Y&R Transcript Monday 2/5/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/5/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 2/6/07 -- USA


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Lauren: The longer that Sheila has Fen, the less likely we are to find him. I've read the statistics.

Gloria: I don't give a damn about statistics, Lauren. Fen is coming back to us.

Michael: Okay, so... we have people to distribute leaflets all over the state.

Lauren: Great. Great. So what do we need to do?

Michael: We just need a flyer with information about Fenmore and a photograph.

Kevin: Okay, I can print one up in, like, five minutes.

Gloria: I'll pick one out.

Lauren: I'll do it.

Gloria: Fine.

Lauren: I, uh... took pictures of him yesterday. They're still in my camera.

Michael: We're gonna find Fenmore, Sweetie. We're gonna find him.

Victor: I hired a criminologist. He's putting together a profile of Sheila. Uh, try to determine where she most likely would have taken Summer and Phyllis.

Nick: Well, I hope he can find something. The news crew is gonna be here soon. I typed up this fact sheet on the kidnapping. Can you take a look at it and see if I left anything out?

Daniel: Mr. Newman, any word?

Victor: No, unfortunately not.

Daniel: You guys practically have your own army on this ranch. How could Sheila get on it and not be spotted?

Nick: She had plastic surgery to look exactly Phyllis.

Daniel: It's sick. I mean, she had to have been planning this for a long time.

Victor: The only good news is that she will not be difficult to spot. Her picture has been all over the news.

Sheila: Thank you.

Sheila: I have so many goodies for us! We can get everything delivered. We never have to leave the condo ever again.

Sharon: I'll, um, I'll pick Noah up from school so that he won't hear about any of this.

Nick: Mom already took him to a museum in Chicago.

Sharon: Oh, um... I-I didn't realize.

Nick: I'm sorry. I, uh, I meant to call you earlier, but things are just so crazy right now.

Sharon: That's fine. Um, I'm sure Nikki will keep him busy. Okay, um, call me, Nick, if you need anything,

Nick: Thanks, Sharon.

Sharon: And I am praying that all three of them come home safely.

Dru: Sharon, are you all right? I can't even believe that that crazy person snatched Nick and Lauren's babies. I can't--

Neil: What can we do?

Sharon: Um, well, nothing, for the moment.

Neil: I can't imagine having your wife and child kidnapped.

Dru: Mnh-mnh.

Neil: It's amazing to me that Nick is holding it together.

Lily: Um, Nick, uh, can Daniel post that photo online? Since everyone hasn't seen the Amber Alert?

Nick: Yeah, I want as many people looking for them as possible.

Lily: Okay.

Jack: Hey!

Daniel: Jack! Hey, Man, I'm glad you're here.

Jack: I had to see if there was anything I could do.

Victor: We can use all the help we can get, Jack.

Paul: Maggie should've been out of surgery about an hour ago.

Woman: Information about a patient can only be released to a family contact.

Paul: Okay, well, I'm about as close to family as Maggie has in this town.

Woman: I'll let the surgeon know that you're here.

Paul: All right, thank you. You have any more questions for me?

Man: Not right now. Call me... if you remember anything else that might be relevant.

Paul: Right. Will do.

Paul: Sheila? Talk to me.

Daniel: Hey, I just sent you a picture of Phyllis and Summer.

Kevin: Okay. I'll add it to my flyer.

Daniel: Cool. Listen, Man, send me a picture of Fen and I'll add it to me that I'm posting on all the social sites.

Kevin: I'll do it A.S.A.P. uh, look, Daniel, um... you know, Lauren has gotten away from Sheila before--and, uh, Phyllis will, too.

Daniel: Thanks, Man.

Lauren: Okay, I think shot number seven is the best.

Gloria: Lucky number seven it is, huh?

Kevin: You know, uh, Victor and Nick have set up a bunch of interviews with the press. People who live under rocks are gonna know about this.

Gloria: You hear that, Honey? Did you hear that?

Lauren: Yeah. It's time for Fen's nap. What if he can't sleep without me? What if he's scared of Sheila?

Michael: Lauren, Lauren, listen to me. Phyllis--Phyllis is with them. You know she is going to look out for those babies, right?

Lauren: Yeah.

