Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/7/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/7/07 -- Canada; Thursday 2/8/07 -- U.S.A.


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Paul: Hey, Will.

Will: Paul.

Nick: You know my family has considerable resources at its disposal. My number is 555-0178. My e-mail address is nicknewman@genoacity.net.

Gloria: Michael, Michael, someone's at the door.

Nick: I will give you anything you want in exchange for the safe return of my wife, Phyllis and my daughter, Summer.

Michael: Oh, William, welcome.

Will: Hello, Michael.

Man: Mr. Bardwell, good to see you. How's Detective Sullivan? Any word?

Will: Yeah, she's just fine.

Michael: That's great news.

Will: Yeah, I went by to see her. She's, um, already cracking jokes and bossing the nurses around.

Man: Sounds like Maggie. It'll take more than a bullet in the gut to bring her down "The Iron Maiden." I'm sure she'll show up in few hours, ready to help out with the case.

Will: I had a conversation with the judge. He's postponed the trial indefinitely. You'll have as much time as you need to deal with this first.

Michael: Thank you. I'll, uh, call Devon and the Winters and let them know. They might wanna get this case over with. I could turn my files over to another attorney if that's what they'd prefer.

Will: Well, if you need anything, let me know.

Michael: Thank you.

Will: How's Lauren?

Michael: Mmm... she's taking it rough. The thought of...

Will: We have every available detective working on this.

Michael: I know...

Will: We will find Sheila. Believe me, we all want her caught as much as you do.

Michael: Thank you. Excuse me.

Will: Yeah. Hi, Gloria.

Gloria: Hello, William. How nice to see you.

Will: I thought maybe you could use a friend.

Gloria: Mmm.

Sharon: Oh, I'm so glad you d a nice time with Nikki.

Noah: Mom, we got to go back. You gotta see! They had a dinosaur expedition and an inventing lab where kids can make their own inventions.

Sharon: Wow, that sounds cool.

Noah: It was way cool.

Nikki: And now Noah is officially a member.

Sharon: Well, you might not remember this, 'cause you were too young, but your dad and I took you Cassie there years ago.

Noah: I sorta remember. Mom, next time we go, I wanna make a face tile.

Sharon: Wait a minute, what's a face tile?

Noah: I'll show you when you come with us. Jack can come, can't he?

Sharon: He sure can.

Noah: You wanna work on the model airplane with me?

Jack: You're reading my mind, Sport.

Sharon: Okay, wait.

Sharon: When you finish your homework, you can work on your plane.

Noah: Okay.

Sharon: Oh, and no television and no internet! You hear me?

Noah: Yes!

Nikki: Any word on where they might be?

Jack: Not yet. Right now they could be anywhere from Alaska to Florida.

Paul: I heard from Sheila again.

Michael: And? And what did she want?

Paul: Nothing-- but to torment Lauren.

Michael: But there isn't a way you can track her signal? There's no way?

Paul: If she kept her walkie-talkie on yeah, I could. But she doesn't. She gives me grief and then turns it off.

Michael: Talk to her. You need to engage her. Maybe she'll tell us something that'll let us know where she is.

Paul: Believe me, Michael, I have. She's too smart for that.

Michael: Maybe--

Will: Excuse me. Where do you keep the tea bags?

Michael: In the canister on the counter. You want me to make you a cup?

Will: No, no, no, it's for Gloria. I'll do it. Excuse me.

[Phone rings]

Michael: It's--its Nick. Yeah, hi.

Nick: Uh, do you remember the name of the motel Sheila stayed at last time she was in town?

Michael: Uh.. maybe Paul does. Um, the motel that Sheila stayed in when she lived here?

Paul: Oh... Genoa City Motor Arms.

Michael: You got that?

Nick: Yeah, got it, thanks.

Michael: Do you think she's still hiding out there?

Paul: I'm gonna be outside.

Nick: I don't know. Anything's possible. But we'll check it out.

Michael: No, I wouldn't have put it past Sheila to disguise herself as a man-- a husband, a wife and two babies.

Gloria: Oh, thank you.

Will: I wish there was something more I could do. I guess being the DA Doesn't really help much in circumstances like this.

Gloria: William, William, William, just having you here makes me feel so much better.

Michael: Just call me.

Kevin: Michael, uh, Lauren would like a glass of juice.

Michael: Okay, thanks, I'll get it.

Kevin: Mr. Bardwell? Can I speak with you for a sec?

