Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/10/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/10/07 -- Canada; Thursday 1/11/07 -- U.S.A.


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Victor: Bradley, you did the right thing sending Abby out of the country.

Brad: What choice did I have?

Victoria: She's with Ashley. They'll both be safe.

Victor: So will we if my plan works

Brad: We could be risking our lives for nothing.

Brad: Believe me, I know.

Victor: That's where my plan comes in.

Victoria: And once we get this piece, then we will have something to bargain with. We'll be preemptive.

Victor: Yes? Yes, this is Victor Newman. Why?

Brad: Who was it?

Victor: Uh, turn on channel 3, please.

Jack: Anything I can do to help?

Ashley: I think you've done quite enough.

Jack: Hey, I didn't mean for any of this to happen.

Ashley: You've made your choices. Don't make it any harder, please.

Jack: Jack Abbott. What? Why? Hung up on me.

Ashley: Who was it?

Jack: I don't know.

Leanna: This is Leanna Love reporting from Genoa City, where the community is still reeling from the vicious murder of Carmen Mesta, a beautiful, young public relations consultant whose corporate services were in high demand. Her body was found several months ago in an alley outside the city's newest nightclub, Indigo. Authorities have charged Devon Hamilton...

Devon: Do you believe this?

Leanna: ...A local college student, has been charged with the crime. I have here with me today a Mr. David Chow of New York City. Mr. Chow was very good friend with Ms. Mesta. He contacted me recently, claiming to have some startling new information that may shed light on this unfortunate woman's death. First of all, Mr. Chow...

David: Thank you for having me.

Leanna: Tell me, what was your relationship to the deceased?

David: I planned on asking Carmen to marry me.

Leanna: I'm so sorry for your loss. You must be devastated.

David: Worse.

Leanna: How did you learn of Carmen's death?

David: From the newspapers. That's why I came to Genoa City. I'm here to convince the authorities that they've charged the wrong person.

Leanna: Are you prepared to name the person you allege killed Ms. Mesta?

David: Yes. Devon Hamilton's mother, Drucilla Winters.

Neil: I can't believe this guy.

David: She and Carmen worked together.

Leanna: Ms. Winters and Ms. Mesta didn't get along?

David: That's right. Drucilla hated her.

Leanna: Carmen told you that?

David: Yes, she did, on several occasions.

Dru: Well, that part's true.

David: Uh, Ms. Winters heaped abuse on her. She threatened her repeatedly, destroyed her property.

Leanna: Sounds like things got pretty intense.

David: Well, Carmen had to get a court order to keep Ms. Winters away from her.

Leanna: An order of protection?

David: That's right.

Leanna: Wow this is intense. Did it help?

David: No, Ms. Winters blatantly ignored it. She attacked Carmen at work one day.

Leanna: Work being Newman Enterprises?

Neil: Why is he dredging all this up now?

David: That's correct.

Leanna: What happened next?

David: Ms. Winters was arrested for violating the court order.

Leanna: So she was facing trial when the murder occurred. Is that right?

David: That's right, but the charges went away. How convenient for Ms. Winters.

Dru: No, I did-- I did not kill Carmen! How is he saying this? He has no proof!

Leanna: Tell our viewers why you're here today, David.

David: I have a videotape.

Leanna: Of  the actual murder?

David: No, no, but you've seen it. Drucilla Winters had an explosive temper. Any person, any reasonable person watching this videotape would have to conclude that this woman is capable of violence.

Leanna: What you are about to see is the shocking confrontation of these two women behind closed doors, which led to Drucilla Winters' arrest. Is she capable of murder? You decide.

Dru: I can't believe they're showing this on television. Neil, I can't watch this!

Carmen: Then you've got a problem with Victoria, and you'd better take it up with her.

Dru: No, no, no, no, I'm gonna take it up with you, bitch, 'cause I got a problem with you. You want to draw blood. Well, let's do it. Let's just draw some blood.

Carmen: This conversation is over.

Dru: No, it's not over. We're not through! If you think that you're gonna send me out of town so you can have another opportunity with my husband, you're more twisted than I thought.

