Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/23/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/23/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 1/24/07 -- U.S.A.


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Lily: So, Cane, how did you guys meet?

Cane: Online, if you believe it.

Lily: Um, will you just give me a second? I'm gonna grab some more drinks.

Amber: Is she okay?

Daniel: Yeah. Lily had a bad online dating experience.

Cane: Oh, I'm sorry. Believe me, I'm sorry.

Daniel: Cane, Dude, it's totally cool. You didn't know.

Amber: You know, Daniel warned me about dating crazy old men online. Maybe I should've taken his advice.

Cane: Right, right, right. I'm the crazy one. Who IM'd who?

Amber: Are you calling me a nutcase?

Cane: No, I'm calling you a liar.

Amber: About what?

Cane: Because you said you were attractive. You didn't say you were hotter than a sunburn.

Amber: Oh, good one. I'm gonna have to borrow that line. I think I found a keeper.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Michael: Here you go, Sweetie.

Lauren: Thank you. I'm so glad you guys suggested this.

Phyllis: I can't believe you're not jetlagged from your trip to LA.

Lauren: No, not at all. In fact, I'm finally sleeping these days.

Phyllis: Good. How was your trip?

Lauren: It was really good. I got a chance to see all the Forester Originals, which will be, by the way, in my store come spring.

Nick: Sounds like, uh, I know where we're gonna be next March.

Lauren: That's right.

Phyllis: That's right. Like to shop for me.

Nick: It's my favorite.

Michael: Oh, yeah, yeah, there's nothing like the high Lauren gets when she's picking out a new pair of shoes.

Lauren: Oh, yes.

Nick: I'm gonna get us some drinks.

Michael: Drinks!

Nick: Lots of drinks.

Michael: Thank you.

Phyllis: Hey, you seem better.

Lauren: I am. I am, thanks. I'm just relieved that I can be out in public now.

Michael: And not worrying her head off about Fenmore, huh?

Lauren: Now I get to worry my head off about you, Honey.

Michael: What?

Lauren: It's like I've passed my panic attacks over to him. He's been so distracted and jumpy lately.

Phyllis: Oh, great, maybe it's one of those airborne viruses. Stay away, okay?

Michael: No, no, no, no, I'm determined to have a good time tonight. You know, if it kills me. Come on! Yes!

Lauren: Good.

Sullivan: Uh-oh.

Paul: What?

Sullivan: You've got that look in your eyes.

Paul: Yeah? What look?

Sullivan: The look that says, "Maybe I'm having second thoughts about this."

Paul: About you? No way.

Sullivan: Well, you can be honest with me. I'll only be a little offended.

Paul: Does that feel like I'm having second thoughts?

Sullivan: No. But if you're lying to me, I'm gonna take you in. You'd be guilty as charged.

Paul: You know what? You have a little dent right there. Did you know that?

Sullivan: You like that?

Sullivan: On second thought, I think I'd better go.

Brad: What do you want from us?

Karl: Just relax. You'll find out soon enough.

Victor: You're making a serious mistake.

Jack: So how are you settling in? And how's that apartment Ji Min set you up with? Yeah, I hear there's quite a view of the harbor. Abby's gotta love that. Well, tell her uncle sends her a great big kiss from across the ocean. Yeah. No, I'm at work. Yeah, it's nighttime here. Well, I had stuff I have to do. Oh, no, no, no, no, if you have to go, go. All right, no, I was just getting in touch. I'll talk to you soon. Stay in touch with me.

Phyllis: Hey!

Nick: Hey, Dude.

Daniel: I didn't want to interrupt you guys, but I just wanted to come over and say hi and tell you guys to have a good night.

Phyllis: Hi!

Nick: Stay out of trouble.

Lauren: Good to see you.

Phyllis: Look at my son!

Lauren: Oh, so cute.

Phyllis: Hey. Oh, he's a good boy.

Nick: He is.

Phyllis: Yeah. Every time that--that Summer, um, laughs at one of our jokes, we think that she's a candidate for Mensa.

