Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/8/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/8/07 -- Canada; Friday 2/9/07 -- U.S.A.


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Lauren: Stand up! Stand up! Don't you move! Not one move! Do you hear me, or I'm gonna shoot again and I'm not gonna miss!

Paul: So no one's hurt?

Michael: Lauren? Lauren, its Michael! It's Michael! I'm here!

Paul: Sheila's got the key locked down. She can't hear you. We can only listen.

Sheila: It’s me. I’m Phyllis.

Phyllis: I am. Lauren, I'm Phyllis.

Michael: This is great! We don't know what's happening! We don't know where they are!

Paul: Shh! Listen!

Michael: What?!

Paul: Michael...

Lauren: This is not a game!

Phyllis: It's me. I'm Phyllis.

Sheila: Lauren, I'm Phyllis.

Phyllis: Lauren, ask me anything. Ask me about Nick! Ask me about Michael!

Sheila: Put the gun down. Please, don't shoot me. You know I'm Phyllis.

Phyllis: I am Phyllis!

Sheila: Don't listen to her. This is a trick.

Phyllis: I am!

Sheila: Don't fall for it.

Lauren: Quiet!! Quiet!! I can't hear. I can't think.

Paul: She can't tell them apart.

Sheila: Summer, come to Mommy.

Lauren: Stop it!

Phyllis: No, no, point the gun at me. Don't go near the babies. Point the gun at me! Lauren, point the gun at me!

Lauren: No!

Sheila: You shot the wrong one.

Victoria: Nothing? No news at all?

Nikki: Sweetheart, the minute I hear anything, I will call you.

Victoria: We'll be over soon. Brad and I have to deal with something here first.

Nikki: Deal with what? What are you talking about?

Victoria: Mom, you wanna keep tight.

Brad: Hey...

Victoria: How's it going?

Brad: Well, all clean, so far. The only transmitter was in this room.

Victoria: I'll never doubt you again. I'm really sorry.

Brad: Oh, listen, I wish I was wrong. But someone's still tracking our every move.

Victoria: Now they know we have the Grugeon reliquary.

Korbel: There you go again, making assumptions.

Colleen: Observations.

Korbel: That have no basis in fact.

Colleen: Who gets to decide what's fact and what isn't?

Korbel: Oh, so... truth is in the eye of the beholder? Is that it?

Colleen: Now he's catching on.

Korbel: Okay, you know what? You should, uh, definitely stick with the humanities and stay far from the hard sciences.

Colleen: Oh, why? 'Cause scientists always agree on everything?

Korbel: Is that a rhetorical question?

[Colleen’s cell phone rings]

Korbel: Oh, you could ignore it.

Colleen: What is it, Dad?

Brad: I hope you're not where I think you are.

Colleen: Why are you calling me?

Brad: You need to come home, Honey. We've been under surveillance.

Colleen: What?!

Brad: The living room was bugged. Someone's been listening to every word that's been said here.

Cane: Hello?

Amber: Hi, it's me.

Cane: Hey, me. Are you pining away?

Amber: Yeah, for my scarf. I left it at Indigo and can't get over there 'cause my car broke down.

Cane: Where are you now?

Amber: Coffeehouse.

Cane: I'll deliver it personally.

Amber: You would do that for me?

Cane: You know, if you play your cards right, I might even give you a jump-start.

Amber: Me or my battery?

Cane: Oh, you pick. I'll see you soon.

Woman: Have you been following that Sheila Carter story?

Amber: Excuse me?

Woman: Yeah?

Amber: What story?

Woman: It's all over the news. She kidnapped a woman and two babies. Nick Newman's wife and daughter and Lauren Fenmore's little boy.

Daniel: Here.

Noah: Thanks.

[Amber sends Daniel an instant message on the computer]

Amber's voice: Just heard the news! How awful! Hope everything will be okay.

Daniel's voice: Thanks. Will keep you posted.

Kevin: Jana, if you hate me, I can deal with that. Will you please just call me and let me know you're okay?

Gloria: Still no answer?

Kevin: Nothing.

Gloria: Yeah. Well, Kevin, don't worry about it. She'll come around.

Kevin: You don't think there's any chance the Sheila got to her, too, do you?

