Y&R Transcript Friday 3/9/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 3/9/07 -- Canada; Monday 3/12/07 -- U.S.A.


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Brad: Hey.

Victoria: Hi. Here's where you've been hiding.

Brad: Yeah, nobody's been bothering me in here. I've been able to get a lot of work done.

Victoria: Guess what I did this morning?

Brad: Can I go over this budget with you first?

Victoria: No, you may not.

Brad: Come on, it'll take two seconds.

Victoria: Ladies first.

Brad: Okay, what did you do?

Victoria: You have to promise not to tell anyone. Okay, maybe our families, but that's it.

Brad: Are you hitting the off-track betting parlor again, is that it?

Victoria: No.

Brad: No?

Victoria: No.

Brad: Okay, what? What?

Victoria: I went to the drug store this morning.

Brad: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: And, um... guess.

Brad: What section were you in?

Victoria: Where they have the tests.

Brad: Tests? Wait a minute, what kind of test?

Victoria: A pregnancy test.

Victoria: Yeah. I'm pregnant.

Brad: You're pregnant?

Victoria: Yeah! I'm pregnant.

Brad: You're pregnant!

Victoria: Yeah!

Brad: You're pregnant!

Victoria: Yes!

Brad: Oh! Wow!

Nick: I have to admit it, Jack's idea has some serious potential.

Phyllis: Mmm.

[Phyllis remembering what she overheard]

Sharon: Jack just asked me to go on a business trip to New York.

Sharon: I mean, I can't very well tell him, "Look, Jack, I can't stay at that hotel. That's the place where I had sex with Brad".

Nick: I suppose I should just stay away from the whole deal and, uh, are you listening to me? Have you heard a word I said?

Phyllis: Yes.

Phyllis: Um, you said you're on board with Clear Springs, but, um, you have to figure out a timetable in order to break even.

Nick: Huh. Okay, I guess the girl can multitask.

Phyllis: Yeah, of course.

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: You know that. Um, I have to do my own research. So I'll see you later.

Nick: I still don't think you were listening to me. She wasn't listening.

Dru: You know, Neil, I have to tell you, I have such a newfound appreciation for my freedom, to be able to eat where I want to, have breakfast when I want to, with who I want to... you know? I have to tell you, I couldn't ask for more.

Neil: Mmm. Not even a roommate?

Dru: Already have one of those.

Neil: Oh, really?

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Do you?

Dru: You, silly. That goes without saying, yeah, yeah. You know what I'm looking forward to?

Neil: What?

Dru: I bet I know. A sleepover?

Neil: Oh, yeah, well, that's gonna be a little later. No, I'm looking forward to you coming back to work alongside me again.

Dru: Me too, Neil. Me, too. Except, um... I'm really not looking forward to bumping into David Chow.

David: So what do you think?

Sharon: Wow! "Jack Abbott--state senate." I like it! You know, it's simple, but it's strong.

David: Good. Good. Well, obviously this is just a mock-up. I've also hired an outside firm to do some copy testing, which will help us hone in on a campaign theme.

Sharon: Great. Don't you think we should wait for Jack to get back from New York?

David: Actually, I was hoping to meet with you first.

Sharon: Oh? Why is that?

David: Well, you are the candidate's significant other. So I need to know up front if there are any things in your past, anything from your life, that could become detrimental to the campaign.

Sharon: Wait, you make it sound like...

David: Like what? Like you're the one running for office? Unfortunately, that's the kind of scrutiny that goes on these days. Anyone close to the candidate will go under the microscope. I'm sorry if I caught you off guard.

Sharon: No. Uh, it's just... I didn't know that my past mistakes would be dredged up.

David: Well, yeah-- yours and Jack's. And possibly any close friends of Jack's or even business associates.

Sharon: Wow. ... I don't know what you want me to say.

David: So I guess there are some things that we need to talk about?

Sharon: I really don't wanna hurt Jack's chances.

David: Right. Right. Which is why it is imperative that you and I talk now, Sharon. I don't wanna be blindsided while moving forward. We all need to be prepared for what's coming.

Sharon: I, uh... I had a baby when I was in high school. The man who got me pregnant left me, so I gave the baby up for adoption.

David: That's not exactly an unheard of scenario.

Sharon: No. But it is not an attractive one either.

David: Did you ever come to learn what became of the child?