Lauren: Well, of course you do. I always wonder what Fen's thinking. Football?

Phyllis: Football.

Nick: You know, I was watching this, uh, talk show the other day.

Phyllis: You were watching a talk show?

Lauren: A talk show?

Nick: Yes.

Phyllis: When?

Nick: A guy likes shopping, but he can't watch a talk show?

Phyllis: When were you watching a talk show? I think it's very sexy that you were watching, Baby.

Nick: Thank you. Thank you.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: Anyway, this lady could, uh, apparently, interpret baby talk. She had this DVD on it.

Lauren: Really?

Nick: Yeah.

Lauren: That's something we should get. What do you think?

Nick: Yeah.

[Michael remembering]

Sheila: You want the shank?

Michael: Why are you making things so difficult?

Sheila: Aah!

Michael: Whoa!

Lauren: Michael, did you hear what I said?

Michael: Oh, you know, I'm sorry. My mind was wandering. Something about baby talk, right? You weirdo.

Lauren: Do you see what I'm talking about?

Nick: Is it the trial?

Michael: No.

Phyllis: Listen, uh, we know that you're worried about getting Devon off.

Michael: I am, but that's my job. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Nick: Even I know you're not fine. Look, if you don't loosen up, man, you're gonna make yourself sick.

Michael: Hey, what's all this negative talk tonight, huh? I'm here for a good time, all right? Cheers!

Phyllis: Cheers!

Lauren: Okay.

Phyllis: To good times.

Michael: Yes.

Lily: So... what did I miss? Um, you told them?

Daniel: Not details, just that you had a bad experience.

Lily: Well, it happened a long time ago and I'm over it.

Cane: So let's talk about something else.

Lily: And I am sure that you guys have tons of stories about dates gone wrong.

Cane: Oh, I've met some peaches online. I met this one girl, I'll call her, uh, the interrupter--

Daniel: Oh, let me guess, because she never let you get a word in, right?

Cane: No, I could get the word, I just couldn't finish the sentence. It was just so annoying.

Lily: So what did you do?

Cane: Well, I just-- finally, I just shut up and let her do the talking. So she says to me...

Amber: "Why are you always so quiet?" Okay, okay, I had this dinner date with this idiot who took out his calculator and figured out how much we both owed. Yeah, we even split tax and tip, okay?

Lily: No!

Amber: Yeah, good thing it was an even amount, because I don't know what he would've done with the extra penny.

Lily: Wait, was he out of work or something?

Amber: No. Unh-unh. He was a stockbroker. Mm-hmm, yeah, he drove a BMW, wore Armani. He was just a cheapskate.

Lily: Wow.

Daniel: You know, I'm just glad that I met Lily.

Lily: Okay, I am not buying your next meal. This boy has expensive tastes—literally.

Daniel: No, I do not.

Lily: Yes, you do.

Daniel: Where is the waiter with those shrimp I ordered?

Lily: Anyway, I can't-- I can't imagine being single again.

Amber: Oh, only the strong survive.

Lily: But, really, you should be careful, Amber, 'cause there are guys out there who prey on naive girls.

Amber: Thank you. But I already got the lecture from your husband. But thank you for looking out for me. Besides, I don't think I'm gonna be dating anyone new for quite some time.

Paul: You know, I never said you had to go.

Sullivan: No, I-I know. It's, uh, just, I have an early day tomorrow. And if I stay here, I'm not gonna get any sleep. You'll probably lose a client. So its better I should go.

Paul: The holster looks sexy on you.

Sullivan: Point proven.

Paul: Maybe next time you can leave it on. It could be fun.

Sullivan: I'd need a belt.

Paul: Even better.

Sullivan: Naked woman with a gun? That sounds like a movie title.

Paul: You have the looks for it.

Paul: Why are you staring at me like that?

Sullivan: 'Cause I just realized something.

Paul: What?

Sullivan: I think I'm starting to like you.

