Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/28/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/28/07 -- Canada; Thursday 3/1/07 -- U.S.A.


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Amber: Hi, Lauren.

Lauren: Amber!

Amber: Going over receipts?

Lauren: Uh, actually, returns.

Amber: Oh, well, let me help you.

Lauren: Okay. Uh, excuse me here... tell me you're wearing that to fend off jerks and that you didn't get married.

Amber: Married!

Lauren: No!

Amber: Yeah, can you believe it?!

Lauren: No! Is he from Los Angeles or...

Amber: No, he's from right here.

Lauren: I can't believe you.

Amber: A bartender at Indigo.

Lauren: So I guess the two of you really hit it off fast? Love at first sight? Something like that?

Amber: Pretty much. You know, when it's right, it's right.

Lauren: Yeah. So... he's a bartender and...

Amber: For now. But this guy's got a really bright future ahead of him.

Kay: When are you going to tell Cane he is a Chancellor?

Jill: Soon. Maybe I should go up to him and say, "Did you hear the one about the rich woman who told the Aussie bartender he was actually her son?"

Kay: Well, I think delivering the news as a joke is a bit much.

Jill: Then there's my new daughter-in-law to consider-- which actually makes my head hurt when I think about it.

Kay: You're gonna have to tell him--them-- and I mean, the sooner, the better.

Jill: I know, I know, I know. I know.

Cane: Hey, Ladies.

Jill: Katherine, I don't know how to do this.

David: Just the man I was hoping to see.

Jack: Ooh, I hear those words, I get nervous.

David: Well, you better get used to it. For you.

Jack: I'm being subpoenaed?

David: No. It's a list of contributors for your senate campaign. Only they don't know it yet.

Jack: Well, I haven't even officially announced.

David: It's a formality. Now we have a tremendous amount to do between now and Election Day.

Jack: Well, all, bring it on. As long as I got Victor's financial backing, we can play catch up.

David: No, we do not want all our backing to come from just one source. So if there's anybody that's not on that list that should be there, add them.

Jack: I'll go over it in the hospital. I'm on my way there right now.

David: Yeah, I heard about that. I'm sorry. Is she breathing on her own?

Jack: I'm gonna find that out right now.

Victoria: Why don't you, uh, why don't you go home for a little while, Brad? Take a break.

Brad: No.

Victoria: I'll call you if anything changes.

Brad: I need to be here when she wakes up.

Brad: I don't care how long it takes. I'm not leaving here until my daughter wakes up.

Neil: Uh, yeah, you, uh, you manage our apartment building. That's where I saw her. Late 20s, Latina, uh, slender, beautiful girl. Um, hair is dark brown, medium-length with bangs. That's right. Can you hold on one second? Thanks. Let me see? Absolutely perfect, thanks. You know what? Run off 500 of those, okay? No, no, no, make it 1,000. I'm back. Her name? I heard someone call her Carmen. Yeah, get back to me if you see her, okay? It's urgent. Thank you.

Michael: Are you crazy?

Gloria: Kevin has my support.

Michael: As do we, but that's a bad idea. Worry here.

Gloria: Is it really such a bad idea, Michael?

Michael: If Kevin had gone to four years of medical school and then done his residency in pulmonary medicine, he might be of some use.

Michael: As are we. And I'm worried about you. Brad Carlton just punched you in the face. You wanna give him another shot, do more damage?

Kevin: No, no, but if he'd give me a chance to explain--

Michael: It's not gonna happen!

Kevin: They don't know the truth, Michael.

Michael: They think they know the truth. You don't go anywhere near that hospital.

Gloria: Michael may be right, Kevin.

Kevin: Fine. So--so, what? Then I just abandon her?

Michael: I swear, I will hog-tie you if I need to. Am I clear?

Kevin: Yeah.

Michael: Do you have any idea where Jana might've gone after the fire?

Kevin: No, I have no idea.

Gloria: Shopping, maybe.

Michael: You think Jana went shopping?

Gloria: That girl had quite a sense of style.

Michael: In what universe is that helpful?

Gloria: Michael, I'm just saying, she fooled me just the way she did Kevin.

Michael: All right. What about her father? Did she ever show you any family photos?

Kevin: No. Wait, that's a good idea.

Gloria: What?

Kevin: Well, Jana loved to take pictures. She always took the film to the same drug store. I could see if there's any pictures she hasn't picked up.