Sharon: Cassie. Yeah. Um... Nick and I raised her after the adoption.

David: Wow! How did that come about?

Sharon: A friend of mine, uh, had located her. She was living in Madison after the adoption. And the home that she'd been placed in wasn't really all that nice. So Nick and I, uh, we went to court and we, um... we got custody.

David: Hmm.

Sharon: And she was-- she was with us until the day she died.

David: I'm sorry. I'll tell you what. Why don't you write up a list, okay? People, places, dates, events-- anything that you could think of that might bear scrutiny from the public.

Sharon: Okay. Um... fine. When do you need it by?

David: Sometime later today? We can talk about it then.

Sharon: Okay. Yeah, this is gonna be no problem. I'll give it to you later when I see you at work. Okay. Thank you for the coffee.

David: Sharon, look, um... one more thing. I just wanna be honest with you, okay? Now, if you can't talk with me, in private about these things, without it upsetting you, you’re never gonna get through a senate campaign. You really have to think about whether or not this is something that you wanna be a part of.

Dru: Neil?

Neil: Mmm?

Dru: You know, um, I know David Chow helped out at my hearing...

Neil: I hear a "But" coming.

Dru: Well... Honey, I don't trust him. Do you?

Neil: I don't blame you for being cautious, but-- hello, David.

David: Good morning.

Neil: Good morning.

Dru: Hey, I didn't know you were here.

David: Yeah, yeah, I had a-a meeting.

Dru: Oh.

David: Well, it must be nice to finally get your life back on track.

Dru: Yeah, well, thanks to you.

David: Oh, please. Well, I'm just happy to see that you're out of the hospital and feeling better.

Dru: Yeah, I feel great.

Neil: Hopefully all the bad stuff's behind us now, right, Honey?

Dru: That's right.

David: Right. Whereas I'm just gearing up for my own kind of fight right now.

Dru: Right, I understand that you'll be running Jack Abbott's political campaign.

David: That's right. That's right. And I'll be working nonstop until after the election. Which is why I'm gonna have to take a leave of absence.

Dru: Oh?

Neil: Really? What about Newman?

David: You know, I wanted to talk to you about that, Neil. I'd like to hand over all my Granville Global projects to you. You know the business better than anyone else, so...

Neil: Really? You want me to take your-- I guess-- I'd be happy to do that.

Dru: Wow.

David: Great. Great. We'll talk more about it later.

Neil: Okay.

David: I'm gonna grab some more coffee for the road, so…

Neil: All right.

Dru: Good luck with your campaign, David.

Neil: We'll see you at the office.

David: Thanks. And thank you both for the fresh start.

Dru: Fresh start, my eye. Who's he trying to kid? Nothing has changed.

Nick: A baby?

Victoria: Yes. You're gonna be an uncle!

Nick: Congratulations.

Victoria: Thank you. Thank you. I just found out, you know? And, um... it's not gonna be for a while, but I'm-- I wanted to tell you, because I'm just-- I'm so incredibly happy that I wanted to tell you.

Nick: If this is what you want, then I'm glad for you.

Victoria: Why wouldn't it be what I want?

Nick: Hey, I said I'm happy if you're happy.

Victoria: Don't make me come over there and hit you. I'm in no condition, okay? Seriously! What is wrong with you? What's the problem? You don't look very happy for me. What's--what is it?

Nick: I just hope you realize that having a baby with Carlton isn't gonna make all your problems go away.

Victoria you know, you're just making me wish that I hadn't said anything.

Nick: True or false, Sis-- you are concerned that he has a thing for Sharon?

Victoria: Don't do this, all right? Just don't do this.

Nick: Hey, you're the one who's been feeling all jealous lately. You really think this is gonna make you more secure?

Victoria: You know what? My insecurities are my problem, so please, don't waste your time worrying about 'em.

Sharon: Hey! Well, someone sounds happy. You better take it easy on the coffee. You're starting to look like one of those guys in the Folgers commercials.

Brad: Oh, yeah. Well, I can't complain. Jack leave for New York this morning?

Sharon: Uh, yes. And you know what? That worked out fine. Um, he was a little disappointed that I didn't go, but he's gonna be so busy, he won't even miss me.

Brad: Impossible.

Sharon: So... I was trying to help Jack out with his campaign this morning, and that did not go too well.

Brad: What do you mean?

