Y&R Transcript Monday 2/19/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/19/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 2/20/07 -- USA


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Adrian: I'm looking for Colleen Carlton. Have you seen her come in here today?

J.T.: Hey, Lily, Lily, have you seen her? Have you heard from Colleen?

Lily: So you haven't either?

J.T.: No, nothing. I've been calling her phone every 30 minutes, but it goes straight to voice mail.

Lily: Well, have you checked out the coffeehouse?

J.T.: Yeah. I'm back there now. Listen, I've checked everywhere I can think of, twice.

Lily: Okay, this is really starting to freak me out.

J.T.: Yeah, you're not the only one. I'm beginning to think Colleen's in a lot of trouble.

Colleen: Somebody help us, please! Hey, we're stuck in here! Help!

Kevin: Quiet! Quiet! Quiet! Quiet, all right? Ok, there's gotta be a way out.

Colleen: Kevin, this place is sealed.

Kevin: How long have you been in here?

Colleen: I was brought her from Adrian's. That's the last thing I remember. I woke up here.

Kevin: Why did Jana do this?

Colleen: For money, remember?

Kevin: Come on! Come on! Come on! Okay... oh, man... I loved her. I loved her. How could I be so... how could I have been so wrong, you know?

Colleen: Look, Kevin, do you think maybe Jana won't set the building on fire? Kevin? Kevin!? Kevin, answer me!

Kevin: I don't know! Colleen, I don't know, okay? I don't know! After what she's done, who knows what she's capable of.

Victoria: The guided tour of the catacombs is only about an hour so what about the other areas that they don't take you through?

Victor: My Darling, they are vast. The rooms and the passageways go on for miles.

Brad: A lot more than we can cover ourselves in a day.

Victoria: So what is our strategy here? Should one of us stay with the group and distract the guide, while the other two head off on their own?

Victor: That depends on the size of the tour group and on the level of security.

Brad: We're gonna have to get down there and see what we're dealing with. Roll with it.

Victoria: Maybe we'll find what we're looking for along the main route.

Brad: And my family would've been left the hell alone.

Victoria: The real problem is we have no idea what it is we're looking for.

Victor: We're looking for something that someone is willing to kill for.

Brad: You know what our strategy is? Look for something out of the ordinary. That's the bottom line.

Neil: So Dru went after him-- how?

Devon: She told David that she was onto him-- that he and Carmen are planning to frame her for murder.

Lily: Why would she say that? That's crazy.

Devon: Exactly.

Neil: Was there anyone else there?

Devon: Jack and Sharon were there. And she was glad because she said she wanted witnesses. You know, I didn't know what to do, Neil. I wanted to get her out of there, but there was no stopping her.

Neil: Right, right, right, right. Where's Dru now?

Devon: I'm pretty sure she's with Sharon. 'Cause when I left Newman, Sharon was still trying to calm her down.

Lily: Oh, wait, Dad, I don't--I don't get it. Carmen is dead. How can he be working with her?

Neil: All right, Honey, I want you to understand this. Listen carefully, all right? Your mother is convinced that the murder was a hoax, all right-- that Carmen isn't dead.

Devon: Yeah, she thinks the whole thing is a set up to get back at her.

Lily: How long has this been going on?

Neil: Well, your mother's convinced that she's been seeing Carmen for quite some time now. I tried to persuade her that it's just her mind playing tricks on her.

Devon: But she ain't buying that, though.

Neil: No, she isn't. She's adamant that Carmen has been calling not only the house line, but her cell phone as well.

Lily: It's impossible. There's no way that could be her.

Neil: Well, she has been getting a lot of hang-ups.

Devon: From David Chow, though. That's who's been messing with her, not some ghost.

Lily: Okay, so what are we gonna do? I mean, we can't let her go around saying this stuff. Everyone's gonna think that she's crazy.

Neil: I'll tell you what we're gonna do. The DA has ordered a DNA test to confirm that the woman who died is Carmen. Hopefully, it'll give your mother some peace of mind.

Lily: Dad, we all saw the body.

Devon: Yeah, we did. And it was Carmen, no doubt.