Paul: Only starting? You're hard to impress.

Sullivan: Well, I'm picky. You know, I only go for very complicated, impossible to have a relationship with guys.

Paul: Oh, how sweet.

Sullivan: Thank you.

Paul: Apparently, I go for the hard-nosed, impossible to impress women.

Sullivan: Okay, will you walk me out? You still seem distracted.

Paul: I am.

Sullivan: I hope it's the case and not me.

Paul: It's definitely the case.

Sullivan: Well, I like-- I like, um, my men mysterious. You know, I enjoy... uncovering the, uh, mystery.

Paul: Uh-oh. But, you know, I'm... really quite shallow, when it comes right down to it.

Sullivan: Okay, if you say so.

Paul: Good night, Sully.

Sullivan: My mom used to call me Sully when she would, um, tuck me in and kiss me good night.

Paul: I better do the second part then.

Paul: I'll call you.

Sullivan: Don't say it if you don't mean it.

Paul: I mean it.

Sullivan: Okay.

Lauren: What are you doing?!

Phyllis: I like the-- I like the almonds. But--but anyway, I got this cute little dress. It was yellow and then matching tights and they had stripes, it was so cute!

Lauren: Oh, that's sweet!

Nick: You realize the only thing we have talked about since we got here is our kids?

Lauren: Oh, well, now that you mention it, you're right.

Phyllis: I know. I've turned into the person that I used to avoid.

Michael: No, no, no, no, no, you know what? There are other things to talk about. There's politics and religion. There's daytime talk shows! You love that, Nick!

Lauren: Yes! Yes!

Nick: Yes, riveting talk shows. We could talk about your wife's miraculous recovery.

Michael: That's right. She is the vivacious, perky woman I married.

Lauren: Well, the medication really made a lot of difference. And it didn't affect my breast-feeding either.

Michael: Oh, no, no, no, no baby talk, remember?

Lauren: That's right. You're right. That is hard. Hey, I can't believe you're back to work.

Phyllis: Yeah, just part-time. Not all the time. Uh, Jack, uh, built a nursery at--at Newman Towers.

Lauren and Michael: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah, for the baby --

Nick: Oh! You almost said the forbidden words.

Phyllis: I did. It's harder than I thought. I just, I...

Nick: I think we just need to face it. We have turned into our parents.

Michael: Oh, heaven help our children.

Lauren: Oh, bite your tongue.

Phyllis: You turned into Victor?

Nick: Well, of course, I have.

Neil: Hey, Honey...

Dru: What?

Neil: Where have you been? I was expecting you a half an hour ago.

Dru: I'm so sorry, Neil. I've just had a terrible day. Somebody slashed my tires.

Neil: Somebody slashed your tires?

Dru: They slashed my tires!

Neil: You must be kidding me.

Dru: No, and I've been getting prank calls and I think David Chow is behind it. I know he's behind it, Neil.

Neil: Wait, wait, wait, a minute, so do you think that David Chow is responsible for this?

Dru: Yes, but he always has an alibi. Always has an alibi, okay? He--he said he wasn't around when my tires got slashed. And then he said he didn't have a telephone or a cell phone.

Neil: Okay, wait, no, come here. Come here. It's gonna be all right, all right? I'm gonna get you a drink. I want you to relax. Just forget about everything for now.

Dru: Okay. All right.

Phyllis: Nick picks her up like she's like...

Lauren: Well, of course.

Phyllis: She's such a Daddy's girl.

Nick: You know, she loves me.

Michael: She does.

Phyllis: Excuse me. Hello?

Jack: Hey, it's me.

Phyllis: Jack, hey. What's up?

Jack: Uh, I hate to interrupt your evening, but I have a little project I need you to help on.

Phyllis: Tonight?

Jack: Yeah, afraid so.

Phyllis: Um, listen, I... I really can't. You know, we're not all workaholics.

Jack: Well, I'd really appreciate it if--

Phyllis: Listen, I'll come in early tomorrow morning and I'll work my butt off, okay?

