Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/4/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/4/07 -- Canada; Thursday 4/5/07 -- U.S.A.


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Dru: What's going on here?

Sharon: Give me the phone, Phyllis!

Dru: Hey, Sharon, no! Let go! Stop it!

Sharon: Let go! Stop it!

[Sharon and Dru go over the cliff]

Lily: Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!

Neil: Drucilla?

Lily: No!!!!!!!!!!!

Neil: Drucilla?!

Jack: Hey, what's happening?

Neil: I don't know. Dru, are you there? Lily? Somebody, answer me!

Jack: Come on, Phyllis, answer the phone!

Lily: Aah! Aah!

Jack: Answer!

Neil: Hello?! Lily, its Dad, pick up!

Phyllis: Grab my hand! Grab my hand!

Sharon: I can't, Phyllis! Help me!

Lily: (Screaming)

Lily: Mom, can you hear me?!

Woman: Please send help right away!

Daniel: Mom!

Lily: Mom! Where is my mom?!

Daniel: Stay-- stay right here. Stay right here! Don't move! Mom!

Phyllis: No, get back!

Daniel: Mom!

Phyllis: No, I mean it! Get back, Daniel!

Lily: No!

Phyllis: Okay, listen to me. Look, Sharon, can you just grab my hand?

Sharon: Phyllis, I can't! Help me, please!

Lily: Mom!

Daniel: Lily, no!

Phyllis: Okay, I can-- I can reach down and grab you. Okay? I can do it. I got it! I got--

Sharon: Aah! Help me!

Daniel: Grab her by the legs! Help me! Grab her legs!

Phyllis: I'm okay, I'm okay. I have you. I have you.

Daniel: Mom, we've got your legs!

Phyllis: Okay, look at me. Sharon, look at me. I want you to grab my hand with your other hand, okay?

Sharon: Phyllis...

Daniel: Mom, we've got you!

Sharon: What if I fall?

Daniel: Sharon, give her your hand! We've got her! We'll help pull you up!

Sharon: Oh!

Phyllis: Give me your other hand.

Sharon: Phyllis... please don't let me die. Please don't let me die! No!

Brad: Okay... Jack's so-called upscale mall? Right in the middle of the plot are these two houses and... this abandoned church. We own it.

Victoria: Have I told you how much I love what you did?

Brad: You have, but, you know, feel free to tell me again.

Victoria: I love what you did.

Brad: Look at this beauty-- right on the lakefront. It used to be a bed and breakfast.

Victoria: Oh, wow! Wraparound porch, fish scale siding, queen Anne architecture-- it's beautiful!

Brad: Also part of our new portfolio.

Victoria: Meaning, Jack can't build there.

Brad: Not unless we sell out.

Victoria: Which we will not do.

Brad: You know, I was thinking it would make a great summer home. After the the baby is born, can't you see all of us there just getting away from it all?

Victoria: All of us? Meaning my entire family?

Brad: Sure. The place is huge. Of course, we'll have to put your parents on separate floors.

Victoria: At the rate they're going, we might have to put them on separate planets.

Brad: I'll see what's on the market.

Victoria: It does sound perfect, though. You and me sitting on the porch sipping tea, watching our children run all around us.

Brad: In this fantasy of yours, are you vacuuming in your white pearls and freshly pressed skirt?

Victoria: Oh, no. In my fantasy, you're vacuuming, actually.

Brad: (Chuckles)

Victoria: (Giggles) it doesn't really make very much sense, though. I mean, if we wanted a summer home, we could have one anywhere. But you voted for Neil, practically assuring Jack's development, and now you're buying property to stop him?

Brad: Strategy, Victoria.

Victoria: So you say. But it still doesn't make any more sense than when you first tried to explain it to me. Jack could just build up all around us if he wanted to.

Brad: Not if we make that impossible.

Victoria: Or you could've just voted for my mom in the first place and put a stop to this to begin with. I'll never understand why you didn't do that.

Nick: All right, little man, now it's time for the reward portion of the shopping experience.

Noah: Six jumbo cookies and a super sized soda!

Nick: Ha ha, close! No, a fruit smoothie.

Noah: Hey, look who's here! Hi, Lauren!

Lauren: Hey, kiddo.

