Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/18/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/18/07 -- Canada; Friday 1/19/07 -- U.S.A.


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Colleen: J.T., what are you doing?

J.T.: What does it look like?

Colleen: But I... I wanted to apologize.

J.T.: For what? Cheating with Korbel or waiting so long to tell me about it?

Colleen: Both.

J.T.: Well, tell someone who cares.

Amber: New perfume. It's supposed to smell like espresso. Whatcha think?

Korbel: Ah, carcinogenic chemicals mimicking the aroma of fresh brew.

Amber: Hmm, good thing I didn't buy it then. Magazine tester.

Korbel: Ah.

Amber: Did you skip your morning caffeine because I wasn't there to make it?

Korbel: No, just a late night grading papers, uh, by students whose creativity runs the gamut from "A" to "B."

Amber: Oh, well then, "C"-- I will get you a refill. That's just the kind of sweetheart I am.

Korbel: Uh, wait. you are a sweetheart, Amber. Uh...

Amber: There's so a "but" coming.

Korbel: Look, the department head's playing overload the new guy, and then there's that e-mail I got this morning-- uh, "publish or perish." Which means I have to write a book or I'll lose my tenure track. I just--I don't have time. No one would wanna be involved with me right now. I'm sorry.

Amber: Um, same thing goes for me. Um, I'm putting all my energy into my career, too. I-I need to find material for a demo, and, um... you know, just a zillion things. So... it really just works out perfectly. Friends?

Korbel: Friends.

Amber: Friends with benefits has a nice ring to it.

Korbel: Yes.

Victoria: Yes, Mr. Arkadin. Both pieces? That's excellent. Um, I'll need to know the condition they're in before we discuss a price and your fee. You'll call me? All right. Thank you. You know, you and my dad ought to think about doing this for real.

Brad: Arkadin bought it?

Victoria: He tracked down both pieces that I supposedly wanna buy to a couple of black market dealers supposedly in Switzerland.

Brad: He doesn't suspect?

Victoria: That we're both the buyers and the sellers? Obviously not. He has a vested interest.

Brad: Well, greed can be highly motivating. Victoria, we can go to Hong Kong, get Abby --

Victoria: No! No. No more running.

Victoria: It worked. Get ready to travel.

Victor: I will tell the pilot to get the plane ready. We'll depart at noon. That should get us into Geneva the next morning. Uh-huh. Well, tell Bradley to meet me this afternoon, all right? In my office. Okay, bye.

Nikki: You're having a meeting with Brad?

Victor: Mm-hmm. He and I are going to Geneva.

Nikki: Really? I didn't know that Newman did much business in Geneva.

Victor: We don't. Not yet.

Nikki: I see. Why don't you tell me what's really going on?

Sheila: You look awful.

Paul: I was just about to say that to you.

Sheila: I need a doctor. What's your excuse?

Paul: Glad to see you haven't lost your charming personality.

Sheila: Paul... my wound is infected. It's infected. You can probably smell it from out there. Just like I can smell your fear. I need meds. Please, get me meds or watch me die.

Paul: Quite the drama queen. I bet you were in all the school plays.

Sheila: This isn't an act. I need antibiotics.

Paul: Show me.

Sheila: You think I'm faking that?

Paul: I don't know. Are you?

Sheila: Listen, this is peritonitis-- inflammation of the abdominal wall. I'm in pain. I have a fever. Please, get me meds or I'll go into shock.

Paul: You know what, Sheila? You live by the sword.

Sheila: You don't mean that. Character is destiny. You're Florence Nightingale in drag.

Paul: You don't pretend you know me.

Sheila: Oh, please, Florence! Please, help me! You're losing your patient. Please! Hop to it.

Lily: Listen, if you guys wanted to, you could work things out.

Daniel: You know what? I'm gonna be late for work, so if you want us to haul some of these boxes?

J.T.: Yeah, well, they're not moving themselves.

