you're gonna go disappointed.

Victoria: No, I wasn't expecting tears. An apology would be nice. But I--I guess that would be a bit disingenuous on your part.

Sharon: And why is that?

Victoria: Well... it's your day. It's the day you've been waiting for. Your secret's out. I bet you're dying to know whether or not Brad will become a bachelor again.

Sharon: Actually, no. Jack and I got married last night.

Victoria: You and... you and Jack are married?

Sharon: Yeah. He knows everything.

Victoria: And he's all right with it?

Sharon: He will be.

Victoria: Did you tell him before or after the ceremony?

Sharon: Now that's none of your business, is it?

Victoria: Oh, I see. That's what I thought. Well, please give my condolences to the groom.

Phyllis: So I'm gonna follow up with the agency to tell them to start thinking about the holidays. Uh, you know what? Merchandising--that reminds me, Brendan called and he wants us to talk about that logo thing-- to standardize our apparel. You know what? I'll take care of it. Don't worry.

Jack: Thanks, that's very generous of you.

Phyllis: No problem. I know you're busy with the campaign and everything.

Jack: You know, don't you?

Phyllis: Yeah. I assume you didn't until last night.

Jack: Just found out.

Phyllis: I'm sorry.

Jack: Deciding whether or not I should call the Guinness people. I may be breaking the world record on shortest honeymoons. "I always thought I was supposed to go first. It wasn't supposed to be him."

Phyllis: You don't mean that, do you? I mean, the honeymoon being over already?

Jack: I guess that is up to Sharon now-- whether or not she has feelings for Brad.

Phyllis: Did she say she did?

Jack: She claims she only has feelings for me. But then, I've heard that before, haven't I?

Phyllis: Um... well, you--you have two choices. Either you believe her or you get past it.

Jack: You know what? I think you're the wrong person to have this particular conversation with.

Phyllis: Jack... I'm--I'm actually--

Jack: I was always second with you, too. When we were married, you always took Victor's side. When it looked like we had a second chance, you started sneaking around with Nick. Only he was married and so... you strung me along as... as what, a backup plan? I thought maybe this time it would be... I guess the truth is, I'm amazed I am another woman's backup plan quite so soon.

Phyllis: Jack... you were never--

Jack: You know, I've hurt so many women-- more than I can count. I probably deserve this.

Phyllis: No, you don't. You don't deserve this.

Jack: Says who? Says--says you? You're happy with Nick, Phyllis. Why would you even care?

Phyllis: I care about you. Whether you believe it or not, I care about you. And I'm sorry I hurt you. If I had to do it over again--

Jack: You don't. You can't. Your time for being honest with me is long since over.

Sharon: Victoria just left.

Brad: How'd that go?

Sharon: Oh, highlight of my day, you know? I'm still standing. What else can I say? Did you confront Phyllis?

Brad: Yeah, and she swore to me she didn't tell Victoria. And for once, I think I actually believe her.

Sharon: Well, how was the rest of your day?

Brad: Well, first Nick, then Jack.

Sharon: Oh, gosh, I'm afraid to ask.

Brad: Well, like you, I'm still standing. So I guess I'm ahead of the game.

Sharon: Ever the optimist, huh?

Brad: I assume you told Jack?

Sharon: Yeah, with my usual impeccable timing.

Brad: Probably should've done that before the wedding.

Sharon: How was he when you saw him?

Brad: Oh, his, uh, usual charming self-- antagonizing to the bitter end.

Sharon: Well, he walked out. I have no idea what's gonna happen now. What about Victoria?

Brad: No clue.

Nick: You know, I was surprised to see you back.

Victoria: Well, we have a business to run. I already took my lunch break to pay a visit to Sharon.

Nick: I bet that was satisfying.

Victoria: You have no idea.

Brad: You're back.

Victoria: I figured I'd bump into you eventually.

Brad: I need to talk to you. Alone.

Victoria: It's fine. Go ahead. Go take your meeting. It's fine.

Brad: I realize this isn't the time or the place, but I think we need to--

Victoria: Actually, this is the time. I've been thinking a lot about my options... some of which are just... unacceptable.

Brad: Have you come to any conclusions?

