Y&R Transcript Monday 4/2/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 4/2/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 4/3/07 -- USA


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Daniel: Hello? Oh, not today, Man, I got school. Yeah, well, it's my day to sleep in. I don't have to be there till 10:00. Pretty sweet, huh? It is? Oh, Man, I gotta go.

Colleen: So you drove all the way over here just to give me bills?

Brad: I'm calling the financial office at G.C.U. I'll have them mail you your tuition statement.

Colleen: Fine.

Brad: And if you don't pay within the allotted time frame, you won't be able to attend class.

Colleen: Don't worry. I'll pay.

Brad: You want the freedom of being an adult, Colleen, along with it comes the responsibilities.

Colleen: Yeah, are you almost done? I don't wanna be late for class.

Brad: I can drive you if you want.

Colleen: No, thank you. I can drive myself.

Brad: Uh, well, actually, you can't. I'm taking back the car. It's in my name. I own it.

Colleen: Well, then I really better get going if I'm gonna catch the bus in time.

Brad: I can drop you at the bus stop.

Colleen: No, thank you, I'll walk.

Brad: Suit yourself.

Colleen: Actually, wait. Um... here. Gas money for your trip over here. I don't wanna owe you anything.

Kevin: There you go.

Amber: Hey!

Kevin: Hey. Yo, I, uh, saw that video of you on the internet.

Cane: Yeah, you and the rest of the world. I shouldn't have signed that paper thingy.

Amber: It's called a press release, Darling. It's where you give permission to have them use your face on television, online...

Cane: Where were you a couple of days ago?

Amber: You know, that was clever editing. You weren't even there that long.

Kevin: Well, you know, if I knew you were a Chancellor, I'd have been nice to you. See, Jill was married to John Abbott who was married to my mom.

Amber: Ah! We're like family!

Kevin: Yeah, so if you feel like leaving a generous tip...

Cane: When the trust fund kicks in, you'll be the first person I call.

Kevin: Excellent.

Amber: Hey, Honey, can we get two lattes?

Kevin: Sure. They're, uh, on the house.

Cane: No, no, I'll pay for 'em, thank you.

Amber: Chill, Cane, it was just a joke.

Cane: It was funny the first ten times I heard it. All of a sudden everybody's acting like they're my best friend.

Amber: Well, as long as they're not attractive women, I don't really care.

Cane: I'm getting tired of all the jokes about all the money I don't have. To be honest with you, I don't even want Jill and Katherine's money. (Cell phone ringing)

Amber: Answer it.

Cane: What for?

Amber: It could be important.

Cane: It's probably another journalist.

Amber: Hello? Who's calling? Oh, hello, Mr. Bardwell. Um, just a second. It's the district attorney. He wants to talk to you.

Cane: Ask him what he wants.

Amber: No, you ask him.

Cane: No.

Amber: Yes.

Cane: No. Cane. What can I do for you? You wanna ask me questions? What for? You wanna discuss it in person? Um, am I in trouble? Uh, okay, great. Well, I have an opening in my schedule. All right. Okay, I'll wait for the call. All right, bye.

Amber: What did he want?

Cane: He wants to meet with me.

Amber: For what?

Cane: I don't know. He probably saw the video and has... now it's about the immigration issue.

Amber: So you think the district attorney wants to ship you back to Australia?

Cane: What else could it be?

Michael: Did I see the video clip with Jill in it? Who hasn't?

Kay: Then you know why I called?

Michael: Why don't you start by telling me if it's true? Is, uh, Cane Ashby Jill's long lost son?

Kay: Yes, he is.

Michael: Okay. Well, I don't know if there's much I can do at this point. I can contact the internet company, see if they'll pull the video, but I doubt--

Kay: It's already too late, Michael. I'm going to prison.

Michael: Prison for what? What are you being charged with?

Kay: Kidnapping.

Kay: So when I saw the photograph of Violet wearing my ring, holding Cane in her arms, there was no doubt. I mean, that is the baby I gave away--Jill's son. Well, say something, for heaven's sakes. I'm not going to fall apart.

Michael: I don't know what to say-- which is unusual for a lawyer.

