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Y&R Transcript Monday 4/23/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 4/24/07 -- USA


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Jack: Oh, no, our marriage is over already?

Sharon: (Giggles) no, no, I'm just, uh, you know, I have to keep up with my single woman persona, because, you know, we don't wanna tell anyone until after the election. I'll just put it someplace safe.

Jack: Well, why don't you, uh, put it with mine?

Sharon: Of course. Of course.

Jack: I had the most amazing dream last night. I dreamed I married the perfect woman. She was about-- well, about this high, blonde, gorgeous smile, sexy as the day is long.

Sharon: That's so funny, because I had a similar dream that I married this tall, handsome executive-type. So successful he decided to run for senate.

Jack: Wow, sounds like quite a catch.

Sharon: You have no idea.

Victor: Good morning.

Nikki: I suppose.

Victor: What are you reading there?

Nikki: Nothing that would interest you.

Victor: Then it pertains to your campaign, I bet?

Nikki: Mmm, I'm not falling for that one.

Victor: If you want to, I'll give you my input.

Nikki: So you can tell Jack my strategy? No, thanks.

Victor: I wouldn't do that.

Nikki: You know, if you really wanted to help, you could come to the educational foundation banquet next week. I bought a table.

Victor: Oh, so did Jack. I promised to sit at his table.

Nikki: Well, tell him you're coming with me now.

Victor: I can't do that. I can't break my promise.

Nikki: I see. You don't want to publicly support your wife.

Victor: Sweetheart, if that is embarrassing to you, then I'll stay home.

Nikki: That would certainly a clear enough message, wouldn't it?

Cane: Good morning.

Amber: Mmm. Morning, sleepyhead.

Cane: You wore me out last night.

Amber: I have a lot of energy to burn. I've been up for a half-hour.

Cane: Why didn't you get out of bed?

Amber: I didn't wanna wake you. And I thought we could take a shower together.

Cane: I like the sound of that.

Amber: Too bad we don't have another room. One of us could be listening to music while the other one slept. This place--it's cozy, but... it's not meant for two people.

Cane: The landlord doesn't mind.

Amber: Could you imagine how nice it would be to live in a really big place, like the Chancellor estate?

Cane: I'd get lost on the way to the loo.

Amber: I'd leave you a trail of breadcrumbs if it'll help.

Cane: I don't need a bunch of useless rooms full of useless stuff. I have everything I need right here-- a kitchen, a shower and most importantly... I have a bed.

Brad: Good morning. I was reading, uh, Brazelton's "Infants and Mothers" last night. You know babies have their own distinct personality from the moment they're born?

(Cell phone ringing)

J.T.: Come on, Victoria, pick up.

Brad: Was that the office?

Victoria: No.

Brad: Where you going?

Victoria: Out.

Jack: No, that's all right. Yeah, next time. All right, talk to you later. That was Victor. It appears he will not be coming to the banquet I talked to you about earlier.

Sharon: Why not?

Jack: I guess Nikki also bought a table and he wants to appear neutral.

Sharon: Well, you don't need him. You have a lot of support.

Jack: Yeah.

Sharon: What's wrong?

Jack: My running for office has made Victor's life more difficult than it needs to be.

Sharon: He lives with Nikki. What do you expect?

Jack: I just wish there was something I could do for him.

(Telephone ringing)

Amber: Ooh! World's smallest love shack.

Kay: Amber, Katherine Chancellor here. May I speak to Cane?

Amber: Oh, um, he's in the shower right now. Can I take a message?

Kay: Well, have him call me on my cell. I'm at the Athletic Club. See if Cane is free to have lunch. Uh, I have a proposition for him.

Amber: We'll be there.

Kay: In a half an hour?

Nick: Hey.

Victoria: Remember when you told me... not to climb out of my window after curfew because Dad would catch me? And then I got grounded for a month. You said, "I told you so."

Nick: How could I forget?

Victoria: And you remember when you warned me not to do my Chem project on the living room floor because, uh... I would burn a hole in Mom's favorite rug, and, of course, I did, and... and you said...

Nick: I told you so.

Victoria: Remember when you told me not to marry Brad because I couldn't trust him as far as I could throw him?

Nick: I'm not gonna say it this time.

Victoria: Come on, Nick. Come on, you live for these moments. Please... I need to hear you say it.

Nick: Okay. I told you so.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nick: So was that Brad, trying to justify his actions?

