Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/20/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/20/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 3/21/07 -- U.S.A.


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Kevin: A million single women out there. Who do I pick? A murderer. So much for 'Opposites Attract'.

Michael: You murdered someone and neglected to tell me?

Kevin: I mean, who the hell asks for a book on serial killers for Christmas? And I gave it to her! Who does that? My life sucks.

Michael: Hold that thought. Michael Baldwin. Mm-hmm. When was that decided? Oh... no, that's absurd. There were witnesses. Fine! Fine! Fine! I will talk to your boss. Thank you.

Kevin: Why do I have a feeling that my life's about to get even worse?

Michael: That was Bardwell's assistant. He's decided not to prosecute Hellstrom.

Gina: Mr. Bardwell! Hi.

Will: Hi, Gina.

Gina: Nice to see you.

Will: Good to see you.

Gina: Uh, the gentleman who's meeting you is already at the table, so I'll take you right over.

Will: Okay. Oh, excuse me. Um, I need to have a word with somebody.

Gina: No problem. I'll be right over here.

Will: Mr. Hellstrom, glad I ran into you.

JT: Do I need my lawyer?

Will: Only to write him a check for services rendered. We're dropping the charges against you. Although, I'd recommend an anger management course and an apology to Mr. Fisher.

JT: Yeah, well, I already tried that. He wasn't interested.

Will: Mmm. Well, do yourself a favor. Stay out of trouble.

Rocky: You're looking a lot happier all of a sudden.

JT: Well, I just got some good news.

Rocky: Oh, yeah? You want a drink to celebrate?

JT: Yeah, sure. Why don't you throw some vodka in there?

Rocky: I can do that.

JT: Thanks. That's good.

Rocky: That's good?

Rocky: Did you have fun last night?

Colleen: Yeah. It was tons of fun.

Lily: Here, maybe this'll help.

Daniel: Mmm, thanks.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: I fought the urge to make a pot at 3:00 A.M.

Lily: Yeah, I figured it was bad when you never went back to bed.

Daniel: I thought I could get this knocked out in a couple hours.

Lily: Well, that's what happens when you get all energized.

Daniel: Mmm. Mmm. I'm energized again. How about you?

Lily: Um, I'm actually more dressed and ready to go. Maybe next time.

Daniel: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Lily: Okay. And you have a paper to finish!

Daniel: Yeah, I just need a little motivation for round two.

Lily: No, Daniel, no. I'm sorry. Listen, you have to finish your paper.

Daniel: Just five minutes.

Lily: No, no, no, listen, hey, hey, I have to go to class, okay? So what are your plans for today?

Daniel: Well, I was planning on taking my hot wife back upstairs. But since that has just been shut down, denied, rejected, I guess we'll go back to our regularly scheduled program. Probably... finish this, turn it in, check my e-mail... and then take a nap.

Lily: That sounds good.

Daniel: Well, bye, sexy.

Lily: Okay, bye. I'm sorry.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Daniel: Why didn't I think of that before? Finally done! Okay, send this guy...

Daniel: Geez, Amber, what's up with all the e-mails?

Amber's voice: Help! I need guy advice, like yesterday! IM me when you get this no matter what time it is. I just can't sleep.

Daniel's voice: Are you online? Sorry I didn't get back to you. I wasn't online. I'm writing a paper all night. I'll be here when you get back. I'm gonna surf Strangersbynight. It's my reward for being a good student.

Amber: My Likes... my dislikes... my fetishes...

Cane: Baby, you seen my kit?

Amber: What's a kit?

Cane: It's A... oh, never mind, here it is. Why am I taking half a tube of toothpaste back to Australia?

Amber's voice: Daniel, I'm serious, it is bad! Gotta go, talk to you later!

Amber: You're not still going, are you?

Cane: We're going. But don't tell the wife. She's the jealous type.

Amber: You didn't book a ticket for me, too, did you? I told you to hold off on that last night!

