Y&R Transcript Monday 3/26/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 3/26/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 3/27/07 -- USA


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Ji Min: Thank you guys very much for signing those release forms. I just want you to relax, be comfortable. Pretend like the cameras aren't here and go about your business as best you can. Um, I suppose a little background is in order. Welcome, "EXTREME CATWALK" fans, to Jabot Cosmetics. Jabot was founded by John Abbott and until recently was privately owned by the Abbott family. I, uh, if you haven't noticed, am not an Abbott.

Gloria: But I am! Good morning, everybody. And good morning, Mr. Kim.

Ji Min: Gloria, you're supposed to be in --

Gloria: Holland. I canceled the trip. I suppose you're wondering if I resent Mr. Ji Min Kim for buying Jabot. Well, maybe just a little bit in the beginning. I mean, after all, a stranger taking over my husband's company. But actually, we get along very well.

Ji Min: We're launching ''Perfume On The Glo'' in Holland.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Ji Min: Today.

Gloria: Mm-hmm. And I spoke to Mr. Brinkerhoff and he is fine with me canceling the trip until later and pushing off the launch.

Ji Min: I wish you'd discussed this with me first.

Gloria: Oh, Dear, am I in trouble with the Boss?

Ji Min: We'll discuss it later.

Gloria: My, my. . Kevin, Kevin, please, join me. This is my son, Kevin.

Kevin: Hello.

Gloria: And he has a very important job here at Jabot.

Kevin: Computers.

Gloria: Director of Kevin. He makes an excellent salary. Also owns his own outside business. And, um, he's single. And isn't he handsome?

Kevin: Isn't she annoying? What's the dumbest thing anyone's ever done on their computers? Gosh, there's so many. Um. . oh, Todd-- okay, this guy Todd in accounting, right, gets a divorce, downloads a picture of his ex-wife naked, writes "Traitor" on it, puts it up on the server. So the next morning everybody comes into work, turns on their computers and . . . . whoa. I mean, like, whoa. Yeah, she wasn't bad looking.

Jack: From Eau Claire to Ashland, he is the man to know. I have set up a luncheon appointment for the two of you.

Phyllis: Don't let your guard down for one minute. You're a public figure now, 24/7. You look at somebody the wrong way, it'll be up on the Internet in seconds.

Jack: Oh, Boy, a root canal sounds more appealing.

Victor: Jack, I'm telling you, running for office is a full-time job.

Jack: Yeah, so is running N. V. P. and my Clear Springs project.

Phyllis: No no, no, no, no, from now on, it's our project, our schools, our children, our state. That's how it is. Seriously, the public needs to know that you're in it with them.

Nikki: You know, I could step in on Clear Springs and take some of the pressure off.

Jack: Well, thank you, Nikki. I've already decided Phyllis will head that up.

Nikki: Oh, why is that?

Jack: Well, for starters, you have opposed the funding of my--our project from the beginning.

Phyllis: I think it's a good decision, Nikki.

Nikki: You really expect me to be a good sport, sit back and eat popcorn while watching you destroy historical buildings?

Jack: I was hoping that you might sit back and think of the positives for a change.

Nikki: And you still wanna go along with this?

Victor: Neil Winters is onboard. We are moving forward.

Nikki: After all your talk about family working together, that you would let a business transaction divide us?

Victor: I did not expect us to agree on everything, so just move on, all right?

Nikki: Okay, this is me, moving on.

Jack: I think she's wanted to do that since she got here.

Jack: Oh, excuse me. Jack Abbott. Put a stop to her now. Pull her out of the building by her hair if you have to. I don't care how you do it.

Victor: Is there a problem?

Jack: Yeah, always. You want something done right, do it yourself.

Brad: If all goes according to plan, we should be up and running by June.

Nick: Six weeks earlier than we thought. This is great.

Victoria: No, this is ridiculous. Clear Springs is an architectural gem.

Nick: Yeah, I know, I know. You know, I've heard that repetition is the precursor to mastery, but give me a break.

