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Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/24/07 -- Canada; Thursday 1/25/07 -- U.S.A.


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Lauren: Sheila is alive?

Michael: I'm sorry. I didn't know how to tell you.

Lauren: So what do we do now? Do we--we move? We run?

Michael: No. No.

Lauren: We live our lives like that?

Michael: No, of course not. She's not roaming free.

Lauren: Where is she?

Michael: She's here. Paul has been keeping her captive for months. He found her before Fenmore was born.

Lauren: Oh, my baby...

Michael: Maybe it was a bad idea to tell you. The good news is-- she's not going anywhere.

Lauren: Oh, no, she will always find a way out.

Michael: No, she canít. She outsmarted herself. Paul caught her in her own trap.

Lauren: So is it true? Does she look like Phyllis?

Michael: Yeah. The resemblance is scary.

Lauren: So she was gonna kill Phyllis and she was gonna pretend to be her and then she was gonna... she was gonna take our baby.

Michael: All right, no, no, no, no, no, no. Listen to me, she cannot hurt us. All right?

Lauren: Oh... as long as she's alive, there's a chance.

Sheila: I really need a doctor, Paul.

Paul: I know. You keep saying that.

Sheila: Then why don't you take me to one? What are you waiting for?

Paul: You know, you ask way too many questions. Michael's gonna be here soon. You can talk to him.

Sheila: Why don't you make decisions on your own?

Paul: I make decisions' on my own. I decided to lock you up, remember?

Sheila: Well, here's a decision for you-- why don't you decide to save me from an early death?

Paul: You're so dramatic.

Sheila: You'll never be able to live with yourself if I died here, knowing you could've saved me.

Paul: Don't bet on it.

Korbel: Okay. I am finished with the first set.

Colleen: Are they the right slides this time?

Korbel: Oh, that was embarrassing.

Colleen: I know. How did you ever manage?

Korbel: Well, I guess it's pretty obvious that I can't live without you. Professionally speaking, of course.

Colleen: Oh.

Korbel: Are you almost done with the second set?

Colleen: Actually, I've completed the second set. I'm onto the third.

Korbel: Wow. You know, I haven't felt this productive since--

Colleen: Since I quit, I know. You should've paid me more.

Korbel: Is that all it takes?

Colleen: I collect payment in, uh, purses. Designer only, please.

Korbel: Ah, low maintenance, I see.

Colleen: I wouldn't exactly call this low maintenance.

Korbel: Okay, I admit, my organization needs some work.

Colleen: I'm glad that you asked for my help.

Victoria: I hate that Brad is in danger and there's nothing I can do about it.

Rebecca: It's not a feeling you get used to, believe me.

Victoria: I should have gone with them.

Rebecca: He wouldn't have let you.

Victoria: Why haven't we heard from them?

Rebecca: Well, he said he wouldn't be able to call for a few days.

Victoria: I just can't stop thinking that something awful has happened.

Rebecca: Brad is smart. He knows how to deal with these people. We just have to trust his judgment.

Victoria: I'm trying.

Victoria: Hey, Stranger.

J.T.: Hey.

Victoria: What are you drinking?

J.T.: Well, this would be a little loser on the rocks. You want some?

Victoria: Loser on the rocks? Yeah, I've been there.

Rebecca: No messages. Hi, J.T.

J.T.: Hey, Rebecca.

Rebecca: You alone tonight?

J.T.: Well, not thanks to you two ladies. Where's Brad?

Rebecca: Oh, um, he's out of town.

Victoria: On business.

Brad: Why are we being held hostage?

Lucas: I'll ask the questions. Your Grugeons aren't stolen, so why are you posing as fencers to sell artwork you own?

Brad: My wife invested in the pieces.

Victor: They didn't fit well into the family collection.

Lucas: And you considered this your best option for resale?

Victor: Well, to be honest with you, we have no documentation for the pieces, so we have no option.

Brad: No reputable broker or legitimate auction house would work with us.

Lucas: Why not utilize a real fence? Save yourself the trouble?

Victor: Oh, no, no, no, I've had bad experience with middle men. I just don't trust them.

Brad: We weren't about to put our valuables in the hands of someone else.