Cane: Relax, love, I only reserved mine. But the flight still has seats on it as of this morning. So you better hurry up and book it. It leaves tonight.

Amber: Tonight?

Cane: Baby, I told you this last night.

Amber: I know you said that, but...

Cane: It's a long trip. Think we can stand each other for 20 straight hours?

Amber: Cane, I'm--I'm sorry. I can't go with you.

Cane: What happened to the girl who said that she'd go anywhere in the world so we could be together?

Amber: Okay, that girl didn't realize she'd have to cough up a bloody fortune for a same day ticket! Do you realize how much extra it costs when you don't book in advance?

Cane: I know.

Amber: Yeah, it's probably a thousand dollars difference.

Cane: More like four.

Amber: $4,000? Are you kidding me? That's like two months pay! No!

Cane: Baby, I gotta get out of here. I wanna go home with you. I wanna start our new life again. That's all.

Amber: Cane... I am sorry. I don't have the money. I will be in a hole until the end of next year!

Cane: So what are we gonna do?

Amber: I don't know. Okay... if you're so dead set on going now, go. I will wait 21 days until I can get a cheaper fare. I will, you know, take some extra shifts and sock away some money.

Cane: You don't think you'll go out of your mind missing me?

Amber: You're the one who's gonna go out of your mind, Matey.

Cane: Look, I gotta run out. Um... let me think about this. I can probably figure out a way to scare up some more money so you can leave tonight, okay? I'll be back.

Paul: Not a match? You know, I thought for sure...

Jill: So did I, but the DNA test was conclusive.

Paul: Well, there can be errors, you know?

Jill: Oh, come on. How likely is that to happen? Nope, I've just gotta accept it. Cane is not my son. And the nightmare begins all over again.

Kay: Well, this has been quite a shock, Paul.

Paul: I can imagine. I mean, the trail led to him. It seemed like he was the one.

Kay: How many Violet Montgomerys who died 30 years ago could there be out there?

Jill: It was Cane's Violet Montgomery who died 30 years ago. It doesn't matter. She's obviously not the woman we're looking for. We've gotta start all over again.

Paul: All right, so how would you like to proceed?

Kay: Well, you can start by giving me 100 lashes. That is, if that's quite enough for Jill.

Jill: Well, let me get back to you on that, all right? What would you recommend, Paul?

Paul: Katherine, let me ask you something. Are there--are there any details at all that you haven't told me about?

Kay: Not that I can think of, Paul.

Jill: Of course not.

Paul: Okay, well, then I think we only have one choice. We need to find the family of the boy you raised as Phillip. They very possibly could lead us to your real son.

Colleen: Can I get you anything else?

Will: No, I think we're okay for now, thanks.

Colleen: Great. Have you decided?

Korbel: Cobb salad.

Colleen: I will bring that right out.

Korbel: You know, I received a box of transparencies on the new exhibition opening in the British museum. A friend at Oxford sent them.

Colleen: Unorganized, I'm sure.

Korbel: What's your schedule look like this week?

Colleen: I'm pretty busy. I'm gonna have to get back to you.

Korbel: Really? Okay. Uh, dressing on the side, please.

Colleen: No problem.

JT: They got snowboarding in New Mexico?

Rocky: Are you kidding? Man, the middle of the state is full of mountains.

JT: You know, we got resorts here, too.

Rocky: What, cross-country?

JT: Downhill. Up towards Michigan, yeah, we, uh... now picture yourself on a-- on a double black diamond, going like a bat out of hell, down a sheet of ice. You wanna talk about a thrill ride, that's about as good as it gets, man.

Rocky: Yeah.

JT: You oughta try it.

Rocky: I'd love to.

Kevin: That bastard could've killed me.

Michael: I'm going to talk to Bardwell.

Kevin: JT attacks me in public, everyone sees it and he still walks? What gives?

Michael: The DA has absolute authority to drop or press charges-- criminal charges. And apparently he does not prosecute unless he thinks he can win.

