Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/28/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/28/07 -- Canada; Thursday 3/29/07 -- U.S.A.


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[Daniel remembering]

Daniel's Voice: Lily didn't see the email. Lily knows that she saw that it was opened. They don't have Daniel's password to open the computer and use it to check Colleen's service. Colleen finds it strange that Lily does.

Victoria: Dad said that? To your face?!

Nikki: Without Victor Newman to prop me up, I would be nothing. He made me. He created me. How dare I even think of running for public office with my obvious lack of abilities?

Victoria: Unbelievable, Mom. I hope you let him have it.

Nikki: What would've been the point? I was not about to let him intimidate me into quitting.

Victoria: Well, it sounds like he gave it his best shot.

Nikki: I expected he would.

Victoria: I still can't believe he would say those things to you.

Nikki: It's really good to know how little my husband thinks of me.

Victoria: Oh, Mom. . .

Nikki: What if he's right? What if I don't have a shot at winning?

Victoria: Of course you do! I don't want you to let Dad or Jack or anyone else make you think that you don't have what it takes. You're better than that.

David: Nikki Newman in a senate seat? Thatís a joke, right?

Victor: No, unfortunately, it isn't. She's determined to join the race.

David: Why, Victor? You and Nikki hired me. Why would she be running against her own candidate?

Victor: I have no clue.

David: All right, so what does this mean? Are you pulling your support from Jack?

Victor: Under no circumstances. And you better remember that.

Colleen: Ready to order?

J.T.: Uh, yeah. I will take the fettuccini without the shrimp.

Colleen: All right. Will that be all?

J.T.: Yeah, instead of the shrimp, can I get the scallops?

Colleen: Scallops?

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Colleen: You hate scallops.

J.T.: Oh, you know me better than I know myself, I guess. Well, I guess I'll take the chicken.

Colleen: All right, chicken it is.

J.T.: Cool. Can you, uh, refill that when you get a chance?

Colleen: Yeah, sure. I could've sworn it was full a second ago.

J.T.: Well, I just got done playing some basketball, so I'm kinda tired and thirsty. Um, sorry to inconvenience you.

Colleen: Not at all. I'll just have somebody else bring it by.

J.T.: Will you also bring some veggies in a small bowl, 'cause I hate it when they get cold.

Colleen: Sure.

J.T.: Yeah.

Colleen: That's too bad. That's how I like 'em.

J.T.: Well, sit down and enjoy 'em then.

Colleen: I'm working.

J.T.: Well, take a break.

Colleen: Yeah. I'll tell you what, I'll be right back.

Colleen: Hello, Professor.

Korbel: I didn't expect to see you tonight.

Colleen: Debbie called in sick and I needed the extra cash.

J.T.: Hey, Coll, can I get some bread when you get a chance?

Korbel: Thank you.

Jack: I don't know anything about that. Yes, that's right, you heard me correctly. No comment. Thanks.

David: That didn't take too long for word to get out.

Jack: Yeah, I can just see the headlines now, "Ex-blonde hoochie dancer runs against qualified candidate.Ē

David: Nice angle. Too bad the media won't run with it.

Jack: Can't we at least try?

David: No point. We'd most likely get, "Tycoon backs former enemy over own wife in senate race.Ē

Jack: Wait, you say that like that's a bad thing.

David: If Victor continues to support you, and I believe he will--

Jack: Wait, wait, do you know that? I mean, has he said that to you?

David: You're still his candidate, Jack. My concern is the story behind the story. Nikki's husband supporting her opponent is a hell of a lot juicier than your stand on political issues. No offense.

Jack: And she could get the sympathy vote.

David: Yeah, that is one outcome.

Jack: Look, if Victor doesn't like what he sees in the tabloids, he can just buy them. It wouldn't be the first time.

David: No, no, money and clout only go so far. Joe 6-pack is easily distracted.

Jack: So if Nikki doesn't come to her senses by morning, regardless what Victor does, this could be a problem,

David: Let me put it this way-- if that happens, it's a lose-lose situation.

Lily: Hey! What are you doing? Hi.

Daniel: I was just checking my e-mail. See?

Lily: Uh, you're not signed in.

Daniel: I was just about to.