[Nick remembering]

Nick: Throwing a real wedding is a lot of hard work. I mean, where do we start? Napkins?

Phyllis: Tablecloths.

Nick: Tablecloths.

Phyllis: Yeah, we have to change the wedding party, of course. And then, uh, send out the invitations, minus Lauren and Michael.

Nick: Well, that'll save on paper.

Phyllis: I cannot believe that he knew that Sheila was alive and never told me.

Nick: He should've known better. Then I could've protected you and Summer.

Phyllis: I mean, how can someone claim to love you so much and then keep such a huge secret from you?

Nick: I hate that he hurt you. And I hate that he was so stupid to keep the secret from you. And I also hate how disappointed you are that Michael and Lauren won't be standing up for us at our wedding.

Phyllis: That doesn't matter to me. I'm not gonna let it ruin the happiest day of my life.

Lauren: I haven't seen you in forever! All right, am I shrinking or did you grow?

Noah: Well, yeah, I'm 9.

Lauren: Oh, well, of course!

Nick: I guess you can't argue with that logic.

Lauren: No.

Nick: How are you?

Lauren: I'm good. You?

Nick: Fine. So you ready for that smoothie?

Noah: Dad bribed me. I had to get a suit for his wedding.

Lauren: Ah. Well, I'm sure it'll be really fun.

Noah: Hey, I went to my friend's birthday party and it had a theme--wrestling. I was the animal! It was so cool! Your wedding should have a theme, Dad. Then it would be really fun.

Nick: A theme, huh? Any ideas?

Noah: Superheroes.

Nick: Superheroes? Interesting.

Noah: Yeah, you wanna be Wonder Wwoman?

Nick: Uh, you know what, Buddy? Lauren has plans that day, but Wonder Woman would be cool.

Lauren: Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm busy, Sweetie.

Noah: My mom might not come either. Or else she'll be there with Jack.

Lauren: Well, I'm sure you'll still have a good time.

Noah: Yeah, I wish you could come. Right, Dad?

Nick: Right.

Daniel: Be careful, Mom!

Phyllis: Okay, Sharon, I can do this. Listen--listen to me! Are you listening?

Sharon: Yes! Yes!

Phyllis: All right, look at me.

Sharon: Okay.

Phyllis: Listen. I want you to take your hand off of the tree. I have ahold of you and I will not let go. I will not let go. And I want you to grab onto my other arm.

Sharon: Phyllis, I can't. If I let go, I'll fall.

Daniel: Sharon, if you reach with your other hand, we'll grab you!

Sharon: I'm afraid if I let go--I can't.

Phyllis: It's only for a second!

Sharon: Phyllis, you're pulling up half of my body weight. If I let go...

Phyllis: I'll grab your hand so fast!

Lily: Sharon, just do it!

Daniel: We've got my mom! We'll help pull you up!

Sharon: (Whimpers)

Phyllis: Sharon, just take my hand. Okay?

Sharon: Okay.

Phyllis: We're gonna do this on three. All right, you got it? One...

Daniel: Get ready, Lily.

Lily: I am. I am.

Phyllis: Two... three! Take my hand!

Sharon: Aah!

Phyllis: Take my hand! Sharon!

Sharon: Aah!

[Sharon lets go and fall toward the water]

Phyllis: Sharon, take my hand! No! No!

Lily: No!

Phyllis: She let go.

Neil: Jack, come on! The stairs!

Jack: No, Neil, the penthouse! This is gonna be faster!

Neil: What are you talking about? The stairs!

Jack: Come on! Come on! Come on! Five more seconds!

Neil: I'm leaving!

Jack: Five seconds! (Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Hold on! Hold on! This is Jack. Daniel, what is going on there?

Neil: Daniel? What's he saying?

Jack: Well, what do you mean both of them?

Neil: Jack, what?!

Jack: Dru and Sharon? No!

Jack: No, no, Daniel, don't go down there yourself. Neil is talking to search and rescue right now.

Neil: Uh, Dru Winters-- "W-i-n-t-e-r-s."

Jack: Is your mom there?

Neil: Sharon Newman-- "N-e-w-m-a-n."

Jack: You tell Phyllis we are on our way, okay? Stay right there.

Neil: Hey, Jack? I need to talk to Lily. Tell Daniel.