Victoria: No, it was just a--just a friend.

[J.T. leaves a voice message]

J.T.: Victoria, hey, it's J.T. listen, I hope you haven't hit the road on some sort of Thelma and Louise revenge trip. Not that you wouldn't be justified, but I wouldn't know where to send the bail money. Seriously, hope you're doing all right. Give me a call.

Nick: All right, so what did he do this time? Uh, let me guess-- he's got a whole other family set up in Omaha and this time his name is Bjorn?

Victoria: Do you remember that business trip that Sharon took to New York last year?

Nick: Yeah.

Victoria: Brad's flight was diverted from Boston and they ended up in the same hotel and... my new husband spent the night with your wife.

Nick: So... Sharon, uh... slept with Brad while I was married to her? She couldn't forgive me for cheating, yet she was having an affair with Brad.

Victoria: Brad swears it only happened that one time and it happened after Sharon found out about Phyllis.

Nick: So what was Brad's excuse?

Victoria: Well, at first it was denial. And then it was, "It happened ten months ago." And then it was that he was helping her through her hard time.

Nick: And then some.

Victoria: You know, it's like he just expects me to get over it or something. Earlier he was acting like-- he was just acting like everything was normal or something.

Nick: Did Brad come clean to you about all this?

Victoria: No. No. I knew something was wrong. So... I had J.T. investigate him.

Nick: Well, I guess I should go beat him up. Do the brother thing.

Victoria: Actually, I'm more interested in your experience as a bad husband.

Nick: Ouch.

Victoria: How did it feel-- sleeping with another woman and then coming home to Sharon?

Nick: Lousy. I hated myself.

Victoria: But you kept doing it? You kept doing it and thinking that she would never find out.

Nick: I never once thought that.

Victoria: You never would've slept with Phyllis if you had any respect for Sharon. I'm glad to know how Brad feels.

Victor: Hi.

Sharon: Hey.

Victor: Everything all right?

Sharon: Um... Jack and I got married last night.

Victor: Oh. Well... kind of surprising. I thought you might wait until after the election.

Sharon: Well, you know, marriage isn't supposed to be, uh, a strategic decision, so we just decided to follow our hearts.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Have you seen Jack?

Sharon: Um, yeah, he told me that you decided to cancel your appearance at the banquet because it upset Nikki.

Nikki: Well, as I live and breathe, Jack Abbott. Come by to concede?

Jack: Never! Is Victor around?

Nikki: No, he decided to go to the office.

Jack: Oh, darn, I was hoping to tell you my good news while you were both together. Sharon and I got married last night.

Nikki: Wow. Um, sudden.

Jack: Why wait when it's the right thing?

Nikki: Well, I hope that this impulsive marriage will do a little bit better than ours did.

Jack: It will. Sharon's the right woman for me, just as you ended up with the right man.

Nikki: Sometimes I do wonder about that.

Jack: Nikki, the only reason you and Victor are having problems right now is because of your campaign. And this banquet is just the first of many conflicts.

Nikki: Only because he's choosing to side against me.

Jack: Nikki, your marriage is more important than a senate seat. You've always put your family first. Why change that now? Drop out of this race.

Nikki: How flattering. You wouldn't be trying to get rid of me if you didn't think I was a threat.

Jack: That is not what I'm saying. I am saying this will hardly be a victory if it costs you your marriage.

Cane: I don't see why I couldn't have worn my rugby jersey.

Amber: Because you look so nice dressed up. Oh, damn it! I got something on my dress.

Cane: So you wanna go and change it?

Amber: No, I'll deal with it. Just go get the car and I'll meet you out front.

Cane: What's the hurry?

Amber: We're meeting Katherine for lunch. We're already late.

Cane: She's my grandmother. She's gonna forgive us. Oh, man...

Brad: I've been looking for you.

Sharon: Oh, uh, yeah, I've been looking for you, too. Listen, there's something I have to tell you.

Brad: You go first.

Sharon: Okay, um... Jack and I got married.

Brad: What? When?

Sharon: Um, last night. It was, um, at my place-- just Jack and Noah and me.

Brad: Sharon, you told me you don't love him.

Sharon: Well, you know what? I have made my choice. And if you are really my friend, you will congratulate me.

Brad: You know I wish you all the best.

Sharon: Thank you.