Lily: And the police took her to the morgue. I mean, they can tell if a person is dead or not.

Neil: Yeah, we all know that. I want some concrete proof. I want hard evidence so your mother will let go of this, you know what I mean?

Devon: But you know what, guys? What if that's not enough? I mean, what if this is something a little bit more serious?

Lily: What do you mean, way more serious?

Devon: I don't know. Like maybe it's something that we can't cure without help.

Neil: Hey, hold on, man. Let's not assume the worst, okay?

Devon: Well, Neil, you know, Dru thinks that dead people are out to get her. All right, it doesn't get much worse than that.

Lily: Dad, I'm scared for her.

Neil: Me, too, Sweetheart. I don't know what's causing these, uh, hallucinations.

Devon: Maybe it's stress? You know, she's been going through a lot because of my trial.

Lily: Yeah, but would that be enough to push her over the edge?

Neil: Yeah. Yeah, it could be.

Devon: Have you, uh... have you talked to anybody else about her?

Neil: I called her therapist Dr. Lynch. I wanna get his opinion on what he thinks we should do.

Lily: That's a good idea.

Devon: You're doing it soon, right?

Neil: Yeah, Iím doing it today. I have a meeting with him.

Devon: Good.

Lily: Well, can we do anything now?

Neil: Keep an eye on your mother, all right? You be very understanding. And don't leave her alone if you can possibly help it.

[Neil remembering]

Dru: Neil it's more than the tires being slashed. It's more than the prank calls.

Neil: What do you mean?

Dru: Neil, you're gonna think I'm crazy.

Neil: Would you just tell me?

Dru: Okay. I was just in the garage, right, with Sharon--

Neil: Right.

Dru: And we got on the elevator and then the doors started to close and then my phone rang.

Neil: And?

Dru: And I saw her right by p-1. I saw her by p-1 and she was calling me from her phone.

Neil: Who? What are you talking about? Who'd you see by p-1? Who?

Dru: It was Carmen. It was Carmen.

Neil: Carmen?

Dru: There shouldn't be a trial in the first place because no one got murdered.

Neil: Oh, please, Dru. Let's not--

Dru: No, no, no, don't "please" me. I know what I saw.

Neil: We already talk about this.

Dru: No, you talked about it, Neil.

Neil: Hey... we looked all over that courthouse, didn't we? We didn't see anyone. No one who looked like Carmen.

Dru: Neil, I saw her. I saw her, Neil.

Neil: Yeah, you think you saw her.

Dru: Okay, Neil, listen to me, whoever-- whoever that person was-- in back of Indigo-- it was not Carmen Mesta. That woman is alive.

Dru: Neil! Neil!

Neil: What is it? What is it?

Dru: Carmen-- she was just here!

Neil: What? What?

Dru: She just ran through the room! Didn't you see her?

Neil: No, no, no.

Dru: Neil, I saw her!

Neil: Honey, Honey, you're having a bad dream.

Dru: I'm not having a bad dream. I saw her. She was there!

Neil: She's not in our bedroom. Stop! Stop!

Woman: The underground passage you see on our tour are only a small fraction of what exists. There are over 30 kilometers of rooms and tunnels cut into the rock.

Man: On how many levels?

Woman: Three. The first ranges from 2 to 4 meters below the street level. The second is about 4 to 6 meters down, and the third ranges from 8 to 14 meters below ground.

Woman: Are they are all abandoned silver mines?

Woman: Well, that's one possible explanation. No one knows for sure how they came to be. Some believe they were created to hide covert military operations.

Man: Including the Nazis.

Woman: The catacombs were here centuries before the war, but they did serve as hideouts, yes. My father remembered them being used as civilian air raid shelters. He told me once, "You don't know what dark is until you've spent a few nights in those caverns." And then there is a theory that they were really warehouses for the merchants and traders who traveled across Europe. Follow me...

J.T.: Brad, hey, it's J.T. listen, call me as soon as you get this, all right? It's urgent.

Korbel: Nobody's seen Colleen all day. Here.

J.T.: I just left a message for her dad.

Korbel: I think we should call the cops.

