Y&R Transcript Friday 3/2/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 3/2/07 -- Canada; Monday 3/5/07 -- U.S.A.


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Sharon: So how are you? How are you doing?

Dru: Sharon, look where I'm at. As well as can be expected.

Sharon: Well, um...I-I brought you some brownies. Noah and I baked 'em ourselves.

Dru: Thanks. I mean, thanks. I probably will eat them all because the food here-- it is not gourmet.

Sharon: Um, so did you hear about Jana? I guess she wasn't as sweet as we all thought.

Dru: While she was whipping up the lattes, knowing full well that my son Devon --all of us- the hell we were going through.

Sharon: Yeah, she really had us all fooled, didn't she?

Dru: British bitch running free while I'm in here like a common criminal, Sharon.

Sharon: Okay, but you are going to court tomorrow, right?

Dru: That doesn't mean he's gonna let me out.

Sharon: Well, you remember what happened with Victor, when he flipped out from taking the wrong medication. Once the judge had heard the story, he released him.

Dru: Sharon, do I look like Victor Newman? Even my husband did see Carmen going into an elevator...

Sharon: Neil saw Carmen?

Dru: Yes , someone who looked like her, Sharon. I don't...

Sharon: Oh, well, then... then you weren't hallucinating.

Dru: No, I wasn't. I wasn't hallucinating. But if we don't find that woman that's walking around looking just like Carmen Mesta, I'm gonna be staring at these walls for a long time.

David: Hello, Neil, Devon I didn't expect to see you two here.

Devon: Same goes for you.

Neil: It's amazing. You look exactly like Carmen. As a matter of fact, you're a dead ringer. David, you better start talking. I want some answers here.

Victoria: Hello.

Brad: Hello. I thought you would be at the hospital.

Brad: These documents needed my signature.

Victoria: Well, who's with Colleen?

Brad: Traci's keeping away any unwanted visitors.

Victoria: Oh. You mean Adrian Korbel.

Brad: He promised me he'd stay away, and what happens? I find him in Colleen's hospital room kissing her. It's inappropriate.

Victoria: So what are you gonna do?

Brad: I'm going to have a little chat with him.

Victoria: Don't you think that maybe you should talk to Colleen about this first?

Brad: Why?

Victoria: Well, considering what happened the last time we jumped to conclusions...

Phyllis: Kevin Fisher is innocent.

Nick: Who would've thought Jana Hawkes was a murderer?

Nick: I hate that he hurt you. And I hate that he was so stupid to keep this secret from you. And I also hate how disappointed you are that Michael and Lauren won't be standing up for us at our wedding.

Phyllis: It doesn't matter to me. I'm not gonna let it ruin the happiest day of my life.

Victor: Well, now that Colleen's recovering...

Jack: I can't devote all my energies to becoming the people's choice.

Jack: Oh, then I have your endorsement?

Nikki: Absolutely. In fact, I plan on taking on more work at NVP so that you can have time devote to getting elected.

Jack: Could I maybe get you to take the Elwood Conners meeting?

Nikki: Sure.

Victor: By the way, Jack, have you hired a campaign manager?

Jack: I've hired David Chow.

Victor: Well, I'll be damned. Don's a better choice.

Nikki: Wow. They say he's a miracle worker.

Jack: Well, I'm probably gonna need that to get the majority vote. Listen, I, uh, I should be going. Uh, will you forgive me?

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: You bet.

Nikki: Talk to you later.

Victor: You have a nice day.

Jack: Thank you

Victor: All right, Jack. He took the bait.

Nikki: Seems like it, doesn't it?

Victor: As long as he doesn't realize that I hired David Chow to be his campaign manager, it should go as planned.

Nikki: No problem.

Victor: Uh-huh.

David: Um, my name is David Chow. Your cousin Carmen and I-- we dated for a period of time. And this is Neil Winters and his son, Devon.

Ms. Vargas: I recognize you from the news.

Neil: You really expect us to believe that you two just now met for the very first time?