Lucas: I'd understand if you were trying to sell me something of great value, perhaps DaVinci's "Mona Lisa" or Cezanneís "Apples and Oranges," but why would a man of your wealth and stature risk his life to sell rather inexpensive artifacts? Neither of you is leaving until I know the truth.

Lucas: Why did you come here?

Victor: Let me just say that my daughter overpaid for the artifacts. I vowed to get her money back. I've never been had in a deal. I'm not about to start.

Lucas: Stop lying. It's convincing me that you're hiding something.

Brad: I knew I shouldn't have listened to your brilliant plan.

Victor: It is your damned duplicity that got us into this mess in the first place.

Brad: Don't you mean your pride?

Victor: No, I do not mean my pride!

J.T.: So what's Brad doing on business?

Rebecca: He's, uh, meeting with potential investors.

J.T.: Is that right?

Victoria: Uh, yeah, he's researching a new skin care line in europe.

J.T.: You didn't wanna go? Make a trip out of it?

Victoria: Uh, schedule conflicts.

J.T.: How long is he gonna be gone?

Rebecca: Oh, a couple days, maybe. He'll be back soon.

J.T.: Hey, Rebecca, did--did the waiter get your drink order?

Rebecca: Uh, not yet. What are you having?

J.T.: Anything that will help me forget about women.

Rebecca: Oh, I'm sorry to hear about Colleen.

J.T.: It's all right. It's all right.

Rebecca: You're young. You'll be fine.

J.T.: Oh, and I got my whole life ahead of me, right?

Victoria: If I had a nickel for every time my parents said that... (Cell phone buzzing)

Victoria: It's a text from my assistant.

J.T.: Looks like you were expecting somebody else.

Korbel: You're smiling.

Colleen: No, I'm not.

Korbel: You're laughing at me, aren't you?

Colleen: Maybe.

Korbel: Hey, you hungry?

Colleen: Uh, yes, actually. You?

Korbel: I was thinking of ordering some take-out. How do you feel about, uh, Indian or, uh, Vietnamese?

Colleen: How about Thai food? That's my favorite. I like, um, pineapple rice and spring rolls.

Korbel: Thai food it is.

Lauren: Where is she?

Michael: She's in a very secure holding cell, designed by the woman herself.

Lauren: Where she planned to keep Fen and me, right?

Michael: No doubt. She built an exact replica of this place, even down to his little embroidered fleece blanket.

Lauren: Michael... that means that she's been in this apartment.

Sheila: (Sighs) Oh, Paul... something is definitely wrong.

Paul: Yeah, you stabbed yourself.

Sheila: No, no... the pain-- it's getting worse.

Paul: What am I supposed to do about it?

Sheila: If you don't plan on letting me die here, take me to the hospital now.

Lauren: I can't believe how close I came to losing him.

Michael: I'm sorry I had to tell you like this. But I didn't have much choice in the situation. I just walked on it.

Lauren: Why didn't Paul go to the authorities?

Michael: You know better than us. They seem to have a problem keeping Sheila behind bars.

Lauren: So, what? The two of you were just gonna keep her locked up forever?

Michael: Well, not anymore. Sheila stabbed herself. Paul wants to take her to the hospital.

Lauren: No, you-- you can't do that! So where does this leave you?

Michael: In a lot of trouble.

Lauren: How much trouble?

Michael: Too much trouble. Illegal restraint is a felony-- a very serious felony. I'd probably lose my career, face possible imprisonment.

Lauren: Oh, great. Oh, great, so she goes to the authorities where she can escape and you go to prison for trying to protect me? No. No. No, that is not happening.

Michael: I don't really have much choice in the matter, do I?

Lauren: No, you are taking me to see her right now.

Michael: That is not gonna happen.

Lauren: Oh, yes, it is.

Michael: You are gonna stay here with Fenmore.

Lauren: I'm not gonna sit back here while you tell me that she's alive. I need to see her myself.

Michael: Lauren, you cannot--

Lauren: No, no, we are not discussing this.

Michael: Lauren!

Lauren: I am gonna call-- you know what? I'm gonna call Nick. Because there is security at the ranch.