J.T.: Well, that's why I called her dad. The police make you wait 48 hours before reporting an adult missing.

Korbel: Unless your wife's name is Newman.

J.T.: Itís worth a shot.

Korbel: Well, look, I say we call the cops while we wait for Brad. Maybe we can convince them to start the investigation early.

J.T.: You sure you're up for that?

Korbel: Why not? Of course.

J.T.: Well, you're gonna be the cops' new best friend-- you're the last person who saw Colleen.

Kevin: It's messed up pretty bad. It's not gonna budge.

Colleen: Kevin...

Kevin: Oh, no, no, listen... just work with me, okay? Colleen, work with me. We can find something to maybe straighten this out or just bang on it maybe, okay? Listen, listen, just look, Colleen, look in the box over there. Look on that shelf. I'm gonna look over here, okay?

Colleen: Kevin?

Kevin: I think this could work.

Colleen: No, Kevin, come here right now. We have another problem.

Kevin: What?

Colleen: Come here.

Kevin: What?

Colleen: Kevin, that's smoke.

Kevin: Oh. Okay.

Colleen: The building's on fire.

Kevin: Okay, okay, okay, all right...

Woman: Uh, watch your steps, everybody. Solid granite. Since the miners used hand tools, they were only able to carve out a few centimeters per day.

Woman: I'll never complain about my job again.

Woman: It's estimated that the men who created these catacombs had an average life expectancy below 40 years.

Victor: Does that look like the Grugeon family crest?

Victoria: No. But it's very similar.

Victor: It is?

Victoria: Yes.

Woman: What about the women? What was their life expectancy?

Woman: Perhaps a more telling statistic-- the average number of husbands each one went through. Um, this is the statue of St. Franz.

J.T.: Yes, I am aware that it's standard procedure but what if we already know the person is missing? No, Colleen would not-- she wouldn't leave her car in the middle of the night without-- what, you think she needed some time alone? Yeah, she just took a 15-hour walk in the middle of the freezing cold. No, this is not a teenage angst problem. She's a grown adult. You know what? Let me talk to your supervisor, okay? All right, well, you know, have him call me at this number when he gets back. Thank you. Unbelievable. It's like talking to a wall.

Korbel: What did he say?

J.T.: No APB without proof of foul play.

Korbel: Well, then let's find some. All right, we know... Colleen left my apartment late at night.

J.T.: And never made it to her car.

Korbel: Ergo...

J.T.: Maybe there's a clue somewhere in-between.

Korbel: There's gotta be.

J.T.: Don't touch anything. It may be evidence.

Korbel: You see anything?

J.T.: Yeah, the inside of a car.

Korbel: Your note's still where you left it. What's that?

J.T.: What?

Korbel: Under the car.

J.T.: It's Fisher's.

Korbel: What?

J.T.: The wallet-- it's Kevin Fisherís. This isn't good.

Kevin: Okay, ready? Come with me. Okay, on the count of three... one... two... three! Oh, come on! Damn it!

Colleen: No, no, no, no, Kevin, Kevin, we have to get out of here. If we don't, we'll die. Please.

Kevin: Its not gonna happen. I promise you. That's not gonna happen. Stand back. Stand back. Oh, come on!

Woman: We are now directly below the site of the city's first cathedral-- the Church of the Divine Resurrection.

Brad: You see anything?

Victor: Nothing yet.

Victoria: I think we could go on this tour a hundred times and still not come up with anything.

Victor: We will find what we're after, no matter what it takes. Just be patient.

Brad: Your dad's right.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, this coming from two people with little to no patience.

Victor: Victoria, please.

Victoria: Sorry.

Woman: So we have no way knowing who owned which house, but it's a plausible theory. Uh, question, yes?

Woman: Are the catacombs used today for anything besides tourism?

Woman: Well, when you go home you can tell your friends--

Brad: "Quid est veritas est vir qui adest." The anagram from the reliquary. Victor, Victoria...

Victor: Oh, yeah...

Victor: That does not look as old as some of the other inscriptions.

Brad: You're right. It's quite legible. Must be fairly new.