Jack: Neil needs to talk to Lily.

Victoria: What's wrong? What's going on here?

Jack: Something's happened at the shoot.

Neil: Hi, Lily?

Victoria: What? What?

Neil: The search team is on their way.

Jack: There's been an accident!

Victoria: What happened?

Jack: They fell.

Victoria: What? Who?

Neil: I love you, too.

Jack: Sharon and Drucilla-- the cliffs.

Victoria: I don't understand what you're talking about. Are they all right?

Jack: Neil, here we go!

Victoria: No, no, I'll drive you! I'll drive you!

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. Tell Brad to call the police! Call the fire department! Call the president if he has to! Get all the help we can get!

Lily: Daniel, please hurry! We have to find my mom. Please, we have to find her!

Daniel: We can't, Lily. We can't!

Lily: What is wrong with you? She is down there alone and scared! We have to go get her now!

Daniel: If there was something that I could do to help her, I would.

Lily: Fine, you know what? I'll go then! You don't wanna help!

Daniel: No, no, no, no!

Lily: Please!

Phyllis: You have your team? Do you know where it is? Thank you. They're two miles away. They're two miles away, Lily. Just hang on.

Lily: I don't care! I wanna go down there now!

Daniel: Listen! Listen to me! Look at me! We're gonna let the rescue team take care of this, okay? They save people from stuff like this all the time. All the time.

Lily: She's gone.

Man: Excuse me? Hi, I'm Officer Bronson. This is Officer Marsh.

Lily: Please, Sir, please, you have to find my mom, please.

Bronson: The rescue team's on the way. I just got confirmation they're gonna be here any minute, okay?

Daniel: Thank you.

Bronson: Now I suggest that you three go up to the roadhouse and wait for further information.

Lily: No! No! No! I am not going anywhere until my dad gets here! I am not!

Daniel: Listen to what he says. We gotta listen to what he says.

Phyllis: Okay. Um, wait here, I'm gonna go get the car, okay?

Lily: (Cries) (sirens wailing)

Daniel: Listen. Listen, you hear that? Come on, they're almost here. It's okay. They're almost here.

Lily: (Sobs)

Daniel: Almost here.

Neil: Devon, that's all I know, Son. We're one our way right now.

Jack: This is just when I want my car to sprout wings.

Neil: Get there as soon as you can. And listen, Son, concentrate on your driving. Be very careful, all right? Love you, Boy.

Jack: How tall do you think those cliffs are?

Neil: I don't know, 50, maybe 75 feet?

Jack: Oh, God. You read about the skydiver from New Zealand? He fell two miles, landed in a blackberry bush and lived to tell about it.

Neil: Yeah.

Jack: So what's directly below the cliffs?

Neil: River, I think.

Jack: Better than a blackberry bush.

Neil: Yeah

Brad: All right, I've got the state police you take Wisconsin emergency management and ask for choppers-- lots of choppers.

Victoria: We should coordinate with the--

Brad: Just do it, Victoria. State police. Yes, it's an emergency.

Noah: Who do you like best-- Batman, Superman or Spiderman?

Lauren: Hmm. I think I'm gonna have to go for the best outfit. Batman.

Noah: Who do you like best, Dad?

Nick: I'm taking Spidey.

Noah: Who's Fen's favorite?

Lauren: I don't think he has one yet.

Noah: Well, I'll teach him all about 'em.

Lauren: You know, I think I'm ready for a, uh, refill. How about you?

Noah: Can I get a cookie?

Lauren: You'll have to ask your dad, but I will get you another smoothie if you want.

Noah: Nah.

Nick: Nah, what?

Noah: Nah, thanks.

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: (Chuckles)

Nick: You know what? We better get your sister home before she starts practicing her opera.

Noah: You mean, when she cries really, really, really loud? (Cell phone ringing)

Nick: You know that. Hold on. This is Nick.

Phyllis: Hey, Baby, it's me.

Nick: Hey, me. So, mission accomplished-- I got the little man a suit and, uh, now we're having a healthy snack with a little persuasion. How's it going over there?

Phyllis: Um... I don't know how to tell you this.

Nick: Oh, you've got that, uh, "We're over budget" sound in your voice. Man! Hey, Bud, can you hand me that right there? We dropped it. Thanks.

