Y&R Transcript Monday 2/12/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/12/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 2/13/07 -- USA


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Phyllis: Hey.

Victoria: Oh, look who's here! It's my gorgeous niece and her entourage.

Brad: I'm a little surprised to see you three out and about.

Nick: Well, Summer wanted to show off her new Valentine's Day outfit.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Victoria: Oh.

Phyllis: And, uh, I-I wanted, uh, to do some work.

Victoria: Are you sure?

Nick: Well, I tried to insist that we stay home, but she had my jacket on and kicked me out of the door before I could suggest it.

Phyllis: It-- no, it wasn't like that. Listen, why should I sit around at home? I mean, that would be like letting... that freak win. What? What's going on? What was that?

Victoria: Well...

Nick: It's just, uh, you know, secret brother and sister language. And we're currently not taking any new members at this time.

Victoria: You can't blame us for worrying about you, Phyllis.

Brad: I'm sure Jack wouldn't mind if you took a few days off.

Phyllis: I don't need a few days off. Thanks. And that's why I'm here. I just wanna thank Jack in person after what he did for NVP.

[Nikki reads the headline in the paper about Senator Bodi fall from office]

Nikki: Well... that's about the best Valentine’s Day gift I could've hoped for.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Isn't that something? Now does that mean that I should cancel the plans I've made for us to celebrate?

Nikki: Oh, no, no, no, no, now let's not be hasty. I fully expect to be swept off my feet in typical Victor Newman fashion.

Victor: You do, Baby? Am I that predictable?

Nikki: Well, yes, my Darling, you are. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: But we do have a work day to get through.

Victor: This is very interesting.

Nikki: Oh, God, Jack is certainly going to be full of himself more than usual.

Victor: And I want him to enjoy his moment of glory.

Nikki: Yeah. All right, I guess we can all enjoy it.

Victor: Mm-hmm. So should we keep our plans? Or don't you want me to compete against Jack Abbott?

Nikki: Oh, why not? You always win.

Jack: Well, I appreciate that. I just did what any good citizen would do.

Sharon: Well, there's the man of the hour.

Jack: Oh, come on, stop.

Sharon: No, I'm proud of you.

Jack: Well, everybody keeps congratulating me it's really no big deal.

Phyllis: Hey. Hi. Hey, Summer, say hi to your uncle Jack. If she was awake, she would definitely say hi.

Jack: I am just so glad you're all right.

[Jack hugs Phyllis, Sharon doesn’t like it at all]

Lauren: Excuse me, Nurse? My brother-in-law's girlfriend is missing. I checked yesterday, but I was wondering, has a young woman been brought in since then?

Woman: What's her name?

Lauren: Jana Hawkes. H-a-w-k-e-s.

Kevin: This is Jana’s coat.

Michael: It was found on a jogging path not far from the lake.

Kevin: Now... will you please go out and look for my girlfriend?

Man: Well, you have to file a missing persons report after 48 hours.

Gloria: We know that, 48 hours. Then what?

Man: We'll do what we can, Ma'am.

Michael: Meaning, it gets tossed in the stack of others like it to be forgotten.

Man: Folks, I know you're worried.

Kevin: She wouldn't just take off without telling me.

Man: She hasn't been gone that long. There's no indication of foul play.

Gloria: What about the coat?

Man: Maybe she lost it.

Michael: It's February in Wisconsin. If you go walking along the lake, you keep the coat on.

Man: It's in good condition, though. No sign that anything violent occurred.

Kevin: That doesn't mean that she doesn't need help.

Man: Perhaps... she gave it away.

Kevin: What? Why would she give it away? Who gives-- she loves that coat.

Man: If she didn't want to be found, if she knew people were looking for her and might recognize it.

Kevin: No, no, no, listen, something has happened to her, okay? Please, please, just listen to me!

Man: Mr. Fisher, I sympathize with what you're going through. I do. But I've got an excess of priority cases that just won't justify--

Kevin: Okay, so you're saying that-- that this isn't gonna be high priority until Jana’s dead body is found.

Victoria: No, Bronson. No, that doesn't work for me.

Brad: Get this to R&D, will you? Thank you.