Sharon: Well, David Chow had filled me in on what it's like to be involved with a politician.

Brad: And he's focusing on the negatives?

Sharon: Yeah. You know, he wanted me to make a list of my sins, so that we could be proactive in protecting Jack's rep.

Nick: Well then maybe I should date Jack. I mean, I've never done anything wrong.

Sharon: Hmm.

Brad: Yeah, you two would make a cute couple-- better than you and Sharon.

Nick: Ah. Well, then who would Sharon be with, Brad?

Sharon: Nick, please...

Brad: We were just discussing the campaign, so if you don't mind--

Nick: Hey, you're the relationship expert.

Sharon: You know what? Uh, David told me that any one of Jack's friends or associates is fair game. So you both better be prepared.

Nick: Bring it on.

Sharon: Really? Well, I know that I don't want my life brought out in the open for public consumption.

Brad: You know what? You're a Newman and you're easy on the eyes. I'm sure the press would go easy on you.

Nikki: The media's gonna crucify Sharon. And Jack's just gonna stand by and watch it happen.

Victor: I'm meeting with David Chow later on. I'm anxious to hear his take on the whole subject.

Nikki: Well, once he learns of Sharon's history, I doubt that he will see her as an asset.

Phyllis: Right, right, I'm gonna have to get back to you on that. Yeah, I will. As soon as can. All right. Thanks.

Nick: Crazy morning?

Phyllis: Hey! Yeah, it's unbelievable.

Nick: Got a few minutes for your husband?

Phyllis: Uh-huh. A few.

Nick: Vicki's all over the map. I, uh, I can't get through to her.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. Why dot you get through to your mom? And help her to realize that this is lucrative for NVP.

Nick: This isn't about business. Victoria is pregnant.

Phyllis: Really? Wow. I'm speechless.

Nick: Yeah, join the club.

Phyllis: So, uh, as you recall, "All over the map" and, um, "Pregnant" go hand in hand. You know that.

Nick: Yeah, but... Vicki's totally forgetting about the Brad/Sharon situation. She's acting like it never even happened.

Phyllis: Is there a situation?

Nick: Well, she's had it with their so-called friendship. And now that's she's pregnant, she's just totally ignoring it.

Phyllis: What do you think?

Nick: I was gonna ask you what you thought.

Nick: Well, that's, uh... a good response.

Phyllis: I know, right? I mean if there is something going on between Brad and Sharon, you--you should be concerned.

Nick: Victoria has a right to know the truth about this guy, especially if she's carrying his child.

Phyllis: I couldn't agree more.

Nick: Actually, there's somebody I need to talk to. I'll see you.

Phyllis: Okay.

Phyllis: Hey, Sherry, it's Phyllis. Listen, I need you to do me a favor. E-mail me the expense reports for Brad Carlton and Sharon Newman's trips to New York last year, please? Around, um, late spring, early summer? I need to check something for Nick.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh, it is so good to have you back!

Dru: Oh, my God, Sharon, I gotta say, I have missed this place so much. I really have. Have you seen that stalker?

Sharon: Who, David?

Dru: Yeah. He's everywhere I go, Sharon.

Sharon: Still?

Dru: Yeah! I nearly choked on my orange juice this morning at the club.

Sharon: Oh, no, no, listen, he was at the club with me. We were talking about campaign stuff.

Dru: Campaign stuff? What?

Sharon: You know, once you get to know David, he's really not that bad of a guy.

Dru: Oh, Sharon, quit it! Are you kidding me? What are you doing with him anyway?

Sharon: We were talking about Jack's campaign and how much fun I'm going to have being the candidate's girlfriend with the messed up past.

Dru: He didn't say that, did he?

Sharon: No, of course he didn't, but, you know, these campaigns-- they can be pretty brutal.

Dru: Right.

Sharon: And he wanted me to be prepared.

Dru: Yeah. You be careful. Because he's been known to upset people.

Sharon: Dru, you know, he was really kind to me. I mean, honestly, he couldn't have been nicer.

David: Sharon Newman is a campaign manager's nightmare.

Nikki: Tell us something we don't know. Her history doesn't exactly scream "Family values."

Victor: Neither does Jack's.

David: Which is exactly why his association with Sharon won't help his image.

Nikki: Have you talked to her about this?

David: I tried, but she was reluctant to share her past with me. Which let me to go online to see what we're up against. It's not good.