Victor: And "Novak" is one of the most common names in the Czech language.

Brad: Well, we've gotta get inside.

Woman: Uh, excuse me? You need to stay with the tour.

Victor: Of course, of course we will.

Woman: It's easy to get lost. This isn't any place to be wandering around.

Victor: We understand.

(Door opens)

Dru: Hello! Hey!

Lily: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Dru: No class?

Lily: No, I'm finished.

Dru: Did you tell your sister the news?

Lily: About David?

Dru: Huh?

Lily: Yeah, he told me.

Dru: Lily, I busted David Chow wide open! Oh, I did. No, you should've seen the look on his face when he discovered I knew that Carmen was alive. You should've seen it. It was too rich.

Devon: He was surprised, to say the least.

Dru: Right. They tried to get me to think that I committed a murder. Can you believe it?

Lily: Mom, come on...

Dru: Come on, what?

Lily: Um, I just... I mean, do you think they'll finally stop?

Dru: Oh, they have to. You see, because if Jack and Sharon know the truth, so...

Devon: You know, what's next?

Dru: What's next? Well, I just have to expose them now, you see? And, um, that's not gonna be difficult-- but the good news is, Sweetheart, you are not gonna have to stand trial for the murder! Okay, and those two clowns are going to prison. And that's called sweet justice! Where's your father? I can't wait to tell him. I can't--Neil?

Neil: Thanks for meeting me here, Doctor.

Dr. Lynch: On the phone you said you were concerned for Drucilla?

Neil: Yeah, I am concerned. Have you talked to her at all since her last session?

Dr. Lynch: No, I haven't.

Neil: Dru thinks Carmen Mesta is alive.

Dr. Lynch: Alive?

Neil: She's convinced that the murder was a hoax.

Dr. Lynch: Why would she think that?

Neil: The day that Devon's trial was supposed to start, Dru saw Carmen in the courthouse. Now I told her it was someone who looked like Carmen. But she insisted that we search the building, which we did, and of course... we didn't find anyone.

Dr. Lynch: How did Dru react?

Neil: It shook her up pretty badly. She was willing to dismiss it, until she saw Carmen again in the Newman parking garage. And yet again, at our home, in our apartment. She's been obsessed about it ever since.

Dr. Lynch: Did you see anyone, Neil?

Neil: No, I didn't. I searched the entire apartment. I didn't find anyone. I did it just because she asked me to. She says that Carmen has been placing calls on her cell phone, on the home line. She handed me the phone one day, said Carmen was on the other line. I listened. It was a voice recording. Didn't sound anything like Carmen. She claims that Carmen has been moving things around our apartment.

Dr. Lynch: Moving things around the apartment? Interesting. Was Dru the only one who saw this... person?

Neil: You mean, hallucination, don't you? Listen to me, Doctor, I am worried. I am scared to death that my wife is losing touch with reality here. You know what I mean? She's under a lot of stress lately, not just because of the trial, but also constant harassment.

Dr. Lynch: Neil, what harassment?

Neil: Her tires were slashed. She's been getting crank calls from someone--hang-ups. Someone, uh, they hacked into her e-mail at work. And the strangest thing of all, someone sent her a shirt identical to the one that she cut up of Carmen's.

Dr. Lynch: Do you have any theory as to who might be doing this?

Neil: Yeah, yeah, we do. We assumed that it was David Chow--Carmen's ex.

Dr. Lynch: David Chow-- isn't he the man that did the interview on television?

Neil: Yeah, that's right. He accused Dru of being a murderer and letting Devon take the fall.

Dr. Lynch: So, uh... so he's been prominent in your lives since then?

Neil: The man moved into our building. He transferred jobs, right? Now he's working at Newman Enterprises. Wherever Dru goes, he shows up. I don't know, it makes sense that this guy would be doing these things.

Dr. Lynch: Does he admit to any of the harassment?

Neil: No, he doesn't. He denies at he's done anything beyond coming to town and publicizing his opinions.

Dr. Lynch: Do you believe him, Neil?

Neil: I didn't... until Dru started making crazy accusations.