David: Yeah, we did. I got a phone call from one of Carmen's distant relatives, saying that there was a cousin that resembled Carmen. I had to come here and-- and see this for myself.

Devon: You could be her twin.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Ms. Vargas: Would somebody please tell me what's going on?

David: We're trying to help Mr. Winters' wife.

Neil: If that were the case, why wouldn't you contact me as soon as you heard she had a relative?

David: You're kidding, right? I couldn't possibly believe that this could be true. I didn't want to get your hopes up until I saw this for myself.

Ms. Vargas: Wait, you're saying people have been looking for me?

Neil: We put up flyers with your picture all over the neighborhood.

Ms. Vargas: Well, I haven't been out much.

Devon: Well, you've obviously been out enough to make my mom think she's seeing Carmen all over the place.

Neil: Hold on a second, Son. Hold on. Let her explain herself. Ms. Vargas, is it? What are you doing in Genoa City?

Ms. Vargas: I came here for the trial

Neil: The trial, huh?

Sharon: Well, I really hate to leave you here, but, um, I have to go to work.

Dru: Yeah? Yeah, okay. You know, the world doesn't stop just 'cause I'm in this horrible-- this horrible place.

Sharon: Hey... you're gonna get out of here soon, okay?

Dru: Yeah. If you say so. Thanks, Sharon.

Sharon: All right. Okay. Bye, Sweetie, I'll see you soon.

Dru: Okay, Sharon.

Sharon: Okay.

Phyllis: All right, drink up, Mr. Newman. The company's not gonna run itself. Besides, Jack is gonna wonder where I am.

Jack: Well, now there's an entrance line if ever I heard one.

Phyllis: Hey! We heard about Colleen.

Nick: Yeah, we're glad she's doing well.

Jack: Well, thanks, thanks. She's a tough kid.

Phyllis: Yeah, she is. Listen, we have a few critical meetings. I'm assuming you wanna take those on your own?

Jack: Actually, I'd like you and Nikki to take those. My schedule's gonna get pretty hectic now.

Phyllis: Why is that?

Jack: I've decided to run for the state senate.

Phyllis: What?

Nick: Uh...

Phyllis: That seems like a lot of trouble to go to, you know, just to get out of a couple of meetings.

Jack: How am I ever gonna campaign if no one will take me seriously?

Nick: For real?

Jack: Yeah, for real.

Phyllis: Really? Wow! Okay. I mean, you're a natural politician. And, uh, you're a people pleasure. And your Jack Kennedy good looks won't hurt.

Jack: Well, I'm hoping to have a stronger platform than just that.

Phyllis: Oh, well, of course, of course. Wow, I'll right, well, is there anything you need from me? You know, I can, uh, hand out buttons or-- or create a web site.

Jack: Actually, it's the web site I wanted to talk to you about. How soon could you get started?

Phyllis: Immediately.

Nikki: You know, I've been thinking. If people do find out that you've been working with David, they're just going to automatically assume that you backed Jack's candidacy.

Victor: I'd like to keep that under wraps for now.

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: Baby, you look excited.

Nikki: I am excited. I didn't even have to goad Jack into backing off of NVP work. It couldn't have worked out better.

Victor: It's so nice to see you happy again.

Nikki: Hey, to take back control of the company I already own is worth celebrating.

Victor: Mm-hmm. And I should never have given him control of the company in the first place.

Nikki: And he should never have taken advantage of you.

Victor: That's true.

Nikki: But with your new plan...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: I might be able to forgive you sometime soon.

Ms. Vargas: Your wife checked herself into a psyche ward because she claimed she was seeing Carmen?

Neil: Yeah, that's right. Everyone thought she was going crazy, including myself. And then I saw you and realized she was telling the truth.

Ms. Vargas: Oh, um, I'm sorry. I had no idea I was causing so much trouble. It's a good thing I'm leaving town.

Neil: Leaving town? When are you leaving?

Ms. Vargas: Today. I see no reason to stick around without a trial. The police know who killed Carmen.