Nikki: Believe me, we are well acquainted with her history.

Victor: Sharon has a lot of very good qualities.

David: Absolutely. She's attractive, well-spoken, used to the spotlight, her reputation as a mother, a community organizer, professional-- all very favorable.

Nikki: But...

David: But it is a conservative district. Sharon's past could become an issue, maybe even a deal-breaker.

Victor: For your information, unlike my wife, I'm very fond of Sharon. However, I do realize that she is a liability right now. So what I suggest is that she and Jack Abbott stop seeing each other for the time being.

David: That would be my recommendation as well. I'll see what I can do.

Brad: David Chow had no business making a decision like that.

Neil: Why? Because he didn't feel the need to get your permission? He knows I'm more than qualified, Brad.

Brad: I'll reassign his projects to someone else. Your hands are full already.

Neil: Don't talk for me, okay? I can handle it. I don't need you to micromanage my schedule.

Brad: Neil, Granville Global is my division. I'll distribute the workload as I see fit.

Neil: It's getting kinda crowded in here with you and your ego.

Brad: Have a nice day, Neil. I know I will.

Victoria: Oh, good, you're both here. I'd, uh, I'd like to discuss Clear Springs.

Victor: You would like to discuss Clear Springs? You aren't too busy convincing board members to vote against your father?

Brad: Against the project as it stands. Victor, don't take it personally.

Victoria: I have an alternative to Jack's proposal, and if you think that my idea has merit, then we can work on a compromise without involving the board.

Brad: On the assumption that our, uh, poster boy over here will bend his vision to keep the partnership alive.

Nikki: Hey, NVP would love outside funding. It would minimize our risk.

Victor: Once and for all, I'm not interested in any proposal that gets rid of Jack's plan.

Victoria: I know. But we'd modify it to preserve the historic character of the town center.

Victor: Look, I saw the historic center of that town. It's too far gone. It cannot be preserved, all right?

Brad: Victor, will you at least listen to Victoria's idea before you shoot it down?

Victoria: Thank you. Clear Springs has the largest concentration of Queen Anne and Greek revival architecture in the state. Now with careful restoration, the business district along lake shore boulevard could be made incredibly picturesque, Dad.

Victor: The new lakefront resort will be just as picturesque.

Victoria: A resort can coexist with historical structures as long as we create a harmonious design. And if you want, if you need more convincing, I have photographs--

Victor: What I need is for you to stop debating what has already been decided.

Nikki: Victor, please her hear out.

Victor: I will not listen to anything that undermines Jack's plan. His case was compelling.

Nikki: And we all know that Jack would never spin the facts to suit him.

Victor: Look, the community of Clear Springs is in dire straits. They would all profit far more from a redevelopment from scratch, than a preservation.

Brad: Based on what? Jack's opinion?

Victor: Hard numbers.

Nikki: Jack's numbers.

Victor: We'll be adding millions to the cost of the project. There's no upside. The answer is no.

Victoria: I will not support the investment of Newman funds without a commitment to preservation.

Brad: I'm with Victoria. Either we find a viable solution, or I'll vote against it as well.

Victor: We are going ahead with Jack's plan whether any of you like it or not.

Neil: All right, that's it! I've had it with Brad. Ordering me around like a subservient junior executive.

Dru: Honey, Honey, you're absolutely right. You should not be taking this from that punk. He's a punk!

Neil: I know, I know, I know. I'm better educated. I'm more experienced.

Dru: That's right.

Neil: I shouldn't let him get to me like this, should I?

Dru: That's right.

Neil: You know something? I'm late for a meeting. I gotta go.

Dru: Honey, it's gonna be okay.

Neil: I know.

Dru: All right, it's gonna be all right, Baby! Don't you worry, all right?

Neil: Bye, Ladies.

Dru: Don't worry. Okay I hate how Brad treats my husband! It's so belittling!

Sharon: Okay, look, I feel bad. And maybe Brad really didn't wanna overload him like he said.

Dru: Oh Sharon, like he cares two cents about my husband's welfare.

Sharon: Do you think that maybe Neil just misunderstood him?

Dru: Sharon... you know what? I gotta give it to you. You just see the good in people, because you're good. But I have to let you in on a little secret. You see... your co-workers aren't always so nice, no matter how much you want them to be.

Sharon: I know. But I do think that there's a lot of good in Brad.

