Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/17/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/17/07 -- Canada; Thursday 1/18/07 -- U.S.A.


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Colleen: J.T.--

J.T.: I need to be alone, Colleen.

Colleen: Let's--let's talk.

J.T.: Why don't you tell me how you cheated on me?

Colleen: I didn't mean to.

J.T.: Oh, that's right. It was an accident, is that right? Oops, there goes my shirt! Now my pants just fell off!

Colleen: J.T., stop.

J.T.: I can't believe what an idiot I was!

Colleen: You're not an idiot! You're not. I love you.

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, I bet you say the same thing to Adrian. Oh, that's right, you don't call him by that name.

Colleen: Okay, it didn't mean anything. It happened one time.

J.T.: Oh, whatever, Colleen. Don't... don't start with that.

Colleen: J.T., you're gonna have to believe me. It's over.

J.T.: Yeah, it is. For us.

Colleen: No, J.T.--

J.T.: No, don't-- don't touch me, all right?

Colleen: No, I didn't know! I didn't mean for any of this to happen, I swear.

J.T.: Oh, you meant for it to happen. You just never meant for me to find out.

Korbel: What the...

Colleen: If I could change--

J.T.: Save it, Colleen.

Colleen: No, why won't you listen?

J.T.: I don't wanna hear it!

J.T.: You know what? Maybe you should answer that. It could be your boyfriend.

Colleen's voice: Hello? Hello?

Korbel: Colleen?

Colleen's voice: Ha, gotcha! I'm not here right now. You know the drill.

Korbel: Hi, Colleen, it's Adri-- um, Professor Korbel. I brought the wrong viewing materials to class. Where are my slides on Notre Dame? I can't seem to find anything now that you're not my research assistant. Give me a call when you can. Uh, hope all is well.

J.T.: Was I right? Was it Adrian?

Colleen: It doesn't matter!

J.T.: It matters. Give me the phone. Let me see this. Damn it! I knew it!

Colleen: J.T., just calm down!

J.T.: Are you in love with him, huh? Answer me, Colleen! Are you in love with him?!

Colleen: Can you just be quiet? Just be quiet for a--

J.T.: No, it's a simple question. Yes or no? Admit that you're in love with the guy.

Colleen: I can't. I can't! Because I don't know who I'm in love with!

J.T.: I gotta get out of here.

Colleen: No, J.T., please--

J.T.: What? What? No, just...

Colleen: No, J.T., please! (Cell phone ringing)

Lily: Hey, you have to see these new jeans we just got in. They are so cute! You'll love 'em.

Colleen: Lily.

Lily: What? What's wrong?

Colleen: It's over. J.T.. hates me.

Lily: What happened? Wait, he didn't find out about you and Korbel?

Colleen: He knows everything. I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Lily: Okay, hang on, I'll be right over, okay? Amber, I have to go.

Amber: Oh, what are you doing? I can't do all this work by myself!

Lily: Listen, I can't explain. It's an emergency. You have to close up by yourself.

Amber: No, wait!! I don't know how.

Lily: Just inventory the rest of the stuff, count up the receipts under the counter, okay!

Amber: Lily!

Lily: I have too.

Amber: You can't just leave me here alone!

Kay: Thank you for coming. I know how busy you are.

Will: Well what's so urgent?

Kay: We need your help with something.

Will: Help's what I do best. What can I do for you?

Kay: Well, I'll, uh, cut right to the point. We need to have a body exhumed.

Sharon: You think it makes me a bad person that I don't want Jack hanging around with his ex's?

Dru: Sharon, if the ex is Phyllis, I say that makes you a very smart person to put the whole thing to rest.

Sharon: Dru, you okay?

Dru: Yeah, I was just thinking I should've given myself that same advice.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Dru: Well, I, you know, if I'd done that before everything got out of control with Carmen.

Sharon: Well, you know what? What's done is done.

Dru: Oh! Look at my tires!

Sharon: Oh, my gosh!

Dru: And they keyed my car!

Sharon: Jeez, what did they use? A butcher knife?

Dru: Just relax, okay? Just relax.

Dru: What?

Sharon: The person might still be here.

Dru: Huh?

Jill: What do you think you're doing?

Kay: Finding answers.

Jill: By digging up bodies?

Kay: If necessary, yes.

Jill: William, I am so sorry you had to come all the way out here. My mother hasn't been herself lately.

Kay: All right, stop it! I am just fine, William. And you stop making me out as some crazy old coot.