Paul: Those pain pills should kick in in a few minutes.

Sheila: Thank you.

Paul: You'll feel better. Sheila? Sheila, do you hear me? Sheila?!

Rebecca: Would, uh, you excuse me? I'll be right back.

Victoria: Sure. Okay.

J.T.: All right... talk to me.

Victoria: About?

J.T.: I'm a detective. I can tell when people are uneasy.

Victoria: (Sighs) It's that obvious, huh?

J.T.: Yeah, well, you were making me nervous and I don't even know what the hell's going on.

Victoria: It's Brad.

J.T.: I figured. And this trip isn't about business.

Victoria: Not for Newman, no.

J.T.: All right. You don't have to tell me. But, uh, just know that... if you need something, I'll be there for you.

Victoria: Thank you.

J.T.: Anytime.

Victoria: So... have you talked to Colleen recently?

J.T.: Mmm, no. No.

Victoria: I really hope that both of you can be happy.

J.T.: Yeah, well, you can't always get what you want.

Victoria: Well, that's true. I wish I could say something to make you feel better.

J.T.: Don't worry about it.

Victoria: You know, Colleen-- she's barely speaking to anyone.

J.T.: Let me guess, she's, uh, pretending to be all broken hearted and confused.

Victoria: Why would she do that?

J.T.: I don't know. It's pretty obvious who she wants.

Victoria: She's not faking it.

J.T.: You know, I am... I must really be an idiot. She had feelings for this guy for--for months and I didn't see it.

Victoria: You're not an idiot. You're in love.

J.T.: Was... was--was--I was in love. I thought she was the one. Well, um... first time I felt that way. Probably the last.

Victoria: Well, maybe she's still the one.

J.T.: Doesn't matter. She's with Korbel.

Victoria: I really hope not. Because that guy is way too interested in the Grugeon Reliquary. Brad and I told her to stay away from him.

J.T.: Well, don't count on it. Because as of yesterday, he is single.

Colleen: Wow, these pictures are amazing. Where did you take them?

Korbel: Oh, that's, uh, that's Tel Aviv. That's where I was born.

Colleen: Really? I never would've guessed. You don't have an accent.

Korbel: Well, I speak, uh, several languages and the accents don't really translate.

Colleen: What languages do you speak?

Korbel: Uh, Latin, Hebrew, Spanish, Czech, English--

Colleen: Okay, okay, so I get it. I'm not worthy, right?

Korbel: This one's of, uh, my travels. Mostly my time in Argentina, Barcelona.

Colleen: Oh! I would love to go to Barcelona.

Korbel: Yeah, it's beautiful. You know, I was always fascinated with Gaudiís work. So every morning I would wake up and watch the sun rise over the Casa Battlo. It's very romantic.

Colleen: Well, it'd be great to go with you. Because, you know, you know so much about the artistic history, of course.

Korbel: Well, uh, you're young. You've got plenty of time to travel. You know, study abroad if you want.

Colleen: Follow in your footsteps.

Korbel: No, no, no, you-- you have to follow your own heart. And let it take you where you want.

Colleen: What if I don't know what I want?

Korbel: Well, I'm sure you'll figure out what's best for you... in time.

Colleen: I hope so.

Lucas: Karl, point your gun at Mr. Newman. I doubt you want to risk your partner's life.

Brad: Don't bet on it.

Victor: He's not bluffing.

Brad: You shoot him, I'll shoot you and your men.

Lucas: That's quite a sacrifice.

Brad: You don't have a clue about who I am, do you?

Lucas: Someone who has no problem walking out of here a murderer.

Brad: It wouldn't be the first time.

Victor: Now you know killing us will simply raise more questions. Why don't we talk about why we're here?

Lucas: Why should I believe you want to tell the truth now?

Victor: Because you know damn well that lives are at stake. I think you and I can come to an understanding, don't you?

Brad: He's right.

Victor: What is it you're not telling us? If you had wanted these pieces, you would've taken them and left.

Lucas: I'm listening.

Victor: We are not here to sell the artifacts. We're here to find the Grugeon Reliquary.

Lucas: You found what you're looking for. I'm the owner.

Rebecca: I'm not feeling very well. I think I have a little stomach bug.