Victoria: You know what, Nick? This isn't a joke, okay? That town is full of life and energy and it should be restored, not razed.

Nick: Well, we don't always get what we want. That's business. And you're wasting your breath. At this point, it would take a miracle for this project not to go through.

Victoria: Well, you never know. Sometimes people change their minds at the last minute.

Victor: It's a battle you can't win, Darling.

Victoria: So says the man who never loses at anything. Dad, you don't understand. Clear Springs is --

Nick: Don't say it.

Victoria: An architectural gem.

Nick: Okay, that's it. That's your quota for the day.

Victoria: It is such a beautiful piece of Americana. And you know what? We haven't voted to fund it yet.

Victor: With Neil on board, that's a mere formality.

Victoria: Yeah. Thanks, Brad. Well, I don't care if it takes a miracle. I'm not gonna let that town go down without a fight.

Kay: Good morning, Esther.

Esther: Morning, Mrs. C.

Kay: Coffee?

Esther: Oh, I'll get a fresh pot.

Kay: Regardless of how you feel about me, I had hoped that you would set aside your resentment and use common sense.

Jill: What are you on about now?

Kay: Wait for the DNA retest, please, before you announce to the world that Cane is your son.

Jill: Announce what? The truth about Cane? I'll tell you the truth about Cane. The truth about Cane is that he grew up thinking his mother had abandoned him. He grew up with an awful childhood that still haunts him. He grew up with a drunken grandmother who nearly robbed me of my relationship with him.

Kay: I have apologized over and over and over again. What in God's green earth-- what else do you want me to do?

Jill: Nothing, Katherine. You have done enough.

Kay: Fine, then this time, for heaven's sakes, use your common sense. Wait for the results.

Jill: I am going to. I wasn't planning on saying a word until I knew.

Kay: I don't wanna see either of you get hurt.

Jill: Great. You won't. You won't be seeing very much of Cane at all. Because he wants nothing to do with you.

Cane: Mine. Hello? Hey, Jill. You heard from the lab? It's early. Sure, I'd love to come and see where you work. I don't know that much about cosmetics, though. I doubt it. All right, I'll come-- sure, I'll see you there. All right.

Amber: You're meeting Jill at Jabot?

Cane: Yep.

Amber: Get me some free samples.

Amber: Ah, mine! Hello?

Woman: Uh, Amber Moore, please.

Amber: Uh, who's calling?

Emily: Emily Stewart.

Amber: Can I ask what this is regarding?

Emily: Uh, my sister Alison. Um, Amber was her roommate when they lived in Los Angeles.

Amber: Oh, hi, Emily, this is Amber.

Emily: Hey, hi. Uh, I'm--I'm--I've been trying to find my sister, and--and somebody gave me your number in Los Angeles. And I was just wondering if you have any idea where she is?

Amber: I haven't talked to her in--in a while.

Cane: isn't that the girl we met?

Emily: You have no idea where she is? Oh, that's too bad, because you're the best lead I have. Uh, I'm in town for a while.

Amber: Why don't we get together later and maybe I can help you out.

Emily: Oh, thank you. That would be great.

Amber: Okay, um, let me, uh, let me get your number.

Cane: You could start your own charity-- Amber's home for wayward women. Do you want another?

Amber: Sure. Um, I'll call you soon, okay?

Emily: Thanks. Thank you. Good-bye.

Victor: This does not look right. Has Jack seen this or what?

Nick: I haven't talked to Jack this morning.

Phyllis: Victor? Will you talk to Jeremy?

Victor: Not right now, thank you.

David: Actually--actually, I was hoping that, um, Jack could be on Tuesday in Oshkosh and then Appleton.

Phyllis: I'm sorry, he's gonna have to get back to you. Mm-hmm.

David: Look, I'll check his schedule, all right? All right, check in with me. Thank you.

Phyllis: Right.

David: Well, everybody's asking the same question-- how is Clear Springs going to affect Jack's campaign?

Victoria: I hate that Jack is gonna bulldoze that beautiful town.