Kay: Well, you can imagine how I felt when I realized what I'd done.

Michael: Well, why did you do it?

Kay: Oh, who knows why I did anything in those days, for heaven's sakes. My brain was floating in alcohol. I wanted to take Jill's baby away and I did.

Michael: Do you remember doing it?

Kay: No. But that's not an excuse. You have to understand, at this point, Jill and Cane will never, ever forgive me.

Michael: And you told all this to William Bardwell?

Kay: I had to in order for him to exhume Phillip's body.

Michael: Well, all right. I see. You had no choice.

Kay: If for one minute I thought going to prison could somehow bring back all of those lost years, my dear, I would walk in and lock that door myself.

Michael: Well, it won't. What's done is done.

Kay: I have to set things straight. Maybe that's the only way to do that is to go--

Michael: To go to prison? Do you really think that's what you deserve?

Kay: I don't know, maybe I do.

Michael: If you had malicious intent, but you don't even remember doing it. Look, come on, you and I both know you won't be able to set things straight with your family from the inside of a locked prison cell. I mean, after all these years, where's the justice in that? Who is it going to help?

Kay: Maybe Cane. Jill. You don't understand. They are so brutally angry.

Michael: And the best way for them get through that anger is for you to be there for them in person.

Kay: Well, perhaps you're right.

Michael: Yes, of course, I'm right. It's unjustifiable for you to go to prison.

Kay: Mmm.

Michael: Which is why I'm prepared to defend you if charges are pressed.

Kay: Really?

Michael: Yeah, of course, really. You're a tough broad, Katherine. We're not going down without a fight. Are you with me?

Kay: Sure. Let's do it.

Jill: No, I don't wanna make a statement to the press. They've been swarming all over the estate. Esther has orders to shoot any trespassers on sight. Well, I don't think so, but he's right here. I'll ask him. Do you wanna be on any of the morning shows? No. The entertainment shows?

Cane: Do you?

Jill: Absolutely not. No. No, to everything. We just wanna be left alone, okay? And by the way, Elsiann will be forwarding all calls to you. Okay, bye.

Cane: Some day, huh?

Jill: Has the press been hounding you, too?

Cane: A little.

Amber: He doesn't wanna answer his phone.

Jill: I am so sorry about all this mess.

Cane: It's okay. You just want people to know I'm your son.

Jill: I didn't think that you'd be sent back to Australia!

Cane: I know that.

Amber: You know, he almost missed a call from the district attorney today.

Jill: What did William want?

Cane: He wants to meet with me.

Jill: Why?

Cane: I guess it's about my visa situation.

Jill: The lawyers are working on that.

Amber: But you know how the authorities get when they think the whole world is watching.

Cane: I just hope they don't ship me off until they have a chance to figure it out.

Jill: I'm supposed to be having lunch with William today. I will straighten this out. You're not going anywhere if I can help it.

Dru: Hey, Sharon!

Sharon: Hey, how's it going?

Dru: How's it going? Everything is fabulous! We're doing the shoot together and I have your itinerary in hand with the address. Here you go.

Sharon: Thank you.

Dru: You're welcome.

Sharon: You know what? I did a fitting this morning and I loved the clothes I tried on. I didn't know I could look that good.

Dru: Oh, really? You can if I'm picking out your digs. Uh-huh. And it's not hard to dress that body.

Sharon: Wait, this is an NVP shoot. Why'd you do it?

Dru: I'm a Newman rep, Darling. They need all the help they can get. And I ran the clothes by Jack and he approved them.

Sharon: Oh, you know, I knew that dress was too classy for Phyllis.

Dru: Yeah! Today's your lucky day. She's not doing the shoot.

Sharon: And you know what? That is something really seriously to celebrate. Who is bringing the champagne?

Dru: Uh, I'll bring a bottle and you bring a bottle. How about it?

Sharon: All right. Hey, you wanna pick me up? We'll go together?

Dru: Yeah, no problem. Awesome. We'll do that.

Neil: Good, there you are. Hi, Sharon. Dru, have you seen the kids?

Dru: Uh, no.

Sharon: Why? What's going on?