Phyllis: It's not the budget.

Nick: Uh, okay, then what's going on? Did you and Sharon get into it?

Noah: Dad, can we go?

Nick: Yeah, yeah, we're gonna leave right now. Listen, I'm just at the coffeehouse. I'm kinda juggling both the kids and smoothies and stuff, so let me call you when I get outta here, okay?

Phyllis: Listen, don't-- please don't hang up. There's... um... it's Sharon. There's been an accident.

Nick: What?

Phyllis: She went over the cliff. We called the authorities. I'm at a roadside cafe. They set up a command post.

Nick: Is she, um...

Phyllis: I don't know. We don't know!

Lauren: Sharon and Dru? I... I don't understand. How?

Nick: I don't know, but I gotta get out there. The kids--

Lauren: Okay, look, I got 'em. I got 'em as long as you need. Don't worry.

Nick: Okay, thanks. Hey, Dude, so, look, that phone call I just got-- it's an important business thing. I gotta go take care of it.

Noah: But you said we could watch "Spiderman 2."

Lauren: Hey, Noah, you know, Michael's out of town, and I could really use some help with Fen.

Nick: Okay, cool. Come here, give me a hug. I love you. Be a good boy.

Noah: Okay.

Lauren: So lemme ask you a question. What is the going rate for babysitting these days?

Noah: $1,000.

Lauren: $1,000? Hmm. Okay, how's $5,000 an hour?

Noah: Deal!

Lauren: All right!

Brad: Victor, there's been an accident out at the cliffs involving Sharon and Dru.

Victoria: Okay, good, so you're on your way over?

Brad: We've called emergency services. Victoria's on the phone with Nick right now.

Victoria: What about, uh, Noah and Summer? Okay.

Brad: I wanna keep this line open.

Victoria: All right, I'll call Lauren.

Brad: Call me back as soon as you get this message.

Victoria: All right. Okay, of course. Nick--Nick--Nick-- stay in touch, okay? Uh, Nick's on his way to the cliffs and both of the kids are with Lauren.

Brad: Is she up to speed?

Victoria: Yeah, I think so.

Brad: Why don't you call her, let her know we'll help in any way we can.

Victoria: I'll call her. I'm calling her. (Cell phone ringing)

Lauren: Hello?

Victoria: Hi, uh, Lauren, it's--it's Victoria Newman.

Lauren: Oh, hi, how are you?

Victoria: Listen, I, uh, I just spoke with Nick and he says that Noah and Summer are, uh, are with you.

Lauren: Have you heard anything?

Victoria: He's on his way over there. That's all that we know.

Lauren: Yeah, I'm gonna take them back to my place. With all these computers here, I am so afraid someone's gonna go online and shout something out.

Noah: Shout what out?

Lauren: Oh, hey, Noah. Um, I'm on with a customer who loves this reality TV show, and she is so afraid that someone is gonna tell her who won. Hey, would you check out Summer? I think she may have kicked off her blanket. Thanks. Victoria?

Victoria: Uh, yeah, I'm still here.

Brad: You know, tell her to make sure Noah does not turn on the radio or the TV and no computer either.

Victoria: Brad, she knows, I'm sure.

Brad: Why don't you reinforce it?

Victoria: Lauren, uh, Brad wants me to make sure that you--

Lauren: I heard him. No worries. No worries. I got it.

Victoria: Listen, it you want me to come by and pick up the kids, I can do that.

Lauren: No, we're fine. I'm gonna take them back to my place, though. Will you please call me if you hear anything?

Victoria: Yeah, we will.

Lauren: Okay, Mrs. Smith. Of course! I will put that dress aside in a size 8. Thank you, bye. When you get older, never own a store.

Noah: Not even a comic book store?

Lauren: Not even. The customers need to talk to you all the time! Okay, so, now that I am paying you $5,000 an hour, I wanna make sure that you are a professional babysitter. And you know all the right things to do.

Noah: Well, pretty much. I know I have to be nice to babies and to not eat all the snacks at once.

Lauren: That's right. You gotta pace yourself. And you know, when we get home, there's no radio or television, because I wanna make sure that the babies sleep, okay?

Noah: Yeah, that's what babies do. They also...

