Y&R Transcript Friday 3/30/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 3/30/07 -- Canada; Monday 4/2/07 -- U.S.A.


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Phyllis: Hey.

Sharon: What do you want, Phyllis?

Phyllis: I want you to listen.

Sharon: Do I have a choice in that?

Phyllis: Actually, you do. You keep on making the wrong choices, especially when it comes to Brad.

Sharon: Can you make this quick? I have to go pack. I've always wanted to see Monaco.

Phyllis: Then I'll send you a postcard.

Sharon: Excuse me?

Phyllis: Yeah. I'm going. You're not.

Sharon: What? But Jack said--

Phyllis: I don't care what Jack said. Jack and Nikki are campaigning. They told me to take care of everything.

Sharon: I have already cleared my calendar.

Phyllis: Well, unclear it. Sharon, I am much more equipped for the task than a spokesmodel.

Sharon: I guess we'll see what Jack and Nikki have to say about that.

Phyllis: Oh, okay, ask 'em about it. And while you're at it, please see what they have to say about you and Brad. So you know, Sharon, just do what you wanna do.

Dru: (Scoffs) Lint. Do what you wanna do about what?

Sharon: Well, the redheaded menace has decided to go to Monaco in my place.

Dru: Get outta town. Why?

Sharon: Because she can. Because she can. And she's going to tell Jack about New York if I complain.

Dru: See? See? Didn't I tell you? I mean, her blackmailing scheme is gonna permeate your entire world. She's gonna keep going.

Sharon: You are absolutely right. You know what? Sooner or later, I'm gonna end up mopping her floors and picking up her dry cleaning.

Dru: Sharon, don't say that. Honey, draw the line somewhere.

Sharon: I will. I'll draw the line-- washing her toilets out?

Dru: Oh, see, she's gonna try to get as much mileage out of this as possible.

Sharon: Well, I can only be pushed so far.

Dru: Let's hope that you do have a limit, because I have a solution.

Sharon: Really? Do tell.

Dru: It's a good one. Um, it's real good, but, uh, the only downside is that you'd have to serve a life sentence without any chance of parole.

Sharon: It might be worth it.

Nick: So is everything set for the rehearsal dinner?

Phyllis: Yeah, everything I can think of, yeah.

Nick: You know, I just realized something.

Phyllis: Hmm. That, um, that I'm hot?

Nick: You're hot every day. Especially today.

Phyllis: You really wanna do this in the break room in front of everyone?

Nick: Why not? Let 'em watch. It could be good for morale.

Phyllis: What did you realize?

Nick: Tease.

Phyllis: I'm not a tease. What did you realize?

Nick: We're gonna have two wedding anniversaries. That's twice the celebration.

Phyllis: Twice the gifts.

Nick: Twice as many for my eyes only.

Phyllis: That's right! Hey, did you give the, uh, dinner invitation to your parents?

Nick: You know, I think we should make two of those. My mom wants to use my dad's face as a dartboard right now.

Phyllis: Oh. Well, um, maybe the rehearsal dinner will bring 'em closer together.

Nick: It could also be the start of World War III.

Nikki: I thought I should tell you we've broken ground on the retreat near Clear Springs.

Victor: I heard, yeah.

Nikki: I have a list of subcontractors I'd like to use. Here are their names and their references.

Victor: You don't need to run them by me.

Nikki: Oh, really? I thought that's how things ran around here.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Nikki: Well, it's pointless for me to make a decision and then have you or Jack or Phyllis come along and overrule me.

Victor: Our wedding anniversary is around the corner. You always expressed a desire to go to Alaska. Do you still wanna do that? Or do you have something else in mind?

Nikki: Um... no, nothing. (Knock on door)

Jack: I'm sorry, are we early?

Victor: Oh, no, come in, come in. We're gonna discuss Jack's campaign.

Nikki: Oh, well, I could sit in if you like.

Jack: Uh, thanks, I'll pass.

Nikki: All right, then. Oh, I almost forgot. You are all invited to my press conference later today.

Victor: What do you mean, later today?

Nikki: To formally announce my running for state senate?

Victor: I know what you're doing it for. Why didn't you inform me about that?

Nikki: I thought our business meeting would be a little more productive if I mentioned it later.

Brad: Hi.

Victoria: So my mother is announcing her candidacy this afternoon.

