Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/27/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/27/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 3/28/07 -- U.S.A.


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Lily: So, my Darling, what do you think of my new purchase?

Colleen: I love them.

Lily: Thank you. Employee discount. So where's the sweater?

Colleen: What sweater?

Lily: Your black cashmere, for the party. Colleen, I know you got my e-mail.

Colleen: I never saw it.

Lily: Uh, yeah, you did, 'cause I checked. You opened it.

Colleen: No, I didn't.

Lily: Yes, you did. I checked the status.

Colleen: I need a computer.

Lily: Okay use Daniel's.

Colleen: It's password protected.

Lily: Ah, that's right. Remember when he had the freak out about the porn spam? He must've done it then.

Colleen: Hmm, that's weird.

Lily: No, not really. I mean, if you're online long enough, you get that stuff in your mailbox.

Colleen: No, I mean it's weird that Daniel never told you his password.

Colleen: Hello?

Korbel: Hey, Colleen, its Professor Korbel I just wanted to remind you that we won't be working tonight because of the wedding party. Well, maybe I'll see you there. Okay.

Daniel: Dude, that's great. You know, an apology would be nice. Thanks, jerk!

Korbel: All right, I think it's my job to yell at the students. Minus the "jerk," of course.

Daniel: How's it going, Professor? You seen Colleen lately?

Korbel: No.

Daniel: Well, I gotta jet. You have a good night.

Korbel: I intend to.

Cane: Excuse me, I think I left an MP3 player here. It's blue. Uh, it's got some white on it. My name's Cane. I think it should be on the back.

JT: Hey. I heard you got hitched. Congratulations.

Cane: Hey, man. Thank you. Who would've thunk it? I'm more of the confirmed bachelor type, but you never know.

JT: Yeah, I understand. It's tough to find somebody you wanna settle down with.

Cane: Yeah, but if you saw this girl, you'd understand.

JT: Yeah, I've seen her. You're lucky man.

Cane: You know what? We're having a party tonight over at the, uh, athletic club to celebrate. Why don't you come by?

JT: Eh.

Cane: There'll be some ladies there.

JT: Ladies? All right.

Cane: All right?

JT: I could always go for a good party.

Cane: Cool, thank you. All right, I'll see you there, all right?

JT: Yes, sounds cool.

Cane: Cool. Take care.

Lauren: Not here yet.

Gloria: Anyway, the cameras were rolling when Jack went into his little fit of rage against his poor dead father's wife.

Lauren: Ooh, not what you wanna have when you're running for public office. Oh, great. Put it on the table there.

Gloria: And I was just sweet little Gloria-- the abused stepmother.

Lauren: Wish I could've seen that.

Gloria: Unfortunately, nobody will because the dog wouldn't sign a release. And somehow, he's gotten Ji Min to send me to Japan so I can't do the show again.

Lauren: You know what, Gloria? I don't understand it at all.

Gloria: Neither do I, but I do know that Jack has Ji Min wrapped around his little finger.

Lauren: Now you didn't by any chance make it worse, did you?

Gloria: Shh. Let's not talk about Jack anymore. Let's talk about happy things. Like my date with William tonight.

Lauren: Really?

Gloria: Yeah. I asked him out. It pays to go after what you want in this life.

Lauren: Yes, it does.

Amber: Da da da da here comes the bride!

Lauren: look at you! You're so beautiful! Oh, and you're early!

Amber: Oh, I got so excited! Just put me to work.

Gloria: Absolutely not. You are the guest of honor.

Amber: Oh, please, please, I really wanna help.

Lauren: Do you know how happy I am for you?

Amber: You know, if you hadn't told me what a great place Genoa City is, I would've never come here. I would've never met Cane.

Lauren: Aw.

Gloria: It's fate.

Lauren: Yes, it is. And I also know how tight things can be for newlyweds. Do you want some more hours at the boutique?

Amber: Oh, that would be so great. Thank you so much, Lauren.

Lauren: Of course, you've got it! Here, come sit down.

Amber: Oh, place cards?! Eat! I want Katherine and Jill to sit right next to me and Cane.

Lauren: You guys have gotten close, haven't you?

Amber: Most like family.

Kay: Oh. Ready to go?

Jill: Excuse me?

Kay: Etiquette suggests a question be followed by an answer.

Jill: What?

Kay: Cane and Amber's party?