Michael: Uh, here's the e-mail address of that volunteer group.

Kevin: Okay. I'll crop the photo and get this right out. (Doorbell rings)

Gloria: I'll get it.

Lauren: Okay.

Gloria: Oh, good, police! Please, please, please come in. We've been expecting you.

Man: Genoa City Police Department.

Gloria: Yes, my son's just finishing up the flyer for distribution.

Michael: Can you set up over there?

Man: Make sure you include a description of what the babies were wearing. I'll check in at the Newman ranch.

Gloria: Okay. Maybe they found something!

Woman: The search continues for the two kidnapped babies. The public has already responded to the amber alert.       Earlier police received a tip about the four missing people. But the sighting turned out to be a mistaken identity. The authorities encourage anyone with information to call immediately.

Neil: Wow.

Dru: Wow.

Sharon: Well, the police are gonna have all kinds of bogus leads to sift through.

Neil: I'll tell you something, all they need is one-- one that pans out.

Dru: Neil? Did you--did you move the vase to the telephone table?

Neil: No, Baby, of course not.

Dru: Sharon, did you?

Sharon: No, I didn't. Why are you worried about it?

Dru: Well, it's just that I always-- I always have this vase right here, okay? And--and I didn't put it there.

Neil: Drucilla, relax, okay? You're worried about absolutely nothing.

Dru: No, Neil, I know that I didn't move that vase. I didn't move it.

Sharon: All right, look, hey, I throw my keys in my purse every day, yet I manage to lose them somehow.

Dru: Yeah, yeah, okay. You know, what am I doing? Let's just concentrate on Devon's trial and the babies.

Neil: Well, as much as we should be concentrating on the trial, right now I'm also worried about Nick and Michael.

Dru: Right.

Neil: They must feel really powerless, you know?

Dru: Powerless.

Neil: If something doesn't happen soon, I'm gonna go out there and look for 'em myself. They can't have gotten that far.

Phyllis: Hey, Summer. Hey, Sweetie! Hey! Hey, your mommy is here. Your mommy is here, little Summer. Yeah, we're just on a little trip. We're on a little trip. We're gonna be home soon, okay? Okay, Baby?

Sheila: Forget about it. Even if you were an escape artist, there's no way you'd be able to grab a couple babies and make it out the door before the bullet stopped you.

Daniel: Oh, that was fast. Some guy in Green Bay who runs an indie music site already agreed to link us up to the page that talks about the kidnapping.

Lily: See? Your massive buddy list is paying off.

Victor: Okay. I'm offering a million dollars for the safe return of Fen Baldwin, Phyllis Newman and my granddaughter Summer, who is a mere 7 weeks old. They should be easy to spot.

Nick: Phyllis is 5'9". Fen is 4 months old and my daughter is 7 weeks old. The kidnapper, Sheila Carter, has a violent history. She should be considered extremely dangerous.

Jack: I got it. I got it. Hello? Just a minute, please.

Jack: It's the Governor, offering his help.

Victor: Hello, Governor.

Nick: Hi.

Wendy: Wendy Gomez, Wisconsin action news.

Nick: Thank you very much for coming.

Wendy: Sure.

Nick: Hi. You can set up over there.

Victor: All right, well, I know you're doing everything you can.

Nick: Thank you so much.

Lily: Daniel, wait, a woman in Lake Forest, Illinois, thinks she saw Phyllis in the supermarket and took a picture with her cell phone!

Daniel: Guys, I think we got a picture of my mom.

Victor: Thank you, Governor.

Daniel: That doesn't even look anything like her.

Nick: How quickly can we go on the air?

Wendy: It'll only take a few minutes to set up. We're going live. Talk about the woman's relationship-- her history with your family. Um, many viewers are fascinated with people like Sheila Carter.

Nick: Okay.

Paul: Sheila? What's the matter? Are you scared to talk to your favorite private investigator?

Woman: You're Maggie Sullivan's contact?

Paul: Yeah. How is she?

Woman: Well, the surgery went well, but she hasn't regained consciousness yet. I'll just have to let you know when we have more information.

Paul: All right, thank you.

[Sheila talks to Paul over the walkie talkie]

Sheila: How's your girlfriend, Paul? Has rigor mortis set in yet?

