Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/9/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/9/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 1/10/07 -- U.S.A.


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Kay: Oh, I'm so happy you could, uh, meet us here, Jeffrey Todd.

J.T.: You said you remembered something else?

Jill: That remains to be seen.

Kay: The timing-- the timing... I remember when Phillip was switched for the other baby. It was right after he was born. Because I-I pictured him-- he was... he was so small, very tiny. He was definitely a newborn.

J.T.: Okay, that's really helpful. Anything else?

Kay: No, that's all.

J.T.: Nothing about the other baby? Or how the babies were switched?

Kay: I wish I could give you those answers, J.T., but I canít. My--my memory is such a blank.

J.T.: Are you sure you ladies wanna go through with this? I mean, there's no questions in your mind about what happened?

Kay: Oh, well, the details, yes, but, uh... nothing but questions. As for... as for what happened? No, I did it. I, um, gave away Jillís baby.

J.T.: All right, um... maybe you can remember something else. 'Cause right now, there's not a lot to go on.

Kay: But can you work with what you have?

J.T.: I can see what I can do.

Jill: It's basically nothing.

Kay: Jill--

Jill: Well, how is he gonna get anywhere with so little information? He has a woman named Violet.

Kay: I'm trying my best to remember.

Jill: Well, try harder, Katherine! Is the child I gave birth to still alive or not? That's all I wanna know.

Kay: I don't have that answer!

Jill: Well, then why are we doing all of this?

Kay: We are doing this simply because we're trying to find out what has happened here. Do you understand that? We're not just talking about your son. We are talking about my grandson.

J.T.: Okay, um... how about a birth certificate for Phillip? Uh, baby photos? Something like that could really help me out.

Jill: It's at home in my safe.

J.T.: Okay.

Kay: It happened in a bar.

Jill: What happened in a bar?

Kay: The woman--Violet-- and I. We met--we met in a bar.

Jill: Are you sure?

Kay: Yes.

Jill: Well, which bar? Where was it?

Kay: I don't know.

Jill: Was it in Genoa city?

Kay: Well, I don't know.

Jill: Think, Katherine! Which bar was it?

Kay: I don't know! Do you understand? I cannot remember.

Jack: What, you're going to China?

Ashley: Plans are all made.

Jack: How did you decide this?

Ashley: I'm doing it for you. I mean, it was your idea.

Jack: No, as I recall, you were against it. In fact, you accused me of trying to ship you off the same way I did to Carmen and Billy.

Ashley: Yeah, well, I changed my mind.

Jack: Can I ask why?

Ashley: That's not important, Jackie. As long as I'm far away from you. That's all I really care about.

Brad: Victor, it's too risky.

Victor: You're talking about my proposal?

Brad: Teaming up to find the missing Grugeon is a bad idea.

Victor: I'm offering you a plan.

Brad: Listen, things finally seem to be dying down. We go looking for this object again, and we're gonna draw attention to ourselves. We'll be asking for trouble.

Victor: Victoria, do you agree?

Victoria: No, I donít. I think that starting up the search again could be dangerous, but it's even more dangerous to do nothing. Too many people have been killed. If we don't find that piece, there's not telling how many more people may die.

Kay: Jill, I would love nothing more than to remember every detail of that time in my life, but I canít. I mean, it was so many years ago. I was drinking so much.

Jill: I know that you're trying the best you can. I just don't know how long I can take this not knowing.

Kay: Well, perhaps in time--

Jill: Oh, time? I need the answers now.

Kay: Well, if the answers are to be found out there, J.T. will find them. Paul has trained him well. He will--

Gloria: Ah, hello, Katherine and Jill! I'm so glad you're here. Because we have so many things to discuss.

Kay: Gloria, please, Dear, not now.

Gloria: No, no, no, this will not wait. We have got to nail things down right now.

Jill: For what?

Gloria: Well, "Extreme Catwalk," of course. I mean, now that we are both going to be judges, we have to make some decisions. Like, what to wear so we don't clash. And I think we both should wear perfume on the Glo jewelry. A little product placement never hurt. What do you think?