Kevin: Yeah, because he doesn't want to win.

Jill: I want that other family to know exactly what this woman took from them. At least they had the comfort of knowing that their child was raised in a home with a mother who loved him.

Paul: Jill, I may be out of bounds here. But I agree with you, what your mother did was reprehensible. But people make mistakes. You learn from them. You make amends. You try and do better next time. And I think that's exactly what your mother is doing. It's really what we all should do.

Kay: You make mistakes, Paul?

Paul: Of course. Everybody makes mistakes.

Jill: Yeah, but see... there are mistakes. And then there are mistakes that ruin lives.

Paul: Okay, so getting angry at your mother is not gonna get you answers. So if we can put aside the hostility, maybe we can focus on finding your son.

Daniel: What? What? Hang on!

Daniel: Hey.

Amber: Ooh, I woke you up!

Daniel: What time is it?

Amber: Uh, it's time for you to help me. I need your help really bad.

Daniel: Okay, yeah, I'm sorry. I was just-- what's the emergency?

Amber: I know you were working all night on a paper, but this is muy importante. I need your help.

Daniel: What's the emergency?

Amber: It's all happening so fast and I don't know how to stop it.

Daniel: What's happening?

Amber: Cane made a reservation to go to Australia tonight.

Daniel: Oh. Well, they guy certainly doesn't waste any time, does he?

Amber: Well, what do I do?

Daniel: Well, he's your husband. You gotta go with him.

Amber: Seriously?

Daniel: Okay, seriously, um... I don't know, can you stall for time?

Amber: Look, I bought some time for myself I told him to go ahead and I would wait for a cheaper plane ticket.

Daniel: Okay, well, that's plausible. Let's just hope he buys it.

Amber: I can't hope, Daniel! Okay, I need you to help me get out of this.

Kay: Uh, are you expecting someone?

Jill: No. Excuse me.

Paul: Katherine, are you sure you're gonna be okay? She seems awfully upset.

Kay: Oh, Paul, I'm getting used to it.

Paul: Well, it shouldn't be like that.

Kay: Well, the bottom line is it's my own fault.

Jill: Look who's here. Cane, this is Paul. Paul, Cane.

Cane: Am I interrupting? I'm sorry.

Jill: No. No.

Paul: No, not at all. I was just, uh, leaving. I will get right on what we talked about.

Jill: The sooner, the better, Paul.

Paul: I will be in touch.

Kay: Thank you. Talk to you later. Cane.

Cane: Nice to meet you, Mate. Take care.

Paul: Nice to meet you, too.

Cane: I, um, I'm glad you're here. I wanted to come over and say good-bye.

Jill: What do you mean, good-bye?

Cane: I'm getting on a plane tonight to go back to Australia.

Amber: Oh...

Daniel: Here you go.

Amber: Since when do you drink tea?

Daniel: Uh, Lily likes it. It's chamomile. She says it's supposed to calm you down or something.

Amber: Okay, what'll calm me down is finding a way to get out of this Australia trip. Oh, I'm sorry, did I say trip? I mean relocation

Daniel: It's not that bad. Besides, what do you have going on here?

Amber: Gee, I don't know. Uh, civilization?

Daniel: Mmm. Actually, I hear Australia is pretty civilized. Except for all the cavemen roaming around which takes up like 90% of the country.

Amber: Stop. Not funny.

Daniel: Okay. In all actuality, Australia is chill.

Amber: How do you know? Have you been there?

Daniel: No, not me, but my dad has-- a bunch of times. And he said Sydney is great. I mean, he says there's tons of shopping, which means there's tons of girls. Why am I not moving there?

Amber: Daniel, focus.

Daniel: Okay, um... opera--you like music. You're into music. He said the opera house in Sydney is amazing. Come on!

Amber: I could go to the opera here! And besides, we won't be in Sydney. We're gonna be in the middle of nowhere, just watching the tumbleweed races.