Victoria: Yeah. I keep coming back to the same one. It's over. But just when I think I've made my decision, I remember-- I remember very well what it's like growing up with divorced parents. And I don't wanna bring this baby into the world without a father.

Brad: We're staying together?

Victoria: I think for the sake of the baby, we have to try.

Brad: No. We have to do more than try.

Victoria: Just don't make the mistake of thinking all is forgotten. Because it's not.

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: Wow, you--you still look upset.

Nick: (Sighs) Vick's talking with Brad. Man, I hope she dumps that loser soon. Every time I see him, I just... you don't look so good yourself. You feeling okay?

Phyllis: Uh, no, actually, I'm not. I'm not feeling very good.

Nick: Well, then let's get out of here. We'll go home, relax.

Phyllis: I'd love to relax. Believe me, I'd love to do that. Um... I can't. Uh, I-I need-- I need to tell you something. I've been keeping it to myself and I-I just-- I can't do that any longer.

Nick: I'm not gonna like this, am I?

Phyllis: No. No, you're not. I, uh... knew about Sharon and Brad. I knew all about it and, um... I chose not to tell you.

Nick: How long have you known?

Phyllis: A little over a month.

Nick: And why didn't you tell me?

Phyllis: I didn't wanna hurt you. So I decided to use the information to help you.

Nick: To help me?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: How?

Phyllis: Well, we were fighting over Clear Springs, right? That's when this happened. That's when I found out. And everybody was fighting against us and--and... you know, we were so excited about the project. And--and especially Brad was fighting against us, so I decided to use the information to persuade him to--to join us.

Nick: The board vote. Brad sided with us against Victoria and nobody knew why.

Phyllis: Yeah, now you know why.

Nick: So you were blackmailing him? That's what you're telling me?

Phyllis: Yeah, that's what I'm telling you. Listen, Nick, I didn't think that you would wanna know that your ex-wife had been sleeping with Brad while you were married. I didn't think you'd wanna know that. So... I kept the information from you. Honestly, it was the wrong decision. And if I had a chance to do it over again, I would. And--and believe me, so many things wouldn't have happened.

Nick: What things?

Phyllis: Well, the photo shoot at the cliff. I mean, that--that--that was-- that was because of this. We were arguing over this-- Sharon and I-- and she told Drucilla and then I threatened to tell Jack and then Drucilla got caught up in the argument and you know what—please... just saying something to me right now, please.

Nick: You told me you wanted to be a better person. You said how important that was to you.

Phyllis: I am a better person. But... I've never lied to you. I mean, this is it. Honestly, and I promise you, it'll never happen again. I promise you. Please just say that we're okay. Please.

Sharon: Jack? I'm so glad you're back. I had no idea when I was gonna hear from you.

Brad: The contracts went out a week ago yesterday.

Victoria: Still no word?

Brad: Nope. You wanna light a fire under the chairman or should I?

Victoria: What's his number?

Brad: Area code 2-1-2--

Victoria: Hold on a second, I gotta get something to write with.

Brad: Need me to repeat that?

Victoria: Area code 2-1-2.

Brad: 5-5-5-0-1-6-6.

Victoria: Right. Got it. You can go now.

Brad: Really? Anything else you wanna say to me?

Victoria: Let me guess. You know where I went after I left J.T.'s.

Brad: I spoke to Sharon.

Victoria: Of course, you did.

Brad: What are you doing here?

Korbel: It's good to see you, too, Brad.

Victoria: Adrian and I have a meeting.

Colleen: Dad, um, I'd like to talk to you. Can we speak in the break room?

Victoria: So... what have you got for me?

Korbel: Uh, before we get started, I have some news. I'm afraid I won't be able to work on the project much longer.

Victoria: What? Why?

Korbel: I've received a job offer that I can't turn down.

Brad: I don't wanna hear any news about Adrian, unless it's that he's moving-- far away.

Colleen: Well, in that case, today is your lucky day.

Victoria: Paris? Wow! And, you know, that's-- that's a great little museum. I've been there a number of times.

Korbel: Not that Genoa City doesn't have its charm...

Victoria: Well, I'll be very disappointed to lose your expertise, but congratulations. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you.

