Y&R Transcript Friday 3/16/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 3/16/07 -- Canada; Monday 3/19/07 -- U.S.A.


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Brad: What do you mean it's too late to make Phyllis happy? Don't tell me you provoked her.

Sharon: Basically, Phyllis just overheard me telling David chow that I think she's a home wreck.

Brad: Oh, good, good. Well, I guess I'm next on that hit list.

Sharon: Brad look, you cannot let her do this to you, okay? What happened in New York is between you and me. It's none of her damn business.

Brad: Well, Phyllis doesn't see it that way. It's leverage to make sure I back her on Clear Springs.

Sharon: Victoria is Phyllis' bridesmaid. Phyllis has a baby with Nick. Do you really think she's gonna throw her whole life away over a business deal?

Brad: Yeah, I thought that might be the case, so I called her bluff. She didn't back down.

Sharon: Well, maybe we should just pay off the room service waiter to claim he's never seen us together.

Brad: No, it's too risky. If Phyllis finds out, it will be obvious that we have something to hide.

Sharon: This is crazy. Phyllis' affair with Nick is what led to us sleeping together in the first place.

Brad: You know what? Maybe we don't have to worry about Phyllis.

Sharon: What? Of course we do.

Brad: No, wait a second. All she cares about is Clear Springs getting funded. Now if Neil gets on the board, he'll obviously side with Victor. My vote won't matter.

Sharon: Mmm, I doubt it. Phyllis is gonna use this information against us at some point with something. That night in New York should've never happened.

Brad: I don't think you really feel that way. I have no regrets.

Sharon: Even if it costs you your marriage?

Brad: It won't. I'll make sure Victoria never finds out.

Victoria: Hi, mom, what's up?

Nikki: Hey. Well, what's up is I'm running for a seat on the Newman board.

Victoria: Really? I had no idea there was even one open.

Nikki: It just happened. And I thought, why let the rest of my family have all the fun, right?

Victoria: Yeah. Especially since you could vote against Clear Springs.

Nikki: Precisely. If Newman doesn't fund it, Jack can't build it.

Victoria: Huh. Mom, this is great. So how did dad take the news?

Nikki: Ah, well, that went something like this-- Nikki, to be perfectly frank, I don't know that this is the right course of action.

Nikki: what can I say? I'm working on him.

Victor: I know damn well how my wife's mind works. She wants to use our relationship to her benefit.

Jack: And she fully expects your support for her decision to run for the board.

Victor: She knows exactly what she's doing.

Jack: Victor, I'm sure I don't have to tell you this. If Neil is not on the board, we may not have the votes we need to fund Clear Springs.

Victor: I don't want you to worry. You've known me long enough to realize that I don't let personal feelings interfere with business, do I?

Lily: Okay, you. Hello?

Daniel: Hello.

Lily: I'm off to anthropology.

Daniel: Ooh you studying some exotic tribe?

Lily: Actually, I'm studying the contemporary American male. It turns out all he needs to make him happy is food and his computer.

Daniel: What? Hey, come on now, that's not all I need.

Lily: Oh, yeah?

Daniel yeah.

Lily: How's your term paper going?

Daniel: Four more pages.

Lily: Ah!

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Well, if you're done when I get back, then we can celebrate any way you'd like.

Daniel: That is a very powerful incentive.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Okay.

Lily: Okay.

Daniel: Well, have fun at class.

Lily: I will. I love you.

Daniel: I love you, too.

Lily: All right, bye, honey.

Daniel: Bye-bye.

Daniel: Hey, what's up?

Amber: Can I come over?

Daniel: I'm kind of in the middle of writing a term paper.

Amber: I-I don't know what to do.

Daniel: About what? Cane? Just follow the rules, remember? You're the only person I can really talk to and I just... I don't have anywhere else to go.

Daniel: Well, uh, I guess my paper can wait. You'd better get over here.

Jill: Fashion police, reporting for duty.

Lauren: Oh, well, come on in.

Jill: Thanks. You just missed the most fashionable guy in town, I have to tell you.

Jill: Oh!

Lauren: I just bought Fen the cutest pinstripe onesie to match Michael's suit you know, like father, like son? Jill?