Lily: We'll meet you downstairs, okay? You know, this is the last thing I wanna say, I promise. People make mistakes, J.T. and those who love them... forgive.

Colleen: What Lily said...

J.T.: What? Forgive and forget? No problem. You're already forgotten. I got someplace I gotta go, so leave your keys when you're done.

Nikki: Katherine, I know it's horrible. Yes, I will. I'm gonna leave shortly. I'll see you then. Bye.

Victor: Something troubling Katherine?

Nikki: Yeah, I'm gonna meet with her at the office. Anyway, um, back to what we were saying. You and Brad are going to Geneva?

Victor: I could tell you more, but I'm not going to.

Nikki: Okay. That must mean that Brad's past has come to bite us in the present, right?

Victor: Correct.

Nikki: And you're gonna help him.

Victor: Correct again.

Nikki: And what you're about to do is so dangerous, you're afraid to tell me, because then I will worry more. Victor, I know that you are doing what you feel you need to do. But I don't know why you're doing it for a man that you don't trust. You don't even like him.

Victor: I'm not doing this for Brad Carlton. You're quite right. I neither trust nor like that man particularly. And you damn well know that because of him, I can't trust my children now.

Nick: Hey, remind Brad the, uh, benefits people are gonna be here tomorrow at 10:00.

Victoria: I'll take that meeting for him.

Nick: He would miss the pension planners? That's exciting stuff.

Victoria: Well, actually, he was double booked by mistake.

Nick: Well, what about his meeting today-- the, uh, production budget? You gonna handle that one for him, too?

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Nick: Why? Is he sick?

Victoria: The secretary is a--she's a temp. She just got confused.

Nick: She must be running dad's schedule, too. Dad called and canceled his lunch with me tomorrow.

Victoria: Huh. That's a coincidence.

Nick: Sis, when people say coincidence, usually they mean the opposite.

Colleen: Go ahead. Say it.

Lily: Say what?

Colleen: "Stop thinking about Korbel."

Lily: Well, I mean, you tried.

Colleen: No, I didn't. Not hard enough. I pushed J.T. away until everything blew up in my face.

Lily: Well, I mean, so what happens now? I mean, are you really ready to end this thing with Korbel?

Colleen: Lily, you said yourself-- there's not a thing.

Lily: Okay, obsession. Don't take it wrong. But, I mean, that drawing he did of you-- he was obsessing about you, too.

Colleen: Do you think it's possible to love two people at the same time?

Lily: Well, I mean, I think you can lust after two guys. Hell, ten guys. Look, J.T. has got to be hurting as much as you are. That's why he's acting like he isn't. But I think that you can get him back if you want to. So... do you?

Colleen: I feel like my heart is breaking into a million pieces.

Lily: Okay, listen to me. If Korbel said that he would... quit teaching so the two of you could be together. You know, or if he asked you to, I don't know, transfer to a different school. If he walked in here right now and said that he wanted to be with you and only you, would you go running into his arms?

Colleen: I don't know. I don't know!

Lily: Well, then until you do, you don't have a right to fight for J.T.

J.T.: Thanks. Hey, Professor?

Korbel: Yeah?

J.T.: Tell me something. Is seducing students part of your new curriculum?

Korbel: Okay, don't do this, J.T. it demeans both of us.

J.T.: You sanctimonious sack of... you disgust me, you know that?

Korbel: Yeah, well, if it's any balm to your wounded ego, I disgust myself. Not because I developed feelings for Colleen, but because I-- we acted on them.

J.T.: Well, you can act on 'em all you want. I'm sure you've heard this by now. We're, uh, we're done. We broke up. So, hell, she's all yours.

Amber: Mrs. Chancellor!

Kay: Oh, Amber.

Amber: I've been so worried. Have you had any more of those terrible dreams?

Kay: Well, I'm handling everything just fine, thank you, dear.

Amber: Okay, well, I'd like to help, if--

Kay: Uh, if you'll excuse me for just a moment. I have to talk to someone.