Brad: She is really going through with this?

Victoria: Would you like a "Nikki for State Senate" button to wear to the event?

Brad: How about a "Kick me" button? No matter who I support, someone's gonna smack me around.

Victoria: Well, that didn't seem to bother you when you voted Neil in for the board seat.

Brad: I thought we were going to put that behind us.

Victoria: You know, I don't get you, Brad. You've never been afraid of taking sides before.

Brad: You know what? Someone has to stay neutral. There's already enough fighting over Clear Springs.

Victoria: You're gonna be a big part of that as soon as Jack finds out about those properties you purchased.

Brad: Until then, it needs to stay between us.

Victoria: And my mother. I wanna tell my mother, too.

Brad: I'd prefer you don't.

Victoria: Why not? She cares about the preservation of this town just as much.

Brad: We'll tell her soon, just not now.

Victoria: Fine. I am curious, though.

Brad: About?

Victoria: Why you didn't tell me about your investment in Clear Springs until after you'd already done it.

Brad: I wasn't sure the deals would go through. Why get your hopes up? I'll see you tonight.

Victoria: If you're lucky.

Brad: Should I pick up Chinese?

Victoria: Yeah, but don't forget the chopsticks this time, okay?

Brad: Boy, oh, boy, you pregnant women are bossy. I'll see you later.

Victoria: See you later.

Colleen: (Giggles) hey!

Korbel: Figured I'd find you here.

Colleen: Well, of course. I had to, uh, get my caffeine quota for the day.

Korbel: Oh, yeah? Afraid your engine's gonna stall?

Colleen: Not while you're standing this close to me.

Korbel: Careful, we're in public.

Colleen: Nobody can hear us.

Korbel: Yeah, that's what they said before Watergate.

Colleen: So do you wanna get a table?

Korbel: I can't. I'm meeting with your stepmother.

Colleen: Oh, what for?

Korbel: She wants to preserve some historic buildings in Clear Springs.

Colleen: That's nice. I didn't know that you were involved with that.

Korbel: Oh, I thought I'd mentioned it.

Colleen: No. Sounds like a good cause though. Does she need anymore help?

Korbel: Do you think that's wise? She thinks we stopped seeing each other.

Colleen: Wise is spending more time working together. I mean, since we can't have quality, at least we can have quantity.

Korbel: You do have a point.

Colleen: Sure do. Besides, Vicki knows that we're still working together. So, I mean, this is, uh... it's educational. It's informative. It has everything to do with art, so... it's totally justified.

Korbel: You don't have to tell me twice.

[Sharon imagining]

Sharon: Well, I hate it, but what can I do? I had to tell you about it.

Brad: And I have to find a way to put a stop to it.

Brad: Hello, Colleen. Professor. If you're looking for your classroom, you made a wrong turn somewhere.

Korbel: Actually, I'm here to meet with your wife.

Colleen: We both are.

Brad: Together? About what?

Korbel: Helping her with the Clear Springs preservation project.

Brad: Victoria didn't tell me you were working on that.

Colleen: Oh, well, she doesn't know yet. But I'm sure that she can find something for me to do, seeing that she doesn't have a lot of supporters.

Brad: Two more people involved in the family feud, great.

Colleen: We're going to be late.

Brad: Don't let me keep you.

Colleen: Um, catch you guys later.

Korbel: It was nice seeing you... both.

Victoria: Oh, hi, Mom.

Nikki: Sweetie, I'm really busy.

Victoria: What are you doing? Plotting ways to get back at Dad?

Nikki: I'm making notes for my press conference.

Victoria: You know what? You're gonna be great.

Nikki: What do you wanna talk to me about? In 25 words or less.

Victoria: Oh, okay, I'm sorry. Um, I'm meeting with Adrian later this afternoon and I was hoping that you would, um, stick around and join us.

Nikki: Oh, I can't take the time. This conference is so important.

Victoria: Mom, you know what? I'm really proud of you that you're standing up to Dad the way that you are.

Nikki: Better late than never.

Victoria: What about your anniversary?

Nikki: What about it?

Victoria: Well, you know, you're usually taking a cruise or going off on some romantic trip with him and I just--

Nikki: The only trip that I'm interested in is to Madison to claim my seat in the state senate.

Victoria: Would you like any help with your speech?