Jill: No, nothing. It's nothing. I just have a lot on my mind.

Lauren: So are you up for this?

Jill: Absolutely, I'm up for it! "EXTREME CATWALK" is going to be the perfect distraction for me.

Lauren: You know, the fashion thing I've got, but this television? I am so out of the loop. I'm embarrassed to tell you, I mean, all I do is watch cartoons and sing-alongs.

Jill: Well, the producer sent me over the DVDs, but I'm still not clear what our role on the show is.

Gloria: Well, you're about to find out, because I am to transform us into the hottest judges "EXTREME CATWALK's" ever seen.

Lauren: Well!

Jill: I'm up for that. C ok son... go long.

Gloria: The contestants have exactly one hour to create the most stylish outfit from a selection of original designs.

Lauren: It sounds almost as crazy as a real fashion show.

Gloria: It is real. And believe me, they all wanna be the next you, Lauren. Last year's winner opened her very own successful boutique.

Jill: I thought the scoring categories were a little vague. I mean, originality, I understand. But trendiness and wearbility?

Gloria: But that's the point. That gives the judges lots of freedom to base their decisions on what makes the show the most exciting.

Lauren: Most exciting? Shouldn't just the best person win?

Gloria: Yeah, as long as they're good on TV. Don't you get it? It's part of o job to make the show entertaining. That's why we have to come up with personas in advance.

Jill: I just kinda thought I would be myself.

Gloria: Oh, Jill, we're not gonna create characters. We're just going to enhance aspects of our own personalities, hmm? I mean, there are three types of judges. There's the nice one, the objective professional and the meanie.

Lauren: I just-- I cannot believe there's a formula to this.

Gloria: And, Jill, you are far too diplomatic to play the bad guy.

Jill: Am I? I don't know, lately I've been feeling like I could out-Simon, Simon. Your purse and your shoes are the same color. Didn't you know that matchy-matchy went out of style with polyester?

Gloria: Whoo! But I think you could put a little more venom into it.

Jill: What?

Lauren: I thought that was pretty brutal.

Jill: Me, too.

Gloria: Oh, yeah? Well, you my dear, are to fashion what, uh, what's his name-- Kevin Federline--is to music-- a complete embarrassment. And that thing shouldn't be seen on a clearance rack at a discount store, much less a catwalk.

Jill: Whoa! That was vicious!

Gloria: That was easy. I just imagine I'm talking to Jack Abbott.

Jack: Whatever Sharon said couldn't have been that bad.

Phyllis: Oh, well, she said I was a shameless hussy who stole her husband away from her.

Jack: You sure you didn't misunderstand?

Phyllis: No, Jack. I heard every word she said.

Jack: The end of her marriage is always going to be a painful subject.

Phyllis: she had no problem talking about it to David. She blamed me for everything. Listen... I've made mistakes. I know that. But so has everyone. And believe me, so has Sharon.

Jack: I would consider it an enormous personal favor to me if you could let this go.

Phyllis: Fine. I'll let it go. If she trashes me again, I'm not gonna be so understanding.

Jack: That won't be an issue. I'm telling you, the cornerstone of my campaign is Clear Springs, not my private life.

Phyllis: Right. Okay, so do you have your votes lined up for, uh, the board meeting?

Jack: Well, I thought I did. Until Nikki announced she's wants to compete with Neil for the vacant seat.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: Yeah, I think Nikki wants to do everything she can to keep me from getting my way at Clear Springs.

Phyllis: Why is she so gung ho about sabotaging this project?

Jack: I don't know. But you and I are gonna have to do everything we can to stop her from getting that seat or this project is a no-go.

Phyllis: Oh, you don't know that. Anything can happen at any second.

Jack: Why do you say that?

Phyllis: Because I believe in this project. You just have get out there and sell it. You'd be surprised who ends up supporting you.

Brad: Nikki wants to join the board of directors?

Victoria: Yeah.

Brad: Since when?

Victoria: Since just now. Isn't it great? She'll vote with us. So we have to make sure she wins.

Brad: I'll do my best.

Victoria: The three of us are gonna stop Jack's project. And there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Daniel: So there go your dreams of living like a Hilton sister. Come on, you're no worse off than you were before you thought that he hit the genetic Jackpot.