Neil: Midterms came out today. Um, Lily had such a hard time her last year of high school. We weren't sure if college would work out.

Dru: We've been keeping tabs on her, so...

Neil: Yeah, she seemed okay with the work load, but you never know.

Sharon: Well, seems like she settled down.

Dru: Yeah, they both have. I mean, Devon's had a really rough year. And under the circumstances, of course, it's gonna affect his grades.

Neil: All we can do is hope for the best.

Lily: So the grades are posted? Okay, I'm gonna check mine online, hold on. Oh, you already have the page up? Okay, I'll just give you my, uh, my student I.D. number. Yeah, it's 4-4-8-9-7-6. And the password is Pecan Sandies. What? I like those, okay? Shut up! Whatever, what does it say? I got straight "A's?" You're kidding me?! Oh, yes! Thank you! Listen, I have to go. Okay, I'll talk to you later! Okay, thanks, bye! Yes!

Kevin: What's, uh, what's going on?

Daniel: Grades are posted today.

Kevin: Ah.

Daniel: Oh... an incomplete and an "F"?

Kevin: Is it really bad?

Daniel: Dude, I'm failing.

Kevin: How many classes?

Daniel: Definitely one and the rest don't look too good either.

Michael: Ah, William? I was gonna call you this afternoon.

Will: Mrs. Chancellor. I'll be right there.

Kay: Oh, I forgot my phone. I'll be right back.

Will: Counselor.

Michael: Uh, William? I understand you're investigating the alleged kidnapping of Phillip Chancellor?

Will: And I assume you're representing Katherine.

Michael: Mmm. Well, where do I begin? Uh, it happened 30 years ago. You have no evidence or witnesses.

Will: DNA is fairly conclusive, Counselor. And with the state's decision to extend the statute of limitations, I have a year to file after DNA identification is made.

Michael: You have no case. Katherine's memory of the alleged kidnapping is faulty. You can't legitimately call her to the stand to testify.

Will: I don't need to. The evidence speaks for itself.

Michael: What do you gain from prosecuting a woman of Katherine's age? I mean, how does society better from this?

Will: What? I shouldn't prosecute anybody over the age of 65?

Michael: Well, why waste your time and the taxpayer's money on something you can't win?

Will: Mrs. Chancellor has two victims to answer to-- Cane and Jill. If you'll excuse me.

Kay: "Someone my age"? When we go to trial, I want you to push me into that courtroom in a wheelchair. We'll get everyone's sympathy vote.

Michael: Not a bad idea.

Brad: I hope I did the right thing with Colleen. I didn't know what else to do.

Sharon: Well, teaching her that actions have consequences-- what would be wrong with that?

Brad: What if she quits school?

Sharon: She won't quit.

Brad: I don't know. With the choices she's making lately, I wouldn't be surprised. Why can't I make her understand?

Sharon: Because she's 20 years old. She has to learn from her own mistakes. It took me a long time to understand that. And it doesn't make it any easier to watch.

Brad: No. No, it doesn't. I just don't wanna see her get hurt.

Sharon: If she does, you'll be there for her. That's all you can do.

Dru: Baby, I'm so proud of you! I know you can't wait to tell your father! Let's go have lunch and celebrate!

Lily: Oh, I can't. I have a lot of work. But how about dinner?

Dru: Oh, I have a big shoot.

Lily: That's okay, we can just go tomorrow.

Dru: Oh, no. This is too important, Honey. You know what? There's a new trendy restaurant and it's not far away from the shoot. Let's just go there. Our treat!

Lily: Uh, free food? I don't know, Mom.

Dru: Okay, I'll e-mail you the directions and you can meet me at the shoot, okay?

Lily: Okay. I can't wait.

Will: You just missed your mother.

Jill: Oh, the Gods are on my side today. Okay, let's get business out of the way and we can enjoy our lunch.

Will: We have business?

Jill: Oh, just Cane. I mean, my lawyers are working on this immigration situation. It shouldn't be a problem.

Will: I didn't know it was a problem.

Jill: I thought that you were meeting with him today.

Will: To talk about Katherine.

Jill: Oh. I just made things worse, didn't I?

Will: Well, now I'm gonna have to look into it.

