Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/14/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/14/07 -- Canada; Thursday 2/15/07 -- U.S.A.


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Kevin: I knew something happened to her. Jana wouldn't just leave without telling me.

Gloria: William, are you sure the lab didn't make a mistake?

Will: I'm sorry, the results were conclusive. It's Jana's blood.

Lauren: What happened to her?

Will: We're not sure.

Kevin: Jana's blood was found by her coat near the lake. And what I don't get is why we're all standing around here talking about this now. We have to help her.

Michael: Was anyone with her?

Will: The police are still out there searching. The blood didn't trail anywhere.

Kevin: What? What does that mean?

Michael: Uh, someone could've carried her, Kevin.

Kevin: I told the police about this two days ago. Why can't anyone find her?

Will: They're doing everything they can.

Gloria: What about dogs? Can't they pick up her scent and follow her?

Will: With everything freezing and melting out there it's almost impossible to bring in dogs.

Kevin: Wait, wait, wait, so, all right, are you saying we won't find her?

Will: Not without a team of dogs.

Kevin: I don't get why it took two days to figure this out. The police should've been looking for her the whole time!

Will: Look, Kevin, I'm sorry, but people disappear all the time. They come back after they've had a few days to think things through. We have to follow standard operating procedure.

Kevin: If she's dead, her blood is on your hands.

Gloria: Kevin!

Kevin: Jana's life is so unimportant, it took a favor-- it took a favor for someone to care! You know what he said? You know what they said when they found all that blood? Before they knew it was Jana's?

[Kevin remembering]

Will: There was too much blood for anyone to have survived that.

Dru: Hey, Baby.

Neil: Look at you.

Dru: You like it?

Neil: Wow. I love it.

Dru: Thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Neil: Happy Valentine’s Day.

Dru: So... that was a lot of fun tonight, huh?

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Dru: Devon with a girl.

Neil: Yeah, I know. He was pretty smooth, wasn't he?

Dru: Mm-hmm. He's got such great taste. She was cute. She's kinda fine.

Neil: Yeah, not as fine as my beautiful wife.

Dru: Oh so you noticed.

Neil: How could I not notice? I'm about to spontaneously combust.

Dru: Oh, but, Baby, Baby, don't do that. Don't do that. We haven't made our toast yet.

Neil: Oh, yeah, our toast. Yeah, let's hear it. What you got?

Dru: May tomorrow...

Neil: Yeah...

Dru: Be as significant as tonight. To the future, Baby.

Neil: To the future.

Amber: I didn't order that.

Cane: I'm experimenting. You should try it.

Amber: What's in it?

Cane: Um, milk from a red-bellied black snake, crushed acacia leaves and distilled Baronia flowers. You don't want it?

Amber: Hold on. Hmm. Smells good.

Cane: I call it a "Choccy Croc." It's, uh, creme de menthe and chocolate liqueur.

Amber: Hmm. Mmm! Tastes like dessert! Thank you.

Cane: All I get is a thanks?

Amber: What else did you expect?

Cane: Maybe a snog behind the bar.

Amber: Snog? Is that like a pash?

Cane: Very good.

Amber: So you expect me to sell you a kiss for the price of a drink?

Cane: No, no, no, no, the drink is on the house. The kiss is to show me how much you appreciate me.

Cane: You are a full-out junkie, aren't you?

Amber: I am not!

Cane: You're hooked on that thing. I'm gonna bet you that you can't go five minutes without reading or sending a text.

Amber: Oh, please! Try me.

Cane: 30 minutes? 1 hour.

Amber: Sure, I could. Wait, hold on. Hold on a sec. Okay, okay, what were you saying?

Cane: All right, okay... if you can go one whole hour without reading or sending a text... I'll give you a double latte.

Amber: Ooh, big spender! What happens if I lose?

Cane: You come home with me.

Amber: So... kisses are the price of a drink. And you equate my worth with double latte?

Cane: I'll throw in a scone.

Amber: And a new car.

Cane: You don't think you can do it?

Amber: One hour without sending or receiving a text message?

Cane: Prove me wrong.