Michael: Hmm. Pictures Bardwell doesn't know about.

Gloria: Yeah, there might be something. We need to see those pictures, huh?

Kevin: Yeah, okay, I'm on my way.

Michael: All right, Kevin, straight there, straight back. You're allergic to the hospital, right?

Kevin: You know, I'm not a complete idiot.

Victoria: Maybe we should read to her? In case she can hear us.

Brad: When she was little, her mom use to read her her favorite book over and over again.

Traci: "Charlotte's Web."

Brad: Traci.

Traci: She never got tired of it. Hello.

Brad: It's good to see you.

Traci: Is--is she still...

Victoria: We're so-- we're so glad you're here.

Traci: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Victoria. Do you know anything? How long she'll have to stay on the ventilator?

Brad: Until she can breathe on her own.

Traci: Oh.

Traci: Oh, my Darling... Mama's here. Sweetheart, I'm here.

Cane: So, uh, looks like you ladies have stopped in for smoko.

Jill: A smoko?

Cane: Oh, it's, uh, Aussie, um, for a coffee break.

Jill: Oh, a smoko? That's so colorful.

Kay: It's lovely. We don't smoke.

Jill: It doesn't matter, Mother.

Cane: So I thought I'd check in with you about that party you asked me to bartend at.

Kay: What party?

Jill: The party-- the surprise party that I'm having for you.

Kay: And why would you have a surprise party--

Jill: Sometimes people decide not to tell people things.

Kay: Oh, the party for me?

Jill: Yeah.

Kay: Oh, that's sweet.

Cane: And I've gone and blown surprise. I'm sorry.

Jill: Oh, it doesn't matter. She doesn't really like surprises anyway.

Kay: No, I can't abide them.

Jill: They scare her silly.

Kay: Everybody just pops out and says "Happy whatever"--

Jill: Its clowns. She doesn't like clowns.

Kay: I don't like the noses on the clowns.

Jill: And the big shoes.

Cane: Well, it was-- it was nice talking to you, Ladies. So, um, if you wanna get in touch with me, um, about that party, you know how to do that.

Jill: Definitely.

Kay: Absolutely.

Cane: Okay.

Jill: Definitely.

Lauren: Did you see this purse? I think it would be great with your outfit.

Daniel: Well, well, well, if it isn't the rules girl. You seen my wife?

Amber: Not yet.

Daniel: So tell me, how's married life treating you?

Amber: Oh, it is amazing. Oh, you haven't seen my ring yet.

Daniel: Mmm, it's quite the piece.

Amber: Mm-hmm. Hey, you wanna see my wedding album?

Daniel: Okay.

Amber: Okay! Here's a picture of us outside the casino. I won 25 bucks playing video poker.

Daniel: Good for you.

Amber: Mm-hmm. And here we are in the lounge. Cane was not impressed by the bartender. And... oops! Sorry, you can't see that one.

Daniel: Why not?

Amber: Because it's a picture of me in the shower.

Daniel: Come on, I won't tell if you don't tell.

Amber: Sorry, my husband would not approve. That is just so much fun to say that.

Daniel: Please don't tell me you're the type of girl who's gonna start looking for hubby's approval.

Amber: Let me let you in on a little secret about women, Daniel. We always get what we want by letting you guys think it was your idea in the first place.

Daniel: Mmm.

Neil: Well, you manage the Newman building, so you must have a sense how someone can move around right, very much like Carmen Mesta. Well, don't cross-examine every person you see that looks like her, just--just keep an eye out. Yeah, get back to me at this number, okay? Appreciate that. Thank you, bye. Hey, Honey.

Lily: Hi.

Neil: Hi.

Lily: How are you?

Neil: Good. Good to see you.

Lily: So, no luck finding "Carmen?"

Neil: No. I'm hoping the fliers will help. It just kills me that I didn't believe your mother, you know?

Lily: Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. I know how we can make it up to her a little bit.

Neil: Oh, yeah?

Lily: Yeah. Why don't we go and see her?

Neil: I wish I could. They're not allowing visitors for her now.

Lily: Yeah, but today is...

Neil: The anniversary of our first wedding.

Lily: Mm-hmm. Did you know that even when we lived in France, Mom still celebrated it?

Neil: Did she really?

Lily: Yeah. I'm sure she's thinking about it now. And she's all alone in that place. So maybe we can... give it a shot?