Will: Yeah. Sure. What can I do for you?

Kevin: Um, it's about my girlfriend Jana Hawkes.

Will: The young woman that works at crimson lights. The one with the hair?

Kevin: Yeah. She, um... she's missing.

Will: Did you file a missing persons report?

Kevin: No, the cops won't let me. She's only been missing since last night.

Will: Yeah, you gotta wait 48 hours.

Kevin: Yeah, I know, but... I'm worried about her. She's never done anything like this before. I know that everyone's all focused on the babies and Phyllis, but... it's kinda strange that Jana's missing, too, no? I mean, what if it all connected?

Will: Is there any reason to suspect foul play?

Kevin: Ah, I mean, she didn't come home last night. She didn't go to work. Is there anything you can do to get the cops to make an exception on this 48-hour rule thing?

Will: Did you and Jana have a fight?

Kevin: No. No, we didn't-- we had a serious talk.

Will: Kevin... I'm sorry. The department's stretched really thin right now. You're just gonna have to wait.

Kevin: Okay.

Michael: Excuse me. Sorry. Kevin, I need something in your apartment.

Kevin: This top key opens the, uh--

Michael: Uh, I need you to come with me. Come on.

Kevin: Thanks.

Nikki: It just nerve- wracking sitting around here like this. I wish there was something more I could do.

Jack: I don't know if you've heard, Victor has already offered a reward.

Nikki: I expected him to do that.

Jack: And they've issued an Amber Alert. That's brought in a lot of tips.

Nikki: Yes, I signed up for the wireless amber alerts. They sent me a text message 5 on my phone.

Sharon: Nikki, you really should've checked with me first before you took Noah to Chicago.

Nikki: Well, we were worried about him. Nicholas thought it would be better--

Sharon: Noah could have overheard strangers talking about the kidnapping. And he would've been in Chicago without me or his father.

Nikki: Well, he was with me. What if he had stayed home and decided to go running up to the tack house?

Sharon: Look, all I'm saying is, you should've checked with me first.

Nikki: Yes, you have made yourself very clear. And I think you're being a bit selfish.

Sharon: Selfish?

Jack: Ladies, ladies, we're all under a lot of stress here.

Nikki: It is my granddaughter who is missing here.

Sharon: Well, you're not the only one who's worried.

Nikki: And I think it's pretty hypocritical of both of you to pretend to be concerned, considering the past several months all you've done is give Phyllis grief.

Sharon: What?! Oh, I have given Phyllis grief?

Nikki: Yes! Can you check my math puzzle for me?

Sharon: Uh, sure, Honey, come here.

Nick: Cover every airport in the area. Get more men. Do whatever it takes. Anything.

Victor: That's very kind of you, but we have got everything here. Do you want to talk to her? Sure, she's right here. Your dad.

Lily: Oh, okay, thank you. Hi, Dad.

Man: I have someone on the phone who says he knows where we can find Sheila Carter.

Nick: Call me back on this number.

Victor: Is he for real?

Man: Don't know. He said he'll only speak with you.

Lily: Just tell Mom that we're staying here, all right? Okay. I will. Bye.

Victor: Hello, this is Victor Newman. You know where Sheila Carter is? Hey, Man, don't you call here again, all right? Don't you play games with me, you got that?

Nick: What was that about?

Victor: Someone playing a bad joke.

Daniel: I didn't realize all this stuff about Sheila. I didn't know any of this. I mean, the fire, the kidnappings...

Nick: Yeah, she could fill up an entire novel series.

Lily: Well, I only knew about that boat blowing up.

Daniel: The lady's a total whack-job.

Victor: She's also a very smart lady. Don't you ever forget that.

Nick: Yeah, well, if she was that smart, she would've succeeded in taking Scotty and killing Lauren. Daniel, I'm... sorry, all right? I didn't-- I didn't mean to scare you. Look, I'd like to tell you that-- that Phyllis and the babies are gonna be okay, but personally, I hate it when people tell me that.

Daniel: It's cool, Man. I get it. I understand. No one knows what's gonna happen here.

Nick: That doesn't mean we're gonna give up. Because we're not. All right?

Daniel: Okay.

Nick: We'll find 'em.

Phyllis: Sheila, you're gonna regret this.

Sheila: I don't regret anything I did.

Phyllis: Please give me my daughter, Sheila.

Sheila: Hey, look at you, precious girl. You love your mommy, don't you? You love your mommy.