Amber: This is a big deal!

Daniel: Why? It's not like you married Cane just 'cause you thought he was a chancellor.

Amber: I know! Bu- I mean, it really just upsets me seeing him so bothered by the whole thing.

Daniel: He'll get over it. Besides, with you as his wife, you got nothing to worry about. Cane is the same person that he was when you fell in love with him.

Amber: No, he's not.

Daniel: What do you mean?

Amber: Okay, before he was determined to stay in America. Now he is booking a trip for two to Australia for good.

Daniel: I don't wanna pick up and move to kangaroo land for good. I just got settled here.

Daniel: I don't know, maybe it'll inspire you to write a song about a wallaby.

Amber: Not funny. I can't leave. I've got a great job. I've got great friends. It feels like home.

Daniel: Maybe it doesn't to Cane.

Amber: Well, he needs to give this place a chance. It's perfect, right down to the weather.

Daniel: You're kidding about that, right?

Amber: Oh you'd do that anyway!

Daniel: Yeah, okay, probably.

Amber: When I lived in LA, I couldn't tell you whether it was January or July. I had to look at a calendar. I love the change of seasons.

Daniel: Okay, so why don't you try telling Cane that?

Amber: I can't. He's determined to go.

Daniel: So that's it? You're just gonna back down to that decision?

Amber: I don't know what to do. That's why I came here to talk to you.

Daniel: Do you love but I cat leave.

Daniel: Well, then there's your answer.


Jill: Go, girl!

Lauren: I'm strutting. What do you think?

Jill: All right, what do I think? The classic lines are totally Calvin Klein. But the bold use of color is vintage Pucci. You took a calculated risk. And, girl, it worked! I love it!

Lauren: Thank you! Thank you! I was inspired by the classic movies.

Gloria: Yeah, maybe a horror film. 'Cause that thing is gonna give me nightmares for a week. Now I will give you that the top says successful executive, but the jewelry, the bag, everything else, screams working girl.

Jill: Ooh!

Lauren: His was my dream! Don't take my dream away from me!

Jill: You really are gonna make an impression, Gloria.

Gloria: Good. I just think I need a catch phrase. Something like, you did not bring sexy back. Or, honey, you've just been glorified.

Jill: Oh.

Jill: Great, no, thanks for letting me know. Those were the producers. They're sending a camera crew over to Jabot to film us at work.

Gloria: Oh, this is so exciting. Come on, let's practice some more. We don't have much time.

Lauren: Oh, I think you've got it down, Gloria.

Gloria: Oh, there's always room for improvement.

Jill: Oh, you know what? We could call Phyllis in. She's always good for a one-liner.

Lauren: We can do it ourselves. We don't need Phyllis.

Phyllis: I bet you need a stiff drink. Sorry, this is all we have.

Sharon: What did you do? Poison it? You know what I'd like to do is dump it on you.

Phyllis: I actual think you're smarter than doing anything to upset me right now.

Sharon: Phyllis... if you go through with these allegations about me and Brad, there are a lot of people who are going to be hurt, including you.

Phyllis: Okay, all right, we need to start this conversation over again. What you need to do is apologize to me for misrepresenting me to Jack's campaign manager.

Sharon: Um... I should not have gotten so emotional.

Phyllis: Sharon, you accused me of seducing a vulnerable married man. And I'm sorry, what do you call sleeping with your newlywed brother-in-law?

Sharon: I'm-- I'm sorry, Phyllis. You know what? I'm sorry. My comments to David chow were-- they were inappropriate.

Phyllis: There we go! That's great. That's more like it.

Sharon: Phyllis, please don't-- don't say anything to Victoria. You know, we--we were only together once. And, um, and I was still-- I was really reeling at the time after learning about, you know, you and Nick.

Phyllis: Wow, are you saying this is my fault?

Sharon: No! No. No. Um... Brad was just helping me through a really difficult time

Phyllis: Oh, I bet he was.

Sharon: Well, Phyllis, you know, you know, you have everything that you want. You know, you have Nick. You have a brand-new baby. You know, don't-- don't go ruining another marriage. It just wouldn't be worth it.