Victoria: Oh.

Rebecca: I called a cab.

Victoria: Oh, no, I'll take you home.

Rebecca: Oh, no, you stay.

Victoria: Are you sure?

Rebecca: I'll be fine on my own.

Victoria: You're sure?

Rebecca: Yes. Nice to see you again, J.T.

J.T.: You, too, as always.

Victoria: Well, I have my phone on if you need me for anything.

Rebecca: Thank you. Good night, Sweetie.

Victoria: Good night.

Rebecca: Good night.

J.T.: Good night. You sure she's gonna be all right?

Victoria: Yeah, yeah, she's-- she's independent.

J.T.: Right.

Victoria: You know, I thought coming here would help me to take my mind off of Brad.

J.T.: Oh, it doesn't work. Trust me, I've... I've been trying.

Victoria: Well... Brad is going to have a lot to deal with when he comes home.

J.T.: He doesn't know about Colleen and the illustrious professor?

Victoria: No. No, she moved back in after he left for Europe.

J.T.: Well, Korbel's in trouble. 'Cause, uh... Brad's gonna lose it.

Victoria: Yeah.

Colleen: Gosh, Thai food is the best. Have you ever been to Thailand?

Korbel: No. Someday I'll go, though.

Colleen: The farthest I ever went was Europe. I was there with my mom. And then, of course, I lived in New York as well, so...

Korbel: New York is a fascinating place.

Colleen: Yeah, it can be. Unless, you know, you're used to a small town like--like me.

Korbel: What, you had a hard time adjusting?

Colleen: According to my 4th grade teacher, yes.

Korbel: What does she know?

Colleen: Actually, a lot. See, one day I decided it would be great to bring my pet in for show and tell.

Korbel: Okay, sounds normal.

Colleen: Right, you would think, but I guess in New York City, a lot of people don't bring in their pet duck. So it took us, like, an hour to catch him after I let him out of the cage. It was crazy.

Korbel: The same thing happened with my platypus.

Colleen: Oh, very funny.

Korbel: Well, I assume all was forgiven?

Colleen: Yes, of course. But, you know, I never really fully adjusted. I just, um-- it was kind of difficult growing up, 'cause I was going, you know, between homes. My parents were divorced.

Korbel: Well, you turned out all right.

Colleen: Well, it was a work in progress. In high school, ]I started hanging out with the wrong crowd. I started doing drugs.

Korbel: Well, you've come a long way.

Colleen: Yeah, I graduated top of my class. Everything kinda changed when I met-- I met J.T.

Korbel: You two start dating right away?

Colleen: No, no, no, no, no. Um, I had a huge crush on him for a long time, but he was much older than I was. That kinda matters in high school.

Korbel: Yeah, especially to fathers.

Colleen: Yes. It took my dad a long time to come around, but... wow, J.T. was my first love. You know, everything was so perfect. I thought that it would last...

Korbel: Forever? Yeah. We all do.

Victoria: I know that you still care about Colleen.

J.T.: Whatever.

Victoria: Hey, I get it. I get that you-- you wanna be a man about it. And, um, you wanna pretend like you're over it. That's fine. But if you ever wanna talk to me...

J.T.: Thanks.

Victoria: Or if you wanna cry on my shoulder--

J.T.: Oh, well, that is not gonna happen.

Victoria: Well, you're allowed.

J.T.: Mmm.

Victoria: You are. Some girls-- some girls really go for that emotional stuff.

J.T.: Do they really? Well, I will, uh, have to try that some time. Hey, can I get another vodka rocks?

Man: Sure.

J.T.: Thank you.

Michael: Lauren, what about your panic attacks? You're just starting to feel better. You don't have to do this.

Lauren: I don't care if I have a heart attack. I'm going to go see her. Okay, Sweetie. Do you wanna take puppy? You wanna take puppy?

Michael: Paul, its Michael.

Paul: I hope you're parking your car outside. Sheila's getting worse.

Michael: No, I'm still with Lauren.

Paul: When can you be here?

Michael: We're getting ready to leave now.

Paul: How did Lauren handle the news?

Michael: Not good.

