Y&R Transcript Friday 2/9/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 2/9/07 -- Canada; Monday 2/12/07 -- U.S.A.


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Paul: Michael, hi.

Michael: How's Margaret?

Paul: Uh, she's hanging in. She's hanging in. How about you?

Michael: Couldn't be better. I am looking at the most beautiful sight in the world.

Paul: Well, I'm still at the hospital. Uh... Maggie's got company.

Michael: Who?

Paul: A detective. Let the questioning begin.

Michael: Well, it was inevitable. What do you think?

Paul: You know, I talked to her before the cops got here. I asked her to keep you and Lauren out of it. You know, I'm the one that kept Sheila in that cell. I'm the one that should take the fall.

Michael: What did Margaret say?

Paul: She didn't. Uh, the detective walked in before... I don't know, Michael. She's a cop. She's as straight-up as they come.

Michael: Let me know as soon as you hear anything.

Paul: Yeah, right, if the detective doesn't call you first.

Lily: Hey, you.

Daniel: Hey, Baby.

Lily: So what did Adrian want?

Colleen: Uh, he called to--

Lily: Thank you.

Colleen: To see if I was okay.

Lily: Mmm.

Colleen: He could get fired because we're dating, but it's me he's worried about.

Lily: Wait, "Dating?" As in, an appointment to see someone socially in public?

Colleen: Or secretly at his place. Not funny? Okay. It's not exactly what I wanted but...

Lily: Well, maybe you should slow things down.

Colleen: And just shut off my feelings for him?

Lily: No, look, I know how you feel, but it's--

Colleen: But what? I should just listen to everybody and stop seeing him Lily, we like each other. What do our jobs or ages have to do with that?

Lily: Nothing.

Colleen: I can deal with the rumors. And I can deal with my family. But I can't deal with you not supporting me.

Lily: No, listen, I... I support you. I just... I hope you know what you're doing.

Kay: Good news. Nikki called. Phyllis and Summer and little Fen are all very safe.

Jill: Yeah, I heard that on the news.

Kay: Well, Sheila got exactly what she deserved. I mean, trying to steal those little babies.

Jill: Really, Katherine? Tell me, what do you deserve?

Kay: Oh, Jill, please.

Jill: No, no, no, I'm serious. Would you rather see your child with a crazy woman or not know what happened to your child at all?

Kay: Well, I think this conversation is better saved for morning.

Jill: I am so glad your insomnia has passed. Mine is endless. It just goes on and on and on until I find out what happened to my child.

Kay: All right, now, Jill, what would you like for me to do for you right now?

Jill: Right now, I want you to stay awake with me, Katherine. Right now. Tonight. I don't care how late we stay up, you are gonna do whatever it takes to remember what the hell you did with my son!

Amber: Nice digs.

Cane: It'll do for now. Let me take your coat.

Amber: Oh.

Cane: I'll even hang it up.

Amber: Hey...

Amber: Great CD collection.

Cane: Yeah, I'm insane for the Sex Pistols.

Amber: Nice pics! Who is she?

Cane: Great-looking girl, eh?

Amber: Uh, is she your...

Cane: What? My girlfriend? My wife? No, the place is sublet. It came furnished.

Amber: Oh. Whew! She's gorgeous. I was kinda worried about your high standards.

Cane: Oh, please, believe me, you have nothing to worry about.

Michael: There's my baby.

Lauren: Do you think that Fen will remember any of the terrifying things that he saw?

Michael: Not a chance. Look at our son. He is all gummy smiles. Look at you.

Lauren: Are you a gummy smile? You know, let's do something terrific--

Lauren: Let's do something terrific for Maggie, okay? Let's send her, like, ten dozen roses or something. What do you think?

Michael: Lauren...

Lauren: I don't like at voice. That's your serious voice.

Michael: Margaret is being interviewed right now by a detective.

Lauren: Okay. So she's telling her side of the story.

Michael: Mmm. Her side of the story. Think about it. Sheila and Margaret were locked in that cell for quite a spell. And Sheila wasn't shy about... over-sharing.

Lauren: Do you... do you think she told her everything?

Michael: No, I can't even guess. I'm sure she elaborated to death. You know, bread and water diet, medieval torture devices.

Lauren: You know what? So what? The woman was insane.

