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Y&R Transcript Monday 2/26/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 2/27/07 -- USA


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Daniel: How is Dru doing?

Lily: The same. She's still convinced that Carmen is alive.

Devon: Yeah, that's for sure.

Daniel: This just isn't like your mom.

Lily: Yeah, no kidding. I mean, she's really freaking us all out. And now her latest thing is that Carmen is moving stuff around the house.

Devon: And with all the stress that Dru's been under, she had to come up with some kind of explanation.

Daniel: Well, there's gotta be a better one than bringing Carmen back to life.

Lily: Yeah.

Devon: You know what? I think that Dru moved all that stuff on her own and just forgot about it. I mean, the simplest explanation is supposed to be the most likely one, right?

Daniel: Yeah.

Lily: Well, I'm just glad that you're off the hook. Maybe Mom can relax now.

Devon: Yeah. Do you two really think that Kevin killed Carmen?

Daniel: No.

Lily: Yes. Don't you? Come on.

Devon: I don't-- I don't know. I'm back and forth about it, but I just want Dru to be all right.

Dru: Neil? Neil, can you help me? Neil? I need some help.

Neil: Hey, where have you been?

Dru: Get this.

Neil: I've been calling you for hours. Your cell phone's turned off.

Dru: Wait till you see what I got. Wait till you see-- wait till you see what I got.

Neil: What is all this stuff?

Dru: Surveillance cameras, okay? Surveillance cameras and we're gonna strategically place them all over the place where Carmen cannot find them or break them, okay? And I need you to help me get the rest of the stuff out of the car, too.

Neil: Drucilla, are you serious?

Dru: See, I'm dead serious, okay? I am going to catch Carmen and then we're gonna see who's imagining what.

Neil: Is this really necessary?

Dru: Yep. Wait till you see. Wait till you see.

Woman: Excuse me. Mr. Carlton?

Brad: Yeah, I'm sorry. What is it?

Woman: I need to bathe Colleen now.

Brad: Oh. Yeah, of course.

JT: What? Nothing at all?

Brad: I'll call you if there's any change.

Sharon: JT, hey!

Jack: Hey, any news?

JT: No change. I'll be back later.

Sharon: JT's really beating himself up about this.

Jack: Yeah, I feel bad for the guy. We all know it's not his fault.

Sharon: Well, hopefully we'll hear some good news soon.

Jack: Hopefully. God, the minutes are turning into hours. It feels like I was just here with my dad. When my dad died... I prayed that nothing like this would ever happen to my family again, not for a long time.

Sharon: Well, no matter how long it is, it's always too soon.

Jack: I'm gonna try to get Traci on the phone, okay?

Sharon: Hey. You should eat something.

Brad: I'm not hungry.

Sharon: Yeah, I know, I know, but you should try. You need to keep your strength up. Colleen needs you to.

Sharon: JT said there's no change.

Brad: I can't lose my little girl.

Sharon: I know.

Kevin: Mom.

Gloria: Honey. Oh, Honey... are you okay?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. How's Colleen?

Gloria: She's still on a ventilator.

Michael: I spoke with the judge this morning. Uh, at the moment, he's not willing to grant bail.

Kevin: What about Jana?

Michael: The police are still following leads.

Gloria: Just give it some time. They're gonna find her.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, great. And, what, I just sit in here until they do?

Gloria: Not if Michael can help it.

Korbel: Hi. I, uh... brought Colleen some flowers.

Brad: Look, uh... I know how much I owe you. If you hadn't found Colleen when you did... but right now-- I'm sorry-- but I don't want anyone else in the room with my daughter. I'll have someone call you if-- when she wakes up.

Will: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you all to leave. This establishment is closed until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I appreciate your cooperation.

Lily: They must be looking for evidence against Kevin.

Daniel: You know, Lily, you shouldn't be so quick to judge someone. Kevin could just be an innocent victim just like Devon.

Lily: Daniel, please.

Gloria: I'm glad you've finally come around in believing your brother is innocent.

Michael: Yes, I'm very convincing, aren't I?

Will: The coffeehouse is closed.

Michael: Not to me, it isn't.

Will: CSI is conducting a search.

Michael: As Kevin's attorney, I have every right to witness this search. Which you know as well as I do. Unless you'd rather I get everything you collect here today thrown out at trial. My assistant.

