Y&R Transcript Friday 3/23/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 3/23/07 -- Canada; Monday 3/26/07 -- U.S.A.


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Brad: Victoria?

Lily: Whoo!

Devon: Here is to Neil's election to the Newman board of directors.

Lily: Yes, to Dad finally getting what he deserves.

Devon: That's right.

Daniel: I'll get that.

Lily: This is really good.

Devon: It is.

Daniel: Hey, Coll, come on in.

Colleen: Hey, what's going on with you guys?

Lily: Hi!

Daniel: We are toasting to Neil getting a seat on the Newman board.

Lily: Yes. Oh, that's cool.

Colleen: Uh, no, thanks.

Lily: You know, I can't believe the drama is over. It's like, no more trials, no more anything, so let us drink to that, too.

Devon: Cheers.

Daniel: Cheers, you guys.

Lily: Yes!

Devon: Colleen, you alright? I didn't know, uh, girls could be this quiet.

Daniel: Don't mind her. She's just jonesing for her professor. Colleen has a thing for the professor.

Lily: leave her alone.

Devon: Wait, hang on a second. You and, uh, Professor Korbel had a thing going on?

Colleen: You know what, Daniel? I can't believe you just said that. It was supposed to be a secret.

Gloria: Here you go, Michael. Have you ever been to Clear Springs?

Michael: Thank you. No, first time.

Kevin: You know, Victor must have a lot of inexplicable confidence in you, sending you on this trip.

Michael: Ha ha. He expects Newman Enterprises to loan him development money and Victor wants me to make sure it's a good deal.

Gloria: You can't be too careful when it comes to Jack Abbott.

Michael: Yeah, I'm aware. None of us trust him, Gloria.

Gloria: Well, then why does he always get what he wants when he wants it?

Michael: Because nice, devastatingly handsome people finish last.

Kevin: Hey, hey, hey, you're talking about the man who could be our next state senator.

Gloria: Lord help us all if he gets elected.

Lauren: Okay! The baby's asleep. He should be out for a couple of hours anyway.

Michael: Well, great, we're good to go then.

Lauren: Yes, we are. I wanna spend as much time with you on our last date. I'm gonna miss you.

Michael: Don't be morbid. I'm coming right back.

Lauren: I know.

Gloria: You two go enjoy yourselves. Kevin's going to keep me company while I baby-sit.

Kevin: Mmm. Mom's gonna torture me practicing for her gig on "Extreme Catwalk.”

Gloria: It won't kill you to give me your opinion.

Kevin: It might.

Gloria: I'm gonna be the kind of judge that gives constructive criticism.

Michael: Oh, you're going to be the kind judge? Isn't that a bit of a stretch for you, Gloria?

Gloria: Watch it, Michael.

Gloria: Gloria Abbott. Well, hello, Mr. Kim. I beg your pardon? But didn't you say that the trip could wait till after "Extreme Catwalk"? Yes, I realize how important the, um, Holland launch is, but can't it wait just for a couple of more days? Uh-huh, I see. I see. Yes, sir, I am very disappointed. And if there really is no other way. . . all right. Yes, sir, I'll be ready to go. Well. . . I leave for Holland tomorrow. Guess I'm gonna miss my big chance at stardom.

Michael: Don't worry, Gloria. You'll always be a star in our eyes.

Gloria: Yeah.

Gloria: My big chance to finally be famous--

Kevin: What's the risk the fame thing will pay off?

Michael: Don't give her any ideas.

Gloria: It's something to think about.

Michael: No, it isn't. See, you did that.

Lauren: Gloria, I'm sure there will be another opportunity.

Kevin: Will someone tell me what's so great about being famous anyway? I mean, aside from the money and the parties, you have all these people hounding you-- press, paparazzi--

Gloria: All right, just stop it!

Kevin: I was just trying to make you feel better, Mom.

Gloria: Well, it's not working. What will make me feel better is if Ji Min changes his mind. I just don't understand why this couldn't have waited.

Michael: Look on the positive side. At least you'll get a good deal on wooden shoes.

Gloria: I'm glad you two are getting such a kick out of this!