Jill: Oh! I've been so wrapped up with "Extreme Catwalk, " I haven't been able to focus on anything else.

Kay: Hmm, really? Not even your son?

Jill: Let's hope he's my son. I told Ji Min he was my son.

Kay: I thought you were going to wait, be smart, as we discussed.

Jill: It just slipped out, Katherine. It doesn't matter anyway. Ji Min won't say a word. It's not as if anybody else heard me.

Kay: I certainly hope not.

Jill: Would you please stop being so negative? I would like to be upbeat for is celebration tonight. Cane needs to be surrounded by joy and. . . and people he cares about.

Kay: Well, then perhaps I shouldn't go.

Jill: I think that's an excellent idea.

Victoria: I knew there was a reason we hired you.

Brad: Mmm. Well, just trust me from now on, okay

Victoria: I can in when Jack starts buying properties in Clear Springs and finds out that you own them.

Brad: We own them.

Victoria: We own them!

Brad: That's the broker.

Victoria: Oh, good.

Brad: I'll see you later, okay?

Victoria: Okay.

Victoria: Oh, just, uh, some mess with the sales manager in Utah.

Nikki: Go.

Victoria: So are you still upset about the vote?

Nikki: Yeah, well, don't count us out yet. The papers are being filed tomorrow.

Victoria: A lawsuit to stop the development?

Nikki: No! Something better. Remember what we were talking about over lunch?

Victoria: You mean that stuff about running for office?

Nikki: As of today, I am starting my campaign for state senate.

Jack: Jack Abbott-- running unopposed.

Victor: I love the sound of that.

Nick: You are a shoo-in.

Phyllis: Today, Madison. Tomorrow, Washington.

Victor: You bet. And why not?

Jack: Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Oh, it's David Chow.

Victor: Oh, ask him about the tracking polls.

Jack: Hey, David, what's up? Are you kidding me? Incredible! You're doing a great job! Let me share the news with everybody else. My polling numbers are through the roof.

Victor: How sweet it is. Jack, You better order some new business cards-- Senator Jack Abbott.

Lily: Oh, did I tell you about that e-mail that Daniel got from the life-sized doll company?

Colleen: Um, no. that's disgusting.

Lily: Yeah. Oh, my gosh, people have way too much time on their hands.

Lily: Or they're just lusting for Lolita.

Colleen: Are you serious?

Lily: Yes, I am serious. They had names and everything.

Daniel: Who had names?

Lily: Your porn spam and the anatomically correct latex ladies.

Daniel: Mmm.

Lily: Oh, hey, what's your, uh, password? Colleen has to check her e-mail.

Daniel: Here you go. All logged on.

Colleen: Thank you.

Lily: Oh, Devon has this study group thing, so he's gonna meet us at the party.

Daniel: Yeah, the only thing that guy is gonna be studying is the redhead he met last week.

Colleen: Well, that's weird. Your e-mail is marked as read, but I swear I've never seen it before.

Lily: Well, maybe you, uh, opened it by mistake and just didn't remember? That happens to me sometimes.

Colleen: I guess.

Lauren: Amber, the centerpieces are here.

Amber: Oh, and they're in my favorite colors! How did you know?!

Lauren: Oh, well, I see what you wear.

Gloria: Those look beautiful.

Lauren: Don't they? Gloria, will you tell Brett where all these go?

Gloria: Absolutely. Brett, follow me.

Lauren: What do you think? What do you think? Is it okay?

Amber: Oh, my gosh, it's amazing! Thank you so much! I am just--I am just thrilled. And I'm so excited everyone's coming.

Lauren: Oh, yeah.

Amber: And Kay and Jill--

Lauren: Oh, yeah, here's Jill!

Amber: Jill! Hi, Jill.

Jill: Hello.

Amber: Oh, my God, you look fabulous! Just radiant!

Jill: I'm the one who should be saying that to you.

Amber: Oh. Uh, where's Kay?

Jill: Um. . .

Amber: Oh. Oh, listen, um, I know that you and Cane are angry with her, but I thought tonight would be a really good night for us to get together as a family and celebrate.

Jill: I'm sorry, Amber. Katherine won't be coming.

Kay: Show him in.

Paul: Hello, Kay.

Kay: Paul, come in. Come in. Sit down. Sit down, please. How's, uh, the search going? Um, have you been able to reach Cane's uncle in Australia?