Victoria: I need those figures by Friday at the latest. The sales figures for Newman's first quarter still haven't been put together yet.

Brad: Bronson's wife just had a baby. Go easy on him.

Victoria: I don't care if Bronson’s wife had quadruplets. Those figures are important, Brad.

Brad: We can't take our frustrations out on the employees.

Victoria: I know. It's just--I'm sorry-- it's just driving me crazy... wondering how long those people were listening to our every word.

Brad: Well, the good news is, we found the device before they got everything they were looking for.

Victoria: How do we know the office isn't bugged?

Brad: Sweetheart, I told you. Everything's been gone over with a fine tooth comb. Both places. Find anymore anagrams?

Victoria: No, no, and the longer that I look at these letters, the less sense they make.

Brad: Well, we can't give up.

Victoria: Tell me the truth. Are we gonna be okay?

Brad: We're gonna be okay. We just need to decipher the code before they do.

Colleen: What are you doing?

Korbel: Hey, Colleen, I wasn't expecting you until this afternoon. Check out the progress I've made.

Colleen: Uh, you know, uh, please, stop. You shouldn't be working on that.

Korbel: What do you mean I shouldn't be working on it?

Colleen: You already solved it.

Korbel: Yeah, but I-- I can't help thinking that-- that the extra letters mean something.

Colleen: Don't you have real work to do?

Korbel: You mean like, uh, teaching class? Grading papers? That sort of thing?

Colleen: That is what they pay you for.

Korbel: Well, I trust you to, uh, keep my secret.

Colleen: You know, you should relax every now and then.

Korbel: Okay, well, at the risk of outing myself as a nerd... this is relaxing. There's something about a challenge that just gets me in the zone, you know? I experience a clarity that I don't normally have.

Colleen: And to think we had so much in common.

Korbel: I thought about giving it to my phd students to try to figure out for extra credit, but, uh... if they got it before I did, I'd never live it down.

Colleen: Well, since you've already done so much work, what have you figured out?

Korbel: Well, I ran the extra letters through a, uh, Latin anagram program. Nothing.

Colleen: Then what?

Korbel: And then I-- I took the letters and tried to see if I could spell something in French, Italian, Spanish. Again, nothing.

Colleen: So you're giving up?

Korbel: Oh, you don't know me very well at all, do you?

Colleen: What's next?

Korbel: Plain old English. So far all I've come up with is "Koran" and "Utah." Oh, and "Okra" and "Haunt." And I may be going out on a limb here, but I don't think okra is the key to the mystery.

Colleen: No.

Victoria: I wish I never even heard of an anagram.

Brad: It's hard enough in English, but German?

Victoria: You know, we haven't found anything that makes any sense whatsoever.

Brad: Hey, Honey, I didn't realize how late it was. I've gotta get to a meeting.

Victoria: Oh, wait, hey... uh--uh, you wanna grab lunch?

Brad: You know, I would love to, but I really wanna track down Colleen. I don't like the way we left things.

Victoria: There's really no point in lecturing her anymore.

Brad: I wish I didn't have to. She should understand why she needs to keep her distance from Korbel.

Victoria: She's in love, Brad. She doesn't see him the same way the rest of us do.

Brad: Look, its bad enough that she's spending time with him. But to show him the inscription was foolish.

Victoria: Let's just hope you finally got through to her.

Brad: Yeah. Uh, if you should speak to her before I do, don't tell her what we've been working on. We can't trust she'll keep her mouth closed.

Jack: Well, I would be happy to do an interview. Uh, could I check my schedule and get back to you? You're too kind. Thank you, I'm flattered.

Victor: I bet you the news stations are fighting over you.

Jack: I'm telling you, I could do interviews for the next week.

Victor: You know what fascinates people, you know that, don't you? An ordinary guy like you pitting himself against government corruption.

Jack: He had it coming. Senator Bodi got exactly what he deserved.

Victor: Isn't that the truth?

Jack: You didn't think I could pull it off, did you?

Victor: Jack, I knew you would pull it off. If anyone could, you could. You did the state of Wisconsin a great service.

Jack: Well, thank you. That's, uh, quite a compliment coming from you.

Victor: I'm just glad that Bodi resigned so quickly.

Jack: Well, he didn't have much choice. We had him on tape.