Will: Fine. Don't touch anything. And don't get in the way.

Sharon: Oh! Victoria, how long have you, uh...

Victoria: Not long.

Sharon: I, uh, I brought some food right here if you want any.

Victoria: Oh, no, thank you. Thank you, Sharon, I think you've done enough.

Sharon: Uh, yeah, you know, a couple more hours still.

Victoria: I bet that you have a lot that you need to get done before you pick him up. Aren't you doing a new campaign for NVP this week?

Sharon: Oh, yeah, but my only concern right now is Colleen's recovery.

Victoria: Right. uh...my husband and I are really grateful that you could stay with Colleen until we got back.

Sharon: Well, I only wish that there was something more I could do.

Victoria: I think that you've done everything that you possibly can. And we really appreciate that. We really do. But, uh... Colleen's father is here now and I'm here, so there really isn't any reason for you to hang around. We have everything under control.

Lily: Mom? Dad?

Devon: Anybody home?

Lily: What is all this?

Neil: Hey, Guys, um...

Devon: Hey.

Neil: It's been a rough morning.

Devon: Why?

Dru: Hey, you Guys. Don't you have school?

Devon: No, we've got a break in between classes.

Dru: Oh. Well, good, 'cause I could use your help. Your father certainly isn't helping me out.

Lily: Um, Mom, what-- what is all this?

Dru: You know, Guys, I-I need your opinion. See, I'm trying to get maximum coverage for the cameras. Should I put it here or should I put it back here-- out of sight? What do you think?

Devon: What-- what are you exactly try to record?

Dru: Carmen, Baby. I gotta prove to the DA that she's still alive. Oh, wow. Wow, I didn't think I was gonna have to prove this to my family.

Neil: Drucilla...

Dru: No, Neil, no, I know you never believed me. But I didn't think I was gonna have to convince my own children!

Lily: Mom, she is dead!

Devon: We saw the body.

Dru: She is not dead! I don't care! No!

Neil: DNA tests prove--

Dru: I don't give a good kitty about that test, okay?! I know you all think you saw something in that alley, but I know who's been-- I know who's been terrorizing me! Why won't you help me?!

[Dru throws her the video camera and it hits a glass and a piece flies onto Lily’s face and she’s cut]

Devon: Lily! Hey!

Lily: Yes, it's bleeding.

Neil: Watch out. Watch out.

Lily: Oh, my gosh! Ow!

Neil: It's gonna be okay. Shh, shh, shh. Let me take a look. Let me take a look. Sweetheart.... Devon, uh, go get me some towels.

Lily: What does it look like?

Neil: No, it's all right.

Devon: Towels?

Lily: Oh, my gosh! Ow! Ow!

Devon: Is that all you need?

Dru: I'm so sorry.

Lily: Dad, it really hurts.

Neil: I know, Baby. It's gonna be all right.

Dru: Lily, oh, Baby, I didn't mean it!

Lily: You get away from me!

Dru: Oh, Sweetheart, oh--

Neil: Stop. Drucilla, stop it.

Lily: Don't touch me.

Neil: Stop, stop. Let me see. I think you're gonna need some stitches.

Neil: I'm gonna take you to the hospital, all right?

Dru: I'm sorry.

Devon: You know what, Neil? I think it's a good idea if you stay here with her and I will take Lily to the hospital, okay?

Dru: No, where are my keys?! I'm gonna drive.

Lily: Mom, I am not going anywhere with you!

Neil: All right, I want you to go with Devon. Devon's perfectly capable of handling this.

Devon: Yes.

Neil: I'm gonna stay here with your mother.

Lily: I will go with Devon.

Devon: You guys can trust me. Let me get your stuff, Lily.

Dru: No, I'm her mother.

Lily: Mom, you are out of control! I do not wanna go anywhere with you!

Dru: Please, it was an accident!

Lily: No, you are scaring me!

Dru: No, I'm okay.

Lily: Mom, you are seeing people who aren't even there! You are out of control! You need help, Mom! You do!

Neil: All right, Lily, Lily--

Dru: Please, Baby, please, Sweetheart, let me--

Neil: Dru, Dru, please--

Lily: Look what you did!

