Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/7/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/7/07 -- Canada; Thursday 3/8/07 -- U.S.A.


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Neil: I wonder what she's doing here.

Devon: Well, now everyone can see that she looks exactly like Carmen.

Dru: Of course, I was upset. Anyone would be upset if their son was accused of murder.

Michael: There were other events in your life causing you stress also, correct?

Dru: Many.

Michael: Can you describe some of them?

Dru: Well, my... my clothes were shredded and--and my tires were slashed and there were multiple prank calls-- a whole long list of things.

Michael: Did this upset you?

Dru: Indeed it did. I believed I was being stalked.

Michael: Your honor?

Judge: Counselor?

Michael: I can save the court a great deal of time. May I approach? The ADA and I stipulate that this is a valid portrait of Carmen Mesta.

Judge: Counsel?

Ms. Sinclair: Counsel's statement is correct.

Michael: Drucilla, who did you think was stalking you?

Dru: Carmen Mesta.

Michael: Then you knew she had been murdered?

Dru: Well, I'd seen someone who looked like her so many times. I didn't believe that she was dead, and that's why Dr. Lynch thought that I was delusional.

Michael: Drucilla, take a good look at this photograph. This is Carmen Mesta. Now... is there anyone in this courtroom who you could've mistaken for her?

Dru: That woman, right there. Anyone with half a brain could see-- well, anyone could clearly see that she could be mistaken for Carmen Mesta. I'm not crazy.

Phyllis: Here we go! It's cold out there. Oh, great! You know, I hate those bridesmaid dresses that look like its Scarlett O'Hara with her drapes on. And you know that-- that the bride is just doing that so she looks good and they look bad.

Nikki: Not like you'd do anything like that, right?

Phyllis: What? Is that a dig about work? Do you think I'm trying to make you look bad?

Nikki: Oh, me? The partner that you think is holding back expansion?

Victoria: You know, I'm all for expansion, but you don't level historic buildings to put up a resort.

Nikki: Boy, I really wish I had the manipulation power of your ex-husband.

Phyllis: Oh, wait, wait, wait. You think I'm being manipulated by-- can we not do this right now?

Victoria: Fine.

Nikki: Fine.

Phyllis: Fine. Yeah. We're here for my wedding. Here for my wedding. Just happy faces! What are you doing here?

Lauren: What are you doing here?

Phyllis: I came to look at the dress order that I placed a while back. Lily said you wouldn't be here.

Lauren: Oh, well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Phyllis: Yeah, no problem. There should be a couple dresses, uh, set aside for Nikki and Victoria. You see, Nikki is my matron of honor and Victoria is my bridesmaid.

Lauren: That's nice-- a family affair.

Nikki: Yeah, yeah, one big happy family.

Phyllis: Family's very important to me-- very, very important to me-- all my loved ones gathered around, sharing in my happiness. I can't wait.

Lauren: All right, I'm just gonna go in the back and look for those dresses.

Phyllis: Great! Thank you very much.

Colleen: Unless somebody took pictures, the dean doesn't have any proof.

Korbel: We can't know that. And GCU has a zero tolerance policy.

Colleen: So what happens to you?

Korbel: A docent position at a small art museum... in Outer Mongolia, but--

Colleen: No, please don't joke.

Korbel: I'm not joking, Colleen. This--this could be the end of my teaching career.

Colleen: This is so unfair.

Korbel: Look... I made a choice.

Colleen: No, we made a choice. And you shouldn't have to pay for it. They can't just push you out of teaching. We have to find out who told the dean.

Korbel: It won't make a difference.

Colleen: Well, it might. I mean, we can convince the person that they made a mistake, and they can go to the dean and tell 'em that they just misinterpreted our relationship and I'm only a research assistant.

Korbel: Yeah, who spends a lot of time with me, but...

Colleen: Oh, you know what? It's worth a try.

Korbel: Look, whoever told the dean obviously wanted her to know. They're not about to embarrass themselves by recanting.