Jill: I think it's not a bad idea.

Victor: Obviously, there are people out there who will do almost anything to get their hands on that antiquity. And as long as it is out there, they're posing a threat. Not only to your family, but to mine.

Brad: Victor, I'm telling you, leave it alone. We don't even know if anyone is still looking for this particular Grugeon. And if they are, they must realize by now that we don't have it.

Victor: And you can live with that uncertainty?

Brad: Let me tell you what I'm certain of-- the piece is worth killing for. And if we go looking for it and the wrong people find out, do you understand what the consequences might be?

Victor: You don't think I do? Obviously, these people don't want anyone to know. Do they?

Brad: There's one thing you don't understand. How could a piece this well known, just disappear without anyone knowing where it is?

Victoria: It hasn't been missing that long.

Brad: You don't call 50+ years a long time?

Victoria: No, not in the art world. Works are bought and then they vanish for centuries. It was mostly luck that I found those two pieces last summer.

Brad: And you were willing to pay a high price for it.

Victor: Money won't be enough this time. These people tried to kidnap my daughter. In other words, endanger my family. Endanger everything that is dear to my heart. There's a threat out there that need to be eliminated. And this is where my plan comes in.

(Door opens)

Colleen: Hey, you're home!

J.T.: What, is that not all right?

Colleen: No, it's perfect. I just wasn't expecting you so soon.

J.T.: You missed me. You missed me. I can tell. It's all right. You don't have to say it.

Colleen: Don't you have plans?

J.T.: Yeah, I do. But I just-- I left these forms that I was supposed to bring with me. I don't know where the-- yeah, here they are.

Colleen: J.T.?

J.T.: What? What have you been doing?

Colleen: Nothing, just, you know...

J.T.: Waiting for me? Sorry, I just got a few errands to run and I'll be right back. And we can take another nice long shower.

Brad: Plan? Okay, let's hear it.

Victor: In order to find the piece we are looking for, we need to go into the art world. Deep into the art world.

Brad: How exactly?

Victor: We pretend to be part of the black market. We pose as fencers with art to sell.

Brad: Do you realize what we'd be getting into?

Victor: You just hear me out. I happen to know that serious art collectors get an enormous thrill out of acquiring art and dealing in it. Illegally, if must be. If we manage to penetrate that black market and dangle an appropriate carrot before their eyes, they might come out of the woodwork. Then we find out who owns that piece.

Victoria: As long as as it's the right price.

Victor: I'm willing to pay that price.

Abby: I got another one. Ready?!

Jack: I am so ready. Go.

Abby: Knock, knock.

Jack: Who's there?

Abby: Colleen.

Jack: Colleen, who?

Abby: Colleen up your room. It's a mess!

Jack: I like that one! You should use that one on your older sister. Where'd you get that joke?

Abby: In a book I checked out from the library. Wanna see it?

Jack: Uh, sure.

Abby: Be right back.

Jack: Okay. Look... Abby gonna go with you?

Ashley: No.

Jack: You're okay with the idea of Abby being here while you're--

Ashley: No, I'm not okay with any of it, Jack. Of course, Brad's gonna wanna spend time with his daughter.

Jack: I'll certainly keep an eye on her.

Ashley: He's perfectly capable of taking care of his own daughter.

Jack: Yes, I know that. I just... want you to know I'll be there for her if she needs me. I am her uncle.

Ashley: Yeah, you are. I remember... when I told you I was pregnant with her and you were really excited. You said you were gonna be a great uncle. And you have been. How is it possible that you can be so kind and loving to your niece and such a ruthless S.O.B. to everyone else?

Gloria: All right, what's wrong? Something's wrong.

Jill: It's actually nothing or you to worry about, Gloria.

Gloria: Yeah, that's what they say when you really need to be worried. Did Ji Min fire you?

Jill: No.

Gloria: Are we filing for bankruptcy? Please don't tell me that we're filing for bankruptcy.

Kay: Gloria, Gloria, no, no, no. No one is filing for bankruptcy. This is just something personal between the two of us.