Phyllis: Wow! You actually think that I'm the one who could ruin Victoria's marriage? I wasn't sleeping with her husband, Sharon.

Sharon: No, you're the one who wants her to find

Phyllis: You know how much you punished Nick and me for our affair, and you were cheating on Nick. I mean, I'm not the only home wrecker in town. What a hypocrite.

Sharon: Okay. Fine. I'm a hypocrite. But that doesn't make it okay for you to go and hurt Brad and Victoria.

Phyllis: Actually, Sharon, I don't think Victoria is your primary concern right now. I mean, you really weren't thinking of her when you were sleeping with Brad, were you?

Sharon: Well, now you're no one to be lecturing on the honoring marital vows, right?

Phyllis: You know, Sharon, if this comes out, you're not gonna be the sympathetic victim anymore, are you?

Sharon: Well, you would like it to come out because that way, it gets you off the hook.

Phyllis: No. The only thing I care about right now is making sure that Jack gets his development funding. And if you care so much about Brad and his wife and making sure that their marriage lasts, you'll make sure that Brad votes yes.

Brad: Let me guess. You wanna sell me on the virtues of Clear Springs.

Jack: Of which there are many. Perhaps you could be a little more objective by pretending that somebody else is telling you about them.

Brad: Jack, when it comes to business, you know I always keep an open mind.

Jack: Well, that's great. Um, I'd love to go over the details of the plans with you whenever you have some free time.

Brad: No time like the present.

Nikki: Victoria is thrilled that I'm running for the board.

Victor: Really? Why am I not surprised?

Nikki: Our family has never been more united. We might as well be together in the boardroom, too.

Victor: How the hell can you say that with a straight face?

Nikki: All right, I admit, it was not easy. But why not try to bring us together? Especially now that Victoria is having a child.

Victor: What the hell are you talking about? And someday Zapato will father a litter of puppies. What does that have to do with business?

Nikki: Well, a lot, when it's a family company.

Victor: We disagree about Clear Springs, all right? Don't expect us to hold hands across the boardroom table anytime soon.

Nikki: Victor, why not try? You always said that you built the company for your children.

Victor: And I want that company to be around for my grandchildren when they are grown. Therefore, I will not be swayed by personal feelings when it comes to business.

Daniel: Look, no matter where you are in the world, we could still always be friends. I'm only gonna be an e-mail away.

Amber: Ah. I'll try to send you e-mails while crocodiles are nipping at my heels.

Amber: I am sure you have more important things to worry about than writing to me.

Amber: I can see it now. I'll go to hit send and chomp! A big crocodile just eats my hand like captain hook.

Daniel: Captain hook? Well, think of it this way, I bet the lost boys would like you a lot better than Wendy.

Amber: Yeah. And the next picture on my site will have to be me.

Daniel: I'd go ahead and save those. I think the pictures u have up now are just fine.

Amber: Then why haven't you posted me any comments?

Daniel: Because I'm still not even sure that they're really you. Okay, look, your video? Awesome. But the photo album-- I'd click on a picture and your face wasn't in any of them.

Amber: Hmm. Maybe I should prove it to you. I could take my shirt off right now. We could compare.

Daniel: What are you doing? I'll take your word for it. I'm sure those pictures were really you.

Amber: I wasn't going to flash you. I just wand see you blush.

Daniel: Well, mission accomplished. Are you happy?

>>Amber: The first thing you learn when you put hot pictures on the internet is that you never put your face and body in the same shot.

Daniel: Do you have a rule for taking pictures like you do for dating?

Amber: It's just common sense. You know, anything you put on the internet can end up anywhere.

Daniel: Like some dude's mailbox?

Amber: Yeah. One fun photo can make it around the world in record time. Just ask any celebrity.

Daniel: Hey, does... Cane know about this little hobby of yours?

Amber: I posted those pictures way before I was married. Plus he's got the real deal.

Jack: Clear Springs is more than a development, it's an opportunity to revitalize a community.

Jack: Look, I'm really happy you were willing to hear me out. Everyone involved in this stands to make a sizeable profit, including the citizens.

Brad: You've given me a lot to think about.

Jack: There are the revised numbers. Take a look at them.

Victoria: How's your day going?

Victoria: What was that about?