Paul: She's healing as we speak.

Sheila: That's impossible.

Paul: Oh, really.

Sheila: You're such a liar. A nurse knows exactly where to place the bullet so it does maximum damage.

Lauren: No answer. Oh, how do I leave a message for Scott that his brother has been kidnapped? How do I do that?

Gloria: You just try later. You're gonna reach him.

Lauren: Fen's gotta be hungry by now. What do you think she's feeding him?

Gloria: Listen to me, you told me that Sheila took very good care of Scotty when he was a baby.

Lauren: That's because she was pretending that he was her son.

Gloria: So I'll be she's taking very good care of Fen.

Kevin: Hello?

Paul: Kevin, its Paul. Listen, uh, are the police monitoring your line?

Kevin: No.

Paul: Good, I need to speak with your brother.

Kevin: Yeah. It's for you.

Michael: Thank you. All right, well, thank you very much. Okay, over 300 people are handing out flyers. I told 'em to make sure to leave them at places that sell baby supplies, because I know Sheila is gonna need them, so... uh, anyway, this is me? Yeah, hi!

Gloria: Listen, not even Sheila would hurt an innocent baby.

Lauren: Oh, I don't think there's a line that she wouldn't cross to get what she wants.

Michael: (Whispers) you spoke with Sheila?

Paul: Wherever she is, she held onto the walkie-talkie.

Michael: What about Phyllis and the babies?

Paul: She stopped responding. I didn't get any indication of how they were or where they were.

Michael: Okay, I'm gonna hang up on you. I'll call you back when I find somewhere more private, all right? Bye.

Man: Where you going?

Michael: I need some fresh air.

Lily: So the campus Greeks have agreed to post info about the kidnapping on their web site.

Neil: I can't believe how much the two of you have already done. I don't know how Daniel's managing to work while he's so worried about his family.

Lily: Yeah, well, keeping busy helps, I know that.

Neil: Yeah, I'm sure. Hey, listen, um, tell him that we're thinking about him, all right? Oh, and also, um, tell him that, you know, that--

Lily: I know. I will, Dad.

Neil: All right, so, Honey, listen, your mom wants to talk to you, okay? All right, hold on.

Dru: Honey, have you heard anything?

Lily: Uh, no, not yet. But we are reaching a lot of people, so someone has to know something.

Dru: Baby, it'll just be a matter of time. Listen, um, listen... I just wondered, did, uh, you move the vase in the living room?

Lily: What vase?

Dru: Baby, the tall vase-- it's always on the bookcase. Did you move it?

Lily: Uh, no.

Dru: Ask Daniel if he moved it, okay?

Lily: Mom, his mother and sister have just been kidnapped. You want me to ask him about a vase?

Dru: Would you just ask? I know it seems trivial.

Lily: Hey, I'm sorry to bug you, but my mom insists on knowing if you moved a vase in the living room?

Daniel: She's kidding, right?

Lily: No, he didn't move it. Look, I have to get off this line in case somebody calls about the kidnapping.

Dru: Okay.

Sharon: So how they doing? Any progress?

Dru: Oh, they're gonna be all right. It's gonna be okay.

Neil: Um, you know, I've been thinking, I... I'm gonna go over to the tack house, see if they need any help.

Dru: Oh, great.

Neil: Well, I probably shouldn't leave you alone.

Dru: No, it's fine. Its fine, Neil. It's fine.

Neil: Yeah?

Dru: Yeah, it's gonna be fine.

Neil: You sure?

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: You know what? I--I'll stay. And I'm sure that they could, um, use the help there.

Dru: Thanks, Sharon.

Neil: All right, honey.

Dru: Here's your phone.

Neil: I'll be back, all right? It's gonna be all right.

Dru: Okay. Yeah, yeah, you go. You go and do that. (Sighs) who moved my basket? Why is my basket here?

Sharon: What?

Dru: Sharon, I did not-- I did not put my basket here. Somebody moved it. Sharon, let me tell you something. Ever since my tires were slashed, my clothes were cut up, I changed those locks. I changed those locks and somebody has found a way to get into my space and just move things around! And, you know, it's just to mess with my head!