Neil: Well, hold on a second. Wait, um, before you leave, I need to ask a favor of you. I need you to come with us to the hospital.

Ms. Vargas: Why?

Neil: To show my wife and her doctor that she's not crazy.

Ms. Vargas: All right.

David: I'll go, too.

[Cell phone rings]

David: Excuse me for one second, all right? Yes, this is David Chow.

Victor: David, Victor Newman. I need to see you right away.

David: Well, actually, I'm in the middle of something right now.

Victor: Put it on hold. We have some decisions to make, all right?

David: I'll be there right away. Listen, nothing's come up. Can we, um, put this off until later?

Neil: No, we can't do it later. We need to do it right now. Do you understand that my wife has suffered long enough.

Ms. Vargas: It's all right. I'll--I'll go. It was nice to meet you, Mr. Chow.

David: Same here.

Neil: All right, let's go. I'm driving.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm so overwhelmed.

Victoria: How come?

Phyllis: Jack is running for state senate.

Victoria: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Victoria: I hadn't heard.

Phyllis: Well, I just found out. - I'm just... out of my mind.

Victoria: Yikes. Sounds like you're in over your head.

Phyllis: I'd like you to help me.

Victoria: You know, you should talk to Lauren about your wedding dress, because she--she knows a lot of designers.

Phyllis: No, no, I would like you to help me choose my dress.

Victoria: Really? Me?

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, um... I-I know-- know how close you-- you and Nick are. Uum... listen, I'm just gonna ask this. You could say no. It doesn't matter. It's not gonna offend me.

Victoria: Say no?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Victoria: Say no to what?

Phyllis: Um... I just wanted to know if you'd like to be my bridesmaid.

Victoria: Oh. Oh...

Phyllis: Yeah.

Victoria: I would love that.

Phyllis: Oh?

Victoria: I would love that, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, okay, great.

Nick: Hey, you wanna bring over Noah so he can hang out with his baby sister?

Sharon: Um, I'm sure that he would be thrilled to do that, but he has a sleepover tonight at Sam's.

Nick: Man, you know, if our son gets any more popular, we'll never see him.

Sharon: Just wait until he discovers girls.

Jack: Oh, I discovered girls a long time ago.

Nick: We were talking about Noah.

Sharon: Well, you're in a good mood.

Jack: Well, yes. My niece is recovering and I am about to make some changes for the greater good.

Nick: Right.

Sharon: Really? Are you... going to run for office? That is incredible!

Nick: Well, that's one word for it.

Sharon: Oh, what?

Nick: I just meant that, uh, I've heard campaigning can be pretty grueling.

Jack: Well, I fully expect the scrutiny. And, yes, I hear it's quite demanding. Uh, by the way, uh, you are completely off the hook if you wanna stand on the sidelines.

Sharon: Oh, gosh, and miss all those parties? I don't wanna do that.

Neil: Dru! Dru!

Dru: Oh, Honey! I'm so glad to see you!

Neil: I know. I know. Hey, I have some really good news.

Dru: I'm getting out, right? I'm getting out.

Neil: No, no, not yet. Not yet.

Dru: What?

Neil: But this could be something to make that happen. I have something to show you.

Dru: Oh, show it to me, Honey, please.

Neil: But you gotta promise me you're gonna be cool.

Dru: I'll be cool. Promise.

Neil: Gonna be cool?

Dru: I promise to be cool.

Neil: Drucilla I'd like you to meet Carmen's cousin, Ines Vargas.

Dru: Where'd you find her?

Neil: Well, later for that, okay? The important thing is... Ines has agreed to go before the judge and prove that you're not delusional.

Dru: I'm sorry about your loss.

Ines: Thanks.

Dru: So you... you understand that my son and I-- we have nothing to do with your cousin's death?

Ines: Yes. And if I can help you, I will.

Dru: Thanks.

Nikki: Come in.

Phyllis: Hey, Nikki.

Nikki: Hey.

Phyllis: You know that architect that we commissioned to draw up the plans on the new NVP retreat?