Korbel: Thank you. I'm looking forward to the challenge. There is something else that I need to mention.

Brad: What was the name of that museum again?

Colleen: Musée de renaud.

Brad: Well, I wish the good professor a bon voyage.

Colleen: Dad, could you just stop it for one second, please? I know that you don't think that he's the right guy for me.

Brad: You got that right.

Colleen: Well, and I've accepted that. Now it's time for you to accept my decisions. Dad, what we have is real. We can sit in silence and it's the best conversation we've ever had. Or we could read a book and we end up with the same interpretation. I mean, we can even-- we can debate philosophy and we end up respecting each other even more. He knows me. He knows that I like the color green. He knows how I like my coffee. He knows that I respect his appreciation for art.

Brad: All right, Honey... I don't care how well you think you know each other. It doesn't mean you should be together.

Colleen: Dad, it's so much more than that. I mean, we are made to be together. I know that. I don't have any questions about that, which is why I came here to tell you today that I've decided to move to Paris with him.

Victoria: She's what?! When did you two decide this?

Korbel: Today. It's what we both want. You know, a fresh start? A chance to be together without rules. And it's an incredible educational opportunity for Colleen. I imagine you have some choice words you'd like to say to me right now.

Victoria: You're right, I do. I, um... I wish you both the best. I think that Paris is one of the most amazing cities in the whole world and I hope that you and my stepdaughter Colleen will be very happy... together.

Brad: If you think for one second you're gonna get away with this--

Korbel: Colleen is making her own decisions now. She's acting like an adult, just like you wanted.

Brad: You are making a huge mistake!

Colleen: Right or wrong, that's my decision. It's my responsibility. I just came here because I wanted to be upfront with you.

Brad: Well, mission accomplished.

Colleen: Okay. Well, we should go. Are you through with your meeting?

Korbel: Yeah, everything you need is in that envelope. Just call me if you have any questions.

Victoria: Oh, I will.

Victoria: I told Adrian that I wished them all the best.

Colleen: We did it!

Korbel: You did it. You were poised and confident. Just like I knew you would be.

Colleen: I was?

Korbel: You couldn't have handled it any better.

Colleen: Get over here.

Nick: Okay, send this overnight-- all three copies.

Phyllis: You know, I hope the fact that I came to you and I told you everything-- I hope that means something to you.

Nick: But you waited. If you had come to me when you knew, then I could've gone to my sister-- my pregnant sister, who is having serious doubts about her marriage.

Phyllis: Nick, come on--

Nick: How could you use this information to your advantage? Look where that got you! Look how many people you hurt! And for what?! You see, you didn't think that I could win this thing on my own, so you manipulated things behind my back.

Phyllis: Oh, wait a second, wait a second, that is not true! Of course I thought you could win this on your own! Of course I did!

Nick: So who was gonna let the secret out? Brad? Sharon? Maybe both? You see, that's why you came here today-- not because you wanted to be honest, but because you were forced to be honest.

Phyllis: That's not true! That is not true! Listen, I would've come to you and told you this information even if J.T. hadn’t known about it! Do you know what this has been like for me?! This has been hell for me! Hell!

Nick: Well, you should've thought about that before you went through with it.

Phyllis: Nick, okay

Nick: No, no, no. No, that's enough. I don't wanna hear anymore. I thought you'd changed. I guess I was wrong.

Victoria: Adrian's been a huge help on the project. I'm disappointed we're losing him. He'll be very difficult to replace.

Brad: I can't understand how you could condone this relationship!

Victoria: Well, I can't understand a lot of things you do, either.

Brad: You're doing this to get back at me? Supporting this move-- regardless of how you really feel?

Victoria: If Adrian and Colleen wanna be together, if they want their relationship to be out in the open, well, then good for them! It's a hell of a lot better than sneaking around and lying like you did!

Sharon: Really, Kathy, it's fine. No, I don't mind switching. Okay? Just... just drop the kids off tomorrow and I'll-- perfect. See you and Jeremy then. Bye-bye. I'm so sorry about that.

Jack: I've been thinking about what you said to me earlier. In fact, there's been little else on my mind since.

Sharon: And?

Jack: We've only been married 24 hours. Only a handful of people know. We can get an annulment.

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