Gloria: Well, if that's the case, then we just have to pray that all the people that we love are gonna make it home safe.

Kevin: Yeah.

Phyllis: Lauren... you know I'm Phyllis. You know I'm Phyllis. Don't doubt that. What can I tell you? When we were talking about... our--our spa weekend and--and going to NVP and getting massages and--and--I don't know what to tell you! And--and the fingernail polish! The vamp? And we were-- that's what we were saying. You know I am Phyllis.

Lauren: Oh, thank God. Oh, thank God.

Lauren: Let's get Fen.

Michael: What happened?

Paul: I don't know.

[Phyllis picks up the walkie talkie]

Phyllis: Paul, Michael, its Phyllis. Um... Sheila has been shot.

Paul: Where are you? Tell us where you are.

Michael: Fenmore and Lauren? Lauren and Fenmore, how are they? Are they okay? Phyllis, Lauren and Fenmore?

Lauren: Yes, yes! We're really okay. But Sheila's been shot.

Paul: Lauren, tell me where you are!

Lauren: We're at the Sunset Oasis Retirement Village, just down the block from our place.

Paul: I know where it is. I know where it is! Come on!

Michael: We're on our way, Lauren!

Sheila: You'll never be rid of me.

Lauren: I know. I know. You're safe. You're safe. Okay, okay...

Man: Police! Freeze! Police! Freeze!

Lauren: Careful, careful, we've got babies. Careful!

Phyllis: Nick! Nick, take her.

Nick: I got her. I got her.

Phyllis: I-I--I it's me! That's Sheila. I'm Phyllis.

Woman: No pulse. She's dead.

Lauren: Please, check her stomach. There's a fresh knife wound. Here looks recent.

Victor: Are you all right?

Lauren: Yeah. Shaken.

Victor: Do you want me to call Michael?

Lauren: He's on his way with Paul, thank you.

Man: Attention all units, stand down, repeat, stand down. All victims safe. Perpetrator's dead. Alert the ME we got one to pick up.

Nick: Its okay, Daddy's here. Yeah, Daddy's here.

Victor: It's okay.

Victoria: Except for whoever was listening. Now they know as much about the inscription as we do.

Brad: A German anagram nested inside a Latin anagram. Who would've thought it?

Victoria: If we're right. "Hungarian, urban, brown, Carthage."

Brad: That's all you could get out of the castoff letters?

Victoria: Let's just hope whoever we're up against is as confused as we are. Did you get a hold of Colleen?

Brad: Yeah, she's on her way. I'm debating how much I should tell her.

Victoria: You don't trust her?

Brad: In a word... no.

Cane: Now how is that for service?

Amber: Fantastic. You are the best, Cane.

Cane: You know, if you don't say it like you mean it, you'll have to kiss me.

Amber: Oh... would you just mind? I, um...

Cane: What's the matter?

Amber: Have you seen the story about the big kidnapping on TV?

Cane: Oh, Sheila... what's her name, right?

Amber: Carter. I know her. She kidnapped me once. I know. You think I'm crazy.

Cane: No. No.

Amber: It happened about five years ago in LA Sheila wanted something I had, so... she held me at gunpoint and... I still have nightmares about it.

Cane: She got away?

Amber: I just hope for once in her miserable life she gets what she has coming to her.

Cane: I hope so. Anyone that would hurt someone as beautiful as you doesn't deserve an ounce of sympathy.

Michael: Lauren!

Lauren: Michael!

Michael: I didn't know that I would ever...

Lauren: It's okay. It's over.

Michael: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Lauren: Shh. Shh.

Michael: It's okay. It's okay.

Lauren: Oh...

Paul: I'm just glad you're okay.

Lauren: Oh, thanks to you.

Lauren: I had to do it, Michael.

Will: I know a whole town that's gonna be breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Michael: William.

Will: Lauren... I understand you got here first and that you killed Sheila Carter.

Lauren: Yes... I killed her.

Michael: Lauren...

Will: You file your report. I'll meet you down at the station.

Michael: William... Lauren's been through enough already. Can't this wait?

Will: I just need to confirm a few things.

Phyllis: Listen, I was an eyewitness. I saw Lauren pull the trigger.

