Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/15/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/15/07 -- Canada; Friday 2/16/07 -- U.S.A.


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Colleen: Jana? Jana? Jana, wake up, Jana.

Jana: Colleen? Colleen, are you okay?

Colleen: Where are we? What's going on? What's going on?

Jana: He brought you here last night.

Colleen: Who did?

Jana: Adrian Korbel. He's been holding me prisoner.

Lauren: "Hawkes, missing since early February, is believed to be the victim of foul play."

Kevin: You think?

Lauren: "Authorities have confirmed the blood at the scene matches the missing woman's DNA anyone with information is urged to contact the Genoa City Police." It's front-page news. That's sure to generate a lot of attention.

Gloria: Yeah. So hopefully, a lot of people will come forward, huh?

Kevin: You know, it might help if there's a reward.

Lauren: Well, we're in. How much should we put up?

Michael: Uh... $10,000 and we'll go up from there if we need to.

Gloria: And I'll chip in. Whatever I have in the bank, Kevin, it's yours.

Kevin: Thank you. Thank you guys. You know, if this helps find her, then this is gonna be, uh...

Michael: It couldn't hurt.

Kin: All right, I'm gonna make some phone calls.

Lauren: Okay, Sweetie.

Gloria: We're never gonna see her again, are we?

Amber: Hi there!

Jill: Oh, hi, Amber.

Amber: Two days in a row, huh?

Jill: I'm sorry?

Amber: Us bumping into each other. It's such a treat.

Jill: Yes, it is, isn't it?

Amber: So, what brings you here, besides coffee?

Jill: Business meeting. Although, it's just been canceled.

Amber: Oh, well, would you like some company?

Jill: Actually, no, I have to head back to the office.

Kay: Jill! Oh, I knew I would find you here.

Amber: Hi, Mrs. Chancellor.

Kay: Amber.

Jill: Were you looking for me?

Kay: Yes, I have wonderful news!

Jill: Um, maybe it could wait till later?

Kay: No, no, no, no, the brother we were looking for has been found.

Jill: Where?!

Kay: Australia. He moved there years ago.

Cane: No, no luck. I'm getting down to it. You know, I'm running out of places to search. Yeah, you'd think that someone would remember a baby as cute as I was. What do you mean, visiting the states I should become modest? Oh, Mate, Langley, do me a favor, will ya? Throw a couple of quid on the brumbies for me. Oh, you know we're gonna beat the, uh, Crusaders' collective bums, don't you? ah, you wish, Mate. All right, okay. All right, Brother, I'll see you later, all right? Bye-bye.

Lily: Uh, Professor Korbel?

Korbel: Yeah?

Lily: We were just wondering if you had seen Colleen? I know she's supposed to be organizing your slides this morning, but when I went by your classroom, she wasn't there.

Daniel: Have you talked to her?

Korbel: Not since, uh last night.

Lily: Yeah, neither have we.

Daniel: If you see her--

Korbel: I'll have her give you a call.

Lily: Thank you.

Michael: William, the proof is right in front of you. I mean, she disappears from the face of the earth after having a fight with the guy. If that's-- that's not reason enough to search his place-- what? To find Jana, why do you ask? No, you don't need proof going in. All you need is probable cause. What are you, his lawyer or the DA?

Kevin: Hey, I'm gonna go for a walk. Just get out, clear my head a bit.

Lauren: Well, Honey, you shouldn't be alone.

Gloria: I'll go with you, Honey.

Kevin: No, I'm fine. I just wanna be by myself. I'll be back.

Michael: Yes. Yeah you know what? Adrian Korbel is our best chance of finding Jana. I know it is. All right, thank right. Bye.

Gloria: What did he say? No search warrant?

Michael: No grounds.

Lauren: It sounds like you gave him a lot to think about, though.

Michael: Maybe he'll change his mind.

Gloria: Yeah. So what do we do now, Michael?