Nikki: No, Honey, I know exactly what I wanna get across to the media. You are gonna be there, though, right?

Victoria: Of course. I wouldn't miss it.

Nikki: Good. At least I'll know there's one person in the crowd that's applauding for me.

Jack: So what if I simply said, "I welcome my beautiful opponent to the race."

David: No. We need to stay away from references to Nikki's appearance. It comes off as condescending.

Jack: Oh, great, there's a whole new set of dos and don'ts because the candidate's a female.

David: Yes, there is a fine line between sounding respectful and sounding like a chauvinist.

Victor: Whatever you do, do not put a statement together at the last minute.

Jack: Well, we wouldn't have had to if we knew this was coming.

Victor: Let me ask you something, David. How did this press conference of my wife elude you? How come your media contacts didn't inform you?

David: If I had heard about it, you and Jack would've been the first to know.

Victor: Maybe from now on you should pay some more attention, since Jack is not running unopposed.

Jack: Well, we can't blame David 'cause Nikki set this up at the last minute.

Victor: Last minute, last week, I don't give a damn. I'm paying you, David, to stay on top of this.

David: Mr. Newman, I respect your opinion, but I have been working overtime on our strategy.

Victor: To promote Jack Abbott the best way you can without tearing down my wife.

David: Unless it becomes necessary.

Victor: It will not become necessary. I loathe dirty campaigning. So does the public.

David: Mr. Newman, this is not my first campaign. Excuse me.

Jack: Nikki really got to you, didn't she?

Victor: She refuses to reconsider.

Jack: I hate to see the strain this is putting on your marriage.

Victor: None of this is my doing. She knows exactly how I feel about this. She refuses to listen. In other words, she's gonna have to suffer the consequences.

Korbel: Thank you. Your hand's shaking.

Colleen: Yeah, well, I thought that we were busted earlier.

Korbel: So did I. I haven't felt a rush of adrenaline like that since--

Colleen: Earlier this morning?

Korbel: Right. Who needs coffee when you've got that?

Colleen: It's just a good thing that we can trust Sharon.

Korbel: Yeah.

J.T.: What about Sharon?

Korbel: You know, mind your own business, T.J.

Colleen: If you keep following us, we're gonna get a restraining order.

J.T.: We? We? What, are we a couple now?

Colleen: You know what I meant. Just leave.

J.T.: I can't. I'm on security business for Mr. Newman.

Colleen: Really?

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Colleen: Wow, I'm actually here to, um, apply for C.E.O.

J.T.: Wow, good luck with that. 'Cause see, part of my job is monitoring the halls, making sure that nothing's going on that shouldn't be.

Colleen: Like illegal drug trafficking?

J.T.: You never know in this day and age.

Korbel: Hall monitor-- you, that sounds about your speed.

J.T.: Oh, hold on, hold on, hold on. Smile.

Korbel: You know what...

Colleen: You're such a jerk. Come on.

Korbel: You wanna play?

J.T.: Boy, your boyfriend started it.

Colleen: Oh, wow! What are you, like, 10?

J.T.: I think I'm gonna title this one "Robbing the cradle." What do you guys think? Good one?

Korbel: I call this one "The clueless P.I."

Colleen: That picture doesn't prove anything besides you need help.

J.T.: I am just honing my skills, 'cause you never know when you're gonna get lucky and get that money shot.

Phyllis: Yes.

Nick: Then let's get out of here.

Phyllis: Okay, let's go.

Nick: All right.

Dru: Oh, hi.

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: Twice in an hour. My lucky day.

Dru: So I'm here to see Sharon's ex-husband, not you. No offense, Phyl.

Phyllis: None taken. None taken.

Dru: Okay.

Nick: What's up, Dru?

Dru: Well, I thought I'd revamp our cosmetic division web site. What do you think, Nick?

Nick: What did you have in mind?

Dru: Well, quite frankly, I was thinking about... you know, doing something much more dynamic than certainly what Phyllis did.

Phyllis: Um, good luck with that. I'm gonna see you later, Baby.

Nick: Okay.

Dru: So... about the web site-- I'm sorry.

Nick: Listen, Dru, you can do whatever you want. I trust your judgment.

Dru: Wow, that was almost too easy, Nick.

Nick: Hey, Sharon?

Sharon: Yes, Nicholas?

Dru: Shar! Wow, you look great.