Brad: Oh, that was just, uh, Jack trying to sell me Clear Springs.

Victoria: Huh. He must be desperate.

Brad: Well, I must admit, he makes a pretty compelling case.

Victoria: What are you talking about? You know, one minute... you think we should switch sides because we're having a baby. And now Jack's sales pitch has you sold? What's going on?

Brad: Nothing's going on. I just... felt I had an obligation to listen to what he had to say from an objective business viewpoint.

Victoria: This isn't about money. This is personal, okay? I don't want the Newman name associated with demolishing a piece of our state's history.

Brad: I know how strongly you feel.

Victoria: I thought you were on my side.

Brad: I am. I just thought I should hear Jack out. That's all.

Jill: Thank you so much.

Man: You're welcome.

Gloria: The only thing dry about this martini is the glass. What do you people using over there, rubbing alcohol?

Man: Sorry, ma'am. I'll have the bartender make another one.

Gloria: Don't bother.

Jill: This, on the other hand, is the best lemon drop I have ever had. Please give my compliments to the bartender.

Man: Will do. Thanks.

Jill: Thank you.

Lauren: Oh, I think we're gonna have to leave him a huge tip!

Jill: Enormous tip.

Gloria: Poor thing. I think I frightened h

Jill: Mission accomplished.

Gloria: You, too. Did you see the smile on his face after your compliment?

Jill: I did. I did.

Lauren: See? I told you we don't need Phyllis. You two are gonna be fantastic on "EXTREME CATWALK."

Jill: Oh, we're gonna have fun.

Gloria: We are.

Lauren: Well, you are. I'll watch. So let's make a toast, shall we?

Your success in reality television.

Jill: Cheers.

Gloria: Cheers.

Jack: Boy, were you right.

Phyllis: Oh, well, naturally. What can I get credit for now?

Jack: I just ad a very productive meeting with Brad Carlton about Clear Springs. He seems very open to the idea. It's like his mind changed overnight.

Phyllis: Really?

Jack: I'll say. It's the last guy I thought I could convince.

Phyllis: You know,

I just had a very interesting

conversation with

a room service waiter

who works at a hotel

in New York

called the Ashford Baron.

Are you familiar with it?

His name is Carlos.

He's a great guy.

And he said that he served

u and Sharon breakfast

last spring in your robes

in Sharon's room.

Brad: That's ridiculous.

Phyllis: Really? He said you had croissants, coffee and orange juice and there was a Denver Omelet. I believe it, uh, was served with no cheese, tomatoes instead of potatoes that must've been Sharon's. No carbs. I'm sure she doesn't wanna get fat.

Brad: Hat do you want, Phyllis?

Phyllis: I want you to vote with Nick. That's what I want. Or else Victoria will know what you and Sharon had for breakfast that morning, too. Wow. Well, maybe he realizes if he supports you now, it will benefit him in the end.

Jack: Whatever his motives are, it's working out for us. We want it to stay that way.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. That's great, Jack.

Jack: Hey, look who the cat dragged in.

Ji Min: Always a pleasure to see you too, Jack.

Phyllis: Okay, guys, be nice. I actually have to go. I don't have time to referee. Thank you.

Jack: Thank you for stopping by. Uh, the Gloria terror alert level is at orange again.

Ji Min: What did she do now?

Jack: She still wants to go on "EXTREME CATWALK." You have to stop that from happening.

Ji Min: Well, Jill's gonna be a judge. If I forbid Gloria to go, it'll look like I'm playing favorites.

Jack: I don't really care about Jill. I don't want Gloria to be on that show.

Ji Min: I fail to see how it's relevant.

Jack: I am working day and night to craft my public image. I'm not about to let Gloria make a mockery of the Abbott family on a national television show. I don't know what it's gonna take. You see to it she's not on that show.

Phyllis: Your ex-mistress has quite a mouth on her.

Brad: Well, Sharon has a right to know if someone's threatening her --

Phyllis: It makes me wonder if she's really an ex-mistress. Maybe you have been sleeping with her at all the finest hotels in America?

Brad: Well, if we were, there is no doubt that you would have dug through the trash to find the receipts.

Phyllis: You shouldn't have dragged Sharon into this.

