Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/21/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/21/07 -- Canada; Thursday 2/22/07 -- U.S.A.


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Brad: You've reached Brad Carlton's voice mail. Please leave a brief message and a number where you can be reached. I'll call you back.

J.T.: Brad, its J.T. call me as soon as you get this. It's urgent.

Man: Detective.

Man: This is quite an extraordinary situation.

Victor: Thank you for responding so quickly, Sir.

Man: Sure. You're not the first tourists to get lost down here.

Man: Yeah, but you are the first ones to do so while a thief was trying to steal a treasure.

Victor: Oh.

Man: Some of those items go back to 1800s, even earlier.

Brad: Wow. Really?

Victoria: Wow.

Brad: We didn't get a good look.

Victoria: No.

Man: I'm no expert, but I'll bet you there's nothing later than 1940s over there.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Victoria: You think that was buried 60 years ago?

Man: Yeah. Probably, uh, by the Nazis. Someone intended to hide it there and then come back for it after the war.

Victoria: Oh.

Brad: You know, I've read somewhere that there are, I don't know, billions still unaccounted for.

Victoria: Yeah.

Man: Yeah. How did you find it?

Brad: Oh, uh, we didn't. Your dead guy did.

Victor: And he was not too happy when we stumbled upon him.

Cane: Uh... sorry we came all this way for nothing.

Amber: It's cool. I mean, I was doing you a favor by getting married, you know. I'm not really the settling-down type, anyway.

Cane: You're disappointed.

Amber: Whatever.

Cane: I just, um, feel bad that I wasted your airline tickets and the room. I...

Amber: They're not wasted. We are in Vegas, Baby, Sin City. So let's commit some sins.

Cane: Are you sure?

Amber: Of course. But first you gotta drop the little emotional boy bit...

Amber: And let yourself have some fun. I mean, you know how to have fun, don't you?

Cane: Me? Fun? No. Maybe you'll have to show me.

Amber: Yeah. That's a plan. But first you gotta feed me, because I am famished.

Cane: Well, it's the least I can do.

Amber: Let's see... okay. Ooh, this place looks good... but they don't deliver.

Cane: That's no problem. I'll run out and pick it up. What do you want?

Amber: Oh. Um, number six, dressing on the side. Hmm?

Cane: Back in a flash.

Amber: Okay.

Amber: Guess who? You’re never gonna guess where I am. Nope. Vegas. Surprise! Okay, Ali, listen. I need you to do a really big favor for me. 'Kay, you are the only one that can help me. I need you to come over here right away.

Jack: I got it. J.T., where's Colleen?

J.T.: She's in ICU she's being treated for smoke inhalation.

Sharon: Can she breathe on her own?

J.T.: No. No. She's on a ventilator. Her lungs aren't getting enough oxygen.

Jack: Oh, please, God, let her be okay.

Sharon: What happened to you?

J.T.: It's nothing. It's--

Jack: How--how the heck did she get stuck in a burning building?

J.T.: It wasn't an accident.

Jack: What?

J.T.: Yesterday I tried her cell phone, but I-I couldn't get a hold of her.

Jack: Wait, I thought the two of you weren't--

J.T.: She told you?

Jack: Well, we were playing phone tag. But her last message said she's staying at Brad's and that she was trying to figure a few things out.

J.T.: She moved in with Lily. And, uh, Brad wanted me to keep an eye on her while he was out of town.

Jack: So who's the last person that saw her?

J.T.: Korbel. Professor Korbel.

Sharon: Oh, uh, he's the guy--he worked on that event with Victoria.

J.T.: Yeah, that's him. I found her car parked in his garage yesterday, but she wasn't there.

Jack: What was she doing at his place?

J.T.: She-- she works there sometimes. She's his research assistant, and, uh... anyway, he--he helped me find her.

Sharon: Well, thank God you got to her in time before the building fell down.

J.T.: It was close. She was trapped in a walk-in freezer.

Jack: What... how could that happen again?

J.T.: Well, like I said, it wasn't an accident. She was in there with Kevin Fisher.

Jack: Kev-- that son of a-- I'm telling you, that entire family is damaged.