Jill: No, look, Cane's an American citizen. He was born here.

Will: I'll talk to him about it.

Jill: He is a victim of Katherine, just like I am. Please don't punish him. If anybody should be thrown out of the country, it's Katherine.

Jack: Hey, sorry I'm late.

Sharon: I was just looking at this layout for the photo shoot. And, thank you, Jack, I love these changes you've made.

Jack: Well, great, maybe that'll take the edge off what I'm about to tell you. I'm not gonna be able to make the shoot.

Sharon: Really?

Jack: Yeah, I know you're disappointed I know we haven't had time together since this whole campaign began.

Sharon: Well, you haven't heard me complain about that. This is important to me and I need you to be there.

Jack: I know. I know. And I'm sorry. And believe me, I would be there if I could. Somebody else is gonna be there for me.

Sharon: Do not tell me that it is Phyllis.

Jack: Sweetheart, Nikki wasn't available.

Sharon: Okay, after that last disaster photo shoot you sent me on, how could you bring her to this?

Jack: Somebody has to call the shots.

Sharon: Well, Dru and I can handle it.

Jack: Dru is there representing Newman. And I don't want you distracted.

Sharon: This started out to be a good day.

Jack: Has something else happened?

Sharon: Mmm.

Jack: Hey... fiancé rules-- I get to know if something's bugging you. Spill.

Sharon: Did you just make up that rule?

Jack: Maybe. Come on, spill.

Sharon: Okay, I think I, um, I messed something up.

Jack: No, I think I'm the one that messed things up.

Sharon: No, no, I don't mean about us. I mean Brad and Colleen. I was supposed to keep Colleen and Adrian's romance a secret and I didn't. It was wrong and now Brad's furious.

Jack: Yeah, I know. He and I had a little run in.

Sharon: So I made things worse?

Jack: No, you didn't. Bradley wants to blame everybody but himself.

Sharon: Well, he's so furious, he's cut Colleen off financially.

Colleen: So now I can't afford the rest of my tuition.

Korbel: I'm not surprised with what he did.

Colleen: Well, it's his money. He has the right to do what he wants. It just makes me angry that he thinks that he can manipulate me with it.

Korbel: He's trying to teach you a lesson.

Colleen: Well, it's not gonna work. You know, I never asked him to buy me a car or pay my tuition. He offered to give me spending money, which I declined.

Korbel: You work for your own money. It's very commendable.

Colleen: Yeah, not to my father. You know, maybe I should-- I should talk to the school about scholarships.

Korbel: No, they've been awarded for the year. I mean, you could apply for fall semester.

Colleen: My problem is this semester. I guess if worse comes to worse, I can always drop out.

Korbel: And do what?

Colleen: Work full-time. I can save money, look into scholarships.

Korbel: No, no, Colleen... I'm not gonna be the cause of you dropping out of school.

Colleen: It's just for one semester. I mean, think about it. Then we can date openly without worrying about people's judgment.

Korbel: And what happens when you come back to school? It's not gonna work, Colleen. And I refuse to be responsible for the loss of your education.

Colleen: You're not. I'll come back.

Korbel: School is more important. You know, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we have to stop seeing each other.

Colleen: You know what I think? That I need to stand up to my father. Even if you stop seeing me, I can't let him win. He's just gonna keep treating me like a child until I do.

Korbel: Colleen, please think about this.

Colleen: I have. I have thought about it and I've decided that even if it means living in a studio, eating ramen for a few years, that's what I'm gonna do.

Michael: Mr. Ashby, how are you doing?

Amber: Hi, Michael.

Cane: How are you?

Michael: Good, good, I just had lunch with Katherine Chancellor.

Amber: Really? How is she?

Michael: Good, considering. Uh, have you heard anything from William Bardwell yet?

Cane: How'd you know about that?

Amber: Did Jill hire you?

Michael: I'm representing Katherine in the matter.

Cane: Why does she need a lawyer? It's my immigration issue.

Michael: I don't know anything about that. I'm referring to the kidnapping charges that Bardwell wants to bring against Katherine.

Amber: He decided to go through with it?

Cane: Why not? She did break the law.

