Y&R Transcript Friday 2/2/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 2/2/07 -- Canada; Monday 2/5/07 -- U.S.A.


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Nick: Uh, Sheila could be armed. Tell them to be careful, bye.

Lauren: Okay.

Nick: It's Michael. Michael, its Nick.

Michael: Um... is Lauren...

Nick: Yeah, she's out here at the ranch.

Michael: Oh. Lauren's okay.

Nick: Yes, Lauren's fine.

Michael: Put her on, put her on.

Nick: Listen, listen, listen, Buddy, there's something I gotta tell you.

Michael: Yeah, Sheila's alive. Please, I know that. Trust me, I know.

Nick: No, she was at the ranch, Michael. She was... pretending to be Phyllis.

Michael: Where's Fenmore?

Nick: I'm sorry, Sheila took him. She took Phyllis and Summer, too. They've all been kidnapped. Michael, are you there?

Michael: Yeah, I'm here.

Nick: Where are you?

Michael: I'm in a warehouse, uh... outside of town.

Nick: How soon till you can get here?

Michael: Mmm, uh, I'm waiting for the police. I really should wait for them.

Lauren: Is he okay? Where is he? What's going on?

Nick: What--what happened?

Michael: Oh, it's a long story. Paul's here uh... Sheila shot, uh, Detective Sullivan. She looks really bad.

Nick: Shot?

Lauren: Is it Paul? Is he okay?

Nick: No, no, no, it's-- Detective Sullivan's been shot

Michael: Nicholas, do you or Lauren know where Sheila may have taken Phyllis and the babies?

Nick: No. No.

Phyllis: A retirement home?

Sheila: Keep moving down the hall.

Phyllis: What is this? Do you know someone who lives here?

Sheila: Enough. Shut your mouth. Shut up. Open the door. Hold on! Hey, Dot! How ya doing?

Dot: Bets, you're finally back from your trip.

Sheila: I am. It was so exciting, seeing the birth of my grandchildren. This is my daughter Susan. These are my little grandbabies.

Dot: Oh, my, isn't that nice?

Sheila: Susan, say hello to my friend Dot.

Phyllis: Hi--hi, Dot.

Dot: Oh! Ain't these babies sweet! And aren't you lucky to have them so close by.

Sheila: I am lucky. It is so exciting! So!

Dru: What does it even matter, Neil? I mean...

Neil: Because you wanna look your best.

Dru: 12 strangers that are holding our son's fate in their hands. Why should I even care what I look like?

Neil: Hey, he hey, come on now, easy, easy.

Dru: No, I got it. I'm okay. I'm ok, all right?

Neil: Sweetheart--

Dru: Oh, stop. What?

Neil: Devon's in good hands, all right? Michael's an excellent attorney.

Dru: Yeah, but he's not invincible, all right?

Neil: Well, don't tell him that.

Dru: You know, what if he doesn't get the right group of people, okay? What if he doesn't get the right jury, Neil? What if our son gets convicted of murder?

Neil: You know, I'm hearing a lot of-- a lot of 'what if's' here. Meaning, there's more reason to be positive

Dru: Who can stay positive? Our son is going on trial for murder, Neil!

Neil: Yeah, but the DA's case is circumstantial, isn't it?

Dru: Okay, okay, right, you know, if I hadn't have gone off on Carmen in the first place, we wouldn't even be in this predicament. But, you see, I got our son all riled up. Now he's a target. I would do anything-- anything to take it back and change it.

David: Well, hello, there.

Sharon: Um, hello, David.

David: Let me guess, you're here to see your friend Dru.

Sharon: I am.

David: Mmm, still standing up for her, I see.

Sharon: Yes, the same way you're standing for Carmen. And I admire your loyalty.

David: You admire me? Why?

Sharon: Well, um... it's your devotion to see justice served.

David: Well, it's good to know at least one person around here is listening. Although I never expected it to be you.