Colleen: Maybe they will if I ask them to.

Korbel: Why, Colleen, why?

Colleen: Because I have the feeling that whoever told is somebody that really loves me.

Brad: I was about to call you.

JT: Hey. How's Colleen?

Brad: Well, if the return of her stubborn streak is any indication of health, she's ready to run a marathon.

JT: Let me guess, Korbel?

Brad: And she's moved in with Jack.

JT: Wow. Well, there's a paragon of virtue. You gotta put a stop to that.

Brad: She's an adult, JT I can't exactly ground her.

JT: So we just sit back and watch?

Brad: You know, a parent's job isn't to make his kid happy. It's to do the right thing. There may be other ways to make Colleen see what a huge mistake she's making.

JT: That's funny.

Brad: What?

JT: I don't think I've ever agreed with you more in my life.

Dr. Lynch: When I signed the order, yes, I did believe Mrs. Winters was a danger to herself and others.

Ms. Sinclair: And during the course of her evaluation, did she require any special attention?

Dr. Lynch: She did. She was placed in a straight jacket. But at the time that--

Ms. Sinclair: No further questions.

Michael: Dr. Lynch, you've been seeing Drucilla Winters for some time, is that correct?

Dr. Lynch: Yes.

Michael: And you had become increasingly concerned that she was having psychotic delusions?

Dr. Lynch: Yes.

Michael: Your honor, could you ask the woman sitting at the far end of the first pew in the gallery to rise?

Judge: Please stand.

Michael: Doctor, in your expert opinion, was Drucilla Winters justified in mistaking this woman for Carmen Mesta?

Dr. Lynch: Now that I see her, absolutely.

Judge: Be seated.

Michael: Are you prepared, Doctor, to recommend her immediate release from hospitalization?

Dr. Lynch: I believe Mrs. Winters could benefit from continued therapy, but she definitely does not require ongoing hospitalization.

Michael: Nothing further, your honor.

Judge: We'll take a brief recess before any redirect.

Neil: Hey! Hey, Buddy! You were great!

Lily: Yes, you were.

Devon: There's no stopping you now, Mom.

Michael: It's not over yet.

Ines: Excuse me? I'm Ines Vargas, Carmen Mesta's cousin.

Ms. Sinclair: Can I ask you something? Why are you here?

Ines: I was gonna help Mrs. Winters, but then everything changed.

Michael: All right, Houston, we have a problem.

Dru: She better not think she's gonna get away with anything.

Michael: Quiet. Quiet.

Dru: I'm serious.

Ms. Sinclair: Mr. Baldwin.

Michael: Yes, Counselor.

Ms. Sinclair: I'd like to call one more witness. I trust they'll be no objection?

Michael: Oh, think again. You're gonna have a very big objection.

Phyllis: All right, Girls, which ones made you feel drop dead gorgeous?

Nikki: Well, I liked the Vera Wang.

Phyllis: Oh, great. I liked the vintage. It was very classic.

Victoria: I was under the impression that you didn't care about anything classic.

Nikki: Yeah, out with the old, in with the new, damn the consequences!

Phyllis: Are we still talking about dresses here?

Lauren: You know, I thought the seed pearl amazing.

Phyllis: Thanks, Lauren, but we're not gonna go with that one. Thanks anyway. I say we go with the vintage. What do you think?

Victoria: Oh, do you care about our opinion?

Nikki: Wow, why start now?

Phyllis: Vintage, it is.

JT: Thanks.

Korbel: En garde?

JT: Excuse me?

Korbel: Or do you prefer pistols?

JT: What the hell are you talking about?

Korbel: Under the dueling code of 1777, any offense given to a lady under a gentlemen's care is to be considered a greater offense than if given to the gentlemen himself.

JT: Get out of my face.

Korbel: You know what?

JT: What?

Korbel: You asked me to end it with Colleen, allegedly out of concern for her. Then you go and report her to the dean, showing no real concern for her at all.