Nikki: Yeah, we still have that restrictive zoning variance to deal with.

Phyllis: Well, if that all goes well, we are going to have the most amazing retreat in the state of Wisconsin.

Nikki: Oh, I like your determination. Hey, have you looked into the tanning beds for the existing spas?

Phyllis: Um, you know what? Before we get into that, I have, um... a personal question.

Nikki: Oh?

Phyllis: And, um... I'm gonna start off by saying that I've asked Victoria to, uh, be my bridesmaid.

Nikki: Oh, really? I thought you would've asked Lauren.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no, no, not Lauren, no. No, Nick and Victoria are so close, and I want the same for us one day.

Nikki: Well, I'm sure she's thrilled.

Phyllis: Yeah, I--and... I hope you will be, um... because I would like you to be my matron of honor.

Nikki: Me?

Phyllis: Yeah. I-I mean, it's... very important to me, and I-I know it's untraditional, but the whole thing is untraditional, really. Um... and we're such close business partners and--and friends... if you wanna say no, that's fine.

Nikki: Oh, no, no, no, no. I accept.

Phyllis: That's great. Thank you.

Victoria: So Phyllis has asked me to be the matron of honor and, um, she's asked Mom to stand up for her, too.

Nick: So what's Dad gonna do, play the organ?

Victoria: I can't quite picture that. Besides, I don't think you'd be able to afford him.

Nick: You're probably right. He could walk down the aisle and throw rose petals.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, he'd love that.

Nick: Don't worry, we'll keep him busy.

Victoria: You know... you've really lucked out, little brother. You have a... a hot wife and a--and very cute little baby. Who would've thought?

Nick: You know, I don't know what it is you're implying right now. We all know I got the looks, I got the personality.

Victoria: Oh, yeah? What did I get?

Nick: What did you get? You must've got something. You got the business savvy.

Victoria: Finally! Finally, he admits it! You know what? I would like to get that in writing.

Nick: Ha! A good businessman draws up the contract before the sale.

Victoria: Woman-- businesswoman.

Nick: Business-- right, businesswoman, right.

Victoria: You seem pretty excited about everything.

Nick: What's not to be excited about? Everything's great. You know what's really helped?

Victoria: Hmm?

Nick: The fact that you and the rest of the family have really embraced Phyllis.

Victoria: Well, we didn't have much to compare to.

Nick: You dislike Sharon that much?

Victoria: She showed up here earlier today.

Nick: Let me guess... to take you out to lunch?

Victoria: Right, right, so she can drown me in my soup and steal my husband.

Nick: Stop worrying about Sharon, all right? You fired her, remember?

Victoria: Yeah. Jack as the face of NVP strutting all over this building. I'm always running into Sharon. And what's worse... so is Brad.

Brad: Hey, you.

Sharon: Hey. Hey, yourself.

Brad: You seem pretty focused. I almost feel bad interrupting you.

Sharon: Um, don't. I needed the break.

Brad: Can I buy you a cup of coffee? It's the least I can do after everything you've done for me the last few days.

Sharon: The coffee's free here, big spender.

Brad: Is that a no? Well, don't hold it against me. Unless, you're in a hurry to be somewhere?

Sharon: I'm not. Sit down.

David: All right, I'm here. Hope you didn't start without me.

Jack: Oh, I wouldn't know where to begin.

Victor: Thanks for showing up so quickly, David. Jack is obviously anxious to get his campaign up and running.

David: Absolutely. And I have all sorts of ideas to go over with you.

Jack: Great! Can't wait to get started. Have a seat.

David: Uh, you know, but why don't we set up this meeting for tomorrow?

Victor: Why not right now?

David: Well, I didn't bring my notes, and I wanna make sure I don't leave anything out, so...

Jack: Well, we weren't suggesting we get into any of the specifics right now.

Victor: For your information, David, Jack and I agreed that it is important that he announce his candidacy publicly immediately.

David: You mean today?

Jack: Is there a problem with that?