Gloria: Okay. Well, that's a relief. I mean, I'm sorry, Jill. I'm sorry if you're going through something. And if you'd like to talk about it, I'm a good listener. And I've been told I give good advice.

Kay: Gloria... thank you for your concern. But this is a problem that we have to work out.

Gloria: Well, if there's anything I can do.

Jill: Actually, there is. I'm a little tied up with some other matters right now. So would you mind handling all the details for "Extreme Catwalk"?

Gloria: Absolutely, Jill. I'd be delighted.

Jill: Thank you. I'm just a little preoccupied.

Gloria: You don't have to explain a thing. Don't worry about a thing. I will handle it all. And you know you can count on me.

Jack: From the travel agent.

Jack: You know, it doesn't have to be this way. If you'd just understand my position.

Ashley: I understand perfectly, Jack.

Jack: Obviously, you donít. Or you wouldn't be leaving the country.

Ashley: It's your idea. And I'm very happy to take you up on it.

Jack: Maybe you're right. Maybe you do need to leave.

Ashley: Does it ever eat away at you? Do you ever find yourself looking in the mirror and asking yourself, why am I like this? Why am I such a jerk?

Jack: I wouldn't have to act like this if I thought I could count on my sister to keep a secret. If I can't trust you, Ash, who the hell can I trust?

Ashley: I don't wanna lie for you, Jack. I don't wanna lie to anyone for you, especially not to Victor.

Jack: Oh, especially Victor. No, I'm just your brother.

Ashley: He's an old friend!

Jack: Listen to me! What do I have to say to you to convince you I've done what I did to protect us--our family. What, do you want me to go public with the fact that I own Jabot? We would lose the company, Ash.

Ashley: At least we'd have our self-respect. Oh, wait, let me take that back. I would have my self-respect. I don't think you'll ever get that back.

(Cell phone buzzing)

Jack: So now you're walking out on me? That's mature.

Ashley: I don't even wanna be in the same room as you.

Ashley: How could you accuse me of being disloyal? Because I don't wanna lie for you? If you think I'm supposed to lie for you because we're related, then you have a really twisted view of what family is.

Jack: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Ashley: I'm sorry about a lot of things. I'm sorry because I don't trust you anymore, Jack. How could I? Who the hell are you now? I have no idea who you are!

Gloria: My, my... what did I just hear? You don't trust Jack anymore?

Ashley: It's none of your business, Gloria.

Jack: How'd you get in here?

Gloria: Mrs. Martinez. No, I wanna know. What's going on? What's, uh-- problems in the family?

Jack: It's not your family. It doesn't concern you.

Gloria: In the eyes of the law, I am Mrs. John Abbott.

Ashley: Oh, please!

Gloria: No, no, no, don't run off. "Extreme Catwalk" called. They want me back.

Ashley: Oh, boy, that's fabulous! I'm so happy for you! I have a lot of things to do before my flight.

Gloria: Flight? You're leaving town? Where are you going, Ashley?

Victoria: So? What do you think?

Brad: No. I can't do it. I can't be part of this.

Victoria: Why not?

Brad: All I have to do is close my eyes, and I see my sister's beaten face, my father's battered body, my aunt lying in a pool of her own blood. And if I had to go through that again...

Victoria: You wonít.

Brad: You don't know that. Suppose we find this missing piece. We will then be in possession of something worth killing for. That means that everyone in our lives will become a target. I can't do that to the people I love. I won't do it.

Victor: You don't want answers? You and your mother have been living in hiding for years. You don't wanna know why?

Brad: I'd rather leave it alone.

Victor: Oh. So then next time they come around trying to get you, you will be unprepared?

Brad: I'm hoping there won't be a next time.

Victor: I don't deal in maybes. Neither should you.

Brad: This doesn't concern you!

Victor: This doesn't concern me? They were trying to kidnap my daughter. As long as that damn piece is out there, my family is threatened. I am gonna eliminate that threat. Are you with me or not?

Victoria: Brad...