Lily: Oh, hold on! Wait, go back, I just saw a headline about Paris Hilton. Oh, never mind. I already knew that.

Daniel: Done?

Lily: Yes, I'm done. You can go back to whatever it was that was making you so nervous when I walked in.

Daniel: I was freaking out because I can't find one of my research files for my midterm project. I think the computer ate it.

Lily: Wait, now your computer's broken, too?

Daniel: No, not broken, just hungry.

Lily: Well, at least you have a computer.

Daniel: How much longer is yours gonna be in the shop?

Lily: I don't know, who knows? I should just save up and get a new one. Oh, that reminds me, can I have your password?

Daniel: Why?

Lily: What do you mean, why? So I can go on in case you're not here.

Daniel: Okay, it's, uh, "Danily324.Ē

Lily: Wait, "D-a-n"--

Daniel: "I-l-y-3-2-4.Ē

Lily: Oh! You combined our first names and our wedding anniversary. How cute.

Daniel: Yeah, that's me.

J.T.: Hey, Coll?

Colleen: Yes, J.T.?

J.T.: Can you make sure there's no cheese on the soup, please?

Colleen: Um, you love cheese.

J.T.: Not today. Not today.

Colleen: Okay, well, I guess I don't know you as well as you thought I did. Um, I'll be right back. I'm gonna go get your bread.

J.T.: You know, actually, I hate to do this to you, but, um, I'm not feeling that great. Can you just bring the check?

Colleen: Are you sure? Your food's ready to come out.

J.T.: Just bag it.

Colleen: Okay. Feel better.

J.T.: Thanks. Remember when we used to come here? Get takeout every week?

Colleen: Um, did you want the bread still?

J.T.: Yeah, sure, just bag it up. Thatís fine.

Colleen: All right. Here's your check.

J.T.: Thank you.

Colleen: I'll, uh, I'll be back again.

Korbel: So what is this? Your third meal here today?

J.T.: I don't know. Why don't you tell me? You following me around with a calculator or something?

Korbel: You don't come for the food, or else you'd eat it.

J.T.: Well, since you're here as often as I am, I could say the same thing.

Korbel: You got me. I confess. I just can't resist Gina's lasagna.

J.T.: Gina's lasagna? That is an old reliable. Damn it, why didn't I order that?

Korbel: Perfect food for those who can't move on.

J.T.: No wonder you like it.

Korbel: Yeah.

Victoria: The best revenge will be you-- thanking all of the people who helped you to win on election night.

Nikki: Everyone except your father.

Victoria: No, especially Dad. Because if it weren't for Dad, you wouldn't have gotten the motivation to run in the first place.

Nikki: That's true. Thank you for reminding me of that.

Victoria: I understand what it feels like when Dad belittles you when you don't obey his orders. I know that he can be pretty harsh sometimes, Mom.

Nikki: You know, I have never been ashamed of my past until Victor insulted me with it tonight.

Victoria: Hey, you know what? If a former pro wrestler can be elected Governor of Minnesota, I see no reason why a former stripper can't be elected to Wisconsin state senate.

Nikki: You really think that's feasible?

Victoria: Yes. You have made yourself into a successful businesswoman. Play up how far you've come.

Nikki: No thanks to Victor there, either. If he had his way, I would follow his lead even though he gave my company to Jack and funded Clear Springs.

Victoria: You're not a follower, Mom, okay? You've proven that.

Nikki: Have I?

Victoria: Yes. Even with Dad's money and influence, you've been the underdog for most of your life.

Nikki: I suppose I could use that to my advantage.

Victoria: You can. People can relate to you. Unlike Jack, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth?

Nikki: I never really thought of it that way.

Victoria: Perception is reality, and reality these days is all about spin. So you surround yourself with people who understand that.

Nikki: Make my past work for me, not against me.

Victoria: If you do that, I have no doubt you'll beat Jack.

Jack: You're gonna discredit Nikki, aren't you?

David: It is a part of politics. It always has been.

Jack: Just good, clean fun. Performed on a tightrope over a shark tank.

David: Perfect analogy.

Jack: So when Nikki announces-- if she announces--

David: We are going to treat her as we would any other candidate. Are you prepared to do that?