Lauren: Oh, yes! Yes, you're right, they do and then we have to change them.

Noah: Yeah. Well, just so you know, Lauren, I'm allergic.

Brad: All right, emergency services, your parents, Nick, Lauren-- now what?

Victoria: We just wait. We wait for news.

Brad: I'm gonna call emergency services again.

Victoria: You called them already.

Brad: Well, I'll stay on the phone with them till they get there then.

Sullivan: Did you, uh, show the troopers the exact spot where they went over?

Phyllis: Yeah, we did.

Sullivan: Okay, well, good. That--that should help the crew figure out the probable trajectory.

Lily: When are they gonna start looking and stop theorizing?

Daniel: The rescue teams are down there. I'm sure they're looking.

Phyllis: When-- when they went over-- when they went over, I had Sharon by the wrist. I was grabbing her by the wrist. I-I had her, but--but...

Daniel: Then she fell, okay? She fell and my mom almost went over, too, trying to save her.

Sullivan: And Mrs. Winters?

Lily: You know what? Why should we even be talking to you? You hate my mother!

Sullivan: Right now, there are dozens of search-and-rescue people searching for your mom and Sharon. And they're experts at this. And my job is to connect you to them and them to you. So if you need anything else--

Jack: Phyllis!

Neil: Hey!

Lily: Dad!

Neil: Lily! Hi, Honey!

Jack: Thank God you're all right. Come here, sit down.

Neil: Well... it's you. Are you in charge here?

Sullivan: Of communication with the families, yes, Mr. Winters.

Neil: Where's my wife?

Sullivan: We haven't found her yet. (Police radio crackles)

Sullivan: I'm sorry. If you'll excuse me.

Neil: Honey, how did this happen?

Lily: I don't know. I mean, Daniel and I-- we were just... we were just gonna go to dinner and we decided to stop by and say hello and... and as soon as we got there, they just-- they started arguing.

Neil: Who? Who started arguing?

Lily: Well, first it was Phyllis and Mom, and then Sharon got into it with Phyllis. And--and--and Phyllis said something to make Sharon angry.

Neil: What did she say?

Daniel: We don't know. We couldn't hear them.

Lily: Just, Dad-- it happened so fast. And Sharon grabbed for something or Phyllis pushed her and then Mom--she-- she tried to help Sharon and...

Neil: That's why this happened? Because of Phyllis?

Neil: What did you do?!

Neil: I asked you a question.

Jack: Neil, take it easy, okay?

Phyllis: I...

Neil: What did you do, Phyllis?!

Daniel: She tried to save Sharon. That's what she did.

Lily: Yeah, Mom-- she just...

Phyllis: Sharon-- Sharon lost her balance.

Jack: How? How?

Phyllis: I-I...

Neil: Because-- because you were fighting with her?

Phyllis: No. She just--

Neil: And Dru--

Daniel: Neil, it was an accident!

Neil: Did you get mad at Dru because she was trying to defend Sharon?

Daniel: It was an accident, okay?!

Jack: Wait a minute! Everybody calm down! We're all upset right now. Cross examining Phyllis isn't gonna help anything.

Neil: Jack, you're damn right I'm upset! I want some answers!

Phyllis: We tried! We tried! We tried!

Nick: Phyllis!

Phyllis: Nick, I tried--

Nick: Are you okay?

Phyllis: I tried to save Sharon!

Nick: I know. I know.

Phyllis: I tried to do it.

Nick: I know.

Phyllis: I tried!

Nick: I know! Any word? Is she...

Jack: No, we don't know anything right now.

Phyllis: Where are the kids?

Nick: They're with Lauren.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: It's okay.

Jack: Officer Sullivan?

Sullivan: Yes?

Jack: I think you might know Nick-- uh, Phyllis' husband.

Sullivan: Hello.

Nick: Hi. What can you tell me?

Sullivan: Well, uh, search-and-rescue has cleared the cliffs. There's no sign of the victims. And, um, they've shifted all personnel to the river. There are two-man teams that we've got positioned down both banks at 30 yard intervals. And the night divers are just getting ready to go in. I have a topographic map over here, if you'd like to see it.

Nick: Yeah, thanks.