Sharon: Well, Dru is my friend. Is has not been easy. And I think it's just-- it's horrible that Carmen has been murdered. It's--it really gut wrenching. And I hope that I did not do anything to make things worse.

David: How would you have done that?

Sharon: Well, um... I wasn't exactly very friendly when you first got here.

David: I admire loyalty as well. And besides, you were standing up for a friend, right?

Sharon: Okay, well, that still doesn't excuse my behavior.

David: You don't owe me any apologies, Ms. Newman.

Sharon: Um, Sharon, please. You know, um, for everyone's sake, I do hope that Carmen's real killer is found and convicted.

David: And I'm here to make sure that happens.

Devon: Yeah, it is. I'm screwed. The DA is gonna get what he wants with or without Dru and Neil's help.

Lily: No, Devon, don't say that. Look at Daniel. He was in just as much trouble as you--even more. He got convicted. And in the end, everything turned out fine.

Devon: There is no way that Michael can explain away all of the evidence they have against me.

Lily: No, none of this so-called evidence proves anything.

Devon: No, yeah, we know that. But it might not look that way to a jury.

Lily: I know there's a lot of evidence against you.

Devon: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on, hang on. I'm not done yet. To top it off, I don't have an alibi.

Lily: No, you were in the park.

Devon: Yeah, I know I was in the park. Do you think anybody's gonna buy that?

Daniel: Hey, Devon, Michael is-- he's a good lawyer, okay? He's the best.

Lily: Yes.

Devon: Yeah, good enough to explain how a dead woman ended up with my DNA underneath her fingernails? Is he that good?

Lily: You gonna eat that?

Devon: Go for it.

Lily: No, I want you to eat it.

Devon: Lily, if I eat it, you'll be wearing it.

Daniel: Your stomach is doing lips, huh? Okay, next question.

Devon: I just-- I don't wanna eat. I don't wanna answer any questions. I just wanna get this trial over with.

Daniel: Well, once it starts you'll probably just go on auto pilot. I did, anyway.

Devon: Well, I think my auto-pilot will consist of crash and burn.

Lily: Okay, you know what? I was gonna wait until I could to give you this, but...

Devon: What is it?

Lily: It is... a ten franc coin from when I lived in Paris.

Devon: No, that's cool. I can buy smokes at the prison commissary.

Daniel: Dude, come on.

Lily: Listen, it is for luck. And whenever I'm scared or worried, I just... I hold it in my hand and I make a wish. And I want you to have it. Hopefully, there's still enough luck left in it for you.

Gloria: You haven't heard from Jana at all?

Kevin: She hasn't come in. She hasn't called.

Gloria: All right, then you need to get over to the police station, have them start looking for her.

Kevin: I called the police last night, remember? She has to be missing for 48 hours before I can file a report.

Gloria: Honey, that's ridiculous. She could be hurt.

Kevin: Or not, Mom. Or not. Maybe--maybe she's dumped me and this is my first clue.

Victor: So when do you make the exchange?

Jack: Uh, less than an hour now.

Victor: At which time, the good senator will make the acquaintance of the FBI.

Jack: Thanks to your ingenious plan.

Victor: Mm-hmm. It took a lot of courage to do what you did, Jack. Proud of you.

Jack: Well, coming from you, that means a great deal.

Victor: Good luck, my friend. You call me when the arrest has been made, all right?

Nikki: Aren't you laying on this "Friend" thing a little thick?

Victor: Jack is so full of himself right now, he can't hear his own bleating.

Nikki: Well, here's to him. His moment of triumph. May he enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

Dru: You know, I feel like I'm forgetting something. Do I have everything?

Neil: No, we have everything we need.

Sharon: Your purse! Your purse.

Dru: Oh, thanks, Sharon.

Neil: Ladies, come on. We don't want to be late for court.

Sharon: Right.

David: Hello, everyone. Pleasure to see you, as always.

Dru: Maybe for you.

Sharon: Uh, I thought you already left, David.