Jill: No, 4:00 should work for me. I'll just check my schedule. Yeah, 4:00 is great. Okay, bye. What do you want?

Kay: Well, I thought it was time that we put an end to this prosecution nonsense.

Jill: I can't stop what the D.A. does, Katherine.

Kay: Well, I am sure that William Bardwell will halt the investigation if you or Cane ask him to do so.

Jill: So you want a "Get out of jail free" card after what you've done to us?

Kay: Oh, Jill, I know you are angry--

Jill: I'm so angry! And you should get a free pass, why? Because you're old?

Kay: I've hardly received a pass for my transgressions, Jill.

Jill: Yes, you have! So, what, we should all just forget about it? Just--me and Cane and Nina and Phillip-- we should just forgive and forget?

Kay: It will haunt me until the day I die. Truly. But can you honestly say that you would like to see me go to prison?

Jill: You're damn right, I can.

Amber: Yeah, she's pretty, but where's he?

Michael: You are the victim in this situation. Your feelings would carry great weight with the prosecutor.

Amber: You know, what if he asked Bardwell to just drop the charges altogether?

Michael: Would you?

Cane: That's a lot to ask, mate. What Katherine did was... well, wrong doesn't even start to cover it, but I'm not the one that needs retribution. Jill does. So if I ask Bardwell not to prosecute, she's gonna think I'm siding against her and I don't wanna break her heart like that.

Amber: You know, sometimes you have to do what's right, even though you know you're gonna hurt someone. Perfect example-- when I was a kid, um, I remember my grandfather, he had this truck. It was a clunker of a truck. And there was a crack in the engine block and he knew it. Um, but... he sold it to this young couple because he needed the money for his wife's surgery. Well, my uncle, he knew about it. And he found out that the couple had been stranded in the desert for days. One of 'em didn't make it. And he never forgave himself. He knew that he should've said something, but instead, he chose family over doing the right thing.

Cane: I'll tell you, life was a lot simpler without family.

Michael: I'm right there with you, buddy.

Cane: Let me think about it, okay?

Michael: No problem. No regrets. You have to do what you think is right.

Amber: I don't believe its right to lock up Katherine.

Dru: Hey, freeze! How did you do on those midterms?

Devon: Well...

Dru: Oh... oh, Baby, really?

Devon: Yeah.

Dru: Oh, man! I am so sorry. Sweetheart, listen to me-- you know what? It is all right. Because we are gonna fix those grades, okay? And anyone under the pressure that you were under-- you know, they would've bailed a long time ago, son. They would've quit. We're gonna get you that tutor. And we're gonna get those-- I promise-- we're gonna get those grades where they need to be by the end of the next term, okay?

Devon: You think so? You think so?

Dru: Yeah, I know so, Honey.

Devon: Well, I don't know if I can do better than straight "A's."

Dru: What? Oh, you! Get over here! Oh, my goodness! Oh, you got me!

Devon: Did I?

Dru: You got me, yeah!

Neil: Hey, hey, what's all the celebration about?

Dru: He got straight "A's"!

Neil: You did?

Devon: Yes, Sir.

Neil: Man, come here. Congratulations!

Dru: That's what I'm talking about!

Neil: That is my son!

Dru: Yes, indeed.

Devon: It's easy when I've got you guys cheering for me.

Neil: No, no, wait now, it's not about us. It's about you. You earned those grades.

Dru: Yep! Yep, just like his sister. She got straight "A's," too. Lily got straight "A's"!

Neil: Lily, too?

Dru: Yes, she did!

Neil: You're kidding!

Dru: Well, you know what? I wasn't supposed to say anything. So you didn't hear it from me.

Neil: No, I didn't hear anything.

Devon: I didn't hear anything about it.

Dru: All right. So where we going? We're going out tonight! We're gonna have a celebration!

Neil: Of course.

Devon: Y'all gonna pay?

Neil: What? You got a job. He got a job and a credit card. Why am I paying?

Devon: Hey, I got the "A's."

Neil: You did.

Dru: Honey, you can pay.

Devon: You know I'm gonna be there.

Neil: You did it!

Colleen: Hey!

Lily: Hey.