Jack: Are you sure you--

Phyllis: No, I really can't. I'm sorry, Jack, I can't.

Jack: Ji Min, its Jack. Listen, I need you to cover me on something.

Victor: Just let this play out.

Brad: If you have any creative ideas as to how we're gonna get out of this mess, I would be open to listening.

Victor: Just so that you know, I have two GPS devices planted in the artifacts that we brought.

Brad: Who's tracking us?

Victor: It's a private security firm. They're watching us right now.

Brad: And when were you planning on telling me this?

Victor: When I thought it was necessary.

Brad: Victor, how are we going to work as team if you don't trust me?

Victor: This has nothing to do with you. This has to do with not wanting to take a chance, all right?

Brad: Well, tell me something. If your crack security team is out there somewhere, when the hell are they gonna get us outta here?

Victor: The purpose of this exercise is to find the buyer of the Grugeon artifact that we are after. Once we know the identity of that guy, my security people will come in. All right?

Neil: Here you go, Mama. Maybe this'll take the edge off things. Drink it up.

Dru: You answer it. And don't expect anyone on the other end of that.

Neil: Hello? Hello, is anybody there?

Dru: I told you! I told you! I told you, Neil!

Neil: Okay, um... I'm gonna star 69 that creep.

Dru: It won't work. It won't work.

Neil: Why?

Dru: This guy is slick. He's blocking my calls. He's trying to drive me crazy. And he's doing a good job!

Neil: Shh, shh, calm down. Calm down.

Dru: I can't help it. I feel like somebody's watching me all the time!

Neil: I understand that. I will handle this, all right?

Dru: How?

Neil: I'm gonna get the phone company to trace the calls on grounds of harassment. That's what I'm gonna do.

Dru: Okay. Can we call Michael? Can we talk to him?

Neil: Yeah. Yeah, that's a good idea.

Dru: Okay.

Neil: Here, relax.

Lily: So what were you guys doing in an adoption chat room?

Cane: I'm searching for my birth mother.

Daniel: Did you find her?

Cane: Still looking.

Lily: So what about you? Are you adopted, too?

Amber: No. I-I was helping a friend-- Katherine Chancellor-- uh, she was looking for... something.

Lily: Oh, wait, didn't you end up at her house during that ice storm?

Amber: Yeah, yeah, and I have to say, for someone who's worth a gazillion dollars, she's pretty down to earth.

Lily: Yeah.

Daniel: So what were you helping her with?

Amber: It's a long story. Um, there's this psychic and she gave us this clue.

Daniel: So what was it?

Amber: Violets.

Lily: Wait, like, the flower?

Amber: Well, okay, that's what I thought at first, too.

Cane: Amber was doing some sleuthing, typed in "Violet" instead of "Violets," so she ended up on the, uh, adoption site, where I picked her up. So to speak.

Daniel: I am completely lost, Dude.

Amber: It doesn't really matter, because she decided to drop the whole thing anyway. So it's fine. Because, uh, I found myself a new hobby.

Paul: I got your blanket.

Paul: Sheila?

Lauren: Oh, Honey, this is so nice.

Michael: Mmm. Yeah, you haven't mentioned the word "b-a-b-y" in the last three minuets.

Lauren: You know why?

Michael: Why?

Lauren: You know why? 'Cause I'm with my "s-e-x-y" husband.

Michael: Yeah, I am "s-e-x-y," huh?

Lauren: You are.

Michael: Ugh.

Lauren: Honey?

Michael: Mmm?

Lauren: Either you're purring or, uh, your cell is vibrating. Can you hear that?

Michael: Its bad timing.

Lauren: Come on, it might be your mom about Fen.

Michael: Yeah, Paul.

Paul: You gotta get over here right away.

Michael: Over where?

Paul: The last place in the world you wanna be.

Michael: Well, there's not much I can do about this right now.