David: I got down to the garage and I realized I forgot my cell phone.

Dru: Ah.

David: Perhaps you would be more comfortable taking this one down yourselves.

Neil: Probably a good idea, Mr. Chow.

David: I'll take the next one. I'll be rooting for Devon.

Daniel: Who else have you told?

Kevin: Everyone who knows her. I even drove out past her old camper and asked the people who bought it if they'd seen her.

Daniel: Well, you know, Jana--she seems like kind of a free spirit to me. You know, she's had, what, a hundred different jobs? And it doesn't seem like she'd be the kind of girl to stick around for a long period of time.

Kevin: Well, if she did take off, it's probably because I opened up my big mouth. I told her about Colleen.

Daniel: Wait a minute, everything?

Kevin: Everything.

Kevin: I had to tell Daniel. Things are getting serious with us.

Daniel: Yeah, kinda like I had to tell Lily about Alex.

Kevin: Yeah, right. I thought she could handle it. I thought she would let me have it and we would move on.

Daniel: I didn't think that she was gonna bail on you, though.

Kevin: She left all of her stuff at our place.

Daniel: Okay, you know what? That doesn't sound like a girl that's ditching you. That just sounds like maybe she needs a few days away.

Kevin: I'm all worried about her.

Daniel: Well, what do you mean? Like she got mugged or something?

Kevin: Either that, or her theory about Korbel is right.

Daniel: Okay, what theory?

Kevin: Jana thinks that Korbel killed Carmen Mesta.

Kevin: Well, I guess he just happened to find the body of a student at his old university. They say it was suicide but apparently there were a few other unsolved murders.

Daniel: That's pretty thin, Dude. Have you told Colleen?

Kevin: Who cares about Colleen? I'm worried about Jana. Yesterday one of the staff said he saw her and Korbel having it out.

Daniel: You really think that Korbel--

Kevin: I'm not ruling it out. This is Michael. Maybe he's heard something.

Lily: Hey, Daniel?

Daniel: All right, man, we gotta go to court, so text me, all right?

Kevin: Yeah.

Daniel: Great.

Kevin: Please tell me you're calling because you've seen Jana.

Gloria: Who is it?

Kevin: Yeah, she's right here, why? Why? What's up?

Victor: Thanks. That was our son. Sheila Carter is alive.

Nikki: What?

Victor: We need to get to the ranch right now.

Nikki: What's happened?

Victor: Let's go.

Nikki: Oh, my God!

Kevin: Mom, we have to go. The police are coming over to help.

Gloria: No, no, not Fen. This is not happening.

Kevin: Okay, it's okay.

Gloria: This is not happening!

Paul: Where the hell is that ambulance?

Michael: They should be on their way.

Paul: What the hell was I thinking? How could I have thought for a minute that I could've kept Sheila prisoner? You know, if I'd turned her in, everybody would be safe.

Michael: All right, Paul, focus. I mean it. If you talk this way in front of the police, we'll all end up in prison. Hey there, Maggie. You hang in there. They're gonna be right here.

Scofield: If the coffee goes down the wrong pipe again--

Jack: That was a fluke. That won't happen again, I promise.

Scofield: Here is the money. You to sign for it, Mr. Abbott.

Jack: By all means. I got it. So is there anything else I need to know?

Scofield: The camera's over here. Try not to block it.

Sands: If we position the senator here and you over there--

Jack: That's the best angle then. All right.

Scofield: As far as the actual sting is concerned, I recommend subtlety. Let him go for the cash.

Jack: Oh, don't worry, Agent Scofield. Our friend will never see what's coming.

Daniel: You guys haven't seen her anyplace, have you?

Devon: At the coffeehouse a couple days ago, maybe.

Daniel: You?

Lily: Well, Jana's not someone I pay a whole lot of attention to.

Daniel: Kevin is really upset about this, okay? I know he's not your favorite person.

Lily: Listen, you said they had a fight.

Daniel: Yeah, sort of, I guess.