Carmen: Okay, I'm calling security!

Dru: You ain't... you ain't going nowhere.

Devon: I can't believe this.

Dru: My son is sick. Do you understand that?

Brad: There's nothing you could have done.

Dru: That means go no place. You call that cable company, and you cancel that interview. Do you understand? And get yourself a backup plan.

Carmen: Keep your hands off of me, Dru!

Victor: Obviously Drucilla was out of control.

Dru: Bitch, go ahead! Call the cops! Call the DA! Bitch!

Lauren: Who would give this tape to this guy?

Michael: It's Bardwell. He's behind this. I know it.

Neil: Michael, come on. Please, please, tell me that you saw it.

Michael: Oh, it was like a train wreck. I couldn't look away.

Neil: How the hell did this happen?

Michael: When I find out, you'll be the first to know.

Neil: Thanks. Michael's gonna find out who's behind this, babe.

Dru: Everyone's seen the tape. It makes me out to be a monster, that I'm violent, that I'm capable of killing Carmen, that I'm letting my son take the rap for something I did.

Neil: Would you listen to yourself? Neither of you killed Carmen.

Dru: But you were watching the tape, wouldn't you think so? Tell the truth. Dot lie.

Devon: Dru had no intention of hurting Carmen.

Daniel: Were you watching the same tape I was?

Devon: Are you gonna let him talk that way about our mother?

Devon: Okay, guys, she had some trouble controlling herself around Carmen, obviously, but she didn't kill the woman.

Daniel: You've got to admit, though, that tape was pretty bad. If Dru were the one on trial for murder here, I think we all know what a jury would say.

Michael: No, you're guilty as hell, William! You leaked that tape to Mr. "I'm gonna swoop into town and ruin Michael Baldwin's case." No, no... don't feed me that garbage. No, no, look, look, look, when I get proof you did this, I'm going straight to a judge, and we'll see whose reputation is trashed on television. Mm...

Lauren: Honey... isn't this a good thing for Devon? I mean, doesn't this take the focus off of him?

Michael: No, no, no, it's terrible. They could say that he killed Carmen just to keep his mother out of prison. It's awful.

Michael: Oh, oh, my God.

Lauren: I didn't think about that.

Michael: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Yeah. Uh, is this bad timing?

Lauren: No, not at all. Come on in.

Phyllis: Okay.

Michael: Yes, please.

Lauren: Can I get you anything?

Phyllis: No, I just had one of those energy drinks. So I'm, you know...

Michael: Since when do you drink energy drinks?

Phyllis: Um, since today.

Lauren: Did you see the interview? Carmen's ex feels that Dru killed Carmen.

Michael: And then he tops it off by showing Drucilla attacking Carmen. He is determined to make Drucilla look guilty.

Phyllis: Well, he doesn't have to try. Everybody knows that Dru's getting away with murder.

Sheila: I appreciate the food and the books. Thank you. You should let me take a look at that eye. I was a nurse, remember?

Paul: Right. Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?

Sheila: Like Lauren?

Paul: Oh, yeah, Sheila, thanks for reminding me why I've got you locked up in this cage.

Sheila: Is it worth it? Because I had to remind you, and it's an awfully big secret.

Paul: Yeah, it's worth it.

Sheila: Why don't you fly me to Tahiti? And you could shred up my passport or get me one of those cellular phones with a tracking device. You can keep tabs on me at all times.

Paul: Oh, okay. Do I really look that stupid?

Sheila: Well, you're protecting another man's wife who dumped you a long time ago. Yeah, you really look that stupid.

Paul: Good-bye, Sheila.

Abby: Good-bye. See you tomorrow, Manny.

Ashley: Sweetie, are you okay? You're still excited about our trip, aren't you?

Abby: Yeah, but I'm gonna miss Dad.

Jack: You know what? I think your daddy wants you to see all the fun things in China and then tell him all about your adventures.

Abby: I guess. I just wish he could come, too.

Ashley: So does he, Honey. So does he.

Brad: I'm gonna miss Abby terribly, and I'm glad she'll be safe.