Will: Um, you wanna tell me what this is about?

Jill: William—

Kay: Now you listen to me. This is the only way we're going to find out if that young man we buried is your son.

Dru: I can't believe this.

Sullivan: Did either of you see anybody do anything to Ms. Winters' car?

Dru: No.

Sharon: No.

Sullivan: Okay, and when was the last time you saw the tires intact?

Dru: Two hours ago.

Sullivan: Okay. And were you on duty?

Man: Yes, but I didn't see anyone suspicious.

Sullivan: Okay, we're gonna need to look at those security tapes.

Dru: I know who did this detective.

Sullivan: Who?

Dru: Chow-- he slashed my tires.

Sullivan: Okay. Well, we'll look into it.

Dru: You need to arrest the madman!

Sullivan: We need proof before we arrest somebody.

Sharon: Well, you can at least question him, right?

Sullivan: Well, we like to have some sort of evidentiary basis.

Dru: I'll give you evidentiary, okay?

Sullivan: Okay.

Dru: The man has been harassing me at home, at work, on television. I don't know how he broke into my place, but he slashed my clothes. Now he's slashed my tires! How much evidence do you need?

Daniel: Hey. Where's Lily? Is she, uh, in the back?

Amber: Hi to you, too. And, no, she left a long time ago.

Daniel: I'm supposed to meet her here. Did she say where she was going?

Amber: Nope. She got some urgent phone call and took off. Left me to close up by myself. I don't really know what I'm doing.

Daniel: It's not that hard. I've watched her a bunch of times. If you need me to help you count cash or something, I can do that.

Amber: Hey, since you're here, since you're the only one here, I wanna try on this dress that we just got in, okay? Just holler if anyone comes, okay? Okay?

Daniel: Okay. Hope you're not working on commission tonight.

Daniel: Hey, Lily, it's me. I guess you're busy. Look, I'm at the boutique right now, uh, waiting for you. Uh, I guess I'll wait around for about ten more minutes. And if you get this before then, call me, okay? Love you, bye.

Amber: Coast still clear?

Daniel: Hurry up and change! The manager's here!

Amber: Lauren?! Tell tell her her I'm out back!

Amber: What are you laughing at?

Daniel: You are so naïve!

Amber: Are you sure no one's out there?

Daniel: Yes, I'm sure. You're fine.

Amber: I have been dying to try this thing on all day. I really wanna show Lily, but I guess you'll have to do.

Colleen: I had everything and I screwed it

Lily: Maybe if you just give J.T. some time.

Colleen: Oh, Lily. No, he's too upset. I mean, even if we stayed-- ah, I cannot believe I I can't believe that I said that Professor Korbel--

Lily: Well, why did you?

Colleen: Because J.T. made it sound like he already knew.

Lily: Well, that's the downside of dating a detective.

Colleen: Yeah. Oh, Lily, you should've seen him when he left. He hates me. He couldn't even look at me.

Lily: No, J.T. does not hate you. Okay, he just needs to mellow out? Maybe throw a few basketballs. Possibly at Adrian. And then, you know, he'll--he'll get over it.

Colleen: And then Adrian called during our fight. Talk about timing, right?

Lily: Well, you didn't answer it, did you?

Colleen: No, no, I didn't pick up. J.T. got so upset, he took my phone, threw it across the room and smashed it.

Lily: Okay, that's a little scary.

Colleen: Yeah, I know. I was freaked out. I didn't know what to do.

Lily: Where is J.T. now?

Colleen: I have no clue. But when he's this upset, he's liable to do something stupid.

Korbel: Hi, J.T., what are you doing here?

J.T.: Don't play dumb with me. You know exactly what I'm doing here.

Korbel: What can I do for you, J.T.?

J.T.: Well, you can start by telling me why the hell you slept with my girlfriend.

Korbel: Excuse me?

J.T.: You heard me!

Korbel: It shouldn't have happened. Things got, um, carried away.

J.T.: What the hell is wrong with you, man?

Korbel: Is, uh, is Colleen okay?

J.T.: It's a little late for that, don't you think?

Korbel: Look, I-I shouldn't have let things get as far as they did. But, um...

J.T.: But you couldn't help yourself? Is that it? You couldn't help yourself?

Korbel: Okay, it wasn't--

J.T.: You make me sick.

Korbel: It wasn't like that.

J.T.: Then how was is, huh? You tell me what it was like sleeping with my girlfriend?!