Michael: Well, I guess I'll start looking into Jana's background-- all 500,000 splinters of it. All I know about her family is she has a father Eastern Europe. I mean, she's had so many jobs, been in so many places, I can't even... where's Kevin?

Lauren: He went for a walk.

Michael: No. No, like hell, he did. God!

Jana: You're wasting your time.

Colleen: No, there has to be a way out of here.

Jana: Look, I've been here for days. If there were another way out, I would've found it by now.

Colleen: Maybe you missed something.

Jana: There's only one way in and out. Your friend the professor made sure of that.

Colleen: He is not my friend. Obviously, my father was right. I should've stayed away from him.

Jana: You got yourself in pretty deep, didn't you?

Colleen: I trusted him. I thought he loved me.

Jana: You thought he was someone that he isn't. Adrian Korbel has a lot of people fooled.

Colleen: J.T. tried to tell me that you thought he was a serial killer.

Jana: Yeah, but you didn't believe a word of it, did you? It's okay. No one else did either. Although, maybe now that both of us are missing...

Colleen: I found some things at Adrian's. They really freaked me out.

Jana: What did you find?

Colleen: I found a red hair extension, one of your necklaces and Carmen Mesta's driver's license.

Jana: Trophies. Oh, God, that confirms it. I've been right about him all along.

J.T.: Hey, you guys, have you seen Colleen?

Lily: Uh, no, why?

J.T.: Well, I need to find her. When's the last time you saw her?

Lily: Well, we've all been busy, so I don't know.

Daniel: Yeah, it was like, last night sometime.

J.T.: All right, when and where? Can you be more specific?

Daniel: Dude, we're talking about her personal life here.

J.T.: No, we're not talking about her personal life. I need to make sure she's safe.

Daniel: Her bed wasn't slept in.

J.T.: You think she was at Korbel's.

Lily: Well, he was just here and we asked him. And he said that he hasn't seen her since last night either.

J.T.: Right, that's why her car is still sitting in his garage at his apartment. Because he hasn't seen her.

Lily: It goes straight to voice mail.

Daniel: Still?

Lily: I mean, do you think Korbel is lying? I mean, her car is still there.

Daniel: He is not going to talk to us about Colleen. No one's supposed to know and that includes us.

Kay: Jill, we have one solid piece of information. We know that Violet Montgomery's only brother took Phillip to Australia.

Jill: This is progress. Plus, we have that picture of the woman.

Kay: We not only know his name, we know where he lives.

Jill: I will find my son.

Amber: Hi. You sell airline tickets, right cool. Um, I'm going to Las Vegas from Genoa City. Yeah, I'm not really sure of the dates yet. I wanna keep it flexible. I wanna be able to just take off spur of the moment. Cool. Uh, so how much for two round-trip airline tickets?

Cane: You've gotta be kidding me! All right, okay, look, it doesn't have to be Canberra. Anywhere in Australia that's the cheapest. Listen, we're talking about an economy ticket here, one-way. We're not talking about a first class trip around the world. All right, what about super-saver? All right, standby? What about if you truss me up in a crate and shimmy me back on the plane in the cargo hold?

Korbel: I just read about Jana. I'm sorry.

Kevin: Save the sympathy, Korbel.

Korbel: Has there been any more news?

Kevin: Would I be here if there were?

Korbel: Look, I'm aware that you believe I had something to do with Jana's disappearance, but I didn't. And if I knew where she was, I would tell the police.

Kevin: You're lying to me.

Michael: Kevin, stop! Don't do anything you'll regret.

Kevin: I came here to beat the crap out of you for hurting Jana. I'm smart enough to realize now that that's not gonna bring her back.

Korbel: You're right. It won't.

Kevin: So I'm begging you. Please tell me what you've done with R. Look, if Jana comes back and she's all right, we won't care, okay? We'll leave you alone. We won't tell anyone it was you. Please, Adrian, please... tell me where she is.

Colleen: Do you really think that Adrian's a murderer?