Amber: You're on. I'd like that back.

Cane: This is one bet that I'm not gonna lose.

Jill: I realize we're way overdue. We have to introduce a new palette of lip colors for the summer line. I am working on it. About two weeks. I want something to show Ji Min before the next board meeting. I will. Bye. I left home so I wouldn't have to see you.

Kay: There are some things that we have to talk about.

Jill: How did you know I was here?

Kay: I had a tracking device implanted in you while you were sleeping.

Jill: Stupid Esther. I told her to keep her mouth shut. Why doesn't she mind her own business?

Kay: As much as you want to blame Esther, none of this is her fault. Paul Williams has some news for us.

Jill: He's found Violet?

Kay: I'm not sure.

Jill: Well, what did he say?

Kay: Nothing yet. I just didn't want you to think that I was trying to hide any secrets.

Jill: So you came all the way over here with nothing to tell me?

Kay: Well, I wanted us both to be present when-- when he shares the news. Had you been home, we could've met with him earlier.

Jill: So now we're gonna have to wait until tomorrow?

Kay: Oh, Jill, for heaven's sakes--

Jill: I can't do that. I won't sleep all night. I'm calling him right now.

Kay: No, no, no, I saw your car parked outside. So I took the liberty of calling Paul. Paul is on his way.

Jill: And then you walked in here and decided to torture me?

Amber: You've got all the right moves.

Cane: Put on a show, get the good tips.

Amber: She'd give you more than a good tip if you asked.

Cane: I'm spoken for. I have plans for tonight.

Amber: Well, you know what they say-- "the best laid plans..."

Cane: And that's what I'm hoping for.

Amber: So... sticking around in Genoa City for a while? Or are you gonna go back to Aussieland before you find your mom?

Cane: I'm gonna hang out here for now--as long as I can.

Amber: Still worried about the visa problem?

Cane: What problem?

Amber: Look, I called an attorney and explained the situation. I didn't use names, but I wanted to see if there was anything else you could do.

Cane: What did he say?

Amber: She said get a degree in geophysics or get married to an American citizen.

Cane: I hadn't realized that you were that desperate to marry me.

Amber: Oh, if you begged, maybe. And... only in name and no conjugal rights.

Cane: Well, you know, we'd have to live together in case immigration would come and check us out. I mean, how do you think that you could resist me?

Amber: It would be a struggle.

Cane: You know, maybe I should, um... call that attorney. Maybe get a second opinion.

Amber: Not a bad idea. I will text you all her information.

Cane: I would appreciate that.

Amber: Okay. Oh! You almost had me! Almost!

Dru: Baby, make me a promise.

Neil: Is this the part where you lure me into a euphoric coma and make me promise things that I'll regret for the rest of my life?

Dru: Sweetie, I'm serious, okay? I want us to make each other a promise that we will never, ever have another disagreement in our entire lives.

Neil: Hold the phone now. How you gonna make me promise that when I'm married to the feistiest woman in the whole wide world?

Dru: Sweetie, come on, you know what you were walking into when you married me. Now, come on now. I can't help it if I'm feisty. It's just an opinion.

Neil: Well, my opinion... is that we fit well together and nothing's gonna change that.

Dru: That's right. And my favorite time of day is in the bedroom, but you gotta be in the bed with me.

Neil: I like that. Yeah, that's the part I like the most. Hey, Baby?

Dru: Yeah?

Neil: Why don't we make a pledge?

Dru: Okay. Okay, I got it, too. The moment we walk through our front door--

Neil: Yeah.

Dru: Okay, and we walk into this door-- into the boudoir--

Neil: Right.

Neil: Yeah, the bed is sacrosanct.

Dru: Right. Whatever that--exactly-- I agree. That's a good idea, Honey. That's a good idea. I love that! What was that?

Neil: What was what?

Dru: I just heard something in the lining room didn't you hear it?

Neil: No, I didn't hear anything.

Dru: Honey, go check it out.

Neil: All right, if it makes you happy.

Dru: Be careful.

Neil: I'm always careful. You wait right there. I'll be right back.