[Michael hangs up the phone]

Neil: Do you see her? Do you see what she's going through?

Dru: I can't take much more.

Neil: Dru's a nervous wreck.

Michael: Okay, listen to me. Drucilla, listen to me. You're gonna turn your cell phone off. I will check with the phone company in the morning and we'll see what they can do about it, all right?

Dru: Okay.

Phyllis: Listen, are you leaving? You really have to leave?

Michael: Yeah, I wish I didn't, but Paul would not have interrupted my night if it weren't important, right?

Dru: Does this have to do with Devon?

Michael: No, I doubt it.

Neil: He didn't say what this was about?

Michael: He never gives details.

Dru: Okay, uh, all right.

Michael: Lauren, I am so sorry.

Neil: Michael, thanks.

Michael: Thank you.

Neil: We'll get in touch with you bright and early.

Michael: Of course, of course, of course. Uh, Nick, please make sure my wife gets home?

Nick: No problem.

Lauren: Thanks. Honey?

Michael: Oh, don't wait up for me.

Lauren: Okay. See what happens? Married to an attorney? It's worse than a doctor.

Neil: We'll take good care of her. Don't worry about it.

Michael: All right, okay!

Lauren: Bye, Sweetie.

Neil: I thought Paul wasn't working on Devon's case anymore?

Lauren: He isn't.

Neil: So why would he need to meet with Michael?

Lauren: I have no clue.

Sheila: You're back.

Paul: I called Michael. He's on his way over.

Sheila: I'm bleeding again.

Paul: Sheila, did you reopen your wound?

Sheila: Why would I do that?

Paul: Maybe to get me to take you to the hospital.

Sheila: Oh... it didn't work the first time. Why would I torture myself with pain?

Paul: Oh, I don't know, maybe because you did it the first time?

Sheila: It must've opened in my sleep.

Paul: Yeah, whatever. Listen, I think you better conserve your energy.

Sheila: Conserve it for what? I'm gonna die. I'm right, aren't I?

Paul: We did the best we could, Sheila.

Sheila: That will comfort me when I'm dead.

Paul: Yeah, well, you stabbed yourself. You knew the risk you were taking, right?

Sheila: It's not too late. You could still get me to the hospital. You really think you're gonna get away with this, Paul?

Paul: Shut up, Sheila.

Sheila: You really think you can cover this up? If I die... your life and Michael's life is over... just like mine.

Sullivan: Paul? Paul, its Maggie. It's, um, if you're still at home, can you open up? I think I left my badge on the table.

Lauren: I can't believe it. Michael was just starting to relax.

Phyllis: Yeah, so much for couples night out.

Lauren: Yeah, really.

Nick: I know. Here I am, stuck with two beautiful women.

Lauren: Poor you.

Nick: Yeah. Let the jokes begin.

Phyllis: Are you gonna show us a good time?

Nick: Maybe.

Phyllis: All right. I think we need another round.

Lauren: Water? Another bubble water, please.

Phyllis: What now? Hey, Jack. What's going on?

Jack: You're gonna hate me for this. I just got off the phone with Ji Min. Despite breaking our tie-ins, NVP is legally required to provide Jabot a detailed list of every lipstick, eye shadow and powder puff that we sent back to them.

Phyllis: Why do they need that? They already have the product.

Jack: I tried telling him that. I've been trying to tell him that for weeks. He won't budge.

Phyllis: And they need it by tomorrow?

Jack: He needs it by yesterday. And he's saying if he doesn't have it by 9:00 A.M. sharp on his desk, he's gonna sue us.

Phyllis: Okay. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Jack: I really appreciate this.

Phyllis: Yeah, you owe me.

Jack: Your wish is my command.

Phyllis: I wish you would've told me this sooner instead of the night before.

Jack: I honestly thought I could talk him out of this.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, tell him that I think he's a pain in the--

Jack: I'll do that. And, Phyllis... thanks. I knew you'd come through for me.

Phyllis: Sure.