Neil: Let them try and stop us, huh? Come on.

Lily: That's the attitude.

Kevin: Hi. Can I get an update on Colleen Carlton, please?

Victoria: How dare you show up here?

Kevin: I need to see how she's doing.

Victoria: Your gall is only exceeded by your insanity-- which I'm sure your brother will trot out in your defense.

Kevin: Victoria, I did not hurt Colleen. I would trade places with her if I could.

Victoria: Excuse me, excuse me, could you call security, please?

Kevin: There's no need. There's no need. I'm leaving. If there's anything I can do...

Victoria: Yeah. You can pray that Colleen gets better. Because if she doesn't, there are a lot of people who are gonna make sure you get what's coming to you in ways that the justice system never imagined.

Jack: Any change?

Brad: No.

Jack: Hi ya.

Michael: All right, here's the copy of the passport, the I-9 and the complete fire department investigation.

Gloria: Michael, none of this stuff helps.

Michael: Yet. Yet.

Gloria: Yeah.

JT: Michael. Gloria.

Gloria: If you're here to say something horrible about my son, go away.

Michael: I called Jeffrey Todd. He's going to help us find Jana.

JT: I'm gonna go get some coffee.

Gloria: Are you out of your mind?

Michael: The only thing he wants to find is more evidence against Kevin.

Gloria: English, Michael.

Michael: That is a Korean martial art in which one utilizes your enemy's strengths against him. Look, there is nothing that Jeffrey Todd wants more than to put Kevin in prison forever. How does he go about doing that? By finding Jana's dead body.

Gloria: But I thought you believed Kevin was innocent.

Michael: You're not seeing the whole picture. Just because Jeffrey Todd believes something doesn't make it true.

Gloria: So Jeffrey Todd's going to be working very hard, day and night--

Michael: To find Jana, who is hopefully very much alive.

Amber: Oh! Well, hello, Sir. Did you come to buy something for the missus?

Cane: Yeah, I'm thinking, uh, maybe something in a muumuu, perhaps. Something large-- like a large muumuu. She's a big girl.

Lauren: Ah... so is this the man in question?

 Amber: In all his glory.

Lauren: Oh, congratulations.

Cane: Thank you. I'm a lucky bloke.

Lauren: Yes, you are. And, um, one world-class barkeep, I hear.

Cane: Speaking of which, that lady, uh, Jill who asked me to bartend at a party-- so I run into her and her mom down at the coffeehouse. I'll tell you one thing, those ladies are a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.

Lauren: Really?

Cane: Mm-hmm. There's something wrong with them.

Lauren: Oh, uh, speaking of which... uh, Kay, Jill! So nice to see you.

Kay: Oh, for heaven's sakes, Lauren, hello, how are you, Darling? I haven't seen you in such a long time.

Lauren: I know! Let me take your coat, okay?

Kay: Please. It's freezing out there. Oh, my goodness. Oh, Amber...

Amber: Hi.

Kay: Hello.

Cane: Well, we meet again. Look, uh, we have the same sense of style.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Cane: Pink's my color.

Amber: What do you think, Mrs. Chancellor?

Kay: Oh, marriage does suit you. Congratulations.

Cane: Thank you.

Jill: Yes, congratulations again, both of you.

Amber: Thank you. Oh, we wish you could've seen the ceremony. It was very modern, but you know, we missed all our friends being there. So we're gonna have a little party to celebrate.

Jill: Are you?

Amber: Mm-hmm.

Cane: Are we?

Amber: Yeah, we are.

Cane: We are.

Amber: And we would love for all of you guys to come.

Jill: We would love to come.

Kay: Oh, absolutely.

Lauren: Yeah.

Amber: It's gonna be very low-key, though. Just...

Lauren: Oh, marriage is never low-key. You should do something fancy.

Cane: Oh, we can't really afford it, so...

Amber: Yeah.

Lauren: Well, then you should let me give it for you, okay? We'll pull out all the stops. What do you think? Yeah!

Amber: Oh, my God!

Lauren: Let me do something for you.

Amber: Oh, thank you so much! I am so excited! We should call your uncle in Australia! Maybe he'll come! That's the only family Cane has.

Jill: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Cane: That's okay. I'm adopted. My mum passed away.

Amber: Yeah. We've been trying to find Cane's birth mother. I wish we could find her before the party, but...