J.T.: We found Kevin's wallet under Colleen's car, and that's how we located her.

Jack: Where is Kevin right now?

J.T.: He's here. He's being treated. He accidentally locked himself in with Colleen.

Jack: Yeah, well, I hope they lock that bastard up for life.

J.T.: He claims he didn't do it.

Jack: Oh, I'm sure he claims a lot of things, J.T.

Sharon: Can Colleen have visitors?

J.T.: Yeah, one at a time, though. Korbel's in there with her now.

Korbel: You're a fighter, Colleen. Like--like, uh, Queen Boudicca, who-- she sacked the Romans and... what am I telling you this for? Of course you know who she is. You're always one step ahead of me. Well, you have her fiery spirit and determination. You never let me win... just like you're not gonna let this win, 'cause I have faith in you, Colleen, in your tenacity. You will make it.

Korbel: You have to. You have to.

Amber: Aah!

Ali: Why didn't you tell me you were coming to Vegas?

Amber: Oh, it was a spontaneous thing.

Ali: Nothing's changed, I see. You look great, as always.

Amber: So do you. So how have you been?

Ali: Great. I'm really happy out here. Leaving LA was good for me.

Amber: Yeah. Good for both of us.

Ali: Mm-hmm. So this guy you tell me about sounds like he's got you all lit up.

Amber: Mm. Yeah. His name's Cane.

Ali: He's really worth all this effort?

Amber: Definitely. Hand 'em over.

Ali: One should do it. You owe me big-time for this.

Amber: Hey, you didn't even come and say good-bye to me when I left LA, so this should make us even.

Cane: I'm back with food and expect to be duly compensated. Well, hello there.

Amber: Cane, this is my old friend Ali.

Ali: Hi. How are you?

Cane: I'm good now. Where'd you come from?

Amber: She lives here.

Ali: You were right. He is cute.

Amber: Mm-hmm.

Cane: What a great town. I leave the room with one girl. I come back, and they multiply.

Amber: You don't mind if Ali joins us, do you?

Cane: Whatever makes you happy, Baby.

Amber: Mm, good friends... good brew.

Cane: I should've brought some more.

Ali: Oh, I brought my own.

Cane: Ace. I love your mate even more.

Amber: Mmm. Let's get this party started, Baby!

Brad: I think they bought our story.

Victoria: Why wouldn't they? The only one who knows the truth is dead now.

Brad: Fortunately, there were no witnesses.

Victoria: Yeah. As far as the authorities are concerned, we were innocent tourists.

Brad: You know what this means, don't you?

Victoria: Mm-hmm. No one's chasing after the treasure anymore.

Brad: It's really over.

Victoria: Yeah. I knew we could do this together.

Brad: Me, too. We should go out and celebrate.

Victoria: Oh, I can't celebrate. I've been running on adrenaline all night. I-I think I might crash and burn.

Brad: All right. Well, we'll celebrate when we get home.

Victoria: Yes, home... with your mother.

Brad: Your dad.

Brad: Victor.

Victor: The jet is ready.

Brad: Good. We should get out of here as soon as possible.

Victor: How are you holding up, my sweetheart?

Victoria: I'm fine.

Victor: Yeah?

Victoria: Yeah.

Brad: Listen, uh... I know you haven't agreed with all the decisions I've made.

Victor: We both want the same thing, Bradley. That's all that matters.

Brad: Well, I wanna thank you for standing by me. There's been a lot of mistrust and resentment between us. I hope this can be a turning point, Victor.

Victor: Let's hope so.

Brad: It's finally over.

Jack: Hey, Colleen. It's Uncle Jack. I'm here to keep you company till your parents get here.

Brad: You getting any reception at all?

Victoria: No. You?

Brad: Some.

Victor: Sweetheart, I'm going to pack, okay?

Victoria: Okay, Dad.

Victor: Be back in 20 minutes.

Brad: Hello?

Victoria: All right. We'll be ready.

[Cell phone rings]

Sharon: Brad. It's Sharon.

Brad: Sharon.

Sharon: Listen, have you been picking up any of your messages?