Michael: Well, it doesn't matter. The dead can't testify. But Paul and I went to that warehouse looking for you and Margaret saw us. And she is very much alive. That's what they call "Independent corroboration."

Lauren: There is no way that they are going to arrest the two of you for keeping that monster captive.

Michael: It's not just the two of us. Lauren, it could be the three of us.

Kay: I wish I could undo what happened.

Jill: But you can't! But we do know that the day after I brought my son home from the hospital, you gave him away to a woman you think was named Violet. And she gave you... whose baby was it, anyway? I still don't know that!

Kay: Nor do I. Nor do I. I didn't know you were my daughter back then.

Jill: Oh, I'm so sick of hearing that!

Kay: And I'm sick to death of saying it, for heaven's sakes! Nonetheless, it is the truth!

Jill: Well, then silly me for blaming you!

Kay: Well, yes-- well, yes, you should blame me! I blame myself.

Jill: You know, I have this theory about alcoholism. It isn't that drinking changes you, it's that drinking brings out the real you. So don't expect any points from me for your disease!

Kay: Fair enough.

Jill: All right. I've been to the library. There were old phone book pages, old newspaper clippings from the first week of Phillip's life. Now, maybe something in here will help you remember.

Kay: JT has done all that. Now he had a lead on a Violet Stanley. It turned out to be a man named Vance. I have told Jeffrey Todd to widen his search.

Jill: That's not gonna help us find Phillip.

Kay: Well...

Jill: Don't you understand? The key to all of this is locked away where you've locked all of it away all these years! In your mind, Katherine in your mind.

Amber: So... the cross-stitch on the bathroom wall-- I shop, therefore I am--

Cane: No, it came with the apartment. I'm allergic to shopping.

Amber: Mmm. Ah! This did not come with the sublet.

Cane: Oh, what a pity. No technique.

Amber: Ah.

Cane: Step one-- determine the direction of the wind.

Amber: By?

Cane: The outback technique. Now please be warned that this may involve a certain amount of personal contact.

Amber: It does?

Cane: Close your eyes. ... pretend you're in the never never. From which direction do you feel the wind blowing on the back of your neck?

Amber: I believe your heating vent is over there.

Cane: Now this particular which is, uh, which way is the wind blowing technique can also be used on the rugby pitch.

Amber: Ah. You play?

Cane: Like a fiend. Number 8.

Amber: Well, number 8, if you don't happen to have a girl with a sensitive neck on the rugby field...

Cane: Uh, pitch. It's never a field. It's always a rugby pitch.

Amber: Pitch.

Cane: I can't give away all my secrets, can I? I'm starving. You?

Amber: I could eat.

Cane: All right, I'll get some provisions. Make yourself at home. You're not that bad to have around, you know that?

Devon: They're really into it.

Daniel: Yeah, tell me about it. Girls will obsess about relationships no matter what.

Devon: Even when the "Titanic" was going down, there was some girl on the top deck that said to her friend, "But does he really like me?"

Daniel: Yeah.

Colleen: Do you really think that I can't handle this relationship?

Lily: I am on your side, no matter what. But I am not promising that I will agree with everything you do.

Colleen: You know what it's like to want somebody that nobody else thinks is right for you. Adrian and I-- we have something real.

Lily: That's what I don't understand-- is this "We" part. I mean, you are obsessed about this guy, but the only place you two exist as a couple is in bed. I mean, outside of that, where is the we?"

Daniel: I wish there was something I could do.

Devon: Just let them work it out.

Daniel: I'm thinking about you, Man. You know, the trial? I know what you're going through.

Devon: Well... well, thank you. I just... wish this whole thing would be over with. Everywhere I go, all the whispering and the pointing and all, "There goes the kid that murdered Carmen Mesta."

Daniel: Man, I went through the same thing when Cassie died. My mom--she was sad. She was terrified. All she wanted to do was help me. And there was nothing that she could do.

Devon: Yeah. You ever hear that-- that saying-- that the eyes are the windows to the soul?

Daniel: Yeah.

Devon: You hear that?

Devon: With Lily and Dru and Neil... there's this... there's this fear in their eyes now all the time because of me.

Colleen: I want you to get to know Adrian.

Lily: How would that work? Do you even know his family?

Colleen: No.