Amber: Oh, okay.

Kay: All right. Tell me everything. Anything. Leave nothing out. Please.

J.T.: Okay, um... I did a search for "Violet" and "Genoa City" online and, uh, a lot of hits came up, none of which were helpful.

Kay: Well, uh, J.T., I was a raging alcoholic back in those days. And, um, last names, like Violet's, was very unimportant. Even if I knew it-- even if I knew it back then, I-I wouldn't know it now.

J.T.: Yeah, well, I did a search for all the bars that were open 30 years ago.

Kay: Well, could she have been a cocktail waitress? She could've been a regular customer.

J.T.: I went to all of them, at least the ones that were still open and, uh... nobody knows anyone named Violet.

Kay: Did you talk to the bartenders? The bartenders know all the drunks.

J.T.: Yeah, actually, a couple of 'em still remembered you.

Kay: I bet they did.

J.T.: Listen, I'm--I'm sorry I don't have more for you. I just--

Kay: What's wrong, J.T.? Jeffrey Todd, tell me.

J.T.: No, it's--it's nothing. It's nothing. I, uh, I'm gonna check the liquor license records. Bars that have closed, moved, gone out of business. I'll see who owned 'em and I'll trace back as many leads as I can.

Kay: Sounds good.

J.T.: Violet's not a common name. So if this woman was known, I'll find out who she was.

Kay: Thank you.

Nikki: Do you have all of your medication?

Victor: I do.

Nikki: How long is this trip gonna last?

Victor: Not that long. I may be home sooner than you think. Well, when I'm with you, I can watch over you. But when I'm not, I worry.

Victor: I appreciate your love and concern. I really do. But if this goes well, it'll put an end to the threat to our family.

Nikki: How is that possible? Brad will still be our son-in-law.

Victor: Now you know me well enough to know damn well that I'll go after anyone who poses a danger to our family. And that, at the end, may include Brad Carlton.

Brad: Hey, you better watch out. Rumor has it, she's gunning for your job.

Phyllis: Really? I hear she's after yours.

Brad: Hey, do you have a résumé? Do you?

Phyllis: I'm sorry, she gummed it to death.

Brad: She's so cute.

Phyllis: Thanks.

Brad: She, uh, looks a little bit like you. You know, I was going to call you. I have to go out of town. I'd like to move up our meeting.

Phyllis: Uh, from tomorrow?

Brad: Yeah, I'd like to do it today if we could.

Phyllis: Today? Okay, well, you better tell Jack because this whole NVP/Newman tie-in-- that was his baby.

Brad: Yeah, well, I'd hate to, uh, wait. It's a great opportunity. How about we go ahead and have the meeting and you could give him the coverage?

Phyllis: So, uh, where are you going? You didn't say.

Brad: No, I didn't. New York.

Phyllis: Oh. For?

Brad: We're filling a few positions. I'm meeting with some headhunters.

Phyllis: Why don't you just videoconference?

Brad: Lacks the personal touch.

Phyllis: Mmm.

Brad: So?

Phyllis: So, let's meet.

Sheila: Stop trying to be someone you're not. Get me antibiotics, please. Amoxicillin is good. Vancomycin--that's better.

Paul: Why would I help you, Sheila?

Sheila: Because... you're a good person. We held auditions for the villain in this morality tale. And you didn't even rate a callback.

Paul: You push me too far, you might be surprised.

Sheila: Not you.

Paul: I know what you want.

Sheila: What's that?

Paul: You want out of here and you want Lauren's baby.

Sheila: Oh, okay. I could never put anything past you.

Paul: Somewhere in that twisted mind of yours you're holding that baby in your arms. You're rocking him. And you're singing him to sleep. And finally... at long last... someone loves you.

Sheila: You love me. You're just shy.

