Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/5/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/5/07 -- Canada; Friday 4/6/07 -- U.S.A.


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Nick: Hey, who was on the helicopter?

Man: I don't know.

Nick: Was she identified? Can you tell me anything?

Victor: I heard over the radio about a woman being airlifted to the hospital? Do you know if it was Sharon or Dru?

Jack: We don't know anything.

Victor: And they said nothing about her condition?

Nick: No.

Neil: Honey, it's gonna be okay.

Devon: Is Mom on her way to the hospital?

Neil: We aren't sure.

Sullivan: Okay, can I have everyone's attention? I just spoke to um, Sharon Newman has been MedEvaced to the hospital.

Jack: (Sighs)

Neil: What about Dru?

Jack: What can you tell us about Sharon? What kind of condition is she in?

Sullivan: Um, she was in the water for a long time and when the rescue got her to land, she was dead.

Sullivan: Sharon had stopped breathing. Um, her heart had stopped and the paramedics are attempting to revive her en route to the hospital.

Victor: When might you be able to get another update?

Sullivan: I don't know.

Jack: You're saying she could survive?

Sullivan: I don't wanna give you false hope. But they're working as hard as they can. There just are no guarantees. They'll contact us when they've landed.

Nick: I'm going to the hospital.

Jack: So am I.

Phyllis: I'll go with you.

Victor: I'm staying, okay?

Nick: Okay.

Neil: What about my wife?

Sullivan: I'm sorry, Mr. Winters. I don't have any information yet.

Lily: If--if Sharon was in the water for too long, then what about Mom? She fell first.

Devon: We're gonna have to wait and see and just hope for a miracle.

Daniel: When are we gonna know something here? Five minutes? An hour? What are we looking at?

Sullivan: I wish I could give you a timeline, but I can't. There's just too much ground to cover.

Lily: Dad... when will we know?

Neil: Soon, Honey. We'll find your mother soon.

Brad: Excuse me, I'm looking for information about the two women who fell into the river. I understand one of them is on their way over here. Can you tell me if her name is Sharon Newman?

Woman: Are you family?

Brad: No, but I'm very close to both women.

Woman: Legally, I can only release information to relatives.

Brad: Well, I'm not leaving until I know something.

Lauren: Okay, have any 8's?

Noah: Go fish.

Lauren: Are you kidding?

Michael: Hey, Lauren! Did you hear what happened--?

Lauren: Hey! Uh, Noah and Summer are here helping me babysit Fen. Nick had a last minute meeting.

Michael: Oh, well... well, we appreciate the help, Noah. Our little man can be quite a handful, you know?

Noah: It's cool. Lauren's paying me $5,000 an hour.

Michael: That's more than I get, kid.

Lauren: He was a tougher negotiator.

Michael: All right.

Lauren: Both babies are asleep, so we're gonna order pizza.

Michael: Mmm.

Noah: Yeah, I like double cheese.

Lauren: Anything you want. The menu's on the refrigerator.

Michael: Yummy. Did you hear from Nick?

Lauren: Yeah, a while ago, but there have been no updates.

Michael: I was just getting out of the car. I heard it over the radio. They--they found Sharon's body.

Lauren: Her body? Does that mean that she's--

Michael: I don't...

Lauren: Michael!

Noah: Michael, check it out! I drew my family as superheroes.

Michael: Whoa! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Oh... is that blob with the cape and boots your mommy?

Noah: She's the blonde avenger. She's invincible!

Michael: Ah.

Brad: Is Sharon here? What's her condition?

Nick: They found her, but it was too much time.

Jack: Nurse? Nurse, excuse me. I'm Sharon Newman's fiancé. Can you tell me if they've revived her?

Woman: I can only release information to immediate family.

Phyllis: I'm Sharon's sister.

Woman: I'll get a doctor.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Brad: The news said there was an accident at the photo shoot. Sharon and Dru fell into the river. How?

Phyllis: Uh, Sharon and I were arguing and, um, I fell backwards and Dru and Sharon fell over the cliff. It just happened... very fast.

Brad: You and Sharon got into a fight?