Man: When was the last time you saw Ms. Hawkes?

Kevin: Two nights ago. We had a drink together at Indigo before her shift at the coffeehouse.

Will: Anyone see you?

Kevin: The bartender.

Man: What did you talk about?

Kevin: We--we talked about stuff, I don't know. We talked about our relationship.

Will: You two have an argument? Maybe things got out of hand?

Kevin: No. No, we didn't fight, Mr. Bardwell. What, do you think that I hurt her? Is that why you're asking me these questions instead of looking for her?

Man: We question everyone, Mr. Fisher.

Gloria: I can't believe you're suggesting for one minute that Kevin had anything to do with Jana's appearance.

Michael: Do you know where you're headed with this, but I promise you, you're way off base.

Gloria: He has been trying to get the police to listen to him for days.

Kevin: Why would I beg the police to get involved if I had anything to do with it?

Will: Well it is no secret that you've committed violent acts before.

Michael: You're dealing with rumors now?

Lauren: That has nothing to do with this.

Kevin: I would never, ever hurt Jana.

Man: I'll call you back.

Will: Well, we have to consider all possibilities.

Kevin: Right. You know what? What I do to you now if you don't find her, will not compare to anything in the past, it's gonna be nothing compared to what I will do if she's not found!

Michael: All right, Kevin, please don't say anything.

Will: Will you give us permission to search your apartment

Michael: No.

Kevin: You know what you should do? You should talk to the last person to see Jana. That's who you should be interrogating.

Man: What's his name?

Kevin: His name is Adrian Korbel.

Korbel: The shower's all yours, Colleen!

Korbel: Colleen?

Dru: Honey, was anything out there?

Neil: Honey, everything is locked up tight. Nobody's out there.

Dru: Okay, but did you check all the closets?

Neil: No, I didn't. But I will, if it'll make you feel better.

Dru: Of course it'll make me feel better. Honey, please, please, just check anywhere somebody could hide.

Neil: While I'm checking, I want you to drink this.

Dru: I don't want any more champagne. I don't want anymore.

Neil: Take a little sip. Just a little bit. Come on, Honey. There you go. Mama, I'll be right back, okay?

Dru: Okay.

Neil: All right. I love you.

Dru: Okay. All right. Thank you, Honey.

Amber: Have you ever had that super expensive coffee from Hawaii?

Cane: Kona?

Amber: Yeah, it's like 30 bucks a pound. I think I'll have my latte with Kona.

Cane: Really? You lose.

Amber: No. I'm turning my phone off.

Cane: No. No, no, the phone stays on. That is the rule.

Amber: I didn't know you were a rules kind of guy.

Cane: Freeze, Blondie. The phone stays on the bar in plain sight.

Amber: Fine. Doesn't matter to me.

Cane: Really? You sure about that? 'Cause I think this is gonna be torture.

Amber: Not as much as having a piece of biscotti without a latte.

Cane: I have to go to the storeroom. Can I trust you with your phone?

Amber: I never cheat.

Cane: You gotta start somewhere.

Cane: Damn.

Amber: I thought you needed something from the storeroom.

Cane: Oh, we're out. I'll have to order it.

Paul: Well, looks like the party started without me.

Kay: Ah, thank you for meeting us.

Jill: Paul, I thought JT was handling this.

Paul: Uh, he is, but he got hung up on another case, so, uh, I'm pinch-hitting, unless, of course, you'd rather wait.

Jill: Oh, no, no, it's fine.

Kay: No, no, no, of course wouldn't. You know that. All right, now, uh, what have you found?

Paul: The person you remembered--

Kay: Yes, Violet-- Violet Montgomery.

Paul: Right. We tracked down someone with the same name.

Kay: You found her?!

Jill: Here in Genoa City?!

Paul: No, Arizona.

Jill: How do we get in touch with her?

Kay: Can we meet her?

Paul: I'm sorry, but, uh... she passed away two weeks after Phillip was born.

Michael: From a legal perspective I have to advise you against this search. They're on a fishing expedition.

Kevin: I don't care. Let 'em fish.