Paul: Oh, you think so? I could go over every inch of this cell, wipe away my prints, Michael's, too. Oh, someone would find you. Eventually. After you've been dead a long time. They'd find that crazy lady who stabbed herself to death. And here's the thing-- no one would care. Not one person in this world. I'd be doing a service to humanity. So why don't you just write a note to that poor soul who's gonna find you, while you still can. "My name was Sheila Carter. Sorry I missed you. But I've gone straight to hell where I belong."

Amber: Where's Colleen?

J.T.: She is not here.

Amber: Did you two get in a fight?

J.T.: Well, she's moving out and I'm moving on.

Amber: Mmm. I'm sorry to hear that. Adrian and I--well... but you and Colleen, I thought you guys were the real deal.

J.T.: "Adrian and I-- oh, well?" What do you mean?

Amber: We--we decided to call it off.

J.T.: He decided to call it off.

Amber: I'm fine with it, really. I'm already seeing someone else.

J.T.: Yeah, well, so was he.

Brad: Okay, that's it then.

Phyllis: All right. Okay, so, um, what positions are you trying to fill?

Brad: What?

Phyllis: Headhunters? New York?

Brad: Oh, um... middle management.

Phyllis: Oh. You can't find that locally?

Brad: Helps to cast a wide net.

Phyllis: Where are you going, really? Is this another top-secret mission like the last one you pulled my husband into?

Brad: He shouldn't have told you about that, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, maybe in Brad-world, husbands keep secrets from their wives-- big secrets-- actually, deadly secrets. But Nick and I-- we don't live like that.

Brad: You've been married what, five minutes?

Phyllis: Is he in on this?

Brad: You should know. You don't hide anything from each other.

Phyllis: You know, I could call the authorities in Ohio and say I have an anonymous tip about two dead bodies that were found last summer.

Brad: Don't threaten me.

Phyllis: If you ever again try to make Brad-world into my world, you better have your attorney on speed-dial.

Nikki: It's risky, Victor. Will you call me?

Victor: All the time.

Victor: I'll call you if I can.

Nikki: All right.

Nick: So where you going?

Nikki: Nicholas?

Victor: I'm going on a business trip, son.

Nick: With Brad, right?

Victor: That's right, with Brad.

Nick: You know, Victoria wouldn't tell me what's going on either. I'm a part of this family. That means I'm involved. So whoever came after Brad could come after my wife next or my daughter. So I would appreciate if you would tell me what's going on.

Nick: Are you not gonna tell me what this trip with Brad is all about?

Victor: No, son, I'm not.

Nick: That's your answer?

Victor: Yep.

Nikki: Look, um, I have to go, Darling, or I'm gonna be late. You travel safely.

Victor: Good-bye, my sweetheart.

Nikki: I love you.

Victor: I'll call you.

Nikki: All right. Bye, son.

Nick: Bye, Mom. Seriously, that's your answer?

Victor: There is a time to talk, a time to be silent.

Nick: When I didn't tell you about Brad, you got very angry. You said, "I'm your father. You should've come to me. We're a family. We don't keep things like this from each other." All I'm asking for is the same courtesy.

Victor: Which I'm sure you will feel compelled to extend to your new wife.

Nick: Are you really gonna punish me for that?

Victor: This has nothing to do with punishment, son.

Nick: Just save it.

Kay: Well... J.T. can't find her.

Nikki: Who?

Kay: Violet. The woman I gave Jill's baby to. Or didn't. I -- I -- I don't know anymore, Nikki.

Nikki: Well, isn't that the point of the search? To find out?

Kay: The odds of J.T. finding a woman named Violet from decades ago-- my dear, it's laughable. Now there's just... there's only one way I'm going to be certain about what happened. I mean... a person is not his dead body. They're just bones. They're bones in the ground.

Nikki: Oh, no, no, no, no, Katherine, what are you-- what are you saying?

Kay: I am going to exhume the corpse of the young man we buried.

Nikki: No, you cannot do that!

Kay: Well, what other choice do I have, Nikki?