Brad: But you picked a heck of a time to do this.

Sharon: Why? Are you worried about the election, too?

Brad: Oh, I think that should be the least of your worries right now.

Sharon: What? What's going on? Tell me.

Brad: Victoria found out that we slept together.

Sharon: How did Victoria find out about us?

Brad: I don't know. I don't know, and I tried to talk my way out of it, but she had way too many details.

Victor: Well... you congratulating the bride?

Brad: Yeah, I was. Uh, Sharon was filling me in on the ceremony. Jack's a lucky man.

Victor: I hope he realizes that.

Sharon: I'm lucky, too. Um... if you'll excuse us for a moment, Victor, Brad was just about to show me the mock-up for the new promotion.

Victor: Sure, go ahead.

Sharon: Okay.

Brad: Let's go.

Victoria: Don't tell Dad, all right? I don't need him reminding me that he was right about Brad. I don't need that.

Nikki: I just can't believe this. And Sharon--that bitch-- of all people!

Victoria: You know, I have been fantasizing the best way to get revenge. I should fire him. I should--I should fire him and I should figure out a way to freeze his bank accounts.

Nikki: You know, Honey, I've been through this with your father and believe me, I understand how frustrated you are. But if you're gonna go after him, you're gonna hurt yourself just as much.

Victoria: The difference is, Mom... Dad has always loved you.

Nikki: It didn't make it any easier.

Victoria: You know, Brad's not the first man that's cheated on me. What if I'm the problem?

Nikki: Don't be ridiculous! You're not the problem!

Victoria: If I was enough for Brad, he never would've slept with Sharon--never.

Nikki: He did what he did because he's a weak, foolish liar. He doesn't deserve you.

Amber: Sorry we're late. There's only one sink in the bathroom, so it takes us twice as long to get ready. And I had to iron cane's shirt.

Cane: She insisted on ironing Cane's shirt. So... Amber said you have a proposition for me?

Kay: As a matter of fact, yes, I do.

Amber: Is it about his apartment?

Kay: No, not quite. I'm sure you heard of, um, the new real estate project that Jack Abbott is developing?

Cane: The, uh, rundown area that he's rebuilding? Yeah.

Kay: Mm-hmm. Well, Chancellor Industries has signed on to handle the construction and with your experience, um... I thought you would be the perfect person to handle it.

Cane: Well, I'm pretty good at swinging a hammer if I say so myself.

Kay: I don't want to hire you as a carpenter. I want to hire you to supervise the project.

Sharon: There is only one person who could've told Victoria about us!

Brad: Phyllis.

Sharon: She promised me she was gonna keep her big mouth shut! I am such an idiot for trusting her.

Brad: Sharon, you really didn't have much of a choice, did you?

Sharon: You know what I wanna know is? Why now? Why did Phyllis tell her now?

Brad: Murphy's Law, huh? This is the worst possible moment for both of us.

Sharon: Oh, gosh, this is such a mess. Brad, what are we gonna do?

Brad: We are going to find a way to make things right.

Sharon: Well, it's too late.

Brad: I'll find a way.

Sharon: Oh, you know, this-- this is gonna kill Jack. He was so upset when he found out that Phyllis had cheated on him.

Brad: You weren't even seeing each other when we were together. It shouldn't make a difference.

Sharon: It does. Trust me. You know what? Maybe--maybe Phyllis won't even tell him. I mean, those two are friends.

Brad: But Victoria might.

Sharon: Right. That's the perfect revenge. I ruined her marriage, she'll ruin mine. There's just no way of stopping this. One way or the other, Jack is going to find out.

Victor: Well, what do I hear? I mean, I had already prepared a best man toast. And now I won't have a chance to recite it.

Jack: And I wanted to be the one to tell you the good news.

Victor: Sharon told me. I must say, you took everyone by surprise.

Jack: Well, it turns out that's only the warm up act.

Victor: Oh?

Jack: I have something for you.

Victor: Ah.

Jack: I wired to your account this morning full repayment of the money you loaned me.

Victor: That is from when Kay refused to sell you Jabot?

Jack: I just thought it was time that I repay what I owe. $250 million, plus 8% interest.

Victor: So it turns out we do have something to toast to after all-- your generosity.

Jack: Well, it started with you. And hopefully, you can pay it forward.

Victor: How so?