Victor: I have to say I commend you. You're making a huge sacrifice.

Brad: You would have done this with or without me, Victor. So what do you see as our first move?

Victor: Our first move is to lure the owner of the piece into the open.

Victoria: And then what?

Victor: Then we just say that we will go from there.

Brad: No, no, definitely not. These people are willing to kill for a piece of art. We have to have our plan set, anticipate their every move.

Nick: I didn't know anyone was in here.

Victor: Hello, son.

Nick: Hello. What's going on, a family meeting? I guess we weren't invited, Summer. That's okay, Summer. We'll start our own Newman club, just the two of us.

Victoria: Well, we were just discussing the Beauty of Nature spring promotion.

Nick: Anything I need to be aware of?

Victoria: No, we've got it covered.

Nick: All right.

Nick: Well, let's go check out the new nursery we had built for you, Summer, when you come visit.

Victor: You go sleepy-by.

Nick: See you.

Victoria: Bye-bye.

Victor: All right, thank you, son. I don't want Nicholas to know any of this.

Brad: No, I'm right there with you.

Victor: Let's get to it.

Brad: All right, first off, we need a free port zone.

Victor: That's settled. Switzerland is our best bet. We can ship art through Geneva without there being a record of transportation.

Victoria: That sounds perfect.

Brad: I'll fly over and get a storage space, check everything out.

Victor: And I will go with you.

Brad: That would be a bad idea. If there are two of us, it'll draw more attention.

Victor: It's not a suggestion. I'm going with you. But first we'll pick the pieces of art that we want to sell.

Brad: Victor, first rule of any covert op-- know your surroundings before engaging the enemy.

Victoria: In this case, establishing any contact with collectors.

Victor: It'll be a waste of time.

Brad: It isn't a waste. I've been dealing with these people for long time. It pays to be cautious.

Victor: Let me tell you something. If we further procrastinate now, we endanger our families.

Dru: Jack, hi. I have the Nano Technologies cosmetics report for you.

Jack: Thanks.

Dru: You're welcome. I-I just thought that... Jack, everyone's treating me like I'm a leper. Look, I know folks are watching the tape of me attacking Carmen. Okay, I look a little scary, all right? But there's another side to the story.

Jack: There usually is.

Dru: Yeah, but I was hoping that we could ta—

Michael: All right, I'll bite. Let me guess. One too many cop jokes got you clocked by the lady detective.

Paul: I'm dealing with only one woman crazy enough to give me one of these.

Michael: I still can't believe... I can't believe you've been doing what you've been doing.

Paul: What am I supposed to do?

Michael: I don't know. Ship her off to some foreign country?

Paul: So we can wait a few months and have her come back as someone else we know? Trust me, I have been over all the angles.

Michael: I think Phyllis is beginning to notice how uncomfortable I am around her.

Paul: That's what our guest is hoping for.

Michael: Our guest? Our guest? Do not refer to her as "our" anything.

Paul: You know what? That's what you get for following me.

Sullivan: I told you to stop teasing the ladies or else you'd get yourself in trouble.

Michael: Detective Sullivan. I'd know that grating voice anywhere. Well, don't worry about him. It's all a ploy to get the women to notice him.

Paul: Is it working?

Michael: All right, enough of this. Have a seat. I have to go anyway.

Sullivan: Oh, really?

Michael: Yes, thank you. Talk to you later?

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Sullivan: Well, he seemed cheerful.

Paul: Why wouldn't he be?

Sullivan: I don't know, maybe because, yeah, Carmen Mesta's ex was just on TV.

Lily: But why isn't Mom picking up her phone?

Daniel: Dru must be freaking out right now.

Neil: Yeah, she's trying to keep her mind off things by working, but I'm not sure it was the best idea.

Lily: Why? Are people giving her a hard time?

Neil: Listen, don't worry about it, all right? Um, why don't you two go to class? We'll talk about it later.

Lily: All right, love you. Bye.

Devon: Poor Dru. Work has got to be rough for her.

Lily: Well, Dad said not to worry. And you know, Mom is a lot tougher than she looks.

Daniel: Yeah, after seeing that tape, I agree.