Michael: Kevin, they don't have a search warrant. They don't know what they're looking for. You could be opening yourself up to a great deal of trouble.

Kevin: Michael, I have nothing to hide.

Michael: All right, Kevin, if you won't listen to me, please consult with some attorney. I'll get Christine on the phone. She will tell you the exact same thing.

Kevin: No. No, I don't care about me. What if there's something in the apartment that can help the cops find Jana? Every second counts here.

Michael: Kevin, there is a better way to go about this.

Kevin: Michael, no, listen to me. Do you care about Jana?

Michael: Of course I do.

Kevin: Good. Well, then for a second, stop being a lawyer and just be my brother. She could be dying. I have to do everything that I can to help her. And if that includes letting the cops search my place, so be it. Finding her is the only thing that matters now.

Michael: Even if you may be a suspect?

Kevin: I haven't done anything wrong.

Michael: I know you haven't done anything wrong. I'm not the one who's gonna prosecute you.

Will: If you have nothing to hide, will you consent to a search of your apartment?

Michael: No.

Kevin: Yes. Yes. He are my keys.

Cane: What do we have here? It looks like you've got a message.

Amber: Hey, don't break it!

Cane: You know, I gotta give you credit. You've lasted a lot long than I thought you would.

Amber: I'm not the girl you think I am.

Cane: Look at this phone vibrating, hmm? Who do you think it is? Can you hear it? What's it saying? Read me! Read me! Who do you think this might uh, maybe it's a club owner. Maybe he's calling to offer you a job performing.

Amber: Could be my big break. You'd owe me millions.

Cane: It could be an old flame who's calling and broke your heart and wants you back.

Amber: They all want me back.

Cane: The anticipation must be killing you. I bet that your palms are sweaty.

Amber: Not even close.

Cane: Let me see.

Cane: Hmm... I feel a little dampness.

Amber: Oh! My hands are fine.

Cane: I bet your heart's beating fast.

Amber: If you like your fingers attached to the rest of you, I wouldn't do that.

Cane: I think I should read this. It could be important. Amber... you've been a naughty girl.

Amber: It's probably my minister telling me what to bring to the church potluck.

Cane: No, no, no, this is definitely not your minister, I can tell you that. Do you wanna know what it says?

Kay: Esther, if the dentist said to ice it, continue icing it.

Paul: All right, here, I'll trade you. Thanks.

Kay: Please, I want you to stop being a mother hen to me.

Paul: Hang on a sec.

Kay: Because I will personally remove that tooth!

Paul: There you go. Thanks.

Kay: The hard way. All right. Just ice it!

Paul: Okay. All right, once JT tracked down Violet to Arizona, I hired someone to dig through all the microfiche. And, uh, they found her obituary. They faxed it to the office.

Kay: Oh, my God, that's her!

Paul: I thought you would wanna see it right away.

Kay: That's her! That's the woman-- that the woman I gave Jill's baby to!

Man: All right, we'll meet you down there.

Jana's voice: This is Jana. You've reached my voice mail. I'm either diving for pearls off the coast of Ceylon or I could be taking a hot soak. Leave one!

Man: Yeah, okay. He's here with me. Forensics just pulled up.

Kevin: I'm coming with you.

Will: No, you stay here.

Michael: As Kevin's attorney I'm witnessing this search.

Will: Let's go.

Michael: All right.

Kevin: If I were Victor Newman, they would've been searching for her before she went missing.

Gloria: William has pulled a lot of strings for us, Kevin.

Kevin: Yeah, well, we lost a whole day because nobody would take me seriously.

Lauren: It's not an excuse, but everyone was so caught up in the Sheila situation.

Kevin: No, I know. I know. It's not your fault. I just don't know what to do.

Lauren: You have to stay positive.

Kevin: Yeah, but... it's really hard when all the evidence is pointing elsewhere.

Gloria: Couldn't they trace Jana through her cell phone?

Kevin: No. Her phone's not turned on and I can't trace it without a signal.

Gloria: Well, maybe they'll find something in the apartment.

Lauren: Waiting's the hardest part. I mean, trust me, I know how helpless you feel.