Man: Are you Sharon Newman's sister?

Phyllis: Yes, I am.

Man: Ms. Newman is suffering from severe hypothermia.

Jack: But she's alive?

Brad: I-I thought...

Man: A person suffering from severe hypothermia can be non-responsive--

Jack: And still be alive?

Man: Well, they're not breathing and there's no heartbeat, but sometimes that can be the body's defense mechanism-- a way of shutting down to save energy.

Nick: How is she now?

Man: Well, her body's in shock. Her temperature is very low. We'll know more once we're able to raise it.

Brad: But you could save her?

Man: We're doing everything we can. The good news is she is showing minimal response to pain.

Jack: I cannot believe she is alive.

Man: Her body's been through a major trauma.

Nick: But they got her out of the water pretty quick. There must be some way to treat her.

Man: We've injected her with adrenaline, which has been proven to aid in recovery. We're also giving her warm packs to gradually raise her temperature. Right now we're just looking to stabilize her, to alleviate any risk of further complications. Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back.

Jack: Thank you, Doctor, thank you. Minimal response to pain-- what does that mean? She's suffering?

Phyllis: He didn't say she wouldn't make it.

Nick: But he didn't say that she'd recover, either.

Victor: Daniel.

Daniel: Mr. Newman, I just want you to know that my mom did everything she could to try and save Sharon. You know, we didn't even have a chance to help Dru because she fell right away. But Sharon--she was so close.

Victor: Well, I'm sure this wasn't anyone's fault.

Daniel: My mom kept telling her to move her hand to the left, but she meant her left, not Sharon's, and then she lost her grip and my mom went flying forward and we would've gone over, too. She would've gone over if we hadn't been holding her legs.

Victor: Now listen, you need to stop blaming yourself, because I'm sure that, you know, none of you could've helped this. You all reacted rather bravely.

Daniel: I just don't know if she's gonna be able to forgive herself if they can't save Sharon or if they don't find Dru.

Victor: You know, from what I understand, your mother behaved rather heroically. I mean, she put her life on the line.

Daniel: I doubt other people are gonna see it that way.

Victor: They'll get around to it, I'm sure.

Devon: You know something, Lily? I bet if our last name was Newman, they'd have found our mom by now.

Lily: It's not like that. The rescue team is treating everyone equally.

Devon: Neil, is there any news?

Neil: No, not yet.

Devon: Nothing?

Neil: Nothing. But there's a lot of ground to search, you know? Your mom could've made it out of the water before she reached the falls. Hey, listen to me, you two, what's the one thing we know about your mother? She is a fighter, right? She's still alive. I'm not gonna give up on her... and neither should you.

Jack: I'm starting to feel like I live in this place.

Nick: I've spent too many hours in this hallway. I'm so sick of the neutral colors and the neutral nurses who never tell you anything.

Jack: I don't how I could live without her.

Phyllis: Jack, please, stay positive. You have to stay positive.

Man: Sharon has regained consciousness.

Phyllis: Oh!

Man: She's responding to stimuli tests, breathing on her own.

Brad: I wanna see her.

Jack: What?

Man: Her condition is still very serious.

Jack: Thank you, Doctor, and please thank everyone involved. Thank you.

Man: We're just hoping that her temperature will continue to increase and return to normal. Things are looking better, but I have to warn you, there's no guarantee.

Nick: Expect the worst-- we know the drill.

Man: I know how difficult this is.

Phyllis: Can we see her?

Man: I can allow one visitor at a time.

Phyllis: All right, well, as her sister, I would like her fiancé to go in first, please.

Man: That's fine. Please, follow me.

Jack: Thank you.

Man: You're welcome.

Jack: Hey, there.

Sharon: Mmm. Jack?

Jack: Welcome back. You have no idea how happy I am to see you. I should've been there. I know that now, I'm sorry. I should've been there. I knew you and Phyllis weren't getting along. I just thought... it doesn't matter what I thought.' I should've been there. If I'd been there, none of this would've happened.

Sharon: (Whimpers)

Jack: Easy, easy, its okay, I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here.

Brad: I still don't understand how this happened.