Phyllis: You are the kind of guy who would trample over the women and children to get to the lifeboat.

Brad: .. you know how far I'll go to protect the people I care about.

Phyllis: Yeah. That must be why you were so nice to jack. I'm glad we came to an understanding.

Phyllis: And there's one way to avoid that.

Brad: But I also understand that my marriage is at risk if I vote against my wife. So, tell me... what do you suggest I do, Phyllis?

Phyllis: Oh, you're a we, brad, you shouldn't underestimate your persuasion powers. I mean, you can get her on your side.

Victoria: Dad, I'd, uh, I'd like to talk to you about the board election.

Victor: Do me a favor. Do not make an impassioned speech about family values. I've already heard one.

Victoria: Well, you don't have to worry. I won't. This is strictly business.

Victor: Then let's hear it.

Victoria: as you know, we work with a lot of companies. And I want you to think about how bad it would look if you don't trust your own wife's business acumen enough to support her candidacy. I only have the company's best interests in mind.

Victor: I'll take... your thoughts into consideration.

Brad: She knows about us, Sharon.

Sharon: How much does she know?

Brad: Everything that happened in new York.

Sharon: How?

Brad: I'm not sure. She claims to have overheard our conversation at the athletic club.

Sharon: She's bluffing.

Brad: She spoke to our room service waiter.

Sharon: Oh. Great. So what are we gonna do?

Brad: Well... for right now, we do whatever it takes to keep her happy. Whatever you do, don't provoke her.

Sharon: I think it might be too late for that, brad.

Jack: I heard about your problem with Phyllis.

Sharon: You did?

Jack: Yeah, she said the two of you had a bit of a run-in after you spoke with David.

Sharon: Oh, gosh, you know, I, uh... I was really stressed out and I said some things that I shouldn't have. I'm sorry.

Jack: Well, that's what I told h. I also convinced her to back off.

Sharon: Thanks. Thanks. You know what? I'm really sorry that you got dragged into all of this. Because you have enough on your plate already. You don't need to be worrying about the two of us.

Jack: Between clear springs and campaigning-- never a dull moment.

Sharon: I heard that Nikki is running for the board. Does that bother you?

Jack: No. Even if she wins, I have a funny feeling our project's gonna get the go ahead.

Sharon: Why is that?

Jack: I had a fascinating conversation with brad Carlton about clear springs. Not only was he open to listening, he saw some of the promise. It's like he changed his mind overnight. It was amazing.

Sharon: Um, well, you know, brad doesn't get enough credit. He knows a good idea when he sees it.

Jack: Well, whatever his motives, I have a feeling he's gonna vote against his wife.

Sharon: I really hope that this works out for you, jack.

Jack: Boy, so do it. I could use all the allies I can get.

Daniel: Did you really meet guys this way?

Amber: Well, it's not like you have to get together face to face with them. You just send messages to other guys? Are you jealous?

Daniel: Curious.

Amber: Before I got married, yeah. Um, this guy used to send me messages all the time. Hotdoc and Legman-- they were big fans, too. But it's not like I called them and shared my life story or anything. You know, I think you should get an account.

Daniel: Yeah, no, I don't think I want e-mails from Hotdoc and Legman.

Amber: Yeah, but you might like getting 'em from Prettyinpink and Missyx.

Daniel: Yeah, I don't know if that's my style.

Amber: But you'll never know unless you try. Come on! Log on. I will show you how to do it.

Gloria: Hollywood here we come!

Jill: Here we come!

Ji min: Good evening, ladies.

Jill: Oh, hello.

Ji min: Jill, great work on that market forecast. I'm very impressed.

Jill: Well, thank you, Ji min. Oh, I don't know if you've ever been properly introduced to Lauren Fenmore Baldwin-- Baldwin.

Lauren: That's right.

Ji min: No, not formally, but I do know that your store has done a fabulous job promoting Jabot.

Lauren: Oh, well, thank you very much. And I ho I'm not the first to tell you that your products practically sell themselves.

Gloria: And PERFUME ON THE GLO is one of the top sellers at Fenmore's.

Lauren: That's right.

Ji min: And you have done a wonderful job promoting your line. We are launching PERFUME ON THE GLO in Holland and I'd like you to lead the Dutch team.