Paul: Oh, I tell you, I've called dozens of times. There's been no answer and no machine.

Kay: But it is imperative that you reach him.

Paul: Well, once you're sure Cane is your grandson, I don't think it's gonna be important.

Kay: Cane's uncle must tell you everything he knows about his sister's life in America-- where she worked, who her friends were.

Paul: You're gonna have the photographs for confirmation. And assuming the second test is a match, you're gonna get you a happy ending, right?

Kay: Well, um. . . not exactly. Uh, my grandson, my daughter are mad at me for at I did. And in truth, I'm beginning to loathe myself.

Paul: I think you just need to give it some time.

Kay: No. You have to find out whose baby Violet gave to me. There's another family out there somewhere grieving, and it's all because of me. I must tell them the truth. They must know the truth.

Paul: Even though it could send you to prison? There is no statute of limitations on kidnapping.

Kay: I know. I know.

Paul: You sure you wanna do this?

Kay: Yes, of course, I'm sure I want to do this. It's the only way I'll be able to live with myself.

Victoria: Does Dad know?

Nikki: Not yet.

Victoria: Oh, that should be funny.

Nikki: Your father's prescription for success is this-- never let personal feelings get in the way of business. Let's see him take his own medicine.

Brad: Someone sick?

Nikki: Define "Sick."

Victoria: My mother has an idea about how to block Jack.

Brad: Cut his Achilles?

Nikki: In a manner of speaking. We challenge him with an opponent who is also a political newcomer. An accomplished businesswoman who knows Jack better than he knows himself.

Brad: Wait a minute. She did not convince you to run?

Victoria: No, not me, Brad. Her.

Brad: Her? You're joking. You're not joking?

Victoria: My mother happens to be a very successful business executive.

Nikki: Underestimate me at your own peril, Brad.

Brad: Look, I know you're successful. And I commend you on all that you've accomplished, Nikki. But are you sure you wanna do this? Jack will not hesitate to cut you off at the knees.

Victor: Jack's Victory will work to our advantage.

Phyllis: And once he's in office, we can push forward with Clear Springs. We're gonna be working together.

Nikki: I am really looking forward to hanging out with you every day.

Phyllis: Professionally, of course.

Nick: Well yeah, of course. Professionally.

Phyllis: Of course.

Victor: It's wonderful when husband and wife are true partners in every sense of the word.

Nick: Something tells me Mom doesn't think of you as a partner right now.

Victor: No.

Phyllis: Or Victoria. If I look at her too long, I'll turn to stone.

Victor: It's understandable. They hate to lose. They're Newmans, you know?

Phyllis: So what's the next step?

Victor: We call a board vote, approve the funding, buy the property and break ground.

Nick: Let the games begin.

Victor: That's right. And we show both Nikki and Victoria that they made an egregious mistake.

Victoria: You shouldn't have laughed, Brad.

Brad: Well, your mother cannot be serious.

Victoria: She is--very. And for you to turn it into a joke. . .

Brad: Okay, that was wrong.

Victoria: She felt horrible.

Brad: Well, she's gonna have to have a lot thicker hide if she wants to run for public office. Doesn't N. V. P. make a hide softening cream?

Victoria: Stop.

Brad: Okay, I'm sorry. Look, I'd be the first one to say that Nikki's a brilliant businesswoman, but she's not a politician.

Victoria: She could be.

Brad: Maybe. If her husband wasn't backing Jack Abbott.

Victoria: Every candidate has their challenge.

Brad: Challenges? Victor's coaching the other team! No, Victor owns the other team!

Victoria: That is not a good reason for her to give up what she believes in. My mother can count on me. And I'm sure she can count on you, too, right?

Brad: And get between your parents on this? Take sides? No. No way. Just call me Switzerland on this one. Neutral--now and forever.

Jill: Oh! You look so handsome! I've never seen you dressed up before.

Cane: Thank you. And you're an absolute dazzler.

Jill: Oh, thank you. Cane, I just wanna tell you--

Cane: I know. Me, too. You know, I was never really one for hitting the books, I'm sorry to say that, but, um. . . I always loved American history for that whole, uh, "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" thing.

Jill: You studied Thomas Jefferson in Australia?

Cane: I was obsessed with everything American 'cause I knew my mom was American, so. . .