Daniel: Well, I'm sure once you get there, you can work on the guy.

Amber: Oh, once I get there? No, I was thinking more along the lines of a preemptive strike.

Daniel: Maybe you could talk cane into moving into the city. He's from the capital, isn't he? What is it? Canberra? It can't be all that isolated.

Amber: Wanna bet?

Daniel: You know, you're looking at this all wrong. This could be an adventure. And if there's anyone who's up for something like that, I know one little girl who's got a web site to prove she is.

Amber: Ah! Did you enjoy your reward? Huh?

Daniel: It provided a certain incentive for me to finish my work.

Amber: Just doing my part to educate the youth of America.

Daniel: Oh, what a noble creature you are.

Amber: I try.

Daniel: Uh-huh. You know, you could keep it up when you got there. I mean, you could probably get some really exotic shots.

Amber: I don't know.

Daniel: Come on! I'd like to see it. And you would only be a mouse click away. I bet they even have good cameramen in civilized Australia.

Amber: Who needs cameramen? I take my own photos.

Daniel: You're kidding.

Amber: Yeah. It's easy. All you do is set up a tripod and one click of the button-- you have still or video-- take your pick.

Daniel: Are you serious?

Amber: Oh, yeah. Digital cameras are amazing these days. Hey, you know, you and Lily should try it out sometime. Spice things up a little bit.

Korbel: Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't your apartment have a kitchen?

JT: What's your point, Professor?

Korbel: It's just that I always see you dining here and always when Colleen's working.

JT: Well, since you're always here to call me out on it, I could ask you the same thing.

Korbel: Is that one of your PI skills? To avoid and deflect instead of answering the question posed to you? That's convenient.

JT: Let me tell you a little secret. You see that guy down there? The bartender? He and Colleen went out last night.

Korbel: Went out?

JT: Oh, I'm sorry, let me spell it out for you. They went on a, uh, a d-a-t-e.

Korbel: Really?

JT: Yeah, you know anything about that?

Korbel: You're asking the wrong guy, JT I'm not involved in Colleen's personal life.

JT: Well, sit down, Professor. Let me buy you a drink. What do you intellectual types guzzle down in the middle of the day anyway? All right, don't say I didn't ask.

Colleen: All I need is your signature.

Will: Okay. Thanks very much for the good service.

Colleen: Anytime. Just please come again.

Will: I shall.

Colleen: Thank you.

Kevin: Hey, uh, Bardwell, how was your lunch?

Will: Great, thanks.

Kevin: Did you enjoy it as much as letting JT off the hook? 'Cause I don't know whether or not you were told, but he put me the hospital.

Will: Kevin, Counsel, if you'll excuse me.

Michael: Your office told us where we could find you.

Will: If you've got something to say, make it quick.

Kevin: I think I just did.

Michael: You go after John Abbott, who'd never had so much as a parking ticket, and yet you won't prosecute Hellstrom, who attacked my client with attempt to injure or worse.

Will: I could never get a conviction, Michael, you know that.

Michael: It was a brutal attack in front of eyewitnesses.

Will: Correction-- a provoked attacked in front of eyewitnesses.

Will: Well, a jury might view it as provoked. Kevin was the primary suspect in the attempted murder of Colleen Carlton. JT had just seen what looked like compelling proof that Kevin was withholding evidence.

Kevin: It wasn't proof. It was a total setup.

Will: Which nobody knew at the time, including you. Given JT's relationship with the victim, a jury could very possibly consider his actions understandable.

Michael: Bench trial.

Will: It still wouldn't work. It's a losing proposition.

Michael: Kevin... hey, hey, Kevin!

Kevin: If you can get away with attacking me, that must mean its open season!

Michael: Kevin!

Colleen: Kevin!

Michael: Hey! Hey!

Kevin: How does it feel to have your life flash before your eyes, huh?!

Michael: Calm down!

Gina: I said, stop it now!