Strovink: Gentlemen, I'm afraid there was some damage done when transporting the objects. (Sighs)

Karl: Your GPS beacons, Gents. Looks like you're out of luck.

Cane: I'll get another round.

Lily: I'll help you.

Amber: So? What do you think?

Daniel: Okay, he seems very cool. And you were right-- he's not just some sketchy internet dude.

Amber: Mm-hmm, I know how to pick 'em.

Daniel: And you guys both have a lot in common-- adventurous, crazy...

Amber: A little hot.

Daniel: You guys both have a wild side.

Amber: I like to call it free spirited.

Daniel: What about brave?

Amber: Brave?

Daniel: Yeah. You've gotta have guts to do that whole internet dating thing.

Amber: Yeah, my first time was almost my last.

Daniel: What happened?

Amber: I found this sweet, kinda nerdy sounding guy. And I made the mistake of giving him my phone number. He called me, like, 40 times a day.

Daniel: I guess 39 would've been more reasonable, huh?

Amber: Yeah. He proposed marriage in the first week. Um, wanted me to meet his parents-- whom he still lived with, by the way.

Daniel: So did you?

Amber: Um, hello? No. He still sends me e-mails every now and then. Um, he's married now to a librarian which he met on the internet.

Daniel: Oh.

Amber: Um, has a baby, the whole white picket fence.

Daniel: And just think, that could've been you.

Amber: Yeah, I still have nightmares about that.

Daniel: Right.

Michael: She doesn't look good.

Paul: Her wound's reopened and it's bleeding.

Michael: How'd that happen?

Paul: Who knows. Best guess-- she did it herself in her last desperate attempt to get us to take her to the hospital.

Michael: Brilliant. Did you ask her about that?

Paul: Yeah, she said it happened when she was sleeping. She's moving around.

Michael: Like I believe that!

Paul: Look, Michael, does it matter? It's still bleeding and it's infected.

Michael: What can we do?

Paul: I managed to get some antibiotics from my doctor, but they haven't kicked in yet. She's getting worse.

Sheila: Michael, Michael, talk to Paul. I need to go to the hospital.

Michael: I'm sorry, Sheila. You did this yourself.

Sheila: Michael... I stabbed myself. Okay, I'll take the blame. Letting me die-- that will be on your conscience forever. And both of you will go to prison. You can count on that.

Man: I see Andrew and Karl have made you two comfortable.

Brad: We'd be a lot more comfortable if our hands were untied.

Lucas: I'm Lucas Hollenbeck. Which one of you is Martin Vanpelt?

Victor: I am.

Lucas: And you are Robert Decker?

Brad: Your powers of deductive reasoning are extraordinary.

Lucas: There's no need for sarcasm, Mr. Decker. I'm a cautious man. I like to be absolutely sure who I'm dealing with.

Brad: Well, now you're sure. So how about untying us?

Victor: Mr. Hollenbeck, I apologize for my partner's impatience. But why don't we stop all this foolishness and talk business?

Lily: You know, I never thought I would say this, but Amber is pretty cool.

Daniel: Yeah, she's not bad. You know, I was fake laughing earlier, just because... I didn't wanna hurt her feelings.

Lily: Oh, how sweet! You better not do that to me.

Daniel: You? Never.

Lily: Man, she is laying it on thick.

Daniel: Yeah, I'm glad you weren't like that.

Lily: Wait, wasn't I mean to you when we first met?

Daniel: You? No, you be stilled my heart and took my breath away.

Lily: Oh, my God, go find someone else.

Daniel: Uh-huh, Mrs. Romalotti, when are you gonna realize that you are the only woman for me?

Lily: Yeah, yeah.

Daniel: Seriously. The day we got married--I... I won the wife lotto.

Lily: Wow! Where did you read that? In the "How to be a husband for dummies" book?

Daniel: Wait a minute, there's a book? And here I am winging it this whole time?

Lily: Oh, my God. Well, even without it, you can still be pretty sweet sometimes.

