Y&R Transcript Friday 4/6/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 4/6/07 -- Canada; Monday 4/7/07 -- U.S.A.


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Neil: Lily-- when she was born-- the night that we brought her home from the hospital-- she was cuddled in her blankets and we laid her down in the crib and we held hands and we watched her sleep. And in that perfect moment, the world was right. And it felt safe. If we could've just held onto that moment forever, Drucilla.

 Neil: Now... now I'm not so sure. It doesn't feel very safe right now. Oh, Dru, I would change places with you if I could. If I could just... if I could just find you and bring you home and the world would be safe again. The world would be safe.

 Nick: I got up. You were already gone.

 Phyllis: Yeah, I didn't sleep last night.

 Nick: I checked the weather report. It dropped below 40 degrees last night.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. So even if Dru managed to get out before the falls, her chances of surviving...

Nick: Hey, maybe the rescue workers already found her.

Phyllis: I talked to Daniel. There's been no word. I keep on thinking about those kids--Lily and Devon.

 Nick: Hey, Dude.

 Noah: Can we go visit Mom now?

 Nick: Um, yeah, in a second. We're gonna have a little talk first.

 Noah: Not again.

 Nick: Yeah, again. I just wanted to, uh, let you know what you're gonna be seeing at the hospital.

 Noah: I've been before, Dad.

 Nick: Yeah, I know, but this is different. Do you remember when you busted your arm and it, uh, got swollen and turned that ugly yellow purplish color?

 Noah: Yeah, I got that cool orange cast.

 Nick: That's the one. Now the reason it looked like that is because it's your body's way of healing.

 Noah: So... it looked like zombie skin-- like the one from my video game.

 Nick: I know, but their skin's always like that, right? Yours went back to normal after a few weeks, remember?

 Noah: Yeah, I was like a chameleon.

 Nick: You were. And it's the same thing with your mom. When you see her, she's gonna look a little banged up, but that just means she's healing.

 Noah: So she's the chameleon now?

 Nick: Right. So now she can sneak up on you when you're watching TV instead of doing your homework.

 Sharon: Brad?

 Brad: Hey.

 Sharon: Dru?

 Brad: Nothing yet. They're still searching.

 Sharon: How long have you been here?

 Brad: Not long. You're in pain. Let me get the nurse.

 Sharon: No. No, don't do that. Nick's coming by with Noah later this morning and I... I wanna be completely lucid. Can you, um... can you hand me my purse over there?

 Brad: Oh, sure.

 Brad: Here you go.

 Sharon: Thank you. I just don't wanna scare Noah.

 Brad: I can't believe Phyllis did this to you.

 Sharon: I know. And yet, she risked her life to try to save mine, so I guess I should thank her.

 Brad: Oh, wait, no, no, no. You don't owe Phyllis anything. If it hadn't been for her blackmailing us about our affair, none of this would've happened in the first place.

 Jack: Well, you're here nice and early, Bradski.

 Brad: I'll give you two some privacy.

 Sharon: Thanks for stopping by.

 Jack: Hey.

 Sharon: Hey.

 Jack: How you feeling?

 Sharon: Mmm... like I went off a cliff.

 Jack: You look a whole lot better than you did last night.

 Sharon: Hmm, thanks to the wonders of foundation.

 Jack: Oh, you don't need any of that. I'll tell you what, though, next time you feel like taking a 50 foot dive, can I suggest a parachute?

 Sharon: There's not gonna be a next time for me. From now on, I'm staying on level ground. You know, that would've come in handy yesterday. I shouldn't have argued with Phyllis, you know? I just should've let it roll off my back. I don't know why I let it get to me.

 Jack: Hey, hey, hey, listen to me, listen to me, I don't want you blaming yourself for what's happened.

 Sharon: But I should've just let it go. If I did, Dru would be here now. Or if she hadn't tried to help me--

 Jack: Honey, that was instinct. She barely had a split second to think.

 Sharon: I just keep praying that she's still alive.

 Jack: You do know if anyone could come through this, it is Drucilla.

 Neil: You know, Dru... I remember, uh, I remember the first time ever I saw your face. You were flying down the corridors of Jabot.

[Neil remembering]

 Dru: Hey, man, would you watch where you're going?

 Neil: Me? Why don't you watch where you're going, young lady?

 Dru: I was watching, but you was just a blur coming around that corner. Now what's your hurry?

 Neil: I bent down to pick up your mail, and as I looked up at you, I saw the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen in the whole world. And you were mad. You were really mad at me. And then you remember what you said? You asked me to go dancing with you. You asked me out on a date. And you didn't know I had two left feet.