JT: Someone turned you in?

Korbel: You, for example.

JT: You self-righteous son of a bitch.

Korbel: If you think that it's just a schoolgirl crush, and that's why Colleen and I are involved... well, you don't know her at all.

JT: I'll tell you what I do know. There is a God, 'cause right now you're getting exactly what you deserve.

Brad: Yeah?

Colleen: Dad, hi.

Brad: Hey, Sweetheart.

Colleen: Do you have a free minute?

Brad: For you, of course I do. Do you want some coffee or something?

Colleen: No, thank you, I'm fine.

Brad: Have a seat.

Colleen: All right.

Brad: What's going on?

Colleen: Well, the dean called and he would like to meet with me. I was wondering if you knew why.

Brad: Oh, uh, maybe you got the art fellowship in Italy and he wants to tell you in person. I would certainly miss you, but I hope you take it.

Colleen: Because Adrian would be here and I would be there?

Brad: Exactly.

Colleen: Mm-hmm. No, it's not about the fellowship. Somebody told him about Adrian and me.

Brad: And I told you again and again to end it with him. Now look at the mess you're in.

Colleen: Was it you or was it Mom? She was really upset.

Brad: Sweetheart, one day Adrian Korbel is going to be a name that you barely remember. I wouldn't risk your future for him.

Colleen: You wouldn't? So are you telling me that you made a deal to protect me? Is that what you did?

Brad: Colleen, I know you think you wanna be with this man and I don't think Korbel's a bad guy, all right? But he's not right for you.

Colleen: Dad... when I was in the hospital-- after the fire-- you talked to me all the time, didn't you?

Brad: You heard me?

Colleen: You told me that you were worrying about all the wrong things. Dad, you still are.

Brad: Do you love this man, Colleen? Do you really love him?

Colleen: I haven't really had the time or the freedom to figure that out. But I really do wanna be with him.

Brad: I'll go see the dean with you. You shouldn't have to do this alone.

Colleen: No. No, it's, you know... Dad, I know how much you love me, but... you just can't make this better for me, okay?

Michael: Your honor, this witness gives new meaning to the term "irrelevant."

Judge: Counselor?

Ms. Sinclair: This witness has recent contact with the respondent that could shed light on her current state of mind.

Michael: Your honor, is this witness a health care professional? Does she know the respondent personally? All this witness is is a woman-- and my heart goes out to her-- a woman who bears an amazing resemblance to her deceased cousin, which makes her incredibly prejudicial and of no probative value whatsoever.

Ms. Sinclair: Let the judge decide that.

Judge: Both of you, approach the bench.

Neil: It was my brilliant idea, bringing Ines to the hospital.

Lily: Dad, you were just trying to help.

Michael: Your honor, there are at least a thousand people in Genoa City who know the respondent better than this witness.

Ms. Sinclair: Ms. Vargas' testimony could save someone's life-- maybe even the respondent's.

Judge: I've heard enough. In front of a jury, I'd say no. But here, I'll allow it.

Dru: Is this bad?

Amber: There's a reason the rules rhymes with the fools. I'm an idiot.

Daniel: Because?

Amber: Because there is a catch, okay? What if you actually fall for the guy, hmm?

Daniel: Okay, we're still talking about Cane here, right?

Amber: No, we're talking about Borat. Yeah, we are talking about Cane. He's so sweet and so nice and so sexy and hot and if he walked in here right now, nine out of ten girls would say exactly the same thing, except for the tenth girl, because she'd be sitting with her boyfriend.

Daniel: So what?

Amber: So... Cane wants all ten of them. And he wants an annulment from me. That sound you hear... is the sound of my heart breaking.

Daniel: Wait a minute. You didn't say that to him?

Amber: I told him that he'd never have to be alone because he always had me.

Daniel: Very touching, but definitely the wrong move.