Daniel: Thanks. You know, honestly, you know, I don't know why more women don't throw themselves at my feet.

Lily: Yeah, and you can be a real jerk.

Daniel: Yes, I can. Yes, I can.


Neil: Ouch. Ooh, looks like we're ordering a couple more racks of glasses.

Dru: And tell him to be careful, okay?

Neil: Honey, it was an accident.

Dru: Tell him to be careful.

Neil: I told you before, you need to calm down.

Dru: I'm trying to, okay? I am trying to.

Neil: You need to try a little harder. So did you turn off your cell phone?

Dru: Yeah, I took out-- I took out the battery.

Neil: Yeah? You're leaving nothing to chance, right?

Dru: I am serious. I'm scared. I'm a mess!

Neil: I know. I know you're serious. And I'm here now. And in the morning, Michael will contact the phone company. We'll get to the bottom of this, find out who's behind the crank calls.

Dru: You don't understand. You don't understand. It's more than this.

Neil: Understand what?

Dru: Neil, it's more than the tires being slashed. It's more than the prank calls.

Neil: What do you mean?

Dru: Neil you're going to think I'm crazy.

Neil: Would you just tell me?

Dru: Okay. I was just in the garage, right, with Sharon. And the elevator and then the doors started to close and then my phone rang.

Neil: And?

Dru: And I-- I saw her right by p1. And I saw her by p1. And she was calling me from her phone.

Neil: Who? What are you talking-- who'd you see by p1? Who?

Dru: It was Carmen. It was Carmen. It was Carmen!

Neil: Carmen?

Paul: I've done everything I can. Nothing's working.

Michael: Fine! So what do we do? What do we do?!

Paul: I was waiting for your bright idea, Michael. You got one?

Michael: Uh... we agree that we just can't let her die?

Paul: Yeah. But that's still leaves us with a hell of a problem.

Michael: Yeah, yeah, we take her to the hospital, we suffer the consequences.

Paul: We take her to the hospital, she breaks free, we lose our freedom.

Michael: Yeah, but if we let her die and someone finds out, freedom consists of visits in prison for us.

Paul: We are-- we are screwed either way.

Michael: And whatever happens to Sheila, she deserves it!

Paul: Okay, no argument there. But you know what? She dies here, I'm gonna feel responsible. I don't wanna live with that.

Michael: Right, okay, fine, yeah, since I got dragged into this whole hellish mess, I'll feel responsible, too. There.

Paul: Okay, fine, so we agree we're taking her to the hospital? Yes?

Michael: I need to talk to Lauren. I need to tell her the truth.

Paul: Michael, I have spent months not letting that happen!

Michael: I know! I'm sorry! I am so sorry!

Paul: You tell her, you make a mistake!

Michael: No, no, no, I don't wanna lie to her anymore! Lauren needs to know!

Paul: You are making a mistake! We're screwed. Michael, we're screwed!

Neil: You do realize that whoever you saw-- it was not Carmen.

Dru: I knew you wouldn't believe me.

Neil: No, no, no, no, it's not that I don't believe you. But, I mean, you're trying to tell me that you think it was her ghost?

Dru: I don't believe in ghosts. I know what I saw, or else I'm going crazy.

Neil: All right, all right, so did Sharon see this person?

Dru: Mnh-mnh. No, but--but when we went back to that garage, Neil, Carmen was gone. She was gone.

Neil: Okay. Okay. So there's gotta be a logical explanation to this. Uh, it was probably someone who, you know, looked-- looked like Carmen.

Dru: Yeah, that's what Sharon said.

Neil: What? What?

Dru: Okay, listen to me. She had on the very same clothes that Carmen had on the day that she died.

Neil: All right, so, well, right there-- maybe that's what reminded you of Carmen-- the fact that she was wearing similar clothes.

Dru: Right. Right.

Neil: Honey... Honey, you're under a lot of stress right now, okay? You just--you need to-- you need to calm down. It was just your mind playing tricks, Honey, that's all. It had to be that.