Colleen: Well, then it's a good thing that Adrian's in class. He almost took his head off earlier today while they were playing basketball. But I guess I know why.

Lily: Look, he's gonna get over it, Colleen, okay? He will.

Colleen: Maybe it's J.T. nope. Junk mail. "How to win a million dollars instantly." What I need is "How to get your boyfriend back instantly."

Lily: What? What's wrong?

Colleen: Well... somebody has been in my e-mail.

Lily: Really?

Colleen: Yeah.

Lily: Who?

Colleen: I don't know, but they only read the messages that I sent to you... about Adrian. Oh, my God, J.T.!

[Cell phone rings]

Daniel: Lily, hey! I was worried about you.

Lily: Hey.

Daniel: Where are you? Is something happening with Devon's trial?

Lily: No, no, no, nothing like that. I'm with, uh, I'm with colleen. It was an emergency.

Daniel: Oh, I get it. Girl stuff. Okay, well, I guess this means we're gonna be postponing dinner, huh?

Lily: Yeah. Um, but, listen, I can't talk right now, okay? I'm sorry, but I'll be home later. So don't wait up.

Daniel: Okay, I love you.

[Amber in the dressing room, pretends to get a call]

Amber: Hello? Oh, hey! Are we still on for dinner tonight? Oh, are you sure? I'm all ready to go. Okay. Well, you owe me one. Bye.

[Amber leaves the dressing room]

Amber: How do I look?

Daniel: You look nice.

Amber: Nice? That's all I get? This baby is worth a week's salary and that's including my discount.

Daniel: Did I say nice? 'Cause what I meant to say was, you look very nice.

Amber: Maybe I should get a second opinion.

Daniel: No, no, no second opinions. Buy it. You look great.

Amber: Just what I was looking for. Sold.

Daniel: It's pretty dead in here. Did you guys already do all your holiday returns?

Amber: Oh, yeah, we were lucky we didn't get that many returns. Mostly just exchanges.

Daniel: Cool. What time are you outta here?

Amber: About half an hour. I was gonna close up early, but I had a date and he canceled, so...

Daniel: Yeah, Lily canceled on me, too.

Amber: I don't know about you, but I'm starved.

Daniel: I could eat.

Amber: Wanna go grab a bite somewhere? Maybe the coffeehouse?

Daniel: Yeah, sure.

Amber: Yeah?

Daniel: Yeah.

Amber: Okay.

Jill: Katherine, there's gotta be some alternative. For us to disturb Phillip's grave--

Kay: But it may not be Phillip in that grave. Now there's only one way that we can be absolutely certain.

Jill: William, I'm sorry.

Will: That's okay. Take your time.

Jill: All I know is, that the boy I raised is resting in peace. Let's leave it that way.

Kay: I agree. I agree. I mean, the thought of it is terrible, but not nearly as terrible as doing nothing would be. Jill... believe me, I want-- I want what is best for you, what is best for Phillip. Now if he is out there, wouldn't you want to be part of his life? And I think... all of us would rest much easier knowing.

Jill: Yeah, you're right. You're right.

Kay: So how do we do this?

Will: Uh... I gotta admit I didn't see this one coming.

Jill: No, I-I didn't either. But... it has to be done.

Kay: Uh, we... need to exhume my grandson. Um, Jill's son.

Will: Do you suspect foul play in his death?

Jill: No, not--no. Not in the way you mean.

Kay: Phillip died in a car crash many years ago. And I've been having these vivid, vivid memories.

Jill: The child I raised might not have been the baby that I gave birth to.

Will: Are you sure?

Kay: No. No, not sure at all. That's why we need to have the DNA test done.

Jill: Because if the young man who's buried in Phillip's grave is not my biological son... then I need to find the man who is.

Man: Ms. Winters' car was parked in a blind spot, out of view of the security cameras.

Sharon: Terrific.

Man: I searched the garage. I didn't find anything.

Dru: Of course! Of course! Because David Chow ain't dumb. He's dangerous.

Sharon: There's gotta be something that you can do, right?

Dru: Yeah.

Sullivan: Well, we're just following procedure but if we have reason to believe that David Chow did this, then we'll question him. If we have proof, then we'll subpoena you into court.

Dru: Great! My second home! That's just great.

Sullivan: Okay, well, if you can think of anything else, you know how to reach me. We'll be in touch.

Dru: Thanks. Wow, can you believe that?