Sharon: Oh, thank you. Mm-hmm?

Nick: Um, would you mind if I took Noah out for pizza tonight?

Sharon: I don't mind at all.

Nick: Okay, and would you mind if on the night of the rehearsal dinner, if Noah stayed over?

Sharon: Don't mind at all. I'm sure he'd love it. By the way, I hope you sit Victor and Nikki across the table from each other.

Nick: Yeah, I'm thinking it's gonna be about a ten on the dysfunctional family nightmare scale.

Dru: Ooh, only a ten?

Sharon: Well, you never know. Maybe it won't be that bad.

Nick: Yeah, right.

Victor: If I see her, I'll tell her.

Phyllis: Great.

Victor: In fact, there she is now. Uh, Darling, would you have a minute?

Phyllis: Uh, hey, Nikki. Um, I need your signature on this.

Nikki: I'm not signing anything to do with Clear Springs.

Victor: It's not about that. Just take a look.

Phyllis: Yeah, it's, um, the contract for the new laundry service. It's much more budget friendly, like you said.

Nikki: Okay. If there's nothing else...

Phyllis: Actually, there is something else.

Nikki: There always is.

Phyllis: Yeah, uh, there's, um, a final fitting for your dress for the wedding, um, next week. That is... assuming you still wanna be in the wedding.

Nikki: I am not going to back out of my son's wedding.

Phyllis: Good. I'm glad to hear that, thanks. I'm sure that Nick will be happy, too.

Nikki: Don't worry. Somebody in this family have to have their priorities straight.

Korbel: I've been gathering information on some of the buildings that may qualify as potential historic landmarks.

Victoria: Well, the procedure for declaring them as such is a lot more complicated than I thought.

Korbel: A lot to process?

Victoria: Oh, yeah. I've made some calls and actually, the people from the Madison trust for historic preservation have been very cooperative.

Korbel: Well, I'd be happy to jump in if you show me the contact info.

Victoria: Yeah, I have the numbers on my P.D.A. I'll send 'em to you after the meeting.

Korbel: There's so many wonderful old structures in this town.

Victoria: I know. But we're not gonna be able to save them all. We're gonna have to pick and choose.

Korbel: Well, once I fine tune this list, we can meet again.

Victoria: Great. Perfect.

Colleen: It sounds like there's a lot to be done. I don't mind doing grunt work.

Korbel: Well, I don't mean to cut this short, but I have papers to grade.

Victoria: I'll be in touch with you as soon as I have that list.

Korbel: Great. Take care.

Victoria: All right. Colleen, hold on, will you?

Colleen: Is there a problem?

Victoria: I didn't wanna embarrass you in front of your professor, but I'm... concerned about you working on this project.

Colleen: Oh, why is that?

Victoria: You know why.

Colleen: You don't trust me. Just like my dad.

Victoria: Your relationship with Adrian almost cost him his job and it almost got you expelled.

Colleen: It's over. What more do you wanna hear from me?

Victoria: I want the truth.

Colleen: We're done. I mean, for obvious reasons.

Victoria: Well, then what are you doing here?

Colleen: Let's see, um, I'm an art history major. I'm part of this family and to me it only makes sense that I would contribute.

Victoria: I just don't want you to be tempted.

Colleen: Well, it's not like we're sitting around watching romantic movies. And... wait... if I remember correctly, you were involved with J.T. and now you guys are friends, so need I say more?

Victoria: All right, smart aleck, point taken.

Colleen: Good, so I'm part of this committee?

Victoria: For now. Unless I see something going on with you and Adrian.

Colleen: You won't.

Victoria: Good. Your father and I hope it stays that way.

Brad: I will never get used to my daughter seeing that man.

Sharon: I know.

Brad: You must run into Colleen a lot, now that she's living at Jack's.

Sharon: Um, well, no, I wouldn't say a lot.

Brad: Is there anything you can tell me?

Sharon: Like what?

Brad: Is my daughter tucked safe and sound into her bed every night by 9:00 P.M.?

Sharon: Um...

Brad: You know something, don't you?

Sharon: I promised that I wouldn't say anything.

Brad: Tell me.

Sharon: Okay, listen, I... I spent the night at Jack's last night. And in the morning when I came downstairs...

Brad: What?

Sharon: I saw Colleen and--and Adrian together.