 Neil: And then you got mad 'cause you thought I liked your sister. You had no idea how much I loved you-- even then. How crazy I was about you. How much I loved being with you, teaching you, learning from you. If someone had told me way back then... that we'd have gotten married, remarried, had two beautiful children... I'd have told 'em they were crazy. Now I can't imagine you not being in my life. I just can't imagine what my life is gonna be without you. You're not dead. You can't be dead.

 Nick: Hi. Sorry we're late. We stopped off at the gift shop.

 Jack: Hey. Uh, I'll give you guys some time. See you later.

 Sharon: Okay.

 Noah: Hi, Mom.

 Sharon: Come here, you.

 Noah: Does it hurt?

 Sharon: Mmm, mnh-mnh, not much.

 Noah: Dad said you fell.

 Sharon: Yeah. You and your dad-- you're always making fun of me for being such a klutz.

 Noah: Well, I brought you a present.

 Sharon: Oh, you did?

 Noah: I made it.

 Sharon: What is it?

 Noah: A comic book. It has all of us in it-- you, me, Dad and Summer. We're all superheroes.

 Sharon: Oh, well, let me see here.

 Noah: That's you. You're the blonde avenger. You're invincible.

 Sharon: I love it. It's great, thank you.

 Noah: You're really okay?

 Sharon: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm, I am. Especially now that you're here.

 Brad: Wow, Phyllis, you look great.

 Phyllis: What?

 Brad: Not a scratch in sight, no bruises. Oh, that's right, you didn't have any bruises, did you? You're the lucky one.

 Brad: You know, I made a bet with myself this morning as to whether or not you would show up for work.

 Phyllis: Well, you lost.

 Brad: No, actually, I won. You see, I knew you had no soul, no conscience, no mechanism in that warped brain of yours for determining what is appropriate and what isn't.

 Phyllis: Are you done?

 Brad: You sleep well last night, Phyllis?

 Phyllis: Yeah, I slept great, Brad, thank you.

 Brad: Well, why doesn't that surprise me? Of course you did.

 Phyllis: What happened to Sharon and Dru was an accident.

 Brad: Mmm, I believe the term is manslaughter.

 Phyllis: If it helps you to blame me--

 Brad: Why wouldn't I?

 Phyllis: Because that's the most important thing, right? Assigning blame? That would make you feel better, wouldn't it?

 Brad: If you hadn't have been blackmailing us in the first place--

 Phyllis: You know what? If Sharon hadn't grabbed the phone out of my hand, if you hadn't cheated on your wife with Sharon in New York-- you know, we're all guilty of something.

 Brad: Yeah, way to rationalize, Phyllis. If Dru's gone, you killed her. You might as well have pushed her off the cliff.

 Jack: Hey, wait a minute! Phyllis tried to save Sharon's life.

 Brad: Well, she wouldn't have had to if she-- forget it. I don't wanna do this anymore. You're the one who has to live with yourself.

 Phyllis: Oh, Jack, he's right.

 Jack: He's not right. He's a hot head. If anyone's to blame here, it's me, for letting you three women go on that shoot alone. I should've known better.

 Phyllis: I should've known better. I was the adult. I should've known better.

 Jack: You're all three adults. You are no more to blame than any of them.

 Phyllis: No, I had a part in this. I had a part in this. I could've done the right thing and I didn't.

 Jack: Listen--listen to me, you are not to blame for this.

 Phyllis: I am, too. This is my fault. This is my fault. This is my fault.

 Jack: Hey, hey, hey...

 Noah: Did Phyllis really try to save you?

 Sharon: Yep, she sure did, risked her own life.

 Nick: Hey, Bud, why don't you, uh, run down to the nurse's station. See if, uh, you can get some water for Mom's flowers.

 Noah: Okay.

 Nick: Thank you for not blaming Phyllis.

 Sharon: Look, the only think I can really think about right now is Dru. Someone's gotta tell Noah.

 Nick: I'll handle it.

 Sharon: He seems to be taking the accident pretty well.

 Nick: He's a tough kid. He gets his strength from his mom.

 Sharon: He's just been through so much, you know? He's been through more in a year and a half than most kids go through in a lifetime and he holds so much inside.

 Nick: I was thinking maybe he should sit down and talk with someone.

 Sharon: Yeah, that's a good idea.

 Nick: I know some people who could recommend someone good. I'll schedule an appointment.

 Sharon: Thank you.

 Neil: Hey.

