Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/20/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/20/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 2/21/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jill: So... what did you find out?

Paul: Well, it's a go. I finally tracked down Violet's brother-- Langley Ashby--

Jill: Does he know where Phillip is?

Paul: Uh, well, we've been playing phone tag, but I decided it would be better if he talked to you directly. So he's gonna be calling me soon.

Jill: Wait, what am I to say to him when he asks who I am?

Kay: I will explain to him.

Jill: Katherine, I couldn't go through that again.

Kay: Are you sure Phillip’s still alive?

Paul: I probably would've found a death certificate.

Jill: I don't know if I can do this. I don't know if I can do this. I mean, maybe we should just leave everything the way it is.

Amber: A girl can only wait so long. Will you marry me?

Cane: Oh, I don't know.

Amber: So much for your sense of adventure.

Cane: Look, all jokes aside, my soon-to-expire visa is my problem. I can't ask you to do this.

Amber: You didn't. So come on... I've already booked the flight and the hotel.

Cane: No. No way. You're not spending your money on me. You don't have any more cash than I do.

Amber: Which is why I wasted an entire afternoon listening to a time share speech. You know, I was hoping to win 10 grand, but instead I got the consolation prize-- a Vegas vacation.

Cane: Are you serious?

Amber: Yeah. I mean, if you come with, you'd be doing me a favor. If not, I'll be all by my lonesome.

Cane: See, I know the law and the government isn’t gonna let me stay unless the marriage is real, which means, uh... we're gonna have to consummate it.

Amber: I might be persuaded to waive my "no conjugal rights" rule. You'll never know unless you say yes.

Cane: I bet once the ring is on your finger, you won't be able to resist me.

Amber: I won our last bet.

Cane: Yeah, I don't wanna be conceited here, but, uh... I'm a lot hotter than a text message.

Victor: We're not vandalizing anything. This crypt was open when we got here.

Man: What do we have here?

Victoria: Uh, it's some sort of an artifact and a couple of paintings.

Man: Ah. Well, it must be the property of the people who were buried here.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Man: Which means, now it belongs to the church.

Victor: I see.

Man: I will have to discuss it with my superiors. All right, now follow me.

Victor: All right.

Man: Let's go. This way.

JT: Colleen? Colleen, I don't know if you can hear me right now, but you're safe, okay?

Korbel: I'm here, Colleen. It's Adrian.

JT: She was burned in a fire before.

Korbel: And we're not sure how long she was unconscious.

Korbel: I hope we got there in time.

Man: You said the fridge was already on fire when you found them, right?

Korbel: Yeah. The smoke was so thick we could barely see.

Gloria: Where's my son?

JT: Kevin and Colleen are with the doctors.

Michael: Colleen's hurt, to

Korbel: Yeah, they were-- they were both unconscious when we found them.

Lauren: Is Brad on his way?

Man: We left numerous messages.

Michael: What happened? How is she involved?

JT: Kevin tried to kill her again.

Michael: Now do you know-- do you know that Kevin tried to kill Colleen or are you just basing this on your own extremely prejudiced personal opinion?

JT: Colleen disappeared last night.

Lauren: Well, that's not exactly proof.

Gloria: Kevin has been far too worried about Jana disappearing to even think about Colleen, much less kill her.

Korbel: Look, we found her car in my garage. Kevin's wallet was under it.

JT: Her driver's license was inside, along with Jana's and Carmen's.

Lauren: That doesn't even make sense. Kevin didn't even know Carmen. How on earth would he have gotten her driver's license?

JT: He probably took it when he killed her, just like he did Jana's.

Gloria: Kevin would never hurt Jana. And he certainly didn't have anything to do with Carmen's murder.

JT: Yeah, but this all makes sense now, you know? The surveillance footage was missing from the day of her death from the coffeehouse. To conclusions. It's just as probable that Carmen's killer stole the footage, along with Kevin's wallet.

Gloria: That's right. Kevin was looking for Jana, he found out who took her and the guy tried to kill him.