David: So where would you say she was, right about here?

Dru: What?

David: Carmen. Where was she when you attacked her?

Dru: You son of a--

David: No, I stopped by to see if you had a chance to see my television debut.

David: What? What are you gonna do, attack me?

Dru: All right, you've had your fun. Now you can leave.

David: Not until you pay for what you did to Carmen.

Dru: What are you talking abou-- Honey, thank God.

Neil: Oh, you again. Hey, pal, listen, why don't you just back off, all right?

Dru: Yeah.

David: We're just having an honest conversation here.

Dru: We are not.

Neil: You can do that with security.

David: You know what? Don't bother. I can see now why Carmen never got anywhere with either of you.

Neil: You must be... hello, security?

David: I'm sure we'll see each other again.

Dru: Listen to him. Li—

Sullivan: He came out of nowhere. Couldn't get a hold of the guy for months, and then he just shows up in town on Leanna's show.

Paul: So he did an interview implicating Dru?

Sullivan: I can't believe Michael didn't say anything about this to you.

Paul: Well, ever since I quit, he hasn't exactly been forthcoming with all the news in Devon's case.

Sullivan: Right, so you're not working on the case anymore, and you're not friends with Michael, but here you two were, having coffee and talking together like you were. That's interesting.

Phyllis: She smiled for the first time for you. No fair!

Nick: I'm telling you, it was from ear to ear.

Phyllis: Were you telling one of your horrible jokes again? Let me tell you something. She's, uh... she's not laughing with you. She's laughing at you. You know that.

Nick: Well, at least somebody appreciates my sense of humor.

Phyllis: What are you doing now?

Nick: Now I'm dancing with her.

Phyllis: You're dancing with her? Oh, now she's definitely laughing at you.

Nick: Hey, she likes it. Trust me. I told her I'd teach her how to do it even though she can't go on a date ever.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, right. That'll last. uh, listen, baby, um, I have to go. I'll talk to you later, all right? Give her a big kiss for me.

Nick: Bye.

Phyllis: Oh!

Lauren: What?

Phyllis: Nick had to call and tell me that Summer smiled for the first time.

Lauren: Oh! Oh, the first of everything-- it's so exciting, isn't it?

Phyllis: I know!

Lauren: I'm just waiting for Fen's first night asleep. That would be nice.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Lauren: But you're not? You're not dealing with the same thing?

Phyllis: Um, no, not that. Mean, but we--we conquered that one. But you know, I'm sure that Fen is going to have many firsts ahead of Summer.

Lauren: Summer just seems really easy. Fen is just up all night. He's crying, he's nursing. I just, I must... I must be doing something wrong.

Phyllis: No! Oh, come on, Lauren. No, you're not. You know you're not. Listen, Fen-- he's a premature baby. This is--this is normal, right?

Lauren: I suppose. I'm just... I just would like a solid eight hours of sleep, you know? Just, is that too much to ask?

Phyllis: Well, listen, it looks like you're getting eight hours of sleep. You look great.

Lauren: You know, knowing what I'm dealing with with these panic attacks, it's helping me cope.

Phyllis: Hey, let's go celebrate. You--you want to, uh, go out and go shopping? I'd love that.

Lauren: Maybe next time.

Phyllis: All right. You're still not up for leaving, right?

Lauren: No, I... soon. I-I know it's really hard to understand, but I just, I... I need a little bit more time.

Sheila: You came to watch me suffer?

Michael: Mm, suffer. Gourmet food, books, magazines. Frankly, I was hoping for a dark cell with a cold floor, maybe a rat to keep things lively.

Sheila: You want to trade places for a while?

Michael: No. Sheila, if you were truly as smart as you say you are, you'd be living your life out on some tropical island with your own face.

Sheila: I love having Phyllis' face. I love seeing the horror in your eyes every time you look at me.

Michael: It's pity.

Sheila: I... pity... you.

Sheila: Poor Michael-- almost lost his son and his wife. But it's a good thing Fen had someone at the hospital to stand beside him.

Michael: You are sick.