Lauren: Gloria, why don't you call Ji Min and make him understand how important this "Extreme Catwalk" is to you.

Gloria: Believe me, he knows, Lauren. He just feels it's more important for me to oversee the perfume on the Glo launch.

Michael: Well, it is your concept, Gloria. The man has a point.

Kevin: Oh, way to go, Michael. Side with the enemy.

Gloria: What if there's somebody who could fill in for me?

Lauren: Do you have any idea who?

Gloria: No. But if somebody could handle it, somebody who knows about the Dutch market-- that gives me an idea.

Kevin: Do you want me to kill him? I did learn a thing or two living with Jana.

Gloria: No, if I could read Ji Min's e-mails, I could know if he's communicating with someone's who's--

Michael: No! No! No! Absolutely not! This family has done enough hacking into e-mail accounts to last a lifetime!

Gloria: And what if it's justified?

Lauren: Please, it's never justified.

Gloria: I only wanna read what pertains to my product.

Michael: Look, what's you're talking about is criminal, all right?

Gloria: He'll never find out.

Kevin: Don't bet on that.

Michael: And if he does, you'll probably be fired and then prosecuted. Are you willing to take that risk?

Gloria: All right, I suppose not.

Michael: Unh-unh, no, I want you to promise me that you will stay out of trouble while I'm out of town.

Gloria: All right. No hacking.

Michael: No, no, no, turn around. Turn around. I want you to look me in the eye and I want you to say that you promise.

Gloria: I promise, Michael.

Lily: Colleen, it's--it's no big deal. We all let secrets slip. You know that.

Devon: Are you guys joking with me or. . . were you really knocking boots with the professor?

Colleen: No, I just had a crush on him. That's it. No big deal.

Daniel: Oh, I would say that Devon's description right there was a little more accurate.

Lily: Oh, my gosh, Daniel!

Daniel: I didn't know that he didn't know.

Colleen: Well, he does now. My God!

Devon: I'm sorry. Is that why you and JT broke up?

Colleen: Well, things got complicated.

Devon: With JT or with Adrian?

Colleen: Both. I don't know, JT was my first love, but I grew up and we're two different people now. He's changed.

Daniel: So now Professor creepy is in and JT is out.

Lily: He's not creepy.

Colleen: And correction-- was in. He was in, but his job was on the line, I could've gotten kicked out of school. So something had to give.

Devon: Well, it sounds like you made the right choice.

Colleen: What choice? I didn't have a choice! JT reported us to the dean.

Lily: Are you sure it was JT?

Colleen: Yeah, well, he won't admit it, but the dean's number was in his cell phone. Adrian found it when he was scrolling through 'cause JT left his phone behind.

Lily: Well, that was mature of him.

Colleen: Yeah. I mean, who else would make an anonymous phone call? JT wants Adrian to get what he thinks he deserves.

Daniel: He's not the only one.

Lily: Well, it makes sense that you think he did it.

Devon: So what happened, though?

Colleen: Nothing. There wasn't any proof, so we couldn't get in real trouble.

Devon: That's messed up.

Colleen: Yeah, I know. That's why you can't say anything to anyone.

Devon: You don't have to worry about anything. I won't say a word.

Colleen: Oh, gosh. I mean, JT is so jealous he's trying to get anything he can to pin whatever he can on me and Adrian. Even though we're not together. We are not together.

Lily: Are you sure?

Colleen: Yes, I'm sure.

[Colleen remembering]

Korbel: Too many people know about our relationship and doubt our conveniently timed breakup. We don't need to give JT the PI any more ammunition.

Colleen: Oh, my gosh, he's driving me crazy. He's turned into this angry, obsessive freak.

Korbel: Index cards.

Colleen: No, I'm sorry. I don't like the way that he's treating you.

Korbel: Ditto.

Colleen: And he really crossed the line today when he tried to hit you. This has to stop.

Korbel: All the more reason for us to be working in public instead of in our homes.

Colleen: You really think that's gonna calm him down? Look, just the fact that we're together, in public or not, that's gonna make him lose it.