Brad: I know.

Victoria: And the way that Phyllis just lords over it. It drives me crazy.

Brad: Don't give her the satisfaction. Nick and Phyllis won this time. You'll win the next.

Victoria: Yeah, they won because you voted for Neil.

Brad: Neil deserved that seat. We almost lost him when I was elected to the board.

Victoria: I remember.

Brad: Do you think he would've stayed if we elected Nikki?

Victoria: You know what? You're right. You're right. Neil is fantastic. Which is why I've decided to partner with him on the Granville Global expansion.

Victor: The Clear Springs development will showcase how Jack helps the people of this state.

Phyllis: Okay, Jeremy, yeah.

Nick: Bringing in new jobs and industry. Revitalizing a depressed area.

Victor: He does a very good job in the private sector.

David: Great answers. You wanna be a part of Jack's campaign committee?

Nick: Not this time around.

David: You getting all this for the web site?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. I'm a step ahead of you. Is there anything else I need to know?

David: Yes, Clear Springs is just the beginning. Jack is gonna continue his farsightedness even after the election.

Brad: I thought we were working on Granville Global. Is this a punishment?

Victoria: Oh, please. I wouldn't be that petty.

Brad: Then why?

Victoria: We've had a lot of strain put on our marriage lately. I think it's best if we stop working together for a while, for us and for the baby.

Brad: I don't think it's best to take Granville Global away from me.

Victoria: Well, I'm sure that you can find a project to work on that's more suitable that, uh, doesn't have a conflict of interest.

Nikki: Thank you so much for inviting me over. I couldn't stand to be in that office another minute. Victor's just being.

Kay: Victor.

Nikki: Yes, exactly.

Kay: Oh.

Nikki: Oh. Whose baby photos are these?

Kay: Those belong to Jill. We found her son.

Nikki: You found Phillip?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Where is he?

Kay: Right here in Genoa City. No, I swear, he was looking for Jill all along. His name is Cane.

Nikki: Cane-- that bartender guy at Indigo? The Australian guy?

Kay: Yes, my grandson.

Nikki: My Lord! So what's he like?

Kay: Charming. Indeed, very, very charming. A little rough around the edges, in a good way. And, um. . he seems to know his own .

Nikki: I'm so happy for you.

Kay: Well, don't be. He didn't take too well to Australian "I gave you away" story.

Nikki: Well, once he gets to know you, he'll change his--

Kay: Oh, please, I don't blame him. His life hasn't been easy. But, my Lord, I never thought it would come to this.

Nikki: Katherine, give him time. He'll forgive you.

Kay: Or he will hate me more.

Jill: R&D recommended against it. Read the report and call me back. Oh, hello, Ji Min, how are you?

Ji Min: Hello. I'm well. I can't complain. And you?

Jill: Well, this day just keeps getting better and better.

Ji Min: Good news to share?

Jill: As a matter of fact, I do. For months now, I have been looking for-- for a replacement for Ashley in the lab.

Ji Min: I think her assistant's taking over those duties.

Jill: That was supposed to be temporary. Now you promised me you would find the next genius in skin care. Where are they? Excuse me? What the hell is this?

Ji Min: It's a fruit salad. What's the problem?

Jill: I'll tell you what the problem is. I specifically gave instructions to the producer that I wanted a fruit salad with no pineapple. What does this look like?

Ji Min: Jill, I'm sure they didn't do it on purpose...

Jill: Get that camera out of my face! And please do something about that ugly tie.

Ji Min: Um, I think you scared 'em.

Jill: Good, you think so?

Ji Min: You picked out this tie.

Jill: I know I did! I have great taste! It makes you look even more handsome than usual.

Ji Min: Ah, so this is how it's gonna be all day? You're gonna be insulting me?

Jill: Oh, don't take it personally.

Ji Min: All right, well, you can make it up to me later-- over dinner.

Jill: Mmm.