Sharon: Dru, let's just get out of this parking garage. We'll go call a tow truck.

Dru: I know its Chow. I know he's the one that stalking me. And he keeps getting away with it over and over and over again! It just makes me sick.

Sharon: Aah!

Dru: Aah!

Dru: Uh-huh. Returning to the scene of the crime, I see.

Dru: Oh, don't play dumb. I know you slashed my tires!

David: I did no such thing.

Sullivan: I heard screaming. What's going on here?

David: As far as I know, nothing. I was simply returning to my car.

Dru: No, he was simply coming at us once he knew you were out of the way.

David: I never touched her car.

Sullivan: Okay, Ms. Newman.

Sharon: Well, he came at us right outta nowhere.

Dru: On his way.

David: All right, this is ridiculous. Here, check for yourselves. No knives. Okay?

Sullivan: Okay, where are you coming from, Mr. Chow?

David: From the bank.

Dru: Sweet, sweet. Next he's gonna apply for a job at Newman Enterprises.

Sullivan: That's enough Mrs. Winters.

David: Here's the receipt from the bank.

Sullivan: Great. Okay. Now your tires were attacked a few hours ago?

Sullivan: Can you account for your whereabouts over the last two hours?

Dru: You think that I slashed my own tires?

Will: The courts do not take exhumation process lightly.

Jill: Good. They shouldn't.

Will: I'll see what I can do.

Jill: Thanks.

Kay: Thank you. We appreciate it.

Will: Now you'll need to file to move forward with the exhumation.

Jill: And how long will that take?

Will: It could be months. But as the only surviving relatives, both in agreement, you might have an easier time of it.

Kay: Then, um... what are we waiting for? Could we start, like, tomorrow morning?

Will: Well, there's one more thing you should know. You'll have to provide the judge with a convincing argument for wanting a DNA test. And I'm kinda curious myself.

Will: Why after all these years do you think the son you buried might not be yours?

Kay: Last night I was running through this forest. I was carrying the baby. Now... where does that come from?!

Jill: I don't know. It's all right. It's all right. You're thinking about Phillip, aren't you?

Kay: I wish I'd have never met Sylvia Browne. Those nightmares were disturbing enough without messages from the great beyond.

Jill: These memory flashes are literally making you sick. You have got to let me help you!

[Kay remembering]

Kay: Nikki, I've done something terrible. No, it's beyond terrible. It's monstrous. It's so evil.

Nikki: Oh, stop! Stop this! Now you're not evil!

Kay: And I hated you so much. And just the thought-- the thought of you raising that child-- no, that the whole world would think that you and that boy were the true loves of Phillip's life--

Jill: Enough! That's enough!

Kay: Well, I didn't! And I took him! I took Phillip's son!

Jill: Where's my son? The one I gave birth to?

Kay: I-I-I don't...

Jill: Are you saying that he could still be alive?!

Jill: Mother?

Kay: It's a very long, painful story.

Daniel: So you saving the dress for another time?

Amber: Yep, for my next hot date.

Daniel: Mmm, too bad he canceled.

Amber: Yeah, he got called into work.

Daniel: What's he do?

Amber: He's in a band-- lead singer.

Daniel: Yeah? Any good?

Amber: Not as good as someone like your dad. You ever think of performing?

Daniel: Never really interested me.

Amber: What, music?

Daniel: Yeah, just the whole scene, you know?

Amber: Oh, come on, you'd fit right in. You look, uh, just like that guy-- Connor Oberst.

Daniel: That dude from Bright Eyes?

Amber: Yeah, he's cute.

Daniel: Yeah, all I need is some black hair dye and a tragic haircut.

Amber: It can be arranged.

Daniel: So you're a hairdresser now, too, huh?

Amber: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: I guess I learn something new about you every day.

Amber: Hey!

Cane: What's going on?

Amber: Nothing much. Just hanging out here with my friend. Uh, Daniel, this is Cane. Cane, Daniel.

Daniel: What's up, man?

Cane: Hey.

Daniel: Grab a chair.

Cane: Thanks.

Daniel: So, uh, how'd the two of you meet?

Amber: By force of nature.

J.T.: Don't even try telling me Colleen came onto you.

Korbel: Either way it was a mistake.

J.T.: It so obvious to me now! The way you used to call all the time. "Hey, Colleen, can you come by the office and see some slides at 11:00 at night?" And she used to just run over there and help you out.

Korbel: Not all the time.