Korbel: Well, then maybe we shouldn't be together.

Colleen: Are you saying that we should breakup? For real?

Korbel: I think we tried that. What did it last, ten minutes?

Colleen: On your end.

Korbel: Oh, I think we were both incapable of staying away from each other.

Colleen: Well. . . okay, so what do we do?

Korbel: We have to be very careful.

Colleen: How careful?

Korbel: You ever heard that, uh, song from the '80s by Heloise and Abelard?

Colleen: I don't know, which one?

Korbel: Secret Lovers.

Daniel: Well, then what difference does it make? JT can dig all he wants, right?

Devon: There's nothing for him to find.

Colleen: No, there's nothing. I mean, even if Adrian and I wanted to hang out, it's too risky. He could not only get fired, but it could ruin his career. That's why nobody was supposed to know.

Sharon: You know. . . pretty soon we're gonna be coming home every night together.

Jack: Yeah, I can't wait.

Sharon: What's on your mind?

Jack: I'm thinking about how lucky I am. Clear Springs is a go. I'm marrying the woman of my dreams. I'm running for the senate. My life couldn't be going any better.

[Jack sees his dad’s ghost]

John: Are you sure about that, Jack?

JT: Well, you think you should go after him?

Victoria: Why? I didn't do anything wrong.

JT: Well, I doubt that's what he thinks.

Victoria: So? If Brad doesn't care about how I feel, why should I give a care about his feelings?

JT: Well, I can just see how he might've misunderstood what he saw.

Victoria: Well, that's just tough. He knew how I'd react when he voted for Neil, but he went right on ahead and he did it anyway, didn't he?

JT: Well, I still think you should go after him. I mean, did you see that look on his face?

Victoria: Yes. I'm glad he walked in on us. And you know what? It's typical Brad to walk out of here without asking for an explanation. So if he's upset, that's his own fault.

Sharon: Why don't we take this upstairs?

Jack: What?

John: I believe the appropriate answer would be "Love to."

Jack: Upstairs? Yeah, I'd love to. Um, why don't we make a night of it?

Sharon: You read my mind.

Jack: What was that?

Sharon: Um, that was just my cell phone. Text message. I should check it. It might be Noah.

Sharon: Um. . . I have to make a quick call. Do you mind giving me a sec?

Jack: Oh, not at all. I'll be in the dining room when you're finished.

John: Jackie.

Jack: I really wish you wouldn't do that!

John: What?

Jack: Popping up like that. You're gonna give me heart failure.

John: Now you don't seem too pleased to see your old man.

Jack: Well, better now than when I'm slipping into bed with Sharon. We've been there, done that, God knows.

John: You know, I would like to know what the hell you're thinking about, proposing to her.

Sharon: Brad, its Sharon. Don't tell me that Phyllis opened her big mouth about New York. I would be just like her to go back on her word.

Brad: She might as well have. Victoria is furious with me for voting against Nikki.

Sharon: Okay. Did something else happen?

Brad: Vicki's staying at the G. C. A. C. I thought just to cool off, but she had company.

Sharon: Who?

Brad: JT and he wasn't just here for emotional support.

Sharon: Wait, you caught them in bed together?

Brad: No, on the couch. But I think if I'd come in 20 minutes later, they would've been in bed.

Sharon: I'm so sorry, Brad.

Brad: It's ironic, isn't it? Here I'm trying to save my marriage, and I may have ended up destroying it.

John: You still have not answered my question. Why are you marrying her?

Jack: It's a dumb question.

John: Oh, don't get me wrong. I adore her.

Jack: I am not looking for your approval.

John: I suppose she makes your life easier. Yeah.

Jack: What is that supposed to mean?

John: Oh, come on, Jack, you've been alone for a long time. She fills the emptiness inside you.

Jack: Oh, God, cue the violins. Or I guess in your case, the harp.

John: Now listen, that is still not a reason to make a commitment like marriage. Now just tell me one thing.

Jack: If I do, will you leave?

John: Do you love Sharon as much as you loved Phyllis?

Jack: Of course, I do, yeah.