Victor: "When did you last see Phyllis? How much does your daughter weigh?" Don't you think that all sounds a little clinical?

Nick: Any way to get the word out.

Victor: But, Son, how you phrase a plea-- that is important because Sheila might be in the audience.

Nick: Well, I hope so because I'd like to tell her exactly what I think of her.

Victor: And I don't blame you. But what we have to try to do now is convince as many members of the audience to want to help. Perhaps even appeal to Sheila's humanity.

Nick: If she has any.

Daniel: Hundreds of responses and not a single useful piece of information.

Lily: Daniel, it hasn't been that long.

Jack: You inherited your impatience from your mom. Keep in mind, it's her inability to sit around and wait that's gonna get her through this.

Nick: Jack's right. If Sheila knew Phyllis at all, there is no way she would've gone after her.

Daniel: But she did go after her. If she hated Lauren, why did she kidnap my mom?

Lily: Because she's crazy, that's why.

Jack: Look, who knows what her motivation was. But your mother is a very strong woman and she's not gonna give up easily.

Daniel: She had surgery to look like Phyllis so she could pretend to be her?

Nick: Anyone who has ever met your mother would be able to tell the difference.

Daniel: Not the cops. All they know is that Sheila's dangerous. What if they see mom and they start shooting?

Nick: I'm scared, too. But you can't forget something. Your mother is a very tough woman.

Jack: That's right. She delivered Summer in an elevator during an ice storm with no electricity.

Nick: And when you took off-- she ran clear across the country to get you.

Lily: Yeah, and when you were in jail, she managed to sneak me in to see you.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, you guys are right. You know, if anyone can outwit Sheila, its Mom.

Summer: (Cries)

Phyllis: Summer... Summer, you are just the bravest little girl in the world. You're so good.

Sheila: Your kid's a whiner. I'm not surprised.

Phyllis: Look at you-- hitting your enemy below the belt. Wow. That's exactly what I would do. We're a lot alike.

Sheila: We're identical. I spent months of agony trying to look like you.

Phyllis: I'm not talking about the way we look. I'm talking about how we really are. That's what I'm talking about. I think we're both contenders for the GC. "Chronicle's" most devious woman issue.

Sheila: You're not even a junior version of me.

Phyllis: The difference between the two of us... is that my schemes work.

Sheila: Don't flatter yourself.

Phyllis: Sheila, I've thought of many ways to get us all out of here alive. Have you figured them all out?

Sheila: What makes you think we're all getting out of here alive?

Phyllis: What makes you think we're all getting out of here alive?

Sheila: Stop that.

Phyllis: Stop that.

Sheila: Do you think imitating me is going to help you?

Phyllis: It's worked great for you.

Sheila: No one outsmarts me! No one! Not Lauren! Not Michael! Not Paul! No one! He tried to lock me in a cage and I got out!

Paul: What's up?

Michael: Okay, I'm alone. Did you hear any more from Sheila?

Paul: No, not yet. Listen, Michael, I was thinking. If we--if we told the police about the walkie-talkie, they might be able to pinpoint her location.

Michael: I do not want the police to know that you're in contact with Sheila.

Paul: Yeah, I know. But if something were to happen and we don't tell them--

Michael: No! You and I are the ones who know how Sheila's mind works.

Paul: Okay, still, you know, they've got the manpower.

Michael: I do not want a bunch of cops busting down doors, opening fire near my son.

Paul: Okay, enough said. I just wanted to be sure. You know what? We've handled Sheila before. We can do it again.

Dru: I feel like I have no control over my life.

Sharon: Well, anyone in your circumstances would feel powerless.

Dru: I was hoping for some, you know, comforting platitudes from you, you know?

Sharon: Okay, well, you know, all I meant is, it's perfectly understandable that you wouldn't feel safe, even in your own home.

Dru: You don't believe me, do you? You don't believe that people or someone is coming into my home and moving my things.

Sharon: No, no, no, I didn't say that. I didn't say that. I think that anyone in your position would feel like people are conspiring against you.

Dru: Sharon, Sharon, it isn't paranoia. It isn't paranoia, if that's where you're going.

Sharon: Okay, well, you know what? With Sheila out on the loose, I think we're all a little bit jumpy, you know, anytime we hear a noise.