Brad: Please tell me they were studying.

Sharon: Um, each other's lips. They were kissing.

J.T.: Can I grab a beer from you? Thanks.

J.T.: Appreciate it.

Korbel: It's a little early to be indulging, isn't it?

J.T.: Professor, long time no see.

Korbel: I have something for you.

J.T.: A gift? And it's not even my birthday.

Korbel: A copy of my schedule. Now you know where I'll be all week.

J.T.: Hmm. Yeah, that pretty much matches up with what I got, but thanks anyway.

Brad: There you are.

Jack: Ooh, you look like you could use an antacid, my friend.

Brad: Trust me, Jack, I am not your friend.

Jack: So tell me something I don't know.

Brad: How about what's going on in your own home?

Jack: Huh?

Brad: Or maybe you just don't care.

Jack: Okay, what are we talking about here?

Brad: Did you know that my daughter has been using your house to sneak around with Adrian Korbel?

Jack: No, I didn't. But surely, you don't expect me to baby-sit my grown niece 24/7?

Brad: No, just let her do whatever she wants, Jack, even if it ruins her life.

Jack: Don't be ridiculous. I care about Colleen. You can't control her life. She's not a child. She's going to make her own decisions.

Brad: Well, I would like to know what is going on in her life before she does!

Jack: Maybe if you weren't so damn judgmental, you'd know more.

Brad: Are you saying I should let her see Adrian?

Jack: No, I didn't say anything like that.

Brad: You know, I wouldn't even know what was going on if Sharon hadn't come downstairs to find them kissing.

Sharon: Colleen? Uh, I thought you had gone.

Colleen: Oh, yeah, I got halfway home and then realized I left my scarf here.

Sharon: Oh.

Colleen: Um... are you okay?

Sharon: There's something I should tell you.

Colleen: Oh, gosh, do you hate me?

Sharon: What? Hate you? Why would you think that?

Colleen: Well, I know that finding out about me--Adrian and me has, you know, put you in an awkward position, but, I mean, to be honest, I'm kinda glad that you know, 'cause now I have somebody to talk to.

Sharon: Um, okay, I think that you should listen to this.

Colleen: Okay, okay, okay, I know what you're gonna say. You're gonna say that he's too old, we're not right for each other. Trust me, I've heard it. My mom calls me every single day just to tell me, but do you know what it's like to love somebody and not be able to be with them?

Sharon: I do, but--

Colleen: I mean, my life has been a huge mess lately. I'm lying. I'm lying to my dad. It's like I have to watch everything I do because J.T. is following us around. But the way I feel about--

Sharon: Okay, Colleen, listen...

Colleen: What?

Sharon: Your dad knows. I told him and I'm sorry.

Victoria: Have you reached Anderson Kincaid yet?

Nick: Not yet.

Victoria: Nicholas, how hard is it for you to pick up the phone and call him?

Nick: It's really hard. My phone is heavy.

Victoria: Ha ha. Very funny. I know you're getting married, but that doesn't give you an excuse to--to... let everything else slide!

Nick: Thanks for the tip, Mom.

Victoria: I'm serious. I need those documents signed! I need them signed or else technically, he can still back out.

Nick: Look, the guy is up at his cabin in the woods. He doesn't have a phone. I can't help it.

Victoria: Oh, and I suppose he doesn't have a cell phone either?

Nick: Of course he has a cell phone, but I can't make him answer it.

Victoria: Well, have you called his secretary?

Nick: Yes, I have. She said he's coming home tonight. What is with you?

Victoria: Why didn't you just say that?

Nick: You never gave me a chance! You were too busy yelling at me.

Victoria: I'm sorry. Talk about a flashback to the past, huh?

Nick: Let's not forget that you used to tie me to a chair.

Victoria: Yeah, until you got too big and it got too dangerous. It's too bad those days aren't still here.

Nick: I probably have some rope around here somewhere.

Victoria: Right, and then Dad walks in here and accuses me of using guerrilla tactics to get you to change your mind about Clear Springs.

Nick: Do you have any idea what you're gonna get Mom and Dad for their big day?

Victoria: Sure. I was thinking, um, his and her bulletproof vests.

Nick: Oh, very stylish.

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Maybe they could wear them to the rehearsal dinner.

Victoria: Nothing like a little hostility to spice up a party.