Gloria: Your instincts are wonderful and you're very talented. I'll hope you'll give us another pass and come back and see us again someday. Thank you so much. You know, part of this job is to inspire and to foster young talent.

Jack: So you are doing it? You're going on "EXTREME CATWALK"?

Gloria: Why, Jack Abbott, what a nice surprise! What brings you all the way over here to Jabot?

[Jack remembering]

Phyllis' voice: You're a public figure now, 24/7. You can't even look at somebody funny, it'll be up on the Internet in seconds.

Jack: I actually stopped by to talk to Jill about my campaign.

Gloria: Really? Jack Abbott, my stepson, former CEO of Jabot and now he is running for public office. City council, right?

Jack: State senate.

Gloria: State senate! The stories I could tell you about Jack. He's going to make a wonderful politician.

Jack: Well, how nice of you to say so.

Gloria: Well, family was always the most important thing to my late husband John. And when I started working here at Jabot, I have very little experience, but John always encouraged me. Remember what he used to say about me, Jack? Hmm?

Jack: That you were a breath of fresh air.

Gloria: Yes!

Victoria: Oh.

Phyllis: Here, take it. You're eating for two, take it.

Victoria: Generous, thanks.

Phyllis: Listen, I don't want there to be any hard feelings between us, Victoria. I mean, look at the bright side. Hey, we'll be partnered with our husbands on different projects.

Victoria: You know, Phyllis, um. . I would have a lot more respect for you if you just went ahead and, you know, gloated. Because we all know that's what you wanna do. You wanna gloat.

Phyllis: No, it's not. Listen, you're gonna have a baby. You should be spending all your energy on that.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, I'll bet that's what you want.

Phyllis: Well, I don't want this to poison your relationship with Nick or your husband.

Victoria: You know what? You should just stay out of my life. Because, really, you're the last person I need advice from.

Phyllis: Are you sure about that?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm positive. I've lost my appetite.

Gloria: Mr. Brinkerhoff is bringing in a Dutch spokesmodel, and then after I finish "EXTREME CATWALK," I fly to Holland for a second round of "grab 'em again" publicity. And Mr. Brinkerhoff is very fond of that idea. Oh, Jack, please, what do you think?

Jack: Uh, this is Ji Min's call. He runs things around here.

Gloria: Jack is a brilliant businessman. He used to run Jabot, until it almost collapsed from his mismanagement. But that is old news. Everyone makes mistakes.

Kevin: Jack? What are you doing here?

Jack: I, uh, came by to see Jill.

Kevin: Oh. How's the campaign?

Jack: Uh, fine. Thank you-- thank you for asking. It's, uh, it's nice to be reaching across party lines to get some real work done.

Kevin: Awesome. That's awesome. Hey, I have to ask. Are you worried that people might think of you as a flip-flopper? Withdrawing N. V. P.�s support of Jabot and almost bankrupting us?

Gloria: My son and my stepson have so much in common! They love to tease each other, but they really do get along.

Jack: Back off, Kevin.

Kevin: Please, Jack, I'm just getting started.

Kay: Well, it's a tremendous relief to find Jill's son, but that's only the half of it.

Nikki: Now, are you talking about the boy that Jill raised as Phillip?

Kay: I hired Paul to find out who that man really is. Or was.

Esther: Um, lemon or cream?

Esther: Well, the lemon's right there.

Nikki: Thank you, thank you.

Esther: I'll be in the kitchen if you need me, Mrs. C.

Kay: Yeah, I'm sure of it.

Nikki: Have you called Nina to tell her about Cane?

Kay: Not yet. Nikki, how am I going to tell her that the man she married is not my grandson? Better yet, her son is not a Chancellor.

Nikki: Are you sure you wanna do this? Because that DA already wants to prosecute you. Why give him more reason?

Kay: Because I created this mess. I want to. . make things right. And I'm willing to face the consequences.

Cane: Hello. I'm here to see Jill Abbott.

Jill: Oh, am I the only sane person here?! How hard could it be to make a fresh fruit salad without pineapple? You didn't read my memo, did you?