Victor: That's right. You know what this means, don't you?

Victor: There's now an empty seat in the senate of the state of Wisconsin... for someone like you, Jack.

Lauren: Hey. Thanks. Are you up for a visit?

Sullivan: Oh, yes, I am. These magazines are older than I am.

Lauren: I'm Lauren.

Sullivan: No, I recognize you.

Lauren: You do?

Sullivan: Yeah, the paper did a, uh, write up a while back about Fenmore’s. Can I--can I see?

Lauren: Oh, yeah, sure! There he is.

Sullivan: Oh... oh, he's beautiful.

Lauren: Thank you.

Sullivan: I'm really glad that everything worked out for you, Lauren.

Lauren: I'm not sure everything did. Do you mind?

Sullivan: Please.

Lauren: Thanks. I'm just really sorry you got sucked into this.

Sullivan: It was my own fault.

Lauren: I know you covered for Paul and Michael and me. And, um... it couldn't have been easy.

Sullivan: Oh... Lauren, I didn't cover. I'm a "by the rules" kind of gal. Guess that's why I became a cop. Bottom line is, Sheila’s dead. Now you can have some peace. Right?

Lauren: I'm just not sure that's gonna be possible just yet.

Gloria: I've talked to every hospital in Milwaukee and Chicago and nothing.

Michael: Yeah, are you sure?

Kevin: I'm not having any luck either.

Gloria: And no more responses from the online bulletin?

Michael: Okay, just let me know the minute you hear anything, all right?

Kevin: All the people in this town, you'd think someone would've seen something. Was that Paul?

Michael: Yes. Jana hasn't used her credit card or an A.T.M. since she's been missing.

Kevin: People don't just vanish!

Gloria: Then we keep looking, Sweetie.

Kevin: We need help. The police are acting like this is no big deal.

(Telephone ringing)

Kevin: Hello?

Lauren: Hi, it's Lauren. I'm at the hospital visiting Sullivan. Listen, a nurse just told me that a woman matching Jana’s description just was brought in to the I.C.U. a few minutes ago.

Kevin: Okay, I'm on my way.

Michael: Is it Jana?

Kevin: Maybe.

Michael: Well, hold on, I'm coming!

Colleen: I can't believe how many words there are in the Nordic languages.

Korbel: Yeah, words with no answers. You know... I know you didn't wanna tell me where this came from...

Colleen: So why are you bringing it up?

Korbel: Because it would be a lot easier to figure out if I had some context to put it in. I said it before, and I meant it, you can tell me anything, Colleen.

Colleen: There's nothing left to tell.

Korbel: Okay, then. All right... now there are a lot of "plosives" here.

Colleen: Plosives?

Korbel: Consonants formed by, uh, stopping air in the vocal tract-- like, "p," "b," "T."

Colleen: You mean, hard consonants?

Korbel: Right. It's consistent with Germanic languages.

Colleen: So you wanna try German next?

Korbel: Give the pretty lady a gold star.

Victor: That's German, isn't it?

Victoria: Yes. I've tried so many combinations I've lost count.

Brad: Any progress?

Victor: We seem to be at a dead end.

Rebecca: We've looked for anagrams in every language imaginable.

Victor: I thought perhaps we should go back to the beginning.

Victoria: I don't understand.

Victor: Well, these are the extra letters in the order in which they appear on the inscription.

Brad: What's your point?

Victor: The point is, just because the first part's an anagram, doesn't mean that we have to... look for a solution here.

Brad: Kutna Hora?

Victor: That's a town in the Czech Republic.

Rebecca: I was there. Briefly. It was a transit stop for European en route to Auschwitz.

Victoria: But if the letters in the first word were in the proper order, why not the second?

Brad: "Grab." Does that mean anything to you, Mom?

Rebecca: You mean, (German accent) grab. (Normal voice) loosely translated, it means grave or sepulcher in German.

Victoria: Okay, so now we have two clues.

Brad: And another question.

Victoria: What's so important about a grave in a Czech Republic town?

Victor: We're gonna have to find out, won't we?

David: Sharon, hello.

Sharon: Hello.

David: It's been a while.