Nick: You wanna know what I wish?

Victoria: That you weren't born into this family?

Nick: No. I wish that everyone would just call a truce for a few days.

Victoria: Yeah, dream on.

Nick: I'm serious.

Victoria: Sorry, little brother. It's not gonna happen. Someone's gotta shake things up. Especially since you and my husband are all about playing things safe these days.

Nick: He has been more agreeable lately, hasn't he?

Victoria: Yeah. Scary, huh?

Nick: Way scarier than underhanded Brad. What's up with him anyway?

Victoria: I have no idea.

Sharon: I heard you wanted to see me?

Jack: I do.

Sharon: Uh-oh. Is something wrong?

Jack: I just had a very interesting conversation with Brad Carlton.

Sharon: About what?

Jack: Why didn't you tell me?

Sharon: Tell you...

Jack: About Colleen and the professor?

Sharon: I wanted to. I did. But, I-I made a promise to Colleen.

Jack: To tell anyone but me?

Sharon: Well, I didn't mean to tell Brad, but he was pressuring me about their relationship. And it was just written all over my face. He knew I was hiding something.

Jack: Because he knows you so well?

Sharon: He is her father. He has a right to know.

Jack: God, I wish you'd warned me.

Sharon: Yeah, you're right. You know what? I didn't think. Are you angry with me?

Jack: I couldn't stay angry with you even if I tried.

Sharon: Well, I just ran into Colleen and I told her that Brad knows.

Jack: That couldn't have been pleasant.

Sharon: No, she was upset, but I just--I hate secrets. And I'm glad-- I'm just relieved that it's out in the open and it's over.

Jack: Yeah, too bad it's not over for Colleen.

Colleen: Adrian? Oh, thank God you picked up. Okay, I ran into Sharon and my dad knows about us.

Korbel: If he knows... how long before, uh...

Colleen: No, no, no, no, I can't think about that. I have to deal with my father first. So, um... I'll call you later. Bye.

(Cell phone ringing)

Colleen: Hi, Dad. Yes, I'm at Uncle Jack's.

Brad: Just stay there. I'll be right over.

Phyllis: Are you going somewhere, Bradley?

Brad: That would be why I'm heading to the elevator, Phyllis.

Phyllis: I hope you're back before Nikki's press conference.

Brad: What do you care if I'm there or not?

Phyllis: It must be so difficult for you-- choosing between your mother-in-law and being Victor's man. "A"--you're screwed. "B"--you're screwed.

Sharon: You make me sick, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, I do? Well, I'm fresh out of barf bags.

Sharon: Too bad.

Brad: I have more important things to worry about than to stand here and deal with your childish games.

Phyllis: Hey, but what you two did together-- that's not really childish.

Brad: I wish Nick could see you right now. He'd be disgusted by the woman he's about to marry.

Phyllis: Oh. Look, there he is. He's so sensitive.

Sharon: Is he? I wonder why, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Why don't you go chase him down? You know how to take away his troubles.

Sharon: You know what? I am so sick of you. I'm really tired of you. You've gotten everything that you want. Brad voted for Neil so that Nikki wouldn't get on the board. And now you're going to Monaco instead of me. What else do you want?

Phyllis: You wanna know?

Sharon: Yeah, I wanna know.

Phyllis: Great. I'll write it up and then I'll fax it to you!

Sharon: Terrific! Back off, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Or what? I thought so.

Nick: I guess it doesn't bother you either.

Victor: What's that, Son?

Nick: The lack of excitement around here.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Nick: I just took an office poll. Two out of three people-- they need an afternoon cup of coffee just to stay awake.

Victor: You must be excited about your upcoming wedding. I just talked to your fianc�e.

Nick: Yeah, she is fired up. I've never seen her so excited.

Victor: Boy, is she ever. Aren't you, too?

Nick: I will be, once I take care of a few things.

Victor: Can I do anything for you?

Nick: You can. I should've asked you weeks ago, but, uh... I want you to be my best man.

Victor: Hey! Well, that's nice. That's very nice. I thought, uh, Noah was gonna do that.

Nick: Well, there's no law saying I can't have two, right?

Victor: Right. There's no such law.

Nick: Plus, because, uh... you know, Mom and Victoria are both standing up for Phyllis, I figure this'll even things out. And it'll be a nice Walton moment. At the very least, we can pretend we're a united family.