Lauren: And once he and Colleen wake up, they will tell us exactly what happened.

Korbel: Look, we found a card for an anti-car theft service in Kevin's wallet. We reported his car stolen and found it a block away from the burning building.

Michael: So you lied to the police?

JT: Well, it's a good thing we did, Michael. Otherwise, Colleen might be dead. It was like dèja vu. All I could think about was finding Colleen in that burning building at Gina's.

Korbel: Kevin was passed out right next to her.

JT: Yeah, that bastard-- got caught in his own trap.

Gloria: And I say there's another explanation. Because my son is not a killer.

Paul: No, no, I appreciate it. Yeah, thanks for getting back to me. Okay. Sorry about that.

Kay: Uh, you need to talk to Langley when he calls.

Jill: I know. I know.

Kay: All right.

Jill: I need to find out what happened to my son. I just--I don't know what I'm gonna do if he isn't receptive to me.

Kay: We will deal with it. We will figure out something else, all right?

Paul: You know, Jill, I can stop this investigation right now.

Kay: If you cancel this, Jill... you'll always wonder what if. And if you want to find out years from now, it may be too late. Now you think about that. (Cell phone ringing)

Paul: It's Langley Ashby.

Man: This way.

Victoria: Now I can understand why so many people wanted to get their hands on the Grugeon.

Brad: Well, maybe if they'd found it decades ago, my family would've been spared.

Victor: At least now it will be in the hands of the Czech government, instead of criminals.

Victoria: Hey... where's that guy?

Victor: Where'd he go?

Brad: I don't have a good feeling about this.

Victor: Hello?

Jill: Yes, hello, Mr. Ashby. Oh, all right, I'm sorry, Langley. Uh, no, we haven't met. My mother knew your sister, Violet. When she was in the states, years ago. And they lost touch. And we heard that she died. I'm very sorry for your loss. No, no, no, I know it was many years ago. The reason we're calling... it's about Violet's adopted son. You raised Ethan Ashby after Violet died?

Kay: Oh, tell him we saw Ethan as a newborn.

Jill: You know, Violet introduced us to Ethan when he was a baby. He was such a darling child. Do I have any information on his biological parents? Why do you ask that? Because... Ethan is in Genoa City looking for his birth mother.

Kay: Maybe we've seen him before.

Jill: Um, if he doesn't mind, I would rely love to speak with him.

Paul: See you can get an address.

Jill: Do you where he's staying? Well, then do you know where he's working? I know most of the night clubs in town and I don't recognize azure or blue or...

Kay: Maybe he means Indigo?!

Jill: Yes! Indigo--do you mean Indigo? Great! Great! And he goes by his nickname? Cane.

Gloria: Excuse me, could you tell me something about my son Kevin Fisher? He was just brought in a minute ago.

Woman: He's in respiratory distress. We're doing all we can.

Michael: No, don't say it. Don't even think it.

Korbel: Victoria, hi, it's Adrian. Uh, we're at the hospital. Colleen's been in an accident. Would you give me a call as soon as you get this message, thank you. It's still going to voice mail.

JT: Yeah, uh... I haven't had any luck with Traci. And Rebecca's still out of town.

Woman: You can see your girlfriend now.

Korbel: Uh... where is she?

Woman: She's in a room down the hall, but in her current condition, she can only have one visitor. You guys are gonna have to take turns.

JT: You heard her. Wait here.

Victoria: Hey, Guard!

Victor: Stop calling for the guard. I don't think he was a security guard at all.

Victoria: Where is he? He's gone! Then who... who was he?

Victor: Who the hell knows? Probably the guy who bugged your house.

Brad: All right, let's get out of here. I've drawn a map of the path we've already taken.

Victor: What do you mean you have drawn a map?

Victoria: It's very detailed.

Brad: Yeah, listen, I'm not gonna explain right now. Just follow me. Let's go.

Victor: Let's hope to God it's accurate.

Brad: It's accurate.

Victoria: Oh, no. We're never gonna find our way out.