Jill: Oh, and you never stopped looking?

Cane: I'm probably just too hardheaded. But as far as the pursuit of happiness goes, um, I found Amber, and if you turn out to be my mum, I'm complete.

Jill: Oh. Oh. . .

Cane: Oh. . . where is my beautiful bride?

Jill: Oh, well, she said she'd be right back.

Cane: Where's your mum?

Jill: Katherine didn't feel up to coming tonight.

Cane: I suppose I should say I'm sorry to hear that.

Jill: But you're not?

Cane: No.

Jill: Honestly, neither am I.

Kay: I implore you, Paul, the minute-- the minute that you know something--

Paul: Of course. Of course. Now it could take a while.

Kay: Oh, make it soon.

Amber: Hi.

Kay: Come in.

Paul: Hi, Amber. You look fabulous. I guess congratulations are in order. You, uh, you and Cane-- I just heard the news.

Amber: Yeah, thank you.

Paul: All right, I'll be in touch.

Kay: Thank you, Paul.

Kay: Well, why aren't you at your party?

Amber: I was. Jill said at you weren't coming and something about the way she said it. . . you just didn't think you should come?

Kay: Neither does my daughter.

Amber: But I do.

Kay: That's sweet, but it's, um. . . it's better this way.

Amber: Ever pound a quart of Ben and Jerry's?

Kay: Pound?

Amber: Mmm. Yeah, some night I go through an entire half gallon. It goes straight to my thighs. Who needs it, right? But otherwise I would just. . . lie there for hours, just thinking about all the stuff I've done. Stuff I'm not proud of.

Kay: Well, I'm afraid your stuff could never compete with giving a baby away in a drunken stupor.

Amber: You'd be surprised.

Kay: Well, my Dear, if, um, Cane is Jill's son, you have married into a family, um, that specializes in guilt.

Amber: Mmm, I'll fit right in.

Kay: Oh, Amber, you are so very, very young. You have a wonderful future ahead of you.

Amber: You know, you could, too. Why don't you just forget about everything else-- just forget about the past, start over. Come to our wedding party, please? Just for me and Cane?

Kay: No. I'm truly sorry, but I can't.

Brad: There you are. Listen, uh, I wanted to apologize for how I reacted earlier. But, Nikki, taking on Jack and your husband? that's like committing hara-kiri. Twice.

Nikki: And to think I was going to make you my campaign manager.

Brad: Why put yourself through the humiliation?

Nikki: You know, when I beat Jack-- and I will-- I might forgive you.

Brad: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Jack: So who gave you the inspiration? Hillary?

Nikki: Eavesdropping as usual, I see.

Jack: Well, good thing I did. I would've missed the joke

Jack: You were joking, right?

Nikki: No, no jokes here.

Jack: And what party will you run on? The, uh, hair and makeup party or the, uh, cocktail party?

Nikki: And what about you, the pillage and plunder party?

Jack: "Vote for Newman-- a curling iron in every pot."

Nikki: "Vote for Abbott-- he'll do to you what he did to his father's company."

Jack: So how are you planning on paying for this campaign? I can't imagine Victor's gonna pull out his checkbook for this one.

Nikki: You just let me worry about that.

Jack: Well, if you're gonna be campaigning anytime soon, you might start worrying.

Amber: Hi!

Daniel: Hey, congratulations.

Amber: Thanks for coming.

Daniel: Thanks for having us.

Colleen: Hi.

Amber: You look so cute!

Lily: Thank you, so do you.

Gloria: You look so fabulous.

Cane: You are unquestionably the most beautiful girl in the room. Besides Jill, of course.

Jill: Oh, no, no, let's just call it a tie, shall we?

Cane: Where have you been?

Amber: I went to see Kay. Thought I could convince her to come, but, uh. . . I hope you're not mad.

Cane: No.

Jill: It was her choice.

Amber: She feels so bad about what she did. Haven't you guys ever done anything that you wish you could take back only you knew that you couldn't?

Cane: Apart from a couple of bar fights in my misspent youth, no.

Amber: Well, you know, maybe if you ask her to come--

Jill: No, let's just leave it, Amber.

Amber: Maybe you're right. But you always told me you wanted a family. Doesn't that include your grandmother?

Cane: Well, she hasn't really earned that title, has she?

Jill: I will not let her ruin one more moment of Cane's life. Its better that she stays away.