Jack: Of course.

David: Good. Now I'm gonna be compiling a dossier on her past over the next couple days. Any details that you could provide that could be useful?

Jack: Any detail?

David: Use your judgment.

Jack: Look, I want this position. I want it badly enough to work for it, but I'm not gonna do anything underhanded. That always comes back to bite you.

David: Agreed. And we won't-- unless we have to. Just remember, the last thing we wanna do is be in the unenviable position of having to make a comeback.

Jack: I'll give you what you want on Nikki, if we need to.

David: Listen, why don't we go somewhere private where Victor can't sneak in on us

Jack: Listen, I don't have to remind you, we don't know how he's gonna react if we really go after his wife. Losing Victor's support is not a chance I wanna take.

Daniel: Well, no, they're buried pretty deep already. No, that's why I'm calling. Look, I have some photos for this school project that I'm working on and I think that someone's been messing around with my computer. I don't like that, so I want to know if there is a way that I can just open 'em-- only me? Well could you change the extension file? You know, like change it from dot-jpeg to dot-doc? They'd just get gibberish? That might work. But someone might be able to still find it, still get in there if they knew what they were looking for? Okay. Wait, get rid of it completely? What do you mean, like back it up someplace else? Yeah, no. . . no, no, thank you. Thatís a big help. Okay, thanks, yeah.

Lily: So I don't mind the course being at night, I just hate taking notes by hand.

Colleen: Where's your computer?

Lily: It's broken again. And now Daniel's is broken, too. I swear, there is a curse going around.

Colleen: Remember when I was talking about how mine crashed earlier?

Lily: Oh, yeah, and Devon the handy man was going on about "I'm handy and cool.Ē I swear, I gonna make fun of him forever for that.

Colleen: Yeah. Well, I wish he could, uh, solve all my problems, starting with J.T.

Lily: Uh, what did he do now?

Colleen: Well, I was at work and J.T. comes in for dinner, because of course, the G. C. A. C. is the only place in Genoa City that serves food, right?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Colleen: So he insists on being seated in my area so I have to wait on him.

Lily: Couldn't you switch with someone?

Colleen: No, no, no, we were shorthanded and I didn't have a choice. So I just put on a smile, did my job and he of course was a jackass on purpose.

Lily: Well, did he at least leave you a good tip?

Colleen: I don't know. I didn't even look. I just wanted him to leave.

Lily: I'm sorry, but your life is way too much drama.

Colleen: It gets better. So just as J.T. is about to leave, Adrian comes walking in. I was afraid that we were gonna have round two.

Lily: Wait, did they fight?

Colleen: Mm-hmm. Earlier at the G. C. A. C.

Lily: Man, they are acting like children.

Colleen: Well, J.T. is. I mean, he was trashed and tried to pick a fight with Adrian, which is exactly what he doesn't need 'cause he's up for tenure.

Lily: Wait, what's all this Adrian talk? I thought you guys stopped seeing each other after the whole dean thing.

Colleen: Well, we did. But ever since then, J.T. has just been trying harder to cause trouble. I'm sick of it.

Jack: Victor?

Victor: Yes, Jack?

Jack: Hey, I, uh, feel like I owe you an apology.

Victor: For what?

Jack: For telling you the news about Nikki.

Victor: You just assumed I knew.

Jack: Well, yeah, I did. In fact, I'm still shocked she never told you first.

Victor: Well, I should've seen it coming.

Jack: How could you?

Victor: I knew how angry she was.

Jack: Victor, your wife made a major life decision.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Let's just say her passions right now are misdirected.

Jack: Wow, you're taking this a whole lot better than I would.

Victor: This is between my wife and me, all right?

Jack: You know what? This has been a long day. What do you say we get outta here and get a drink?

Victor: I think that's a hell of an idea, Jack.

Jack: I know the perfect private club. Bartender makes a killer martini.

Korbel: State senator? Thatís, um--

Nikki: Unexpected, I know.

Victoria: It's all a part of Mom's charm.

Korbel: How else I can be of service?

Nikki: Well, one of the reasons I'm running is to preserve a small town nearby called Clear Springs.

Korbel: Uh-huh.