Phyllis: She knows you're not her mother.

Sheila: You could have a nice life with me. Look at you. You could have a nice life, couldn't you?

Phyllis: Sheila... she knows you're a stranger.

Sheila: No, she doesn't. No, you don't. You love me, don't you? Look at that big smile on your face. You have a big big smile on your face. You know I'm your mommy. Hey, Summer... why don't we put you back in the playpen with Scotty.

Phyllis: Scotty? His name is Fen.

Sheila: His name is Scotty. His name is Scotty. That's his name.

Kevin: A walk-talkie? Shouldn't we be out helping the cops look for Sheila?

Michael: All right, who's on the other end of this.

Kevin: What?

Michael: You can't tell Lauren.

Kevin: Are you serious?

Paul: Sheila turns this on every time she wants to talk to us.

Kevin: I take it the cops don't know about this? They'd be all over it.

Michael: No, no, no, we can't tell them.

Kevin: Why not?

Paul: Look, if Sheila finds out they're listening, she'll be gone for good. We need to stay connected.

Kevin: Okay, but what can I do? It's not like I can trace the signal.

Michael: We want you to use your laptop to record Sheila talking.

Kevin: What good is that gonna do?

Paul: Kevin, if we can isolate the sounds, we might be able to identify where Sheila's hiding.

Michael: Can you do that?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, it's worth a shot.

Sharon: Add it up again. See what you get.

Noah: 31? 32?

Sharon: Are you asking me or telling me?

Noah: 32.

Sharon: You're right.

Jack: You've got yourself one smart kid there.

Noah: Ten more minutes and then we can work on the model airplane.

Jack: I'm not going anywhere. Take your time.

Sharon: So... you think that I have given Phyllis grief?

Nikki: You've been horrible to her.

Sharon: Well... she stole my husband. What am I supposed to do, throw her a party?

Nikki: I expect both of you to act like adults.

Jack: You have no idea how I feel about Phyllis.

Nikki: Oh, yes, I do. I see that all the time at NVP you disrespect her. You barely recognize her partnership.

Jack: I helped Phyllis deliver this baby you suddenly care so much about. I want them home safe every bit as much as you do.

Nikki: Summer is my grandchild. She is my flesh and blood.

Sharon: Oh, so you're the only one who gets to feel anything about it?

Nikki: No, of course not. Where do you get that?

Sharon: Well, stop acting like you're the only one who's affected.

Nikki: All right, you know what? I've had enough of this. I'm going up to the tack house.

Sharon: I think that that's a good idea.

Nikki: Yes.

Man: I'm gonna grab some coffee.

Gloria: The very first time I saw Fen he was the tiniest little thing. Did you know he was premature?

Will: I remember hearing that, yeah.

Gloria: Yeah, the doctor didn't think he'd make it. But he is strong, like his parents. And he's my very first grandchild. You know, you can love your kids to pieces. But it's pretty much guaranteed when you raise 'em, you're gonna make mistakes. And in my case, it was huge, enormous, I-can't-believe-they-turned-out-as-well-as-they-did mistakes.

Will: I'll bet you were a wonderful mother.

Gloria: You'd lose that bet, Mr. But. But when you have a grandchild, it's like getting a second chance. You can smother 'em with love and spoil 'em rotten. And let somebody else / make all the mistakes. I can't even bear to think about losing that child.

Will: Then don't. The people out there looking aren't giving up. Phyllis and the babies aren't giving up. You can't either.

Gloria: Thank you, William.

Phyllis: Okay, Fen, that big bad lady-- she's gone right now. And your mom and dad love you. You know that? You're gonna see them soon. You're gonna see 'em soon they're gonna be here soon.

Nick: Wendy Gomez, please. Tell her this is Nicholas Newman. I wanna make another statement.

Kevin: When was the last time you heard from Sheila?

Paul: Oh, uh... it's been a while.

Kevin: Now is there a set time of day that she calls?

Paul: No, it's random. I think it's just when she feels like pulling my chain. (Walkie-talkie clicks)

Paul: Sheila?

Sheila: Yeah. Sheila. Were you expecting someone else?

Paul: I-I thought you had abandoned me.

Sheila: Would I do that to you, my lover?

Michael: It's Michael!

Sheila: How do you feel about another man coveting your wife? And he's dating that Sullivan girl. He's a player.

Michael: Sheila, let's talk about your future.