David: Um, no. No, of course not. Well, I got a lot of meetings to set up, so if you'll excuse me, I have to make some phone calls.

Victor: All right.

Ines' voice: Hey, it's Ines. Leave me a brief message, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Dru: Son, they put me in a straight jacket.

Devon: I know.

Dru: What's taking him so long?

Devon: Here they come now.

Dru: Baby, can I---can I

Neil: No, no, Honey, not yet. Your doctor's not in the hospital.

Dru: What? Of course, I'm in the hospital and there ain't no doctor.

Neil: Please, don't worry about it, all right? I had him paged. In the meantime, we should call Michael, have him get in touch with the judge and maybe get your hearing moved up. What do you think?

Dru: Anything! Anything! Would you just do it! And since you're here, I suppose you're ready to admit to all that madness you were causing?

Ines: What madness?

Dru: Oh, don't don't even try--

Ines: I don't know what you're accusing me of.

Dru: Neil? Neil, you better check her.

Neil: Wait, wait, wait, let me handle this.

Ines: Am I supposed to?

Dru: Neil. This is a manipulative trick! You're not getting away with this!

Devon: Hold on now, hold on.

Dru: You're not getting away with this, Lady!

Neil: Don't worry. Don't worry. Honey, Honey, please...it's all right. We got it.

Dru: You're not gonna get away with this. You're not getting away with this.

Neil: Wait, wait, Devon --

Devon: Mom, Mom...

Neil: Take Ms. Vargas to the cafeteria. Get her something cold to drink, would you?

Devon: I will. I will.

Neil: Thanks, Buddy, I appreciate it. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Drucilla, come here. Come here. What are you doing? Sit right here.

Dru: Neil, she thinks we're stupid.

Neil: It doesn't matter what she thinks, okay? You've gotta relax. You hear me?

Dru: How am I supposed to relax when she's trying to make me think I'm stupid and crazy?

Neil: I didn't-- I don't know. I don't know what's going on with Ms. Vargas here.

Dru: I know what's going on with Ms. Vargas. She's lying through her teeth, Neil. She's lying.

Neil: Yeah, well, she's lying or something. She's playing games, that's what it is.

Dru: Yeah, well, she could play herself. I'm so glad we're on the same page. Neil, get me outta here.

Neil: Baby, we're always on the same page, all right? Can I tell you something very strange? David just happen to meet her for the very first time a Devon and I tracked her down.

Dru: You see? That's all--she's all an act! You know, the clueless thing and the apology-- it's just an act, Neil.

Neil: It doesn't matter if it's an act, we need to go along with it for right now.

Dru: Why? Put her on blast! Let's call her out!

Neil: No, no, we're not going to call her out. Why? Because we need her help. We wanna get you outta here as fast as we can. Do you hear me? And then we'll figure out what's going on between her and David. And until then, say this with me, I'm gonna be cool, all right?

Dru: Right, you say it.

Neil: I'm gonna be cool.

Dru: Yeah.

David: All right, gentlemen, it's a done deal.

Jack: I've already been elected

David: Would it were that easy. I've arranged for your first press conference. You'll publicly announce your candidacy for the vacant senate seat later today.

Jack: I like the way you work.

David: It's just the beginning, Jack. I wanna get that face of yours everywhere a potential voter might see it-- billboards, buses, television ads--you name it.

Jack: Well, I guess I better start taking better care of this face. Gonna be kissing a few babies here.

David: Hey, whatever it takes to show everyone you're a man of the people.

Victor: You know, Jack, humility is very important. Even though you were born into a privileged family.

Jack: I can do humility.

David: He's absolutely right, Jack. The voters need to believe that you care about the issues that are important to them.

Jack: I do. I wouldn't be doing this otherwise.

David: Great. Also, you need to admit any mistakes you've made in the past-- a preemptive strike. Otherwise, they will come back to haunt you if you don't.

Jack: And what are you suggesting should be my point of view?

David: First you admit, then you realize what's important. Make it seem as though you've grown, learned your lesson, even if you haven't done so.