Will: I'd like to question Ms. Fenmore first.

Nick: Well, once we get home and get our bearings, then maybe.

Lauren: What is it you wanna know?

Michael: Lauren, please...

Lauren: No, I'll answer your questions. I have nothing to hide.

Will: I assume you came here because of your son.

Lauren: My son and Phyllis and Summer.

Paul: You are aware of Sheila's history with Lauren?

Will: Yeah, I'm aware of that.

Paul: Well, then you oughta know why she did what she did.

Will: Was killing Sheila the only way you could stop her from harming the children and Phyllis?

Michael: Don't answer that, Lauren.

Phyllis: No, of course it was. Wait a second, of course it was. Otherwise, we'd all be dead right now.

Michael: Phyllis, I'd really rather you not interrupt us.

Phyllis: No, no, no, that freak-- that freak put my daughter in the line of fire. I'm glad she did it.

Nick: Okay, all right, that's enough for today.

Michael: Look, Lauren was trying to protect the children, Phyllis and herself from a dangerous felon who had tried to kill her multiple times. Deadly force was not only reasonable, but necessary.

Will: I concur. Your wife won't be charged with any crime in this shooting.

Michael: Thank you.

Daniel: What do we do? Do we pick it up?

Nikki: I'll take it. Hello?

Nick: Hey, it's me. I'm with, uh, I'm with Summer and Phyllis. Everybody's fine.

Nikki: It's Nicholas. They're safe. Has Sheila been captured?

Nick: She's not gonna be causing trouble anymore. I'll fill you in when we get home.

Nikki: Thank God.

[Michael is talking on his phone]

Michael: Okay.  I'll see you in 20.

Gloria: We'll be right here, Honey.

Kevin: Tell her we're proud of her.

Lauren: I can't wait to take Fen home.

Michael: That's okay, Baby. You're safe now. You're safe now.

Victoria: Does Mom know?

Victor: Uh, Nicholas just got off the phone with her. What about the situation there?

Victoria: Under control.

Victor: Did you make any progress with the anagram?

Victoria: We're gonna have to talk about this later. Colleen just walked in. Okay, tell Phyllis and Nick that we love them. Bye.

Brad: What's going on? Any word?

Victoria: Sheila's been killed. Everyone's safe.

Brad: Oh, that is amazing news.

Victoria: I know. I was so worried.

Colleen: Sheila who? What's going on?

Brad: Let me guess, Korbel doesn't own a television?

Colleen: Am I supposed to know what that means?

Victoria: There was a crisis, all right? And it's over.

Brad: But not the one in this house.

Colleen: How long was the bug here? And who planted it?

Brad: I have a theory.

Victoria: Brad?

Brad: Victoria, he was in the house.

Colleen: Who?

Brad: Your friend, the professor.

Colleen: Oh, my God! I am so sick of hearing that! How many people have come in and out of this house? You have no proof that he did anything.

Brad: Well, after today, we can't take any chances.

Victoria: Your father's right, Colleen. We can't trust anyone.

Amber: You've been so sweet to me. I just wish...

Cane: What do you wish?

Amber: I went online and I did some research about how you can maybe stay here in the U.S.

Cane: Did you find anything?

Amber: Nothing that helpful.

Cane: Thanks for trying.

Korbel: Hi, uh, Iced Americano, please.

Kevin: I put up flyers with Jana's picture on 'em, but so far I haven't heard anything.

Gloria: And, Sweetie, you don't know for sure if anything bad happened. I mean, after what you told her, maybe she just needs some time to herself to sort things out.

Kevin: Mom, you were the one who told me just this morning I had to go down to the police station and demand they start looking for her.

Gloria: I did. Maybe I overreacted with fear?

Kevin: It's over there. I've been trying to track her cell phone, but the program doesn't work unless her phone's turned on.

Gloria: Is this his favorite one? I mean, he's got so many.

Kevin: You know, I put a picture of her online, too, with a description of what she was wearing. She had that black and white Jacket on that she loves so much. You know the one I'm talking about?

Gloria: Yeah, I know. I helped her pick it out.

Kevin: Is there anything else you think I should do?