Lily: Well, she finally realized what a bad guy Kevin really is.

Devon: You know what? Tell Fisher if he wants to trade problems to give me a call, 'cause I can set him right up.

Lily: Man, what is keeping Mom and Dad?

Devon: There they are.

Dru: Hey, Kids.

Daniel: Hey.

Dru: Hey, Honey. You look so handsome in that suit, Son.

Devon: Thank you. Maybe I'll score some points with the jury because of my good fashion sense.

Sharon: You nervous?

Daniel: Nah, look at him. He's steady as a rock.

Neil: Well, you know, we're all here to support you, Son.

Dru: That's right.

Neil: You know, to make a statement to the jury.

Daniel: Yeah.

Devon: Well, thanks.

Dru: Oh, look at Chow.

Neil: What?

Lily: Hey, maybe she's... a part of Carmen's family or something.

Daniel: Yeah, maybe.

Devon: Guess that'll make a statement, too, won't it?

Man: Where is, uh, Ms. Fenmore now?

Nick: She's upstairs. She's pretty shaken up. We both are.

Man: I'm sure. But time is of the essence. Every minute we wait for information is another minute we give the kidnapper.

Man: Kevin! Check this out!

Male TV announcer: Genoa City Police are requesting the public's assistance in locating both infants. Summer's mother, Phyllis Newman, was also abducted at gunpoint. They are believed to be driving Ms. Newman's red BMW 5-series sedan, Wisconsin license plate number--

Man: Hey, I saw her.

Gloria: You saw Phyllis?

Man: Yeah, she was here yesterday.

Kevin: Are you sure it was her?

Man: Positive.

Kevin: Wait, was this before or after Jana left?

Man: Before.

Gloria: Wait a minute. If Sheila Carter looks like Phyllis, though...

Kevin: Then-- then you can't be sure who you saw. And if that was Sheila...

Gloria: What?

Kevin: Um, she could be the reason Jana's missing. We have to go. Come on.

Nikki: Oh, my Darling, I can't believe it. But don't worry. We will find them.

Nick: Yeah, I know. It just doesn't seem real.

Nikki: No.

Victor: Do they have any leads?

Nick: Not yet. But hopefully Lauren can tell us something.

Man: When did you first see Sheila?

Lauren: I didn't know it was Sheila. Phyllis answered the door-- at least, I thought it was Phyllis.

Paul: The surgery was done in Argentina. The doctor that performed the procedure turned up dead.

Michael: Which, uh, in and of itself is not surprising if you know anything about Sheila's history.

Man: I've seen her case file. About yea thick? Why would she wanna look like Phyllis Newman?

Michael: To get to my wife. Uh, Phyllis and I are good friends.

Man: You think she did it to get close to you?

Lauren: To Fen. She really wants my son.

Nick: How many times has Sheila tried to kill you over the years?

Lauren: I have lost count.

Victor: Well, the woman obviously is insane.

Nikki: She's evil. She's just evil.

Man: You said you believed Sheila was dead.

Paul: Yeah, I did. I mean, I had a contact that gave me a DNA report that was supposedly conclusive.

Michael: Uh, Mr. Williams showed me a morgue photo.

Man: When was this?

Michael: October. Soon after my-- uh, my son was born.

[Michael remembering]

Paul: I thought the best way to give Lauren peace mind was to show that Sheila was dead. Give her-- give her tangible proof.

Michael: That photo...

Sheila: Yeah, the photo. He was a regular Richard Avedon. Put me on a slab and then pointed a gun at my face. It was total coercion.

Michael: She was in a morgue on a slab.

Paul: I altered the photograph with my computer. So obviously, the photo had been faked. So we wouldn't be suspicious.

Man: What was the suspect wearing when she left here?

Lauren: Black.

Nikki: Black what? Was she wearing a dress?

Lauren: Uh... um... like, black pants and a sweater.

Man: What else?