John: Oh, Jack, be honest. You just hesitated a second.

Victoria: It just makes me crazy that Brad is being so secretive again. We made a promise we were gonna be open and honest with each other after this almost broke us up the last time.

JT: You sound like Colleen.

Victoria: The difference is, is that you couldn't talk about your clients and your work. But Brad-- Brad is that way about his whole life.

JT: Yeah, you'd think the guy would've loosened up now that nobody's after him.

Victoria: What really gets me is the way he handled everything.

JT: You mean, with the vote against your mom?

Victoria: Yeah. He did it without any warning. One minute he's on my side and the next he's. . .

JT: He probably just wanted to prolong upsetting you, I guess.

Victoria: Well, you know what? I don't care. I don't care. It would've been better if he had, uh. . . had talked to me about his reasoning before the meeting. Instead--instead I find out in front of my whole family.

JT: Yeah, that must've been hard.

Victoria: No, it wasn't hard. It was humiliating.

Colleen: So I obviously messed up somehow.

Devon: Did you try pressing control, alt, delete?

Colleen: Yeah, I also tried restarting it and a couple other things. It just didn't work. So I ended up having to call Geeks R Us to come fix it.

Devon: Geeks R Us? Well, next time, call me. I'm handy and I'm cool.

Lily: Hey, maybe you should put that on a bumper sticker.

Devon: I'm just joking.

Daniel: You know, Devon is quite the ladies man. He was just telling me about this girl he was eyeing the other day.

Colleen: Ooh, did you fix her computer, too?

Devon: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.

Daniel: I'm gonna check my e-mail.

Lily: Okay. Hey, will you see in that online video store responded? It said that I didn't return that Chainsaw movie, but I know I did. Wait, what is--what is this? "Horny hotties want you"?

Daniel: It's just spam.

Lily: Wait, wait, "Lusty Lucy's online sex chat," "Bodacious babes looking for swingers," "Busty Brenda's naughty photos."

Devon: Wow!

Colleen: That's hilarious.

Devon: Yeah, it is. You surfing the, uh, sites there, Daniel?

Colleen: X-rated sites, to be exact.

Daniel: Come on, you guys probably signed me up for this as a joke.

Lily: No wonder it takes a crowbar to pry you off this thing.

Daniel: Oh, you know what? Yeah, real funny. You guys get busted and then you blame me. That's lame.

Colleen: Oh, my gosh! Daniel, why would we sign you up for those sites?

Daniel: I don't know, because now I have to wade through all of this? Yeah, ha ha, very funny. The joke's on me. I get it.

Devon: It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it, right?

Daniel: Okay, what about you? What about you, Mr. "I know everything about computers"? You probably did this.

Colleen: Yeah, Devon! Come on, we all know you're sketchy.

Daniel: Yeah!

Devon: That's exactly why I'm learning computer repair. You're right. You got me.

JT: Well, I guess I should hit the road.

Victoria: Um... thank you for listening.

JT: Yeah. Yeah, and we should hang out more often. It seems like the only time we do is when Brad and Colleen have done us wrong.

Victoria: That sounds like a country song.

JT: Yeah, and, uh, we always end up looking like the bad guys. Don't forget to put that in your lyrics.

Victoria: It's just not fair.

JT: They don't deserve us.

Victoria: No.

JT: Call me if you need me, all right?

Sharon: Okay, so they weren't in bed together. They were fully clothed. Maybe JT was just comforting Victoria.

Brad: Of all people she could turn to, why him?

Sharon: Probably for the same reason that you come to me. Because we're friends.

Brad: I guess.

Sharon: Remember how freaked out Victoria was when she found you in the car with me?

Brad: We were just talking.

Sharon: Right, but Victoria doesn't know that. She saw that as a betrayal.

Brad: Okay, so maybe they weren't planning on hopping into bed.

Sharon: You can't blame your wife for being angry. I mean, you knew this was gonna happen if you voted for Neil.

Brad: I had no choice.

Sharon: You and I know that. Vicki doesn't.

Brad: And I can't tell her the real reason why. So I just have to watch JT and my wife cuddle up together?