Korbel: You gonna hit him and start this all over again?

Will: Nobody's starting anything. It's finished.

Michael: All right. All right, you're upset. You have got to calm down.

Korbel: He's gonna spread the wealth.

Kevin: Oh, who asked you?!

Rocky: Hey, hey, hey, are we about done here?

Gina: We better be.

Will: Control your client.

Kevin: Get off me. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. Are you responsible for this?

Colleen: For what?

Kevin: For getting the charges against him dropped.

Colleen: No, Kevin, I didn't even know about that. But you better leave before Gina calls the police.

JT: Yeah, that's a hell of an idea, Fisher.

Kevin: Oh, bite me.

Michael: Door, door, door, let's go.

Lily: Hey, Gina, do you have a second?

Gina: Yeah, sure I do, Lily. What would you like, Dear?

Lily: Well, um, Daniel just finished a really tough paper and I wanna bring him a surprise.

Daniel: Was I right about the tea?

Amber: Mmm, well, no, I just look calm. Inside, I'm a mess.

Daniel: Maybe we're drinking the wrong kind. Lily swears by this stuff, though. You wanna try peppermint?

Amber: Schnapps. That's what I'll be drinking if I can't get out of this.

Daniel: I wish Lily were here she'd know what to say.

Amber: You're really into her, huh?

Daniel: Yeah. You know, she just gets me. We--we click.

Amber: Being together all this time hasn't changed that?

Daniel: Are you kidding me? It's made things better.

Amber: How?

Daniel: More intense.

Amber: The way you connect, you mean?

Daniel: Yeah, the way we connect. Seriously, I can't picture my life without her in it.

Amber: That's so sweet.

Daniel: Well, you know, Amber, you and Cane are gonna be the same way. Especially now that you're committed, you just have to get used to it.

Daniel: Oh, must be the delivery guy. I ordered something for Lily.

Amber: Aw...

Kay: What a unique gift.

Cane: That sounds like diplomat-speak for, "What the heck is it?"

Kay: No, no, not at all. I like it very much. Thank you.

Cane: You know, I thought it would go really well with all your, um, antiques.

Kay: Well, we will find a nook for it, don't worry.

Jill: It was very, very thoughtful of you, Cane.

Kay: Yes. Yes, indeed. Now, um, what, um... is this about being some sort of a good-bye present?

Jill: Yes, Cane, uh... I thought we decided we were gonna have another DNA test done. Why are you leaving?

Cane: Jill, I'm a realist. The chance the lab's gonna get it wrong again...

Jill: Well, I know that, but as long as there's a chance.

Kay: I mean, don't you want to be sure?

Cane: Ladies, I learned a long time ago, just cut your losses, so... that's what I'm doing.

Kay: Well, I'm sorry... for many things.

Jill: I guess this is it then? I guess you're... leaving us, huh?

Cane: Yeah. I've got some packing I have to do, so... I hope you find your son.

Jill: Oh. I hope you find your mother, Honey.

Amber: Come on Daniel show me. I'm not gonna tell her.

Daniel: You're right, because you have no idea what's inside this box, and that's the way it's gonna stay.

Amber: Meanie! Just give me one little ounce of joy in my hour of despair.

Daniel: Okay, you know what? When Lily opens it up, if she wants to share with you, that's between you guys.

Amber: You're so good to her.

Daniel: It's kind of a reciprocal thing. You know, we're good to each other. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her.

Amber: Including moving to the other side of the planet?

Daniel: If Lily was dying to move to Australia and she wanted me to go with her, yes, I would go, no questions asked.

Amber: Wow.

Daniel: You know, once you and Cane get settled in, I'm sure that everything's gonna be fine.

Amber: No! Okay, it's not gonna happen! I'm not gonna move to the desert! I'm not gonna be poor again. No, I'm not gonna go back to where I came from.

Daniel: Did you come from Australia?