Dr. Lynch: How's Dru been sleeping?

Neil: Ah. Terrible, man. Um, nightmares, cold sweats, wakes up in the middle of the night screaming.

Dr. Lynch: And what about during the day?

Neil: About what you'd expect-- exhausted, you know, on edge. This morning she confronted David Chow in front of two colleagues. Told 'em that she was aware that Carmen was alive and that David and Carmen are conspiring against her.

Dr. Lynch: Neil... I can't help but wonder if maybe some of the harassment your wife's been experiencing might just be... well, it might be self-inflicted.

Neil: What do you mean? Are you saying that she's doing all these things to elf?

Dr. Lynch: Were there any witnesses when it happened?

Neil: Why would a rational person wanna...

Dr. Lynch: Out of guilt, maybe. Dru was out of control in her dealings with Carmen. Now she was just finally beginning to accept responsibility for that in our last session.

Neil: So then you're saying that she could be blaming herself for Carmen's death and putting Devon in the middle of all this, right?

Dr. Lynch: Well, Neil, without talking to Dru, I can't be sure what's behind her behavior. But I'd say there's a strong possibility that what she's experiencing has been triggered by something much more than just... stress.

J.T.: When's the last time you saw him?

Korbel: Well, he owns the place, I figured he'd at least stop by.

J.T.: Was Kevin at Jabot today?

Korbel: Just, no, okay, does he usually come by at a certain time?

J.T.: And you're sure that's the last time you saw him? Okay, listen, I just wanna talk to him about something. So if you hear from him, please tell him to call me.

Korbel: No, no message.

J.T.: Thank you. What did they say at the coffeehouse?

Korbel: Kevin hasn't been by all day. Last night, either..: I just talked to his mom. Kevin spent the night alone in his apartment.

Korbel: Yeah, so she claims.

J.T.: Maybe he did, maybe he didnít.

Korbel: Colleen told me that Kevin tried to--

J.T.: Yeah, he tried to kill her, which is all the more reason we have to find her fast.

Kevin: Wow!

Kevin: Colleen, I already looked. There's nothing in there strong enough to pry the door open.

Colleen: Kevin... Kevin, please... please, help me find a pen-- a pen and a piece of paper.

Kevin: That's funny. We're about to burn-- we're out to burn to death in an oven... and you wanna-- you wanna write a letter.

Colleen: Kevin, please... I can't die without telling my parents that I love them.

Lily: Man, I mean, she is so convinced.

Devon: Yeah, I know. It's freaking me out a little bit.

Lily: But she can't be right

Devon: No, it's... Carmen faked her own death just to do a head trip on Dru? What do you think?

Lily: I think Mom's lost it.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Like, what are we supposed to do?

Dru: Okay, what are you two whispering about? Baby, can you help me with my coat?

Devon: Yeah. Wait, are you going somewhere?

Dru: Well, you know, I have to go to the grocery store. I forgot all about dinner.

Lily: Oh. Uh, do you mind if we come with you?

Dru: I'm just gonna pick up a few things.

Devon: Uh, you know, we need some stuff, too. The cupboards are empty.

Dru: Don't you have class?

Devon: Not till later. You know, let us come with you. It'll be fun.

Dru: Well, I don't know how long I'm gonna be.

Lily: Well, we don't have anything to do. I mean, at least, I don't.

Devon: Yeah.

Dru: Okay. What's going on here?

Lily: What do you mean?

Dru: Well, why the sudden interest in going on errands with your mother?

Lily: We just wanna spend some time with you.

Devon: That's right. If we get something good from the store, maybe we'll even stick around for dinner.

Dru: Okay, okay, okay, you think I don't know what's going on here?

Lily: What are you talking about?

Dru: Listen, I'm fine, okay? I'm perfectly fine. And now that everything's out in the on about Carmen, everything is gonna get back to normal here at home, okay?

Neil: Should I be bringing her in to see you, Doctor?

Dr. Lynch: Absolutely. And as soon as possible. Neil, I need you to take Dru in to be examined by her regular physician. We need to rule out anything medical.

Neil: What do you think it means?