J.T.: What was that, Professor? Is that what you call that?

Korbel: She was just dropping off work. That's not when things got out of hand.

J.T.: Yeah, but that's when it started! Just one more late night that you could put the moves on her outside of class.

Korbel: Look, I never forced her to ---

J.T.: Yeah, but she did. Because she knew you'd be on her so damn hard.

Korbel: Yeah, if I could change what happened--?

J.T.: Well, why would you change what happened? Huh? You got what you wanted! Night after night of cheap labor, not to mention, cheap--

Korbel: We can talk about this later, okay? Just a second.

J.T.: What? What are you... you afraid your students might find out what a lowlife you a? You know, I should go out there and warn those girls to cover up. Or maybe... maybe Colleen isn't your only victim. Is that right?

Korbel: Enough! You wanna talk to me like an adult, then we will talk later in private. Right now, I have a class.

J.T.: You can't hide behind your students forever.

Lily: Here.

Colleen: Thanks. I feel sick. I reread some of those e-mails. They're all about how... amazing Adrian is, how I can't stop thinking about him, how great he kisses.

Lily: Wait, what would've made J.T. suspicious enough to hack into your e-mail?

Colleen: Oh, I know exactly what did it.

Lily: What?

Colleen: My notebook. It has all of the Adrian doodles.

Lily: Wait, J.T. saw it?

Colleen: Yeah, I think so. I mean, not that he said anything, but...

Lily: Well, he probably didn't wanna blow up in front of everyone.

Colleen: (Sighs) I don't know how I didn't see this coming! I mean, I deserve it, I do.

Lily: You have to stop beating yourself up.

Colleen: How? My stupid mistakes are costing me my boyfriend, Lily!

Lily: You don't know that!

Colleen: Yes, I do. How is he ever supposed to trust me again?

Lily: Well, you have to rebuild things.

Colleen: How?

Lily: Stay away from Korbel, for starters.

Colleen: I don't know if I can do that.

Lily: Well, then you know what? Maybe you and J.T. breaking up was for the best.

Sharon: I just talked to the, uh, bank manager. Uh, David's story checks out. He was, uh, meeting with a loan officer.

David: Exactly as I stated.

Sharon: Well, I'm sure the meeting didn't take two hours.

Dru: Yeah, it only took two minutes to slash my tires.

David: I didn't leave the bank until just before I ran into you.

Sullivan: The manager showed me the tapes. He was there the whole time.

Sharon: Okay, let's just go, Dru. This isn't worth it. Come on.

Sullivan: You were running errands for the last few hours. Did you happen to see Mr. Chow in the bank at that time?

Dru: Are you insinuating that I slashed my own tires to pin it on this man?

David: You know, it makes sense to me.

Dru: That is ridiculous.

Sullivan: No one's accusing you of anything, Ms. Winters.

Dru: I parked my car, all right? I parked the car, went to work. Any number of people can vouch for me at Newman.

David: I guess we're at a stalemate then.

Sullivan: Right. Um, you're free to go, Mr. Chow.

Dru: What?

Sullivan: We'll contact you if we have any more questions.

David: By all means.

Colleen: Call me when you get this, all right? Please? Bye.

Lily: Still not picking up, huh?

Colleen: Nope. It's ringing, though. So I know his phone's on. But he's probably just ignoring my calls.

Lily: Here, try blocking the number. Hit star-6-7, and then call.

Colleen: Lily... I think J.T.'s smart enough to figure that out. So is my cell trashed or what?

Lily: Uh, no, the battery just popped off. Here, try this. That should work now.

Colleen: Thanks. I wonder if—

[Colleen remembering]

Korbel: Ow!

J.T.: Ah, that's 21.

Colleen: He tripped you. Isn't that a foul?

J.T.: I don't know, Adrian, you tell me. Was that a foul?

Korbel: It's all part of the game, Colleen. J.T. won... this time.

J.T.: You let me know the next time you want a rematch, all right?

Lily: Colleen, what? What are you thinking about?

Colleen: What if he went to go find Adrian?

Colleen: Well, the way that J.T.'s been-- oh, it works! Hold on.

Colleen: I'm just getting Adrian's voicemail. What time is it? Oh, well, I'm supposed to be in his class right now.

Lily: Well, good, if he's teaching class, then I know J.T. isn't there.

Colleen: Yeah, well, unless he's waiting for class to be over. It's only 90 minutes long. Lily, I have to find him.