Lauren: Wait a minute, that was Phyllis. No, I remember what Sheila was wearing.

Paul: Sheila's an expert in disguise.

Michael: Last time she was in town, she had us all fooled.

Lauren: And blue jeans. She had Phyllis' mannerisms. She had her voice, hair, everything.

Paul: So you're looking for a Phyllis Newman look-alike disguised as anyone.

Man: When you first saw her, when was that again?

Michael: Yesterday.

Paul: Yes, with me. Uh, although, I, uh, stumbled onto this place a few days earlier.

Man: Stumbled onto it? How?

Paul: It was a routine stakeout. And when I saw it, I was blown away.

[Michael remembering]

Michael: How did you find her?

Paul: Two days before Fen was born, I went shopping for a baby gift.

Michael: Yeah, the album. The album, we got the album.

Paul: That was for you. I wanted to buy something for the child. Phyllis was there, buying baby clothes. I can't tell you why, there was something about her that wasn't right. I watched her. She was in a big hurry to get out of there and when she left, it hit me.

Michael: It wasn't Phyllis.

Paul: So I followed her here. And when I finally came and saw all this... I knew.

Michael: You knew? You knew what?

Paul: Michael, look around. Look around. Take a closer look. Look! Go!

Michael: Oh, my God.

Paul: It's an exact replica of your son's nursery.

Michael: This room-- behind the bars-- that's my son's nursery-- down to the last detail.

Man: Why didn't you call us then?

Paul: For somebody's decorating ideas?

Man: Still--

Paul: Hey... I was following a hunch. That's all it was.

Michael: Look, the first time Paul told me this story, I didn't believe him, until he mentioned Sheila's name.

Man: You said Detective Sullivan followed you here.

Paul: She followed me or tracked me. I'm not sure which. I do know she was alone, no backup. Sheila overpowered her. When I went in to rescue Maggie, well, that's when Sheila jumped me. When I woke up, Maggie had already been shot and we were locked in that cage.

Man: Where you've been all night?

Paul: Right, we'd still be in there if it weren't for Michael.

Michael: And now Sheila's with Phyllis--

Lauren: With our children! Look, you've gotta find them! I've told you everything I possibly know. Now, go! You are wasting time!

Michael: All right, look, how many more questions do we have to answer, Detective? Because I need to see my wife.

Neil: Well, you calm down, all right? He'll be here soon.

Dru: He is late, Neil.

Sharon: He's probably just stuck in traffic.

Daniel: Or he could be stuck in the security downstairs. That was pretty intense.

Lily: Man, where the heck is the DA?

Neil: Maybe they're meeting about the case.

Devon: Michael and Bardwell? Why?

Dru: Honey, maybe there's some new evidence, okay?

Daniel: Wouldn't that be cool?

Devon: Yeah. Depends on the evidence.

Sharon: We shouldn't be speculating in court.

Neil: Sharon's absolutely right. Let's just sit tight. I'm sure we'll get started soon enough.

Lily: Hey, maybe they'd know what the holdup is.

Neil: She's right. Hey, come here, Dru. Excuse me? Can you tell us why it's taking so long?

Dru: Yeah.

Woman: No idea. But everyone needs to stay close. The judge could start proceedings any time.

Dru: Okay, okay.

Neil: Yeah, thanks.

David: Devon, I'd like you to meet Carmen's mother, Maria Mesta. Maria, this is Devon Hamilton.

Devon: Hi.

Maria: It's nice to meet you, Devon. Carmen spoke very highly of you.

Devon: I'm sorry for your loss.

Sharon: Uh, David, this might not be the right time.

Neil: Uh, Mr. Chow? If you don't mind, Sir.

David: And these are Devon's parents-- Dru and Neil Winters.

Dru: How do you--

Maria: Drucilla Winters? It's nice to put a face to the name. You are the one person Carmen did not speak highly of.

Carter: I wouldn't expect the legislature to vote on that amendment any time soon.

Jack: Still in committee, huh?