Brad: No, I was just about to. Listen, uh, you'll be the first to know. We found what everyone's been looking for. It's finally over.

Sharon: Brad, that's great.

Brad: No one's ever coming after us again.

Sharon: Okay, listen, um... I have something really important to tell you.

Brad: What is it? Is everyone all right?

Sharon: It's Colleen. She, um, she's in the hospital.

Brad: Is it serious?

Victoria: What's going on?

Brad: Colleen's in the hospital.

Sharon: She was in a fire, and she suffered some lung damage.

Brad: What? How bad is it?

Sharon: She's on a ventilator. You still there?

Brad: Yeah. Yeah, I'm, uh, I'm here. Is Traci there with her?

Sharon: Well, we've tried to contact her, but we haven't heard back, and we've also tried to contact Rebecca.

Brad: Uh, yeah. She--she's, uh, out of town. I'll reach her. Sharon, please stay with Colleen. Make sure the doctors are doing everything they can.

Sharon: I will, Brad. I will do that. I'm so sorry.

Brad: Bye.

Ali: I like this one. He's fun. Don't let him get away.

Amber: Cane's the one who should worry. You know, we almost got married on a lark, but we just decided against it.

Ali: Too much woman for you?

Cane: Something like that.

Ali: To all the men who let us get away.

Amber: Cane already knows I'm irresistible.

Ali: Have you shown him your moves yet? Amber's got some dance moves to die for.

Amber: Well, as I recall, you're pretty good yourself. Show him.

Ali: Only if you'll join me.

Ali: The trick is to make it sexy, not sleazy. Like this...

Cane: Whatever you need oh, Baby...

Ali: Right, Amber?

Cane: Happy birthday to me.

Sharon: How's Colleen?

J.T.: She's hanging in. Doctor's gonna update us when he can.

Sharon: Good. Um, I talked to Brad.

J.T.: You did? I've been--I've been trying to call him all day.

Sharon: Yeah, apparently his cell phone's been off. But, um, he said they found what they were looking for.

J.T.: Oh, that's great. That's great.

Sharon: Yeah. No more reliquary, no more living in fear.

J.T.: Yeah, when Colleen gets through this, we're gonna celebrate. How did he react when you told him about Kevin?

Sharon: Well, I, uh, I left that part out. I just--I didn't want to upset him anymore.

J.T.: I screwed up. I screwed up pretty bad. I should've been there, Sharon. I should've been there to protect her. It was my job.

Sharon: J.T., this isn't your fault. You saved Colleen's life.

Korbel: Hello, Sharon.

Sharon: Hi. Um... I hear that you helped J.T. save Colleen.

Korbel: Well, J.T. was... very resourceful. We found her just in time.

Sharon: Well, she's very lucky that you both did.

Jack: I know we haven't spent a lot time together lately. It's my fault. I should've made it happen. You called me a couple weeks ago to play tennis, and I was too busy with NVP what a stupid excuse. I'm sorry. I'm gonna make that up to you. That's the first thing we're gonna do. As soon as you get out of here, we're gonna get on the court and play a couple of sets together. I gotta warn you, my backhand is deadly these days. You're gonna have to fight for every point. That's what you gotta do now, Kid, fight. Fight. Don't give in. Don't give up. You hang in there. Too many people love you. Too many people need you.

Victor: A fire? How did that happen?

Victoria: Yeah. Well, we don't--we don't know all of the details.

Brad: But we do know that Colleen's condition is serious, and we have to get home right away.

Victoria: Yeah.

Victor: The jet is ready to go.

Brad: Then let's get out of here.

Victor: I'll get that.

Man: May we?

Victor: Please come in.

Brad: We were just about to call you.

Man: Were you planning on leaving?

Victoria: Yes, an emergency has--has come up and--

Brad: My daughter is quite ill. We have to get home.

Man: I'm sorry to hear about your daughter, Mr. Carlton, but I can't permit you to go.

Brad: What are you talking about?

Man: Not yet.

Victor: Why is that?

Man: Because you didn't tell the truth. The dead man didn't find the treasure. You did.

Victoria: Well, we were trapped in the catacombs--

Man: We have surveillance cameras.