Victoria: I should've known. I should've known how my dad would be. I just should've known.

Brad: Well, I don't blame you for trying. You had nothing to lose, Honey.

Victoria: I kept thinking that if I--if I just... if I kept talking about the proposal-- the more I talked about it--

Brad: He'd see your point.

Victoria: This is so silly. It's ridiculous, right?

Brad: Listen, when your dad gets like this, I don't care who you are, I don't care how much expertise you have, he ain't budging, all right? Don't get discouraged.

Victoria: I was so excited when I came in her this morning. I was gonna walk in there and I was gonna-- I was gonna present my idea and Mom and Dad were gonna love my idea and then I was gonna share our news with them and then we were all gonna celebrate.

Brad: I know. I know. Well, sometimes things don't go as planned.

Victoria: I know they don't. I know that, but... I never thought I'd see the day when my father took Jack Abbott's side over mine.

Nick: It was nice of Victoria to tell me about the meeting.

Victor: Well, if it makes you feel any better she didn't inform Jack either.

Nick: So what do you think of this alternate proposal?

Victor: Very impractical. Very short-sighted. She obviously doesn't see the full scope of the project.

Nick: Vicki's all about being what she wants these days-- to hell with any inconvenient facts.

Victor: You obviously are realizing what I want accomplished?

Nick: I think this is a great investment-- for Newman Enterprises and NVP.

Victor: I'm very glad you feel that way, Son.

Nick: Victoria and Brad are not gonna this vote-- not if I can help it.

Phyllis: [Reading] June 3rd. Sharon Newman-- direct flight to La Guardia. A non-smoking king at the Ashford Baron. Had the valet press something. Room service dinner and... a huge breakfast the next morning. Okay. Definitely enough for two people. Let's see... Brad Carlton--Brad Carlton-- Brad Carlton--June 3rd, direct flight to Logan airport diverted to La Guardia due to fog. Penalty for the hotel canceled in Boston. And a room... at the Ashford Baron. What a surprise. Room charges for Carlton, Brad-- let's see... no dinner, no pay-per-view, not even a soda at the mini-bar. Makes you wonder if he slept there. Let's see... well... if he didn't, that would explain the enormous breakfast.

Victoria: I didn't realize you'd be so upset.

Nick: Now why would I be upset, considering I'm only in charge of the Newman side of this project, same as you.

Victoria: Okay, well, um, next time I'll make sure that I bring it to your attention.

Nick: There's not gonna be a next time-- considering your proposal bit the dust.

Brad: Gee, Nick, are you always this sensitive towards your sister?

Nick: Only when you're around. So I can enjoy how sanctimonious you get.

Victoria: Would you two just knock it off, please? I thought that if I could win Dad over, that everyone would... everyone would understand where I'm coming from.

Nick: Because I can't think for myself?

Brad: Your words, Nick.

Nick: Clever.

Victoria: Okay, you know what? Prove it. Prove it and do the right thing. Help me preserve this town's architectural heritage.

Nick: According to Dad, there isn't much to preserve.

Victoria: Well, you know what? We run the company now, not Dad. So you and I make the final call.

Phyllis: Ah, just the person I wanted to run into.

Sharon: Oh?

Phyllis: Yeah. I'm taking a trip to New York soon and, um... I'm interested in checking out some different hotels. Um, are you familiar with the Ashford Baron? I believe you stayed there.

[Sharon remembering]

Brad: Sharon?

Sharon: Brad?! You're a long way from Boston!

Brad: Oh, the fog was as thick as pea soup. I was diverted to La Guardia.

Sharon: No kidding! Wait, what about your meetings?

Brad: I've got my fingers crossed, but since I didn't know whether or not they'd open Logan--

Sharon: Why wait in the airport all night, right?

Brad: Exactly.

Sharon: Oh, the Shakespeare garden at dusk! It was heaven.

Brad: Yeah, it was. I can't think of too many people I trust more than you, or just plain like, for that matter.

Sharon: If you truly want something bad enough, then isn't it worth any cost?

Brad: Well, there's a... fine line, Sharon. And sometimes... the risk may be greater than the reward.

Sharon: How do you know when you've crossed the line?

Sharon: You're my best friend. That's what last night was about... friendship.

Brad: As far as I'm concerned, what happened between us stays right here.

Sharon: Why would you ask me that?