Jana: He killed Carmen Mesta, that's for sure. And probably that poor young girl at his last university. I made the mistake of mentioning my theory and Korbel found out. That's why he brought me here.

Colleen: I don't understand. What does this have to do with Carmen? Why would he go after her?

Jana: Well, it wasn't a thrill killing, I know that much. It had something to do with a work of art.

Colleen: What do you mean?

Jana: Adrian Korbel had a portfolio with pictures from the Newman collection.

Colleen: That was Victoria's. Somebody stole that out of her car.

Jana: Well, now you know who.

Colleen: Only... they weren't pieces that the family owned. Victoria was looking for something.

Jana: Do you know what it was?

Colleen: Yes. And obviously so does Adrian. But, wait, what does any of this have to do with Carmen?

Jana: She saw him with the portfolio. And he couldn't let that get out. So he decided to shut her up... permanently.

Colleen: Then we're never gonna get out of here.

Korbel: I understand you are both upset. I would be, too. But coming here to spew your accusations in the middle of my workday is inappropriate.

Michael: All right, I'm gonna say this once. When I leave here, I'm gonna have you investigated. If you're hiding anything, you'll be arrested. Understood?

Korbel: Noted. Now if you'll excuse me, Gentlemen, I have a class to teach. My students are waiting.

Lily: So leave your cell phone on in case Colleen calls. I have to turn mine off when I get to class.

Daniel: Why don't you just leave on vibrate? And then I'll text you if I hear anything.

Lily: Okay, thank you. You're best. Bye.

Daniel: Bye. Here comes trouble.

Amber: Not if you help me.

Daniel: What do you need?

Amber: I need to know a good pawnshop. Do you know any?

Daniel: Yeah, Pauline's over on Union.

Amber: Pauline's. Got it.

Daniel: You planning on doing a little low-rent shopping?

Amber: No, I need some cash. So I'm gonna hock my ring.

Daniel: I didn't realize you were that strapped for cash.

Amber: Don't worry I got my eye on a sure thing.

[J.T. opens up Adrian’s door and goes in]

J.T.: Colleen? Colleen, you in here?

Lauren: Should I make some more coffee?

Gloria: Oh, no, not for me. I've had too much as it is.

Lauren: Poor Kevin.

Gloria: Yeah. Poor Jana. What if we never find out what really happened to her?

Lauren: Oh, we--we can't even think like that.

Gloria: Honey, but they found all that blood at the lake. No body. What if she was in shock after she was attacked? But either way, she's drowned. And now the lake's completely frozen over.

Lauren: Okay, can we just not go into such vivid detail?

Gloria: Sorry.

Lauren: I can't believe it. I can't believe she's missing. I just half expect her to come barging through my front door.

Gloria: I know, with all that wonderful energy of hers.

Lauren: Tell me about it.

Gloria: You know something, I love the way she challenges Kevin.

Lauren: I do, too. I think he finally... feels great about himself, thanks to her.

Gloria: She did have a wicked streak. If you ever wanted to play a trick on somebody...

Lauren: Oh, yeah, she's your woman, right?

Gloria: She helped me get William to myself a time or two. But enough said about that.

Lauren: Oh, and then there was your makeover.

Gloria: Wasn't that something? She dropped everything to take me shopping.

Lauren: Yes, your white glove and pearls phase. Very Jackie O in the White House years.

Gloria: Oh, Darling, thank you. And to think that somebody who dresses the way she does could pull it off. But she never laughed at me.

Lauren: You mean, unlike the the of us?

Gloria: Oh, really?

Lauren: Only behind your back.

Gloria: Well, she never told me how silly it was or tried to talk me out of it.

Lauren: She's a very open and giving person.

Gloria: Yeah. Whether it was William or my clothes, she always encouraged me, even when I decided to go back to exactly who I am, leopard prints and all.

Gloria: Lauren, Sweetie, what is it?

Lauren: It's just... it's the way we're talking. Like we're delivering her eulogy.

Jana: You're not giving up, Colleen.