Phyllis: Jack? I wanna tell you what happened. They were there, and then they weren't anymore. And then, Sharon-- she was holding onto the cliff. She was holding on and I grabbed her wrist and I held onto it. I tried...

Jack: I know. You did everything you could.

Phyllis: I did. She let go. She let go.

Noah: How come it took Fen such a long time to fall asleep?

Lauren: Because he wanted to hear the end of your story. It was just too good.

Noah: My mom used to read me that story. That's how come I memorized it. Hey, can we watch TV?

Lauren: Uh, actually, it's not working very well.

Noah: Uh, how come?

Lauren: You know, cable's out.

Noah: Uh, got any DVDs then?

Lauren: Only grown-up movies. Sorry.

Noah: Video games?

Lauren: I'm not doing too well, am I? How about arts and crafts?

Noah: Uh, got any clay? We could make two snakes and they could fight each other.

Lauren: Oh, clay sounds like fun, but I'm fresh out. All I have are these markers and, um, paper. I've been using them for Fen's baby album. You wanna draw?

Noah: Uh, I guess. What are we gonna draw?

Lauren: Well, you could draw yourself as a superhero.

Noah: Cool! I'll draw my mom and dad as superheroes, too.

Lauren: Okay.

Noah: I'm Racer Boy-- fastest kid on earth!

Lauren: How fast can you go, Racer Boy?

Noah: A zillion miles an hour! And Summer is Super Baby.

Lauren: Oh, really? What's her power?

Noah: Unknown at this time. But bad guys think she'll be the most powerful of them all and try to kidnap her. Like what happened to her and Fen.

Lauren: So can you save her?

Noah: We can try.

Man on TV: When we have more information, we'll pass it onto you right here.

Brad: Please mute that. Whatever it takes, whatever it costs. Authorization from Madison? Do you know how long-- yes, I understand that, Sir. Well, please do whatever you can. Just make this happen. Get back to me when you know something. Thank you. Damn bureaucratic B.S. what's the latest?

Victoria: There was another bulletin. There are night divers in the river and three more patrol boats.

Brad: But they haven't found anybody?

Victoria: No, they haven't.

Brad: Let's go.

Victoria: No, we shouldn't go.

Brad: Then I'll go.

Victoria: No.

Brad: Victoria, I can help. I'm trained for this kind of thing.

Victoria: Let the rescue team do their job. There's nothing for you to do.

Brad: Because I'm not there!

Victoria: I know that you love me, Brad. And I know how you feel about her, too. And I know this is killing you, but you have no place being there.

Noah: Oh, no, it's green goo guy!

Lauren: Green goo guy? What does he do?

Noah: Shoots poisonous green goo out of his ear.

Lauren: Ew! Can you rescue me, racer boy?

Noah: I'll use my super speed to go get help.

Lauren: Smart! Smart! Now who can help you?

Noah: My dad--phantom guy. He can go through solid objects. And here comes my mom-- the blonde avenger!

Lauren: And what's her power?

Noah: The most awesome of all! Nothing can hurt her! Ever!

Nick: Here you go.

Phyllis: Thanks.

Nick: So I asked Maggie how the rescue teams could see down there. I guess, uh, they have special lights in the helmets and they can see clear across the river.

Phyllis: Good. What if they'd gone downstream?

Nick: They have swift water gear, dry suits, life vests.

Phyllis: Right. So with Drucilla and Sharon-- how--how will they get them out?

Nick: Well, she showed me something called a throw bag. It's like a life preserver with a rope attached to a rescuer.

Phyllis: Yeah. Did you tell this to lily? I mean, did she see this? This will help her.

Nick: She did. But it didn't.

Phyllis: Right. If I could change what happened--

Nick: I know. Don't--don't-- don't beat yourself up. Don't beat yourself up.

Phyllis: I can't. It's like a movie and it keeps on replaying in my mind. But it really happened. I had her wrists. I had her wrists. Nick, I had her wrists. And if I did it differently, I would've-- I should've had Daniel take over, or I should've thrown her a line. Or I should... but I--but I had her wrists. And--and the look on her face-- she was so scared.

Nick: Okay, listen to me. Listen to me. Look at me. None of this is your fault.

Phyllis: It is my fault!

Nick: You did everything you could to help her.