Brad: I'll have to discuss this with my mother and Colleen. If I decide to do this-- and that's a big if-- their lives will be at stake, as well.

Victor: You discuss it with whoever you want to. But don't take too long of a time.

Brad: Agreed.

Victor: I know this is a very difficult situation. But at least this way, if we follow my plan, we'll do something about it.

Jack: You can go bye-bye now, Gloria.

Gloria: The way Ashley just did? She couldn't get away from you fast enough, Jack.

Jack: Maybe it's your perfume.

Gloria: Her latest creation.

Jack: Maybe it's too much of a good thing. Why are you here?

Gloria: To tell you that I am not only doing "Extreme Catwalk" with Jill, but that she's asked me to handle all the arrangements personally.

Jack: Well, we'll just see about that.

Gloria: Good. Call her. She's still at the office.

Jack: Do you mind?

Gloria: I'm very curious, Jack. Where is Ashley going?

Jack: I don't know. Something to do with Jabot. I don't know any of the details. I'm not involved there anymore.

Gloria: No, you're not involved anymore at Jabot. And I thank my lucky stars every day for that.

Victor: That's right. No, no, no, Geneva. All right, get back to me. (Knock on door)

Victor: Thank you.

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Ashley. How are you?

Ashley: I'm all right. I've got news.

Victor: Good news, I hope?

Ashley: I don't know. I'm taking your advice. I'm going to Hong Kong.

Victor: You are?

Ashley: Yeah, I hope it's the right move.

Victor: What made you decide?

Ashley: A lot of things. I just really need to get away from everything here.

Victor: I'm sad to see you leave. And I'll miss you.

Korbel: It's good to see you.

Colleen: You, too.

Korbel: So, um...

Colleen: Thank you.

Korbel: How have you been?

Colleen: Okay. Busy, but, oh-- (cell phone ringing)

Colleen: Um, excuse me, just for a second. Hello?

Brad: Hey, Honey, it's me. I need you to meet me at the house.

Colleen: Now?

Brad: Yeah, it's important.

Colleen: I'll be there as soon as I can. All right, bye.

Korbel: You have to go?

Colleen: Soon.

Korbel: So why did you wanna see me?

Colleen: Um... did you mean to give this to me?

Korbel: No. But... you can keep it if you like.

Colleen: Why were you drawing me?

Jana: Here you are. Can I get you anything else?

Korbel: No, not right now, thanks.

Jana: Okay.

Colleen: Thank you.

Jana: Mm-hmm.

Korbel: I don't know why I drew that. Yeah, I do. You've been on my mind.

Colleen: Really?

Korbel: Really. But that doesn't mean... oh, God, this is difficult to say.

Colleen: Just say it.

Korbel: Okay, you remember how I told you why I left my last job?

Colleen: Because the other university blacklisted you when you wouldn't cover for the professor who was sleeping with a student?

Korbel: Yes. Well, that's not the whole story.

Colleen: What's the rest of it?

Korbel: I knew the girl involved.

Colleen: Knew her? How?

Korbel: She was my student. She was a very bright girl, much like yourself. What bothered me about the affair wasn't that it was breaking some sort of university guideline. Their affair hadn't exactly been a secret, but the college just looked the other way. It was that he was in a position of authority over her. He was the professor. She was the student. And that's the way it would stay.

Colleen: They would never be equals?

Korbel: Right. And he had power over her. And the ability to abuse it.

Colleen: And were you afraid that he would?

Korbel: Well, the professor was an expert in his field. He brought the college money and acclaim. So... when the relationship became problematic, as unbalanced relationships are wont to do... the university did everything in its power to discredit my student. Things got out of control. And she committed suicide.

Colleen: Oh, my God!

Korbel: Yeah, that's when I finally spoke up. He--the professor-- had power over her. He abused it. And she suffered and died for it.

Colleen: Well, what happened with the professor?

Korbel: He suffered, too. It was a tragedy. One that I hope to never see repeated again.

Colleen: I should go. Um... this is yours.

Colleen: Thanks for the coffee.

Korbel: You're welcome.

Colleen: Okay, well... see you.