Amber: We were in the middle of nowhere. We were a hundred miles from anywhere. It was 120 degrees in the summer with no a/c. Water was like gold, so you better not waste it washing your hair. It's just... it was horrible, Daniel. I felt like a freak. The tourists-- they would drive past the national park and they would look at us like, "What the hell is wrong with these people? Why would they live like this?" And me, I would just... I would just fantasize about hiding away in someone's car and letting them just take me away forever. This is my life. This is my future, my career. I mean, what--what about my music career?

Daniel: You could be like, the next Kylie Minogue, only hotter.

Amber: No, no, I can't do it, okay? I can't do it! I'm not going. I can't--I just can't do it.

Daniel: Amber, you know, Cane was a bartender from Australia when you met him, when you got married to him, when you fell in love with him. What did you think he was gonna stay here forever?

Amber: I also thought he was a Chancellor, okay? I thought he was rich. I wanted that, too.

Daniel: You know what? Please tell me you're joking. I thought that you found out about the Chancellor thing after you got married.

Amber: That's what I wanted everyone to believe.

Daniel: So then you've known about this the whole time? Amber, did you marry Cane just for his money? Did you?

Amber: No. Yes. No. I don't know.

Daniel: That's not a good enough answer. So what you're saying is you're not really in love with the guy?

Amber: No, I love him. I do. I think. But I also loved the fact that he was a Chancellor-- except the DNA test said- they say that he isn't. And I don't understand because nothing is turning out the way it was supposed to. Now you think I'm a horrible person.

Daniel: No. No, I just think that you're confused.

Amber: I am. That's why I came to you for help. Because you are the only one that can help me sort things out.

Lily: Wow! So if I had gotten here just 3-seconds earlier...

Colleen: Then even you could've seen grown men acting like infants.

Lily: Well, it was probably more entertaining than my English lecture.

Colleen: No, don't bet on it.

Lily: I'm sorry you're having such a bad day.

Colleen: You know what the worst part is?

Lily: JT?

Colleen: I don't know what his problem is. I really wish he would leave. I mean, everywhere I go, there he is.

Lily: Colleen, you know what his problem is. You being with anyone besides him.

Michael: I guess I was expecting too much. You had to have a scene in front of the DA.

Kevin: Yeah, today you're asking too much.

Michael: You blew any chance of that man reconsidering.

Kevin: All right, first of all, he said that he wouldn't, so don't even hit me with that! And second of all, it was worth seeing the look on JT's face.

Michael: Kevin, Kevin...

Kevin: No! No! Mikey, don't! Don't even--

Michael: You have got to let this go!

Kevin: This? Let this go? This? By "This," you must mean the never-ending string of disasters that seems to be passing for my life these days.

Michael: Look, I've been there. You know I've been there!

Kevin: Oh, yeah, great! So what? I should just "Be like Mike?" It's so easy. Wish I had thought of that.

Cane: I was just calling you.

Amber: My phone is here.

Cane: So... what is the one thing I have that's worth any money ha ha. No, besides that. The car. I sold the car I bought you a ticket, so we can leave for Brisbane tonight together.

Cane: I did good, eh? I mean, we don't need the car anymore. It's a perfect solution!

Amber: I can't believe you just spent that kind of money without asking me first!

Cane: All right, next time we'll be about the team, I promise. But I mean, come on, can't leave you behind when there's a solution right in front of me.

Amber: Was it a full fare ticket?

Cane: Of course. I bought it the same day.

Amber: Then it's refundable, right?

Cane: So?

Amber: So I want you to return it right now!

Cane: I can't do that.

Amber: Why not? You know why you have to do it? Because we are starting a new life together, okay? And that takes money, no matter where we end up. And that extra $4,000 that you just spent--

Cane: Is worth every penny!

Amber: Pennies that we don't have to be spending on airfare! you know... we're gonna be spending the rest of our lives together. It makes so much more sense to just wait a few weeks and save that extra money.