Dr. Lynch: Schizophrenia, the onset of dementia, epilepsy, some other abnormality of the brain. I just don't know.

Neil: Hold on, wait a minute. A minute ago, we were talking about stress and lack of sleep. Now you're saying schizophrenia?

Dr. Lynch: It's just as a precaution, Neil. I don't know what's causing these delusions and hallucinations, but we need explore every possibility be safe. And you're absolutely correct to be concerned about this. I can't stress to you enough how important it is that you follow up on this and not just with me.

Neil: How in the world am I supposed to get her to a doctor when she so adamant about everything that she's seeing, everything that she's hearing is absolutely real?

Dr. Lynch: Whatever you have to do, Neil--do it. If this is physical, it could be very serious.

(Cell phone ringing)

Neil: Excuse me. Phone call. Winters. Uh-huh. Okay. Thanks. Sorry, um, that was the district attorney's office, calling to let me know that the DNA test results are in.

Dr. Lynch: DNA results?

Neil: Proof that Carmen is really dead. But from what you're telling me now, it may not be enough to convince Dru.

Colleen: There's nothing to write with.

Kevin: Your parents know that you love them, Colleen.

Colleen: My dad... we've been fighting. I just wish... I just wish I could tell him... just one more time... that I love him. And J.T.... I ruined everything. All my life...

Kevin: Well... Colleen... I'm a murderer. My mother is gonna spend the rest of her life thinking her son was a murderer.

Victoria: Are you sure no one saw us?

Brad: I'm sure. Relax.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, relax. We're about to pry open a tomb underground in the middle of the night in a foreign country.

Victor: Shh. Shh. Shh.

Victoria: It's not very relaxing.

Brad: It shouldn't be that difficult to break the seal.

Victor: Hand me a pry bar, please. Could you hold this for me?

Brad: Here.

Victor: There we go.

J.T.: If Fisher got to Colleen...

Korbel: Maybe he's still with her.

J.T.: How the hell do we find 'em?

Korbel: Well, you know the guy better than I do. You're a detective.

J.T.: It's a rhetorical question.

Korbel: Right.

J.T.: You know, Fisher has a history you don't even wanna know about

Korbel: Okay, well, then let's stop talking and let's find them. I mean, how far could he have gotten without his wallet?

J.T.: Maybe he didn't realize he lost it yet.

Korbel: Okay, Colleen-- Colleen leaves my place. She comes down to her car. Kevin--Kevin confronts her right, they--they struggle, he drops his wallet and then he--he forces her into his car. Drives off. Is that what you're thinking?

J.T.: If they're in his car...

Korbel: What? What are you looking for?

J.T.: Anti-theft. If the car is reported stolen, the service will notify the police and the police activate a transmitter. We find Kevin's car, we find Kevin. Yeah--car find.

J.T.: Hi, yeah, look, my car was just stolen in Genoa City. Kevin--Kevin Fisher. 190 East Chestnut. Yeah, I'll hold. What?

Korbel: What's this?

J.T.: What are you talking about? That's Colleen's license.

Colleen: I can't... I can't breathe.

Kevin: Get down. Get down closer to the ground. The air's a little better. All the way. Good. Good. Good.

Kevin: Okay, here...

Colleen: What are you doing?

Kevin: You're gonna put this over your se and your mouth and you're gonna breathe, okay? There's just enough for one. Here. Breathe.

Colleen: You used all the water.

Kevin: It's only gonna work if it's wet, okay? Breathe, colleen. And you stay awake, okay? No, no, no, no, no, no. Like this... you stay awake. Okay, someone's gonna find us. You stay awake.

Colleen: No, I can't. I can't let you die.

Kevin: Like this... come on. Hey, I'm gonna be a hero for real this time. Colleen, look at me. I need you... I need you to make sure that... that the put... Kevin's corner right next to Cassie's corner, okay? Will you do that for me?

Kevin: Of all the places for you and I to end up together, huh? Trapped inside a burning refrigerator.

Kevin: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Colleen, I'm sorry.

[JT and Korbel listen to a CB radio]

Female dispatcher: 1 Adam 21, 1346 Ridgewood, unconscious female in the house with four kids.