Man: The tape shows you pulling out the stone.

Man: Until the authorities are satisfied, you aren't going anywhere.

Victor: I am certain that...

[Cell phone rings]

Brad: I'm trying to get us out of here as fast as possible.

Sharon: What's going on?

Brad: There's been a delay. I've got to hang up and deal with the authorities.

Sharon: Okay. Is there anything I can do?

Brad: You can... promise me you'll stay with Colleen. Talk to her, hold her hand... and don't let go until I get there.

Victoria: But my husband...

Brad: Promise me, Sharon.

Victoria: My husband is...

Sharon: Of course, Brad. I promise I'll stay with her.

Victoria: they want to know how we knew about the treasure.

Brad: I'll call you back.

J.T.: What did he say?

Sharon: Brad hasn't left the Czech Republic yet.

Korbel: You're kidding.

J.T.: I thought it was over.

Sharon: Something happened. I don't know what. But I promised Brad I would stay here with Colleen until he gets here.

Brad: The Newmans are well-known collectors of antiquities. Recently they acquired several new pieces. My wife found something etched in one of 'em.

Man: What was it?

Victoria: Letters. Nonsense words. They weren't a part of the original piece.

Brad: We became obsessed trying to figure out what it was. We suspected there was something hidden in the catacombs.

Victor: We had every intention to inform the authorities once we found that our suspicions were correct.

Man: Well, if your intentions were noble, why lie?

Victor: Sir, don't you think the most important issue is that this treasure is now in the hands of the Czech authorities?

Man: You know... I-I can't help but wonder if the three of you intended to keep your discovery a secret so that one day you could come back and steal the treasure all for yourself.

Brad: Detective... a man of Victor Newman's stature has no need for such findings.

Man: Hmm.

Victor: I assure you, I have no desire nor any need to enrich myself in such a despicable way.

Man: You know, greed is not limited to those with meager funds, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Detective, if you don't mind my saying so, greed was Milan's motivation, not ours.

Man: And conveniently, he is not here to defend himself now.

Victor: I assure you, as I stand here, we did nothing wrong.

Brad: Check the surveillance tapes. You'll find out we're telling the truth.

Man: The tapes are being examined now.

Victoria: So... what else can we do?

Man: We, uh, wait.

Brad: Detective, my daughter is in the hospital, and we need to get home now.

Sharon: How's she doing?

Jack: I keep bringing up lots of embarrassing Abbott family moments, hoping she'll come to and tell me to shut up already.

Jack: Hey you all right?

Sharon: She just looks so fragile, I...

Sharon: Hey, Colleen. It's Sharon. You know, I talked to your father and... he says he loves you very much and he'll be here as soon as he can.

Cane: Oh, wow. It's gettin' hot in here. I may have to get myself another coldie.

Amber: Aww. Let me get that for you for a change, Mr. Bartender.

[Amber puts a pill in Cane’s beer]

Ali: What do you do, Cane?

Cane: Like the lady said, I tend bar.

Ali: You know, you could be one of those "Thunder down under" guys.

Cane: Really? Down under, eh?

Ali: Sounds like fate to me.

Cane: Well, maybe I could show you a couple of my assets.

Ali: The world would be a better place.

Cane: What do you think, Baby? Am I "Thunder" material?

Amber: Um... I'm not quite sure yet.

Cane: You're not sure?

Amber: I might need a little more convincing. What do you think, Ali?

Ali: I'd say so.

Amber: Mm.

Amber: Drink up, Baby. Show Ali and me what you got.

Cane: Oh, wow. You know, this is really, um... its good beer. Oh.

Amber: Need some help?

Cane: Yeah. Yeah, I need a... I just need...

Amber: Cane? Cane?

[Cane passes out]

Ali: Did you give him both pills?

Amber: No, just one. Go figure. Hurry up. Help me get his clothes off.

Amber: Okay. Oh, he is so pretty.

Ali: He's a hunk, but, Amber, he's a bartender.

Amber: He won't be a bartender for long. Hurry up.

Ali: Ah!

Amber: We've got places to be, clothes to buy. Oh. Sugar Cane, this is the most important night of our lives. Mmm.