Dru: It's not Sheila. Someone is moving my stuff. They're moving it.

Sharon: Who, Dru? Because we're the only ones who have been here. And we didn't do it.

Dru: I don't... I don't know who. I don't know, Sharon. It could be David Chow. Or it could be Carmen.

[On TV]

Nick: My name is Nicholas Newman. And today, I experienced every parent's worst fear. My wife Phyllis and baby girl Summer were kidnapped today. I don't know where they are or if they're safe, I just know that I love them and miss them very much. I wanted to tell you a little bit about these remarkable people. My little girl Summer was born in December three weeks overdue. She... she waited until an ice storm and a power outage to make her grand entrance in an elevator. You gotta love a baby with perfect timing. The man who helped deliver her is--is here today. Phyllis told him if he had to make a choice, to save Summer. Because that's the type of parent she is. She makes every day worth living. And I am grateful for... every day I got to spend with her and my little girl. And I will give anything-- I will do anything to have just one more day with them. So if you have any information at all, please call the police.

Sheila: Sorry, Nick, you're never gonna see them again. You just wussed out in front of the whole world for nothing!

[On TV]

Nick: Help me bring my wife and little girl home.

Gloria: Fen. Find Fen, too.

Kevin: Um... my girlfriend is missing, too. Or she may be missing. She may just be avoiding me. I don't know. The police told me I have to wait 48 hours.

Michael: Paul has been in touch with Sheila.

Lauren: What?!

Michael: Shh. Shh.

Lauren: Is Fen okay?

Michael: We don't know anything about him yet.

Lauren: And what about Phyllis and Summer?

Michael: All Sheila has been doing is gloating about shooting Detective Sullivan. But if she contacted him once, she'll probably do it again.

Lauren: She takes such pleasure in hurting people. And she has Fen.

Michael: Listen to me, you don't think like that.

Lauren: What if we don't get to our son in time?

Michael: You know what? We know more than we did an hour ago. And I'm gonna be here right by your side for another hour and the hour after that. And however many hours it takes until Fenmore is back in your arms. And that is gonna happen. Come here.

[Phone rings]

Lauren: I didn't wanna believe it either, Scott, but it's... it's definitely Sheila and she's got Fen. That's so sweet of you. No, I've got Michael here. And quite frankly, I really want you to stay where you are. I want there to be an ocean between you and Sheila.

Michael: Hello?

Lauren: Yeah, of course, Sweetie. I'll tell you as soon as I know anything.

Michael: Hold on.

Lauren: I love you, too. Bye.

Michael: Lauren? You've got another call.

Lauren: Hi, Mom.

[Lauren calls Paul]

Lauren: Have you heard from our mutual friend?

Paul: Lauren, I wish I had better news, but Sheila has turned off the walkie-talkie. Now you know her better than I do, what do you think that means?

Lauren: I don't know. I don't know. Usually when she does something horrible, she makes sure everybody knows about it.

Paul: Well, what-- hold on a second. Any news?

Woman: Maggie's awake. You can see her now.

Paul: Oh, great.

Lauren: That's wonderful.

Paul: Uh, listen, I'm gonna have to turn off my phone when I go into the room.

Lauren: Of course. Of course, please tell her that we are so thrilled that she's okay.

Paul: You know, playing possum is a very nasty practical joke.

Sullivan: It was the best sleep I ever had.

Paul: Next time, try warm milk. You know, we thought we lost you. My world would've been a lot less colorful without you in it.

Sullivan: There's no chance of that. If I'd have died, I'd come back to haunt you for getting me into this mess.

Victor: I didn't expect to see you here.

Neil: Well, staying at home wasn't an option, Victor.

Victor: Mmm. Tell you what, making pleas and offering rewards and posting on the internet-- it just simply is not enough.

Neil: Yeah, but listen, you're doing everything you can without a lot to go on.

Victor: We've had some response, but nothing conclusive. It's gonna take longer than I thought.

Neil: I'll take care of the financial modeling project so Nick doesn't have to deal with it, all right?

Victor: Do you know how angry this makes me?

Neil: Yeah.

Victor: How do you have the time right now to deal with all this?

Neil: Come on. Hell, I'm gonna make the time.