Gloria: What about that professor you were talking about earlier? Maybe they'll interrogate him and get some answers.

Kevin: Well, they should. He and Jana had a fight right before she disappeared.

Lauren: Do you think he could've done something?

Kevin: Yes. Without a doubt.

Jill: What kind of a woman meets someone in a bar and takes a baby, no questions asked?

Kay: I'm not sure that's the way it happened.

Paul: But this-- this is Violet? This is the woman you remember?

Kay: Positive. Positive.

Jill: And what about the baby that I raised? Was she his birth mother?

Kay: I don't know. I don't remember. I've told you, that's all a blur.

Jill: Okay... "Violet Montgomery, a flight attendant, died Tuesday due to complications with pneumonia. Violet was the widow of Kenneth Montgomery. She is survived by an elder brother, whose whereabouts are unknown."

Kay: Is there any mention of--of, uh, of the baby?

Jill: No.

Kay: Well, Genoa City?

Jill: No, nothing. What have you done with my son?

Kay: It's a dead end, isn't it?

Paul: No, not at all. You've identified the photograph. Now we know who this woman is.

Jill: I cannot believe that you gave my child to a perfect stranger!

Kay: What next?

Paul: Well, we try and find someone who knew her. JT and I will search for neighbors, friends, co-workers, relatives...

Jill: Relative.

Paul: Jill, it only takes one person to make a connection.

Amber: 40 more seconds and this'll be the best latte I have ever had! Oh, wait, wait, 35... 34...

Cane: It's not too late. You still have a chance to come home with me.

Amber: Oh, can't that be my parting prize for winning?

Cane: No, if you win, you don't get to come over no matter how much you beg.

Amber: 22 more seconds and its official! You are the loser!

Cane: I lose, we both lose.

Amber: Oh, how is it that you don't tip over with your head swelled that big? Wait, 13... 13 more seconds and I get to find out who texted me!

Cane: You're gonna look back on this and kick yourself.

Amber: 9... 8... 7...

Cane: Passing up on a night of pure bliss.

Amber: 6... 5... 4...

Cane: Time is up.

Amber: 3... 2... and... beep--beep--beep. Let's see who texted me! "You are smokin' hot." It was you the whole time?

Cane: Come here.

Amber: I thought you wanted to punish me for winning.

Cane: I changed my mind.

Amber: I didn't. I want that latte now and I want it before it gets cold.

Neil: Hey, Honey, I brought you some more—

Gloria: William won't let the police stop looking till they find her.

Kevin: You don't understand how important Jana is to me.

Lauren: Of course we do.

Kevin: She gets me, you know? She understands, you know, that all that other stuff was, uh... not me. She's the only girl I ever met who wanted to stay up with me and watch the entire "Twilight Zone" marathon. Did I ever tell you I came home this one time, she had filled the bathtub with sand, right? We put on our bathing suits and we had picnic at the beach.

Gloria: She's an amazing girl, Kevin.

Lauren: Don't you give up hope.

Kevin: Mm-hmm. I love her so much.

Lauren: Oh, Kevin... I'm so sorry.

Kevin: Did you find anything?

Michael: Nothing significant.

Will: Ms. Hawkes has some intriguing interests. I noticed she has quite a few books on serial killers.

Gloria: Well, she's a little quirky, but that's part of her charm.

Will: Uh-huh. What can you tell me about her scrapbook?

Kevin: What, the one on Carmen Mesta's murder?

Will: Yeah, that's the one.

Kevin: What? She reads the paper every day. And she collects articles or information about Carmen's murder and puts it in that book.

Will: She tell you why?

Kevin: Yeah, it's a hobby. What, I like to read about cars and she likes to read about murders.

Will: Mm-hmm. Has anyone else seen this book?

Kevin: Uh, yeah, yeah, she's brought it into work a couple of times.

Lauren: Jana loved to talk about Carmen's murder. I mean, she had all these theories.

Michael: Yeah. She was fascinated. She was always asking me questions.

Will: Well, I'm gonna keep her book.

Kevin: Okay.