Sharon: Yes. Since the trial was postponed, I believe. I remember the look of surprise on your face.

David: Well, I certainly understand why they set it back. It must've been a terrifying thing to have to happen to his wife and child.

Sharon: Yeah. Well, everyone's home safe, thank God.

David: Right. Well, it's nice to know that some stories have happy endings. Gotta run.

Sharon: Oh!

Nick: You got a real strong grip. Look at that. Nice! Oh, hey.

Sharon: Hey. How's your little one?

Nick: Totally unfazed. Sleeping through the night.

Sharon: Oh, that's great. Yeah, and Phyllis seems in good spirits.

Nick: I think it's partly an act.

Sharon: Well, she seemed, um, pretty emotional when she saw Jack.

Nick: Yeah. So, uh, I wanted to thank you for letting Noah spend time with us.

Sharon: Oh, that's-- that's what he needed. You know, he was devastated when he found out about Phyllis and Summer.

Nick: So you got any big Valentine’s Day plans?

Sharon: Yeah, yeah, I have plans with Jack.

Jack: You should've seen the look on senator bodi's face when the feds showed up. It was priceless.

Nikki: I'd tell you how wonderful you were, but you're probably sick of hearing it.

Jack: Oh, what the heck? I could hear it again.

Phyllis: Were you nervous wearing a wire?

Jack: Not really. I always hated bullies. I don't think people like Senator Bodi should be able to get away with this stuff.

Nikki: It sends a powerful message.

Phyllis: Here I was, thinking that you were working on him to get the variance that we needed for the spas.

Jack: Well, I was, only in a more productive way.

Nikki: Hey, maybe that means we won't have as many roadblocks with the zoning commission.

Jack: Well, it's not a done deal yet, but, uh, I'd say we're close.

Phyllis: Well, I'm proud of you, Jack.

Lauren: So what else do you think that we can be doing to help find Jana?

Sullivan: Oh, Lauren, I don't know, I... I know how frustrating police procedure can be.

Lauren: Kevin is going out of his mind wondering what happened.

Sullivan: Well, if I wasn't out of commission, I'd be out searching for her myself.

Kevin: Hello? Hi, uh, I'm Kevin Fisher. And, uh, we were told that a young woman was just brought in who I think might be my girlfriend.

Woman: Oh, yes, our Jane Doe.

Michael: Can we see her?

Woman: The doctors are anxious to find out who she is.

Kevin: Is she gonna be okay?

Woman: She was found unconscious in critical condition. I have to warn you, she's badly beaten.

Michael: Why don't you let me do this?

Kevin: No, no, this is something that I have to do. Okay.

Michael: If there's anything you need to make you feel more comfortable, you let us know.

Sullivan: Oh, my wish is your command, huh?

Michael: You better believe it. Excuse me.

[Kevin calls his Mom]

Kevin: No. No, no, Mom, it wasn't Jana. Yeah, I know, it means that she could still be out there. It means that she could--

Gloria: You know, just don't even think that way, Kevin.

Kevin: I don't know what else to do, Mom! I can't just sit around here and wait.

Gloria: You know something, Sweetie? I've got an idea. I will get back to you.

Kevin: Wait, Mom—

Nick: What do you think about that? Yeah, me, too.

Nikki: Teaching baby early, huh?

Nick: Hey.

Nikki: Hey. I have to say, I'm a little worried about you.

Nick: Me, why?

Nikki: Well, Phyllis and Summer weren't the only ones traumatized by what happened. You've been spending all of your energy taking care of them. Who's taking care of you?

Nick: Mom, I'm--I'm cool, really.

Nikki: Yeah. I just wanna say that... if you wanna talk, I'm here.

Nick: I appreciate it, but I'm handling it.

Nikki: Men don't always have to be strong, you know? I've spent years trying to teach your father that.

Nick: Well, I'll admit it. I don’t... ever want Summer and Phyllis out of my sight again. Actually, where is my wife?

Nikki: We just finished a meeting. She stayed to talk to Jack.

Jack: I gotta tell you, I was an absolute wreck when I heard that you and the baby had been kidnapped.

Phyllis: Oh. Yeah. You know, when I was, uh, a little girl, I used to wish I had a twin sister. Not anymore.