Amber: Don't you check your messages? I called you! I left you, like, a billion messages. I said, stop me before I do something I regret! And did you? No! No, you did not! Mnh-mnh.

Daniel: I'm stopping you now. Go home.

Amber: Back to his place? And--and say what?

Daniel: No, go home-home. Go back to LA.

Amber: You want me just to give up? You want me to leave?

Daniel: It's the only choice.

JT: So I used to be a student over at GCU and I know this great little bar. Maybe, uh, we could go there?

Colleen: Can I talk to you for a minute?

JT: I'm kinda busy right now.

Colleen: I promise it won't take long.

JT: What?

Colleen: Well, someone told the dean about Adrian and me.

JT: Why are ex's always the prime suspect on these things?

Colleen: JT, Adrian could lose his job. I could get kicked out of school. Do you really hate me that much?

JT: Oh, face it, Colleen, you broke the rules. And now you wanna go and blame whoever turned you in?

Colleen: No, I don't wanna fight with you. It's just, I don't think that my personal business is anybody else's, okay? You used to feel the same way.

JT: Tell it to the dean.

Cane: Aren't you the meadowlark?

Amber: Sugar rush. Oh... testing for poison.

Amber's voice: Target in firing range.

Amber: Hey, you want some milk with that?

Cane: Oh, we're out of milk. Tea's good.

Amber: Okay.

Amber: Oh, um, will you get that for me? I gotta run to the loo.

Cane: Amber's phone.

Daniel: Amber, Doll, what did you do, have a sex change?

Cane: No, Mate, this a friend.

Daniel: Oh, well, good for you. You know what? You do me a favor. You write this down. You tell her that Dino from the Diamond Club on the Strip called.

Cane: Like Los Angeles?

Daniel: No, I mean, the, uh, strip mall in Fresno. Yeah, the Sunset Strip in LA

Cane: Listen, Mate, from one heavily accented guy to another, you don't really sound like you're from LA.

Daniel: Yeah, well, you do me a favor and make sure she gets the message. And tell her I booked her starting yesterday.

Ines: I went to the hospital to tell Drucilla I'd help her.

Ms. Sinclair: And what happened while you were there?

Ines: Out of nowhere, she started accusing me of things.

Ms. Sinclair: What things?

Ines: I don't know. Her husband shut her up and then he left and--and she came after me again.

Ms. Sinclair: What do you mean by "Came after?"

Ines: She accused me of cutting up her clothes and slashing her tires and who knows what else. Classic paranoid behavior.

Michael: Oh, objection, your honor!

Judge: Overruled.

Ms. Sinclair: I'm almost done. Ines, while this was going on in the psyche ward, how did the defendant make you feel?

Ines: Scared. When I left, I was glad that she couldn't leave, too.

Ms. Sinclair: Your witness.

Michael: You and Carmen Mesta were cousins, correct?

Ines: Yes.

Michael: The resemblance is remarkable. Surely the two of you were mistake for one another from time to time?

Ines: Yes.

Michael: You've been in Genoa City for some time. Weeks?

Ines: A few.

Michael: So anyone who saw someone who looked like Carmen Mesta during that time, that could've been you, right?

Ines: That's true.

Michael: And isn't it also true that you deliberately found reasons to be both at the Winters' apartment building and at their place of work?

Ines: Yes, but--

Michael: And yet, you never introduced yourself to them?

Ines: No.

Michael: Nor to me, their attorney.

Ines: Why would I?

Michael: Let's talk about why you wouldn't. You came to town with an agenda. You were furious over your cousin's death, and you were gonna do something about it. Isn't that right?

Ms. Sinclair: Objection! He's badgering her!

Judge: Overruled.

Michael: You decided-- wrongly-- that Drucilla Winters was the killer. And you decided that you would exact justice by having a perfectly sane woman locked up for being delusional.

Ms. Sinclair: Objection!

Judge: Sustained. If you've got witnesses to support that theory, call them. Anything further?

Michael: No, your honor.