Cane: Uh. . never mind. What are you doing here?

Amber: You left it at the coffeehouse. I would've called you, but.

Cane: Thank you.

Amber: So have you gotten to see your powerful CEO Mother in action yet?

Cane: I'm afraid so.

Gloria: Amber! How nice to see you!

Amber: Hi, Gloria.

Gloria: What a wonderful surprise and perfect timing. Everyone, this is Amber Moore and her very handsome new husband Cane. And Amber used to be one of the designers at Forrester Creations in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, I think you were the top designer at one point.

Amber: Yeah, I was.

Gloria: Imagine working with all of those big movie stars.

Amber: Yeah, um, L. A. was a blast. Um, but it was such a long time ago and I've really moved on.

Cane: And I'm still waiting to hear all about it.

Amber: Yeah, maybe someday, Honey. Um, I gotta go. I gotta meet Emily.

Gloria: Bye-bye, Amber. And bye-bye, Cane. And if you'll follow me, let's go see the lab.

Gloria: Here you go, Jill. No pineapple. Allison has removed all of the offending fruit.

Jill: And you really expect me to eat this now? No, that is unacceptable. I want fresh fruit salad that have never touched pineapple. How hard is it to follow orders? I ask you. This whole office is filled with incompetents. I'm tempted to fire the whole staff and start over again. Except it's such a pain to train new people. And you know what? They'd be as bad as these are.

Ji Min: Oh, great, you guys are both here. I'd love to discuss the changes Kevin made to the new web site.

Kevin: I can pull it up.

Gloria: And his ideas are brilliant.

Jill: I'll be the judge of that.

Gloria: Well, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Jill, can I get you something to make you feel better?

Jill: Oh, stop being so sweet. You're making me sick.

Kevin: Here it is.

Gloria: You'll see that it so much easier to navigate.

Kevin: See?

Jill: Well, I think it's just hideous. The colors are hurting my eyes.

Gloria: Oh, no, they're youthful. They're fresh.

Jill: They're bilious. They're cheap.

Gloria: Well, I think it's a big improvement. The web site we had when Jack was in charge was a�. .

Kevin: A disaster. A disaster.

Phyllis: I was so nice to your wife earlier and she had such an attitude. It almost made me wanna tell her about you and Sharon.

Brad: You say one word to Victoria.

Phyllis: Don't threaten me. You need me. I'm the only ally you've got.

Brad: How do you live with yourself?

Phyllis: Hey!

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: This. . is what a pregnant woman needs-- a loving, supportive husband.

Nick: Oh, okay. And a good foot massage, too.

Phyllis: Yes. Yeah, Victoria needs you. Don't let your wife down.

Victoria: Brad voted against Mom.

Nikki: Yes, let's not forget my husband and my son.

Victoria: Mom and I won't have a say and the Board will vote in Jack's favor.

Kay: Well, Clear Springs is a major coup for Jack. Something like that doesn't come along very often.

Nikki: It's incredibly risky.

Kay: Well, if anyone can pull it off, Jack certainly can.

Nikki: I am shocked to hear you say that after he tried to trick you into selling Jabot.

Kay: I did not say I trusted him, Nikki. I admire his audacity.

Victoria: Jack thinks he's coming into his own, bigger than ever.

Nikki: Yeah, well, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Jack: You looking for someone?

Cane: Jill Abbott.

Jack: Uh, she's not here right now. I need this office.

Cane: Sure.

Ji Min: Hi. Ji Min.

Cane: Hey. Hi.

Ji Min: Jack, I swear to you, I didn't know that she had not gone on her trip.

Jack: Shut her down now.

Ji Min: It might be a little late for that.

Jack: Now, Ji Min. I want that camera crew out of here.

Ji Min: Jack, if I pull the plug now, we could have a lawsuit on our hands.

Jack: Is there something here I'm not making clear? Just do as I ask and there will be no problems.

Gloria: Well, I was a single mother raising two boys. And I never dreamed that one day I would be an executive at the world's greatest cosmetics firm.