Colleen: We're locked in a refrigerator. The man that I trusted-- the man that I loved-- is a murderer!

Jana: Listen to me. Now that there are two of us, we might really have a chance.

Colleen: What does that mean?

Jana: Korbel has an accomplice. A man that I've never seen before. They keep wanting to know about some sort of... an inscription now I have no clue what they're talking about, but if you--

Colleen: I do.

Jana: You do, what?

Colleen: I know what they're talking about. It's what my dad's been telling me all along-- why Korbel's dangerous.

Jana: Wait... slow down. I'm not following you.

Colleen: I told him. He knows too much. I just thought that he would help me figure it out. I didn't--

Jana: Figure what out?

Colleen: The inscription! Figure out the inscription!

Jana: Well, what does it say?

Colleen: It doesn't matter. Adrian already knows too much. He'll figure it out on his own.

Jana: Oh once he realizes that once he knows, he'll have no more use for us. Now listen to me! When they come back for us, we have to fight, okay the longer we struggle, the better our chances are.

Colleen: I don't know, Jana. I just--I-I...

Jana: I've read a lot about serial killers. I know what I'm talking about here. Now, Colleen, please... please tell me you're with me, okay? Are you with me? Please?

Korbel: Okay, just leave your quizzes, everybody. I'll collect them. Thank you.

Lily: Hi.

Korbel: No. I haven't seen Colleen.

Lily: She didn't come to class?

Korbel: Maybe she overslept. It happens.

Lily: Why don't you just tell me what's going on?

Korbel: What do you mean?

Lily: Colleen didn't come home last night. She's not answering her phone and hasn't returned any of my calls.

Korbel: Have you tried her dad's?

Lily: No. No one's there. He and Victoria are away on a trip.

Korbel: Okay, house all to herself? Mystery solved.

Lily: No, if Colleen were over there, she would've called me by now.

Korbel: I'm afraid I'm out of answers. Like I said, I haven't seen or spoken to Colleen since last night.

Daniel: Why is her car still parked at your apartment?

Korbel: I don't even know what kind of car Colleen drives. Are you sure it's hers?

Lily: J.T. saw it. It's definitely Colleen's.

Korbel: Right, this has nothing to do with his animosity towards me?

Daniel: Why would J.T. be mad at you, Professor?

[Korbel takes out his cell phone and dials a number]

Korbel: Colleen, hi, it's Professor Korbel. Some people are wondering where you are. Please call me. Now if you two will excuse me, I wanna go see about Colleen's car. Maybe it didn't want to start in the cold weather.

[J.T. goes over to the bed and looks down on the floor and sees Colleen’s earring and picks it up and leaves Adrian’s apartment]

Gloria: I don't see how old bills are gonna help us find out what happened to Jana.

Lauren: I don't either, but at least we're doing something.

Gloria: Ah. Now this is vintage Jana.

Lauren: Oh, yeah? What is ?

Gloria: A certificate she made up on Kevin's computer, "Good for one free skydiving lesson."

Lauren: Yeah, she did that for the benefit. I think it was for the silent auction.

Gloria: Oh, she was the most fearless person-- is the most fearless person I've ever met.

Lauren: Here's a receipt for a Muay Thai course.

Gloria: What is that, Muay Thai?

Lauren: It's a form of kick-boxing, but it's very controversial. Some of the blows they teach can actually kill a person.

Gloria: Really? So it's like a self-defense thing?

Lauren: Oh, far more aggressive.

Gloria: Well, if anybody can get themselves out of a tight spot, it's Jana. Because she would fight her way out.

Colleen: Is there any water in here?

Jana: Yes, it's... wait! Do you hear that? Somebody's coming!

[Jana rushes at the guy and he has a stun gun in his hand and she goes down withering]

Jana: Aah!

Man: You wanna be next?

Colleen: No.

Man: The inscription-- what does it mean?

Colleen: I don't know.

Man: You're lying.