Judge: Any redirect? You may step down.

Amber: Who called?

Cane: Some bloke out of "The Dopranos." "Yo, this is Dino from the Fiamond Club in LA"

Amber: He's a sweetheart. So what's up?

Cane: He wants to book you, starting immediately.

Amber: Fantastic! I'm gonna have to call him right away!

Cane: Are you sure this wanker's legit?

Amber: Totally.

Daniel: Did it work?

Amber: Dino, its Amber!

Daniel: Listen, I don't know, I might've laid the accent on a little bit thick. What do you think?

Amber: I would love to sing in your club, when do you want me?

Daniel: if this works, you owe me big-time. I'm gonna start charging you.

Amber: Every Thursday? Okay, I'll try to catch the red-eye. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

Cane: Well?

Amber: Where's my purse? I need my credit card.

Cane: So you're leaving, just like that?

Amber: Well, our marriage is getting annulled. You don't expect me to chuck my career for a soon-to-be-ex husband.

Cane: What happened to, you know, the part-- you, me and the loneliness?

Amber: I meant every word.

Cane: Then why go?

Amber: Simple. Dino just made a commitment. You won't.

Lauren: I think those earrings that you ordered for Victoria and Nikki are back here.

Phyllis: You know what? On second thought, why buy the knockoffs when they have the real thing?

Lauren: Are we really gonna continue to do all this?

Phyllis: Oh, I'm sorry. Do you call hiding Sheila "All this?"

Lauren: Do you know how terrible that was for me? How terrible it was--

Phyllis: No, no, no, no. You knew that Sheila was in town. You knew what she could've done to me and my daughter. And you didn't even tell me.

Lauren: I had barely just found out!

Phyllis: What's Michael's excuse?

Lauren: He was out of his mind with worry!

Phyllis: For his family! Not for my family!

Lauren: I've apologized to you... in every way I know how. I couldn't feel more horrible.

Phyllis: Well, after what you and Michael did to me, why don't you try?

Nikki: Hey, what are you guys doing? Fighting over wedding colors?

Phyllis: No, just baby raising stuff.

Victoria: Oh, uh, well, if you two need some time, we can meet you back at the office.

Lauren: You know, that's really not necessary. I'll call you when the alterations are done. Phyllis was just leaving.

Brad: Who got Colleen in trouble?

JT: That would be Korbel.

Brad: Did you call the dean?

JT: Did you?

Brad: No. Your turn.

JT: I care about Colleen. I always will. Now why would I do something like that when I know it's gonna wreck her future at GCU?

Brad: I want you to find out who it was.

JT: Oh, I can't do that. It's not my business anymore.

Brad: JT, whoever did this will answer to me.

Colleen: So the dean called again on my way over here. I'm in her office tomorrow morning.

Korbel: Yeah. And I'm in the afternoon. It's no surprise you're first.

Colleen: Why is that?

Korbel: She'll ask if you wanna file sexual harassment charges.

Colleen: Sexual-- no, you didn't do anything.

Korbel: It's standard operating procedure, Colleen-- to give you an out.

Colleen: I don't want an out. I saw my father. He swears he didn't do it. And I went to go try and talk to JT--

Korbel: And he was, uh, enjoying our dilemma too much to be pinned down, I know.

Colleen: Before my mom left this morning, we talked.

Korbel: You think...

Colleen: It could be. When she was in college, she had an affair with her professor, too.

Korbel: Well, I'd like to think it was more than genetics.

Colleen: Remember the student from your old college?

Korbel: Uh-huh.

Colleen: My mom tried to do that, too.

Korbel: Tried to kill herself?

Colleen: Because of what happened with her professor.

Korbel: Well, I can understand why she'd wanna contact the dean.

Colleen: Maybe I can talk to her or...

Korbel: Qui plus sait, plus se tait.

Colleen: Excuse me?