Gloria: Oh, Honey, just be patient. You're gonna hear something from her soon.

Kevin: Yeah, I know. I know.

[Korbel remembering]

Jana: Look, I didn't go digging into your past, but anyone could find that article and know that you were the one who--

Korbel: Who what? Who found the dead student? Yes, Jana, that was me.

Korbel: Thank you.

Amber: Hey, what's in the bag?

Korbel: Work... work and more work.

Cane: Makes you old before your time, Mate.

Korbel: Undoubtedly.

Amber: Well, check it. Hang with us for a while.

Korbel: I don't mind if I do.

Colleen: Did you ever stop to think that maybe Adrian could help us and that he's not the root of all evil?

Brad: There are too many coincidences.

Victoria: They know about the inscription on the piece and that we have it.

Colleen: Yes, but they haven't come after us yet, so what does that tell you?

Victoria: That these people haven't figured out what it means.

Colleen: Maybe we're not in trouble after all. I mean, whoever was listening to us knows exactly what we know. So what good would it do for them to come after us?

Brad: We still have the artifact and someone wants it. Bottom line.

Victoria: Brad...

Brad: These people won't give up. And the sooner you both realize that, the sooner we can prepare for what we're up against.

Amber: …Tons of languages. Me, I know English and Valley Girl. But I'm learning a little Australian, right?

Cane: And you're doing a bonsai job of it.

Korbel: Where are you from originally?

Korbel: I, uh, was born in Tel Aviv, but my family moved around a bit. Eventually, we settled in Venezuela. I have dual citizenship.

Amber: How long have you been here?

Korbel: In the U.S.? A few years.

Cane: You work the whole time?

Korbel: Well, that depends who you ask. 'Cause in certain circles, academia isn't considered gainful employment.

Cane: Yeah, but you've been making a life with a green card. How'd you swing that?

Korbel: A good immigration lawyer. Plus, I have a sought after skill, so I was cleared to ply my trade in this country.

Amber: Cane has a work permit, right?

Cane: Oh, yeah, right, on account of my special skills. See, no one can make a Sex on the Beach like I can. Actually, I've got bars all around the world just begging me to come and work for them.

Sullivan: Well, you make a funny looking doorstop.

Paul: Well, I thought you might be sleeping.

Sullivan: No, I'm designing a, uh, T-shirt in my head.

Paul: What kind of a T-shirt?

Sullivan: Well, the "Sheila Carter tried to kill me survivors' club."

Paul: Pretty elite group.

Sullivan: Well, that's me. I'm elite--all the way.

Paul: So, uh... what have you heard? Anything?

Sullivan: Oh, well, I heard about the kidnappings. But I guess since you're here, everything worked out okay.

Paul: You guess correctly. Everybody came out unscathed. Except you, of course.

Sullivan: Lucky me.

Paul: And Sheila.

Sullivan: What happened to Sheila? Did they, uh, take her in?

Paul: Sheila's dead.

Victor: Well, this is not the time. No, no, I can't discuss that right now.

Victoria: Good thing us Newman women are tough.

Phyllis: Yeah, you better believe it.

Nick: I do, that's for sure.

Brad: Sorry we couldn't get here sooner.

Noah: That's okay. I missed most of it, too. Nikki took me to a museum.

Victoria: 'Cause she knew you'd be scared.

Noah: Were you scared?

Phyllis: Was I sca-- no. No way. Unh-unh. No, your--your sister and I-- we're tough. We're tough. Plus, I knew how much she wanted to see her big brother.

Colleen: I would've called, but I didn't know that anything had happened.

Lily: It's okay. As long as you weren't getting into any trouble.

Daniel: Colleen? Trouble? Come on. The girl who gets detention just so she can stay after school?

Colleen: Shut up.

Sharon: Um, so, I, uh... I talked to Jack. And he said that he is very concerned for you.

Phyllis: Okay, thanks for telling me. That's--that's very sweet, thanks.

Sharon: Yeah.

Victor: I'm very glad that Bardwell dropped the case.

Brad: Lauren did the world a favor.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nick: You taking off?

Victoria: Dad, there's something that Brad and I need to tell you.

Victor: About the anagram?

Brad: No. We found a listening device in our living room.