Sheila: No, thanks! I have it all planned out. Sorry yours is so bleak. Next topic, please.

Michael: The DA wants to cut a deal.

Sheila: How stupid do you think I am? A deal?

Michael: Wouldn't it be nice to live a nice, normal life without looking over your shoulder the whole time?

Sheila: Oh... oh, yes.

Michael: Think about it, Sheila. Think gout it. There's nothing better-- there's nothing better in the world. You could start a whole new life.

Sheila: I already have a new life. Scotty is my life. And that's all I need.

Paul: Sheila...

Sheila: Thanks! It's a lovely fairy tale, Paul, but I'm living in reality. Hey listen, I've gotta go! Scotty needs his diaper changed.

Paul: Sheila? Sheila?! Did you get enough?

Kevin: Yeah. Now comes the hard part.

Kevin: I don't know if I can make anything out of this.

Paul: Well, play it again. Let's start by eliminating what we don't hear. No street noise. No traffic.

Kevin: No music.

Paul: No children playing.

Michael: No machinery. No voices.

Sheila: It's a lovely fairy tale, Paul, but I'm living in reality.

Paul: What was that?

Sheila: Listen, I've gotta go.

Paul: Right after "Paul."

Sheila: It's a lovely fairy tale, Paul, but I'm living in reality. Listen, I've gotta go.

Kevin: A train whistle?

Michael: Yeah, faintly. Faintly in the distance.

Sheila: It's a lovely fairy tale, Paul...

Sheila: ...But I'm living in reality. Listen, I've gotta go.

Sharon: You know, I'm really glad Nikki left. The woman knows how to push my buttons.

Jack: Oh, she's just stressed about everything.

Sharon: Oh, and we aren't? I really--I hate Phyllis for what she did to my marriage, as I should, but that doesn't mean that I would wish what happened to her on anyone.

Jack: Nikki's right, you know? I haven't been fair to Phyllis.

Sharon: Okay...don't let her get to you.

Jack: No, it takes something like this to realize just how badly I treated her.

Sharon: Well, she hasn't exactly treated you with the utmost respect.

Jack: I provoked her. And she found comfort elsewhere.

Sharon: I take it we're not talking about her professional life.

Jack: She fell in love with someone else. She was just following her heart.

Sharon: Um... well... Nick and Phyllis could've been honest instead of sneaking around.

Jack: She didn't wanna hurt me.

Sharon: So instead she hurt both of us. And that's not right.

Jack: She didn't mean for that to happen. They got... they got carried away. Her actions were a direct result of my actions. I don't blame her for anything.

Sharon: Jack...

Jack: Phyllis is a big part of my life, Sharon. She always will be.

Nick: You know my family has considerable resources at its disposal. Please, Sheila, contact me. my e-mail address is nicknewman@genoacity.net. Will give you anything you want in exchange for the safe return of Fen, and my wife, Phyllis and my daughter, Summer.

Wendy: And we're out. Thank you, Mr. Newman.

Nick: No, thank you. I appreciate you guys coming out here again.

Wendy: This'll air in a few hours.

Nick: Okay, thank you.

Wendy: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Let me take you to the door.

Nick: Hey, Mom. Is Noah home?

Nikki: Yeah, I just dropped him off a little while ago.

Nick: Thanks for taking him.

Nikki: Well, Sharon wasn't very happy about it.

Nick: Does he know what's going on.

Nikki: No, no, Sharon's keeping all the televisions off.

Nick: All right. Hopefully he never has t find out.

Daniel: You want me to go and spend some time with Noah?

Nick: It's okay. I think it's best if we let Sharon just deal with it.

Victor: Let's just hope at Sheila got this message.

Nikki: Do you think she's doing this for money?

Victor: No. But if she thinks Nicholas does, she'll call him and tell him how stupid he is.

Nikki: Well, let's hope she falls for that.

Kevin: There's something else here.

Michael: Play it again.

Michael: I don't hear anything.

Paul: Neither do I.

Kevin: Hold on.

Paul: A cow?

Michael: More than one cow.

Paul: No traffic around? I think I know where they are.

Nick: My e-mail address nicknewman@genoacity.net.

Lauren: Yes, Gloria said it ran twice.

Nick: I will give you anything you want in exchange for the safe return of Fen, my wife, Phyllis and my daughter, Summer.

Gloria: Has he heard anything yet?

Lauren: Are there any new leads?

Nick: Nothing. Someone has to have seen Sheila.