Lily: What about his friends?

Colleen: No.

Lily: Okay, are you listening to yourself? I mean, do you really want that? Always to be so secretive? You can't share your life with him and he can't share his with you.

Colleen: I can't share my life with anyone.

Lily: What are you talking about?

Colleen: Secrets. The life or death kind. When I'm with Adrian, all my fear goes away. Everything is in that moment. And I like the person I am with him. I'm just so sick of the secrets.

Lily: What secrets?

Colleen: I have to tell you something, Lily, because I just can't live like this anymore.

Paul: Hey. How's she doing?

Man: Not ready to start patrolling the streets, uh, but otherwise pretty good.

Paul: Great.

Man: She, uh, told us everything that went down.

Paul: Yeah, she could probably write a book, huh?

Man: You know, uh... some of it involves you. How about we go down to the station? I got some questions.

Paul: Sure. Um, when's a good time?

Man: Now.

Kay: I've tried every way I know to remember.

Jill: Well, you just try harder!

Esther: Oh!

Jill: Oh, what?

Esther: I expected you two would be upstairs by now. I thought I would start tomorrow's cleaning since I have a dentist appointment.

Jill: You know what? I think the living room will survive not being dusted. Good night Esther.

Esther: Are you okay, Mrs. C.? Is it the nightmares?

Kay: No, we're just trying to recall a family incident that happened a long time ago.

Jill: Incident? You're calling this "A family incident?"

Kay: You don't need to involve Esther in this.

Esther: But maybe I can help.

Jill: Esther, you've been with her for 25 years. This happened before that. Dust elsewhere.

Kay: Would you please not take this out on poor Esther, please?

Esther: Can I get you something, Mrs. C.? Another cup of tea?

Jill: Poor Esther might not be quite so concerned if she knew the truth of all this.

Jill: You gave my child away. I'll tell you when it's enough. And I'm gonna tell you what this "Family incident" is, Esther. Maybe then you won't be so quick to offer her a cup of tea.

Daniel: Come on, Man, you sure there's nothing I can do?

Devon: You could take this Bio test for me, please?

Daniel: Yeah, please, no. No, thank you. See, that's not such a good idea. Because ever since this whole thing with my mom went down, I have not even looked at my homework. I got a paper that's way overdue. So I think it's about time that we hit the books, huh?

Devon: Oh, hey. Life is good. I got my own personal headset. See that? Instant privacy.

Daniel: Instant privacy?

Lily: Colleen, that is... crazy.

Colleen: I know. I used to think my dad was overreacting. But now I'm beginning to think he was right.

Lily: I can't believe that you've had to keep this all to yourself. And why would someone kill for a piece of art that's not even worth that much?

Colleen: Don't know. That's part of the problem. And there's this code etched in the artifact. I think Adrian figured out what it means--

Lily: Whoa, whoa, wait, you-- you told him about this?

Colleen: No, it's not what you think. I didn't tell him what it was about. But he helped me figure it out anyway because that is the kind of guy that he is.

Lily: Man, talk about stress. I mean, you having to keep all of this to yourself.

Colleen: A part of me is really glad that I told you. But to be honest, the other part--

Lily: I know. You--you feel like you betrayed your family. But you know that you can trust me.

Colleen: That's not even it. My dad found a bug in our house.

Lily: Wait, not... "Bug" as in, you need an exterminator.

Colleen: No, bug as in, like, "Mission Impossible."

Lily: Well, the people who are looking for the art?

Colleen: Which means they got past our security system and now my father has what they want.

Lily: Okay, you will stay with us for as long as you want. You will feel much safer.

Colleen: Nowhere is safe. And plus, I don't wanna put you and Daniel and Devon in danger.

Lily: Man, I can't imagine not feeling safe anywhere.

Colleen: Well, when I'm with Adrian, I feel safe. Like nothing could ever hurt me. That can't be bad, Lily.

Daniel: Lucky my phone's on vibrate or your call would've lost out to the killers.

Amber: Um, listen, I just wanted to call and tell you that I'm really glad your mom and your sister are okay.

Daniel: Thanks. Things were kinda tough there for a while.

Amber: Hey, listen, actually had a favor to ask.

Daniel: Ask away.

Amber: Rugby.

Daniel: You're going jock? Who would've thought?