Paul: You know what? Why don't you stay with her and I will take Sheila to the hospital.

Michael: Lauren wants to see her.

Paul: What? Listen, that's a bad idea.

Michael: I know, but she's insisting.

Lauren: Here. Paul, we're coming.

Paul: Maybe you oughta rethink this, Lauren.

Lauren: No, I need to see her for myself. Please wait?

Paul: All right, but make it quick.

Lauren: Okay, let's go.

Paul: We're gonna have to wait a little bit.

Sheila: Was that Michael?

Paul: And Lauren. Your fate... is now in her hands.

Colleen: Can I tell you something?

Korbel: Sure. Anything.

Colleen: I can't stop thinking about that night we spent together. I mean, everything changed. I swear it's all I think about. I'm so embarrassed. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.

Korbel: No, no, no, no. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. The intensity of our emotions was obvious from the start.

Colleen: It was?

Korbel: Yeah. The attraction was-- was there for quite a while.

Colleen: So you felt it, too?

Korbel: Of course.

Colleen: Well, I just-- I didn't know what you were thinking.

Korbel: Well, right now I'm thinking how nice it is just to look at you and not have to pretend that I'm not looking at you.

Colleen: Why did you pretend?

Korbel: You know, just one glance and I lose all semblance of thought. Which is a very bad idea when you're lecturing 20 students.

Colleen: Yeah, I guess it is.

Korbel: You finished?

Colleen: Yeah. I'm finished.

Korbel: Okay.

Victoria: Hey... I ordered for you. I figured another drink without any food-- you're not gonna remember your name. I get that you're angry, but, um... what happens when that goes away?

J.T.: I move on to the next girl.

Victoria: I thought you said you were done with relationships?

J.T.: Oh, I am. I am.

Victoria: You can't just fall out of love.

J.T.: Sure you can. It doesn't last, it doesn't matter.

Victoria: Well, it can last. It can last if you wanna fix the problem.

J.T.: What if it's not fixable?

Victoria: People forgive.

J.T.: But they don't forget.

Victoria: People make mistakes.

J.T.: It wasn't a mistake. It wasn't a mistake.

Victoria: How do you know?

J.T.: Because Korbel had been after Colleen from day one. That's why he made her his-- his search assistant.

Victoria: What do you mean he's after her?

J.T.: He targeted her. It turns out she was willing-- more than willing.

Lucas: Why do you say the reliquary is dangerous?

Brad: My family was murdered by the people who are chasing after it.

Lucas: I knew there was a significant amount of controversy surrounding it.

Brad: What have you heard?

Lucas: Different stories about the lengths people have gone to get the piece. That's why I've held onto it.

Victor: Why would you put your life in danger?

Lucas: What makes the piece so valuable you're willing to risk your life?

Victor: You're here to find out?

Brad: And put an end to the killing.

Michael: Listen to me. You sure you wanna do this?

Lauren: Oh, yes. I need to see Sheila for myself.

Paul: Welcome to hell.

Paul: I can't believe you brought lauren here.

Michael: Look, this was her decision, not mine.

Paul: Well, Sheilaís worse. She needs help now.

Sheila: Hi, Lauren. It's so great to see you again.

Sheila: How have you been?

Lauren: Terrific. You, on the other hand, don't look so hot.

Sheila: Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

Lauren: Thank you. Love what you've done with the place.

Sheila: I knew you would. I'm so glad you came by to visit me. If you wanna bring fen by, I'd love to watch him. I mean it. I'm here anytime you need me. I'd love to see fen. He has everything he would in the comfort of his own home.

Lauren: I can see that.

Sheila: I couldn't find that singing plush bunny. I couldn't find it. The salesperson told me that you had bought the last one. So I called the department store and they sent me their floor model. Isn't that sweet? I wouldn't want fen to be uncomfortable. It's perfect... don't you think?

Lauren: I wouldn't want it any other way.

Korbel: You know, it's been said that silence is the virtue of fools.

Colleen: It's also been said that silence is a true friend that never betrays.

Korbel: Somebody's been studying their eastern philosophy.

Colleen: Thank you.

Korbel: You know, I'm here to listen.

Colleen: I just can't believe I screwed everything up, you know, with you, with J.T.