Neil: Stop, okay? Just relax. Just calm down. Just stay right there.

Dru: What am I supposed to do?

Neil: Just relax.

Dru: I didn't mean it, Honey.

Will: Yeah.

Gloria: So what do you think they expect to find?

JT: The police have the front entrance sealed off. What the hell's going on?

Gloria: What do you think?

Michael: The district attorney is hoping to find evidence to pin Carmen's murder on Kevin. I'm hoping they find something to exonerate him.

JT: What about Devon? I thought he was your client.

Michael: Everybody already knows Devon is not guilty. That doesn't mean Kevin is.

Gloria: Jana Hawkes is the guilty one.

JT: That is a lie and you both know it.

Gloria: Listen--

Michael: Listen...

Will: Uh, Crimson Lights is closed.

Gloria: Did you find anything?

Will: I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Michael: Not so fast. He's working for me.

Gloria: Well, if you do find something, Jana planted it.

Michael: All right...

Gloria: To...

Michael: Gloria...

Gloria: Frame my son.

Michael: Excuse us for a minute.

Michael: I need you to find Jana Hawkes.

JT: Oh, you want me to help Kevin?

Michael: Finding her won't necessarily help him.

JT: Yeah, that's right. Because when I find the body, it will prove that Kevin is the real killer.

Michael: Fine. Whatever. One way or another, I wanna know where she is.

Gloria: You're not gonna find any evidence, William. This is a waste of time.

Man: The Luminol picked up traces of blood on the floor in the hallway. Someone cleaned it up but there's some marks on the ceiling that they missed.

Gloria: Oh, come on, that can't be possible.

Victoria: Her oxygen levels have stabilized.

Victoria: Oh, good! Well, that's definitely a good sign.

Brad: Yeah.

Victoria: Good.

Brad: Why is it taking them so long to give her a bath? I wanna go back in there.

Victoria: Yeah, I know.

Sharon: Victoria, I know you said you didn't want any coffee, but I-I got you one just in case you change your mind.

Victoria: I'm fine. Thank you.

[Korbel in Colleen’s room]

Korbel: Hi. You missed the, uh, deadline for the research paper I was telling you about yesterday. Would you wake up if I promised to give you an extension? Idiot. I know-- even by my standards, right? You know, I just-- I just keep thinking about all the... the things that I wanted to say to you, but I didn't. Because I thought they were inappropriate. Like how, uh... how much I love... the way you smile when you're-- when you're teasing me. Or how--how the corners of your mouth turn up just... just a little when you're laughing at me. Or how I can feel... every nerve in my body when we're together. If I close my eyes, I can see every moment that we've shared. And I'm gonna make sure... that we have many more to come.

Korbel: I love you, Colleen.

Korbel: I love you.

Daniel: Dude, you look haggard.

Kevin: Thanks. Any news on Colleen?

Daniel: Nah, it's still the same.

Kevin: If she doesn't survive, I'm not gonna be able to forgive myself.

Daniel: But you did everything you could to save her. Jana's the one responsible here, not you. Have you talked to Michael?

Kevin: He's at the coffeehouse.

Daniel: You know, we got kicked out of there earlier by the DA what’s up with that?

Kevin: The DA is looking for clues to put me away for life.

Daniel: Which could be a serious problem, 'cause you might have to wear that orange jumpsuit every day.

Kevin: Well, good, as long as we've identified my biggest problem.

Daniel: If you don't feel like orange, maybe you can request a different color. Look, Kevin, listen, you got a lot of people behind you, including Colleen, okay?

Jack: I just got off the phone with Traci. She is in Hong Kong visiting Ashley and Billy. The Newman jet's on its way to pick her up right now.

Brad: That's good to hear. Maybe that's exactly what Colleen needs.

Jack: Sharon? I have a meeting with the NVP art department. You wanna come with me?

Sharon: No, I'm gonna stay. There will be other meetings.

Jack: Okay. I'll see you in a bit.

Sharon: Okay.

Victoria: I have to stretch my legs.

Victoria: I thought no one was allowed in the room yet.

Korbel: I had to.

Victoria: You know, I think it would be best if you left.

Korbel: It's so hard to see her like this.

Victoria: You must really care deeply for her. Listen, I'll be sure to let you know if anything changes, okay?

Korbel: Thank you.