 Phyllis: I just, um... wanted to-- to, uh, put some flowers down. Nick and--Nick and I... wanted to do that. Looks like I-- I'm not the only one with that idea.

 Neil: A lot of people love Dru.

 Phyllis: Have you heard anything from the search-and-rescue team?

 Neil: No.

 Phyllis: Listen... Neil, if there was anything I could do--

 Neil: Yeah.

 Phyllis: What?

 Neil: There is something you could do. You can tell me what happened, Phyllis.

 Phyllis: Well, um, it was... sort of senseless. I, um--Sharon didn't agree with the staging of the shoot and I called Jack. And then we started arguing.

 Neil: Well, how did Dru get involved? Where were you standing when it happened? Where'd she fall from?

 Phyllis: Listen, Neil, does any of that matter right now?

 Neil: Yeah, everything matters right now. You're damn right. Maybe I can find something that the rescue workers missed. At least I have to try.

 Phyllis: Hey, guys. Listen, I'm gonna give you some time alone.

 Colleen: Wow. I mean, this is-- this is amazing. So many people loved Dru.

 Devon: This, uh... this isn't fair. How could I lose two moms?

 Lily: She'll always be our mom, Devon.

 Neil: Stop talking about your mother like she's dead. She's not dead. There's still a chance, okay? We are gonna find her.

 Jack: So have you cooled down from earlier, or do I need to bring some ice?

 Brad: What is it, Jack?

 Jack: We have some business to discuss.

 Brad: Can it wait?

 Jack: Nope.

 Brad: What's up?

 Jack: With Victoria out of town, it falls on you and me to write some kind of memo about Drucilla's accident. Somehow, the standard, "The family is in our thoughts and prayers" sounds kinda hollow, doesn't it?

 Brad: You know, I keep thinking that maybe if I'd been at that photo shoot, I could've done something.

 Jack: You and me both.

 David: Hey. I, uh, I heard about Sharon. Boy, you must be so relieved.

 Jack: You have no idea. She is getting stronger as we speak.

 David: That's great--great. Um, I was also sorry to hear that the search for Dru has become a recovery effort?

 Jack: Yeah. I know the two of you weren't very close.

 David: No, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Now I assume you wanna release a statement about the tragedy?

 Jack: Actually, Brad and I were just about to start working on that.

 David: Well, there's no need. I, uh, took the liberty of having a campaign staff member draft something up. So why don't you take a look at it and see if there's anything you wanna add.

 Nick: (Sighs) so, Buddy, I know it was hard seeing your mom like that, but believe me when I say this, it looks worse than it is. She's gonna be just fine.

 Noah: I know.

 Nick: So we should talk about something else.

 Noah: About Mom?

 Nick: It's about her friend, Dru Winters.

 Noah: Something bad?

 Nick: She also had an accident last night, like your mom.

 Noah: Is she in the hospital, too?

 Nick: They haven't been able to find her yet.

 Noah: I wanna go help, Dad.

 Nick: Well, it's-- it's too dangerous. But they have lots of professional people looking for her.

 Noah: Maybe Zapato could help.

 Nick: They're already using rescue dogs.

 Noah: I like her, Dad. She's cool.

 Nick: You guys spent a lot of time together when she lived with your mom, didn't you?

 Noah: Yeah. She would always play video games with me.

 Nick: That is cool.

 Noah: Can we go there, Dad?

 Nick: Where?

 Noah: To the place when Mom and Ms. Winters fell.

 Nick: Yeah, we can do that.

 Sharon: Neil.

 Neil: Hey.

 Sharon: Neil, I'm so sorry.

 Neil: Thanks.

 Sharon: How are the kids?

 Neil: About how you'd expect.

 Sharon: Is there any news yet?

 Neil: No. None. Um... soon, though. There are a lot of people out there looking for her, Sharon.

 Sharon: I can't believe that, uh, Dru might've... sacrificed her life for me. I just... I... I didn't deserve that.

 Neil: Sharon, shh, shh, shh. Don't blame yourself.

 Sharon: Well, I can't help it, Neil. I just... I don't deserve to have a friend like that. And... Dru's a hero, Neil. She's a hero.

 Devon: After we find Dru, we, uh, should donate these stuffed animals to the children's shelter.

 Lily: Yeah. Mom would like that.

 Devon: She will.

 Lily: I wanna take a picture of this.

 Devon: Go ahead.

 Lily: Hey, um, can I use your cell phone?

 Colleen: Oh, Sweetie, I left mine in the car.

 Lily: Uh, Daniel do you have yours?