Nikki: You keep looking. You hire more detectives. Hire a hundred detectives!

Kay: Oh, I could hire a thousand, but I would still wake up every day-- I still would not know.

Nikki: Katherine! Do you know what you're saying? What does Jill say about this?

Kay: Well, what can she say? I mean, it's a terrible-- terrible to imagine.

Nikki: Look, that poor boy that is buried may not have been Jill's birth son, but she loved him. She raised him. She grieved when he died. He was her child.

Kay: I loved that boy with all my heart. Now you know that. You know that.

Nikki: Yes.

Kay: But there may be another boy. He'd be a grown man by now. But he's a Chancellor. Our blood. Who's out there somewhere. Who is very much alive.

Amber: I asked for a double shot of whiskey-- they gave me espresso. Go figure. It sucks when a relationship ends. And I know what you're gonna say-- you're over her. You don't care. Yadda you know, that's what guys always say. But it doesn't make it true.

J.T.: When I first met Colleen, she was a kid. We were together a long time.

Amber: Friends help you get through that kind of stuff. I-I don't mean me. I mean, you hardly know me. I mean, Kay.

J.T.: Kay? You mean, Mrs. Chancellor?

Amber: Yeah, I saw you with her before. You guys were so intense, I just figured you were really close.

J.T.: You know, I, uh, I dated her granddaughter. We go way back and I don't even call her Kay.

Amber: So you guys are really close, huh?

J.T.: Yeah, I'm helping her find somebody. Um, listen, I don't mean to be rude, but, uh... I'm a little preoccupied, you know?

Amber: Yeah. A broken heart can do that.

Sullivan: I thought it was a girl thing to be late.

Paul: Sorry?

Sullivan: "Meet me for coffee, Maggie," the man said. So I showed and he didn't. You know, after waiting an hour for a guy, I lose all my sparkle.

Paul: Oh, we had a--

Sullivan: A date. You forgot.

Paul: I'm so sorry. I plead guilty as charged, with extenuating circumstances. I just am too busy right now.

Sullivan: Oh, well, you know, things are pretty busy at my office, too. I don't know if you heard, but we have a little murder investigation.

Paul: No, I know. I know you're busy. I have no decent excuse. Let me make it up to you.

Sullivan: Well, I... I could offer you a plea bargain. If you tell me what has you so stressed out that you'd forget about our date, lie about that shiner that you got and put that look in your eyes--

Paul: What look?

Sullivan: Tortured. If you tell me all that, then I won't put a tail on you and find out anyway.

Kay: Nikki, my hope... prayer... if Phillip is still alive, I can find him. And I will give Jill that, to make up for everything that I've taken. The gates of the underworld are already open. There's no turning back.

Amber: J.T., what's your real name?

J.T.: Jeffrey Todd Hellstrom.

Amber: Jeffrey Todd, hmm? I'd stick with J.T.

J.T.: I really gotta get to my reading, all right?

Amber: No problem. Just so you know, I've been doing—

Lily: You know, we can go someplace else.

Colleen: No, it's okay. I'll be fine. It's not like he cares anyway.

Paul: A cop trailing a PI? I don't think so.

Sullivan: Well, you wouldn't recognize me. I'd be traveling incognito.

Paul: Oh, really?

Sullivan: Platinum blonde wig.

Paul: Uh-huh.

Sullivan: Stiletto heels.

Paul: That works for me.

Sullivan: And I'd nail you in the act.

Paul: Interesting choice of words.

Sullivan: And then I'd cuff you. You'd be at my mercy. It could be rough.

Paul: It's getting better all the time. Rough? When you say rough, how do you mean--

Sullivan: Oh. Are you okay?

Paul: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Sullivan: I'm sorry. It's, uh... it's none of my business.

Paul: No, it's, uh... antihistamine, that's all. Nothing. No big deal. Listen, there's someplace I gotta be.

Sullivan: Overdue DVD?