JT: When did Jana disappear?

Michael: A few weeks ago... after a very public argument with Adrian Korbel... right here in the coffeehouse.

JT: So Professor Korbel in the coffeehouse with a candlestick?

Michael: You find this amusing?

JT: Okay... did Jana and Kevin have any sort of argument around the--the time of the alleged incident with Professor Korbel?

Michael: Come here. They found Jana's coat by the lake... along with copious amounts of blood. The district attorney's theory is that no one could survive after having lost so much. But Jana told Kevin that she had been siphoning her own blood for months to... to fake her own death.

JT: Well, it sounds to me like Kevin's been reading too much Anne Rice. All right, I will check to see if there's been any activity on Jana's credit cards. I'll recheck the morgue for any possible Jane Doe's. My best guess-- we'll find Jana when the lake thaws in the spring.

Michael: I'm telling you, she's not dead.

Gloria: You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say you had something against my family.

Will: You know that's not true.

Gloria: Come on, William. First my husband, now my son. It's Jana Hawkes you should be going after.

Will: It's nothing personal, Gloria. We have to follow every lead.

Gloria: I know. You've got a good heart, William. I've always known that. And I trust you. I know you're not gonna hold the sins of the mother against the son. Kevin had a rotten childhood and it's my fault. Because I was too weak to leave his father, even though I knew Tom was abusing him. It's no wonder he was so angry when he was a teenager. But, um... it's a miracle that he's been able to turn his life around.

Michael: Oh, Gloria... let's save disclosure for pre-trial hearings, shall we? Come along.

Michael: What are you thinking? Do you want to send Kevin to prison for the rest of his life?

Will: Gloria, Michael... the coffeehouse has officially been declared a crime scene.

Lily: Ow! Ow!

Woman: What happened?

Lily: It was just an accident. I was hit with something.

Devon: Nurse, how come it won't stop bleeding?

Woman: Well, it's a deep cut. You're gonna need stitches.

Lily: Are you serious?

Woman: Yeah.

Devon: I'm sorry.

Lily: Ow! Ow!

Woman: I'm sorry.

[Devon calls Daniel]

Daniel: Yo, you with my beautiful wife?

Devon: Hey, yeah, I am. Daniel, you need to get down to the hospital.

Daniel: Is it Colleen?

Devon: No, it's Lily. She got hurt.

Daniel: Whoa, what happened?

Devon: It's nothing serious. It's just, uh, it was an accident. She got hit in the head.

Daniel: I'm on my way, Man. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Sharon: You look exhausted. What can I do?

Brad: Sharon, you've done... everything you can for us. You were there for Colleen when I couldn't be.

Sharon: I wanted to be. I wanted to be there for you.

Brad: You understand what I'm going through in a way no one else can.

Sharon: Yes, I do. And I wanna help you get through this.

Brad: You should go home and get some rest. You've done enough. You must be tired. You have your own life, Sharon. Work, Noah... I'm sure he misses you. Go home, okay? Take care of yourself. I'll let you know if anything changes.

Neil: Even before Carmen was killed, uh, Drucilla was under incredible pressure.

Dru: She wasn't killed, Doc! She wasn't killed! I keep telling him that! That Carmen and this guy Chow-- they have been collaborating. And I know it sounds crazy but I saw her with my own eyes! Why won't anyone believe me?!

Dr. Lynch: About the accident involving Lily--

Dru: It was an accident! That's exactly what it was. I picked up the camera and I threw it. I would never intentionally wanna hurt my baby girl. Neil, tell him, tell him.

Neil: Yeah, but, Honey, wait, no, no, no, wait, let me talk here. You did hurt her, okay? What happens the next time you get frustrated?

Dru: Hey, it's not gonna happen again. I swear, Doc, it will never happen again.

Dr. Lynch: Drucilla, you've been under a tremendous amount of stress for the past couple of months. And it doesn't seem to be letting up.

Dru: Yeah.

Dr. Lynch: Now I suggest that you take a vacation.

Dru: I wish I could, but I can't. I have my family. They need me.

Dru: Where would I go?

Dr. Lynch: The psychiatric ward at Genoa City Memorial. It's one of the best.

Dru: I can't go to no mental hospital!

Dr. Lynch: It's for your own safety.