Lauren: I keep trying to imagine where she went.

Nick: Well I'm hoping this appeal will make her call us. Then we can get a trace.

Lauren: If anything happens to either one of them, I will never forgive myself.

Nick: Lauren, don't do that. Don't think like that, okay? Just remember, Phyllis is with Fen. She'll take care of him.

Lauren: Thank you.

Gloria: Nick-- Nick, she can't talk anymore right now.

Nick: I understand. Just tell her, uh... tell her I'm here. She can call me anytime she needs to.

Gloria: I will.

Gloria: Lauren... I believe... that God has a special place in his heart or little children.

Lauren: I do, too, Gloria.

Gloria: And he's gonna look after those babies.

Lauren: Thanks.

Noah: Mom!

Sharon: Honey? Noah, what is it? What is it?

Noah: Summer--she's gone! She's gone! It's on the internet! We have to do something!

Sharon: No, Honey, I know. Listen, the police are looking for Summer, okay? They're gonna find her.

Noah: No, they won't! She's been kidnapped! They took her with Phyllis and Fen!

Sharon: Sweetie, listen to me, calm down, all right?

Noah: No!

Sharon: Calm down. It's okay.

Noah: No, I wanna find her!

Jack: Wait, listen, Phyllis will look after Summer and Fen until the police get there.

Sharon: Yeah.

Noah: No, they won't!

Sharon: Honey, please--

Noah: No! Summer is going to die! She's gonna die just like Cassie!

Sharon: Noah, listen, Honey!

Noah: No, I can't lose her!

Sheila: Your husband's an idiot.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Sheila: I heard him on the radio. Give me my baby! He's trying to bargain with me and offer me money. He thinks I want money. The audacity it's typical of the Newmans. They think they can buy their way out of anything.

Phyllis: Let me hold my daughter... please?

Sheila: Oh, that's a good idea. That's a good idea. Okay, Summer... let me give you to Mommy. Let's give Daddy... something to remember you by. I'll get my camera. My cell phone? My cell phone... where's my cell phone?!

[Sheil leaves the room to look for her phone and Phyllis opens up the curtain a crack]

Sheila: This is good! This is good! Good! Here we go! This is the last time Daddy is going to see his precious girls alive!

Lauren: Has Kevin talked to you about Jana?

Michael: All right, I can't think about Jana right now. Listen to me--

Lauren: No! But what if she has something to do with Sheila?

Michael: All right, look, Lauren, listen to me. I think we figured out where Sheila is. Paul and I are going there now.

Lauren: Are you kidding?! I'm gonna go get my coat!

Michael: No no! We need you here in case something happens. It'll look suspicious if we both leave.

Lauren: But I wanna go! Michael, Michael, maybe she will trade Fen to get back at me.

Michael: Sheila will never make that trade. And I need you here where you can safe.

Lauren: Then let me talk to Paul.

Michael: Paul's on my side.

Lauren: No, I wanna talk to Paul.

Michael: He’s in the hallway.

Lauren: Tell him I'll be there in a minute.

Sheila: You keep your money, Nicholas Newman. I have everything I need right here.

Lauren: Where are you and Michael going?

Paul: Okay, without a repeater, these walkie-talkies have a range of 3-5 miles. There is only one place I know of that has a dairy, train tracks and empty warehouses 5 miles of here.

Lauren: You know how dangerous Sheila is. Why on earth have you not turned this over to the police?

Paul: Lauren, it's because I know how dangerous Sheila is. One sign of the cops, it' over.

Lauren: You realize that she could get away and she could come after me?

Paul: You've got two detectives in there. You've got one watching the building.

Lauren: Oh, like that's gonna make me feel safe? We both know how many times she has disguised herself and she has gotten past the police.

Paul: I taught you. You remember how to use one of these?

Lauren: Yeah.

Paul: Okay, there's a round in the chamber. The safety's right here. Are you okay with that?

Lauren: What about you?

Paul: I'm covered. You take it, just in case.

Nick: This is all just a bunch of junk.

Man: But we have to go through every single one of them.

Man: Margolis got that zip file you sent him.

Nick: There's more coming.

Man: You got more coming.

Daniel: A picture, too.

Man: Let's see.

Daniel: Is that Mom?

Nick: Whoa!

Man: We got a hit. Forward it A.S.A.P. They'll start tracking the IP Address.

Nikki: I'll get I okay. Hello?

Sharon: Nikki, it's Sharon. Um... can I talk to Nicholas?