Jack: Got it.

Victor: You know something, Jack? I think it's in the bag.

Phyllis: I'll see if Jack wants to be in on this meeting with the architect.

Nikki: Well, hopefully, he'll leave all of that to us once he'll be too busy combing his hair for TV commercials.

Phyllis: Oh! Word spreads fast. You know, I think Jack has a better chance at senator than we all think.

Nikki: He told us the other day. Victor has offered financial backing.

Phyllis: That's very generous of you.

Nikki: Well, it's something we believe in. I think it's inspired.

Phyllis: For our creative freedom?

Nikki: All support is critical. My motives don't really matter.

Phyllis: Nikki, I don't think you're ever gonna be happy with Jack running NVP, so, yeah, I think your motives matter.

Nikki: Don't worry, Phyllis. I'll play Jack the same way he plays us.


Sharon: So I am thinking about going to Nick and Phyllis' wedding.

Brad: Really? I wasn't aware you re a masochist.

Sharon: Well... it's not like I'd be going alone.

Brad: Taking a couple of snipers with you?

Sharon: You know, Jack asked me to go, and, you know, we are a couple. So it makes sense that we would go together.

Brad: Well, what doesn't make sense is why either one of you would wanna go. I mean, its one thing to accept that Nick and Phyllis are together. It's another to sit there and watch them pledge their eternal love.

Sharon: Wow, I didn't realize you had such strong feelings about it, Brad.

Brad: Look, Sharon, I understand that you wanna be there for Noah, but I know you. And it would be torture. And as far as I'm concerned, your ex has put you through enough of that.

Nick: Thanks. So are you really that insecure about Sharon?

Victoria: Ever since you told me about Brad and Sharon making out in a car, I'm sorry, I just can't get it out of my mind.

Nick: Yeah, I never expected to see that.

Victoria: I've tried to put it behind me, but before we left for Europe, I found Brad and Sharon in a car again.

Nick: Europe-right, thanks again for reminding me that I wasn't there.

Victoria: Oh, Nick, listen, uh, I'm sorry.

Nick: Don't worry. Don't worry. It's cool. I already got into it with Dad. And I know it wasn't your fault. So what were the love birds up to this time?

Victoria: Oh, just talking. Supposedly. But it was like dejā vu all over again.

Nick: What is it with those two and cars? You'd think they'd mix it up a little bit.

Victoria: Stop. Would you stop? My husband is not cheating on me. But now, not only can I not stand the sight of Sharon, I get queasy every time I pass a car lot.

Nick: Maybe Brad should walk to and from work?

Victoria: Listen, I get... I get why Sharon is attracted to Brad. Part of it is that she wants to get back at you.

Nick: So this is my fault? Look, I know you blame everything on your brother by default, but come on!

Victoria: Seriously, though, seriously, something's gotta give with those two. It's driving me crazy.

Nick: Did you ever think that maybe you're already there?

Victoria: You're really not helping anything. And do you wanna know what a-- what a shallow person I am?

Nick: You're making this too easy for me today.

Victoria: Seriously, Nick, while my stepdaughter was fighting for her life in the hospital, part of me was jealous that Sharon was able to comfort Brad in ways that I couldn't.

Nick: Man, I gotta get on this guy's program. I mean, this doorknob has two beautiful women at his disposal.

Victoria: Disposal? Gee, thanks. Thanks a lot.

Nick: Vick, you gotta just chill out, all right? He obviously loves you or he wouldn't be with you. It's that simple.

Victoria: You don't think that... Brad's in love with her, do you?

Nick: I'd say in lust is more like it.

Victoria: Just what I wanted to hear.

Nick: I'm sorry.

Victoria: What really bothers me is that... Sharon goes along with it, even though she knows that he's taken.

Nick: She's dating Jack. She hooked up with Brad. I gave up claiming that I could read her. Now, your loser husband is another story. He's an open book. He's flirty. But he's not gonna do anything too crazy to jeopardize his marriage.

Victoria: You know, I'm so glad I asked you for advice.