Ji Min: I'm sorry, Guys, we're gonna have to cut this short.

Gloria: Oh, it does get busy around here. What is it, Mr. Kim?

Ji Min: I'm sending you to Japan.

Gloria: Japan? I'm sorry?

Ji Min: We're pushing up the launch of ''Perfume On The Glo''.

Gloria: Mr. Kim, that means I'm going to be missing out on "EXTREME CATWALK.�

Ji Min: Our Japanese distributor asked for you personally, by name. Now if I don't send you, it's gonna be an affront to him.

Gloria: Oh, Mr. Kim, please, there has to be some way.

Ji Min: I'm sorry, Gloria, there really isn't. You're going to Japan.

Nikki: Oh, it's just us girls. Fabulous idea.

Victoria: Yeah. Maybe I can, uh, get a little bread. I'm feeling a little queasy.

Nikki: Oh, Honey, morning sickness?

Victoria: Yeah, maybe.

Kay: Are you pregnant? Uh, are you pregnant?

Victoria: Yes, I'm pregnant.

Kay: That's wonderful! Congratulations!

Victoria: Thank you.

Victoria: Yes, we are. We're happy.

Kay: Oh, a baby.

Nikki: I'm sorry, Katherine. I didn't want to tell you under the circumstances?

Kay: No, it's just nonsense. It's nonsense, Victoria. Okay, I want to hear about your baby. Now--oh, by the way, how did Brad take the news?

Victoria: Brad? He's happy. I'm not so happy with Brad.

Kay: Why?

Nikki: Our husband's ambitions have just. . taken over everything else.

Victoria: Now I know what it's been like for my mom all those years.

Kay: You see, the two of you are married to very powerful men. That's what attracted you to them in the first place. The trick is not to let them control you. Now if you do not like what your husbands are doing. . you have to do something about it.

Kay: You want the power? Take it. Take it.

Jill: How long have you been here?

Cane: A while.

Jill: Why didn't you let me know?

Cane: You were busy.

Jill: What do you think?

Cane: We don't have anything like this in the outback.

Well, I'll give you a tour and then you'll get some more insight about it, some more insight about me.

Cane: I've already learned you don't like pineapple.

Jill: You heard that?

Cane: I think everybody heard that.

Jill: Okay, the truth is, I love pineapple.

Cane: Then why?

Jill: Well--

Jack: Jill, we need to talk. Now!

Jill: Well, now is not a good time for me, Jack.

Jack: I'm Jack Abbott.

Cane: I know. I've seen you on TV.

Jack: And you are?

Jill: No one. He's no one. No, wait! No! Get out of my way!

Jill: Cane! Cane!

David: I'm very glad to hear that, Gavin. No, we are ecstatic to have the support of the dairy association. Well, I guess that's a moo point now, huh? No, I'm sorry. Terrible joke, forgive me. But listen, just be assured that Jack will not forget this. I look forward to that as well, sir. Thank you. Thank you very much. Unbelievable! You just handed Jack a one-way trip to the state senate.

Victor: I had a feeling Gavin would see it my way. He's a reasonable man.

David: Yeah, or you're a very impressive negotiator. I can't believe you got Jack's opponent to drop out of the race.

Victor: If you align a man's interest with your own, you usually get what you want.

Nikki: Hey, it isn't easy to take power. We've both tried and we've both failed.

Kay: Oh, nonsense! Look at you and Phyllis. You started your own company, for heaven's sakes. You have more power than you think you do.

Nikki: Yeah, and then Jack took over N. V. P. and now there's a good chance he's gonna be elected to state senate.

Victoria: You know what? I would love to see Jack lose that election.

Nikki: Ooh, me, too. Who do we know that could beat him?

Kay: What about you?

Nikki: Yeah, what about you?

Kay: I'm deadly serious, Nikki.

Nikki: What? Oh, yeah, Nikki Newman--state senator-- right.

Victoria: Mom, you'd be terrific! You have the business experience.

Nikki: Girls. . .