Will: Your keys.

Kevin: Is that it?

Will: Yeah, for now. I'll be in touch.

Gloria: Do you think Jana found a clue to Carmen's murder?

Kevin: No. No, most of the stuff in that scrapbook just came from the newspaper. So, did the police find anything that could be helpful?

Michael: Oh. I don't think so. And without anything to go on, it's gonna-- it'll be rough.

Paul: Here you go, Katherine.

Kay: Thank you.

Jill: Paul... I realize that you're trying to keep our spirits up, but Violet Montgomery died a long, long time ago. What if nobody remembers her?

Kay: Where's Sylvia Browne when we need her the most.

Paul: Well, I'm hoping we can locate Violet's brother. Maybe he will know what happened to the baby.

Jill: For all we know, he could've been drowned in the Ganges or gored by a bull in Pamplona.

Paul: You know, I'm telling you, Jill, I have worked on much tougher cases than this.

Kay: Paul, Paul, Paul, this is a 2-parter. We need to know where the Phillip we raised-- we raised-- came from.

Jill: One abomination at a time.

Amber: That was really sweet of Ralph to close up for you tonight.

Cane: Oh, you know, I told him you were trying to weasel a free biscotti out of the deal, so, uh, he understood.

Amber: Wait, weasel? You think I'm trying to get something out of you I don't deserve?

Cane: What, you think you deserve a biscotti?

Amber: I deserve a dessert tray. You tried to trick me.

Cane: Double latte, please.

Amber: And one chocolate biscotti.

Woman: Anything else?

Amber: Hey, um, what happened to Jana?

Woman: Who knows? Nobody's seen her in days.

Korbel: I'm not home.

Will: Professor Korbel.

Korbel: Mr. Bardwell. I assume this isn't about the woman upstairs who blares her music all night? Oh.

Man: Where were you this evening?

Korbel: I was out for a run.

Will: Kinda late for a run, isn't it?

Korbel: Yeah, well, I... I keep a crazy schedule. I get it in when I can. What's this about?

Will: We'd like to talk to you about Jana Hawkes.

Korbel: The girl from the coffee shop?

Man: You were the last person seen with her before she disappeared. And you were arguing.

Korbel: Wait... what? She disappeared?

Man: We'd like to know what you were arguing about.

Korbel: Well, I'll be happy to tell you whatever I know. It isn't much.

Will: Well, why don't you let us be the judge of that?

Korbel: All right. Come on in.

Korbel: Sorry about the mess. I'm not much of a housekeeper.

Lauren: Thank you very much.

Michael: Yeah, thanks.

Lauren: I'll go get plates.

Gloria: You want me to fix you something?

Kevin: No, I can't eat.

Gloria: And you haven't eaten all day.

Kevin: Mom, how am I supposed to eat? Jana could be lying out there somewhere barely alive--

Gloria: And getting yourself all worked up isn't gonna help her.

Kevin: You're right. You're right. I have to do something.

Michael: Where are you going?

Kevin: I think that the professor knows more than he's letting on. And I'm gonna find out what it is.

Michael: Kevin, you are not gonna help Jana by confronting Korbel.

Kevin: Yeah, but I might be able to find out where she is.

Michael: Say he is involved. Why would he tell you?

Kevin: Because--

Michael: Think about it!

Kevin: Because, Michael, I'm gonna make him tell me.

Woman: Coffee's coming up.

Amber: Thanks. Mmm!

Cane: What makes you think that's for you?

Amber: Oh... wait a second, I see some of my friends over there. I'll be right back in a sec.

Cane: You ditching me?

Amber: Never. Or not right now at least. I'm getting a free coffee, remember? Hello, Mrs. Chancellor, Mrs. Abbott.

Kay: Amber.

Jill: Hello.

Amber: You look really familiar, uh, Amber Moore.

Paul: Paul Williams. Nice to meet you.

Amber: Oh, yeah, you work with JT, don't you?

Paul: Well, see, there, I'm famous.

Amber: Yeah, he told me all about what you guys do. It sounds very exciting.

Paul: Then there's the other 98%.