 Daniel: Yeah, sure, here.

 Lily: Thanks.

 Lily: Um... Daniel, why is there... a picture of girl's breasts on your phone?

 Lily: Who is this?

 Daniel: I don't know.

 Lily: How can there be a picture of a naked girl on your phone if you don't know who it is?

 Daniel: I don't know. I didn't take it.

 Lily: Well, then who did?

 Daniel: It's probably one of the guys from class. You know, they send this stuff as jokes to everyone.

 Lily: Um... that's funny?

 Daniel: I don't know. You know what? It's probably one of the guys from my psych class. You know, all those frat guys in there? Yes, they think this stuff is funny. Look, it's gone, okay?

 David: I hate to admit it, but there is something good that could come out of this tragedy.

 Jack: What could that be?

 David: Well, this could garner you the sympathy vote with the press. Help your campaign.

 Jack: As sick as that is, you're probably right. Leave it to the media to take an accident like this and put a political spin on it.

 David: Well, the press aren't known for their compassion.

 Jack: No, I guess they aren't, are they?

 David: Well, the timing certainly isn't bad.

 Jack: What do you mean by that?

 David: Nikki's been gaining quite a few endorsements as of late. This could be harder than we thought.

 Jack: Hey, I'm not surprised. The Newmans have a lot of connections in this state.

 David: I got a call from the Madison "Examiner." They'd like to have an interview with you and Sharon.

 Jack: You know what? Sharon's recovering right now. I'm not sure that would be worth it.

 David: With Victor's wife in the race, you might wanna consider it.

 Nick: Is that good?

 Noah: Yeah.

 Nick: All right.

 Phyllis: Hey.

 Nick: Hey, you found us.

 Phyllis: Yeah, I just follow the breadcrumbs. Those look good.

 Noah: Uh, mine's strawberry banana. It's cool to watch them make it. You want one?

 Phyllis: Yeah, I'd love one.

 Noah: Okay.

 Phyllis: So I guess it goes without saying, we should postpone the wedding and the rehearsal dinner.

 Nick: It's probably best.

 Phyllis: All right. I just saw Neil. It was horrible. He is in so much pain. This is my fault.

 Nick: I wish you'd stop saying that. It's not like you pushed Dru over the cliff.

 Phyllis: Yeah, well, by the way everyone's looking at me and the things they're saying to me, I might as well have done that.

 Nick: All right, just... just think about this for one second. It's not like you could've prevented it. What could you have done differently?

 Phyllis: I could've stayed in bed yesterday morning.

 Neil: I spoke with Phyllis.

 Sharon: You did?

 Neil: Yeah. Yeah, I was at the cliff. Sharon, you should've seen all those flowers and letters.

 Sharon: What was Phyllis doing there?

 Neil: I don't know. I asked her to tell me what happened.

 Sharon: What did she say?

 Neil: She said that you two were arguing about the photo shoot, that you struggled over the cell phone. Dru tried to intervene and you both lost your balance and then you... you went over.

 Sharon: Um... that's almost everything that happened.

Neil: What do you mean, almost everything? Sharon... hey... you do understand how desperate I am to find Dru, right? My wife is missing. The tiniest detail could help find her. If there's anything you can tell me, please, Sharon, I need to know right now.

Sharon: I can't lie anymore.

Neil: You can't lie? About what?

Sharon: I, uh... I was really confused back at the time when-- Nick had cheated on me and... I did something that I shouldn't have done.

Neil: Okay, I'm not sure I understand.

Sharon: Neil... I, uh... I spent the night with Brad Carlton.

Neil: You and Brad? What does this have to do with Drucilla?

Sharon: Well, it only happened this one time. But Phyllis was holding that over our heads. And when we were at the photo shoot, she threatened to call Jack and tell him. That's what we were arguing about.

Neil: And you... you tried to stop her? And that's when Dru...

Sharon: Yeah. Yeah. And that's the whole story.

Devon: You guys, I'm gonna go upstairs and lay down.

Daniel: Baby, please, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?

Lily: No.

Brad: I took care of the inter-office memo.

Jack: Thank you for handling that.

David: So what about the Madison "Examiner"? You want me to set up the joint interview?

Jack: Um, let's hold off until I've had a chance to talk to Sharon.

Brad: Hold on a second. Are you kidding me? Sharon's in no shape to be talking to the press.

Jack: I wouldn't dream of doing anything Sharon isn't comfortable with.

Brad: Just bringing it up puts her in the position of feeling like she has to say yes.