Jack: I don't get it.

Phyllis: Get what?

Jack: How you can joke about something like this?

Phyllis: Oh... I'm okay here. It's at home I have the problem, seeing Sheila holding my daughter. I don't wanna talk about this, okay? Let's just work. Let's just focus.

Jack: You--you--you got it. We've got plenty of work ahead of us getting luxury resort up and running.

Phyllis: That's right. Good, I knew I could count on you.

Sharon: Well... Phyllis, great to have you back.

Phyllis: Thank you. All right, uh... have a safe trip.

Jack: I was gonna give you a call. Uh, my testimony at Bodi’s trial-- they have moved it up.

Sharon: Oh, oh, so, uh, you're leaving today?

Jack: So I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cancel our plans for tonight. I will make it up to you. Ten fold.

Sharon: Oh, I'm--I'm sure you will.

Korbel: (Sighs) Maybe we're trying too hard.

Colleen: How so?

Korbel: I found that sometimes the correct answer is the most obvious one.

Colleen: Okay.

Korbel: All right, we take out... the letters from the anagram-- quid est veritas-- what are we left with?

Colleen: A bunch of what appears to be random letters.

Korbel: Or, are they? My God, it's been staring me in the face this entire time.

Colleen: What do you see?

Korbel: Kutna Hora.

Colleen: What's that?

Korbel: Not what, Colleen, where. It's a town in the Czech Republic.

Colleen: Wait, how do you know about this place?

Korbel: My parents are from the Czech Republic. It used to be Czechoslovakia, remember?

Colleen: Okay, well, if Kutna Hora is right, then that takes care of the first word, but what about the second?

Korbel: That's a good question.

Colleen: What are you doing?

Korbel: Typing the second set of letters into a Czech anagram program.

Colleen: Hey, you're really good at this stuff.

Korbel: Usually. I gotta tell you, I don't think I've run across a puzzle this difficult in, uh, maybe never.

Colleen: Foiled again?

Korbel: This isn't doing much for my ego.

Victoria: What better place to hide something valuable than a tomb or a grave?

Rebecca: It could be the final resting place of someone related to the commandant.

Victoria: Or the grave could hold another clue.

Victor: Exactly. Leading us another mystery.

Brad: What do you remember about Kutna Hora, Mother?

Rebecca: Oh... only, um... bits and pieces of memories I've tried to shut out for years.

Victor: You know, Rebecca, I know this is painful, but anything might help.

Rebecca: I remember one old man. He was struggling to carry his luggage off the train and he dropped it and the contents spilled out. It held silver services that had been pounded into little twisted pieces of metal. Easier to hide.

Victor: And the guards confiscated it?

Rebecca: Then shot the man. When I arrived at Auschwitz, I learned that the prisoners were used to sort gold and silver taken from all over Europe.

Brad: Well, if Kutna Hora was a transit stop, they could've hidden valuable artifacts that were stolen from across Europe there.

Victor: They were hiding artifact and valuables everywhere-- in Swiss banks and caves and... walls of old buildings-- everywhere.

Victoria: Or in a graveyard in Kutna Hora.

Victor: But obviously this is something important enough to wanna kill. Between my two phone bills, it's probably about $60 a month.

Victor: Hi, my Sweetheart!

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: I've been looking for you. We had a breakthrough.

Nikki: What, the inscription?

Victor: I'll fill you in over dinner. How was your meeting with Jack?

Nikki: Oh, he's just never gonna be my favorite person, but he is paving the way for N.V.P.'s success.

Victor: Uh-huh. I had an interesting meeting with him as well.

Nikki: About what?

Victor: Let's just say I prepared him for the next phase of his looming political career.

David: Mr. Abbott?

Jack: Oh, its Chow, isn't it?

David: Yes, yes, David Chow. I've been meaning to introduce myself.

Jack: Yeah, I understand you transferred over from Granville Global.

David: That's right. I'm the new liaison. Also, I was very happy to hear that you got Bodi to resign.

Jack: Oh, you talk like you know him.

David: Unfortunately, I do. I was a freelance political advisor. I ran his opponent's last campaign. It was a real shame we lost. My guy was a man of honor. He would've worked real hard to reform the system.