Nick: I'm just wondering what moron comes to me for advice?

Victoria: Mm-hmm. Finally you have a good point.

Sharon: Oh!

Brad: Hey!

Sharon: Hi.

Brad: Nick, just the man I was looking for.

Brad: Did we interrupt something?

Victoria: No, we were, uh, we were just discussing Sharon's personal life.

Sharon: Oh! Great!

Victoria: It sounds like things are gonna get pretty hectic with Jack running for state senate.

Brad: What? You're kidding me!

Nick: Nope. It won't be long before we see Jack all over TV going, "I'm Jack Abbott and I approved this message."

Sharon: Well, I think he can pull it off. And he's got a head start, too, ever since he exposed that corrupt Senator Bodi.

Brad: Yeah, there's a great idea-- replace one jerk with another one.

Sharon: Hey, watch it, I'm dating that jerk, okay?

Brad: Well, he's not getting my vote.

Sharon: Really? Well, that's too bad, because I was gonna ask you to help me hand out buttons later today--"Vote for Jack!" Or do you like, "Jack's back!"

Brad: You know what? You can joke all you want, but Jack has shown us time and time again that he's not to be trusted. He's morally bankrupt. Definitely not the kind of person we should be voting for.

(Knock on door)

Jack: Come in!

Phyllis: You summoned, Senator?

Jack: I haven't been elected yet.

Phyllis: Oh, you will.

Jack: Well, I'm glad you think so.

Phyllis: I do think so. Hey, this is, uh, the NVP retreat development plan. The architect sent it over earlier.

Jack: I, yeah, I'll take a look at that later.

Phyllis: Alright.

Jack: Listen, how's the web site coming along?

Phyllis: It's good. I have it all mapped out in my head. I'm trying to get the, uh, the schedule of this fast-paced politician life.

Jack: Well, I jotted down a couple of ideas. I think it should include my bio, a calendar of my appearances, a chance for voters to register and certainly-- I don't need to tell you any of this, do I?

Phyllis: No, not at all. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but no.

Jack: Well, thank you.

Phyllis: I'm glad we can be happy for each other.

Jack: Yeah, instead of you praying I'd get hit by a bus.

Phyllis: Never would do that. Maybe a bus with your picture on it.

Jack: Hello!

Nikki: Hello.

Victor: Well, Jack... the press is arriving.

Jack: Well, thank you, Victor.

Phyllis: The press?

Jack: Yes, I am making my candidacy official today.

Devon: Ms. Vargas? I really hope that you can understand why my parents are so on edge. They've been through a lot. And none of it, they deserved.

Ines: It must've been hard for you, facing a murder trial, knowing you were innocent.

Devon: Yeah, it was. It was. It was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me.

Ines: Look, all I've ever wanted was justice for my cousin-- to see the guilty party punished. It was never personal.

Dru: Um... I'm--I'm sorry that I lost my temper.

Ines: Apology accepted.

Dru: And, um... I... it's hard being here with all these folks.

Ines: Yeah, I'm sure it is.

Dru: I appreciate you coming here to... talk to the court, to let them know that I am not crazy. But--but I swear--I swear, I have seen you. I have seen you, I know I have, in our apartment building.

Neil: No.

Dru: Neil, let me just say this out loud.

Neil: Dru. Oh, Boy.

Dru: I've seen you at my job. I know I've seen you at the courthouse.

Ines: You probably have. I was in your building looking for a place, but was way out of my price range.

Neil: Right, right, and while we're on the subject, what about the, uh, Newman Tower?

Dru: Yeah.

Ines: I was picking up some personal things Carmen had left behind. I thought I'd send them to her family.

Neil: Right.

Dru: What about the courthouse?

Ines: As I already told your husband, I was there for the trial, but it was postponed.

Dru: So it was just a-- it was just a coincidence? Everywhere I go?

Neil: No, Honey...

Dru: There you are, just popping up, just popping up. And nobody's there to witness it.

Neil: Come on, Dru.