Colleen: No, I swear. I swear! I swear! I don't know! I swear!

Man: I suggest you remember by the time I come back. That's what will happen to you if you don't.

Colleen: Jana? Jana?! Jana?! Jana, are you okay?

Amber: Where I've been. A girl's gotta have some secrets.

Cane: So why don't you tell me where you've been all my life?

Amber: One of these days, that charm is gonna get you in a lot of trouble.

Cane: At makes you think that is hasn't done that already?

Amber: I'll take that as a warning.

Cane: Do what I do-- take it any way you can.

Amber: Gee, I thought you were pickier than that.

Cane: Me? No, I'm easy. Now you...

Amber: I'm much more of a challenge. In fact... oh, my gosh! That's him!

Cane: Who?

Amber: Oh, okay, see that guy over there? He works for immigration.

Cane: How do you know that?

Amber: Because I read it in the paper that there was this restaurant and they had a bunch of illegal workers and this guy came in and busted 'em and deported 'em all. What--where you going?

Cane: I'm gonna go out the back.

Amber: No, no, no, no, he'll see you. Um, quick, get me your apron. Give it to me. Pretend you're a customer, okay?

Lansing: Agent Lansing, U.S. Immigration, I'm looking for the owners.

Amber: Um, well, they're not here right now. Um, is there something I can help you with? I'm the assistant manager.

Cane: You know what you can help me with? Will you convince this gorgeous creature to go out with me tonight?

Amber: You just won't give up.

Cane: But if you give up, you don't get the girl, do you? I mean seriously, I have this theory. If I nibble on enough celery from enough Bloody Marys, eventually she's gonna have to say yes.

Amber: Well, I hope you like celery, 'cause I got two cases of it in the back walk-in.

Cane: Oh, see that? She throws down the gauntlet. I love that in a woman?

Lansing: Listen, how soon do you expect your boss back?

Amber: Oh, uh, probably around 7:00. He has another job during the day. Um, why do you wanna see Neil anyway? Everyone who works here is a U.S. Citizen.

Lansing: Good to hear. Please have him give me a call, will you?

Amber: Oh, okay. Um, well, is there anything else I can get for you? Maybe a, you know, a drink or a sandwich?

Cane: Oh, oh, she makes a great turkey club.

Amber: Oh, yeah, I do!

Cane: Believe me. And she's just so easy on the eyes.

Lansing: Thanks for the offer, but I need to get going.

Amber: Well, here, I'll talk you out.

Lansing: I can find my way.

Amber: Well, no, no, that's fine. Don't worry about it. I gotta get something anyway.

[As they walk out Amber slips him and envelope of money]

Daniel: You all right?

Kevin: Yeah. I guess you guys heard about the lake.

Daniel: Yeah. We read about it in the paper.

Kevin: Yeah, we--we were just there. Michael took me.

Daniel: I guess you saw...

Kevin: Yeah, I had to.

Daniel: Kev, I...

Kevin: I had to.

Daniel: What was it like?

Kevin: You know, it was, uh... it's really beautiful, you know? It just snowed again, so everything was white. The trees were all covered.

Daniel: Lake frozen?

Kevin: Yeah, the lake's frozen. Yeah, I kept thinking, Daniel and I should be out here with our hockey sticks. Instead of, uh...

Daniel: How'd you know where to look?

Kevin: Uh, there was, uh, there was police tape. And you couldn't seen anything, it was covered with the snow, but, uh... the police had, uh, t the tape up, so... I just went over, I got down on my knees and, uh, I just started brushing it away.

Daniel: Under the snow?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. And it was just like stained red, you know?

Gloria: Kevin, you don't have to do this.

Kevin: Of course, there was so much, you know? And, um... I was brushing away and brushing away and the blood-- well, you know, the stain, it just got bigger, you know? It just kept getting bigger and, um...

Kevin: I just wanted to see I could find, like, a clue, you know? Or I thought maybe I'd get, like, a feeling. I don't know, I thought maybe the police might've missed something, but... there was nothing. There was nothing.