Amber: And boomerangs. Tell me everything you know about them in the next 30 seconds. Go.

Daniel: Mmm. I take it Master Cane is the boomerang-rugby kind of guy?

Amber: I'm at his apartment.

Daniel: What do the rules say dating a rugby-boomerang guy?

Amber: Come on, I'm on the clock here. Cane went to get food. Make me sound brilliant by the time he gets back.

Daniel: Okay, okay, um, boomerang-- I got nothing for ya. But rugby-- let's see, the English are the world champs. And the all-blacks are looking pretty good.

Amber: Okay, how do you know all this?

Daniel: A guy can't give away all his secrets.

Amber: Okay, uh, English, the all-blacks-- oh, oh, what's the name of Australia's team?

Daniel: The Wallabies.

Amber: Oh, okay. Um, so, English, all-blacks-- ooh, um, well... I can't really talk right now. Um, maybe I'll call you back tomorrow?

Cane: What was that? Like, a close friend?

Amber: Maybe. You know, I'd love to watch you play rugby sometime. I'm a huge fan.

Cane: Really?

Amber: Uh-huh. Um, the English--they're great. But, um, the all-blacks-- they're doing really well, too. But my favorite team is the wall of bees.

Cane: Wall of bees? Like, uh... you mean, the Aussie team?

Amber: Yeah.

Cane: It's not the wall of bees. It's the Wallabies. It's like a little kangaroo. It lives in the brush.

Amber: Well, would you rather have your team named after some cuddly little animal or a stinging insect?

Cane: You know what? That's a really good point. I'll have to call the Australian rugby player's association about that one. To the wall of bees. 2007 world cup--here we come.

Michael: Michael Baldwin.

Paul: Hey, it's me. I'm at police headquarters. They wanna question me.

Michael: All right, you don't say anything until I get there.

Paul: The good news is I'm not arrested. Uh... and don't worry. I won't say anything about Lauren.

Michael: You don't say anything at all unless it's "My lawyer is on his way," all right? Good-bye.

Lauren: What's going on?

Michael: Paul is down at the police station for questioning.

Lauren: They know, don't they?

Michael: No, no, Paul assures me they don't know.

Lauren: Okay, then you don't need to be there. I mean, why give them any ideas?

Michael: Paul risked his life for us.

Lauren: Why is this happening? I wanted one day for us to be a family again and not have to worry about anything.

Michael: You know what? We can stop worrying when I find out what the police know.

Lauren: What if they know everything? Michael? Oh, God, you scare me when you get quiet.

Michael: You know what? I've gotta go help Paul out. I've gotta help us all out. Come here.

Amber: So... what team did you play for, hmm?

Cane: It's funny you should ask that.

Cane: Am I looking tasty or something?

Amber: "The bee's knees." Wow... that's even worse than the wall of bees.

Cane: Uh, I think I have to give you a couple more Aussie lessons.

Amber: I shoulda known. So... what am I in Aussie speak?

Cane: A dazzler.

Esther: You sold Jill's newborn baby and then got another baby in return?

Kay: I didn't sell that baby. I did not sell that baby. I would never sell a baby. I'm sorry Jill dropped this bomb in your lap.

Jill: Mother, you're the one who dropped the bomb 30 years ago. And now I'm left to deal with the fallout.

Esther: You were sick then, Mrs. C. you can't blame a person for being sick.

Jill: Don't give me that. She was a drunk, not a cancer patient!

Kay: I don't know who I gave the baby to.

Jill: No, you don't, Katherine, but you know when you did it. Now I brought my son home December 29, 1976. And the next day you gave him away. December 30th. A storm hits Genoa City. Look at this headline. Jimmy Carter was coming for a town meeting. His plane was almost unable to land. Think! Think! Come on! There was a storm. There was a woman with a baby here, Katherine! Think, please!

Kay: I don't remember.

Esther: Well, maybe if you got hypnotized--

Jill: She doesn't need a hypnotist! She doesn't need another tarot card reader or a psychic! Because it is not a faulty memory that is stopping you from remembering, is it? Its fear and loathing of who you really are.

Michael: Hey. Fancy meeting you here. Where is the police officer?

Paul: Well, it turns out, "My lawyer is on his way" is a magic sentence. How's Lauren and Fen?