Colleen: What are you doing here?

Lily: I am craving Gina's pasta. Can I get some to go, please?

Colleen: Um, yeah, sure.

Lily: What's wrong? What, was J.T. here again or something?

Colleen: No. No, actually, it's worse.

Lily: What, with Adrian?

Colleen: Well, Sharon and Adrian. You see, Sharon spent the night with Jack last night and I didn't know about it.

Lily: Uh-oh.

Colleen: And Adrian came over to, uh... study... and Sharon caught us in the act.

Lily: Wait, were you guys...

Colleen: Well, no, well, we had just started.

Lily: But, still. What did you say to her?

Colleen: Well, she kinda made a joke about it and then promised she wouldn't tell my dad.

Lily: Oh, well, that's good.

Colleen: Yeah, except she told my dad.

Lily: No, she didn't!

Colleen: Yes, she did.

Lily: Okay, I need to sit down from this drama, please.

Colleen: Lily, I don't know what to do. I mean, my dad-- I have never seen him this upset before. He's beyond upset.

Lily: Well, what else is new? I mean, you'd think that he would actually realize that Adrian is important to you.

Colleen: Well, I guess he did, in a way. He told me that I'm an adult and I make my own decisions.

Lily: Finally!

Colleen: But, with that, I need to act like an adult.

Lily: Meaning?

Colleen: Meaning, I need to support myself, 'cause he cut me off completely. I mean, car, tuition-- everything.

Lily: What? Just because you're seeing Adrian?

Colleen: Yeah, I know. Well, I mean, in a way, he's right. He shouldn't be supporting me. I should be supporting myself. Plenty of people do it.

Lily: Yeah, but, Colleen, I mean, can you even pay for everything?

Colleen: No. See, that's the problem. I think I'm gonna have to drop out of school and maybe go back in the fall.

Lily: No. No. You cannot leave school right now. I mean, there has to be some other way.

Colleen: At least it solves one problem. I mean, now I can date Adrian without sneaking around. No rules, no problem.

Amber: You look miserable. Did you get in a fight?

Daniel: No, but I will as soon as I get home and tell Lily about my grades.

Amber: Well, its midterms, right?

Daniel: Yeah.

Amber: So what's the big deal? You're smart. You'll turn it around.

Daniel: I sure hope she's as understanding as you are.

Amber: She's not your mother.

Daniel: Yeah, I heard that story about your uncle. Sometimes it's tough to choose between what's right and family. I can understand, you know, how he'd feel guilty.

Amber: My uncle? He could've cared less.

Daniel: That wasn't true, was it?

Amber: Well, the part about my grandfather selling the old clunker? Yeah, yeah, totally.

Daniel: Why would you lie?

Amber: How much did you hear about Katherine Chancellor?

Daniel: You know, I was wondering how Cane could be a Chancellor. I mean, did she really kidnap him when he was a baby?

Amber: Between us, yes. It would be horrible if Cane had her prosecuted. So I just hope my story worked.

Jill: So are you calling to reconsider my job offer?

Cane: Cane Ashby-- cosmetics king. It's kinda got a ring to it, but I'm gonna have to pass, I'm sorry, but thanks.

Jill: So... have you met with William Bardwell yet?

Cane: That's why I'm calling you. Um, listen... I've been thinking about, uh, this, uh, case with Katherine.

Jill: Yeah, he talked to me about it, too.

Cane: Hear me out, hear me out. Look, I know you're angry at her.

Jill: Angry doesn't begin to cover it.

Cane: I don't see the point in sending her to prison.

Jill: So you don't think that she should pay for what she did?

Cane: Look, look, I know what Katherine did was wrong.

Jill: Wrong? Cane, she changed the course of our lives. She robbed you and me of our relationship all these years.

Cane: What's more important? Revenge? Or repairing the damage to our family? Look, I've never had a family before, Jill. And I don't wanna lose you and I don't wanna lose Katherine. I mean, you're both a little batty, but you're kinda growing on me.

Jill: You're gonna try and charm me out of this, aren't you?

Cane: Look, I just wanna stay focused on the positive, not the negative.

Jill: Think about all the years she took away from us.