Sharon: No one should have to see their daughter lying in a hospital bed like this, unconscious.

Jack: Hey, why don't you take a break? I'll look after Colleen. Go ahead.

Sharon: I told Brad I'd stay. I want to.

Brad: My daughter is very ill, and I need to get home. Now please, I'm begging you.

Victor: Sir, if you allow my daughter and my son-in-law to leave, I will gladly answer any additional questions.

Man: I'm sorry, but I can't allow that. All three of you will have to stay.

Brad: Detective, do you have children? My daughter needs me, and I'm not there for her. Do you have any idea how that feels?

Victor: Let me handle this, okay? I will put an end to this right now. Excuse me.

Woman: Well, here you go, Dolly, your--your I.D. and your social.

[Ali is dressed to look like Cane]

Amber: Thanks, Ma'am.

Ali: Yeah, thanks.

Ali: Thanks.

Woman: Get off the box. We got two for the no-frills special.

Man: Hold on a sec. I'm about to defeat the aliens.

Woman: oh, you two seem like you make a sweet couple. Y'all in town for a while?

Amber: No. He proposed to me on a cross-country road trip, and we just thought we'd stop and make it official.

Woman: Oh, well, listen, if you two have a chance, you have got to go over and see the most-photographed sculpture in all of Vegas. It is a sight for sore eyes.

Ali: What is it?

Woman: It's a cast-from-life bronze sculpture of the crazy girls.

Ali: Crazy girls?

Woman: Seminude Showgirl Revue at the Riviera. Sculpture's all their bare behinds right there for the lookin'. Right, Darlin'?

Man: Yep. But they don't compare to Edna. Yeah, my Edna, she used to be a hoochie dancer. She had the best legs and rear end in the country.

Man: My baby can shake it two ways from Sunday.

Edna: oh.

Man: Eh... well, looks like everything's in order. Hit it, Baby.

Edna: Ooh!

Man: Oh, yeah.

Man: Hey, Sweetie, save it for later, will ya?

Man: Step forward. We are gathered today in the grand old wedding chapel to join these two in holy matrimony. Marriage is a sacred unification of a man and a woman. Did you bring the rings?

Amber: Um, he has 'em.

Man: The circle is the symbol of the earth, the sun and the universe. Today you two will be joined in an unbreakable circle. Take my advice, you two, don't get married unless the sex is great.

Amber: Oh, it's--it's great. Mm-hmm.

Ali: Sure is.

Amber: Mm-hmm.

Man: yeah, I'll bet. all right, then. Well, then repeat after me-- I, Ambrosia Moore...

Amber: I, Ambrosia Moore...

Man: Take Ethan Ashby to be my wedded husband...

Amber: Take Ethan Ashby to be my wedded husband...

Man: To have and to hold from this day forward...

Amber: To have and to hold from this day forward...

Man: For better or for worse, for richer, for poorer-- for richer's better, right?

Amber: Definitely.

Man: Yeah. In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part.

Amber: Sickness and health, to love and cherish till death do us part.

Man: All right. Put the, uh, ring on his finger.

Amber: Ooh.

Man: Whoa. You're gonna have to size that thing, Son. It's gonna slip right off your hand. All righty. Your turn. I, Ethan Ashby, take Ambrosia Moore to be my wedded wife...

Ali: I, Ethan Ashby, take Ambrosia Moore to be my wedded wife...

Man: To have and to hold from this day forward...

Ali: To have and to hold from this day forward...

Man: In sickness or in health, even when she's got a headache...

Ali: Headaches and all...

Man: to love and to cherish till death do us part.

Ali: To love and to cherish till death do us part.

Man: Put the ring on her finger.

Man: By the power vested in me by the state of Nevada, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Man: Hit it, Edna.

Edna: Well, go on, Boy, show her what your made of.  

Edna: Aww.

Man: That's hot.

Jack: I'm glad you're here... for both of us.

Sharon: You know, I don't think I could do this without you.

J.T.: Are you still there?

Brad: Yeah, I'm here. Put her on.

J.T.: Okay.

Sharon: You're not allowed to use cell phones in here.