Michael: Champs. If it comes out that Lauren was the warehouse, I'll never forgive myself. Anyway, okay... what do they know?

Paul: Well, they brought me here before I could talk to Maggie again. I really doubt it was a coincidence.

Michael: We have to assume that she told them how she found Sheila handcuffed and imprisoned in a cell.

Paul: As I told you, I will tell them... I did all this alone.

Michael: Well, great. Great. That works until they dust the cell for prints.

Paul: Oh... did Lauren touch anything?

Michael: I can't remember.

Paul: I can't either.

Michael: What about Lauren's prescription medicine? Where is that?

Paul: Oh, you mean, the stuff for Sheila? I never leave anything in the warehouse. I took it back to my apartment. Look, um...I really thought I was doing the right thing.

Michael: Paul, you didn't see me calling the FBI, did you?

Paul: Yeah, well, we probably should have. Maybe now this wouldn't be happening.

Michael: Yeah, or it could've ended up even worse. So we pray they don't dust the cell for prints. If they do, we claim that Sheila faked Lauren's fingerprints. It's difficult, but not impossible.

Will: Gentlemen. I see your attorney has arrived. It's been a long day. Let's begin.

Cane: So, uh, you wanna tour the rest of my castle?

Amber: Gee... I can see everything from here. Even the bedroom.

Cane: I know. It's hard to be a man of mystery in a place like this, isn't it?

Daniel's voice: Rule number 78-- first time--his place, no sleepover!

Devon: Let me guess who you're texting. A, uh... female who's cute and it's not my sister?

Daniel: It's just Amber. She wants advice on moving in on that Cane guy. Poor guy, though. She's using "The rules" on him.

Devon: The rules?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Devon: You mean, where the girls play these games and don't let the guy know that they actually like them? I hate that.

Daniel: Yeah, well, she wants him to chase her. And she doesn't want him to know that she's doing it.

Devon: Really? That's how it goes? You sound like you have it all figured out.

Daniel: Just call me Dr. Love.

Devon: I don't think so.

Daniel: I think so.

Kay: I was constantly drinking back then, you know, home, in bars. How could I possibly remember every--every name of every bar 30 years ago? What, uh, what--what letter are we up to?

Jill: The "T's."

Kay: "T'S."

Jill: These are only places that have been enclosed for a very long time. Terrence's? The tumbleweed?

Kay: No, no, nothing, nothing, nothing.

Jill: All right. Onto the "U's." The Underworld?

Kay: Stop, please, stop. Just stop!

Jill: No, we're not giving up!

Kay: Yes, we are. At least for tonight, we are. Nothing has any meaning anymore. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to bed now.

Jill: Mother... if we're lucky... you'll have a nightmare. Write it down.

Will: Here you go. Thanks. Michael, um... I'm a little surprised to see you here. I take it your wife and baby are fine?

Michael: They're recovering. Thank you for asking.

Will: You know, there's really no need for your presence. Why don't you go home to them? They need you.

Michael: Well, my client needs me, too.

Will: For what?

Paul: You know, I guess that was why I called. I, uh... I asked him to come.

Michael: Generally, you are not summoned down to the police station for tea and crumpets.

Will: Yeah, but it's not necessarily adversarial either. All we want is a timeline of recent events involving Sheila Carter. We didn't wanna bother you and your family. We thought Paul would be our next best option for information.

Man: You were looking for her, uh, correct, Mr. Williams?

Paul: I was.

Will: We're not accusing your client of anything. You may go.

Michael: I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but I'd like to stick around.

Will: Interesting.

Michael: Why is that?

Will: Your wife and son just went through the worst possible nightmare and yet... you'd rather be here.

Will: Paul, you called in the information that Officer Sullivan had been shot.

Paul: I did.

Will: How'd you know where Sheila's cell was in the first place?

Paul: Well, I'd love to tell you, William, but, uh, as a private investigator, I have to protect my sources.

Michael: Which is his right to do, I might add.

Will: Yeah, I understand that. What I don't get is why you're being so protective when we aren't pressing any charges.

Michael: Habit. I'm a defense attorney in case you've forgotten.

Man: What if Sheila was working with someone else?

Will: It would be kinda crucial for us to know that.