Sharon: Well, I think that you need to try to talk to her, Brad. And you need to be the one to make the first move. Maybe you can fix this before it turns into a complete disaster.

Jack: I don't need pointers on my love life.

John: Jackie, I'm not lecturing you. Son, I want you to think about why you're marrying her.

Jack: I told you why. Because I love her. What else is there to think about?

John: Not everyone marries for the right reasons.

Jack: What is that supposed to mean? And why am I listening to a ghost?

John: Son, I know from personal experience how important love was in my life. You know how grateful I am that in my later years I found someone?

Jack: Don't--don't even say her name.

John: You know, I just hope that your love for Sharon is as deep and as fulfilling as mine was for Gloria.

Jack: See, you've done it. You were starting to make headway until you used the "G" word.

John: Oh, Jackie. You know, I thought after all this time, your feelings towards my wife might have mellowed.

Jack: Not a chance. Marrying that woman is the biggest mistake you ever made. And it disqualified you from ever giving me matrimonial advice again.

Gloria: I think your brother is being very narrow-minded about this.

Kevin: You really wanna get into Ji Min's e-mail account, huh?

Gloria: Yes, I do.

Kevin: All right, go for it. I won't say anything.

Gloria: But, Honey, that's why I need you. Because you're the genius at this sort of thing.

Kevin: Oh, Mom, save the flattery. You're about as transparent as glass.

Gloria: Fine, if you're not up to the task...

Kevin: Oh, and reverse psychology! Well, that hasn't worked on me since I think I was in the third grade. What's next? Tears?

Gloria: Do you have any idea how important this show is to me?

Kevin: Yes, of course. I totally understand. I just don't care.

Gloria: Nice way to talk to your mother.

Kevin: What? I'm just being honest.

Gloria: Sweetie...

Kevin: Mmm?

Gloria: I just need a little bit of information to see if I can handle it from here without having to go overseas.

Kevin: What's in it for me?

Gloria: Oh! Now you want money from the woman who gave you life?

Kevin: Hey, sometimes I don't think you did me any favors.

Gloria: What's that supposed to mean?

Kevin: It means whoever said, "Life’s a bitch and then you die," knew what they were talking about.

Gloria: Stop it. Don't ever say that. Now, what do you want?

Kevin: What do I want? What do I want? Hey, maybe you can hook me up with one of those hot "Extreme Catwalk" models.

Gloria: Done. They'd be lucky to have you.

Kevin: Oh, Mom, I'm kidding. They're probably just a bunch of stuck up gold diggers anyway.

Gloria: All right, how about this? Do it out of the goodness of your heart.

Kevin: There is no goodness in my heart, Mother. Not anymore.

Gloria: Sweetie...

Kevin: Ugh.

Gloria: Does that mean you're gonna do it?

Kevin: Well, it beats listening to you nag me all night.

Gloria: New laptop?

Kevin: It's, um, it's a spare. You know what, Mom? The first rule of my hacking is that you're not gonna ask me any questions about hacking.

Lauren: So I'm trying not to take it personally that you haven't said a word since we got here.

Michael: I'm sorry. I love you.

Lauren: Okay, those are three words.

Michael: Okay, I have one word.

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Gloria.

Lauren: Michael, she'll be fine.

Michael: No, she can't be trusted.

Lauren: She's not gonna do anything, because she has too much to lose.

Michael: She is obsessed with this stupid reality show, Lauren. Who knows what she'll try and pull to get out of this trip to Holland?

Lauren: She promised that she would do nothing.

Michael: It's like having another child. You know, I didn't sign up for this.

Lauren: All right, Babe, here's what I need you to do.

Michael: Hmm?

Lauren: I need you to focus. Focus in on me. Sweetie, we're gonna be away from each other for a while and I just wanna enjoy you. And please forget about your mother.

Michael: All right. If you promise to do me one favor.

Lauren: Name it.

Michael: Maybe two favors.

Lauren: What's the first?

Michael: The first is give me a kiss.

Lauren: Oh, no, the second's about your mother, isn't it?