Korbel: It's French proverb. "He who knows most, says least." Now whoever-- whoever contacted the dean-- JT, your mom, your dad, someone else entirely-- they're gonna keep quiet. We're never gonna know.

Amber: This gig was meant to be! I got the last seat on the red-eye!

Cane: Yeah, maybe.

Amber: Oh, my God! I have so much to do before I leave! So many people to say good-bye to!

Cane: Like me?

Amber: It's been a blast. Thank you so much for everything.

Cane: I have never met anyone like you before.

Amber: That's sweet. Hey, have you seen my mp3 player?

Cane: Amber, wait. You know how they say... that you can never really miss something you've never really had?

Amber: Tell that to a kid who's never had a ps3.

Cane: Yeah, well, any kid who has that on the top of his wish list has a family and... the only thing that I've ever wanted in my life is a family I'm, um, I'm shattering my image here, I know this, but I have to say this to you, all right?

Amber: Don't worry. I won't tell anyone what a softy you are.

Cane: Thanks. Um, okay, I've... I've found my mum and my grandmum. One's a loony tune and the other, uh, thinks I'm a gold digger.

Amber: Don't worry. They're really amazing people. You know, you just need time to get to know each other.

Cane: Once you told me you loved me.

Amber: Yeah, I mean that, like, you know how you say, "Oh, I love ice cream."

Cane: Amber, I'm--I'm... I've been an idiot. I truly have been an idiot.

Amber: I wouldn't go that far.

Cane: You know, um... most of my life... I've been--I can't-- I find it really difficult to connect and I don't know why. It's just who I am, but... I'm really trying. Um... I can't stand... look, what I'm trying to say to you is... I think I've fallen in love with my wife and I don't wanna see her go.

Amber: Are you sure?

Cane: I'm positive. Come here.

Judge: In a competency hearing, the burden is on the state to prove that the respondent is a danger to herself or to others. In this case, while the respondent must continue her court-ordered psychotherapy, the state has not sustained its burden. We're adjourned.

Dru: Thank you, Michael.

Michael: Congratulations.

Dru: Thank you so much.

Michael: Come here.

Dru: Thank you!

Neil: We got Mom back. We got her back. I love you.

Lily: Mom!

Neil: Hey, good job. Really solid job.

Colleen: That the dean will know the truth... as if we tell her.

Korbel: No, you can't lie, Colleen.

Colleen: Okay, fine. I won't lie. I will just transfer to a different school.

Korbel: That's not gonna solve anything-- not for you or me. Look, what will people say? Who proposed you for the Italian fellowship? Who submitted your paper for publishing? Your disgraced former professor. Look, your brilliant career will be over before it even begins.

Colleen: So, what-- we just give up?

Korbel: Well, I like to think of it as, uh... strategic withdrawal. You can't tell me this surprises you.

Colleen: Well, you know what? It does. There has to be something that we can do.

Korbel: There isn't. I took a big risk, Colleen, and to complain about it now would.... it would be disingenuous.

Colleen: So is that all that I was? A risk?

Korbel: Of course not! You know how much you mean to me, which is exactly why I have to do everything I can to protect you from the worst of the fallout.

Colleen: What's that?

Korbel: My resignation letter to the university. Effective immediately.

Ines: That was a bust.

David: Doesn't matter. The job's done.

Ines: How do I know this isn't gonna come back and bite me later?

David: I promise you, there is no evidence linking us to Dru.

Ines: And if there is?

David: There Isn't. So relax. I can handle her.

Ines: I'm gonna play it safe. Leave town.

David: I think that's a great idea. And you should leave now before someone catches us.

Lily: I am telling you, Daniel, Michael was amazing. Yeah, Mom's coming home. And she wants to eat the cake I made, so come over for dinner, okay? Bye.

David: Dru... I didn't know about Carmen's cousin. And now that I've seen her, you're absolutely right. They couldn't be more alike.

Dru: Now you believe me.

Devon: Please tell me that that woman is leaving town.