Kay: Oh, that would be marvelous if you could, wouldn't it?

Amber: Yeah.

Jill: Right, it would.

Amber: Any suggestions on how we can find his birth mother?

Kay: Mmm.

Jill: I have no idea.

Kay: None.

Jill: I'm sure there must be people who do that sort of thing.

Kay: Well, you know....

Jill: Trained people.

Kay: Well, they're very expensive.

Jill: And very complicated.

Lauren: Yeah, but have you tried web sites or list services or adoption boards?

Cane: I've been down that road. No luck, though.

Lauren: I'm sorry. You know, I have a friend who's a private detective. Maybe he can help.

Cane: Yeah, the possibility's, uh, so remote, I just don't wanna get my hopes up anymore.

Kay: Well, you know what? I need something, um, to wear for this...

Lauren: Evening?

Kay: Festive, yes! That's what I need-- something very, very festive.

Lauren: Well, then please, let me show you the festive department here.

Cane: Thanks for inviting the loony-tunes.

Amber: Hey, hey! Be nice to them. They have been wonderful to me. They're almost like family.

Neil: Hey, Honey.

Dru: Oh, Neil! Neil, Honey! Neil! Lily!

Lily: Hi! Hi! Hi!

Dru: Oh, look at your face.

Lily: No, it's okay. It's okay.

Dru: I'm so sorry. Neil, they put me in a jacket. They put me in a jacket and they shot me up with...

Neil: Oh, Baby, oh, shh.

Neil: Please tell me you can get me out of here please, Neil? Neil?, Ease... no! No!

Neil: Dru, Dru, I would. I would if I could. I can't.

Dru: No! No! No! No, they have no right! They have no right to keep me here!

Lily: Mom, I am so sorry. We had to beg to even see you.

Neil: Yeah, they changed it to involuntary, you know that. I had--I had to tell them that-- I had to tell them that today's a special day.

Dru: Huh? What?

Neil: Sweetheart, it's our anniversary.

Dru: Oh, Neil, I'm so sorry, Honey. I forgot. I'm so sorry.

Neil: Don't be sorry.

Dru: It's the first time I forgot that.

Neil: No, it's okay. I understand. I understand. It's all right. There. I brought you something. Here. And the real present I can't give you until, uh... you're home-- which will be soon, I promise, all right? Come on, take a look.

Lily: Open it up.

Dru: Oh... William Shakespeare. Can I keep it?

Lily: Yeah, of course you can keep it.

Neil: Hey... first... we have to find this woman that looks like Carmen. And once I do, they're gonna know that you're not delusional, honey. So I need you to remember everything you can about seeing Carmen-- what she was wearing, what she looked like, what she did-- everything you can, okay?

Victoria: Hi.

Jack: Hi.

Victoria: Are the doctors in with Colleen again?

Jack: No, Traci's in there. A chance for her to spend some time with her daughter.

Victoria: You know, sometimes when I'm in there, I-I forget that I'm... I'm just the stepmother.

Jack: Yeah. Stepparents get short-shrifted a lot of the time. I remember when I was married to your mom... I used to be the one-man standing ovation at all of nick's t-ball games. Cheering him on, even when he was striking out.

Victoria: Do you remember the time that you didn't go to the out of state conference so that you could stay home and make Jack's special soup?

Jack: Jack's special soup. Yes, I do, and you were very sick and it was the only thing that would make you feel better.

Victoria: Yeah. You took really good care of us.

Jack: I felt like you were my kids.

Victoria: That's how I feel about Colleen.

Michael: Kevin! Pick up any nice 8 x 10s... at the hospital? What happened to the Kevin who promised he wouldn't go there?

Kevin: I killed him.

JT: Thing you do best.

Kevin: What's this private dick doing here?

JT: I'm getting paid to nail your ass, Kevin.

Michael: I asked Jeffrey Todd to be here.

Gloria: Stop it! Stop it! JT is here to help us find Jana.

Kevin: What are you crazy? This guy wants to put me away.

Michael: You're innocent. So what does it matter? Let's get back to work.

Gloria: Wait a minute... what have we... here?

Kevin: It's a claim ticket. I took my computer to the shop last week to get a new jack.

Michael: Is it still there?

Kevin: Yeah.

JT: The police don't know about that?

Kevin: So?

JT: Well, I'm calling 'em right now.