Korbel: You broke into my place?

J.T.: Where is Colleen?

Korbel: Are you stalking her now, is that it?

J.T.: Answer the question! Where is Colleen?

Korbel: She's not here. I suggest you leave or I will call the police.

J.T.: Oh, yeah, do that. Do that. Professor, why don't you explain to them what your student's earring is doing on the floor next to your bed when they get here.

Korbel: Of course, that's what this is about, isn't it? You and your little girlfriend-- you break up, so now you're looking for someone to target.

J.T.: I'm looking for Colleen! And no one has seen her since you were with her last night, huh? That's not a coincidence, Professor.

Korbel: You know, what is it with this town? Every time somebody goes missing for, like, five minutes, I get blamed. I'm sick of it!

J.T.: You ever think maybe it's because you deserve it?

Korbel: Maybe Colleen went shopping. Maybe she went to a movie maybe she just wanted to be left alone!

J.T.: Then why is her car still in your garage?!

Korbel: I have no clue. That's why I came home-- to find out if there was something that might explain it.

Colleen: Here. Have some of this. It'll make you feel better.

Jana: He thought... he thought you'd know about the inscription.

Colleen: Right.

Jana: So do you?

Colleen: It's, uh... it's an artifact from the Middle Ages. These people have been looking for it for a very long time.

Jana: What people?

Colleen: They're vicious, Jana. That's all I know. But my dad just found it in Europe.

Jana: What kind of artifact?

Colleen: It's a reliquary. It has an inscription on it, some kind of code.

Jana: Code?

Colleen:T anagrams. There are two Latin phrases and some extra letters.

Jana: What are the other letters?

Colleen: So far, we have "kutna." It's "k-u-t-n-a."

Jana: Kutna? I wonder what that means.

Colleen: Jana... Jana, when he comes back, we have to fight, just like you said.

Jana: I don't know if I can.

Colleen: No, you don't have a choice. When that guy comes back, he could have a real gun this time.

Jana: Why can't we just tell him what he wants to hear?

Colleen: No! No, no, no, no, we cannot tell him, because as soon as he and Adrian have what they want, you and I are dead. That's him! That's him! Please, do what you can! Please!

Man: Start talking.

Colleen: I don't know what you're talking about.

Man: The inscription!

Colleen: I said, I don't know.

Man: You wanna know for yourself how this feels?

Colleen: I have nothing to tell you.

Man: It's an electric current, set on high. The pain-- I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Colleen: If you use that on me, you won't get what you want.

Man: Then you can watch your friend here suffer.

Jana: No, please!

Colleen: No! Do not touch her!

Man: Start talking! You have five seconds. Four... three...

Jana: Okay, I'll tell you! Just let me go, please!

Man: You'll tell me what?

Jana: Everything. Everything about the inscription. She told me all you'll need to know.

Colleen: No, no, Jana, no, don't tell him!

Man: Finally, you're being smart.

Jana: Oh, God!

[The man takes Jana and leaves the room]

Colleen: No! No! No! No, no, no, no, no! No, Jana, please! Please don't tell him!

Michael: Okay, well, just take another look at it, William.

Gloria: Kevin, why don't you eat something?

Kevin: No, thanks.

Gloria: Honey, you can't go all day without something in your stomach.

Kevin: I can't eat. I don't wanna eat. I'm not gonna eat.

Gloria: All right. Then why don't you go lie down and take a nap for a little while?

Kevin: I don't wanna lie down and take a nap, okay? I don't wanna sleep. I don't wanna eat. I want Jana to be all right. Why doesn't anyone understand that?!

Lauren: Everyone in this room understands that. Oh, Kevin... I can't imagine how hard it must've been for you to see that blood.

Kevin: I just can't get that picture out of my head. You know, imagining what she may have gone through? No.

Michael: Kevin, we don't know that Jana's t coming back.