Nikki: Jack is planning on turning it into some high-end resort. It's a very historic town and they have suffered through some financial problems, but Jack just wants to level it and make it Wisconsin's answer to Las Vegas.

Korbel: You say "Historic?Ē

Victoria: Well, these pictures should say it all. It has the largest concentration of Greek revival architecture in the state. And we believe that any monies put towards development should emphasize restoration.

Nikki: Victoria told me about all the work you did for the preservation society in the town you used to live in.

Korbel: You weren't kidding. Some of these Queen Anneís. . .

Nikki: Stunning, aren't they?

Victoria: And the central business district along the lakefront. . .

Korbel: Yeah, it appears salvageable-- as far as I can tell from these photographs.

Victoria: Oh, good. You know, we were really hoping that you would say that.

Nikki: Everybody, please sit down. Now. . . we are looking to recruit some experts who are willing to go on record saying how horrible it would be to lose these buildings.

Victoria: They're masterpieces. And I know how adamant you are about making these treasures open to the public.

Korbel: Word travels fast.

Nikki: We'd like you to help us. We know that you have experience as an art professor, well. . . that you are totally renowned, no less.

Korbel: Well, I appreciate the flattery and the answer's yes.

Nikki: Thank you. You won't regret it.

Korbel: Oh, I know I won't. The structures you've shown me are magnificent. It'd be a crime to tear them down.

Victoria: Are you sure you can tell that from these photographs?

Korbel: Well, I'm not a structural engineer and unless those photos have been doctored--

Nikki: No, they have not been.

Korbel: It appears the buildings aren't in any imminent danger of collapse. At least not without the aid of a bulldozer.

Nikki: Or a greedy Jack Abbott who values money over our heritage.

Korbel: Well, I will leave the campaign rhetoric to you two. But if you're looking for my expert testimony as to the value of preserving the town, you've got it.

Nikki: Thank you so much.

Victoria: Thank you, Adrian.

Korbel: You're welcome.

Victoria: Thank you so much. We'll be in touch.

Nikki: Wow, he is perfect for us.

Victoria: Adrian has a lot of credibility, but we need to find more than one expert. Because the more we find, the better our chances are of winning.

Victor: When you said this was private, you weren't kidding.

Jack: I also wasn't bragging about the martinis. They're the best. It's a shame you don't partake. Here is your tequila.

Victor: What shall we drink to?

Jack: It'll be your call.

Victor: How about sharing one of these with a good cigar in Madison after the election?

Jack: I will drink to that.

Victor: Cheers.

Jack: So, uh, any clue as to when Nikki's gonna go public?

Victor: None. Now. . . I understand that financially you're in pretty good shape.

Jack: Yeah, we've had a lot of generous contributions.

Victor: Well, you know, you run out of those contributions very quickly once you start your TV ad campaign.

Jack: Well, I'm kinda hoping I'll get a discount for my killer smile.

Victor: Why don't you talk to David about fixing a date for a fundraiser? $10,000 a table. It would go a long way toward your advertising budget.

Jack: Why don't we also make it a charity event, put a certain amount of the, uh, take toward a worthy cause.

Victor: Now you're thinking like a politician. Raise public awareness, public goodwill and campaign funds.

Jack: I like it. I'll get David right on it. It is important we have the right people there. You know, Nikki threw a gala a few years ago. We oughta go through that invitation list maybe.

Victor: Don't worry about that. I'm sure David will take care of that.

Jack: I'm just talking about cross-referencing her list with ours.

Victor: Just so that you know, we will cross-reference nothing with my wife. Nothing. Now think about a charity that would help your cause.

David: Nikki, I just heard the news. Congratulations. Welcome to the race.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victoria: It's very exciting, isn't it?

David: Oh, I'm very much looking forward to it.

Nikki: I'd think you'd prefer your candidate run unopposed.

David: Oh, please. Competition's what it's all about. Without it, what have you got? No fresh ideas. No media attention.

Victoria: Maybe you can get Leanna Love to host a debate, since you're already acquainted.

David: You know, Jack was on the debate team at Harvard. He excelled at it. He was genuinely disappointed when he thought he was gonna be the only one on the ballot.

