Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/1/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/1/07 -- Canada; Friday 2/2/07 -- U.S.A.


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Gloria: Hello, Kevin!

Kevin: Will you please call me and let me know you're all right?

Gloria: What happened to Jana?

Kevin: Me. She didn't come home last night. I called her a dozen times. She hasn't called me back

Gloria: And why wouldn’t she?

Kevin: Because I blew it, Mom. I told her that I tried to kill Colleen.

Korbel: Testing the infinite monkey theorem?

Colleen: Oh, what-- what are you doing here? You don't have class.

Korbel: Oh I was between sessions, there's hell to pay. You?

Colleen: I needed someplace quiet to work.

Korbel: On the infinite monkey theorem?

Colleen: What is that?

Korbel: Thomas Henry Huxleyteth if you gave keyboards to an infinite amount of monkeys, and gave said monkeys an infinite amount of time…Well it is safe to say…you are not the magic monkey.

Victor: I have left several messages for Ashley. She has not returned my calls.

Brad: No, but I wouldn't worry. I have security watching them 24/7.

Victor: I don't care what arrangements you made. We better find out what's going on.

Brad: Ash, call me as soon as you get this. Tell Abby I love her.

Victoria: You know, it's-- it's late in Hong Kong. They're probably still asleep.

Victor: If we do not hear from her by noon their time, I will send one of my people over there.

Nikki: Well, in the meantime, we have plenty to occupy our minds.

Victoria: Yeah, and we haven't made much progress.

Victor: The reason for that is, it's obviously code. My suggestion is we hire a cryptographer.

Brad: No. Absolutely not. We might as well put it on the news. We've got the Grugeon piece. Come and get us.

Korbel: You're trying to decipher a code word?

Colleen: I didn't say that.

Korbel: Looks intriguing. And you need help.

Colleen: Hmm. I can't tell you anything.

Korbel: Discretion is in order, all right.

Colleen: If anyone can figure out what that means, it's you.

Korbel: Can you tell me the context, at least?

Colleen: Unfortunately, I can't. Because I don't know it.

Korbel: Mr. Watson reporting for duty, Ms. Holmes. Let's get to work.

Michael: Damn it! That file was here! I saved it! The file was right here!

Lauren: Honey... now I'm worried about you. I'm worried about Paul, too. Did you hear me?

Michael: Look, um... it's all under control. I can't think about Sheila right now. I have to focus on Devon.

Kevin: Hi.

Lauren: Hey.

Kevin: Have you guys seen Jana? Talked to her? Anything?

Lauren: No.

Michael: No.

Kevin: I'm such an idiot.

Gloria: She didn't come home last night.

Lauren: What? Did you two have a fight?

Kevin: No. No, a fight's easy. A fight, you can kiss and make up. I decided it was time to tell her about my dubious personal history.

Gloria: Honey, Honey, she'd heard a lot about your past. You never let it interfere with your relationship.

Lauren: She loves you. Maybe she just needs some time.

Michael: Yeah, once you have a chance to explain to her--

Kevin: What--what chance? What chance? Your past never goes away. There's nothing you can do about it.

Jack: Okay. Impatient. You don't have to knock the door down. Come on in.

Nick: Where's room service?

Jack: Listen, uh, bad news. Senator Bodi's office just called. They have to move the meeting back.

Nick: Until?

Jack: Until some time after lunch. He's gonna call me.

Nick: Damn!

Jack: Look, I know how frustrated you are. Look, go on home. Take the jet with you. If you feel bad, send the jet back for me.

Nick: Give me a minute. I need to call Phyllis.

Jack: Give her my best regards.

[Phone rings]

Sheila: Hello?

Nick: Hey, it's me.

Sheila: Hey, you. I was feeding our daughter and she fell right to sleep.

Nick: I wish I was there, but I can't leave just yet. Our meeting's been pushed back.

Sheila: Oh, okay. Well, take as long as you need.

Nick: Okay. I love you. Pass it on.