JT: Colleen... hey... hey, I know you like sleeping in, but... this is taking it too far, don't you think? Well, you--you probably don't wanna see me right now anyway, but, uh... but I wanted you to know... that I still love you... even if you don't love me back. I always will. I should've been there to protect you. Damn it! I should've never eased up on Kevin. Guys like that-- they don't change. They don't change. But I promise you, Colleen, I promise you... this time he isn't gonna get away with it. He's going to prison. He's going... and when you wake up, when you open those pretty eyes of yours... you're gonna be the one that puts him there, okay? (Alarm beeping)

JT: Colleen? Colleen? Hey! What's wrong with her?

Woman: You need to leave now.

Jill: That's right. Cane was there the day the DNA results came back-- when I was so frantic. And he was kind enough to ask me if I was all right.

Kay: That's enough to make me believe in fate.

Jill: See, I knew there was something familiar about him. He has his father's eyes. Did you notice that?

Kay: Confident, handsome--like his father.

Jill: Oh, my God! And so charming! I remember thinking that-- thinking how smart he was. Oh, my God. He's everything I would want in a son.

Kay: Get your coat. Get your coat.

Jill: Why?

Kay: Uh, we're going to Indigo, my dear. You're going to properly introduce yourself to your son. Now come on, let's go.

Victor: I don't remember any of this.

Brad: We're going the right direction.

Victoria: Are you sure?

Victor: What do you mean we're going in the right direction?

Victoria: I don't know about that. All of these paths-- they look the same to me.

Brad: No, we've gotta turn left here.

Victor: How do you know we've gotta turn left? I think we should turn right.

Brad: Victor, for once in your life, will you trust that someone knows better than you do?

Victor: Where the hell has that gotten us so far-- trusting you?

Victoria: Okay, listen, if we're wrong, we'll just-- we'll double back, all right?

Brad: Thank you.

Victor: Now did I tell you we came the wrong way?

Brad: No, I remember this gate and our little friend right here.

Victoria: You know, if we came through here...

Victor: What is it?

Victoria: It must've been open before. Oh, no!

Jill: No, I can't... I can't go to Indigo.

Kay: No? Wait, what do you mean, no? Jill, we have found Phillip. Don't you want to know what--?

Jill: I can't just go up to cane and tell him I am his mother. This has... to be handled the right way.

Kay: Which is?

[Jill remembering]

Cane: You look like you could us a drink.

Jill: I don't know.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: (Sighs) one of my clients. Some are more demanding than others.

Kay: Oh, uh, Paul, uh, don't let us keep you. If you need to go, please go.

Jill: Absolutely.

Kay: We cannot thank you enough for what you've done.

Jill: Really, you helped me find my son. Words are inadequate.

Paul: Hey, it was my pleasure. You know, we still don't have any information on the boy that you raised.

Jill: Well, I doubt that Langley even knew there was another baby.

Paul: So, um, you want me to keep digging?

Jill: Oh, absolutely. What if there's some poor mother out there that's always been wondering what happened to her son?

Paul: All right, I'll stay at it. In the meantime, good luck with Cane. Ladies.

Jill: Thank you, Paul. Thank you.

Kay: Uh, Jill, we really should follow him.

Jill: Wait, wait, wait--

Kay: We need to go to Indigo.

Jill: I am not even used to the idea. What if he's not ready?

Kay: But he is ready. I mean, cane's uncle said he was here looking for his birth mother. Darling, believe me...he is going to be thrilled to see you--thrilled.

Gloria: Why would JT say those things about Kevin when he doesn't even know the whole truth?

Michael: Maybe he's right.

Gloria: You're saying those things about your brother now?

Michael: I feel terrible about thinking that, but you weren't here when Gina's caught fire. It's the exact same scenario.

Gloria: Kevin's changed. He's not filled with rage-- not anymore.

Michael: I wanna believe that. But he's never handled rejection well. Maybe Jana's leaving him pushed him right back over the edge.

Gloria: Jana didn't leave. Somebody kidnapped her.

Michael: Before Jana disappeared, he confessed that he tried to kill Colleen.