Cane: And that just sounds like an eternity and I want my hot wife with me right now. That's the end of the discussion. Look, I know it'll be a chance, but I promise you'll start to like it.

Amber's voice: He bought me a ticket for tonight!

Cane: There's a lot more things than vegemite. Emu burgers and snake sausages. There's a whole lot of things you're just gonna love to eat.

Daniel's voice: Two choices--go or don't go. But if you don't, you gotta tell him the truth.

Jill: This is from Australia.

Kay: Hmm?

Jill: Could you hand me the scissors?

Kay: Oh, yeah, here. Is there a return address?

Jill: Yeah, it's from... L. Ashby.

Kay: That's Cane's uncle.

Jill: Yeah, it is.

Jill: "Dear Mrs. Abbott, Paul Williams contacted me to let me know you're Cane's birth mother. He gave me this address. I hope you don't mind me writing. I'm so glad Cane found you at last. I thought you might enjoy these souvenirs of his childhood. Sincerely yours, Langley."

Kay: What's in the box?

Jill: Um... it's mostly pictures.

Kay: Well, why don't we sit down, Jill, and have just--

Jill: No! I wouldn't feel right about that.

Kay: Well, we might as well. I mean...

Jill: Katherine, this is family stuff. Okay, it feels like an invasion of his privacy. He's not family.

Korbel: I sign my name... like so.

Colleen: Wow, did you mean to give me such a big tip?

Korbel: I never do anything I don't mean.

Colleen: Really? I'll keep that in mind.

Korbel: I'm counting on it.

Colleen: 50%? That's a lot.

Korbel: Oh, you're worth it.

Colleen: Why, because my salad delivering skills are so highly coveted?

Korbel: Well, you are sought after.

Colleen: By whom?

Korbel: Well, the disorganized slob with all those transparencies he needs to spend the evening cataloguing.

Colleen: The entire evening?

Korbel: Well, possibly well into the night.

Colleen: So what would happen if, let's say, an organized, well experienced cataloguer offered to help?

Korbel: Well, at that point, we'd be talking about breakfast, for sure.

Colleen: We?

Korbel: Myself and the talented assistant you just mentioned.

Colleen: Whose shift is almost over?

Korbel: The very same.

Colleen: Your place?

Korbel: I'll be waiting.

Gina: Just make sure that Daniel does not eat these all in one sitting.

Lily: Please, he'd be up all night on a sugar high.

Colleen: Dessert for two?

Lily: Yes. Gina's famous cannolis. Daniel has been a very good husband.

Gina: You know what? I want the two of you to come in. I wanna feed you. You make sure you tell Daniel that, okay?

Lily: Okay.

Gina: This week.

Lily: You twisted my arm.

Gina: Oh, um, make sure you call for reservations.

Lily: Okay. Well, I have to go.

Colleen: Okay, I'll see you soon.

Lily: All right, bye, Honey.

Colleen: Bye.

JT: All right, Rock, I'll take my tab.

Rocky: It's all paid, Man.

JT: Hmm? What are you talking about?

Rocky: That guy over there took care of it.

JT: Hey. Hey, am I supposed to-- supposed to thank you for your hospitality there, Professor?

Korbel: Perhaps one day you'll return the favor.

JT: Well, maybe one day, I'll punch you in your damn face, you lying bastard.

Korbel: Good-bye, JT.

JT: Hey, I'm not done talking to you! Where you going?

Korbel: Get off of me. Get off of me!

Paul: Hey! Hey! Hey! Break it up!

Gina: I want you out of here! Out of here now!

Rocky: Hey, Buddy, easy, easy, easy.

Paul: Look at me.

JT: Don't tell me take it easy! Look at these two. They're perfect for each other.

Colleen: JT, stop.

JT: What? What do I owe you, Colleen? I forgot. Do I owe you something?

Paul: Okay. Please?

Gina: Let's go. Come on.

J.T: Get out of my sight, 'cause you guys make me sick!