Ines: Yeah, it guess it must've been--

Dru: No, I guess you are a stalker.

Neil: No, no.

Dru: You are a stalker, that's what you are.

Ines: You know what? I don't appreciate this. I said that I would help you get out of here, but I'm not gonna stand here and confess to something I didn't do. It's ridiculous.

Dru: How can you stand-- how can you stand there? You know you cut up my clothes. You know you slashed my tires. You know you're doing the calls.

Neil: We talked about this, no.

Dru: You just want me to loose my mind. That what you trying to do.

Ines: Yeah, I'm beginning to think that that's exactly what happened to you.

Dru: You know what you are such a--

Devon: Mom!

Neil: Hey, hey!

Dru: What are, Honey, how can you stand there? How can you stand there and listen to this BS?

Ines you know what? I don't know what any of you are talking about. Leaving. I'm sorry.

Devon: Ms. Vargas!

Dru: Don't let her go! Don't let her go!

Neil: Drucilla, are you-- are you--we talked about this!

Dru: Neil! You're not gonna get away with this!

Devon: Mom! Mom! Shh! Stop it! Stop it!

Neil: Hi. Uh, Ms. Vargas, I am really sorry. I'm just, I'm praying that you're not gonna hold that against her.

Ines: What do you mean?

Neil: Well, you offered to help us.

Ines: Your wife has bigger problems than thinking I was Carmen.

Neil: Do you understand that she is upset? She's been in here way too long, okay?

Ines: Maybe it's best that she is in there, Mr. Winters.

Neil: And what's that supposed to mean?

Ines: The woman I just saw is exactly the same woman I saw attack Carmen on that videotape.

Dru: How could she lie like that? Just denying everything? She don't have no conscience?

Devon: Mom, you cannot keep doing that if you wanna get out of here!

Dru: What am I supposed to do, huh? What am I supposed to do? Pretend that I don't know what she's done or what she's doing?

Devon: Maybe you have to do that, I don't know! I do know going off like that is what got you into the whole Carmen mess in the first place! Let's just hope Neil can fix things now.

Ines: If you're still expecting me to help your wife get released from this place, I'm afraid to disappoint you...

Neil: No, listen, I'll do anything I can here. If you can just testify in front of the judge--

Ines: No, no, I'm sorry, but your wife belongs right where she is.

Nikki: You nervous?

Jack: Uh, yeah, a little. Probably more excited than anything else.

Victor: I am sure you'll handle it like a pro.

Jack: Thanks.

Nikki: Well, good luck.

Jack: Thanks, Nikki.

Victoria: Hey!

Brad: Hey.

Victoria: What's going on?

Brad: Jack called a press conference.

Victoria: Really?

Brad: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Well, let's watch.

Brad: No, not me. I don't have the stomach for bad reality TV today.

David: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? Thank you. Mr. Abbott and I would like to thank all of you for coming here on this exciting and historic day. Mr. Jack Abbott.

Jack: Thank you.

Man: Rumor has it you're going to run for political office, Mr. Abbott.

Jack: Well, let's put those rumors to rest. I am today announcing my candidacy for the senate seat recently vacated by Senator Bodi.

Woman: A man you personally exposed as corrupt?

Jack: I only did what any good citizen would do.

Man: What issues are you campaigning on, Mr. Abbott?

Jack: Primarily reform in the areas of education, taxation and the environment.

Woman: Care to expand on that, Sir?

Jack: Senator Bodi misused the public trust. He improperly used his influence to restrict public access to certain land out of a loyalty to wealthy individuals.

Woman: This land was near one of your proposed retreats, isn't that correct?

Jack: Yes, that's right. And because the land in question is in the state of Wisconsin, I intend to donate a considerable portion of that land for public use. I want it to be parkland, recreation area, for the use of the people of this fair state.

Phyllis: Jack never said anything about this. He's giving away NVP land to promote himself.

Nikki: We have created a monster!

Victor: You just wait.

Jack: All of this will be written down on a piece of paper you will leave with today.

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