Jack: Yeah, I remember that race. Bodi won by quite a margin.

David: Yes, he did. It was a terrible disappointment. Soon after, I got out of politics.

Jack: And into the private sector.

David: Well, they both have their rewards, to be sure. I won't keep you any longer.

Jack: Listen, if you ever have some free time, I'd love to hear more about your adventures on the campaign trail.

David: Let's do it.

Michael: We'll let you get some rest.

Sullivan: Hey, uh... good luck with your search.

Lauren: Thanks.

Michael: Thanks.

Michael: You going home?

Lauren: Um, right after Fen's doctor's appointment, okay?

Michael: All right.

Lauren: Kevin... I'm sorry, Honey.

Michael: Be a good boy. Good-bye. See ya there.

Lauren: Oh.

Michael: So... what do you wanna do next?

Kevin: I wanna scream.

Michael: Well, I'm yours for the rest of the morning.

Kevin: No. Go ahead with Lauren. I know you're anxious to make sure that Fen is all right.

Michael: I think you need me more now than they do.

Kevin: There's nothing left to do, Michael. All we can do is wait.

(Knock on door)

Will: Gloria.

Gloria: Hey, William. Your office told me I might find you here.

Will: What's wrong?

Gloria: Did you know that Kevin’s girlfriend had disappeared?

Will: Yeah, he told me that when I was working the Sheila Carter case. You still haven't heard anything yet?

Gloria: No. But her coat was found. We reported it, and nobody's doing anything about it.

Will: Well, all that long, has she?

Gloria: Long enough to make Kevin panic.

Will: Look, I... I have to ask this. Could this be her way of telling Kevin it's over?

Gloria: No. If she was finished with him, she'd tell him to his face. I got a bad feeling about this, William. And I was wondering... if there's anything that you could do to help.

Will: Sure. I'll talk to the chief about organizing a small search party.

Brad: Well, thank you. Yes, I appreciate it.

Nikki: Hey.

Victor: Any luck with the Weisentahl Center?

Brad: No. No, they were very helpful, but there is no evidence of stolen property during the war looted in Kutna Hora.

Victor: No rumors or unauthenticated stories?

Brad: No. Not even a suggestion anything was hidden in the area.

Nikki: You know, we don't even know what we're looking for, much less where to begin.

Rebecca: There must be thousands of graves there.

Victoria: I may have found a place for us to start.

Victor: What did you find?

Victoria: There's an ossuary located at one of the old churches in town.

Rebecca: Some of those old chapels had catacombs beneath them, along with abandoned silver mines. During the war, they were used to hide vast amounts of confiscated wealth.

Victor: I guess it's time to do something about that, isn't it?

Nikki: Wait, what do you mean by that?

Victor: I'm gonna make plans to go to the Czech Republic. We're gonna go to Kutna Hora.

Colleen: My eyes hurt from staring at this computer. You know, there are pages of possibilities.

Korbel: I can't figure this out. God, it's infuriating.

Colleen: Maybe the extra letters don't mean anything.

Korbel: Yeah, or maybe they mean a great deal. There is nothing I hate more than a puzzle, half solved.

Colleen: Isn't it almost time for your next class?

Korbel: Oh, you're right.

Colleen: You should probably get ready for that. But thank you so much for your help.

Colleen: All right...

Gloria: Kevin?

Kevin: I've looked I've called every person I can think of.

Gloria: Honey, I talked to William Bardwell.

Kevin: Yeah?

Gloria: He's gonna get the police on it.

Kevin: That's great, Mom. Thank you.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: That's good.

Phyllis: I hope your dreams are happy ones, little girl.

Nick: And I want the same for you, too.

Phyllis: Yeah. They're happy now that Sheila’s out of our lives.

Nick: How'd your meeting with Jack go?

Phyllis: It went well. Yeah, it went well. I'm amazed what he's done with N.V.P.

Nick: You mean, because of his heroics?

Phyllis: Mmm, sort of. But... something's different.

Nick: How so?

Phyllis: Well... you remember how he used to be all about winning and profits and coming out on top?

Nick: Sounds like a perfect description to me.

Phyllis: Yeah, right? He's not like that anymore. It's very strange. I mean, I don't know what happened, but he's changed.