Nikki: Well, then I'm pleased to present him with a challenge.

David: Jack and I will enjoy every moment of it. The two candidates going head to head on serious issues on live TV in front of millions of people?

Victoria: Mom will be great.

David: I'm sure it will be unforgettable. Now, um, who is my counterpart in your office so we can coordinate public appearances?

Nikki: I'm handling my own schedule right now.

David: No campaign manager?

Nikki: Well, I just made my decision today, David.

David: Well, I'd be happy to recommend someone if you like.

Victoria: Well, how gracious of you.

David: No, no, it's my pleasure, really. I mean, and I also know some wonderful, wonderful speechwriters.

Nikki: Thank you very much, but I think we're just fine for now.

David: Great. Good luck to you. And may the best candidate win.

Nikki: Here, here.

Victoria: Is "smug" the word I'm looking for?

Nikki: I call it inspiring.

Victoria: You do?

Nikki: I can't wait to take that smirk off his face on election night. I can't think of any better incentive.

Colleen: So you heading straight home?

Lily: No, I just wanna pick up some software for Daniel first and surprise him.

Colleen: Ooh. How romantic.

Lily: Yeah, well, to him it is. I swear, I thought he was gonna lose it when his computer ate those files.

Colleen: Oh, and the software will find them?

Lily: Well, hopefully. He's just been really stressed lately.

Colleen: About what?

Lily: Just school and work. I mean, he's been up till almost 2:00 A. M. every night, just writing papers.

Colleen: Wow, that's motivated.

Lily: Yeah, I know. I've never seen him work so hard in my life.

Daniel: Transferring files. Sweet!

David: Immediately after that, we have your lion's club luncheon, then your interview with N. P. R.

Jack: And you said something about a press conference tomorrow?

David: Yeah, I'm still working out the details.

Victor: Are you announcing something?

David: In the event that Nikki declares her candidacy for the vacant seat, we are going to have to respond.

Jack: She's going to declare, David. And she's gonna get the press riled.

David: Well, the question is, how far is she gonna get without a campaign manager?

Victor: Not very far, I'd imagine.

David: She has no idea what she's gotten herself into.

Nikki: I'm sure Victor and Jack think I'm in way over my head.

Victoria: Well, who cares what they think? They're wrong.

Nikki: Were you able to get a hold of anybody on my list?

Victoria: Yes, we have appointments with three of the most prominent campaign managers in the Midwest.

Jack: Until Nikki met you, David, I'm not sure she knew what a campaign manager did.

David: Which is why she probably has yet to hire one.

Jack: Victor, can I be honest here? Uh, your lovely wife doesn't know the first thing about politics.

Victor: How much, pray tell, did you know about politics before you started this campaign?

Jack: Enough to hire our friend here before I announced.

David: I'm not sure Nikki knows enough to call a press conference to announce her candidacy, let alone hire a stylist for a public appearance.

Nikki: I guess I'm just gonna have to wing it tomorrow.

Victoria: Your press conference--where and when?

Jack: Nikki may do well on the superficial stuff, but really, are we worried?

David: Victor, may I be blunt?

Victor: Why start now?

David: Nikki has no credentials for a position of this caliber. She has a high school diploma. He's been to two Ivy League universities.

Jack: Look, education aside, Nikki's only been in the business world for what, a handful of years? Representing the people of this district is--

David: All right, it's upper level management. It's impossible.

Victor: David, let me warn you. My wife is very smart-- a formidable woman.

Nikki: The first thing they're going to do is attack my competency, unless the press has beat them to it.

Victoria: Do you remember how Hillary declared for president? She posted her entire message on her web site, so it was all out there and it couldn't be chopped up into a million sound pieces.

Nikki: She took control.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. Which is exactly what you need to do.

Nikki: We could have a web cast alongside the press conference and post it once we have a web site up and running.

Victoria: Good! Thatís good! Thatís very hip. It shows that you're in touch with current trends. Uh, we'll need to snag a domain name.

Nikki: What do you have on that list under staff?

Victoria: We need some.

Nikki: We're gonna have to do better than that if we're running against Jack.

Victoria: Campaign manager, publicist, stylist, speechwriter. . . who else?