Cane: And putting your mother in prison won't get us that time back either. If you'll agree, I'd like to ask Bardwell not to prosecute.

Jack: I heard your dad cut you off financially.

Colleen: News travels quickly.

Jack: Any idea what you're gonna do?

Colleen: Gina said that I could work here full-time.

Jack: You can do that and go to school?

Colleen: No. No. No. Um, I'll go back in September.

Jack: But you're already halfway there.

Colleen: I know. I just can't afford the rest of my tuition. So I'll have to eat it.

Jack: Well, that's not fair. He cut you off with no warning at all.

Colleen: Yes. But, you know, in all honesty, he shouldn't be paying my way. There are people out there with less than I have. They're putting themselves through school.

Jack: Yeah, but you shouldn't have to.

Colleen: Yeah, well, if I wanna be treated like an adult, I have to accept the responsibilities.

Jack: Colleen, nothing is more important than your education. I'm gonna give you a proposition here. How about you stay at the house for as long as you like, and I will cover tuition and books.

Colleen: Wow. I mean, that's really generous, but I would feel wrong taking your money.

Jack: Think of it as a loan.

Colleen: A real loan?

Jack: A real loan. That is the only way some people get to go to college. I'll have the papers drawn up. We'll come up with a repayment schedule.

Colleen: And you'll charge me interest?

Jack: If you insist. You will be responsible for paying back your loan.

Colleen: Done. I will pay you back. I promise. Thank you!

Lily: Hey! I picked up some of Gina's homemade pasta. Do you want some?

Daniel: Nah, I'm not hungry.

Lily: What's, uh, what's wrong?

Daniel: I screwed up big-time, lily.

Lily: What?

Daniel: My midterm grades blow.

Lily: What? Well, how did you do in classical civilization?

Daniel: I'm not passing.

Lily: How? I mean, you kill yourself for that class. It has to be wrong.

Daniel: No, it's not. It's not wrong.

Lily: But you spent days at the computer just researching and writing! I don't understand.

Daniel: I made an appointment with the professor. Maybe I'll do better second half.

Lily: I know you can. You'll turn it around, okay?

Cane: Interesting place to conduct a meeting, Mr. Bardwell.

Will: Uh, I'm having my office painted. Have a seat.

Cane: Thank you. So... you want to talk to me about Katherine Chancellor?

Will: Yeah, I'll be making the decision on whether to prosecute.

Cane: How will you decide?

Will: I'd like to get your take on it first. If anybody should want recompense, it's you.

Cane: Um... my, uh, mother that I knew about, uh, Violet, died when I was a baby. So I was raised by my uncle. Uh, he was a decent man. He wasn't very interested in having kids around. And, uh, he wasn't always equipped to have them in the outback.

Will: You had your life, your family, all taken away. Pretty good reasons to wanna see justice served.

Cane: You would think so.

Will: You don't?

Cane: No. I'd rather forgive, forget, move on. I don't wanna see Katherine go to prison.

Will: There's Jill.

Jill: No, please, sit down. I, um... I don't mean to intrude on your meeting. I just thought it was important that I be here because you're discussing my future as well.

Cane: So did you think about what I said?

Jill: (Sighs) yes, sweetie, I did. I am really glad that you're able to forgive Katherine. But I'm sorry, I can't. No, I just know myself too well. I would never be able to have any peace if she got off scot-free. She needs to pay for what she did.

Kay: Yes, that is super cute.

Amber: I'd look so hot in that.

Kay: I once had a figure for dresses like that.

Amber: I'm sure there are still men who look at your figure.

Kay: Figures. Same word, but different meanings. Oh, there, yes! Thank you!

Amber: Wait, you're not leaving, are you?

Kay: Uh, yes, I just stopped by to pick up, uh, Esther's special coffee beans. Uh, it really was lovely running into you again.

Amber: Oh, wait, but Cane-- he's gonna be here any minute.

Kay: Well, I might be the last person he'd like to see.

Amber: Look, he's here!

Kay: Oh, yes, I was just leaving.

Cane: Please, stay. You're gonna hear this eventually, so you might as well hear it from me. Um, I just came from meeting with William Bardwell.