Michael: Keep an eye on Gloria. Make sure she doesn't do anything she'll regret.

Gloria: Maybe you should try another web site.

Kevin: I know what I'm doing, Mother. I don't need a back seat hacker.

Gloria: It's just a suggestion.

Kevin: Well, don't make suggestions. Unless you wanna take over and do this yourself, let me work in peace.

Gloria: You don't have to be so snippy.

Kevin: Well, I wouldn't have to get snippy if you would just leave me alone.

Gloria: Fine. I won't say another word.

Kevin: Good.

Gloria: Except... I know you're gonna find a way to keep me in the country so I can take my rightful place on "Extreme Catwalk."

Kevin: Thanks for the pep talk, Mom. Go away.

Colleen: I remember this one time that I was helping Abby out with a report on skunks.

Daniel: Skunks?

Colleen: Mm-hmm. It's a really good thing that Abby wasn't in the room, though.

Devon: What happened?

Colleen: Well, let's just say I must've typed in the wrong letter, because a site for skanks came up.

Lily: Oh, my gosh!

Colleen: Oh, my gosh, you should've seen these pictures.

Devon: That's almost as bad as when I was doing a report on global warming.

Daniel: What did you get?

Devon: Well got a site of topless girls tanning their globes at the beach.

Lily: You are so making that up.

Devon: I'm not making it up.

Lily: Okay, no, no, no, no, I have a story that tops you all.

Devon: What?

Lily: I was in the school library doing research on interpersonal relationships for my psyche class. And apparently when you type in interpersonal on their search engine, you get more than you bargained for.

Colleen: Oh!

Lily: No, no, no. It gets better. So there was this professor guy who was sitting right next to me and he saw everything. And I had to explain just so he wouldn't report me.

Daniel: You never told me that.

Lily: Well, I don't go around sharing it with everyone.

Devon: I'm really sure he wasn't that upset to catch a glimpse, though.

Colleen: You know, it's weird. You can come up on all this crazy stuff on the internet when you're just searching for something innocent.

Daniel: I tell you what. Why don't you guys let that stuff pop up on your computers and stay away from my laptop.

Devon: Come on, it's convenient. It's right here in the living room.

Daniel: Oh? Oh, so now you admit to surfing porn on my laptop.

Devon: Oh, Dude, come on.

Daniel: You know what? I'm gonna put a little password on this baby. And that way, I'm the only one that's getting in.

Colleen: I hate to leave, but I have to hit the books.

Daniel: Yeah, hit the books? That's exactly what I was thinking. You hungry?

Devon: You know I'm always hungry.

Daniel: Well, I make a mean grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.

Devon: Grilled cheese and tomato? That's a little girly, isn't it, Danielle?

Daniel: Get in the kitchen. Now. Not funny!

Lily: So... how are you really? Is it tough to stay away from Adrian?

Colleen: No, it's fine.

Lily: I mean, you have stopped seeing him, right?

[Colleen remembering]

Korbel: Nobody can know we're involved.

Colleen: So I can't go home and post it on my blog?

Korbel: No. Or not in your journal.

Colleen: I swear I haven't said a word.

Korbel: Good.

Lily: Colleen? Hello?

Colleen: Yeah. Yeah, it's over between Adrian and me. I've moved on.

Lily: Good.

Victoria: Come in.

Victoria: Oh, so nice of you to knock this time.

Brad: Victoria, I'm to blame for what happened.

Victoria: What happened?

Brad: You and JT.

Victoria: Are you accusing me of something, Brad?

Brad: No. No. I admit, I would have... preferred to have found you curled up with a good book. And instead, I found you with a good friend.

Victoria: Well, I'm glad you realize that's all we are.

Brad: It's sort of like Sharon and me.

Victoria: What is?

Brad: Both of us have close friendships with the opposite sex. As long as they don't go any further...

Victoria: At least you're not being a hypocrite.

Brad: That's because I choose to believe that JT wouldn't take advantage.

Victoria: You wouldn't have to worry if you had told me how you were gonna vote.

Brad: I know. I am sorry.

Victoria: Are you?