Phyllis: I'm determined. I'm determined. And if it weren't for Paul, I would already have what I want.

Victor: What?

Abby: Mommy and I are going to China to visit some pandas.

Ashley: I'll give you guys some time.

Victor: Okay. Well, that sounds... like a lot of fun.

Abby: Can you come?

Victor: Oh, Sweetheart, I wish I could, you know? But I think Nikki's gonna be very upset.

Brad: Maybe you'll change your mind like my dad. I was supposed to stay with him, and now I'm going with Mommy.

Victor: You are? Hmm, well, you know, I think your dad probably realizes that you would have much more fun with your mommy seeing all the pandas.

Abby: Maybe you can visit? My daddy can keep Nikki company until you're back.

Victor: That's a wonderful idea.

Ashley: Hey, Nikki. Abby's saying good-bye to Victor. We're leaving soon.

Nikki: Well, that was nice of you to bring her here to say good-bye.

Ashley: Well, I guess I'm just trying to do what's right for everyone.

Nikki: I'm sure you are, and I think this is really a great move, personally and professionally.

Ashley: Well, I'm sure you fully support it.

Nikki: I don't imagine you'll be staying there forever, but if things go well, I'm sure you'll consider an extended stay, for Jabot's sake.

Ashley: Oh, of course, for Jabot's sake. Well, bye.

Nikki: Bye, Ashley. Travel safely. Good luck with everything.

Victoria: Let me see that adorable niece of mine.

Nick: All right.

Victoria: Oh, she's so beautiful.

Nick: Yes, she is.

Victoria: Isn't she?

Nick: So, Sis, I was thinking about that, uh, meeting you were having about Beauty of Nature earlier.

Victoria: Oh, what about it?

Nick: Phyllis should have been included. Anything you're planning for spring, she needs to know so she can cross-promote with the retreats. She's put alot of time into those marketing campaigns.

Victoria: Yeah, you know what? Uh, you're absolutely right, and I'll make sure that she gets memoed on everything that we discussed. And then once she gets back from maternity leave, uh...

Nick: Okay, cool. And copy me, too. I want to stay on top of all this stuff.

Victoria: Yeah, will do.

Paul: So it said, "Good things come to those who wait."

Sullivan: Man, that is an original fortune cookie. They have a real poet writing those things in the factory back in Jersey.

Sullivan: Okay.

Paul: The next one said...

Sullivan: Okay.

Paul: "Better things come to those who take charge."

Sullivan: Spooky.

Paul: So I was thinking...

Sullivan: Yeah?

Paul: Um, maybe you would want to go out to dinner sometime soon.

Sullivan: God, it's just... life answers and dating advice. Where do you get your takeout?

Paul: I can show you. What do you say, tomorrow at 8:00?

Sullivan: That's a clever way to change the subject there, slick.

Paul: Which was what?

Sullivan: Which was, you're not friends with Michael, you quit the Winters case, and that you guys are hanging out together.

Paul: Well, if you must know, I'm very good friends with Michael's wife. I work out of his office, so Michael is in my orbit whether I like it or not.

Sullivan: And you quit the Winters case because of a conflict of interest at Newman?

Paul: Yeah, very good detective skills.

Sullivan: Thank you.

Paul: Too bad I make living keeping secrets. It's a pity. Why so many questions?

Sullivan: Well, if I'm gonna go out with you, I have to get to know you better.

Paul: Nice try.

Sullivan: Okay it's just, I'm surprised, that's all. I figured a guy like you would want to take care of a kid like Devon.

Paul: You're pushing awfully hard for him. You think he's innocent?

Sullivan: I don't know. After being reminded of his mother's temper today on tv maybe I've had a change of heart.

Dru: Neil, it can't get worse. And this dude-- sorry, sorry, excuse me. And this dude, David chow-- he's Carmen's ex. He's out to get me, Neil.

Neil: Would you calm down? Not if I have anything to do with it.

Dru: Yeah, but you heard what he said. He's coming back for more.

Neil: All right, so then we will call the police.

Dru: Okay, at if he comes back? What if something worse happens?

Neil: Drucilla, we will get this taken care of. Do you trust me? Hey, come here.