Kevin: Michael, come on. You saw all that blood, there's no chance. There's no way.

Daniel: Kev, Kev, just take it easy, man.

Lily: Yep don't imagine the worst.

Kevin: I feel like I'm going out of my mind, you know?

Michael: Look, when we didn't know where Summer or Phyllis or-- or Fenmore was, that was the worst kind of torture. But we just had to put it out of our mind. We have to focus. We have to focus.

Lauren: That's right. And it is so hard to do, but you've got to try to keep it together.

Daniel: And when my mom got kidnapped, I mean, I had to sit and I had to remind myself what a strong person she I and how she doesn't take crap from anyone. Jana's that same kind of person.

Lily: Yeah, she definitely is. Jana could be fine, like Michael said. We don't know what happened.

Gloria: That's right, Honey. You listen to Lily.

Michael: We're just trying to say is have a little faith.

Kevin: In what?

Lauren: In Jana. She's a survivor. You have to believe that she's gonna get through this.

Kevin: Excuse me.

Kevin: I'm going for a drive.

Daniel: Hey, do you want me to come with you?

Kay: I will do everything in my power to bring your son back to you. However long it takes, whatever it costs... you will see Phillip again. And you have my word-- you have my word that I will never give up until I've returned what I took from you.

Cane: That was just a little bit too close for comfort.

Amber: Oh, come on! You were great. You had that poor agent completely snowed.

Cane: Thank you for tipping me off.

Amber: Well, you know, once we got rolling, it was actually kind of fun.

Cane: Now I'm gonna have to find a way to thank you. Maybe I'll take you out to dinner tonight.

Amber: Well, what's stopping you?

Cane: My empty wallet. I'm, uh, saving every penny I have for my plane ticket back to Canberra.

Amber: You're leaving? I thought that you we gonna hang out for a while.

Cane: If I can find my mother before my visa expires, but, you know, who knows what shape she'll be in. I mean, think about it.

Amber: She can't be that old.

Cane: Yeah, but not many mothers give up their babies unless they're in dire straits, you know? I just wish... that when I find her, I can take care of her, you know?

Amber: That's really sweet.

Cane: I just don't think I'll have the opportunity.

Amber: You still might.

Cane: No. Immigration's hot on my trail. And at the rate I'm going, I don't see how I'll be able to stick around long enough to find her, so...

Amber: You know, last night... um, when I brought up marriage, I was just goofing round, you know? But, um... listening to you now... I mean... if we actually... did it, you'd be able to search all you want.

Cane: I know you just wanna marry me for my money.

Amber: Oh, yeah! Ramen noodles are my fave!

Cane: I know the real reason you want that ring on your finger.

Amber: Oh?

Cane: It is because you wanna get your hands on this sexy bod.

Amber: You're taking to the girl who went one hour without texting.

Cane: Oh, we're throwing down more gauntlets, eh? Okay. All right. I think then I should give you a sample of this bod. And lead you into temptation...

Amber: Forget it, Bud! Not before the wedding.

Cane: So you're really serious about this, huh?

Amber: You're the one with the problem. I'm just offering a way to fix it.

Cane: And I get a green card.

Amber: Yeah. You'll finally get to show me you're more than talk, Mr. Sexy bod.

J.T.: It doesn't look like she's been here since I left this note.

Korbel: When was that?

J.T.: Early this morning. Were you together then?

Korbel: No.

J.T.: Don't lie to me!

Korbel: Colleen and I were working last night. I went into the bathroom, I came out and she wasn't there. I just figured she went home.

J.T.: Well, obviously she didn't. Because no one's seen her.

Korbel: She didn't leave a note or... say good-bye. And I didn't think much of it at the time, but now you got me wondering. I just hope nothing's happened to her.

[Kevin gets in his car and Jana gets in the seat next to him]

Kevin: Michael, I've said I wanted to be alone. Jana?!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: We were married exactly eleven years ago.

Victoria: You know what? You always hide bend that.

Kevin: Jana is that really you!

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