[Nikki remembering]

Victor: In your childish anger, you're forgetting why we are doing this. You and I decided to encourage Jack Abbott to run for the senate, together. We decided to take him down, together. We have him exactly where we want him right now. And what the hell are you doing? You're snatching disaster from the jaws of Victory! That's what you're doing!

Nikki: I was wrong. You were wrong. Yes, even Victor Newman can be wrong.

Victor: You know what sickens me? It absolutely sickens me that I may have been wrong about you all along.

Jack: Ready for your big announcement?

Nikki: I am.

Jack: It's heady stuff, I'm telling you. All eyes on you, the center of attention-- it's big for the ego.

Nikki: Ah, so that's why you're running.

Jack: Boy, you're getting good at this. Twisting my words already. Oh, speaking of which, be very careful what you say to the reporter from the "Herald."

Nikki: Oh, yeah? Why?

Jack: He just loves to trip you up whenever he can. In fact, he lives for the quote he can take out of context to make you look bad.

Nikki: Thanks for the warning. I wasn't expecting advice from you.

Jack: Well, we're opponents, yes, but we're friends first, right? I'm just looking forward to some good competition.

Nikki: Well, good, because you're about to get a whole lot more of it.

Sharon: And it's not just the blackmail. It's the enjoyment she gets out of seeing us sweat.

Dru: Well, I know that. See, she's scandalous. It's ridiculous.

Sharon: You know, Brad is practically at the breaking point.

Dru: What? Are you serious?

Victoria: Brad is at the breaking point about what?

Sharon: Oh, uh, well, he was telling me about this business acquisition he's involved in and the guy keeps changing his mind.

Dru: Yeah, who can do business with a person like that? I can't stand people like that.

Victoria: Yeah, me neither. So you don't happen to know where Brad is now, do you?

Sharon: Um, no, I don't. I haven't seen him in a while.

Colleen: I don't wanna fight.

Brad: Neither do I.

Colleen: Really?

Brad: Really.

Colleen: If I would've known that Sharon was upstairs, I never would've invited Adrian over.

Brad: So you're not sorry you invited him over, you're sorry you got caught.

Colleen: I don't enjoy lying to you. I don't have a choice.

Brad: We all have choices, Colleen.

Colleen: Not if Adrian and I wanna be together. Nobody accepts us as a couple.

Brad: You know, when I first found out that you were still seeing him, I was furious. But I forced myself to calm down and, uh, think about the situation rationally.

Colleen: And?

Brad: Well, you've been trying to convince me that you're old enough to make your own decisions-- that I should stop treating you like a child. I've decided you're right.

Colleen: Are you-- are you serious?

Brad: Well, getting angry with you hasn't changed anything. So I figured, what's the point? All it does is make us both upset and it doesn't solve any part of the problem.

Colleen: Wow! I'm--thanks, Dad!

Brad: Well, before you thank me, you should let me finish.

Colleen: Oh. I don't think I like where this is going.

Brad: You wanna be treated as an adult, Colleen, so you have to learn that your actions have consequences.

Colleen: Are you turning us into the dean?

Brad: No, no. I don't wanna see you publicly humiliated.

Colleen: Okay, then, um, what are you talking about?

Brad: I wanna be clear. I don't condone your behavior.

Colleen: Okay, so Adrian can't come to family gatherings. I think I'm cool with that.

Brad: Colleen, you're going to have to be self-supporting. I'm cutting you off financially.

Colleen: Cutting-- cutting me off?

Brad: Mm-hmm.

Colleen: Oh. What about tuition?

Brad: There is one more payment this year. You're going to have to take care of that yourself.

Colleen: But, um--

Brad: Colleen, you're so convinced you're a grown-up, let's see if you can act like one.

Colleen: Um, well, I have some money in savings and I have my job, which is good. But, wow, tuition-- that's--that's a lot of money.

Brad: Yeah, well, you bet it is. But if you're going to continue in this relationship, that's no longer my problem.

Korbel: So what is this, your third meal here today?

J.T.: I don't know. Why don't you tell me? Are you following me around with a calculator or something?

Korbel: You don't come for the food or else you'd eat it.

J.T.: Well, since you're here as often as I am, I could say the same thing.

Korbel: You got me. I confess. I just can't resist Gina's lasagna.