Michael: You're a lunatic.

Sheila: You're so stressed out. I'm so sorry. You know, what your baby needs is a father.

Michael: What my baby needs is for you to forget he exists. Leave him alone.

Sheila: You're so exhausted, Michael. Is Fen keeping you up at night?

Michael: You don’t say his name again.

Sheila: Okay. No problem.

Sheila: How's Lauren?

Lauren: I feel awful. I can't even go shopping with you.

Phyllis: Oh, list, it's not a big deal. Maybe we're aiming too high. All right? Let's just take a stroll around the block with Fen.

Lauren: Some fresh air sounds good.

Phyllis: Yeah, it sounds great. Good, well, we'll just go. We'll plop him in the stroller. We'll get our coats, and we'll just, you know, go outside. You can say you took your first step to recovery, and it should get easier from there.

Lauren: You're right.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm--I'm definitely right. I always am. That's what I tell my husband. We could stay, and there's always tomorrow.

Lauren: No, no. Fen needs this as much as I do, and I-I'm gonna do it. I'm doing this.

Lauren: I'm ready. Let's go.

Dru: Thank you, honey. I really appreciate you coming out.

Neil: Mm, let me see. Work or spend time with my beautiful, lovely wife? Tough decision.

Dru: Honey, I'm serious. You could be doing so much else besides hanging out at Crimson Lights having tea. And as you can see, I have no problem getting attention. Look around.

Neil: Okay, don't worry about it. Don't worry about anybody else. Just leave it alone.

Dru: Don't worry about it? It’s too late. 10:00, 10:00, check out 10:00.

Devon: Hey, guys.

Dru: Hey, Baby.

Lily: Hey, Mom, what are you doing here?

Dru: Your father decided to take a bit of a break.

Devon: Are you having a hard time at work?

Dru: No, everything's fine. Everything's fine. So thanks for asking.

Daniel: Guys, looks like we've got company.

David: Wow, twice in one day. No wonder Carmen wanted a restraining order.

Devon: Listen, you damn jerk, you know, you have no idea what the hell you're talking about. My mother is a good person.

Lily: Devon--

Devon: Okay, and she wouldn't kill anybody. As a matter of fact, she tried to make things right. You know that?

Dru: Okay, take it easy.

David: I appreciate your enthusiasm, kid, but it's not well-found. Your mother obviously lacks a sense of self-control, which that tape clearly hid.

Dru: What? What?

Devon: Whoa, whoa, Neil.

Dru: No, don't do that!

Dru: Let him go!

Dru: Neil!

Michael: If it weren't for Paul, I would have killed you by now.

Sheila: If it weren't for Paul, I'd be raising your son.

Paul: No one is doing any killing today.

Michael: Let me in there. Just five minutes. Let me in there, Paul.

Sheila: Why? You want to have matching black eyes? You're pathetic. That's right. You're pathetic. You can't kill me, and you can't keep me locked up here forever. You don't know what to do with me. Admit it.

Ashley: Hi. Abby's with Brad, and, uh, we're almost ready to leave. I just wanted to say thank you.

Victor: For what?

Ashley: Looking out for my best interests, of course, making me realize this is, um, a good solution. There's been a lot of changes this year, and now here I am taking Abby halfway around the world.

Victor: It makes me very sad. But you know, there's a reason for everything. I think maybe one day you'll realize that this decision was the best you could make.

Ashley: Thanks.

Abby: Victor said he might come visit. Can you come visit?

Brad: Well, I told you I would, didn't I, Sweetheart? And I will. But until then, I want you to call me every week, all right? You tell me about your new school and your teachers.

Abby: I promise.

Victoria: Hey, Abby. I have a friend in Hong Kong who has a little girl who's just about your age. And I called and she cannot wait to meet you.

Abby: Thanks, Victoria.

Victoria: You're welcome.

Ashley: Hey, Sweetie. You about ready to go?

Brad: Well, Mom's here just in time for the best part. I have a going-away present for you.

Abby: You do?

Brad: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Oh, a panda.

Victoria: Isn't he beautiful?