Phyllis: Well, the shoot got off to a bad start. Sharon was late because of traffic. It put everybody on edge. There were last minute wardrobe and set changes added to the tension.

Lily: When we got to the shoot, um, Phyllis was trying to change everything around.

Sullivan: And then what happened?

Lily: Well, my mom and Sharon got really upset with Phyllis. And I don't know what she did, but--

Daniel: My mom made a creative decision and Dru was upset with the prop that they were using and that's when things got heated.

Phyllis: Uh, Dru started taking apart the set and Sharon took her side. And we were all sort of upset at each other and we separated to get some air. And, um... then Sharon and I started arguing and... and that's when...

Lily: Everything just... got out of control and... Phyllis and Sharon were standing by the cliff.

Sullivan: Could you hear what they were saying?

Lily: No, no, we were too far away.

Daniel: But things just kept getting worse-- the arguing.

Lily: And it looked like Phyllis started the fight.

Daniel: But we can't be certain of that, because we couldn't hear anything.

Lily: Phyllis pulled out her cell phone and that is when she and Sharon started to struggle.

Phyllis: It just happened so fast. And Sharon and I just kept arguing, and then Dru came over and then... and then, uh, she grabbed for the cell phone and we were-- we were all fighting over the cell phone.

Lily: And the next thing I knew, Phyllis fell backwards and... Sharon and my mom went over the cliff.

Phyllis: I tried to save her, guys. I tried to save her. I mean, I had-- I had ahold of her wrist and she tried to hang on. And I then I started going over, and Lily and Daniel-- they--they held onto me. And it wasn't enough. I mean, I-I-I tried to pull her up. I tried to do it, but it... she just couldn't hang on. She just--she couldn't hang on. I mean, maybe if I'd done something differently, I don't know...

Nick: No, no, look--

Phyllis: But I tried to save her!

Nick: Listen to me, listen to me. Let's talk about this later, all right? Why don't I go see the doctor, see if we can get you a sedative.

Phyllis: I don't-- I don't want a sedative. I wanna stay alert.

Woman: Sharon's asking to see Nick Newman.

Brad: So you and Sharon were arguing? But how did she end up falling, Phyllis? Anything else you can tell me?

Phyllis: Sharon-- we were arguing--Sharon and I-- and I pulled out my cell phone-- how's Sharon?

Jack: Not good. She's--she's in a lot of pain. But she's hanging on. She's awake. I guess that's all we can hope for right now.

Brad: Phyllis and I were just talking about what happened on that cliff.

Sullivan: Oh, what a coincidence. I'd like to hear what Phyllis has to say about that, too.

Nick: You're still so cold.

Sharon: Cold hands, warm heart, right?

Nick: You got that right.

Sharon: Did they, um... they find Dru?

Nick: No, there's-- there's no news yet. But as soon as I hear anything, I'll tell you.

Sharon: What about Noah? Is he okay? Does he know?

Nick: No, he's with Michael and Lauren. They're making sure he doesn't find out, but now that you're awake, I'm gonna go talk to him myself. Do you want me to... bring him by for a visit?

Sharon: Oh, no. No, I would only scare him.

Nick: Okay. You just let me know when you're ready.

Sharon: Would you call him now--make sure he's okay?

Nick: Sure. Sure.

(Telephone ringing)

Lauren: Hello?

Nick: Lauren, its Nick.

Lauren: Nick... oh, I am so sorry about Sharon.

Nick: Uh, the doctors revived her.

Lauren: She's alive?

Nick: Yeah. I'm here with her now and she's gonna be okay.

Lauren: Oh, thank God.

Nick: Um... Phyllis and I are gonna come by and, uh, talk to Noah and tell him. Is he okay?

Lauren: Yeah, yeah, he's just been drawing and eating pizza. He has no idea what's going on. Hey, what about Dru?

Nick: There's still no word yet.

Lauren: It's been a long time.

Nick: Yeah, it has. Bye.

Lauren: Okay, we'll see you soon.

Michael: Noah's on his ninth piece of pizza. He's gonna need angioplasty. I can't keep pretending everything's all right.