Victor: Okay. Thank you.

Neil: Yeah, absolutely. Victor, don't worry about it, all right?

Victor: Okay.

Neil: Daniel is my family.

Victor: All right. Thank you, Neil.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Dru: Okay, well, um, seems as though Devon's on his way to Daniel's class to take notes. He wants to return the favor.

Sharon: Those boys really look after each other.

Dru: Yeah, yeah, they do. But the problem is, is, um, I'm worried that Devon cares more about his friends than himself.

Sharon: Well, I think that's why you think you see Carmen.

Dru: What do you mean, Sharon?

Sharon: Well, when you think you see someone who is dead, it's usually because you want that person to be alive.

Dru: Oh, get outta town. Carmen's the last person I wanna see.

Sharon: Well, if Carmen is alive, then that means Devon can't be tried for her murder.

Sharon: I'll get it.

Dru: Thanks.  

Jack: Hey.

Sharon: Jack!

Jack: Neil told me you were here. I wanted to see how you were doing.

Dru: Hey, Guys, Daniel's on television.

[On TV]

Daniel: I didn't get to get to know my mom until after I was a teenager. And once I found out what an incredible person she is, I felt cheated on all the years that we had missed out. She wasn't there to give me a pep talk when my soccer team didn't make the playoffs. And I didn't get a chance to ever give her flowers or a box of chocolates on Mother's Day... but that time apart has made me appreciate every conversation that I ever have with her. And I think that she deserves to watch my baby sister grow up. My mom's a survivor. She's had to fight hard for anything that she's ever wanted. And that's how I know she's gonna make it through this. Mom... I hope you're watching this so you can hear how much we all love you.

Sheila: I'm in sugar shock.

Phyllis: Oh, you're funny. You better deal with it. Because my family isn't gonna stop looking until they find us.

Sheila: They're not gonna find you.

Summer: (Cries)

Sheila: Shh. Shh!

Fen: (Cries)

Sheila: Shh! Your daughter's contagious. Do something to shut her up.

Phyllis: Not tied up, I can't.

Sheila: Stop crying! Stop crying for Mommy! Mommy loves you! Stop crying.

Phyllis: Sheila! Yeah, you look like me. She knows you're not her mommy.

Nick: There's this lady who runs a motel in Milwaukee. She said some weird twins checked in.

Nick: I bet that Phyllis and Summer won't be with her.

Victor: Why do you say that?

Nick: Sheila did all of this so she can get her hands on Fen. She won't hurt him. But to her, my wife and daughter are just excess baggage. She may decide to get rid of them.

Victor: Son, don't even say that.

Phyllis: Yeah, she just needed her mommy.

Sheila: Get her to take a nap. I don't wanna hear her screaming for a long time.

Phyllis: I know. I know.

Phyllis: Hey... Summer, I'm gonna tell you a story, okay? I'm gonna tell you a story about the beautiful princess that lived in a beautiful castle.

Phyllis: And... the wicked witch... locked her in a dungeon.

Sheila: Blah, blah, blah, Prince Charming saved her.

Phyllis: No. She saved herself.

Jack: When I held Summer in my hands, I suddenly realized how tiny she was.

Sharon: Yeah, newborns are so vulnerable.

Jack: I mean, it's a miracle she survived. God knows, I've never stepped foot in a medical school.

Dru: Does anyone want any tea?

Sharon: No, thanks.

Jack: I'd love some tea. Thanks.

Dru: Sure, Jack.

Jack: I just keep thinking about how brave Phyllis was the night Summer was born. I wanted to be there for her, be the strong one. The truth is, she's the one that helped me hold it together.

Sharon: Yeah, I, um... can't imagine what Nick must be feeling right now. I wish I could go and see him.

Jack: I'm sure he'd appreciate that.

Sharon: Oh, I can't. I... I promised Neil that I would stay and look after Dru.

Jack: No, no, no, I'll look after Dru. You go.

Kevin: I'm gonna have the coffeehouse deliver some pastries or something.

Lauren: I'm not hungry.

Gloria: You and Michael need to eat something.