Victoria: We had a security team verify that there was only one, but they may have been listening to our conversation about the inscription.

Victor: All right. In other words, if there's a listening device in your living room, they are aware of every move you make.

Brad: Exactly.

Victor: So if we decode the anagram, we'll be in greater danger than we are now.

Nikki: So what happened this time?

Victor: Well, our son and his family are safe. I wish I could say the same about our daughter. Let's talk privately.

Victoria: Well, that went well.

Brad: I'm glad to see you still haven't lost your sense of humor.

Victoria: Yeah.

Colleen: I'm going to Lily's.

Brad: Tomorrow, you're moving back in with us.

Colleen: Huh. Victoria, please tell my dad that, um... I make my own decisions and I don't take orders.

Victoria: He's looking out for you.

Colleen: I know. I'll be careful. I'm an adult. And until you start treating me like one, this is how it's going to be.

Nick: You guys taking off?

Lily: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah. I figured we could all use a good night of rest.

Lily: Yeah, you must be exhausted.

Phyllis: Yes, I could use some shut-eye. Don't look at me like that. I'm fine.

Daniel: You gave us all a heart attack, you know that? I love you, Mom.

Phyllis: I love you, too.

Sullivan: Well, it sounds like a happy ending to me.

Paul: Except for one thing. You shouldn't have been a part of it.

Sullivan: And miss out on all the free drinks I'll get for taking a bullet?

Paul: I hate that you were put in the position of being shot.

Sullivan: Yeah, well, it serves me right, chasing you around. I should've waited till you asked me out on a second date. That was funny. You should laugh.

Paul: Maggie, listen, um... I know I don't have any right to ask you a favor.

Sullivan: But you're going to anyway.

Paul: After the paramedics took you to the hospital...I didn't tell the detectives the real story. I wanted to talk to you first.

Sullivan: Why?

Paul: Michael and Lauren stumbled into this just like you did. I'm responsible for holding Sheila captive. I don't want them punished for something I did. So I'm asking you when you're questioned... to leave Lauren and Michael out of it.

Kevin: Fen is down. And Mom is drawing Lauren a bubble bath.

Michael: She get in touch with Joanna and Scott?

Kevin: She did. They send you their best and, uh, they said to call if you need anything. You look like you could use a bubble bath, too, huh?

Michael: Yeah.

Kevin: You doing all right?

Michael: I am now. When that shot rang out in the warehouse... I thought it was all over. And that's the worst feeling in the world. You hear from Jana?

Kevin: No. No, I have no information on Jana.

Michael: You talk to the police?

Kevin: Well, I called them, but that's no use. They tell me that I have to wait 48 hours, then they hang up. So, you know, I'm trying to do on my own what I can until then, but... you know, it's really hard.

Michael: Of course it is.

Kevin: Look, I mean, it's nothing like what you just went through, but... I'm just worried about her.

Michael: That's exactly what I went through. When you can't help the person you love-- it's the worst thing in the world.

Korbel: Well, I really must get to these essays. It was good chatting.

Cane: Likewise.

Amber: See ya. So much for picking his brain on the immigration thing.

Cane: Yeah, so special skills are the ticket, right? That would be right.

Amber: Come on, you're a great bartender. I mean, that's how you got the job at Indigo, right? You showed the owners your work permit.

Cane: Um... lucky for me, no one has looked too close at my papers.

Amber: You mean, they haven't yet.

Cane: Sweetheart, can we, um... keep this between you and me? I mean, can you do me a favor and forget that I ever told you that?

Amber: Told me what?

Colleen: It's not over between Adrian and me. I know a lot of people think it should be, but...

Lily: Colleen, you were one of those people, remember?

Colleen: What we have is real. And it would be so much better if I didn't have to keep things from him.

Lily: Does he know that you are?

Colleen: Yes. But he's being incredible about it. He even said that if I wanted to confide in him, that would be okay.

Lily: Listen, I know that you're happy, but I just-- I don't want you to get hurt.

Daniel: Yeah, Colleen, it's inevitable. I mean, you're a student. He's a teacher. Okay, you really need to think about this.

Colleen: Oh, you, too?

Daniel: Look, Kevin told me--

Colleen: Oh, please!