Paul: That's enough.

Gina: Yeah, everything's fine.

Paul: Come on, you're gonna be fine. Let's get some water.

Kevin: Go, I'm fine. I'm not gonna hang myself from the shower rod. Look at that expression.

Michael: I worry about you.

Kevin: Mike, I'm cool. Go. You're an important lawyer. You got important things to do. You don't need to baby-sit me. I'll see you later.

Amber's voice: I don't wanna go. And if I'm honest, I lose him. I can't win either way!

Daniel's voice: Which is the bigger mistake? Wake up in Australia or alone?

Cane: Have you packed already?

Amber: I haven't started.

Cane: It's that bloody computer, isn't it?

Amber: It's important.

Cane: So is hopping on a plane that leaves in a couple of hours. Or we'll be in Brisbane without a stitch to wear, which I won't mind, but you might be chilly. Come on, let's go, come on.

Amber's voice: Not going to Australia. I'm gonna cut him loose.

Daniel's voice: Best to be honest. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

Lily: Hey, you!

Daniel: Hey.

Lily: I thought you would be sleeping.

Daniel: I was, and then, well... I'll catch up later tonight.

Lily: Did you get your paper in?

Daniel: With moment to spare.

Lily: Good job! I got you a reward.

Daniel: I get a treat?

Lily: Yes, you do.

Daniel: Yeah? Really?

Lily: Mm-hm

Daniel: Cannolis! Thank you!

Lily: You're welcome. Oh, and Gina wanted me to tell you that she forgets what you look like.

Daniel: Yeah, I guess I kinda owe her a visit, don't I?

Lily: Well, she does wanna buy us dinner one night this week.

Daniel: Ooh, what night?

Lily: I don't know. So do you wanna eat this now or wait until after dinner?

Daniel: I think the cannolis can wait.

Lily: Okay.

Daniel: I have a surprise for you, as well.

Lily: What?

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Lily: What's the occasion?

Daniel: You're hot, which is a daily occasion. And I just thought we'd celebrate it today.

Lily: Okay. I like that logic. That's good.

Daniel: Well, what are you waiting for? Open it up.

Lily: Oh, my gosh. Pretty wrapping.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Lily: Wow!

Daniel: Yeah. A little something that both of us can enjoy.

Lily: I love it. Thank you. It looks like it'll fit.

Daniel: Yeah, it does. Why don't you go, uh, try it on and model it for me?

Lily: Are you sure you won't be too tired?

Daniel: I'm pretty sure I'll be all right once you get it on.

Lily: Okay.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Lily: I'll be right back.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Jill: Should we call Cane so he can take this with him? Or tape it back up and send it--

Kay: Jill, aren't you the least bit interested?

Jill: Katherine...

Kay: Well, then avert your eyes, because I don't see the harm.

Kay: (Chuckles) "Cane, 9 months old." Oh, gosh, so cute! Look. Look.

Jill: No, thank you.

Kay: It's her. It's her!

Jill: What's her? What are you talking about?

Kay: Violet! Violet! This is the woman!

Jill: You remember her?

Kay: Yes, yes, the woman in the bar. I mean, look at it! She is wearing my ring. Look at it!

Jill: Are you sure? Are you sure this is your ring?

Kay: Yes, I'm positive. Hat is Violet Montgomery! Now I swear, I do not care what the DNA test say, Cane is your son.

Cane: Baby?

Amber: What?

Cane: Come on, you're not packed. We're gonna miss the flight. I'm really not keen about running across tarmacs. Come on! Let's go! Amber?

Daniel's voice: Best to be honest. Good luck let me know how it goes.

Amber: I'm sorry. I just can't go with you.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Dru: Are you still in love with Brad?

Sharon: In love?!

Brad: Do you really think I'm going to be intimidated by you?

Phyllis: Absolutely, I do.

Nikki: What is wrong with you?!

Victor: I warned you not to go against me.

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