Neil: Drucilla, please, please, consider it.

Dru: No. Absolutely not. No!

Daniel: Hey! I got here as fast as I could.

Lily: Hey.

Daniel: Oh, are you okay, Baby?

Lily: Yeah, I'm okay.

Devon: They, uh, cleaned up her wound and put her on meds for any headaches or pain, but she says she feels sick to her stomach.

Daniel: How did this happen?

Lily: It was Mom. She didn't mean to.

Devon: Yeah, Dru lost her temper and threw a video camera, which hit some glass, broke and cut Lily.

Daniel: I don't think you should go over there again. Not while she's like this. I'm--I'm sorry, but it's just not safe around her. She just isn't herself.

Devon: You don't have to be sorry. We know. She's not herself.

Dr. Lynch: Why don't I give you two a moment alone?

Neil: Hey, Honey... its okay. Please, look at me. Something is wrong with you, Baby. You know, we all just wanna help you, that's all.

Dru: I'll get through it on my own. I'll just...

Neil: I know you'll get through it. I don't know about on your own. If you hear me out here, um... if you were--if you were sick-- if you were physically ill-- in pain--what would you do? You'd go to the hospital, right? Right. So then why think twice about this?

Dru: Its not-- Neil, I don't wanna bring shame on the family.

Neil: Shh. No, Baby, no. You're not bringing shame. Don't let your pride stop you from getting the help that you need.

Dru: Neil, we don't do these kinds of things, okay?

Neil: Why not?

Dru: We pray about it. We pray about it. It's just gonna cause a stigma. What about that?

Neil: Okay, okay, I'll pray with you. Who cares about what other people think?

Dru: But what if they can't fix it?

Neil: What matters most is what your family thinks.

Dru: But what if they can't fix it?

Neil: If you let it go untreated, then you'll never find out, right? Drucilla, I love you so much. And I'm gonna be with you every step of the way, you hear me? All right? Now here's what I suggest--

Dru: What?

Neil: We go to the hospital and we check you in voluntarily.

Dru: What if I don't wanna go?

Neil: If you don't wanna go, then the doctor will recommend to the court that you go into treatment. And then a court order could hold you in treatment without your consent. That's what. Honey, it's gonna be--

Dr. Lynch: Have you reached a decision?

Dru: I'm gonna go.

Neil: Good. It's okay.

Kevin: Is it Colleen?

JT: Well, I hate to disappoint you, Kevin, but Colleen's alive. And when she wakes up, she's gonna make sure that you're locked away for life.

Kevin: No, no, when she wakes up, she's gonna confirm everything I've told you.

JT: Oh, right-- that Jana's the guilty one?

Kevin: Yeah..

JT: Well, it's too bad she's not around to defend herself since you killed her!

Kevin: JT, did you come here to harass me? Because I don't have to take this.

JT: No, your brother hired me to find Jana. And I figured I'd come straight to the source.

Kevin: Well, then my brother is an idiot.

JT: Where'd you hide the body, huh? Where'd you hide it? The dumpster? In the alley behind some nightclub? No, no, no, that's right, you already did that one.

Kevin: You do know that Jana was obsessed with Carmen Mesta's murder, right? She even kept a scrapbook on it. Now I'm not the private investigator, but isn't that classic serial killer behavior? You know, preserving the--the attention that your crime created?

JT: You wanna start profiling serial killers? You should know that the most likely candidate is a single white male, add in one attempted murder, and you've got Kevin Fisher.

Victoria: How are you?

Brad: Um... kind of weak. I probably should've had some of the food that Sharon brought over. She's gone home to rest.

Victoria: You know, Colleen has a lot of people who love her and wanna be by her side. Her professor stopped by.

Brad: Again?

Victoria: Yeah, he came back. I found him with her earlier.

Brad: I told him I didn't want him here.

Victoria: It's obvious how much he cares about her. And I know she cares about him. And I was thinking that maybe having him around might... might bring her back. We can use all the positive energy we can get. You won't consider it?

Brad: No.

Victoria: You won't even think about it?

Brad: I said, "No."

Jack: Yeah, I know, I'll be sure to tell her. I love you, too, Sis. Bye.

JT: Traci?

Jack: Yeah, she's on her way now. I just wanted to give her an update.