Nikki: Once we hire a manager, we can assemble a team with their help.

Victoria: Which we should've done yesterday.

Nikki: We can still move quickly. And I want only the best. It's the only way I'm gonna win.

David: Jack can't lose.

Victor: And you can guarantee that?

Jack: David is much too smart to make guarantees.

David: Barring any unforeseen surprises we should have no problem beating Nikki.

Victor: Do not underestimate her. I'm telling you. Underestimate me all they want. They won't know what hit 'em come election time.

Victoria: Arrogant to the end. Gotta love it.

Korbel: Thanks for meeting me here so early.

Colleen: A research assistant's job is never done. By the way, I made some notes on the lesson plan you suggested for tomorrow. You gotta be kidding me.

Korbel: What?

Colleen: Guess who I just saw?

Korbel: Here? In the hallway?

Colleen: I swear. Go look.

Korbel: J.T.?

J.T.: You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you were following me, Professor.

Korbel: I work here. Why are you here?

J.T.: I'm taking a forensics workshop. Hey, how late's the bookstore open here? You got any idea on that?

Korbel: You're taking a class? In this building?

J.T.: Just down the hall. Don't forget to stop in and say hi.

Daniel's voice: Browser preferences-- clear history upon closing. Remember the last zero pages of each session. Search-- strangersbynight.com login page.

Lily: Um. . . you moved all the furniture.

Daniel: Hey, Babe.

Lily: Hi. Um. . . it looks so different in here.

Daniel: Yeah, you like?

Lily: Um. . . how come you moved stuff?

Daniel: I just got the sudden urge to Feng Shui the place, I guess.

Lily: Uh, yeah, right, and I wanna watch football.

Daniel: You know, Confucius say, he who has couch situated in the right spot. . . will have more fun on the couch.

Lily: Oh, is that an invitation?

Daniel: Ah, I think it's working already.

Lily: Oh, I got you a present.

Daniel: What? Oh, data retrieval software. Thanks.

Lily: Yeah, I know that it made you crazy when you lost that file, so. . .

Daniel: Insane. Yes. Thank you.

Lily: You're welcome. Uh, is something wrong?

Daniel: No, I just, I feel bad.

Lily: What? Why?

Daniel: I found the file that I thought I lost. Can you take it back?

Lily: Oh, um. . . I mean, I guess. I kept the receipt. Why don't we just keep it in case, you know?

Daniel: Okay, whichever.

Lily: Okay. I'm gonna go change. I'll be right back.

Daniel: Okay.

J.T.: Still at it?

Korbel: Well, you know what they say about time and fun.

J.T.: You could go all night long, huh, Professor?

Colleen: Actually, we both can.

Korbel: We just got off to a late start.

J.T.: As usual.

Colleen: Well, you would know. Since you're everywhere that we are.

J.T.: Yeah, how about that?

Korbel: Coincidence, no doubt.

J.T.: What else would it be?

Korbel: Why don't you pull up a chair, TJ? Help us sort through these slides.

Colleen: You know, that is a great idea. We can always use an extra hand.

J.T.: I bet you could. Well, uh, as exciting as that sounds, I've got better things to do.

Victoria: You don't have any doubts about this, do you?

Nikki: No, not at all.

Victoria: Now you know why I admire you so much.

Nikki: Well, thank you. I need to do this-- not just to prove something to your father-- but to prove to myself that I can be a success on my own.

Victoria: Of course you can. Why would you even question that?

Nikki: Well, everything that I've ever accomplished since meeting your father has been because of him-- N. V. P., Jabot. . .

Victoria: You bought into Jabot with your own money.

Nikki: Yeah, but it was money I got in my divorce settlement.

Victoria: That doesn't make it any less yours, Mom.

Nikki: Anything that he does for me can be taken away just as easily.

Victoria: Well, this is something that he cannot take away from you.

Nikki: Exactly. I wanna make a contribution. I wanna leave a legacy. What have I done so far? Nothing.

Victoria: Oh, well, I guess Nick and I aren't legacy material, sorry.

Nikki: Oh, my darling, no, I didn't mean it that way. You and your brother are wonderful, independent people. I'm so proud of both of you.