Lily: Here, I'll go with you, okay?

Colleen: Okay.

Lily: We'll cover more ground that way. So I'll start at the club and then swing by the coffeehouse.

Colleen: Okay, I'll start on campus. Actually, why don't you go now? I'm gonna sit here. Uh, I'll write a note to J.T. in case he comes back.

Colleen: Yeah?

Lily: Everything will work itself out, okay?

Colleen: Thanks.

Korbel: All right, here are your exams on, uh, renaissance architecture. Most of you did pretty well. Could you pass those down? To wrap up our segment, I was gonna show you some slides on Notre Dame and Paris, but I seem to have misplaced them. You know what? On, uh, on second thought, they're in my office. I'll be right back. Turn to page 542 in your textbooks and start reading on Islamic art.

[Korbel leaves the classroom and calls Colleen on his cell phone]

Colleen: J.T.?

Korbel: No, it's me.

Colleen: Aren't you supposed to be teaching a class right now?

Korbel: Yeah, well, aren't you supposed to be in my class?

Colleen: Oh, is that why you're calling?

Korbel: J.T. stopped by.

Colleen: Oh, I knew it! What did he say?

Korbel: Oh, you know, casual conversation-- hi, how are you? What's going on? Why'd you sleep with my girlfriend?

Colleen: I didn't tell him. He figured this out mostly on his own.

Korbel: Yeah, he seemed up to speed when he looked like he was gonna throw me out the window.

Colleen: Did he?

Korbel: Assault me? No. He entertained the idea, but thought better of it.

Colleen: I'm so sorry. J.T. and I were fighting. It just came out. I totally blew it.

Korbel: Are you okay?

Colleen: You don't hate me?

Korbel: Only on Monday when I don't have a research assistant

Colleen: What are we gonna do?

Korbel: I don't know.

Colleen: Well, aren't you the professor? You're supposed to have all the answers, right?

Korbel: Normally, I'd say yes, but... I think I'm gonna need some help on this one.

Will: So at the time, you had no idea Katherine was your mother?

Jill: No. Not until years later.

Kay: It seems like a lifetime ago.

Jill: Well, that's because you were drunk. But then after she sobered up, and we learned the truth and we got over the shock of it, we came to love and respect each other very much.

Will: And these flashes you've been having?

Kay: Well, I believe they're repressed memories.

Jill: See, Katherine is... telling me that she switched my baby with another baby out of sheer spite.

Will: So... you're telling me you kidnapped Jill's child.

Jill: You have to understand, Katherine isn't certain of any of this.

Will: But it's likely you kidnapped Jill's son.

Jill: Well, I don't know if I'd say likely.

Kay: My memories are so hazy.

Jill: The only way to know for sure is to do a DNA test on the remains. And if the person buried in Phillip's grave isn't Phillip, then we need to know.

Will: Then we'll proceed with the exhumation as soon as possible for everyone's benefit.

Jill: Yeah.

Will: You both realize what you've told me changes everything.

Dru: Oh, I don't know what to do. The tow company's gonna be here in two hours. You know, the irony of this whole mess!

Sharon: What irony?

Dru: David Chow. I am scared to death. It must be the same feeling Carmen had around me. No doubt about it.

Sharon: You know, Dru, is it possible that maybe David Chow didn't do this?

Dru: Absolutely not. Absolutely not! I know he has, you know, this piece of paper that holds him accountable in the bank at that time, but I got a feeling about him. I have a feeling. I'm not wrong.

Sharon: Well, the only feeling I get about him is wishing he would back off.

Dru: He has moved into my building, Sharon! He's using the bank in my place of work. This is no joke.

Sharon: Well, he's doing this to you on purpose. If I were you, I would just ignore him.

Dru: Ignore it?! How am I supposed to ignore it? It is in my face! The police don't even believe me. They think I'm a criminal. I'm the one that's being victimized.

Sharon: Well, they're going to find proof.

Dru: When?!

Sharon: I don't know. But the police are not gonna let who did this get away with it.

Dru: Bardwell better hurry up quick in a hurry before I end up like Carmen!

Cane: So did you see that new Rocky movie?

Daniel: Hi! Fancy meeting you here.

Lily: Hi.

Daniel: How's Colleen? Is everything cool with her?

Lily: Um, no, not really, but I'll tell you later, okay?

Daniel: Okay. Come here.

Cane: Hey, uh, is this your girlfriend?