JT: I wonder how long they're gonna keep Colleen sedated.

Jack: I don't know. How is she ever gonna breathe on her own?

JT: They already started reducing the Demerol for today's test.

Jack: Why are they taking tests?

JT: I don't know.

Jack: You know what? It doesn't matter. She is gonna take that first breath today.

JT: Yeah, I hope so.

Woman: Nurse, can you give us a second, please?

Neil: Hey, Honey? Hey, look at me.

Dru: Huh?

Neil: I'll be here for visitation tomorrow, all right?

Dru: Please come early. Please come early.

Neil: I will come early. Don't you worry. Hey, I'm right here. You're strong. You're a fighter, all right? Remember that. And when you get home, we're gonna talk about going on that third honeymoon, all right? You can pick anywhere in the world that you wanna go. Baby, I love you so much-- with all my heart and soul. You're gonna have to get through this, though, all right?

Dru: I love you.

Neil: I love you, too. I love you, too. It's gonna be okay, Baby. Come on, come on, you need to go with her now, all right? Go on.

JT: Hey.

Victoria: Hey.

JT: Is something wrong with colleen?

Victoria: No, no, uh... uh, they're getting ready to do the test and... everything's the same, pretty much.

JT: You know, I'm a private detective. I get paid to notice when things aren't quite right.

Victoria: It's nothing. It's not a big deal.

JT: Well, it doesn't look like nothing.

Victoria: It's Brad. It's just-- you know what? It's really not important. It's--it's not.

JT: Well, maybe it's not, but why don't you go ahead and tell me anyway?

Victoria: It's really stupid. I'm really trying not to make a big deal about it, but... every time that Brad turns to Sharon, it--it bothers me. I know I sound ridiculous, I do.

JT: No, no, you don't. I know what it's like to have somebody-- somebody you love turn to somebody else for comfort.

Victoria: Yeah, yeah.

JT: You're not ridiculous. You're human. No, wait a minute, maybe, uh... maybe you are ridiculous, I don't know.

Victoria: Yeah.

Brad: You're so beautiful, Sweetheart. You look just like your mom. She's on her way as we speak, okay? Hey, Doc. What's the latest?

Man: Well, I've been going over Colleen's stats. Um, your daughter is stable. But she's not improving.

Brad: Meaning?

Man: Well, her oxygen levels have stopped dropping, but they're not going back up. Uh, she should be at 95%, minimum, by now, considering the amount of oxygen she's getting. I'd feel a lot more confident if she were breathing on her own. But maybe she'll do that for us today.

Brad: And if she doesn't? How long will you keep trying?

Man: Well, until we're convinced there's no hope.

Brad: How long is that?

Man: Well, I'm hopeful she'll start breathing very soon. Weeks, if not days.

Brad: But it could be longer?

Man: Yes.

Brad: Months? Years?

Man: Mr. Carlton, we're getting way ahead of ourselves. Let's just do the test today and see what happens, okay? Excuse me.

Will: Okay, thanks. Uh, sorry to keep you waiting. The problem's on another case.

Devon: Do I need my attorney right now?

Will: No. I just wanted to tell you that the charges against you in the matter of Carmen Mesta have been dropped.

Devon: You're kidding me.

Will: You're off the hook.

Lily: Devon, you're free! Yes!

Daniel: Wait a minute, that means you're ready to charge someone else, right? Is it Kevin?

Will: I'm not at liberty to say.

Lily: Yes!

Devon: Wow.

Michael: They are charging you with murder one in the death of Carmen Mesta.

Kevin: No! No, I didn't do it, Michael! I was framed!

Michael: I have got people combing the city for Jana. We're gonna find her and this'll be--

Kevin: Colleen--if she--

Michael: We can't count on her testimony.

Kevin: That's not what I meant, Michael! If she doesn't pull through this--

Gloria: This can't be happening.

Kevin: This is a nightmare. No, no...

[Neil sees a woman who looks like Carmen go into the elevator]

Neil: Hey, hold that door, would you? Carmen?! Carmen! Carmen...

[The elevator door closes]

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Neil: My wife would like to leave now.

Woman: I'm sorry, Mr. Winters, Dru isn't going anywhere.

Jack: If your offer for support still stands, I'm gonna run for the state senate.

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