Jack: I know how upset Nikki was when you sold me N.V.P. maybe you could use part of that money to buy a new business for your wife. It might help in setting things right between the two of you.

Victor: This is quite a gesture, you know? Marriage definitely brings out the best in you, doesn't it?

Jack: Sharon inspired me. As did you.

Victor: How did I do that?

Jack: Your friendship over the past year has changed my perspective on a lot of things, Victor. I don't think I ever realized how much being consumed with hatred cost me-- in sleep, in friendships, in energy. I feel a lot better than I ever did before.

Victor: Glad to hear that. It is not always the best strategy to go after an opponent in order to retaliate.

Jack: Now why did it take me so long to learn that lesson?

Victor: Remember when you and I used to go at each other tooth and nail? Look how far we have come-- what we have accomplished together.

Jack: When you first offered your friendship, I was certain it was a trick. The only reason I accepted it is I thought I could maybe, uh, maneuver it into my agenda-- get something past you. But in the last year, your actions have proven that you're sincere. I am hoping that repayment of this loan is an indication of how sincere I am. Victor, I have come to respect you. And I have truly come to value this friendship.

Sharon: Oh, um... Noah was a terrific best man. Thank you for letting him come.

Nick: I know, Sharon.

Sharon: You know about what?

Nick: Victoria told me about you and Brad.

Sharon: Well, I assumed she would. Nick... you know that was a terrible time for me and all I could think about was you and Phyllis.

Nick: You're blaming me?

Sharon: No, I'm not blaming you. I'm saying that you of all people should be able to understand how something like that could happen.

Nick: Look, our marriage was over. I know that. We just hadn't admitted it to each other. But what right did you have to turn to Brad?

Sharon: I know. I made a mistake, like you.

Nick: This isn't about your cheating. This is about Victoria. You were... you were her maid of honor at her wedding, and then you sleep with her husband?

Sharon: Listen, I'm not gonna try to justify my actions, okay? I'm not. I know it was wrong. I made a mistake. I wasn't thinking.

Nick: Oh, you just couldn't get past your lust for Brad to think about Victoria?

Sharon: Nick, I... I really regret hurting her. It wasn't my intention. And I thought that somehow that would help me move on with my life.

Nick: So you trashed my sister's marriage as a form of therapy?

Sharon: Well, isn't that what you and Phyllis did, too? Listen, I... I wish there was some way that I could get her to believe it was only this one time. And--and maybe if she could somehow get past that, they could be happy.

Nick: So she can get past it? She didn't do anything wrong! I'll tell you what, Brad should be right now on his knees, groveling and apologizing to Victoria.

Victoria: Part of me wants to pack my bags and tell Brad that he can just talk to me through my lawyer.

Nikki: You have every right to do just that.

Victoria: But I'm pregnant, and maybe I should try to forgive him, for the sake of the baby. Maybe I should try.

Nikki: That's a very important consideration. But ultimately, it's your life. You have to decide what's best for you.

Victoria: He said that it only happened once with Sharon and that-- that he's been faithful ever since.

Nikki: Do you believe him?

Victoria: He swore it would never happen again.

Nikki: Well, it's kinda hard to give him the benefit of the doubt under these circumstances.

Victoria: Mom... what should I do?

Nikki: I can't tell you that. But I can tell you to be cautious. I think that Brad is capable of changing, but he has to want to.

Victoria: Like Dad did, after he was ill.

Nikki: That's right.

Victoria: So it takes a life-altering medical situation for someone to change?

Nikki: Not necessarily. Jack was here earlier, very concerned that the campaign might be having a negative impact on my marriage.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, right. Yeah.

Nikki: Well, you know, I would love to think that he's sincere, that he is trying to be a better person.

Victoria: But you can't be certain, can you?

Nikki: It's impossible to know what anyone is really thinking.

Victoria: What if he pretends to change and it's just an act?

Nikki: There's no way to tell. We are swimming with sharks. But, Honey, let me tell you, if you do decide to give him another chance, you have to be prepared to change, as well.

Victoria: Mom, I don't know if I can do that. Even if I... forgive him, how am I ever gonna trust him again?

Kay: And in addition to hiring our construction personnel, you'll be working with the architects to make sure that everything is going according to plan and on budget.

Amber: This is such an amazing opportunity, Cane.

Cane: I agree. But it's for someone else. I can't accept.

Kay: Why not?

Cane: I'm not qualified.