David: That's what she just told me in the hallway, yes.

Devon: Okay.

Neil: That's the best news I've heard all day.

Dru: David? Um... I'm--I'm so sorry. I blamed you for weeks for harassing me. And my son and I know what it's like to be wrongly accused. I was completely out of line. I hope you'll accept my apology.

David: Thank you, Dru. You don't know how much that means to me.

Lauren: You scared me!

Michael: Sorry, sorry. What's wrong?

Lauren: Phyllis was just here with Victoria and Nikki, picking out their matron of honor and bridesmaid dresses.

Michael: Ouch.

Lauren: Yeah.

Michael: Did she say a lot of--

Lauren: Hey, you know, let's not talk about it. It'll just upset me all over again. What happened with Dru?

Michael: She's on her way home as we speak.

Lauren: You're brilliant.

Michael: Hmm. It helped that Carmen's cousin was in the hearing room for everyone to see the resemblance.

Lauren: So let's celebrate. You know, we can get Gloria to watch Fen.

Michael: That's not your "Celebrate" face.

Lauren: I know. I'm sorry.

Michael: It's okay to be upset.

Lauren: Yeah. Yeah, I know. But I don't know what is worse. Um... Phyllis going out of her way to hurt me or me just standing there and taking it.

Michael: I wish I knew what to say to make it all better.

Lauren: You've tried. You've tried really hard. Michael, deep down-- I don't blame her.

Michael: Come here.

Phyllis: You like your dress for the wedding?

Nikki: Yeah, I like the dress. I'm not crazy about the bride.

Phyllis: Yeah, I could, um, tell by the way my water froze the minute you walked into the room.

Nikki: You must have the whole town mad at you.

Phyllis: What's that supposed to mean?

Nikki: I didn't appreciate being part of that little tiff that you were having with Lauren.

Phyllis: It wasn't a little tiff.

Nikki: Well, you were fighting about something. And you didn't have the decency to take it behind closed doors.

Phyllis: Wow, aren't you being a little hypocritical?

Nikki: And I don't appreciate having my partner oppose me in a corporate matter. Where is your loyalty?

Phyllis: Wait a second, if you're talking about loyalty, you should talk to your husband and your son.

Nikki: Oh, no, no, my family is forever. I can't necessarily say the same thing for business partners.

Cane: I have no idea why married sex gets such a bad rap.

Amber: Me, either. And it wasn't even with someone else's husband.

Cane: Wanna join me in the shower, Love?

Amber: In a sec. Um, I gotta call D-- uh, Dino and tell him he needs to book another singer.

Daniel: Hello.

Amber: It worked! We are staying married! You are such a genius!

Daniel: Uh, I'm a genius? Why don't you tell that to my Econ professor. I really need to pass this test.

Amber: Seriously, Daniel, I owe you big-time. But since I'm not exactly in the chip--

Daniel: Yet!

Amber: Yet. Um, here, let me give you a freebie. Uh, go onto this web site. It's www.strangersbynight.com. You know, it's where people go to meet each other.

Daniel: Is this one of those sites where, like, you set up a profile and then you add friends?

Amber: Yeah, pretty much. Uh, some are inhibited, some aren't.

Daniel: Okay, well, do you want me to check out your profile?

Amber: Mm-hmm, yeah. Use my log-in. It's "Sweet Ambrosia." My password is "Amberwantsmoore." Um, so you won't have to sign up.

Daniel: Oh, well, thanks for the offer, but I--

Amber: Oh, come on! I'm married now, too. Trust me. It is harmless.

Cane: Amber!

Amber: Gotta run. Um, a wife's duty is never done! Bye!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: Well, since Noah has other dinner plans, maybe you and I could--

Sharon: I would love to.

Victoria: I'm not the only one that thinks you and Nick are soulless.

Phyllis: Oh, that's right. We're horrible people.

Colleen: If we both deny that anything ever happened--

Korbel: I'm not gonna lie.

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