Sheila: I love you. I like this. Your husband is so sweet. He's a doll. You know... when he comes home, I think I'm gonna put you in the closet and get close and personal with him. Yeah. But then again, I'm not the kind of woman to abandon my girlfriends for a hot guy. So let's stick with the play date. If you agree, say nothing. Oh, excellent. Mmm.

Korbel: "Est," uh, means "East" in Italian, uh, and "Is" in Latin.

Colleen: Also in French. Oh, and it's also a suffix in English. Huh. Gosh, you know what? That's great, but we're not getting anywhere.

Korbel: No, we're just getting started. I'm up for the challenge if you are.

Kevin: Mom? Go ask Emily if she's seen Jana.

Gloria: Okay, okay.

Man: Hey, Boss.

Kevin: Hey, have you seen Jana?

Man: Not today. You still can't find her?

Kevin: No. Um, do you remember anything about last night? Was she with anyone? Talking to anyone?

Man: No. Wait, she was out on the patio with that, uh, Professor dude. The one who comes in all the time.

Kevin: Dark hair, drinks Americanos?

Man: That's him. He and Jana were really getting into it.

Kevin: What did they say?

Man: Couldn't hear 'em. But whatever it was, the professor was ticked.

Kevin: Okay, thanks.

Gloria: She hasn't seen her.

Kevin: Mom, go home. If Jana shows up, call me.

Gloria: Kevin, what is going on?

Kevin: I don't think my big confession's the reason we can't find her.

Nick: Tell me something, which of these documents actually matter?

Jack: They all matter. Nicholas, I really don't think we need to tag-team this guy.

Nick: Fine. We're gonna do this your way. When you come home with your butt kicked, we'll tell everyone you knew exactly what you were doing.

Jack: Believe me, I've got this handled.

Nick: I'm going home to my wife.

Sheila: I'm trying to figure out who Summer looks like-- me or Nick.

Phyllis: Hmm.

Sheila: Do you wanna say something? Okay. But just remember... I'm armed and dangerous.

Phyllis: I can help you.

Sheila: Really?

Phyllis: Yes. I can help you. Listen... there's a Newman account. And I'll give you the access code. Nobody has to know. Nobody at all. You could take my passport. It's a picture of you. You go far away and I will never tell anybody about this, okay?

Sheila: Oh, interesting.

Phyllis: You would be rich. You'd be free.

Phyllis: I can take care of this. I can make this happen for you.

Sheila: Or... I can be the Newman. And I can be married to the hot guy. And Lauren can be my best friend. And we'll get baby clothes together.

Phyllis: I swear to you, if you do anything to my daughter, I will kill--

Sheila: Shut up. Hey, I really liked that talk. I feel we bonded. Like sisters. Maybe even twins.

[Phone rings]

Sheila: Talk to me!

Lauren: Prince Fenmore has finally awakened. So why don't we meet at Crimson Lights?

Sheila: No, no, Lauren, I want you to come here. I have some really great coffee.

Lauren: Uh... okay, yeah, all right. We'll come there.

Michael: Have fun.

Lauren: We're leaving now.

Sheila: See you soon. Lauren's coming. Lauren's coming over and she's dying to see you.

Scofield: It's very sensitive. Don't whack it. And whatever you do, don't smack it.

Jack: So no Tarzan-- okay. Yeah.

Sands: We'll be down the hall, listening in.

Jack: Thanks, guys.

Sands: Good luck, Mr. Abbott.

Jack: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Victor: Yes?

Jack: Hey, it's Jack. I'm still in Madison.

Victor: So I guess Senator Bodi fails to see the light?

Jack: I gave him enough to grow roses, but he didn't budge. Unfortunately, he doesn't have your sense of ethics.

Victor: Then I suggest we go to plan "B."

Jack: I'm meeting him right after lunch. I'm already wired. The Feds are down the hall.

Victor: You call me afterward. Good luck.

Nikki: What's he up to?

Jack: He's about to end Senator Bodi's career.

Nikki: Along with his own.