Gloria: I know. I know. I know. And why did he do that?

Michael: Because... he wanted her to know everything. He thought she would understand. And if Jana dumped him, I can see him blaming Colleen, just like he blamed Lily when she dropped him.

Gloria: Even if he did go after Colleen for revenge, why would he have Jana and Carmen's driver's licenses?

Michael: I missed the warning signs. I must've.

Gloria: You listen to me. Kevin's going to explain everything to us. And you are gonna feel terrible for doubting your brother.

Lauren: Michael, Gloria, Kevin is awake.

JT: You can't see her.

Korbel: Well, why not?

JT: Her alarm just went off. The nurse rushed in and kicked me out.

Korbel: Is she gonna be okay?

JT: I have no idea.

Jill: Well, I don't see Cane.

Kay: Well, maybe his shift hasn't started yet.

Jill: Oh, excuse me? Is Cane here?

Man: You just missed him.

Kay: Well, uh, when will he be back?

Man: I don't know. He didn't say.

Jill: Look, I really need to talk to him. I need to know where he went.

Cane: Viva Las Vegas

Cane: This bed has, uh, great springs. It would be a crime not to make the most of it.

Amber: Oh, you know, you're such a subtle guy. I keep getting the feeling you're trying to hint at something, but I just-- I can't quite figure out what it is.

Cane: Does that make it any clearer?

Amber: (Giggles) I said I'd consider waiving the strictly platonic rule after the wedding... not before.

Cane: It's Vegas, Baby. Live a little.

Amber: Well, I can't say no to that, so I'll get the ice. You get the "tinnies."

Gloria: Honey, we've been so worried about you.

Kevin: How's Colleen?

Michael: She's, uh... unconscious and she's on a ventilator.

Kevin: She survived? Oh, thank God. And what about Jana? Did they catch her yet?

Lauren: No, Honey, they didn't find her yet.

Michael: Hold on, what do you mean, "Catch her?"

Kevin: Jana trapped us in the refrigerator, set it on fire. She tried to kill us and frame me.

Lauren: How is that possible?

Gloria: Honey, we thought Jana was dead.

Kevin: No. That's what she wanted you to think. She faked her own death.

Michael: Kevin... Kevin, the blood the police found in the park was hers. No one could survive after losing so much.

Kevin: She didn't lose it all at once. She'd been taking a little bit at a time for months. She set the whole thing up.

Gloria: Oh, my God!

Michael: How come your wallet turned up by Colleen's car?

Kevin: I didn't know it had.

Lauren: JT found Colleen, Carmen and Jana's driver's licenses in it.

Kevin: I don't know. Maybe Jana took my wallet after she used the stun gun on me.

Lauren: Stun gun?

Kevin: Yeah, stun gun. And she probably kept Carmen's license after she murdered her.

Michael: You think Jana murdered Carmen?

Kevin: Yeah.

Gloria: Kevin is innocent. It makes sense now.

Victor: Okay, one second.

Brad: No. It's not budging. Forget it.

Victor: Sweetheart, can you try to squeeze through this?

Victoria: Yeah. I think I can.

Brad: What? Absolutely not! You can't be wandering around out there.

Victor: Neither you nor I fit through here. She might, all right?

Victoria: Yeah, I'll try.

Brad: Victoria, it's too dangerous. He could have set a trap.

Victoria: I'll be fine.

Victor: Here you go, Sweetheart.

Victoria: Oh...

Victor: Be careful, Darling. Okay?

Victoria: Oh, yeah.

Victoria: I'm making it through here.

Victor: Are you all right?

Victoria: Okay. Let me have the map.

Victoria: Give me the flashlight.

Victor: Here, my Sweetheart.

Brad: Be careful.

Victoria: I will be. Thank you. I'll be back with the calvary. Okay, I'll be fine.

Victor: If anything happens to my daughter, I will hold you personally responsible, you got that?

JT: Colleen's oxygen level is falling even though she's still on a ventilator.

Korbel: That can't be a good prognosis.