David: I'm sure Sharon can make her own decisions. And I doubt that anybody's gonna pressure her into anything.

Brad: Are you really willing to use Sharon for your own image?

Jack: I'm not gonna force Sharon into doing anything she doesn't wanna do.

Brad: You know, that's low, Jack, even for you.

Jack: And you have a right to judge me?

Brad: Every right. When you're talking about one of my closest friends, you bet I do. I will not see Sharon exploited.

Jack: Let me remind you, we are talking about my fianc�e. I suggest you back off.

Lily: I have to call Aunt Mamie.

Colleen: And Olivia.

Lily: How am I gonna tell her?

Colleen: Sweetie, if you don't feel up for it, I can--

Lily: No, no. I have to do it myself.

Lily: Aunt Liv? Hi, it's Lily. Um... no, um... something terrible happened.

Sharon: Neil... say something.

Neil: The blackmail-- how long has it been going on?

Sharon: A while, not that long.

Neil: Why? What did Phyllis want?

Sharon: For Brad to vote to put you on the board.

Neil: A lousy board seat. And you and Brad-- I can't believe this. No, he's a newlywed.

Sharon: Look, I know you don't like him.

Neil: Sharon, it's not about not liking Brad. And I can tell what's coming next-- you want me to keep your secret, don't you?

Sharon: No, I don't. I wouldn't ask that, Neil. After everything that it's done? No, I don't want you to lie.

Neil: Did Dru know what Phyllis was doing?

Sharon: Yeah. She'd known about it for a little while.

Neil: She didn't say a word-- not one word.

Phyllis: Well, I never thought I'd be this happy to see you.

Phyllis: I mean, I was-- I was terrified when you let go of my wrist.

Sharon: Well, thank you, Phyllis. Thank you for... trying to save my life.

Phyllis: You're welcome. So, um, I'm not-- I'm not gonna tell Victoria or Jack about the affair.

Sharon: Oh, you're not?

Phyllis: No. I played a huge part in what happened. Too many people have been hurt.

Noah: Whoa! Look at all this stuff, Dad.

Nick: Yeah. There's a lot of people worried about Dru.

Noah: So... they--they give her presents?

Nick: Yeah. This is their way of letting her family know that they're sorry this happened to her.

Noah: Like when people were worried about Cassie?

Nick: Yeah.

Noah: Do people really go to heaven when they die?

Nick: I believe they do. The good ones, at least.

Noah: Who decides when people die?

Nick: That would be God.

Noah: I'm gonna die someday.

Nick: We all are, Buddy. But that's a long way away, okay? I'm expecting grandkids from you.

Noah: Yuck!

Noah: If Mrs. Winters is dead, then maybe she'll be somebody's guardian angel... like Cassie's mine.

Nick: Maybe. Maybe.

Phyllis: Hey.

Neil: Don't you say anything to me. I know all about your blackmail, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Listen, Neil--

Neil: Do you know something? You're a sorry, pathetic excuse for a human being. You are dead to me.

Phyllis: I'm--I'm sorry.

Neil: You're sorry? Shut up. You're sorry and my wife is missing.

Phyllis: Neil, okay, wait a second-- listen, listen--

Neil: If my wife doesn't make it through this, I'm gonna hold you personally responsible.

Jack: Hey, Neil, Neil, come on, back off, easy.

Neil: Do you understand me? Her blood is gonna be on your hands, Phyllis!

Daniel: Hey, Baby, who haven't you been able to reach? I'll just e-mail them.

Lily: No, I don't want anyone to find out that way.

Daniel: Well, I just meant that I'd tell them to call us.

Lily: Hey... what is--what is this? "Studguy101"?

Daniel: It's nothing.

Lily: It's nothing? So first, your computer is flooded with porn spam. And then you have a picture a girl's naked breasts on your cell phone and now you have a secret e-mail name? Daniel, what is going on with you?

Brad: How was your visit with Noah?

Sharon: It was good. Brad... I told Neil... about... about Phyllis' blackmail.

Brad: He knows about New York?

Sharon: Yeah, well, I couldn't lie to him. Brad, he might've lost his wife because of me.

Brad: Because of us. And Phyllis. Do you think he'll talk?

Sharon: I don't know. If I had known that that one night would lead to all of this...

Brad: I know. Me, too.

Sharon: I'm sorry everything had to turn out this way.

Brad: Oh, no, Sharon, it's not your fault. Come here.

Jack: Sorry to interrupt... again.

Sharon: Oh, Jack.

Jack: Well, it looks like you're in good hands.

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