J.T.: Yeah, we're gonna have to make an exception. Colleen, listen to me. Your dad is on the phone. He wants to speak with you. I'm gonna put the phone next to your ear so you can hear him, all right? Brad, go ahead.

Brad: Hi, Baby. It's your daddy. I know what happened. I'm gonna be there soon, okay? I love you, and I'm thinking about you every second.

Victoria: Send her my love.

Brad: Victor and Victoria send their love. You hang in there, Sweetheart. I will be there as fast as I can.

J.T.: I'm gonna have to call you back.

Woman: There are way too many people in here. All but one of you will have to leave while I check her vitals.

Brad: J.T.? J.T., you there?

Victoria: What is it?

Brad: We were cut off. Damn it.

Victoria: It's okay.

Jack: Listen, h-how is she doing?

Woman: I need to find the doctor.

Ali: Just when I think I've done it all, you prove me wrong.

Amber: God, it was so great seeing you again. Listen, don't be a stranger. You have to stay in touch.

Ali: I'll come and visit as soon as you move into that mansion.

Amber: Mm, deal.

Ali: Uh, good luck.

Amber: Mm, no luck needed. Mm.

Ali: Oh... catch.

Amber: Oh.

Amber: Oh.

Amber: Ahh. Ohh. Da dum ba-dum da dum ba-dum ahh.

Cane: Mmm.

Amber: Mmm. Cane...

[Amber takes off her dress and climbs into bed with Cane, Cane wakes up]

Amber: You were amazing. I'm so glad we waited until after we got married.

Victor: Thank you, Minister. I am indeed indebted to you. Yes, we would love to do that one day. Looking forward to it. Thank you. Yes. Just a moment. The minister would like a word with you.

Man: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes. Um, no, sir. Yes, sir. The minister said that Mr. Newman and his family have done great service to our country by locating the stolen items. We have to release them.

Victoria: Uh... I-I'll show you out.

Victor: Thank you, Detective.

Man: Yeah.

Victoria: Thank you.

Brad: Victor, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this.

Victor: I've done some business with the minister before.

Brad: Thank you.

Victor: I'll pack my bags and, uh, meet you in the lobby. All right?

Brad: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Brad: Brad Carlton.

Jack: Brad, its Jack.

Brad: Are you at the hospital?

Jack: Sharon's in with Colleen right now.

Brad: How's my daughter doing?

Jack: I just spoke to the doctor, Brad. It’s not good.

Brad: What do you mean, it isn't good? Tell me.

Jack: Her oxygen levels are still going down. Her condition is worsening. Brad, I think you need to come home.

Sharon: All you have to do is hang in there, Colleen. I mean, who cares what the doctor said? You're strong. You're gonna beat this.

J.T.: Hey, you. Hey, you just-- you just wanna see me cry, don't you? So you can make fun of me for it later. Well, the only way you're gonna be able to do that is if you wake up. I look forward to that. I look forward to you teasing me. Hey... you know what I been thinking a lot about lately? Is that tutoring session I had before I started college? Remember? You were trying to get me to focus on-- on "Don Quixote," and, uh, Alonso Quixano... that was his-- that was his real name. I remember that. You--you imprinted that in my mind forever.

J.T.: You were cute and you were confident. The most tenacious girl I had ever met. You were so sure I was gonna... so sure I was gonna fall for you, and you were right. I did. We had that really serious talk about--about living life on our own terms and... and then you kissed me. Brave little Colleen.

J.T.: I didn't really think a lot about it back then. You know, I didn't think it was that big a deal, but... but it was.

J.T.: Everything changed after that. You been a part of me ever since. Colleen, I know we've had our ups and downs... and a lot more downs lately, that's for sure, but... but our story isn't over. It can't be.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: I'm very sorry.

Phyllis: I think you're only sorry because you got caught.

J.T.: I'm glad you're back.

Brad: Right now I'd like to put you in a hospital bed, J.T.

Victoria: Brad, stop.

Will: You're under arrest.

Kevin: What?

Michael: What?

Will: For the attempted murder of Colleen Carlton.

Kevin: No, no. I didn't do anything.

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