Phyllis: Hey, Brad, I have this room reserved.

Brad: I'll be out of here in a few minutes.

Phyllis: Nice to see you, too.

Brad: Phyllis, we are not friends.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, we're not. Hey, we're working on the new board resolution up for Clear Springs. You wanna stay and help?

Brad: Well, that depends. Will you be supplying the vomit bags?

Phyllis: I guess you say that because you're afraid that once your wife finds out about your affair, it's gonna make you sick to your stomach.

Brad: You know what? Uh, how about we just drop it? The board voted. We lost. No hard feelings.

Phyllis: Swell. And I guess when we introduce this new idea, you'll be on my side again. you gotta love it, Brad.

Korbel: Hello there.

Colleen: Hello.

Lily: Hi, Professor.

Korbel: It's nice to see you.

Lily: Uh, you didn't know that you both would be here?

Korbel: Oh, I'm here as Amber's guest.

Daniel: Ow. Cane must be one sure dude. Hey, at our wedding, did we invite any of our exes?

Lily: Speaking of.

JT: Professor, Colleen, a pleasure as always.

Korbel: I'll be back. Need some air.

JT: Hey, don't let that revolving door hit you on the way out. It's tricky as hell. Anyway, enjoy the party. It's good to see you guys.

Lily: You, too.

Daniel: It's good to see you, too.

Colleen: What is he doing here?

Lily: I have no idea.

Lauren: Could you make sure that everyone has more champagne?

Man: Sure.

Lauren: Paul?

Paul: Hey, hi.

Lauren: Well, you look like a guy who's gonna do some penance with the latt� machine.

Paul: Unfortunately, I do. But this looks like a lot more fun.

Lauren: You should stay. It's a wedding party for my friend Amber. You remember her?

Paul: Yeah, we've met.

Lauren: Well, then you should stay.

Paul: No, I can't. Look at me.

Lauren: We'll put a tie on you. You'll be fine.

Paul: Yeah, right. Maggie's coming over. We're gonna work out.

Lauren: Oh, really?

Paul: Yeah.

Lauren: Gym date? You know how to sweep a girl off her feet.

Paul: Well, you know, after Sheila, I'm lucky she's even speaking to me.

Lauren: You can't blame yourself for what happened.

Paul: Too late. Maggie never would've been anywhere near that warehouse if it weren't for me.

Lauren: Okay, all right, all right, so that's all the more reason to show her good time.

Paul: Right, well. . .

Lauren: Here she is. Hi!

Paul: Hi, how you doing?

Sullivan: So what do you do? Throw a party each time you wanna work out?

Lauren: Hi, how are you?

Paul: No, it's just every time I see you is a celebration.

Lauren: I was telling Paul that this is a wedding party for my friend Amber and-- oh, there's the groom! Cane, come here. I wanna introduce you-- you know Paul Williams, right?

Paul: Good to see you again.

Cane: Good to see you again.

Paul: Congratulations on your wedding.

Cane: Thank you, thank you.

Lauren: And, uh, this is his friend Maggie Sullivan.

Sullivan: Nice to meet you.

Cane: Lovely to meet you. The party's ace, thanks to Lauren here.

Lauren: Oh, thanks.

Cane: The only thing is, uh, I didn't have a chance to have a buck's night.

Lauren: A what?

Cane: Oh, it's what you yanks call a bachelor party.

Sullivan: Oh. Oh. 'Cause for a second I thought you were talking about something kinky with a large woodland animal. So this is better. Bachelor party--that's better.

Amber: I love it! Thank you, Gloria!

Gloria: Wishing you lifetime of champagne and caviar!

Cane: And the greenbacks to go with it.

Will: Hello.

Amber: Oh, this one is from Adrian.

Jill: Whoa! You'll put your eye out.

Amber: I'm sorry, baby. Let's see. "You know you are in love when you see the world in her eyes, and her eyes are everywhere in the world. " Aw. That is so sweet! Thank you, Adrian. Let's see. . . oh! Tickets to the Milwaukee museum of art.

Korbel: Tickets to a private tour of their new exhibit.

Amber: Oh. . .

Cane: Thanks, man.

Amber: Thank you. Okay, let's see. . . oh, my!

Lauren: Oh, yeah!

Amber: Exactly what I wanted!

Daniel: I actually got those for Cane.