Carter: Exactly where it will stay.

Jack: That's where the real power lies, isn't it? Making things happen when you want them to happen.

Carter: Well, I believe you and I understand each other, Mr. Abbott.

Jack: Yes, I believe we do.

Carter: I see you've come prepared with the money. Uh, may I take a look?

Jack: By all means.

Carter: Well... uh-huh. Exactly what I hoped for-- a few hundred thousand, uh, to start off, of course.

Jack: Tax free, if that's your pleasure.

Carter: Now, Jack, that would be illegal.

Jack: Hey, what the boys at the IRS don't know won't hurt 'em, right? Meanwhile....

Carter: The next zoning board meeting in Menomonee Falls is February 19th.

Jack: And you're confident they will vote as you tell them to, right?

Carter: Of course. Uh, we will reconvene that evening, hmm?

Jack: Presidents Day.  It took a lot of dead presidents to fill that briefcase.

Carter: Jack, a pleasure doing business.

Jack: The pleasure is all mine, believe me.

Sands: Carter Bodi?

Carter: Yes?

Sands: You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you.

Victor: I don't care what it costs, I want results.

Nick: So TV and radio?

Victor: You hire as many people as you need.

Nick: And how long for that? And what about the internet?

Victor: Call me back as soon as you find out.

Michael: Lauren! Lauren! Are you okay?

Lauren: Michael!

Michael: It's okay.

Nikki: Paul, what is this Nicholas said about a warehouse?

Paul: Sheila, um... was living there. That's where Detective Sullivan found her.

Victor: Is that the officer that was shot?

Paul: Yes.

Nikki: Is it bad?

Paul: Uh, yeah, it's pretty bad. She, uh, lost a lot of blood. And she's been in surgery for a while now.

Michael: We were speaking to the investigating officer and then we came right here.

Lauren: If anything happens to the kids or Phyllis...

Michael: Sweetie, it's not gonna happen.

Nick: The police are on it. There's already an Amber Alert being broadcast.

Victor: If that is the case, then Sheila will not get far. Hello?

Michael: It's okay.

Male TV announcer: Sheila Carter, wanted internationally for a string of violent crimes, abducted the two infants and Ms. Newman earlier today from the Newman compound. Ms. Carter is armed and dangerous. Please call the number on your screen with any information. This has been a Wisconsin Amber Alert.

Sheila: They didn't waste any time, did they?

Phyllis: Did you really think they would, Sheila?

Sheila: Well, at least we're in our cozy apartment, away from the good Samaritans. All the good Samaritans, like Paul Williams. That's right! Like Paul Williams who tried to lock me up in a cell for four months. He couldn't do that. He couldn't do that to me, right? He tried to lock me up for the rest of my life. Yes, he did.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Sheila: They thought they could keep me locked up in a cell. Far away from you, little sweetie. Yes, they did.

Phyllis: Did they really?

Sheila: Yes, they did. Escaping from Michael and Paul was some of the easiest work I've ever done. I've met puppies smarter than those two. Yes, little puppies. I met little puppies smarter than them, Sweetie. Yes, I have.

Phyllis: Listen, if Michael knew that-- that you were locked up--

Sheila: What? If Michael knew? That he'd have me dead by dawn? What? Let me tell you something, many, many people have tried to outwit Sheila Carter but they are all in the ground right now. And you will be, too. Everyone-- everyone but you, Sweetie. Everyone but you, Baby. Everyone but you.

Neil: It keeps going to voice mail.

Dru: Where is Michael?

Neil: I don't know, Baby.

Dru: I mean, come on! What are we gonna do?

Woman: Folks, if I could have your attention, please?

Devon: What's going on?

Dru: Yeah?

David: Are we getting underway soon or what?

Woman: I've been asked to inform you the trial's been postponed.

Lily: What?!

Dru: Postponed? For how long?

Woman: Indefinitely.

Devon: What does this mean exactly?

Neil: Where is Bardwell?