Daniel: Kevin told me that a girl at his last university died. And they think that Korbel might've had something to do with it.

Colleen: He found the body. He called the police. He is not a murderer!

Lily: No, you're right. You're right. They are only rumors.

Colleen: Thank you.

Lily: But I'm-- I'm still worried. I mean, you don't know what he's thinking or what he wants.

Daniel: Yeah, think about this-- even if he wants you, you can't be together. Not openly. The relationship-- it won't be what you want.

Sharon: Um, so there was a bug? Oh, my gosh! Who would do that?

Brad: I don't know. But this is obviously still a dangerous situation, Sharon. And I want you to promise me you're gonna be careful.

Sharon: Yes. No, I will, I'll be careful, as usual.

Sharon: Uh, hey, Noah, it's getting late. Maybe we should head home.

Victoria: Yes, it is definitely-- definitely time to head home.

Daniel: We're not trying to be mean.

Colleen: I know. You guys care. And I really appreciate having you guys to talk to.

[Daniel sends Amber an instant message]

Daniel's voice: In case you didn't hear, it's over. Everyone's okay.

Amber's voice: Thank God! Love you all!

Cane: All right, I've settled the tab. And because you're such a cheap date, I'll walk you to your car and make sure it starts.

Amber: Thanks.

Cane: All right, what's going on? You got all quiet on me again.

Amber: I just keep thinking about Sheila. What if she knows I'm in town and decides to come after me again, huh? You know... I'm scared to even go home.

Cane: You can stay at my place.

Gloria: Oh, thanks, Sweetie. You know, I'm just so glad you agreed to get out for a while, huh?

Kevin: Well, I had to come in and close anyway, since Jana's...

Gloria: Listen, I'll make a deal with you.

Gloria: We'll give it one more day, then if she still hasn't come home--

Kevin: Wait, I got an e-mail about Jana.

Gloria: What?

Kevin: Someone's found her coat.

Victoria: How many lectures have we had about secrecy-- and here you are, spilling everything to Sharon.

Brad: Sharon deserves to know.

Victoria: She "deserves" to know?

Brad: That's right.

Victoria: Why?

Brad: Because of what she's been through. Sharon's not gonna say anything to anyone.

Victoria: And that makes it okay? You want your daughter to keep secrets and this is the kind of example you set?

Brad: "A"-- you're being unreasonable. "B"--

Victoria: Go ahead, finish your sentence.

Victoria: I am fascinated. Hey, Dad. What's going on?

Victor: I'm here to help you with the anagram. Since no one is eavesdropping let's get to work, okay?

Man: The transmitter is gone. Carlton ripped it out. I can't hear what's going on anymore. No, we don't have all the pieces yet. But we'll get them. Mm-hmm.

[Cell phone rings]

Colleen: Hey.

Korbel: I had to call. See how you are.

Lauren: Michael... Michael...

Michael: I just don't know when this started happening. I just-- I can't get my hands to...

Lauren: Okay, okay... look at me. All right? Look at me. It's over. Sheila is dead. She's never coming after us again. We're free.

Michael: Uh-huh.

Lauren: Okay? Okay, okay, we're free.

Sullivan: Paul... Michael and Lauren were involved. They didn't tell anybody. As an officer of the court--

Paul: I know, I know, Michael is obliged to come forward. But as a man who was justifiably concerned for the safety of his family, he chose not to.

Sullivan: You're asking me to lie.

Paul: Maggie, I had Sheila locked in that cage since October. They found out about it a few days ago.

Sullivan: You sure you're not finessing that time line?

Paul: I never intended them to find out about it. They've suffered enough. If anybody's committed a crime, it's--

Paul: Hey, Detective.

Man: Hello, again. How are you, Maggie?

Sullivan: I'll tell you what, ask me in a week at the bar.

Man: The doctor says you're up to some conversation.

Sullivan: Yeah.

Man: I need to ask you some questions about your shooting.

Sullivan: Okay, well, fire away, so to speak.

Man: Paul, if you wouldn't mind?

Paul: Oh, sure. Uh... I'll be right outside.

Sullivan: Okay.

Man: Let's start at the top. And I need to know everything you can remember.

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