Michael: You don't have to make that phone call, do you, Jeffrey Todd?

Brad: Has Colleen told you how well she's doing in school?

Traci: Straight "A's" just like I expected.

Brad: You know, I think she inherited your writing talent. An art journal is publishing one of her papers.

Traci: Really? I didn't know that. I hate living so far away.

Victoria: Maybe Colleen can come to New York. Maybe this Summer, huh?

Traci: I would love that. In fact, I guess I wouldn't even mind if JT came along. How's he doing? He must be devastated.

JT: You're an officer of the court, Michael. You can't hide relevant evidence and you know it.

Michael: No one is hiding anything. We will alert the police. I just wanna take a look at that hard drive first.

Kevin: Jana used that computer.

Gloria: What if she erased everything?

Kevin: I can restore it.

JT: Or the king of geeks can wipe it out for good.

Kevin: You know, it's more likely that you would plant something.

JT: No way is he alone with that computer.

Michael: Neither of you will be alone with anything. Gloria's going to the shop with you.

Gloria: I am? I am.

Michael: All right, tell me when you have the laptop. I am out of here.

Kevin: Where you going?

Michael: I've got another case to deal with.

Kevin: Whose case?

Michael: Let's just say if everything works out with this one, it could be in your favor. All right, see you later.

Neil: (Clears throat) got a minute?

David: What can I do for you?

Neil: Well, it's, uh... it's kinda complicated. Um... I know that DNA doesn’t lie. But yesterday in our apartment building, I could've sworn I saw Carmen.

David: Are you sure your wife isn't getting to you?

Neil: Does Carmen have a relative who might be in Genoa City?

David: No.

Neil: I know I saw a person who looked identical to Carmen.

David: I would like to help out, but... I don't know what you're talking about.

Neil: Thanks.

Traci: (Sighs) thank you, Jack. Why is it that every time I come home it's for something really bad?

Jack: This is gonna have a happy ending. This isn't like Dad. You hear me?

Traci: Okay. Okay. Um... isn't there anything else that the doctors can be doing?

Jack: The doctors are monitoring her oxygen levels, waiting for her body to heal itself.

Traci: It's just got to heal itself.

Jack: It will. And when Colleen's better and she gets out of this place, she's gonna move in with me. I'm getting a room ready for her.

Traci: Oh, thank you, Jack.

Jack: Hey... you're probably gonna wanna stick around and look out for her a little while yourself, huh?

Traci: Yes. Yes. You're right, I will.

Jack: Move back home. Really. The only people rattling around that big old empty house are me and dad's ghost. And he's not much of a conversationalist. I mean it. Come back home. Colleen misses you. I miss you.

(Cell phone ringing)

Daniel: Hello?

Amber: Daniel, it's Amber.

Daniel: What's up?

Amber: Listen, I need a huge favor. Call me back on my cell and play along with whatever I say, okay?

Daniel: Okay, what chapter of "the rules" is this?

Amber: I'll explain later. I owe you big! Bye!

Cane: So Lauren and I are trying to figure out the music for the party.

Amber: Well, Cane is a huge Barry Manilow fan.

Lauren: Really?

Cane: Love Barry. And that Vegas guy-- uh, Fig Newton--love him.

Lauren: His brother Wayne.

Amber: Oh, hold on. Hold on a sec. [Cell phone rings] Hello?

Daniel: Yeah, friendly photos here in Vegas. We, uh, have some film of yours that we developed for you of a personal nature.

Amber: Are you sure?

Daniel: Cute blonde wearing nothing but a smile?

Amber: Well, why didn't you just say so in the first place?

Daniel: 'Cause I make it up as I go along.

Amber: Um, no, no, I'll tell him. Thank you, Counselor.

Lauren: Is everything okay? Okay, I'm just gonna give you a minute.

Cane: So what's up?

Amber: That was the immigration attorney.

Amber: She said... that the marriage doesn't automatically make you a citizen.

Cane: Get outta here.

Amber: You have to go back to Australia to apply and then... it can take up to three years.

Man: If you'll excuse us, it's time for the procedure.

Brad: It's not a procedure. It's torture.

Victoria: Brad...

Brad: I'm staying here for her.

Traci: Well, then I should, too.

Man: No, Mr. Carlton, sometimes patients struggle and they thrash around, okay? However, your daughter hasn't moved her limbs yet. And we don't know if she can. Now, to be unable to move, struggling for air... can be very frightening for her. And it can also be even more frightening for someone who loves her to watch.