Kay: Yes, you're an experienced fundraiser. You've raised so much money for charities over the years.

Victoria: Jack would have a heart attack.

Kay: No. You want to stop Jack and Victor from being tyrants? All right, girls, assert yourself.

Nikki: Whoa.

Gloria: Ji Min wants me in Japan on the days they're taping "EXTREME CATWALK."

Kevin: You can change his mind, Mom. You've done it before.

Gloria: I don't think so. Not this time. And this all because of you, isn't it?

Jack: Have a nice trip to Hong Kong.

Gloria: You trashed me to Ji Min, didn't you?

Jack: Whatever I said to Ji Min, he makes his own decisions regarding Jabot.

Gloria: Oh, really? And who do you think you are?

Jack: I'm Jack Abbott. Or more properly, I'm John Abbott, Jr. I would think by association alone, you would be worshipping me.

Gloria: Worship? After everything you've done? And now you make me look bad on camera?

Jack: Oh, you didn't need any help from me, Sweetheart. You did pretty good on your own.

Gloria: Jack, just please tell me why you're so upset. What did I do to hurt you?

Kevin: Yeah, Jack. My mom and I are the only family you have left in Genoa City. You're running for office and we would like to help.

Jack: Help? You and Cruella here have destroyed my family.

Kevin: Hey, hey, hey, hey, you did a decent job of that on your own. I mean, you are the one who lost your father's company.

Jack: You really think I'm gonna stand here and let you bad mouth me like this?

Kevin: Well, Jack, there is nothing else that you can do to hurt me or my mother. You have kicked her out of her home, taken her inheritance. You even tried to take her name, Jack. There is nothing more that you can do to hurt us.

Gloria: Honey, just stop, please. Because we are family.

Jack: Family? You don't know the meaning of the word family! And I wish to hell you'd never been any part of mine.

Kevin: That was awesome, Mom! Jack totally lost it on camera.

Gloria: So much for his senate race.

Kevin: You think they'll air that on TV?

Gloria: Oh, Sweetie, it's too good not to.

Kevin: Uh-huh.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Don't celebrate yet. I just had a brief talk with the producer of "EXTREME CATWALK." I have no intention of signing a release form. Apparently, that's a problem. I guess it's a good thing I saw the "Borat" movie.

Gloria: Really? You never know where that footage might show up.

Kevin: Yeah, you know, the Internet sounds like a good place.

Jack: A good idea, but in my chat with the producer, we discussed the suit I would be filing. Apparently, it would stop production, so as a, uh, gift of good faith, he gave me this.

Gloria: Which is?

Jack: All of the footage. Consider it destroyed.

Gloria: You're not gonna keep me off that show, Jack.

Jack: You keep telling yourself that, Gloria.

Amber: Last thing I heard, Ali was working as a waitress.

Emily: Do you know where?

Amber: I don't remember. It was a long time ago.

Emily: My sister-- she can be very impulsive. I'm worried that she's gotten herself into some kind of trouble or caught up in something.

Amber: Like what?

Emily: I don't know. Something bad. I mean, not really bad, but something where she could make money. Porn maybe?

Amber: No, Ali would call if she was in any trouble.

Emily: Yeah? You think so?

Amber: Of course, of course. I haven't talked to her for a while, but I just assumed everything was cool.

Emily: Well, you have my number if you remember anything or if you actually hear from her.

Amber: Mm-hmm. For sure, I will let you know.

Emily: Thank you. Okay.

Amber: Good luck!

Emily: Oh, thanks.

Amber: Ali, it's Amber. Your sister is looking for you. No, I didn't tell her where you were. I didn't say anything. No, call her. Seriously, okay? She's worried. Ali, I don't want her coming back here again. Cane doesn't really know much about what happened in LA and I'd like to keep it that way. Exactly. Some secrets just stay with you to the grave.

Jill: Cane, this is Jill. When you get this message, please call me back. I can explain.

Cane: I'm listening.

Jill: I am so, so sorry!