Victor: Two vultures with one stone.

[Phone rings]

Brad: Hello? Oh, Ash, thank God. Is Abby with you? Hold on. They're okay. Ash, please let me know if you're gonna be out of touch. Yeah, yeah, I'd love to see them. Tell Abby to upload the pictures. Tell her I love her. Okay, bye. Abby had a fieldtrip and Ash chaperoned at the last minute.

Victoria: Oh.

Nikki: There, you see? It was nothing.

Victor: This time.

Korbel: So I've been thinking, Colleen.

Colleen: Thanks.

Korbel: All roads... lead to Rome.

Colleen: Italian?

Korbel: Nope. Latin.

Victoria: Latin. It's Latin.

Brad: It was the language of the church back then.

Nikki: Yeah, but you ran the words through the translation program.

Victoria: Encoded Latin. You see, if the box ever held a piece of the Mother Mary's veil, whoever wrote the inscription wouldn't have wanted it decoded easily.

Victor: Well, then I suggest we bring in a linguist and a cryptographer.

Brad: Victor, no.

Victoria: Acta est fabula, "The play is over, applaud!"

Nikki: That's what it says?

Victoria: Yeah. Looks like all those years at a snooty boarding school are gonna pay off.

Korbel: Latin. Latin is the core of all romance languages.

Colleen: Veritas?

Korbel: Veritas. Truth.

Colleen: Huh. So, it is written in Latin, with other letters in-between.

Korbel: Okay, wait, wait, wait... "Quid" meaning "What."

Colleen: What truth?

Korbel: Unh-unh, unh-unh.

Colleen: "Quid est veritas?"

Korbel: What is truth?

Sheila: Hey!

Lauren: Hi!

Sheila: I'm glad you could make it!

Lauren: Yeah, me, too. Ooh, the coffee smells so good!

Lauren: Oh, Summer!

Sheila: Oh, yes, it's a special blend-- chocolate and cinnamon.

Lauren: Mmm.

Sheila: Oh, look at Fen.

Lauren: Okay, here's your girlfriend, Fen. Feel free to drool.

Sheila: Oh, right. You can drool. Look at him.

Lauren: Yeah.

Sheila: Oh...

Lauren: He's really getting bigger, huh?

Sheila: Oh, you know, there's only one drooler in this house and it's my husband. And he's only allowed to drool on me.

Lauren: Oh, really?

Sheila: Okay.

Lauren: They look so sweet.

Sheila: How about I pour the coffee?

Lauren: Okay.

Sheila: Two sugars, right?

Lauren: I'm trying to cut down. How about one and a half?

Sheila: All right.

[Lauren opens the closet door to hang up her coat, and she sees the real Phyllis on the floor tied up and gagged, behind her comes Sheila and holds a gun on her]

Sheila: Don't speak. Don't move.

[Sheila has both Lauren and Phyllis gagged and tied up to chairs]

Sheila: Hey, do any one of you gals wanna help me with the coffee?

[Sheila takes Lauren gagged off]

Lauren: Ow!

Sheila: Oops!

Lauren: Don't hurt the babies. I'm begging you.

Sheila: I would never hurt babies. I love babies. But I did enjoy the "I'm begging you" part. That was good. Remember when I begged you, Lauren?

Lauren: What did you do to Paul?

Sheila: Oh, Paul! Yes! There have been a change of tenants in Chez Sheila. Yes, there have. See, Paul is there with his ladylove Maggie Sullivan. That's actually what the I.D. said. That's what I think her name is. Anyway... Let's check!

Paul: Just a sip. That's good.

Sheila: Yo, Paul! Is she dead yet? Hey, uh, Lauren and I were talking just now. And we were wondering if you really have the hots for Maggie Sullivan or she's just a distraction.

Paul: Lauren?

Sheila: Yeah, Lauren can't talk right now. She's a little tied up. Plus, she has a gag in her mouth. It makes it a little difficult.

Paul: You don't hurt her, Sheila.

Sheila: You should've thought of that before you locked me in a cage, Paul.