Lauren: No, no, we don't have to. Sharon is alive! Nick just called. He's on his way over to tell Noah.

Michael: So she survived? She's gonna be okay?

Lauren: Yeah, yeah, he seems optimistic.

Michael: What about Drucilla?

Lauren: They haven't found her, Honey.

Michael: Oh... I wonder how Phyllis is handling all this.

Sullivan: Okay, according to our witnesses, Sharon and Dru fell after the two of you argued?

Phyllis: That's right.

Sullivan: Why were you fighting?

Brad: That's what I've been wondering.

Phyllis: Uh, the photo shoot wasn't going well.

Sullivan: Now, is it true that you and Sharon were grappling over a cell phone before she fell?

Phyllis: Well, that's complicated.

Nick: Why are you interrogating Phyllis? She isn't being accused of anything, right? What happened was a horrible accident.

Phyllis: No, listen, she needs to know. I don't mind telling you what happened.

Sullivan: Great.

Phyllis: Okay. So, um... Sharon and I had a disagreement about how the photo shoot should go, and--and I was calling Jack to--to work it out. And, uh, um... Sharon grabbed for the phone and it got physical.. and it was stupid and ridiculous, but, uh, that's-- that's what happened.

Sullivan: Okay, well, thank you for your statement. Um... is Sharon up to answering some questions?

Jack: No, her doctor feels she needs rest right now.

Sullivan: Okay. Well, please let me know when she starts feeling better. I need to talk to her as soon as possible. Thank you.

Jack: Well, thanks for the update.

Brad: How's Sharon?

Jack: She's improving, slowly. Her temperature's up which means her body is responding.

Brad: Oh, that's a relief.

Jack: I wish the Winters would get some relief. I'm sure Neil and his family are scared to death.

Brad: Well, knowing that Sharon was found alive-- that should give them some sort of hope.

Jack: Yeah, I hope so. They need it. The whole time Sharon was missing, I... I was terrified they wouldn't find her in time. I kept imagining Noah without a mother. And frankly, I couldn't imagine my life without Sharon in it.

Victor: Thank you.

Victor: Anything I can get for you, Son?

Devon: No, Sir. Thank you, though.

Victor: Well...

Devon: I don't get this. Every time things start to go right for my family, something bad like this happens. Why Dru?

Victor: Yeah. You know, I've known your mother for many years. She's not the kind of woman who would let anyone--anything stand between her and what she wants, you know? She's a very strong woman. I bet you she'd do anything to survive. She'll come back to you.

Devon: Thank you.

Neil: Hey, you guys. Hey, there's a lot of new rescue workers outside. They are gonna find your mother. There's enough of them to cover every square inch.

Lily: Maybe.

Daniel: You know, if Dru did make it out of the water, it could take them hours to find her in the brush.

Lily: Right.

Neil: Lily, we all hate waiting.

Daniel: You want anything to eat or drink?

Neil: No, no, thanks. I'm gonna get back, okay?

Daniel: Lily, you want anything?

Lily: What I want is my mom back.

Michael: Uh, Noah's here somewhere. He was eating pizza.

Noah: Dad, I thought I was gonna stay up all night waiting.

Nick: Oh, not tonight, Dude. I hope, uh, Michael and Lauren are paying you a good babysitting rate.

Noah: 5,000 bucks and free pizza for life, right?

Michael: We're still in the middle of that negotiating process.

Noah: That means I have to come over a whole bunch more.

Michael: Only if we order the pizza I like-- the anchovies and pineapple, all right?

Noah: Oh, no way!

Michael: Yes, way.

Lauren: Let's go see your mommy. There you go.

Phyllis: Oh, Sweetie!

Nick: Hey, Beautiful.

Phyllis: Hey, Sweetie. Look at you, pretty girl.

Nick: Hi.

Phyllis: Look at the pretty girl! Oh, Mommy missed you. Thanks for watching her.

Noah: And me, too!

Lauren: You can always count on us, you know that.

Nick: Uh...

Michael: We'll go get pizza.

Nick: Okay. So, Dude, uh, let's, uh, let's sit down. We gotta talk about something. I want you to know that your mom is fine.