JT: Well, that's a-- that's a brilliant deduction there, Dr. Korbel.

Korbel: How did she look?

JT: She's unconscious. She can't breathe. What the hell do you think?

Korbel: I think you're misdirecting your anger.

JT: Well, he snatched her from-- he snatched her from your garage because you didn't walk her to her car.

Korbel: She got away before I had the chance. And believe me, I wish... I never let her out of my sight.

Jill: Just when I work up my nerve to tell cane I'm his mother, we find out he has to leave on an emergency trip.

Kay: Were it anything serious, his uncle would've told us.

Jill: I just hope he's not gone long.

Kay: I think you should call him right now.

Jill: I can't call him. I don't know where he is.

Kay: Neil, Dru--yes! They should have his number.

Jill: Of course they would.

Kay: Neil, uh... Katherine Chancellor here. Uh, fine, fine, Darling, thank you. I'm in a bit of a hurry, so, uh... could I possibly get, um, the phone number of one of your bartenders? I think his name is Cane. Yes! Yes! Uh-huh, yeah. Um, thank you- thank you very much. Okay... yes. Mm-hmm. Thank you, Neil, thank you so much.

Amber: Figures, I'd get your voice mail. But I had to call and tell you it's actually happening, Daniel! Cane and I are getting married! For once in my life I played by the rules, and they actually worked. Yeah, and oh, yeah, I am crazy in love with him. Okay, I gotta run. Call you later.

Cane: Some liquid courage for both of us.

Amber: Speak for yourself. I'm not nervous.

Cane: Here is to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Amber: I can't wait to get that marriage tax break.

Cane: You know what I can't wait for?

Amber: Mmm, let me guess...

Cane: Oh, look, according to my watch, it's, uh, naked time in Vegas.

Amber: You foreigners believe the craziest urban legends.

Cane: Hey, hey, hey, I don't make the rules, but a man in my position cannot afford to break them.

Amber: Ok for shamelessness, but that's it.

Cane: Well, look, if I have to get, uh, naked, so I'm gonna have a show. Now you... can't break the rules, so you have to join me.

Gloria: I'd say you owe us an apology. Kevin didn't start that fire. Jana did.

JT: Oh, yeah? That's typical. He's blaming his dead girlfriend.

Gloria: Jana's alive.

JT: What? What are you talking about?

Gloria: Jana told Kevin that she has been taking her own blood out and storing it up because she wanted to fake her own death so that she could get away with killing my Kevin and your Colleen.

JT: That is crazy.

Gloria: No, she's crazy and she killed Carmen.

JT: Jana s a clean record. Your son is a repeat offender.

Gloria: Kevin is a victim, just like Colleen.

JT.: Don't you ever-- don't ever compare the two of them again, okay?

Gloria: Well, I wish you could've heard the way g was concerned about Colleen.

JT: Oh, I'm sure he was concerned. 'Cause you know what? When Colleen wakes up, she's gonna tell everybody what he did to her. Because of Kevin, the woman I love is fighting for her life!

Victor: Let's try this one more time.

Brad: It's no use.

Will: Thank you very much.

Michael: William... my brother gonna require legal counsel?

Will: I don't know, you tell me. I just came from the crime scene. We got a lot of evidence to analyze.

Gloria: Isn't it wonderful that William's come by to check on us?

Lauren: Oh, Gloria, I'm not sure that's why he's here.

Gloria: Oh, no, no, no, no, he's gotten to know Kevin since Jana disappeared. And he's here to help him.

Will: The investigation is in its infancy, so...

Gloria: William! Jana's to lame for all of this.

Michael: All right, all right--

Gloria: She started that fire.

Michael: Gloria, stop it. You're not helping.

JT: Mr. Bardwell, you should take a look at this.

Korbel: We found it by Colleen's car.

JT: Colleen, Carmen and Jana's driver's licenses are inside, as proof that Kevin attacked all of them.

Michael: Oh, come on, anyone could've put it there, including you.

JT: Bottom line-- it's his wallet which holds the evidence.