Gloria: Oh, Mr. Kim, thank you very much. It's a great opportunity!

Ji min: You'll have to leave right away. You'll be there for about two weeks.

Gloria: Well, in that case, Mr. Kim, I'm afraid I can't go, because I have a previous commitment.

Ji min: And that would be?

Gloria: "EXTREME CATWALK." I'm a judge on the show.

Ji min: No, that's all right. Um, I know that you've never handled an international launch before. I'll just, uh, get someone else to do it.

Jill: Um, has the timing been finalized yet? I mean, this is gonna be tremendous publicity for Jabot. And Gloria and I have so been looking forward to this.

Ji min: I'm sure you're quite capable of handling it on your own, Jill.

Jill: Well, thank you, thank you, but it wouldn't be the same without her, you know? And it is your company, so couldn't you postpone her trip a little bit? I mean, you set the schedule.

Ji min: Well, obviously this means a lot to you both.

Lauren: We've been rehearsing. They're really fantastic together.

Jill: We have fun. We do.

Ji min: Well, I want the C.E.O. Of my company to be happy.

Jill: Oh!

Ji min: So I'll delay the trip.

Jill: Oh, thank you.

Gloria: Thank you, Mr. Kim.

Phyllis: Oh, still here?

Jack: Yeah. Working on my campaign a bit. Frankly, I thinking of emphasizing my peace-making skills.

Phyllis: It might be a good idea for somebody in your position.

Jack: I spoke to Sharon about this whole thing. For what it's worth, she's ready to get beyond it.

Phyllis: Great. I'm beyond it. No problem here. I don't want there to be any conflict between us.

Jack: Neither does Sharon. Believe it or not, she has no ill feelings towards you.

Sharon: I hate Phyllis. I wish I could pay her back for everything she's ever done to me.

Brad: If you find a way to do it, I'll be your alibi.

Sharon: And you know, it kills me to listen to jack defend her. If he knew that she was blackmailing us this way, he would throw her away like the trash she is.

Brad: Maybe. She is helping him get what he wants.

Sharon: But he doesn't know the way she's going about it, because he would never let her hurt me.

Brad: We don't have a lot of options here, Sharon. If Victoria finds out we slept together, she' never forgive me.

Sharon: So that's it? Phyllis wins?

Brad: For now. I'll vote for clear springs if it comes down to it. Now I have to figure out a way to get Victoria on board.

Victoria: Brad doesn't back down for anyone. One of the reasons I married him is because he's so confident in his decision making.

Nikki: Translation-- he's obstinate.

Victoria: Technically. You know, I was such an attractive quality when we first got married.

Nikki: Yeah, I thought the same thing about your father. Now he's driving you nuts, right?

Victoria: Why can't they just agree with us 100% of the time? I mean, don't they know women are always right?

Nikki: Men don't get it. Especially men like those two are so stubborn.

Victoria: Well, growing up with my father, you'd think I'd be used to it by now.

Nikki: Look, brad may not agree with you all the time, but at least he respects you.

Victoria: Mom... dad respects you.

Nikki: I'll agree with that if and when he supports my running for the board.

Victoria: He takes all of your ambitions seriously. Look at what he did with NVP?

Nikki: Yeah, and then he gave it to jack.

Victoria: Yeah. Good point. Well, let's just hope that he does the right thing.

Nikki: If your father truly believes that I'm a competent businesswoman, he will support my joining the board of directors.

Amber: Once you've set up your account, you can e-mail whoever you think is interesting.

Daniel: Yeah, but they want a credit card number. See, I don't want a record of ... my new hobby.

Amber: Don't worry. The chars don't show up under the name of the site. And if you don't like it, you can just cancel your account. You got nothing to lose.

Daniel: I'll use this one.

Lily: Oh. Hey. Um, amber, I didn't know you were coming by. Uh, what's going on?

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Gloria: "EXTREME CATWALK," here we come.

Amber: Hey, lily.

Lily: You guys look a little distraught when I came in. Is everything all right?

Victoria: Everyone's voting in their best interest, right?

Phyllis: Right. I'm counting on it.

Jack: Will you marry me?

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