Cane: I don't get it. What, do you have some sort of multiple personality disorder I don't know about?

Jill: No, we were taping a reality show. It's called "EXTREME CATWALK.� Didn't you notice all the cameras?

Cane: I just thought it was business as usual.

Jill: No, they were filming me. I'm supposed to be this royal bitch on the show.

Cane: Oh, well, so much for the reality in reality TV, eh?

Jill: Oh, Lord, you must've been horrified!

Cane: I was just hoping I hadn't inherited a split personality.

Jill: Do you forgive me?

Cane: No worries. Well, listen, I gotta jet to work. Um. . I like this. I'd like to come back.

Jill: Great! Great! But when there's no cameras.

Cane: Exactly. All right, um. . I'll see ya.

Jill: Okay.

Cane: All right.

Jill: Bye.

Ji Min: Oh, hello again.

Cane: Hey, how you doing?

Ji Min: Still smiling? What's this good news you were gonna share with me earlier?

[Jill is being taped without her knowing it]

Jill: Did you see that man who just left here?

Ji Min: Sure, Cane-- from the night club, right?

Jill: Cane. �Cane is my son. I'll explain it all to you at dinner.

Nick: Beware-- Greeks bearing gifts.

Brad: Another shipping deal?

Nick: No, "g-i-f"-- graphic interchange format-- it's a proposal for a new compression system. It's supposed to be faster, easier.

Phyllis: Are you sure you wanna give that to your sister?

Victoria: Why not?

Phyllis: Well, I just figured you wouldn't wanna bother. I mean, the less stress the better. You've been through so much of it with Clear Springs.

Nick: Hey, my wife-- looking out for my sister. I like it.

Victoria: I can handle it, Phyllis.

Phyllis: All right. Um, do you wanna go? We'll be late for that meeting.

Nick: Yeah. Call me if you have any questions, all right?

Victoria: She just loves to rub my face in Clear Springs, doesn't she?

Brad: Find something you can rub her face in.

Victoria: Like what?

Brad: Oh, like the fact that I've been buying up properties in Clear Springs and I will refuse to sell them.

Victoria: No way!

Brad: Way. Or, we could make a fortune selling out to Jack.

Victoria: That's perfect!

Brad: Are you happy?

Victoria: I'm so happy. I'm so happy! I'm so glad to have my husband back.

Victor: So let's address their problem at a later date.

Jack: What do you mean my opponent has pulled out of the race?

Victor: It seems he lost his key contributor.

Jack: Gavin from the dairy association?

David: That's right. And once that happened, his supporters bailed.

Victor: Imagine that. You're running unopposed now.

Jack: Incredible!

Victor: Yeah.

Jack: The senate seat is mine! The fates have spoken!

David: That may be true, but publicly you'll still wanna keep it humble.

Jack: Oh, yeah, of course. But as a public servant, you have a responsibility. That doesn't mean I won't remember the friends that got me here. I am very grateful to have you in my corner, Victor. Together, we are twice as formidable!

Victor: Yes, we are, Jack. You bet.

Kay: Oh, Dear. Thank you so much for lunch.

Nikki: Oh, you're very welcome. We should do it more often.

Kay: Uh, and I want you to give some thought to what we discussed about at lunch. You're the perfect opponent against Jack Abbott.

Nikki: I've been thinking about it.

Kay: Well, you know what? Don't take too much time. 'Cause the longer you take, the easier it's going to be for him to win.

Nikki: Oh, can you imagine? Jack Abbott as our state senator?

Kay: No. That is why. . I would be willing to make a maximum contribution to your campaign.

Nikki: Done. Get your checkbook out.

Kay: Are you sure?

Nikki: I'm gonna run against Jack. And I'm gonna win.

Kay: Yes you are.

Nikki: I can do this.

Next on "The Young and the Restless". .

Colleen: It's weird that Daniel never told you his password.

Phyllis: You are the best man for the job. I completely stand behind you.

Victor: Don't you ever forget where you came from and who you were before I married you!

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