Phyllis: Don't let me off the hook! Don't let me off the hook! It is my fault. I promised her I would hang on. I promised her!

Lauren: Well, Fen's still asleep.

Noah: I found your remote. Can we please try to watch TV?

Lauren: Uh, no, Honey. They asked us not even to turn it on till tomorrow 'cause it'll interfere with the cable signals they're trying to fix.

Noah: Oh, okay.

Lauren: Okay. How about a snack? No, huh? Game of checkers? I am the one to beat.

Noah: You know, it's weird. I haven't been here in such a long time. And you don't come to visit my dad or Phyllis either.

Lauren: I've just been really busy, Sweetie.

Noah: Yeah, that's why you won't be able to come to the wedding, right?

Lauren: Right.

Noah: I think you should try to come anyway. If you don't, it might make Phyllis sad.

Neil: Yeah, Devon, when you get here, ask for Detective Sullivan and then ask where I am, okay? She'll find me. Yeah, um... she's fine. She's here. I'll tell her. Hey, Son, drive safe, okay? Okay.

Lily: Is Devon freaking out, too?

Neil: Oh, Sweetheart, he just wants to be here. He said he's about ten minutes away.

Lily: I just wish we could... be down there searching. I feel like I should be closer to her. I know that sounds stupid.

Neil: No, no, no, no, shh, shh, shh. That doesn't sound stupid. You are close to your mama, okay? Wherever she is, she can feel that.

Lily: She must be so scared.

Neil: You know, uh... your mom-- she was an incredible, fantastic prima ballerina, right? Well, anyway, um... long before you were born, right, she had this major recital. And she practiced for months, around the clock, 24/7. And, as you know, your mom, you know, she never does anything halfway. So she put everything that she had into that recital-- heart and soul. And hours before it began, she sprained her ankle. Well, the dance instructor-- Madame Chovan-- she wanted to postpone the production. And your mother wouldn't hear anything about that. She said, absolutely not. The show must go on. So what do you think she did?

Lily: Did she still go on that night?

Neil: Well, she hid-- she hid that injury from everyone, including me. And, yes, she did go on that night. And she was flawless. No one noticed the injury. And at the end... they gave her a standing ovation.

Lily: That's awesome.

Neil: She milked it... for three bows. And so graceful, and so beautiful, she was amazing.

Lily: That's Mom. What if I never get to tell her I heard that story?

Jack: What are they doing now?

Daniel: Why are you not in touch with them?

Sullivan: Well, they're not gonna contact me without new information. They're giving me regular updates.

Daniel: When's that gonna be? We haven't heard anything in at least 15 minutes.

Sullivan: Everybody is working exactly the way they're supposed to. As soon as I know something, I'll let you know.

Jack: Okay, can I ask your professional opinion on something?

Sullivan: Okay, I'm a detective. I'm not a search-and-rescue specialist, but I'll do my best.

Jack: We're guessing its 50 feet from the edge of the cliff to the water. Is that about right?

Sullivan: I'd heard 55.

Jack: Okay, okay, 55. Is that survivable?

Sullivan: I've seen people survive worse.

Daniel: Come on, cliff divers, they do it all the time, right?

Sullivan: If you're asking me whether Sharon and Dru could've survived the fall, then search-and-rescue is proceeding on that assumption.

Jack: Okay, so they fall, they hit the water, the river cushions their blow, they--they grab a rock?

Daniel: They could've latched onto a branch-- anything like that.

Jack: How long do you think they could survive in that water?

Sullivan: I'm not sure.

Daniel: Listen, all we are asking you for is the truth.

Sullivan: In my estimation, they had approximately 10 to 12 minutes. It's mostly snow melt. It's just above freezing.

Jack: And that's when hypothermia sets in, huh?

Sullivan: Well, there is that.

Daniel: And what else?

Sullivan: Well, it depends on whether or not they were conscious and swimming when they hit the water. The current is moving at roughly six miles an hour, which means...

Jack: The falls. Which means the current is taking them toward the falls.

Daniel: How far is that?

Sullivan: A little over a mile from our position. Search-and-rescue got there very quickly and they set up a line as quickly--

Daniel: Yeah, but that took more than 12 minutes.

Jack: You think Dru and Sharon have already gone over the falls?