Noah: What do you mean? Why wouldn't she be?

Nick: She had, uh, a little accident at her photo shoot and she's in the hospital, but the doctors are taking very good care of her.

Noah: I wanna see her.

Phyllis: Your dad wanted to talk to you first so you wouldn't be scared.

Nick: Yeah, I don't want you to worry about anything, all right? She just fell in the river and some rescue workers found her. Do you remember when Cassie fell into the ice out at the ranch?

Noah: Yeah, she was real cold.

Nick: Okay, well, so is your mom. And she needs to get warmer, so she has to stay in the hospital tonight.

Noah: What does that mean?

Nick: They're gonna help her get warmer with medicine. You know how we say that Cassie is your guardian angel? Well, tonight, she was looking after your mother.

Noah: Can I see her, please?

Phyllis: Um, you know, Noah, she needs to rest now.

Noah: I won't bother her. I promise. I'll let her sleep.

Nick: I know you will. I'll tell you what, how about if we give her a call on the phone? Will that be cool?

Noah: Yeah.

Nick: All right.

Nick: Uh, this is Nick Newman. I would like to be transferred to Sharon Newman's room, please.

(Telephone ringing)

Sharon: Oh, could you hand me that, please? Thank you. Hello?

Nick: Hey, Sharon, it's Nick. Um, I got Noah here. And he would like to talk to you.

Sharon: Oh, I'd like that, too.

Nick: Okay.

Noah: Mom?

Sharon: Hi, Sweetie. It's so good to hear your voice.

Daniel: How's that?

Lily: No, Daniel, please, stop. It's not helping right now.

Daniel: I'm sorry, I just thought it might make you feel better.

Lily: What would make me feel better is if your mother hadn't started a fight with Sharon, and then my mom might still be here right now!

Daniel: Okay, we still don't know what happened for certain.

Lily: It doesn't matter, Daniel! It doesn't change anything!

Daniel: Look, nothing is fair.

Lily: Yeah, you're right. It's not fair. Because your mom is fine out there. And my mom...

Daniel: Whoa! Are you trying to say that you wish that...?

Lily: No, I'm not. I'm... I just...

Daniel: Come here. Come here. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Lily: What if I never get to talk to her again? She needs to be alive, Daniel. I can't live without her. I can't. I can't.

Neil: Do you know what Dru was talking about when she called me on the phone? Um... the trip to Tokyo.

Victor: I thought it would be nice for both of you to get away for a while. That's why I arranged it.

Neil: Victor... we were supposed to be having a celebratory dinner tonight with my family for my two kids for getting straight "A's." How did this happen? Why did this happen? I mean, we were at home right before the shoot, just a few hours ago. I don't understand it. I hugged her and I kissed her good-bye. I kissed her. I kissed her good-bye.

Brad: It's a good look for you. Beautiful as ever.

Sharon: Blue lips and all?

Brad: Ice princess.

Sharon: Where's Jack?

Brad: Uh, he, uh, left a little while ago, but I can fill in if you'd like.

Sharon: I'd like.

Brad: Sharon, I'm so glad...

Sharon: I'm okay. I'm okay.

Brad: I can't imagine what you went through.

Sharon: You know, I... I panicked when I lost my balance. I felt my heart move up to my throat. And then everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. I thought about everyone who I love. I was holding onto Phyllis' arm. I... I was thinking about Noah and I lost my grip. The next thing I remember is the freezing cold water hitting me like a ton of bricks. And then, I-I woke up here.

Brad: What happened with Phyllis?

Sharon: We were arguing. She was going to call Jack and I grabbed the phone. That was when I lost my balance and fell.

Brad: She wanted to call Jack because you were having a disagreement about the shoot?

Sharon: No. Because she wanted to tell Jack about us.

Nick: Noah was exhausted.

Phyllis: So is Summer.

Nick: You know, that's it. No more photo shoot s on cliffs, with water or trees--anything. That's it. We're so lucky.

Phyllis: Yeah, we're lucky. Noah's gonna see his mom tomorrow. But Lily and Devon...