Brad: Yes. I'll never hurt you like that again.

Victoria: Oh, promises, promises.

Brad: Victoria... we have a baby on the way. Can't we just put this behind us? Start fresh? All I wanna do is make you and the baby happy.

Jack: Everything all right?

Sharon: Yes. It was just a friend who needed some advice.

Jack: Boy, that is just like you-- setting your own evening aside to try to help somebody you care about.

Sharon: And that's exactly how I want you to see me-- as a saint.

Jack: I don't know any saints who kiss like that.

Sharon: Well, they do.

Jack: Listen, I know I joke a lot. I do love you.

Sharon: Jack... I love you, too.

John: I sure hope so.

Devon: All right, the girls are gone, man. Tell me the truth.

Daniel: About what?

Devon: You were looking at those sex sites, weren't you?

Daniel: No.

Devon: Hey, come on, I'm a guy, too. It's no big deal.

Daniel: Did you hear what I said? It wasn't me.

Devon: All right, I'm just saying, you don't have to be embarrassed or anything

Daniel: I'm not embarrassed. Just let it go.

Devon: All right. All right.

Kevin: We're in.

Gloria: All right. Jill, Billy... head office in Hong Kong-- open that one.

Kevin: Sure.

Gloria: That's nothing important. How about e-mails from last week? Mmm. Manufacturers, Beijing, a bunch of inter-office memos, personnel, payroll, R&D.

Kevin: Mom, do you have to say everything out loud?

Gloria: Hey, it helps me to focus!

Kevin: Well, it's annoying.

Gloria: What's that? "Jill regarding EC" From "PCWK."?

Kevin: What's "PC Week."?

Gloria: I have no idea, but "EC" Could be "Extreme Catwalk."

Kevin: Look at the signature. This is from Jack.

Gloria: Ah! "I have no problem with Jill going on 'Extreme Catwalk,' but Gloria--no way." Like anybody asked his opinion. "Besides embarrassing me, it could be damaging to my senate campaign." Oh, poor baby!

Kevin: All right, keep reading, keep reading.

Gloria: "Make up any excuse you need to. Lock her in a closet. Send her to Holland to oversee the perfume on the Glo launch. Just don't allow her to go on that show." Like anybody asked his damn opinion!

Kevin: Why would Jack be sending Ji Min e-mails?

Gloria: I have no idea. Obviously they're up to something.

Kevin: Yeah, no kidding, Nancy Drew.

Gloria: Listen, we all know that Jack doesn't want me to go on the show. But who is he to make demands on Ji Min?

Kevin: I don't know. Last I knew they weren't speaking.

Gloria: Ji Min was furious when Jack pulled the plug on the NVP tie-in. And now what's with the secret communication?

Kevin: Well, obviously they have some sort of working relationship that we don't know about.

Brad: It can happen at anytime. I really can't get into it now. I'm in the middle of something. Call me in the morning. Uh, 8:00. If I'm not in my office, I'll be in the conference room. Thanks. Sorry about that.

Victoria: Forget it.

Brad: You want me to have anything sent over? Clothes, makeup, pre-natal vitamins?

Victoria: No. No.

Brad: You sure?

Victoria: I'm positive. I'm not staying, so I won't need 'em.

Brad: I hope that doesn't mean you're going to JT's.

Victoria: No. I really want a fresh start, too, Brad. I just hope you mean it this time.

Sharon: Mmm. Oh, my gosh, that is good champagne.

Jack: Nothing but the best for my fiancée.

Sharon: Mm-hmm. fiancée. Gosh, I like that.

Jack: Yeah?

Sharon: I really do.

Jack: I believe you said something earlier about taking this party upstairs?

Sharon: Oh, you were listening!

Jack: Well, of course, I was listening. It's a very important skill for a man who's running for the state senate.

Sharon: Mm-hmm. You seemed a little distracted earlier.

Jack: Oh, I was just... wrapping my head around the idea that you actually said yes to my proposal.

Sharon: Can I get you to be serious for one minute?

Jack: Oh, okay.

Jack: Colleen.

Colleen: Hi.