Amber: Sure you are.

Kay: I have to agree with Amber. Your wide range of experience makes you the perfect person to handle this.

Cane: That's kind of you, but I've never managed anything. So I couldn't oversee anything with a budget this big. I can barely balance my check book.

Kay: Oh, come on, you would have a support staff to help you.

Amber: Yeah, yeah, and you're a fast learner. You'll pick it up in no time!

Cane: Let's be honest with each other, Katherine. My D.N.A. is my qualification. If I was just Cane, the Aussie bartender, you wouldn't offer me the job. I'm not into charity.

Kay: All right, you listen to me, young man. I would never, never risk my professional reputation were I not certain you are the right person for this job.

Cane: You and I both know if I wasn't your grandson, you would throw my r�sum� in the trash.

Kay: That's right, I would. I would. But I believe in nature over nurture. You didn't just become a Chancellor. You've always been a Chancellor. There's Chancellor blood running through your veins and I can tell there's that family intelligence. (Sighs) that is why I'm making you this offer.

Amber: It's your family business, Cane. It's where you belong.

Cane: I appreciate it, but I can't accept. I'm sorry.

(Cell phone ringing)

Victoria: Hello?

J.T.: Hey. It's about time you picked up.

Victoria: Yeah, I've had a lot going on.

J.T.: Well, I've been a little worried about you.

Victoria: You can relax. I haven't done anything drastic so far. Any tips on how I could get away with... shooting Brad?

J.T.: Guns leave too much forensic evidence. What you need is a slow-acting poison.

Victoria: Well, you know, patience has never really been my strong suit.

J.T.: Well, then forget about the felony and have lunch at my place. You won't have to wait long for the food.

Amber: The lights are out. Oh! The radio's not working. Are we having a blackout?

Cane: No, the hallway lights are on.

Amber: Well, great, then we must've blown a fuse. You know, I don't understand how you can stand living in a place like this. This is a dive. Nothing ever works.

Cane: It's not that bad, Amber.

Amber: Well, I can't function without electricity! Call the superintendent.

Cane: He's never around.

Amber: Oh, great! Now what are we supposed to do, huh?

Cane: I'll go down the hallway and I'll fix it. The breaker's down.

Amber: No, you might get electrocuted!

Cane: You know, I think if my Chancellor brain can build a small town, I could make the lights work.

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: Hi. I thought you'd be working out of our home today.

Nikki: I can't concentrate on my campaign until you and I get something settled.

Victor: Going another ten rounds won't do any good.

Nikki: No, Victor, I don't wanna fight anymore.

Victor: Why the change of heart?

Nikki: Once you commit to a goal, you will never back down. That's why I know that you will support Jack no matter what I say or do.

Victor: But you knew what my plan was from the beginning, so why is that so unexpected?

Nikki: Well, I know that you're not gonna change, so I'm going to change. And I know that you're not trying to hurt me personally. You're treating me just the same way that you would treat anybody who's running against Jack.

Victor: It is nothing personal, yeah?

Nikki: I realize that now. I didn't in the beginning. But I just can't spend all my time being angry. It's not worth it.

Victor: You're right. It isn�t. Does that mean you're dropping out of the race?

Nikki: No. No. I'm in this to win, but I'm not doing it to spite you. I'm running because I think I can do some good. All I ask is that even if you don't agree, that you respect me and my wishes for the duration of this campaign.

(Cell phone ringing)

Victoria: What do you want?

Brad: To talk. Can you meet me?

Victoria: No. I'm having lunch with J.T.

Brad: Can you meet me afterwards? When will you be done?

Victoria: Not for a while. And please don't bother calling back, because I'm turning off my phone.

Victoria: God, I-- I can't believe him. You know, he... he thinks that all he has to say is "Sorry, it won't happen again." And I'll just-- I'm just gonna get over it or something.

J.T.: I wish it were that easy.

Victoria: It's like he's offended that I'm upset. You know, he wants for me to accept his apology and just move on.

J.T.: That's what they all want. No consequences.

Victoria: I ignored all the warning signs. You know, I caught them together so many times and when I called them on it, he always had an explanation-- always.

J.T.: Well, it's hard not to believe somebody you trust. Even if you know there's more to it.

Victoria: I tried so hard. He just can't forget about Sharon.

J.T.: Well, Brad's blind and stupid. Because when I'm with you, it's impossible for me to think of anybody else.