J.T.: Gina's lasagna. That is an old reliable. Damn it, why didn't I order that?

Korbel: The perfect food for those who can't move on.

J.T.: No wonder you like it.

J.T.: Well, I gotta say, I'm shocked. I didn't think you'd forgive Brad for voting against your mom.

Victoria: Yeah, I, uh, I gave in.

J.T.: Well, I hope you made him grovel first.

Victoria: I'll be sure and tell him you said that.

J.T.: Well, I'm, um... I'm thrilled that you guys made up, but, uh, you could've called and told me this. So what's up?

Victoria: I needed to see you face to face. I wanted to discuss hiring you to investigate someone.

J.T.: Who?

Victoria: Brad.

J.T.: Brad? I'm confused. I thought you just said you made up with him.

Victoria: We did. We did. Brad is smooth. You know, he's got an explanation for everything-- why he voted for Neil, why he's not backing my mother for the state senate, why he's made certain business deals and only told me about them afterwards.

J.T.: Well, that's a bad thing?

Victoria: Something's off. I just know it.

J.T.: We've dug around in Brad's past before. And I don't think there's much more to find.

Victoria: I want you to dig into his present. I wanna know what's going on right now.

J.T.: You talking about me tailing him for a couple of days?

Victoria: No, I want you to be more thorough. However long it takes. If Brad's still hiding something, I want you to find it.

Sharon: I could push her out of a window.

Dru: Are you kidding? She is rubber. She'll just bounce, Baby.

Sharon: Yeah, true.

Dru: You know, it's not gonna work. Besides, Phyllis has got to suffer.

Sharon: Mm-hmm. Preferably something very slow and painful.

Dru: Yeah, right! A root canal, extraction of teeth without novocaine.

Sharon: No, that's-- she'd walk away from that.

Dru: True, true. We could always have her bulldozed over at that--what, that new construction site. I can see the headlines now-- "Development goes down along with its supervisor"-- can you see that?

Sharon: I like that! I like that!

Dru: I got it, Sharon! Seriously!

Sharon: What? Tell me.

Dru: We could convince her that you and Nick are still in love. That's it! That's it! That you're still in love and that you're having this mad crazy affair! Yeah!

Sharon: Okay, why would she believe that?

Dru: Because she's insecure, okay? I see the connection between you and Nick, all right? It's there! It's all right there! How about it?

Sharon: Well, you know what they say, once a cheater, always a cheater. But why would she think--

Dru: Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Sharon: Why would she think that he would cheat with the ex-wife?

Dru: Well, why not? I mean, she cannot compete with your heat, Sharon. Why not play into her insecurities?

Sharon: Mm-hmm. Okay, but if we try to convince her of that, we'd also have to convince Jack. And I am not going to put my engagement in danger.

Dru: Mm-hmm. I understand. But if we play it smart, Jack never has to know.

Sharon: I don't know, Dru.

Dru: Are you-- Sharon, look, I-- okay, you know what? It's your call. But just think about it. Because after all the drama that woman has put you through, it's time for payback.

Jack: I wanna make sure we have plenty of dirt on Nikki.

David: Aren't you the guy who insisted we go easy on her?

Jack: That was then. I didn't want Victor to know I was behind it in any way.

David: He sounds pretty disillusioned with his wife at the moment.

Jack: Disillusioned or not, he is not gonna take kindly to anyone going after his wife. Trust me on that.

David: Oh, I trust everything you say to me about Victor.

Jack: Find the dirt. Make it a priority.

David: I already have. Why do you think I'm putting in 14 hour days?

Jack: 14 hours? Slacker. Look, if it becomes necessary that we, uh, share certain information about Nikki's past with the press, and I hope it isn't necessary--

David: You don't want anybody to trace it back to us.

Jack: The public and Victor can never know we're behind this.

Nikki: Thank you all for coming today. I know it was a bit unexpected but I wanted to have the chance to answer any questions there may be about my political aspirations. As of this moment, I, Nicole Reed Newman, am officially announcing my candidacy for the vacant seat in the Wisconsin State Senate.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Dru: Sharon, why the secrets? You're engaged to Jack.

Daniel: I screwed up big-time, Lily.

Lily: What?

Kay: I'm going to prison.

Jill: I'm really glad that you're able to forgive Katherine... again.

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