Lily: And that's only half the present.

Cane: Oh, nice.

Amber: Let's see. Oh, here we go. Hmm. . .

Amber: Oh, my!

Jill: Oh. . .

Lauren: Very nice!

Amber: We will put this to good use, won't we?

Lily: Yes, yes, that was my contribution, yes.

Amber: that's good.

Cane: Thank you.

Lily: You're welcome.

JT: Well, uh. . . my gift's a little last minute, but it's worth it.

Cane: An IOU?

JT: Yeah, a gift certificate for my professional services. In case you wanna find out what someone's really up to.

Amber: Ah.

Cane: Cool. Thanks, man.

JT: Yeah.

Daniel: Amber, congratulations. Great party. We gotta bail, though. Lily's got a paper that's due.

Amber: Mmm, I'm so glad you came.

Daniel: Well, I really didn't have a choice. You left a bunch of messages.

Amber: I have been busy.

Daniel: Ah, yes, about what part?

Amber: Oh, just the part where the poor but studly barkeep finds out he's a Chancellor after all.

Daniel: Get outta here.

Amber: Mm-hmm. Well, we're not sure yet, but almost.

Daniel: What about the DNA test?

Amber: Well, turns out there's other proof, so Jill had them redo the test.

Daniel: And?

Amber: And news yet. But it's in the bag, I know it.

Daniel: Well, I hope you're right, because I could use a new car.

Amber: Shh! Shh! I don't wanna blow it! Can you believe I almost dumped Cane?

Daniel: So you are just in it for the money? I mean, you don't really like him?

Amber: No! I am into Cane. But. . . he a part of the Chancellor family. It's part of who Cane is. And now. It's part of who I am, too.

Nick: See you later.

Phyllis: Excuse me.

Brad: Nick, I need to talk to you for a second.

Nick: All right, time starts now.

Victoria: Did you talk to Mom today?

Nick: No, why?

Brad: She's running for state senate against Jack.

Nick: that's good. Seriously?

Brad: That's how I reacted. I told you that's what he'd say.

Victoria: I don't see why everyone finds it so amusing.

Nick: You're not kidding? Does Dad know?

Victoria: Not yet. But she thinks it'll. . . be a good dose of his own medicine.

Nick: Dad's gonna lose it.

Victoria: You don't know that. Maybe he'll come through this time and support her.

Nick: You don't really believe at, right?

Jack: Victor! Can you hold the elevator, please? Thank you!

Nikki: Victor, I need to talk to you.

Jack: I don't suppose she was gonna give me campaigning advice.

Victor: I doubt that seriously. She opposes your candidacy.

Jack: Probably explains why she is now my not-so-loyal opponent.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Jack: Well, she told you?

Victor: Told me what?

Jack: She's running for my senate seat.

Victor: You can't be serious.

Jack: Oh, I'm very serious. And I'm counting on you to stop her from filing papers.

Victor: I'll deal with it.

Jill: Oh, hi.

Lauren: Okay, we're gonna take off. I wanna kiss Fen good night.

Gloria: I think it was a wonderful party.

Amber: Thank you. Thank you so much for throwing this party you don't even know what it meant.

Cane: Thank you.

Lauren: All right, see you again.

Gloria: Good night, Cane.

Cane: Thank you, good night.

Jill: Good night, good night, good night.

Amber: I'm going to go and say good-bye to some people before they leave, okay, baby?

Cane: All right.

Jill: Where do we even start?

Cane: Well, the beginning's the easy part. The, uh, end is the big mystery, isn't it?

Jill: Yeah, I guess so.

Man: Excuse me, Jill Abbott? I have a delivery for you.

Jill: Oh, I've been waiting for you.

Man: I just need you to sign.

Jill: Okay.

Man: Thank you.

Jill: Thank you. It's the new DNA test results.

Cane: That's it, huh? What do you wanna do?

Jill: What do you say you and I just decide that we're mother and son and chuck these?

Kay: No. Open the envelope, Jill. Let's end the mystery, once and for all.

Phyllis: So your mother's going up against Jack? That means she's against your father, too.

Nick: We'll see how long that lasts.

Phyllis: Did Victoria ask you who you were supporting?

Nick: I think she took it as a given that I would back my mother.

Phyllis: And go against your dad?

Nick: Well, my dad's not the candidate.