Daniel: Yeah, uh, Cane, Lily. Lily, Cane. This is my wife.

Cane: Wife? Wife? Wow. Wow! Nice to meet you.

Lily: You, too. Um, have any of you guys seen J.T.?

Daniel: Not here.

Amber: No, I thought he'd be with Colleen.

Daniel: You want us to help you look for him?

Lily: No, uh, it's okay. I'll handle it, okay?

Daniel: Okay.

Colleen: Did you find J.T.?

Lily: No, he wasn't at the athletic club or the coffeehouse.

Colleen: No, I'm still at the loft. Adrian called.

Lily: What did he say?

Colleen: Well, I was right. J.T. confronted him.

Lily: Well, did things get out of hand?

Colleen: No, but it's because class started.

Lily: So, I mean, what did Korbel say to him?

Colleen: Well, not much. I mean, J.T. totally let him have it. Caught Adrian off guard.

Lily: Well, he must've been pretty upset.

Colleen: He seemed fine when we talked. He wanted to know how I was doing.

Lily: Wow. I mean, I thought he'd be mad at you for letting it slip.

Colleen: Yeah, I know, me, too. You know, this would be so much easier if he was a jerk. [J.T. walks in] Um, I-I have to go. All right, bye. Um, it... it was Lily on the phone. She's out looking for you.

J.T.: Figures. I'm sure you kept her filled in on everything.

Colleen: I know that you read my e-mails.

J.T.: Well, you were right about one thing. It sucks not being able to trust the person you love.

Daniel: Hey, Baby, want me to get a coffee or something?

Lily: No, I can't stay long.

Amber: Lily and I work together at the boutique. She goes to school full-time. She works. She does the whole wife thing.

Cane: That's admirable. What do you do for fun?

Lily: The usual--movies…

Daniel: For video games.

Lily: Uh, that's you, not me.

Daniel: Right, I forgot.

Amber: Sounds like you don't have any time to relax.

Lily: Well, you know, uh, Daniel and I make time.

Cane: That's what life's about--having fun.

Amber: Hey, we should all go out sometime, you know, the four of us. What do you say, Lily?

Lily: Sure, I mean, it sounds good to me.

Amber: Excellent! Okay, when?

Daniel: Soon. Soon. The two of us--we are due for a little bit of fun, right?

Lily: Yeah.

Dru: Let's get outta here.

Sharon: No, it's gotta be you.

Dru: Okay. Hello? Hello?

Sharon: Who is it?

Dru: I don't know. I can barely hear who it is. Hello? Who is it?

Sharon: Oh, the reception's really bad in here.

Dru: Hello?

Woman: This isn't over yet.

Dru: What? Who is this?

Woman: You're going to pay for what you've done, do you hear me?

Dru: Carm--

Sharon: What is it?

Dru: That was Carmen.

Sharon: What?

Dru: It sounded like-- it sounded like Carmen's voice.

Colleen: It can't be over. Not like this.

J.T.: There's nothing left. You said it yourself plenty of times, Colleen. We're done.

Colleen: No, I... I didn't say that.

J.T.: Yeah, you did-- when you couldn't tell me you didn't love him.

Colleen: I'm sorry, J.T. please, I...

J.T.: Well, sorry isn't, uh, isn't good enough. I can't get past this.

Colleen: Yes, you can. You can. We can get past this.

J.T.: You... you love this guy.

Colleen: No, I don't! I don't, J.T., I swear! Okay, just tell me-- just tell me what can I do?

J.T.: Nothing. Nothing. We're done.

J.T.: I will always love you.

Will: Yes, sir. All right, thanks for your help, judge. I'll see you soon. Yes, sir, good-bye.

Jill: So what did he say, William?

Will: I'll be filing a petition to exhume the body on behalf of the state-- as part of the investigation.

Kay: Investigation?

Jill: The DNA test.

Will: Jill, you'd be classified as the other party of interest, technically my witness.

Kay: And if the judge does grant it, that means we can start the test right away?

Will: Yes.

Kay: Okay.

Jill: William, is there something that you're not telling us?

Will: if the test proves that the man you buried isn't Jill's son, then my interest in this case goes from personal to professional.

Kay: What are you saying?

Will: There is no statute of limitations on kidnapping. As the DA, I may have to prosecute Katherine.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Colleen: I wanted to apologize.

J.T.: For what? Cheating with Korbel or waiting so long to tell me about it?

Korbel: No one would wanna be involved with me right now.

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