Woman: Sorry, sorry, that's all I know. Please consult with your attorney.

Lily: Oh, my gosh!

Dru: Consult with our attorney? If we knew where he was. I can't even believe this. Sorry, Son.

Paul: All right, we need to figure out where Sheila might've gone.

Lauren: Well, to do that we have to think like her. So it's gotta be some sort of twisted place.

Michael: Someplace probably without an extradition treaty.

Michael: Oh...

Lauren: Who is it?

Michael: Uh, excuse me, I have to take this. Hello, Neil.

Neil: "Hello, Neil"? That's all you have to say to me? You're supposed to be defending my son. Now the trial's been postponed. What the hell is going on, Michael?

Michael: I'm sorry. Something happened. And, uh...

Lauren: It's okay. It's okay.

Paul: Neil, hi, it's, um... it's Paul. Listen, um... Michael's son has been kidnapped.

Neil: Kidnapped?

Dru: What?

Jack: Victor, I wish you could've been here to see it. The look on Bodi's face was priceless. I'm sorry to leave this on your voice mail. I would much rather have told you in person. Anyway, listen, I am in Madison. I have to stay here another day. The Feds want me to stay, fill out some paperwork, make sure this thing sticks. I'll talk to you as soon as I get back. Unless you can't wait and wanna call me on my cell. Ciao then.

Female TV announcer: The statewide Amber Alert was issued shortly after 1:00 P.M. repeating-- two infants and one adult woman have been abducted in Genoa City. Phyllis Newman, her 8-week-old daughter Summer and Fenmore Baldwin, aged 4 months, were taken at gunpoint by this woman, Sheila Carter.

Lauren: She's the sickest person who ever lived. That's what we're dealing with here.

Paul: At least we have the resources to give ourselves a fighting chance.

Michael: Okay, if I were Sheila, where would I go?

Lauren: We know she has contacts in South America, right?

Nick: You mentioned Argentina and Brazil?

Michael: What about the Caribbean? Remember what she tried to pull on our honeymoon?

Paul: I don't know, Guys. Sheila is smart. Do you have any idea how hard it would be for her to leave the country right now?

Man: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. We set? Wiretap's in place?

Nick: Nick Newman.

Jack: Nick, its Jack. I'm in Madison. I just saw the Amber Alert on television.

Nick: Good, then it's running upstate, too.

Jack: What is going on?

Nick: Look, Jack, all the information was on the broadcast. I have to keep this line open in case Sheila calls.

Jack: Nick...

Nick: Yes?

Jack: They're in my prayers. You hang in there.

Neil: So that's all Paul could tell us.

Dru: Daniel, I'm-- I'm so sorry.

Daniel: Why would this Sheila person-- I don't--I don't understand any of this.

Sharon: From what I've read about Sheila Carter, what she does only makes sense to her.

Dru: Oh.

Devon: Those Amber Alerts are supposed to be really effective.

Daniel: I sure hope so.

Lily: They'll find them, Daniel. They have to.

Dru: Yeah, listen...

Neil: Everyone's a wreck here.

Dru: Yeah.

Sharon: I can just imagine what Nick's going through.

Dru: How about if, you know, we all just go out to the ranch? See what we can do?

Daniel: Dru, no.

Dru: Why not?

Daniel: You and my mom-- you guys aren't really the best of friends.

Dru: Oh, look...

Devon: She just wants to help.

Dru: Yeah.

Daniel: I understand, but I just think now is not the best time.

Neil: Daniel's right. It's his family. Let him make that call.

Dru: Fine. All right. Fine.

Lily: Well, do you-- do you wanna go out there?

Daniel: I don't know what I wanna do. I just--all I can think about is Summer and my mom.

Dru: Neil! Neil, come here!

Neil: What are you doing?

Dru: She was right there. She was right there!

Neil: Who was right there?

Dru: She was right there!

Neil: Man, what a day.