Phyllis: Well, because it's on the corporate travel's approved list. And, um, you know, I know you travel a lot.

Sharon: Okay, yeah, yeah. I stayed there.

Phyllis: How'd you like it?

Sharon: Why don't you ask Jack? He's staying there now. I'm sure he can give you a more up-to-date picture.

Phyllis: Great, I'll do that. That's good. It's real important that I have great room service and big, big comfortable beds. I mean, really comfortable beds.

David: Sharon, I was just about to call you. Do you have that list that I needed?

Sharon: Yes, I do, David.

David: Great.

Phyllis: Oh, it's a list for the campaign? Should I put it on the web site?

Sharon: No.

David: No. No, it's just, um, something I asked for her to put together for me.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Looks like the three of us are going to be working together. How much fun!

Sharon: Yeah, loads. Will you both excuse me?

David: Sure.

Sharon: Yeah.

Victor: Why are you so determined to fight me on this?

Nikki: Victor, how many times do I have to go into this with you? I am worried about NVP.

Victor: Nothing will happen to NVP I am putting up the cash.

Nikki: Based on our good reputation. That's just gonna plummet once you humiliate Jack. What happens to Abbottland then?

Victor: All this talk about bankruptcy and the demise of NVP is absurd!

Nikki: I don't like taking a gamble with my company.

Victor: Jack's company.

Nikki: Well, you handed it to him.

Victor: And you know why. I wasn't well at the time.

Nikki: Well, you are now. And what I want still doesn't matter.

Victor: Don't you understand? I'm doing this to get your company back. I'm doing this all for you.

Nikki: And I appreciate that.

Victor: Do I need to remind you when I handed over the company to Jack Abbott, I wasn't feeling well. I was suffering the consequences of epileptic seizures. You damn well know that.

Nikki: Victor, I just am not comfortable with your tactic.

Victor: Then you're just gonna have to trust me, won't you?

Sharon: Brad.

Brad: Hey.

Sharon: I'm telling you, I cannot get away from that hotel! It just keeps popping up everywhere! Today Phyllis asked me about it. She's going away on a business trip to New York. And I thought I was gonna scream.

Brad: Sharon, I--

Victoria: Hey, Brad, I found those contracts you were looking for.

Brad: Hey, Honey.

Victoria: Sharon.

Sharon: Um, listen, if you two, uh, have a meeting or something, I'll just...

Victoria: No, uh... you know, this whole morning-- it's just been a mess. I don't suppose Brad has told you what's going on?

Brad: No, uh, actually, I haven't.

Sharon: Well, I just walked in. Are there problems?

Victoria: Oh, just, you know, nonstop drama... which we are not going to freak out about, right? At least, not today.

Sharon: Oh. Why? What's so special about today?

Victoria: Brad and I, um... we just found out that we're... we're having a baby.

Sharon: Wow. A baby.

Victoria: Yeah.

Sharon: Congratulations.

Victoria: Thank you. Thanks

Brad: Hey, I thought we were keeping this to ourselves for a while. Your folks don't even know yet.

Victoria: I know! I'm sorry! I just--I couldn't help it. I'm just--I'm so wound up, you know? I'm so excited. But, um, would you promise me that you won't say anything, 'cause we really want Mom and Dad to hear it from us.

Sharon: No problem. Yeah, no, okay, I really have to go, but thanks for sharing the news.

Brad: See you later, Sharon.

Dru: Brad is pathetic. You know, he's only bossing you around, Neil, so he can feel better about himself-- pumping up, pumping up.

Neil: Shh. The walls have ears.

Dru: I don't care! I do not give a gosh darn cent. You know, Granville Global was yours, until he pulled rank and stole it from you.

Neil: I know. I know. I agree. This has to stop here.

Dru: It has to stop. They've never appreciated your talents. There's only one person who's ever appreciated you and that's Victor Newman. And I don't even know if he appreciates you enough!

Neil: You're right. It's time to remind these people what I'm worth to this company.

Phyllis: Round one-- Nikki and Victor versus Victoria and Brad, right?  

Nick: Yeah, it's gonna be stalemate unless we can sway the rest of the board to let us fund this project.

Phyllis: Well, you're out there politicking.

Nick: Yeah, but so are they. There's no telling which way this thing's gonna go.

Phyllis: You should think nonlinear.

Nick: You know, that's your department. So why don't you, uh, come up with plan for me?