Paul: Uh, excuse me, ladies, I should take this. I'll be right back.

Amber: Okay.

Paul: Paul Williams.

Amber: You know, I was just thinking about you today, Mrs. Chancellor.

Kay: Really?

Amber: Yeah, um, we just got the spring collection in to the store. And there's some things in there that'd just look fabulous on you. I think you should really, um... come into the store.

Adrian, that guy in the chat room sent me a message! "My adopted mother's name is Violet Montgomery." Um, Jana was just shopping in the store the other day. It's kinda creepy how she just disappeared, huh?

Jill: Is there any news on her?

Kay: That lovely girl that Billy brought to my home?

Amber: Mm-hmm. Yeah, the last time anyone saw her was a few nights ago here. Um, she--she kinda strikes me as the type that might just take off, you know? But not without saying anything to anyone, especially Kevin. So, uh, he had these flyers made up. Actually, you know, I think you guys should just take a few and just maybe pass 'em out?

Kay: All right.

Cane: Excuse me, ladies. One double latte... and we're square.

Amber: Square as can be.

Dru: Carmen! Oh, my God! Neil! Neil!

Neil: What is it? What?!

Dru: She was just there!

Dru: She just ran through the room! She was just there!

Neil: No, no, Honey, Honey!

Dru: Neil, it was her!

Neil: It was a bad dream, Dru.

Dru: It was no dream. Carmen's in our bedroom!

Neil: Stop!

Dru: It was her! It was her!

Michael: Let the police handle it.

Kevin: Move.

Michael: No. No, Kevin, I know how desperate you feel!

Kevin: You have no idea how I feel!

Michael: I felt the same way when I thought I'd lost Lauren!

Kevin: Get off me.

Michael: I couldn't think straight. I was crazy just like you are now!

Kevin: Get off me!

Michael: Now trust me, just go back inside. Go back inside.

Kevin: Get off me.

Michael: What are you gonna do, Kevin? What are you gonna do? You gonna hit the man?

Kevin: I'm gonna make Korbel tell me the truth.

Michael: No, the best thing you're gonna accomplish here if you go over there is to get yourself arrest. You won't be able to do anything for Jana! Is that what you want? Is it?!

Kevin: Get off me.

Gloria: What do you think happened to Jana?

Lauren: I don't know. You think she's still alive?

Lauren: I hope so. Are you okay?

Kevin: Everyone just leave me alone.

Michael: Kevin...

Korbel: I knew, uh, Jana from the coffeehouse. And she and I had worked together briefly on an art benefit that Victoria Newman was putting together.

Man: You have no idea why or how she disappeared?

Korbel: Why would I? I barely knew the girl.

Will: Well you were seen with her at Crimson Lights.

Korbel: Jana was spreading false accusations about me.

Man: What sort of accusations?

Korbel: She implied I killed a student who committed suicide.

Will: Why would she accuse you?

Korbel: I don't know. You'll have to ask her. But I was the one who found the body and the coroner unequivocally ruled it a suicide. She must've gotten wind of this and decided to fabricate a story.

Will: Mmm. And you confronted her at the coffeehouse?

Korbel: I calmly asked her why she was spreading the accusations, but after she didn't answer, I grew a little intense, yeah. I left after a minute or two when I wasn't getting anywhere.

Will: Mmm. Anyone see you leave?

Korbel: I don't know. I suppose. I didn't realize anyone saw us arguing. I left her on the patio.

Man: Where'd you go after that?

Korbel: Home. To do work.

Man: Did anybody see you?

Korbel: You know, I don't recall running into any of my neighbors, but it's possible someone could've seen me, yeah.

Will: You mind if we have a look around?

Korbel: Actually, I do. Unless you have a search warrant.

Man: Not at this time.

Korbel: Well, I've answered all your question. And I have some work to do, so I'd like you to leave.

Will: We may be in touch.

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Gloria: Poor Jana. What if we never find out what really happened to her?

Kay: The brother we were looking for has been found.

Jill: Where?!

Kevin: I came here to beat the crap out of you for hurting Jana.

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