Korbel: No, no, no. You didn't do anything wrong. It was my fault.

Colleen: No, I cheated on J.T. it was my choice. He was my first love. He was everything I thought I'd ever wanted. Why wasn't that enough for me?

Korbel: Well... maybe what you had wasn't what you actually wanted.

Colleen: What do you mean?

Korbel: The human heart is complex, Colleen. You know, the way we think about it dates back to Egyptian mythology. Even the bible attributed a mystical significance to it.

Colleen: Gee, thanks... I think.

Korbel: Okay, you want a better explanation?

Colleen: If there is one, please.

Korbel: Sometimes things just happen. You can't explain it or understand it. It's just--just part of life. And no matter how much we try to control our desires, emotions, our feelings... we canít. And so, we have to make choices and decisions... and sometimes mistakes. Some are good, some are bad, but they are what they are. You can learn from the past, but you can't predict the future. All you can do... is live in the moment.

J.T.: So why didn't you go home with Rebecca?

Victoria: I'm not tired.

J.T.: Yeah, me either. Dance?

Brad: We ended up in a standoff with Volkmannís son in Parma.

Lucas: Where is this man now?

Brad: He's no longer a threat. What's important is finding out why he was willing to kill for the reliquary.

Lucas: I understand how much this has affected you and your family.

Victor: Now... we are willing to make a proposition.

Lucas: Go ahead.

Victor: These two pieces in exchange for the reliquary.

Lucas: I don't know about an exchange.

Brad: Once we find out why it's so important, we'll give it back to you.

Lucas: Give it?

Victor: We don't want these artifacts. We don't want the Grugeon piece. We want to know what's behind it and why someone is willing to kill several people for it. Now if you own these two pieces and the reliquary, you have the entire collection-- without danger.

Brad: These people may be following you as we speak. Now if they believe you're the owner, they will not hesitate to kill you, just as they killed my family.

Lucas: I'll be back.

Colleen: So I should probably get going.

Korbel: Wow, yeah, I, uh... I didn't realize how late it had gotten. Well... good night.

Colleen: I want you to know that I don't regret the night we spent together.

Korbel: Nor do I.

Korbel: Okay.

Colleen: I'm so confused.

Korbel: Me, too.

[They start kissing and make love]

J.T.: So thanks for listening to me whine.

Victoria: Oh, you're welcome. But you can forget about it, 'cause it's not gonna happen.

J.T.: What? What are you talking about?

Victoria: I'm not coming over to your house tonight... or any other night.

J.T.: Oh, come on. Not even for a... "Sex and the City" marathon?

Victoria: You don't know anything about "Sex and the City."

J.T.: Whatever.

Victoria: All right. (Clears throat) name one of the four main characters, just one, and I'll come over.

J.T.: Cherry.

Victoria: Carrie.

J.T.: Carrie. I was so close!

Victoria: No, sorry. No, you lose.

J.T.: I was close. I was really close.

Victoria: Okay. I'll come over sometime-- with Brad.

J.T.: Third wheeling it? Okay. That's, uh, that's good times.

Victoria: Yeah, hopefully. That is, if he comes home.

Lucas: Here it is. Let's put the guns away.

Lucas: Untie him.

Victor: As promised. Once we figure out its significance, it'll be yours.

Victor: Where can we reach you?

Lucas: I wish you the best of luck-- for all our sakes.

Paul: So let's get her out to my car.

Sheila: Oh, help! Please!

Lauren: Don't do this.

Paul: She's gonna die if we donít.

Lauren: Michael... Michael, think about your career. Think about our family!

Paul: Look, I will take the blame.

Lauren: Why?! Why? Are you gonna let her win? You're gonna sacrifice your life for that?!

Michael: Lauren, we struggled with that decision for days.

Paul: I'm not gonna stay here and watch her bleed to death.

Lauren: She could've taken our baby and killed all of us. And you really think that she would feel bad about that? She is never going to change. You take her out of here and it's the beginning of her life and the end of ours. Believe me.

Michael: Lauren's right.

Paul: Then you decide.

Lauren: Let the bitch die.

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Sheila: I need to get to the hospital.

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