Dru: Right. Okay.

Neil: Hey, hey, it's okay. All right?

Amber: I had a really good time tonight.

Cane: So why are you talking like the night's over? We could still go back to my place.

Amber: And do what?

Cane: We're imaginative people. We can figure something out.

Amber: Mm-hmm. Nice try. Not tonight.

Cane: We could maybe, uh, watch a DVD or play a video game.

Amber: Ah, yeah, right. Maybe the next date. Besides, uh, don't you have a split shift?

Cane: Yeah, but I've got a couple of hours.

Amber: Let me think about it, okay?

Cane: Sure. You know, I've wanted to kiss you all night.

Amber: Why haven't you?

Cane: Well, public displays of affection between the, uh, help and the customers is frowned upon by the management.

Amber: Mmm, I'm gonna have to ask Lily to talk to her dad about that one, but in the meantime...

Amber: Now's your big chance. Don't choke now.

Nick: Thought I'd give you an update on, uh, Summer.

Phyllis: Oh, yes? Oh, thank you. How is daddy's little girl?

Nick: Well, she's smiling as usual.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Mom's gonna take over for the babysitter.

Phyllis: You know, I'm sure Nikki is tired. You should go there and watch her.

Nick: Go there?

Phyllis: Yes.

Nick: Mmm. You, uh, you sure about that?

Phyllis: Uh-huh.

Nick: Really?

Phyllis: Uh-huh.

Nick: Because, um, remember what happened the last time we were working late and decided to take a little break?

Phyllis: Um... no, I don't recall.

Nick: I'll give you a hint. It had to do with this table right here.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, this table. Right. Um, but you know, if, um... I take a break right now...

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: I'll get sidetracked. And I'll never get done with this work.

Nick: Are you telling me your batteries couldn't use recharging? 'Cause I could do it.

Phyllis: Um... I could use recharging, yes. But before, remember, the building was empty.

Nick: It's practically empty now.

Phyllis: No, it's not. Jack is here.

Nick: Oh.

Phyllis: He might see us.

Nick: Who cares?

Phyllis: Who cares?

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: It's creepy.

Nick: All right, so it's a no? Last chance!

Phyllis: Well, it's not really a no. Um... I'll make it up to you tomorrow... maybe tonight... when I get home.

Nick: Okay. You promise?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: 'Cause if so, then I'll miss you... maybe.

Lucas: I was afraid they might not be real.

Brad: They're very real.

Lucas: The pieces are magnificent. Clearly they are originals. It's the forged ownership paperwork which concerns me.

Victor: Why would that concern you? Because obviously you're not Interpol.

Lucas: My problem isn't that the items are stolen. It's that they aren't stolen. Did you really think, Mr. Newman, that a man of your international reputation and wealth could hide his identity with forged passport?

Victor: I guess now you know.

Lucas: And why would two reputable businessmen use phony names to fence artwork they already own?

Sheila: I need something stronger for the pain.

Paul: Well, you know what? Without a prescription, that's the best I can do. (Cell phone ringing)

Sheila: Go ahead, answer it. I'll keep quiet.

Paul: Yeah, I'm sure you will. I'm not taking any chances, Sheila. It's gonna go straight to voice mail.

Lauren: He's almost asleep. How'd it go with Paul?

Michael: Not good.

Lauren: What? What happened?

Michael: I, um... I promised that I would never... lie to you again, hmm?

Lauren: I know. And you haven't. Have you?

Michael: There's something I have to tell you. And it's not gonna be easy for you to hear.

Lauren: What is it, Michael?

Michael: Sheila Carter-- she's still alive.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sheila: It's getting worse.

Paul: What am I supposed to do about it?

Lauren: You are taking me to see her right now.

Michael: That is not gonna happen.

Lauren: Oh, yes, it is.

Michael: You are gonna stay here with Fenmore.

Lauren: I'm not gonna sit back here while you tell me that she's alive.

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