Abby: He's perfect.

Brad: Well, he can keep you company on the way to see the real ones.

Abby: I love him. Thank you. I'll miss you, Daddy.

Brad: I'll miss you, too, Sweetheart. Listen, you'll be good for Mommy, okay?

Abby: I will.

Brad: Okay.

Brad: Bye, Ash. I wish you all the best, all right?

Ashley: Yeah. It's not good-bye. It's "see you later."

Brad: Okay, then I'll see you later then.

Ashley: Okay.

Victoria: Take care. Bye-bye.

Lauren: He's out like a light. That fresh air put him right to sleep.

Phyllis: Oh, Summer's the same way.

Lauren: Hey, sorry I panicked after two blocks.

Phyllis: Did you panic? Hmm, don't--don't worry about it.

Lauren: Besides getting windburned sprinting back here, um, I think you're right.

Phyllis: Well, it's a start. I'm proud of you.

Lauren: Thanks.

Phyllis: See, my goal is to get a blister, and then I know I've really made it to the top.

Lauren: Thanks.

Victor: I'll miss that little girl. I'll miss her adorable smile.

Nikki: I know. Think of it this way. Removing Ashley is the for the best. So from here on out, things will get easier.

Victor: And you'll have MVP back, and I'll have Jack Abbott where I want him. He won't even know what hit him.

Jack: Ash! Car's here and all packed. Whenever you're ready.

Ashley: I think that's everything.

Abby: Look what Uncle Jack gave me.

Jack: You look amazing. Let me help you with your coat. There you go. One arm, the other arm and a big hug.

Abby: Are you going to miss me?

Jack: I am gonna miss you something awful. But you're gonna call Uncle Jack on a regular basis, right?

Abby: I will, if my mommy lets me.

Ashley: Yeah, I think I'll let you.

Jack: And promise me you'll take good care of your mother.

Abby: I will.

Jack: I love you.

Abby: I love you, too, Uncle Jack.

Jack: You know what? Why don't you take Mr. Panda, make sure he gets buckled in and safe, and I'm gonna say good-bye to your mom. Kiss?

Abby: Okay.

Jack: Bye-bye.

Ashley: You go ahead. I'll be right there.

Abby: Thank you.

Jack: I'm gonna miss you.

Ashley: I hope you take some time to think. You do know that, no matter what you've done over the years, Dad and I have always loved you, Jackie, and I know that someday you're gonna make us proud again. Right?

Jack: Yeah.

Ashley: Right.

Jack: You'd better go.

Ashley: See ya.

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: Hello?

Jack: Hey, it's me.

Phyllis: Hey.

Jack: Feel like coming over for a visit?

Phyllis: Um, I-I'm kind of busy right now. Is it important?

Jack: Uh, no, no, it's just a friendly invitation.

Phyllis: Okay, well, um, listen, Jack, uh, we'll do it soon. I'll bring Summer over.

Jack: That'd be great. I'll see you.

Sheila: Come on, guys! This isn't funny anymore! Come back!

Michael: We can't keep her here indefinitely.

Sheila: Michael, you don't even like Paul! Michael!

Paul: Listen, I have been through every option, unless you can think of one.

Michael: Know what I think? I think it was a lot better when we all believed Sheila was dead.

Dru: Yeah. Oh, all right, Honey. It's just a drag, you know? Listen, I-I don't want you to worry about me. I just want you and your brother to work on your classes. Promise? Yeah, I know I sound like your father, but what do you expect? I'm a mother. Okay, I love you, too. All right, pumpkin. Bye-bye.

Dru: Oh...

Dru: Oh, my... my house has been... oh, the scarf Neil gave me! Oh... oh, my dress! My birthday dress the kids gave me! Oh! Oh, oh... my clothes! Oh, my hat! My mother's scarf! No! Oh... oh! Oh...

Dru: Hello?

Dru: Hello?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Michael: Michael Baldwin.

Sheila: Help me, please!

Lauren: Michael?

Lily: Devon told me something, but you have to promise not to breathe a word.

Colleen: Of course.

Jana: I smell a serial killer.

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