Nikki: He can come to the phone right now.

Sharon: Why? Did something happen?

Nikki: Uh, Sheila just sent a picture of Phyllis and Summer.

Sharon: Are they okay?

Nick: What is that in the window?

Victor: Some sort of sign.

Nikki: Yeah, they look okay. We're trying to figure out where it came from.

Lily: That looks familiar, doesn't it?

Victor: Yeah.

Daniel: All right, let me take a crack at that-- see if I can zoom in on it.

Sharon: Listen, um, I wanna bring Noah by.

Nikki: No! No! There's all kinds of police here. It's not a good idea.

Sharon: Noah wants to see his father. He knows about what's going on.

Nikki: What? Did you tell him?

Sharon: Lecture me later, okay? He read it on the internet and he's upset

Nikki: (Sighs) all right, fine, bring him up.

Sheila: Put it on.

[Sheila throws Phyllis the same kind of outfit she’s wearing]

Man: You're doing good, kid.

Daniel: Mom taught me how to do this. She's the whiz.

Man: You need a job when you get out of school, let me know.

Nick: This looks so familiar to me. Where have I seen this?

Victor: I know where they are.

Nikki: You do?

Lauren: Hello?

Nick: Lauren, its Nick.

Lauren: It's Nick Newman. Have you heard anything?

Nick: Is Michael there? I'd like to tell the two of you.

Lauren: No, he's not. What is it?

Nick: I think we found Sheila.

Michael: Okay, we're in. I'm gonna hang up now.

Kevin: Call me if you find them.

Michael: All right, will do.

Lauren: The Sunset Oasis Retirement Village? That isn't near the train tracks, is it?

Nick: It's that place down the block from you.

Lauren: Did you tell the police?

Nick: We're on our way with them right now.

Victor: Son, we need to go.

Nick: All right, I'll call you back.

Gloria: So what did Nick have to say?

Lauren: He just wanted to see what I was doing.

Gloria: Lauren where are you going?

Lauren: I need some air.

Gloria: Alright, fine, I'll go with you.

Lauren: Oh, I really-- I'd rather be alone. Thanks, Gloria.

Paul: Hey...

Michael: What is that thing?

Paul: It's a repeater. Sheila's bouncing her signal off of this thing. She could be anywhere-- laughing at us, m sure. Wait a minute, there's a note.

Michael: What's it say?

Paul: "Did you really think it would be that easy?" Very clever, Sheila. Are you there?

Sheila: You two are hilarious. You're a couple of cheese heads. Hey, Williams, what kind of PI are you? Are you? You couldn't find a hole in a doughnut.

Noah: Dad? Where's Dad?!

Nikki: Oh, uh, he had to go with Victor. He'll be right back.

Sharon: You didn't tell him we were coming?

Nikki: Something came up, Sharon.

Daniel: Hey, Noah!

Noah: Daniel!

Lily: Hey, Noah.

Noah: Lily!

Lily: Hi.

Daniel: Hang in there, little buddy, okay? It's gonna be all right.

Lauren: Excuse me. Have you seen two women with two small infants anywhere in this complex?

Dot: You must be talking about my neighbor, Betsy.

Lauren: Is she a friend of yours?

Dot: Oh, I've known her a few months. She just got back into town with her daughter and two adorable little grandbabies.

Lauren: What does the daughter look like? Is she red hair, tall?

Dot: Oh, Dear, I'm not sure.

Lauren: Okay. All right, thank you, you've been very helpful.

Sheila: Do something about those babies crying. Shut Summer up!

[Michael hears Fen crying over the walkie talkie]

Michael: That's Fenmore. That's Fenmore! Give it to me! That's Fenmore crying! Fenmore, Fenmore, its Daddy.

Paul: No, Michael, she's got locked open. She's got the key locked open. We can only listen.

Sheila: Hey, Paul? You couldn't figure anything out, could you? Hey... don't they give you a test at private dick school?

Sheila: Shut the babies up!

[Phyllis sneaks up behind Sheila to grab the gun and Sheila turns around and they are wrestling for the gun on the floor]

Phyllis: No!

Sheila: No! No!

[Lauren kicks open the front door]

Lauren: Don't either of you move!

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Amber: I just hope for once in her miserable life Sheila gets what she has coming to her.

Kevin: You don't think there's any chance that Sheila got to her, too, do you?

Michael: What happened?

Paul: I don't know.

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