Woman: This is 21. 1346 Ridgewood, 10-4.

Female dispatcher: Medic en route, teenage daughter reports she is breathing.

Woman: We're on our way. E.T.A. five minutes.

Female dispatcher: All units, stolen car reported through carfind, silver 2006 Toyota Prius, transmitter location-- 870 Union Avenue.

Korbel: 870 Union--

J.T.: Warehouse district. Let's go.

Dru: Hey, you're home!

Neil: Hey, yeah, I just got home, hey, hi.

Dru: Uh-huh. Well, um... come here, hi. I have news for you.

Neil: Yeah, I got some news for you, too.

Dru: Okay.

Neil: No, wait, wait, it's important.

Dru: You first, you first.

Neil: Okay, good. Um, let me tell you what's going on.

Dru: Okay.

Devon: Is--is the news about the trial?

Neil: It's about Carmen.

Dru: What?

Lily: Mom, um, why don't you sit down?

Dru: Baby, I don't wanna sit down right now. Was she here?

Neil: No, Honey, listen to me, all right? Michael asked William Bardwell to have a DNA test run, right? The results just came back.

Dru: And?

Neil: The woman that was found behind Indigo was Carmen. She was murdered. There's no chance that she could still be alive.

Dru: That doesn't prove a gosh darn thing.

Neil: Yes, it does, Dru.

Dru: Neil, DNA tests are botched all the time. They're botched all the time, kids.

Neil: The results were conclusive, Honey.

Dru: Well, I don't care. People bribe other people, okay? Carmen's all over this.

Lily: Mom, he's telling the truth. Why won't you listen?

Dru: Because I saw her with my own two eyes, Baby.

Neil: Honey, Honey, the test was ordered by the district attorney, okay? The proceeds are tamper-proof.

Dru: No. No, the test is wrong. Okay? It is wrong. That woman is alive and she is stalking me and I am going to prove it, damn it!

Neil: And how you gonna prove it?

Dru: Remember that electronics place over on Ashland?

Neil: Yeah, yeah, The Connection.

Dru: Check it.

Neil: What are you doing? What is that?

Dru: I got our own security cam system. Okay, it's got infrared. It's got motion detectors. It's got the whole nine. And the next time she slithers into our place, she is gonna be caught red-handed! Who's gonna have the proof then, huh?! That's right.

Victor: Honey, shine some more light on here.

Victoria: Yeah, okay. How's that?

Victor: Thank you. You ready?

Brad: As I'll ever be. Let's do it.

Victor: Okay.

Brad: All right, on my count.

Victor: That's it.

Brad: One... two... three. Again. One... two... three.

Brad: Good.

Victor: Can you grab underneath?

Brad: Hold it. Hold it.

Victor: Slowly.

Victoria: Be careful.

Victor: This is heavy.

Brad: Ready? Here we go.

Victor: Let me get down here. You got it?

Brad: Let's go.

Victoria: Wow.

Brad: Oh, my God...

Victor: That is gold and silver bullion.

Brad: There's some paintings, as well.

Victoria: There's some pieces of art.

Victor: Look at that's gotta be worth millions.

Victor: That's worth hundred's of millions.

Brad: This answers a few questions, doesn't it?

Victor: More than a few questions, don't you think?

Man: What do you think you're doing here? It's after hours.

Victor: Uh...

Man: What?

Victor: We were just curious what was in here, you know?

Man: This is church property. And you've vandalized a crypt. You three are in a lot of trouble.

Korbel: Colleen?! Colleen?! Can you hear me?! Kevin?! They're both out cold.

J.T.: Let's just get them out of here!

Korbel: All right.

J.T.: We gotta get out of here!

Korbel: You gonna make it?

J.T.: The place is about to go.

Korbel: Oh, come on, Sweetie. We're gonna make it.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Amber: A girl can only wait so long. Will you marry me?

Gloria: Kevin didn't start that fire. Jana did.

J.T.: He's blaming his dead girlfriend.

Kay: You are going to properly introduce yourself to your son.

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