Paul: Did you hear what I said? You don't hurt her.

Sullivan: Paul... Paul, don't listen.

Sheila: Oh, Maggie? Hey! Listen, word to the wise, before you get in too deep, you should know that Paul is not emotionally equipped for a relationship right now.

Paul: Listen, Sheila, don't you underestimate me. I will get out of here. And when I do, I'm gonna track you down and kill you.

Sheila: Really? Oh, that's nice to know. Listen, Paul, if you're just trying to upset me right now, it's not gonna work. Because I am looking at... two of the most adorable babies.

Paul: Hey, you don't want them. You're angry at me, right? Come and get me and leave them alone. You understand me?

Sheila: I love it when you're so macho, Paul.

Sheila: Paul, just one second. I think Michael's calling for Lauren. Excuse me. Hey!

Michael: Hey, it's Michael.

Sheila: Hey, I thought it was you.

Michael: Uh... Lauren's not picking up her phone. Has she gotten there yet?

Sheila: Oh, no, she's not. Maybe she took Fen to the park.

Michael: Well, when she gets there, tell her that the painters called about the new colors in the nursery and she should call them back.

Sheila: Is she redecorating?

Michael: Yeah, Lauren's got the bug. So give her the message?

Sheila: I sure will as soon as I see her.

Sheila: Oh, Fen... Fen... I love you.

Jack: Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, Senator.

Carter: Well, after your partner accused me of corruption yesterday, I nearly didn't.

Jack: Nicholas is a bit of a hothead. I'm afraid he's not the man his father is.

Carter: Pity.

Jack: I am hoping that saner, calmer, more respectful minds will prevail here. I think you and I can accommodate each other.

Carter: On the zoning? Uh, it's already been decided.

Jack: Senator, please, please, just hear me out. We are about to dump more money into this one luxury spa than all of our others combined. Try to imagine this connected to luxury homes and condos.

Carter: Interesting.

Jack: We're talking about jobs here. Hundreds of them.

Carter: Mm-hmm. Construction jobs-- it's very attractive.

Jack: Imagine the tax base.

Carter: I am.

Jack: Senator, all of your hard-working constituents want three things-- jobs, jobs and jobs. Allow me to help you. You can be a hero here.

Carter: Ever thought about elected office? You'd be a formidable opponent. Uh, look, I can't help you, but give my regards to Victor Newman.

Jack: Uh, Senator, I'm sure it's very hard for you to say no to us, given the kind of support Victor's given you in the past.

Carter: Yes, well--

Jack: I know campaigning is very expensive-- radio, TV, travel-- makes the mind spin.

Carter: I'm very appreciative of my donors.

Jack: Tell me something, can you receive a campaign donation now to be saved for future races?

Carter: You're a knowledgeable man, Jack.

Jack: I'm sure you have ambitions, Senator. Congress? Maybe beyond that? Tell me something, what is the largest single contribution you've received? Official or otherwise?

Carter: It's substantial.

Jack: I have no doubt.

Carter: Would you be willing to make one twice as substantial? Officially or otherwise?

Jack: Possibly.

Carter: I like what I'm hearing.

Jack: Can I assume that means I can expect a favorable reconsideration from the zoning board?

Carter: Done.

Jack: You've made a wise move, Senator.

Carter: And not for the first time. Ah, Victor Newman hasn't changed a bit.

[Jack hits the wire and starts coughing]

Jack: Wrong pipe.

Scofield: We lost him.

Jack: Oh. So, Senator... tell me about your arrangement with Victor Newman.

Victoria: I've found "Est" three times and "Qui" once.

Victor: Not exactly the "Magna Carta," is it?

Brad: I don't think we should discount anything at this point.

Victor: None of this would've been our problem if you hadn't dragged our family into it.

Brad: I did what any man would do to protect his mother, Victor.

Victor: By selfishly marrying again and again? Without telling the women involved about the danger? Their lives are now hanging in the balance because you're hiding behind them.