Jack: Four straight days with no sleep? Boy, that's tough duty.

David: Are you kidding? We're talking life on a campaign bus. If the lack of sleep doesn't do you in, the cigar smoke certainly will.

Jack: And all of this to get a guy elected.

David: Hey, if you believe in your candidate, you'll do anything to get him in office.

Jack: But to do this months on end...

David: Absolutely. It's like running a marathon, with a few short pit stops along the way to catch your breath.

Jack: You have a certain light in your eyes when you talk about this.

David: Let me tell you, when you succeed, and your man lifts his fists in victory.

Phyllis: What's in the sack?

Nick: Uh... that's a Valentine's Day present.

Phyllis: Ooh, really? Can I open it?

Nick: Yes.

Phyllis: It's a book.

Nick: Well, you could-- you could look inside the book.

Phyllis: Oh...

Nick: That's us in Los Alamos.

Phyllis: Yeah. Did you make this? I love this. It's of our wedding. I like that picture of you.

Nick: Well, yeah. That's when I was the incredible hulk.

Phyllis: Yeah, incredible is right. Okay, there I am with my big belly.

Nick: Your sexy belly. Look at that.

Phyllis: I don't miss my belly.

Nick: Do you like it?

Phyllis: I love it.

Nick: I made it to celebrate our first Valentine's Day together as a family.

Phyllis: Thank you. I... I didn't get you anything.

Nick: It's okay. You're my gift... and our little girl.

Nick: Really? You didn't get me anything?

Phyllis: The stores are still open.

Jack: Sorry about our plans.

Sharon: Oh, no biggie.

Jack: Well, I got talking to David Chow. Time just flew by.

Sharon: Yeah, well, you better get going.

Jack: Yeah, don't wanna slow the wheels of justice.

Sharon: Nope. Have a good trip.

Jack: You do know I would rather be spending Valentine’s Day with you?

Sharon: Well... the citizens of Wisconsin are depending on you. I can wait.

Jack: Thanks.

Victor: I couldn't help overhearing your conversation with Jack earlier.

David: Oh, Mr. Newman, I'm sorry. Um, was I too loud? I tend to get wound up sometimes.

Victor: I like your enthusiasm. You were one of the best political operatives this state ever had.

David: Well, I'm afraid my opponents would disagree.

Victor: How would you like to go back to that kind of life?

David: Um... well, I might consider it, if I believed 110% in the candidate I was backing.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

David: And they had a real shot at winning.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I know just the man. He'd be an excellent representative for the state of Wisconsin. You just talked to him. Jack Abbott.

Victoria: Your mother went to pack.

Brad: Good. She'll be safer elsewhere. Victoria, I've been trying to find the truth for so long, and this is it. We'll find the answers in Kutna Hora.

(Knock on door)

Brad: Come in!

Colleen: Hi.

Brad: Hi, Honey.

Colleen: I got your message. Before you say anything, I've been working on the inscription.

Brad: Colleen, I told you--

Colleen: Dad, let me finish, please. I ran all the extra letters through an anagram program. I tried every single language I could think of. I got so many. I don't know if they're the ones you need, but they're all on my flash drive.

Brad: We've got it covered.

Victoria: You know, if you really wanna help, you could just move home so we don't have to worry about you.

Colleen: I can't do that.

Brad: Sweetheart, I want you to listen to me. Stop working on the inscription.

Colleen: Why?

Brad: Because the closer we get to figuring it out, the more danger we'll be in.

Korbel: Kutna Hora. Search.

Kevin: What is it?

Will: Blood was found by the lake.

Gloria: Where?

Will: Not far from the jogging path where Jana’s coat was found.

Kevin: I'm going down there. She could be hurt.

Will: No, it's best if you stay here for now.

Kevin: She needs me.

Gloria: Honey... William, is there something else you're not telling us?

Will: We don't know if it's Jana's blood... but either way, there's too much for someone to have survived.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Brad: Where you going?

Victoria: I've decided to join you and Victor in Kutna Hora.

Kevin: Why did you make Jana take her coat off?

Korbel: I gather you still haven't located your girlfriend.

David: We both want the same thing--we want the truth about Carmen's death to come out.

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