Phyllis: Where you going?

Nick: I got a conference call. It's very important with very important people.

Phyllis: Oh, okay.

Nick: I'll see you later.

Phyllis: Bye.

Phyllis: Room service, please. Hi, I'd like to speak with the manager. Oh, okay, thank you. Um, listen... I will be spending some time at your hotel soon and I'd like to know if my very favorite server Carlos is still on staff?

David: Sharon?

Sharon: Hey.

David: You got a minute? Um, I looked over your list.

Sharon: Ah. Okay, uh let me, uh, ask. Do you want the film rights?

David: Are they for sale?

Sharon: You know, it's funny. I, um, I've never really sat down and looked at my life that way before. And it was really surreal.

David: It's called living.

Sharon: Euphemism.

David: For?

Sharon: For my sordid past.

David: I'm in no position to pass judgment on you, Sharon.

Sharon: Well, thank you, but whatever you have to say, just, uh, lay it on me. I can handle it.

David: We all have our share of indiscretions. But you've also had some remarkable accomplishments as well. You've become very successful in the business world, with no background, no college degree.

Sharon: Well, the name "Newman" helped.

David: No, that was just a union card. It got your foot in the door but you had to prove yourself just like anybody else. Probably more so, because of that name. It cuts both ways.

Sharon: It certainly does.

David: The point is, I'm not gonna hold your past against you.

Sharon: Well, thank you. Thank you, I appreciate that.

David: Sure. Look, um... I know this took a lot out of you, and I'd like to make it up to you if I can. So how about dinner some evening?

Sharon: Yeah. Yeah, that'd be nice.

David: Great.

Neil: Victor, in all the years I've known you, I've rarely seen you make a mistake. But backing Brad Carlton for a board seat, in my opinion, was wrong.

Nick: Dad wasn't himself back then.

Neil: No, I'm well aware of that Nicholas. No one's happier than I am about your recovery.

Victor: Thank you, Neil.

Nick: But again, it was wrong to put Brad in a position of authority over me.

Victor: I happen to agree with you.

Nick: Neil, you've been with the company a lot longer. You've been a hell of a lot more loyal.

Victor: And as I've told you many times, you've become in disposable to this company.

Neil: Thank you, Victor and Nicholas. I appreciate that. Um... I don't quite feel that way just yet. As matter of fact, I was hoping you'd acknowledge it in a more concrete fashion.

Nick: What did you have in mind, my friend?

Neil: I want a seat on the Board of Directors.

Victor: You and I think alike, don't we?

Victoria: You know, they say that it happens when you least expect it.

Brad: Spit-up?

Victoria: Oh, that's right. You've done this newborn thing before.

Brad: A couple times, yeah.

Victoria: Well, then... I guess you'll just have to give me a tutorial.

Brad: I'm your man.

Victoria: Diapers 101.

Brad: Mmm.

Brad: Come in.

Victoria: Come in.

Phyllis: Hello.

Victoria: Hi.

Phyllis: Am I interrupting? I, uh, I'm trying to find my cell phone.

Brad: You think you left it in here?

Phyllis: Guess not.

Victoria: Uh, listen, I have to go. So I--I'll talk to you later.

Brad: Okay. Love you.

Victoria: Love you. And if I see your phone, I'll--I'll let you know.

Phyllis: Thanks.

Brad: Why don you go check in the break room?

Phyllis: That was a lie. I know where my cell phone is. I wanna talk to you.

Brad: Oh, here it comes-- more propaganda from Nick about the resort? Forget it.

Phyllis: Funny you should mention that.

Brad: I'm not gonna change my mind, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Mmm, you might.

Brad: I won’t.

Phyllis: Ah. You know, I just had a very interesting conversation with a room service waiter who works at a hotel in New York called the Ashford Baron. Are you familiar with it? His name is Carlos. He's a great guy. And he remembers that you and Sharon had breakfast last spring... in your robes in Sharon's room.

Brad: That's ridiculous.

Phyllis: Really? He said you had croissants, coffee and orange juice. And there was...I believe it, uh, was served with no cheese, tomatoes instead of potatoes? That must've been Sharon's. No carbs. I'm sure she doesn't want to get fat.

Brad: What do you want, Phyllis?

Phyllis: I want you to vote with Nick. That's what I want. Or else Victoria will know what you and Sharon had for breakfast that morning, too.

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