Sullivan: I didn't say that.

Jack: No, you didn't have to.

Lauren: Oh! This is so great! It's like you made your own comic book.

Noah: I wanna call my mom and tell her. Can I?

Lauren: I'm pretty sure she's still in her photo shoot.

Noah: Okay, then let's call my dad.

Lauren: Yeah, he could be out of his meeting. Let's see if we can catch him.

Phyllis: So your parents have probably heard about this on the news by now, right?

Nick: I left a message on the way here. I wish I had something else to tell 'em. (Cell phone ringing)

Nick: Maybe this is them. No, it's Lauren. Hello?

Lauren: Nick, hi.

Nick: How are the kids?

Lauren: They're good. Summer's sleeping and Noah's right here.

Noah: Don't tell him. I wanna tell him.

Lauren: Yeah, Noah really wants to talk to you. How's your meeting going?

Nick: Well, the search-and-rescue team is up and down the river. Divers, too. But, so far, nothing.

Noah: Please, let me talk to him!

Lauren: Okay. Noah's here.

Noah: Dad, I made my own superhero comic book.

Nick: Hey, Buddy, who's in it?

Noah: I am and you're in it and so is Mom. Wanna hear her name? The blonde avenger!

Nick: That sounds awesome, Dude. I can't wait to see it.

Noah: When are you coming to get us? I think Summer wants to sleep in her own crib.

Nick: I'll call you the minute my meeting's over, okay?

Noah: Can you come now? Lauren's house is kinda boring. (Whispers) she doesn't have any TV or video games.

Nick: I can't come now, but I will get there as soon as I can. And you can call me if you need me. So can you put Lauren back on?

Noah: (Normal voice) okay.

Lauren: Hey, Nick, please tell Phyllis that--

Noah: We said hi! Bye, Dad!

Nick: Bye.

Phyllis: So the kids are okay?

Nick: Yeah, Summer's sleeping. Noah's okay. Until he finds out.

Phyllis: I-I pray it'll be good news by then.

Nick: You know, when Sheila took you and Summer, Sharon... tried to keep this from him, but he found out anyway because he read it on the internet.

Phyllis: Yeah, but Lauren-- she won't let him--

Nick: No, I know, it's just... when he found out, he got hysterical. It flipped him right back to the time when Cassie died.

Phyllis: Nick, he can't lose his mother.

Nick: I know.

Woman on walkie-talkie: We've extracted a female from above the falls. Repeat--one female victim extracted directly above the falls.

Sullivan: Copy that, unit five. I'll confirm with MedEvac. Chopper one? Base to chopper one, come back.

Nick: What's happening?

Phyllis: Who was found? Who was found?

Sullivan: We don't know yet. I'll let you know as soon as I know. Chopper one, come in.

Man on TV: A potential tragedy unfolding tonight at the cliffs outside Genoa City.

Brad: Tell us something we don't know.

Man on TV: We take you live to the scene with our own Zola Scott.

Brad: Turn it up, Honey.

Zola: Thank you, Roger. Now there's a new development here at the cliffs. Now action news has just received word that one of the missing women has been removed from the river very close to the falls. Now she is being life-flighted to Genoa City Memorial hospital as I speak.

Victoria: Who? Who is it?

Zola: Now there's no word yet on the woman's identity, nor do we know if she's even alive.

Victoria: Who are you calling?

Brad: Nick. Tell me what you know.

Nick: They're air-lifting someone to the hospital.

Brad: Who?

Nick: I'll see if... hold on.

Sullivan: Okay, let me confirm that for the families. The MedEvac chopper is loading one female victim?

Nick: Who is she?

Daniel: Can you ask what she looks like?

Lily: What was she wearing?

Sullivan: Okay, unit seven, any identification? Unit seven, come back.

Brad: Nick, what's going on?

Nick: That's what I'm trying to find out, Brad!

Brad: Nothing else yet. Call me the instant you know anything.

Nick: I will. As soon as I know who's found.

(Helicopter approaching)

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: Hey, who was on the helicopter?

Man: I don't know.

Nick: Was she identified? Can you tell me anything?

Lily: If your mother hadn't started a fight with Sharon, my mom might still be here right now.

Michael: Did you want anyone to die?

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