Cane: I managed to fix it!

Amber: Oh, my hero!

Cane: Well, it's a thankless job, but someone's gotta do it.

Amber: You know, you're so good at this stuff. Are you sure you don't wanna work at Chancellor?

Cane: Jill offered me a job at Jabot, I said no. I can't say yes to Katherine.

Amber: Oh, I never thought about it that way.

Cane: Now give your husband a reward.

Amber: Oh, no, no, no, no, your hands are all filthy!

Cane: I'll go and wash them.

Amber: Aw. You are willing to get cleaned up for me? I am flattered.

Cane: You know I'd do anything for you.

Amber: Oh.

Nick: You give me one good reason why I shouldn't knock you out, you cheating bastard.

Brad: That's the pot calling the kettle black, don't you think, Nick?

Nick: You son of a-- my sister's a wreck because of you.

Brad: You don't think I know that? I never meant to hurt Victoria. Any more than you meant to never hurt Sharon.

Nick: You took advantage of Sharon when she was at her most vulnerable. Your wedding vows don't mean Jack to you.

Brad: Oh, this is rich. You lecturing me on the sanctity of marriage? You know, I believe you have a lot more experience with adultery than I do, Nick. The fact is, if you hadn't been unfaithful to Sharon in the first place, she wouldn't have come to me for consoling.

Nick: Consoling? You had sex with her. How many other women have you consoled while you were with my sister? Answer me!

J.T.: You shouldn't have to settle for being anyone's second choice. Nobody should.

Victoria: You're thinking about colleen now, aren't you?

J.T.: No, this is about you and Brad.

Victoria: I worked so hard for something for it to just fall apart.

J.T.: Well, you shouldn't have to work at it.

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, a relationship... should just be easy.

J.T.: Yeah, it should. Like ours.

Nikki: I'll be home soon, Karen. Then we can perfect my stump speech. All right, bye.

Victor: Well, my goodness, such passion, how can I not respect that?

Nikki: I asked myself the same question when you were insulting my past.

Victor: Oh, yeah. Well, whatever.

Nikki: Whatever?

Victor: Um... I'd prefer it if you didn't run, but since you've decided to do that, why don't we agree to disagree?

Nikki: Well, that will please Jack. He was over here earlier, very concerned that my candidacy might affect our relationship.

Victor: Oh, yeah? That's an interesting tactic, isn't it?

Nikki: Maybe his marriage to Sharon has given him a new outlook.

Victor: Boy, do I wish Sharon had waited a little longer to find out what kind of a man Jack really is.

Nikki: What? You don't think he's capable of a change of heart?

Victor: You're not that gullible, are you? He just simply is doing his best to create that illusion. First he visits you, then he decides to bring his goodwill tour over here. He pays me back the money he owes me.

Nikki: What? All $250 million?

Victor: Yeah, plus interest.

Nikki: My God! That's incredible!

Victor: Then he suggested I use that money to... bankroll you in another business.

Nikki: Well, that certainly sounds sincere. I mean, this whole mess started because he cheated you out of money. Now he's paid you back. Maybe you should just let it go. I mean, the two of you are even now.

Victor: You don't see through his charade? He has not given you back N.V.P. he has not admitted the fact that he owns Jabot. Do you honestly think I'm gonna fall for any of this? What he has done to me, I will never forget and I will never forgive.

Jack: Difficult as it is to surprise a man like Victor Newman, I think I managed to do just that when I paid off the loan in its entirety.

Sharon: Um, that's great, Jack.

Jack: Well, let's have some lunch. We got a lot to celebrate, not the least of which is the fact that we're on our honeymoon!

Sharon: Okay, um, I have to tell you something first.

Jack: Sure, shoot.

Sharon: I went on a publicity tour last year to New York. Brad was supposed to go to a business meeting in Boston and his plane got diverted and he ended up in New York and we were at the same hotel.

Jack: And...

Sharon: And... I didn't even know he was there except I bumped into him in the hallway when my room service arrived and... and I invited him in to join me. And, Jack... I was still really hurt and I was really angry at the time about Nick and Phyllis' affair and I didn't know how to make those feelings go away. I just knew I felt better when Brad was around. He was--he was a friend. And he... he listened to me and he didn't judge and... I was so confused. Neither one of us planned this, Jack, I swear. It was the one time that Brad and I slept together.

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