Victoria: But you still have claim over Nick, because he's such a mama's boy.

Nikki: He is a mama's boy. Try to tell him that.

Victoria: I do, all the time.

Nikki: No, this is something that I have to do for me. It has nothing to do with Victor or Jack. Just for me. Thank you for supporting me.

Victor: I told Nikki that her past would not lend itself to a political career.

Jack: You mean her stripping? Thatís certainly gonna get her some attention.

Victor: Yeah, from the press. They'll have a field day with it. You know that.

Jack: What did you say to her?

Victor: I tried to talk her out of it.

Jack: I don't have to remind you, I was married to Nikki once. Once she gets an idea in her head, there's no changing her mind.

Victor: We covered a lot of ground tonight, didn't we, Jack?

Jack: Hey, listen, let's talk about you. How's your health?

Victor: Oh, I'm fine, Jack.

Jack: Any seizures lately?

Victor: None for the past six months.

Jack: Well, that's wonderful. I do know this situation with Nikki could be very stressful, though, and I worry.

Victor: Don't you worry about it.

Jack: I would not want to be any part of you having another relapse.

Victor: Nothing will happen. Don't you worry.

Jack: Okay. If your continued support of me is going to be a problem, I want you to back out now.

Victor: Do I have to tell you again? Everything will be fine.

Lily: Hey, you. You wanna come upstairs and see what's under this robe?

Daniel: I wish.

Lily: Wow! You must really have to work. When's your deadline?

Daniel: I got a little time, but I just wanna knock out a rough draft, you know? That way, I have more time to play later.

Lily: Hey, the light's not really great over here.

Daniel: It's okay.

Lily: Are you sure?

Daniel: It cuts down on the glare a lot.

Lily: What glare?

Daniel: Uh, when you were reading, that one lamp. . . kind of obliterated my screen.

Lily: Oh. You never said anything.

Daniel: Well, I didn't think it was a real big deal. And I didn't wanna bother you with it, so I just rearranged the furniture.

Lily: Aw. You're so thoughtful.

Daniel: Score points with the wife.

Lily: So. . . are you sure you don't wanna come upstairs and see what's under this robe?

Daniel: I'm starting to get convinced.

Lily: Man, I cannot believe how difficult it is to pry you away from this thing.

Daniel: There, how's that?

Lily: What willpower.

Daniel: That's what you think. Let's go. Let's go.

Colleen: So do you need me to print any of this out for you?

Korbel: No, I can wait till tomorrow morning. You look tired.

Colleen: Yes, after a long day of being harassed by J.T. every five seconds.

Korbel: It seemed more constant than intermittent.

Colleen: We can't let him follow us around like this. I mean, how are we supposed to have any alone time?

Korbel: I think I have an idea.

[Victor remembering]

Victor: There you are.

Jack: Yeah, he's. . .

Victor: Look at that! Look at that!

Jack: You got it! You got it!

Victor: You got it. You got it! Thatís our granddaughter. We owe you. I hope you realize how much our friendship has come to mean to me.

Jack: Thank you. And I realize I've come to value it a great deal myself.

Jack: Nikki can't know about our deal.

Victor: Why not?

Jack: Well, as you said, she's leaving on her trip tonight and she doesn't need any more stress.

Victor: Oh. I said that?

Jack: Yes, don't you remember? Katherine is open to discussing selling her shares in Jabot.

Victor: I remember she told me that she doesn't wanna sell.

Jack: Well, she's had some time to think, and she's told me she's willing to look at any reasonable offers.

Victor: So Jack Abbott is up to his old tricks and because of my mental condition I was naive enough to believe that he had changed.

Nikki: Victor, I'm so sorry.

Nikki: I was told you wanted to see me.

Victor: I'm assuming you have news for me? You are pulling out of the race, are you?

Nikki: No, I'm not. I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Victor: Then let me warn you. I'm not responsible for what will happen.

Nikki: What does that mean?

Victor: You of all people know why I engineered Jack's campaign - but if you get caught in the crossfire, you may go down with him.

Next on "The Young and the Restless". . .

Lily: If you were just here just to follow Colleen and Adrian around, then that's bent.

J.T.: Oh, no, no.

Amber: No one's gonna see it.

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