Victoria: Okay, come on, let's go. Colleen wouldn't want you to see her like that. She knows that we'll be waiting right outside the door. Come on.

Brad: I'm not leaving.

Neil: Oh, hey, um, about this Carmen thing-- look, there are a lot of lives at stake here.

David: Yeah, and isn't it funny how Carmen isn't one of them? Because she was killed and all.

Neil: Yeah, and I'm really sorry about that. But listen, David, I...

Michael: Excuse me. Neil.

Neil: Michael.

Michael: I'm here to talk to Mr. Chow, but, uh, I see you must've already started.

Neil: Yeah, I had to.

Michael: Well... Mr. Chow, if there's anything you can think of-- somebody impersonating Carmen?

David: All right, let's just stop this right here, right now. I wake up every single morning and the first thought that comes to my mind is "Carmen is gone." And I have to live with that fact for the rest of my life. Do you have any idea how difficult that is? Now this person you and your wife think you saw-- it wasn't Carmen. So if you'll excuse me, I have no desire to be part of this so-called investigation any further.

Cane: All right, listen, I've been thinking. Um...

Amber: Me, too.

Cane: I can't ask you to come to Australia and be tied to me for three years.

Amber: Exactly what I was thinking.

Cane: So we're gonna have to take care of this.

Amber: Yeah.

Cane: Okay.

Amber: Um, hey, where are Jill and Mrs. Chancellor?

Lauren: Oh, uh, Kay forgot something at Crimson Lights. They went to go pick it up.

Amber: Oh, okay.

Cane: All right, so I'm gonna go and see the attorney and talk to her about getting the marriage annulled.

Amber: Or I could just come with you?

Cane: To the attorney? Sure, okay.

Amber: No, to Australia.

Cane: Australia?

Amber: I'm an adventurous kind of gal.

JT: Where's Michael?

Kevin: Well, it looks like he's not back yet.

JT: Well, I say we fire it up.

Gloria: I say we wait for Michael.

Kevin: I agree.

(Cell phone ringing)

Gloria: Excuse me. Hello? Hey, Lauren, how are you? Of course, I'd love to watch fen. Now? Sure, honey, I'll be right there. Okay, the sitter's got an emergency. I've gotta go over to Michael's and wait for the new sitter. Can I trust you boys to play nice and wait for Michael?

JT: Of course.

Kevin: Yeah, I'll call you.

JT: What are you afraid of, Fisher? I might see your internet chat logs? Trying to pick up young girls again there, Fishin' for Love?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, JT that’s what I'm doing.

JT: Prove me wrong. Prove me wrong, huh? Fire it up. Let's see what it's got.

Kevin: No, we need to wait for Michael.

JT: Spoken like a man with something to hide.

Traci: Why is this taking so long?

Victoria: Sometimes, you know, it takes a while to bring her out of this heavy sedation that she's under.

Traci: Victoria, then what happens? I mean, does she gasp for breath?

Victoria: The doctors-- they really do try to make it as painless as possible.

Traci: You know, um, Jack put a plasma TV in the room that he's making up for her. I know Colleen is really gonna like that. And--and I think that the university will allow her to have tutors. Or maybe--maybe she'll just withdraw for this term and she can take a semester off. Why is this happening to my baby? Why?

Victoria: Traci, its okay. You know something? That young lady in there is strong. She's strong and she's a fighter. And no matter what happens, we're all gonna love her unconditionally.

Traci: Oh, thank you.

Victoria: Come here.

Traci: Thanks, Victoria.

Victoria: It's okay.

Man: Nurse, lower the rate, please. Now we've been decreasing the support of the ventilator. Hopefully, we can take it off any time now.

Brad: Baby... baby, its okay, Sweetheart, Daddy's here. Honey, I know you're scared. I know it hurts. Honey, now you need to breathe. You need to breathe. Inhale... come on, Baby! You know you can do it. No, no, no, no, you can't do that. Come on, sweetheart. Come on, Sweetheart, if you can breathe, we can take the tube out. Come on, Honey, breathe. Stay with me. Stay with me. Come on, Honey! Just breathe! I know you can do it, Baby. Come on. Come on, breathe. Breathe. Breathe, Honey, breathe. Come on, Baby, you can do it.

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