Lauren: With everything that family has been though the past few months, I just... I can't believe that fate would be this cruel.

Phyllis: Has Summer eaten?

Lauren: Yes, I gave her a bottle earlier.

Michael: Look, you two must be hungry. We've got plenty of cold pizza in there.

Phyllis: No, I'm not hungry.

Nick: I'm starving. I know that's weird, but I am.

Lauren: No, here, Nick, I'll help you, come on.

Michael: If you're not hungry, how about something to drink?

Phyllis: No, thanks.

Michael: You could take a shower. It might help you relax.

Phyllis: I'm relaxed. I'm fine, thank you.

Michael: Well, you know, um, if you don't want pizza, we could order out. You know, G.C.A.C.-- you love that pasta.

Phyllis: No, thanks. I don't really like the pasta.

Michael: All right, look, after everything you've been through, there must be something you need. You're not that tough. I know you. Look... Phyllis, please, just... let me take care of you, just for a minute.

Phyllis: No, I don't want you to take care of me.

Phyllis: Okay... you can take care of me if you want.

Michael: Oh...

Victor: Any news?

Sullivan: Yes. Mr. Winters?

Neil: Yes?

Sullivan: A member of the rescue team found this jacket. Is it Dru's?

Neil: Yes.

Lily: Where was it?

Sullivan: It was downstream-- past the falls.

Lily: Oh, Dad... no, not Mom, please!

Devon: Um... so you guys-- you think she went over the falls?

Sullivan: Mr. Winters, I'm sorry. The rescue operation has been reclassified as a recovery operation.

Sullivan: I'm sorry. I have to get back.


Devon: It's okay. It's okay.

Jack: Hey! Have you heard anything about Dru? Is she here?

Victor: They've reclassified the mission from search-and-rescue to recovery.

Jack: Oh, dear God.

Victor: Yeah.

Sharon: Mmm... Brad? I must've dozed off when we were talking. I'm sorry. Please don't take it personal.

Brad: I won't. I put you at ease, that's a good thing.

Sharon: Were we talking about Phyllis? The argument?

Brad: We don't have to talk about that now.

Sharon: Victor, hi.

Victor: It's good to see you, Sweetheart.

Sharon: You, too. Hey, I thought I could only have one visitor at a time.

Jack: We got permission. You have too many men after you, Sweetheart.

Victor: I just came from the command center. They have not found Dru yet.

Sharon: Well, they're not gonna give up, are they?

Victor: They changed the mission from one of searching for her to one of trying to recover her.

Sharon: No!

Brad: Sharon, it's not your fault. It's not your fault.

Victor: They've done everything they could, Sweetheart.

Jack: It's okay.

Sharon: Oh, somebody just tell me that this is a nightmare. Please!

Phyllis: Uh, Dru didn't make it.

Nick: Are you... are you sure? Are you sure? They said the same thing about Sharon.

Phyllis: Yeah. They said that the rescue team didn't find her, and they're... they're turning it into a recovery mission.

Lauren: Lily and Devon must be so devastated.

Michael: Poor Drucilla.

Phyllis: This is my fault.

Nick: Don't say that.

Phyllis: No, this is my fault. I did this. I did this. I should've listened to them. I should've stopped the fighting. If--if I had, they--they would be here. Sharon would be okay.

Nick: All right, listen to me--listen to me--

Phyllis: And Dru would be here.

Nick: Listen to me!

Phyllis: No!

Nick: This was an accident. This was not your fault. Do you hear me?

Lauren: Nick is right, Phyllis. You did everything you could.

Phyllis: No, I didn't. I didn't! I didn't! I didn't try to save them! I-I-I didn't try hard enough to save Sharon.

Michael: Hold on! Did you push Sharon or Drucilla over that ledge?

Phyllis: No.

Michael: Hey, hey... did you want anyone to die? Then it wasn't your fault. It was an accident. It shouldn't have happened. It's senseless. But you know what? Look at me. I'm grateful for one thing. You. You're here. You're here standing with me. I don't know what I would've done if you'd gone over that ledge. I... don't know what I would've done.

Michael: Come here.

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