Kay: Well, whatever you decide, I won't hold it against you, Cane.

Cane: I asked him not to prosecute you. What's done is done. I don't wanna see you suffer any more than you have. I just want the chance to get to know my family and I can't do that if you're locked up.

Kay: Well, I suppose I could learn a few things from my grandson.

Cane: Besides, it's a two-hour drive to the prison. And that's a four-hour round trip. And it's just gonna take too much of a chunk out of my day.

Kay: You could forgive me?

Cane: I already have.

Kay: Thank you. Thank you.

Jill: So... what brings you by?

Will: After what you said at the club earlier, I wanted to give you the news in person.

Jill: So are you gonna prosecute her?

Will: I've given this a lot of thought. And I've decided not to press charges.

Jill: So she just walks because she's a Chancellor?

Will: Oh, come on, Jill, you know me better than that. This was always gonna be a hard case to prosecute. Katherine's memories are the basis of the case, and Katherine can't be compelled to testify.

Jill: My son and I lost our whole relationship for his whole life because of her!

Will: Establishing the facts is gonna be difficult enough, but with Cane refusing to work with-- look, I see this as a long, drawn-out battle that I can't win. I have a responsibility to the taxpayers.

Jill: What about the responsibility to the victims? She should be made to pay for what she did!

Will: If I thought I had a chance, I'd go ahead and do it!

Jill: What, so you're just gonna walk away?

Will: Jill!

Jill: And Katherine wins again!

Will: This isn't personal!

Jill: It is so personal to me!

Will: I wish you could see this from my point of view.

Jill: And I wish you could see it from mine.

(Knock on door)

Korbel: Come in.

Colleen: You're so cute when you're serious.

Korbel: You're in a good mood.

Colleen: I have good news. You haven't lost your research assistant for this semester.

Korbel: You're staying?

Colleen: My Uncle Jack is gonna help me. Um, he's giving me a loan to pay my tuition.

Korbel: Its official then. I am voting Jack Abbott for state senate.

Colleen: Well, I think that we should celebrate.

Korbel: My place is out.

Colleen: So is mine.

Korbel: What do you suggest?

Colleen: I think we need to be a little creative.

Korbel: Uh-huh.

Sharon: I'm the one caught in the middle. I should've told Jack about Colleen and her professor right away. But you know what? She begged me not to.

Dru: Sharon, why the secrets? You're engaged to Jack.

Sharon: I don't know what I was thinking. But Brad had a right to know.

Dru: So you got caught. All right, you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't.

Sharon: Every way you look at it, I'm the bad guy. Someone's gonna be mad at me.

Dru: Okay, and you didn't do a gosh darn thing.

Sharon: Well, now I have been honest with both Jack and Brad. And I feel like I've only made things worse.

(Knock on door)

Brad: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Jack: Do you wanna be a little more specific?

Brad: You're interfering with the way I'm raising my daughter and I don't appreciate it.

Jack: I'm trying to help my niece.

Brad: What she's doing with the professor is wrong.

Jack: Bradley, you wanna guarantee that your daughter continues dating a guy that you hate? Forbid her to do so.

Brad: This comes from what? Your years of experience, I take it?

Jack: I was the guy that parents didn't want their daughters to date.

Brad: You think this is funny, Jack? I called the university, ask 'em to send Colleen the bill, only to find out that you've already paid it!

Jack: It's a loan, Bradley. She's taking it seriously. She is gonna pay me back.

Brad: If she gets in any trouble because of this--

Jack: Don't you want her to finish college?

Brad: What I want is for you to mind your own business and leave my family the hell alone!

(Telephone ringing)

Lily: Hello? Hi, Mom. You sent the directions? Oh, okay, I'll just check my e-mail right now. Okay, all right, see you later. Bye.

Lily: Oh, my God!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Daniel: My midterm grades are terrible.

Jack: How did that happen?

Victoria: Brad would never insult me or purposely tear me down.

Victor: Except keep his entire life from you.

Phyllis: Jack is my friend. He should know the mistake he's making.

Sharon: Give me the phone.

Dru: Sharon! Sharon! When you need to know, you know where to turn.

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