Will: Which is why I need to question Kevin.

Brad: You got it!

Victor: Hey!

Brad: You got it! Let's go!

Brad: Come on! Give me the flashlight.

Victor: Here, take the flashlight.

Brad: No, this way.

Victor: We've got to get to the authorities first.

Brad: He could be gone by the time we get back.

Victor: No, I don't want you to do anything right now. Nothing. Let's sneak back there. Let's go. Let's go up the stairs.

Man: Hold it right there! Step down! Down!

Brad: Who are you? Answer me!

Man: Mr. Kaplan, that's quite a temper you have.

Brad: You son of a bitch!

Victor: Sir, sir...

Victor: Sir, please let me talk to you. We are tourists.

Man: I'm gonna blow your brains out.

Victor: We admire this place.

Victoria: What's happening?! What happened?

Victor: Come here.

Victoria: What is it?

Victor: You stay here. You stay right here.

Victoria: What?

Victor: Please come with me.

Kay: No guts... no glory.

Jill: Oh... here goes.

(Cell phone ringing)

Amber: Hmm... sorry, Jill and Katherine, this number is not in service to you.

Jill: Cane didn't pick up.

Kay: So... you could've left a message.

Jill: I can hardly tell him he's my son via voice mail.

Kay: Well, why didn't you tell him to call?

Jill: No. It's better this way. This way, I'll have a few days to figure out how to break the news.

Cane: You were sorely missed.

Amber: Sorely, huh?

Cane: Hmm.

Cane: You know, when we're married, you're gonna have to do this for me every night.

Amber: Funny, I don't remember shoulder rubs being part of the agreement.

Cane: That's 'cause you didn't read the fine print.

Amber: I could get used to this. You are ridiculously hot. We have fun together. This marriage thing just might work out.

Cane: What do you mean, "Might?" We're gonna live happily ever after.

Amber: You really think so?

Cane: Do you have any idea how sexy you are? You know, a lot of people got married for a lot worse reasons.

Amber: You know, you could go downstairs to the bar and pick up dozens of gorgeous women.

Cane: That's true, but none of them have come through for me the way you have. You know that, um... no one has ever done anything like this for me before.

Amber: I love you.

Cane: Um... okay. Um... I, uh, I had no idea.

Amber: Get over yourself. I’m not in love with you. I just... I just said that I love you like I love really great designer shoes or, like, chocolate chip cookies.

Cane: You know, I thought we were just two friends helping each other out-- no strings attached.

Amber: We are.

Cane: Amber, I don't wanna take advantage of you.

Amber: Then why have you been just trying to get me in bed all this time?

Cane: Wow. Um... I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I-I-I... I can't marry you, I'm sorry.

Gloria: William doesn't believe Jana started that fire.

Lauren: He has to be objective, Gloria.

Gloria: Don't you tell me you don't believe Kevin either.

Lauren: I want to. Believe me, I want to.

Will: Looks like we finally solved the murder case.

Michael: I don't like what you're insinuating. I need to talk to Kevin before you interview him.

Will: I'll give you a few minutes.

Korbel: The, uh... the doctors are concerned that Colleen's lungs may have suffered significant damage.

JT: Can they reverse it?

Korbel: Well, they're trying, but... her oxygen levels are continuing to fall.

Kevin: I swear, Michael, I didn't start that fire.

Michael: I'm gonna help you, Kevin. You just have to tell me everything, all right?

Kevin: I just did. Jana set me up.

Michael: Okay, but you haven't given me a good explanation for why.

Kevin: Because she's trying to get her hands on billions of dollars.

Michael: What?

Kevin: Yeah, there's a treasure. Apparently, Brad Carlton has some medieval artifact that has a clue as to where it is.

Michael: And, uh, this somehow made Jana go on a killing spree?

Kevin: Carmen caught Jana looking at some stuff of Victoria's that had to do with it, so she kills her. Then she kidnaps Colleen to find out what she knows about it. I swear, Michael. Jana set me up. If you don't believe me, ask Colleen.

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