Michael: She was a sociopath criminal. One of a kind. There's no Clyde to her Bonnie.

Will: Oh, come on, Michael, you of all people, should remember Tom Fisher. He was her accomplice last time.

Man: There's a precedent.

Paul: Oh, come on, you guys. We happen to know Sheila Carter better than anyone should have to know her.

Michael: It was my house she broke into. It was my baby she wanted. It was my wife she terrorized-- multiple times. If there was a smidgen of fear that Sheila Carter had an accomplice out there somewhere, I would allow you to beat it out of my good friend Paul here and invite the rest of the station to help.

Paul: It's not in the realm of possibilities. It isn't.

Will: Fair enough.

Michael: Well, if there's nothing more that my client can add, he'd like to visit Officer Sullivan, and I'd like to get back to Fenmore and Lauren.

Will: Nothing more that I can think of.

Michael: William? I'd like to thank you for the decision you made not to prosecute Lauren. It means a great deal.

Will: Give Lauren my best.

Michael: Well... now we can exhale.

Amber: Thanks. I had fun.

Cane: You're not gonna go out there with that crazy Sheila still on the loose, are you?

Amber: Oh, right, I forgot to tell you. Um, when you were gone, I got a call. All clear.

Cane: Yeah, I know. I heard the news at the pub.

Amber: Yeah. I just stayed for the Aussie lesson.

Cane: Well, I hope you were taking mental notes, because... there'll, uh, there will be a quiz later. And now I've saved the most important part of the lesson for last.

Amber: Hmm?

Cane: A "pash."

Amber: What is a "pash?"

Amber: I think I can remember that one.

Cane: But how, um... how do you-- do you Americans say that?

Amber: Oh, um... like this.

Paul: Hey.

Sullivan: Hey.

Paul: Aren't you the talk of the town-- Sheila Carter's last victim.

Sullivan: And lived to tell the tale.

Paul: Actually, you didn't. Tell the tale. 'Cause if you did, I wouldn't be here. I'd be behind bars.

Michael: We can't thank you enough.

Sullivan: I don't know what you're talking about. I just told the truth.

Michael Paul, I'm going to advise you to terminate this conversation.

Sullivan: Counselor... I saw Phyllis Newman in a strange part of town. I got suspicious, so I followed her into a warehouse. I didn't know it was actually Sheila Carter.

Michael: What did you tell them about how Paul found you?

Sullivan: Well, my theory is he had an unrequited crush and followed me there. It was actually dangerously close to stalking.

Paul: That is the truth.

Sullivan: I said, I, um... I didn't know how or why you found me, just glad you did. Because you saved my life.

Paul: That part's not true. I nearly got you killed.

Sullivan: No. That's not true. I almost got me killed. I went into an unknown situation without backup. That's just stupid.

Michael: We owe you big time.

Sullivan: You owe me nothing. I was just doing my job. Sheila's dead.

Michael: Thank you.

Michael: It's over.

Lauren: Really?

Michael: Really.

Lauren: I was so afraid...

Michael: I know.

Lauren: I did what I had to.

Michael: You were perfect.

Lauren: I killed someone.

Michael: I know.

Lauren: And I would do it again a million times over if it would keep our baby safe.

Michael: I know. Officer Sullivan... didn't tell the detectives that you were there. Or me. She even managed to save Paul.

Lauren: It's over?

Michael: Yeah.

(Cell phone buzzing)

Amber's voice: Me no sleepover.

Devon: Amber texting you with, uh, asking for more advice?

Daniel: That girl is a hoot, Man. I'm turning in. How about you?

Devon: No, I might as well stay up and finish reading this. I can't sleep anyway.

Lily: I just want you to know that you can count on me.

Daniel: During the trial, anything you need...

Lily: Just ask and everything will work out. I promise.

Colleen: Thank you.

Devon: Thanks.

Kay: Jill! Jill, are you up?! Jill! Jill! Jill! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Please, wake up! Wake up!

Jill: What?

Kay: I remember!

Jill: What?

Kay: I-I suppose it's-- it's because I was so exhausted I started to nod off and then all of a sudden, it came to me!

Jill: What came to you? Tell me!

Kay: The name of the woman I gave the baby to--Violet? I remember her last name! Montgomery-- Violet Montgomery. Violet Montgomery!

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