Brad: We found the reliquary together. Why are you turning on me now?

Nikki: No, he's not. He's not. He's just upset.

Victoria: You know, we're all on the same side here. We are.

Victor: For all we know, Ashley and Abby could've been dead by now. All because of this foolishness.

Colleen: "What is truth?"

Korbel: Mm-hmm.

Colleen: I've heard that before. Where's it from?

Korbel: The bible.

Colleen: That's right.

Korbel: Gospel of John, to be exact. Pontius Pilate spoke those words to Jesus before he was crucified. Let's just clear this up.

Colleen: Okay, so if the first one connects to that famous Latin phrase, then the second one could, too?

Korbel: Yep. In all likelihood.

Korbel: Kevin?

Kevin: What did you do with Jana?

Korbel: What are you talking about?

Colleen: Ignore him.

Kevin: You know exactly what I'm talking about. The last time she was seen, she was arguing with you at the coffeehouse.

Korbel: You got me, Kevin. Yeah, my, uh, my Americano was cold, so I flew into a rage. I whacked her with a sugar bowl, crammed her into some garbage bags and stuffed her in the trunk of my car.

Colleen: It's really inappropriate for you to come in here and make accusations like that.

Kevin: There are witnesses who saw you fighting with her.

Korbel: Yeah, she accused me of being a killer. That tends to make a person irritable.

Kevin: So--so what? You're saying this is just a coincidence? That she disappeared right after she saw you?

Colleen: Get a grip, Kevin. That's enough.

Kevin: You know what? Tell it to the cops.

Colleen: Oh, yes, please, please, call the cops. I would love to tell them my theory. Let's see, Jana realized what a psycho you were, so she bought a 1-way ticket back to London. Or, even better, you burned her alive because you've never really taken rejection too well. So, please, yes, call them. I would love to talk to them. Go ahead.

Kevin: This isn't over.

Sheila: Oh, girl! Your clothes are fabulous! I mean, my clothes are fabulous! Oh! One ringy-dingy. Two ringy-dingy.

Sheila: Pardon me, girls. Hello, Michael.

Michael: Lauren with you? She's still not answering her cell phone.

Sheila: No. Wow, that must be some walk she's taking.

Michael: Just tell her to check in as soon as she gets in.

Sheila: Will do. And, Michael? I'm sure Lauren is fine. What a devoted husband you have. He's such a good man.

Paul: That's gotta be Michael. Listen, when I don't answer, he's gonna come right over here, Maggie. He'll be here soon. You hang on. He'll be here soon.

Nikki: We agreed to see this through for Victoria's sake.

Brad: You know what? We were fine until you hired a private investigator to dig around in our past.

Victor: You blame me now for the kidnappings and the constant threats, are you?

Brad: You had your own son-in-law investigated.

Victor: Because there's a lot to be investigated!

Victoria: This isn't getting us anywhere.

Victor: I deal in facts. You married my daughter under false pretenses.

Brad: This would be a good time for you to leave.

Nikki: I think so, too. Come on, let's go.

Victor: You've got 24 hours to deal with this.

Korbel: I take it that wasn't your first encounter with him?

Colleen: You don't wanna know.

Korbel: Well, actually, I do. I can see how much he upset you.

Colleen: No, it's ancient history. I can take care of myself.

Korbel: Yeah, so I've seen. But if you ever need me... you know...

Colleen: Um, you look like you were onto something before Kevin interrupted you. I see "Est" up there again.

Korbel: Yep. There it is--"Est." And here it is again. You know, at the risk of sounding repetitive, this would be a lot easier if, uh, you told me the derivation of the puzzle.

Colleen: I already told you, I don't know.

Korbel: Okay. Okay, "Qui"... means "Who."

Colleen: Who... is what? "Vir"? Is that like "Voire" in French?

Korbel: Not exactly. It, uh... it changes its meaning depending on the context. It's man, husband, hero, person of courage. "Who is the man?" It's been right in front of me this whole time.

Colleen: What? What is it?