Paul: Uh, yeah, look, I gotta make it up to you. I'm sorry. A dozen roses?

Sullivan: Single-malt scotch.

Paul: Done. I'll call you.

Sullivan: Promises, promises.

Phyllis: So in Brad-land, husbands and wives-- they play mind games with each other. Like, that's really healthy. And then he has the nerve to get mad at me because we, you know, communicate. Can you believe that?

Nick: Well, I think my sister has moved to his planet.

Phyllis: Well, yeah, because she's trying to justify that he's been lying to her forever. I mean, "Hey, marry me without me telling you who I really am. And by the way, when you marry me, people will wanna kill you. Oh, I left out that detail."

Nick: What kind of person does that?

Phyllis: Yeah, you know what? Brad could actually still be lying to her.

Nick: "Could?" You're being optimistic.

Victoria: You are a brilliant conversationalist.

Brad: How'd it go with Nick?

Victoria: Is there a category below terrible? He knows something's up.

Brad: Yeah, Phyllis, too. When I wouldn't tell her what was going on, she practically threatened to call the FBI.

Victoria: Which is exactly why I didn't tell Nick.

Brad: I know that was hard for you.

Victoria: Actually, no, no, it wasn't. That he doesn't understand how monumentally stupid and dangerous it was to tell Phyllis is completely beyond me.

Brad: He loves her.

Victoria: In Geneva... if the people-- like the people who killed your family-- try to find you...

Brad: I have a secret weapon.

Victoria: My father.

Brad: He's an army of one.

Victoria: Until you come back, every time I close my eyes, I'm gonna see your face.

Colleen: Maybe I should go talk to him.

Lily: Um, define "talk."

Colleen: Hi.

Korbel: Hi. J.T. was here earlier.

Colleen: I know. I saw him. Look, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to say--

Korbel: No, I shouldn't have put you in that position in the first place. No matter what I feel-- uh, felt-- I shouldn't have.

Colleen: Don't worry. I have--I mean, had-- I had those same feelings.

Korbel: Yeah, but I'm the adult. So I shouldn't...

Colleen: Well, I'm not a child, Professor. Adrian. I'm not gonna say that what we did just happened, because I wanted it to happen.

Korbel: So did I. But I'm still sorry that it did.

Colleen: But I'm not. I know that I should be and I know that it was wrong, but the truth is, I'm not.

Korbel: We can't. I...

Colleen: I know. I know. I know. But, uh... we'll always have the ice storm.

Amber's voice: Daniel, help me find Jill Chancellor's son who is set to inherit beacoup billions! I'm thinking--finder's fee?

Amber: Delete.

Paul: Sheila? Sheila? I stood up a good woman to... bring this stuff to you. Sheila? Hey!

Sheila: Paul? Help me. Help me.

Sheila: Help. help me. Help me.

Paul: I told my doctor I had an ear infection.

Paul: Sheila?

Sheila: Hmm?

Paul: Don't go to sleep. You're gonna take this.

Paul: Sheila?

Paul: Swallow that.

Nick: You know, when Vicki and I were kids, our parents told us over and over again that it means something to be a Newman. That you always look out for each other.

Phyllis: That's nice.

Nick: That's what it was to be a family. That's what they said. But now...

Phyllis: Now... your dad and Brad are playing secret agent man and our family is in even more danger. You know, Nick, the more I think about it, I just--

Nick: The angrier you get. Me, too. Look, I swear to you... I'm gonna look out for our family.

Phyllis: Me, too.

Victoria: Yes, Mr. Arkadin. Call me when you've secured the pieces. All right.

Nikki: Hi.

Victoria: Hi. I guess it's up to them now.

Nikki: Yes, your father and Brad. It was wise of you to include your father.

Victoria: I would be so much more afraid if Dad wasn't with him.

Nikki: But you are afraid. I am, too.

Victor: You ready to go?

Brad: I am.

Victor: Then let's do it.

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