Jack: How was your night?

Colleen: Um, great. I was just over at Daniel and Lily's. Hey, Sharon.

Sharon: Hi, Colleen.

Jack: Uh, your mom called earlier to check in.

Colleen: Again?

Jack: That is her job.

Colleen: Yes. Well, I will be upstairs. I have to hit the books.

Jack: Uh, actually, we were about to head upstairs, if you'd like to do your studying down here.

Colleen: Oh. Okay. Sure.

Jack: Sharon and I have a little news we wanna share with you first.

Colleen: Mmm, good or bad?

Sharon: Well, it's good. But, I mean, we hope you'll think so.

Colleen: Okay. What's up?

Jack: Sharon has agreed to be my wife.

Colleen: Really?! Wow!

Sharon: I mean, if it's okay with you?

Colleen: Of course it's okay. I mean, you two are my favorite people, so...

Sharon: Oh, thank you!

Jack: I think that means she's happy.

Sharon: She is.

Jack: Shall we?

Sharon: Yes, yes, let's go upstairs.

Jack: Good night, kiddo.

Colleen: Good night, you two. Come here. Wait! Congratulations!

Sharon: Oh, thank you! All right, good night.

Colleen: All right, good night.

Jack: Good night.

JT: Where the hell are you, Korbel?

Kevin: What the hell could Jack be up to? You know, this doesn't make any sense. Ji Min would never take orders from him.

Gloria: We have to tell Michael.

Kevin: No, that's a bad idea.

Gloria: Why?

Kevin: Well, remember the conversation we had earlier? When Michael said, close to hacking into Ji Min's e-mail account, he would freak out?

Gloria: So?

Kevin: So we shouldn't we have hacked into Ji Min's e-mail account.

Gloria: Michael is checking on Jack. If we tell him, maybe he can figure it out.

Kevin: No, Mom, we have no proof that Jack and Ji Min are doing anything more than keeping you off a reality show.

Gloria: That's not bad enough? But we both know there's something more to it, Kevin.

Kevin: Yeah, but we can't prove it. Trading e-mails is not illegal. Hacking into someone's account-- we don't have a leg to stand on.

Gloria: All right, fine, fine.

Kevin: I mean it, Mom. Don't say a word!

Gloria: I hear you!

Kevin: Good.

Gloria: All right, so what do we do with this? Nothing?

Kevin: Until we know we can find more information. We need to know what we're dealing with.

Gloria: All right, genius, how do we figure that out?

Kevin: We keep checking Ji Min's e-mail account. And it's good that for a few days. I don't have to worry about you slipping up.

Gloria: Well, isn't that nice to know how much you trust me?

[Michael and Lauren walk in]

Kevin: Hello.

Michael: Hello. Uh-huh. You two have been arguing?

Kevin: Yes.

Gloria: No.

Kevin: That was a quick dinner.

Michael: Not really. I trust you've been on your best behavior?

Gloria: Absolute angels, just like my grandson.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: Michael, you're so suspicious. We've been discussing my trip to Holland.

Kevin: Yeah, her trip to Holland.

Lauren: Oh, Holland is wonderful. In fact, it's almost tulip season.

Gloria: Mmm, tulips. Maybe I should go check on my clothes and make a list of everything I'm gonna need for my trip.

Kevin: Yeah, go do that.

Michael: All right, tell me the truth.

Kevin: The truth about what?

Michael: Gloria has been pleading with you to hack into Ji Min's computer the entire time we've been gone, hasn't she?

Kevin: Since the second you two stepped foot out the door. Fortunately, when she starts, I can tune her out and just go to my happy place.

Michael: Ah. That's very Zen like of you.

Kevin: Thank you. I have been very Zen lately. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to finish the voodoo doll of Jana I'm making.

Michael: Have fun.

Kevin: Bye.

Lauren: And you were worried.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nikki: That DA already wants to prosecute you. Why give him more reason?

Kay: I have to make things right.

Brad: You say one word to Victoria...

Phyllis: Don't threaten me.

Victor: You're running unopposed now.

Jack: The senate seat.

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