Michael: That's good. Thank you so much! Thank you! Get this, there is a tracker. He's used to working with missing kids. He is taking his bloodhounds to the airport, and they're gonna see if they can pick up a scent from Phyllis' car. (Cell phone ringing)

Michael: Oh, sorry. Hold on. Oh, excuse me. Yeah.

Kevin: What are Michael and Paul up to?

Lauren: They're trying to save Fen.

Paul: Maggie sends her regards.

Michael: Oh, that's great! That's good news! She's talking.

Paul: Not quite as much as usual, but, uh, it looks like she's gonna make a full recovery.

Paul: Hold on a second. I think we might be back in business.

[Sheila voice comes over the walkie talkie]

Sheila: Did you miss me?

Paul: More than words can express. How about you tell me where you are and we can have a little reunion?

Sheila: Put Lauren on.

Paul: She's not here.

Sheila: Then find her. I want to talk to my two favorite people together.

Paul: Why?

Sheila: You have five minutes.

Michael: Paul... Lauren will never make it to the hospital in five minutes.

Paul: No, I know, it's too far.

Michael: What is she gonna do? What is Sheila gonna do if she calls back and... Lauren's not there?

Lauren: It's too quiet.

Michael: Okay, listen, Lauren, we have a problem. Sheila wants to talk to you. I overheard it on Paul's walkie-talkie. Paul's walkie-talkie is what she's using.

Lauren: Could you hear Fen?

Michael: No, I couldn't--

Lauren: Let's go tell--

Michael: No, no, listen to me, listen to me, we won't get there in time. She's gonna call you in exactly five minutes and we won't be there. We won't get to the hospital on time.

Lauren: Wait--wait a minute, wait a minute, you said you could hear Sheila over Paul's phone? Paul's phone, right?

Michael: Walkie-talkie.

Lauren: His walkie-talkie. So if we call him, and he puts the phone up to the walkie-talkie, do you think that would work?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, that should work. That's a brilliant idea.

Lauren: So call him. Call him.

Michael: Okay.

Victor: Have they started to use helicopters? All right.

Daniel: I posted photos of Mom with her hair up and down so she'd be easier to recognize.

Neil: Good thinking, Son.

Sharon: I know how much you love your daughter.

Dru: You know, uh, Jack, I got a postcard from Aunt Mamie. Yeah, she's lying on a beach in Barbados somewhere.

Jack: Sipping on a piņa colada, no doubt.

Dru: Yeah. I miss her so much. And if she knew everything that was going on right now, you know she'd be back on the first plane.

Jack: I know you're pretty frazzled right now. Join the club.

Dru: Oh, God, Jack, it's so much more than that. Oh... I don't even know how to tell you. I've been seeing Carmen. See, I never should've told you. Now you think I'm crazy, too.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.

Dru: What?

Jack: I've seen my father multiple times since he died.

Dru: You have?

Jack: Look, he's dead. I--much as I don't wanna believe that he's not there, he's there. Something is there.

Dru: Yes. Oh, yeah, I understand! Somebody finally understands! Jack!

Jack: I thought about this a lot. Either I'm seeing my father 'cause I'm not ready to let him go or... maybe his spirit isn't ready to move on just yet.

Sheila: Ta da! They're a couple months old, but I still think they're in style. And when we put 'em on, we'll really be twins. I just love being a twin! And the best thing about it is no one-- absolutely no one-- will be able to tell us apart.

Lauren: How's the connection?

Paul: I can hear you, loud and clear.

Lauren: The question is, will Sheila?

Paul: I guess we're about to find out.

Sheila: Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Time's up. Where's Lauren?

Lauren: Right here.

Sheila: Hey, Lauren! Hi, I'm sorry to drag you away from what you were doing, but I thought you'd be more concerned about your son.

Lauren: I'm glad you got in touch, Sheila. Now if you let me know what I can do to help you and we work together, we can all get what we want.

Sheila: Oh, I know I will.

Sheila: Oh...

Michael: What was that? What was that?

Lauren: Sheila? What's going on? I rushed over here like you asked. Now I can't help you if you don't talk to me.

Sheila: Come on. Come on, Scotty. Mommy loves you, Scotty. Mommy loves you.

Sheila: Yes.

Lauren: Is that Fen? Did she just call him Scotty?

Michael: I don't know.

Lauren: That is Fen!

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