Korbel: It's-- it's a famous Latin anagram. You take the words spoken by Pilate-- "What is truth?"-- "Qui est veritas?"-- And you take those same letters and you rearrange them and you--and you come up with the answer. "Est vir qui adest." "The man who is before you."

Colleen: Wow, I mean, that's--that's amazing. You're right.

Korbel: So you ready to do the touchdown dance?

Colleen: No, not yet. I mean, look, so there's the answer. But the problem is, I have absolutely no idea what it means.

Paul: Help!

Michael: Paul?

Paul: Help! Michael!

Michael: Paul, what's going on?! Paul?!

Paul: Maggie's been shot.

Michael: What the hell is she doing in there?!

Paul: Maggie's been shot.

Michael: Where's Sheila?

Paul: Sheila's got Lauren and Fen. We've gotta hurry. Open up. Get us out of here.

Sheila: Okay, Gals... it's time to move out. The question is... which baby should I take?

Sheila: Let's see... by your applause, should we take baby Summer? Or should we take baby Fen? Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a tie! I'm taking them both.

Victor: Losing my temper with Brad Carlton... will not happen again.

Nikki: Well, I understand why you did.

Victor: You're too generous. I broke my own rule. You never show your hand until you're ready to play it.

Victor: It's Jack Abbott. Don't you worry, I won't make the same mistake with him, all right? Jack, make my day.

Jack: I'd be happy to. Our bottom-feeding Senator took the bait. It went better than I'd hoped.

Victor: Well, isn't that wonderful news?

Jack: All that's left is the actual transaction, which the Feds are going to record for posterity.

Victor: Well, I'm very glad to hear all that, Jack. You have a nice day.

Nikki: He did well, I take it?

Victor: Yeah. Very well.

Nikki: Even better for us.

Victor: Today is the beginning of the end of Jack Abbott. And tomorrow-- it'll be the beginning of the end of Brad Carlton.

Victoria: Another word-- veritas.

Brad: Truth.

Victoria: Truth. "Veritas."

Colleen: Dad? Dad!

Brad: Hey, Honey, what?

Colleen: I got it!

Victoria: What are you talking about?

Colleen: It's a famous anagram of words spoken in the New Testament, only in Latin.

Victoria: Latin. I knew it!

Colleen: Pontius Pilate asked, "What is truth?" If you take the Latin letters of the phrase and rearrange them, then you get, "Truth is the man who stands before you."

Victoria: I'm impressed. I really am.

Brad: I raised a smart kid.

Colleen: Ah, I just got lucky.

Victoria: Words from the bible etched into an object of art. That's really intriguing.

Brad: Oh, maybe so, but we still don't know what it really means.

[Korbel looks at the letters again and he erases them and writes the true meaning on the chalkboard]

Kevin: No, no, Officer, you don't understand, okay? Unless something terrible happened, she would've called me.

Gloria: What?

Kevin: Well, she's only been missing one night. Genoa City's finest won't file a missing persons report until she's gone 48 hours.

Gloria: Okay, okay, Honey, now we call Michael.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, that's-- that's a really good idea. What's he gonna do? File some court order to make her call me?

Gloria: It was a suggestion, Kevin.

Kevin: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap. I just... I know you're worried about her, Mom. I just... I don't know what I'm gonna do without her.

Gloria: I know, honey, I know.

Kevin: Mom, please.

[Nick opens his front door]

Nick: Hello?

Nick: Lauren?! What the hell's going on?

[Lauren is still gagged and tied up in a chair, Nick goes and takes the gag out of her mouth]

Lauren: Oh, Nick! Nick, she has them! You've gotta get them!

Nick: Wait, wait, where is Phyllis and Summer?!

Lauren: Phyllis and the babies-- you've gotta get them!

Nick: Who has them? Who has them?

Lauren: Sheila Carter!

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Paul: We need to figure out where Sheila might've gone.

Lauren: It's gotta be some sort of twisted place.

Sheila: They thought they could keep me locked up in a cell.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

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