Dru: Yeah, maybe we should've gone over to the Newmans and helped them out. I know those people must be spent.

Neil: Well, I'm sure they got all the support they're gonna need right now.

Dru: Mmm.

Neil: Although, I've never seen Michael so upset. He was in no shape for a trial.

Dru: There shouldn't be a trial in the first place, because no one got murdered.

Neil: Oh, please, Dru--

Dru: No, no, don't "please" me. I know what I saw.

Neil: We already talked about this.

Dru: No, you talked about it, Neil.

Neil: Hey... we looked all over that courthouse, didn't we? We didn't see anyone--no one-- no one who looked like Carmen.

Dru: Neil, Neil, I saw her. I saw her, Neil.

Neil: Yeah. You think you saw her.

Dru: Okay, Neil, listen to me. Whoever--whoever that person was in back of Indigo, it was not Carmen Mesta. That woman is alive.

Gloria: Michael? Lauren? My poor Darlings, come here.

Michael: Have the police been here yet?

Kevin: They're inspecting Fen's nursery right now.

Michael: All right.

Lauren: Is the wiretap in?

Kevin: Uh, yeah. Yeah, it's this state of the art setup. They're gonna get a court order to clone your cell phones. In case Sheila tries to call or something.

Michael: Oh, all right, so no one's called, I take it?

Kevin: No.

Gloria: And how's Nicholas doing?

Lauren: He's devastated. I mean, we all wanna go out and look, but... we don't know where.

Kevin: So what happens now?

Michael: We wait. Excuse me.

Gloria: Lauren...

Victor: I don't think so. And let Sheila get away with it? That is not how I would handle the situation.

Nick: What else can we do?

Nikki: We've contacted everyone we can to help with the search.

Victor: There's got to be something.

Nikki: Who are you calling?

Victor: I'm calling my driver.

Nikki: Victor, we need you here. You can't go anywhere

Man: One of our units just radioed in. Phyllis' car was found at the airport-- long-term parking lot.

Victor: Did anyone see her?

Man: Canvass didn't turn up anything.

Nick: What about security tapes?

Man: They're being reviewed, but the car was parked in a blind spot outside of camera range.

Nikki: Sheila knew exactly what she was doing.

Victor: Any clues inside the car as to where they might've been headed?

Man: Not a one. We're investigating the airport now. Uh, so far, there's nothing more to report.

Paul: Right, Maggie Sullivan. She's a fellow officer. Okay, look, she's been in surgery for over three hours. Certainly somebody has-- all right, fine. Will you please call me the minute she's out of surgery then?

Michael: One sip.

Lauren: My throat's--

Michael: One sip. No, no, try it, try it. It will help, I promise you. All right, all right, Sweetie.

Lauren: This is my fault.

Michael: All right, you know, nothing involving Sheila is your fault. I don't wanna hear that.

Lauren: Oh, my one regret--

Michael: No, stop it. Stop it, Sweetie. Stop it right there.

Lauren: You know, you and Paul-- you wanted to take her to the hospital, but I just stood there and I said, "Let her die."

Michael: Shh, Sweetie. Listen to me... if anyone's to blame for what happened, it's me. It's me. The minute I saw Sheila in that cage, I should've called the authorities. So if you wanna blame someone, blame me.

Lauren: You don't understand. My biggest regret is just saying, "Let her die." I should've finished her off, Michael. And the next time I lay eyes on Sheila Carter, I am not gonna make that mistake again.

Phyllis: They're going to find us, Sheila.

Sheila: You keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

Phyllis: If you think for one minute that my-- ow! No!

Sheila: Too tight?

Sheila: I'm sorry. I suggest you relax, make yourself comfortable. Because you and I and the babies are in for a nice, long stay.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Woman: You're Maggie Sullivan's contact?

Paul: Yeah.

Sheila: Do you think imitating me is going to help you?

Phyllis: It's worked great for you.

Michael: We're gonna find Fenmore, Sweetie. We're gonna find him.

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