Phyllis: So. . . I mean, you wouldn't just blatantly back your mother?

Nick: Look, I told you when we got married that I wouldn't put business before family.

Phyllis: Right. I mean, but do s-- I don't know what that means.

Nick: It means. . . that when I meant "Family, " I meant you.

Phyllis: Really?

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: I love you.

Nick: I love you.

Nick: Wait, where are you going?

Phyllis: I'm--I'm gonna have a chat with our candidate.

Amber: You came!

Kay: I'm not sure why.

Amber: Because you are Cane's grandmother.

Cane: Are you saying I don't look like my mum?

Amber: Really?

Cane: Really-really.

Jill: Cane is my son.

Amber: Aah! Oh, I knew it! Oh, I knew it! I'm so happy for you both.

Jill: I can't believe it!

Amber: Um, okay, um, You you are gonna have to excuse me just for one second. I'm gonna just-- I got one thing I gotta do!

Lily: There you go.

Daniel: Thank you.

Amber's voice: What kind of car do you want? 'Cause I'm rolling in it! Cane is a Chancellor!

Colleen: Thank you.

Colleen: This is Colleen. Tonight? Well, I could always use the extra cash. Okay, see you then. Well, I have to head to the athletic club to work.

Lily: Since when is neoclassical economics so funny?

Daniel: Uh, some guy from class just sent me a joke.

Colleen: Oh! Well, uh, can you tell me? Cause I really could use a laugh after seeing JT at the party. Did you see the way that he was staring at Adrian and me?

Lily: Wait, I thought "Adrian and me" was over.

Colleen: It is. But what was he doing there anyway?

Lily: Well, he dated Amber?

Colleen: And the I. O. U. what was that about?

Lily: Um, I'm just guessing, but maybe. . . you?

Colleen: The more that I think about it, I think JT's the one that read my e-mails. I mean, he's done it before. That's how he found out about Adrian, remember?

Daniel: It's no secret the he hates the dude.

Lily: Listen, you changed your password, so whatever happened won't happen again.

Daniel: Yeah. And now that you and hot for teacher are done with, what's to hack? I mean, your life's not that exciting.

Phyllis: Guess this is Nikki's year of living dangerously.

Jack: Yeah, I'm just not sure how dangerous she's going to be. She does have that couture thing going for her.

Jack: When this becomes very public, he's not gonna shove her.

Phyllis: She won't risk anything by going up against him. And he's gonna make his point by trying to talk her out of it before she declares.

Jack: I'm not so sure.

Phyllis: Listen, I'm. . . I'm gonna talk to Nick. He completely believes in you.

Jack: Wait, you would do that for me?

Phyllis: Jack. . . you are the best man. I completely stand behind you.

Jack: You've never stood behind anybody.

Phyllis: Then I stand beside you.

Jack: This isn't gonna be easy.

Phyllis: No. But when you beat Nikki. . . it's gonna be worth it.

Nikki: Jack told you.

Victor: I wished you hadn't.

Nikki: I wanted to tell you first.

Victor: What, do you lack the courage? That's not an admirable trait in a politician or in a wife.

Nikki: I'd say I have plenty of courage. I married you.

Victor: Don't you ever forget where you came from and who you were before I married you!

Nikki: And don't you ever forget that personal feelings should have nothing to do with business decisions. How many times have I heard you say that?

Victor: This is my business. Therefore, it should be your business. I urge you to reconsider.

Nikki: Or what?

Victor: You don't wanna know.

Nikki: I think I've seen this movie before.

Victor: Then you know how it ends! I thought you'd learned from that.

Nikki: Here's what I learned-- a person has as much power as they take.

Victor: You haven't learned a damn thing, have you? In your childish anger, you're forgetting why we are doing this. You and I decided to encourage Jack Abbott to run for the senate, together. We decided to take him down, together

Victor: And what the hell are you doing? You're snatching from us the jaws of victory! That's what you're doing!

Victor: I was wrong.

Nikki: You wrong?

Victor: Yes, even Victor Newman can be wrong.

Victor: You know what sickens me? It absolutely sickens me that I may have been wrong about you all along.

Next on "The Young and the Restless". . .

JT: You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you were following me, Professor.

Korbel: I work here. What's your excuse?

Nikki: What if I don't have a shot at winning?

Victoria: Of course you do!

David: Are you pulling your support from Jack?

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