Korbel: Take care.

J.T.: I'll check the missing persons reports for that year, to see if it included any babies. I'll also check human resources at Memorial to see if anyone named Violet worked there.

Kay: Jeffrey Todd, Violet could've been an alias or a nickname.

J.T.: Right, I thought about that. But I think it's worth a shot. It'd also be helpful if you could remember any of the names of the bars that you used to go to?

Kay: Oh, it was so many years ago.

J.T.: And I'm sure some of them aren't around anymore, but I'll check. And who knows? Maybe one of 'em had an employee named Violet.

Jill: You're talking about weeks and weeks of effort, which may amount to nothing.

J.T.: Welcome to my world.

Kay: Uh, J.T., um, let me know if there's, uh, well, say, money or, uh, you know, resources--

J.T.: Sure. I'll be in touch.

Kay: Thank you.

J.T.: You're welcome.

J.T.: Let me see what I can come up with.

Jill: It'll be nothing.

J.T.: You never know. You never know. Hey, before I go, could you sign this for me?

Jill: What is it?

J.T.: It's a medical release form. It will allow me to gain access to your medical records around the time you had Phillip.

Jill: Anything else?

J.T.: Yeah, actually, um... it would really help my investigation out if you could remember anything about him as a baby.

Jill: Like what?

J.T.: Whatever you feel is important.

Jill: When the nurse at the hospital put him in my arms, my little Phillip, I remember thinking, "How is it possible to love someone so much you just met?" If he's out there, I have to find him.

J.T.: I'll do what I can.

Jill: Thank you.

Kay: What? What is it, Jill? If you have something to say, then just say it.

Jill: Oh, believe me, you don't wanna hear what I have to say.

Kay: Oh, I do. Come on, let me have it. Go.

Jill: Okay, fine. If the child I raised wasn't mine, whose was he? Where'd he come from? Did Violet steal him? Did she pay for him with the ring you gave her? Or was he hers? And what was in it for her, Katherine? And where did this all take place, huh? This transaction-- did it take place at the bar?

Kay: I don't know.

Jill: At your house?

Kay: I don't know.

Jill: At her house?

Kay: I don't know!

Jill: Where?

Kay: For the last time, in my life, I don't know! I don't have an answer to your bloody questions.

Jill: That's what I thought. So why don't you just leave and come back when you can remember something useful.

Ashley: You know, I don't really want to go. I just feel like I have to. Because things have gotten to such a point between Jack and me.

Victor: Look, the important thing is that you have made the decision. I know there are a lot of things going on in your life right now. You're struggling with a lot of things.

Ashley: If you only knew.

Victor: Maybe it's a good decision. And who knows? When you come back, all of your problems may have been solved.

Jana: Hello. Refill?

Korbel: Please.

Jana: Is that Colleen?

Korbel: That is her.

Jana: Wow. Well, whoever drew that captured her likeness perfectly.

Korbel: I did.

Jana: You did? Really? Now I'm really impressed. What, did you work from a photograph?

Korbel: No, I drew it from memory.

Jana: Get out! Seriously?

Korbel: Seriously.

Jana: Well, what do you know? We've got a real renaissance man in the house. Do you draw all of your students?

Korbel: Renaissance man would imply I use multiple media. Whereas, I'm just a charcoal guy. Occasionally, graphite, in a pinch.

Jana: Do you have any more drawings of Colleen?

Korbel: Mmm. This is good coffee.

Jana: Mmm. You know, Kevin gave me a book for Christmas where one of the characters would actually draw pictures of women he knew. It's a fantastic read. A book on serial killers!

Korbel: Oh, that's perfect!

Jana: You actually remind me a lot of the men in that book-- charming, smart, great careers.

Korbel: Yes, I feel very fortunate to be teaching and not doing.

Jill: You're going to China?

Ashley: Yes. I'll be working with Ji Min's people.

Jill: And what are you gonna be doing there?

Ashley: This and that. My primary focus will be on operations.

Jill: Whose idea was this?

Ashley: I'm not sure. But I'm leaving soon, so I thought you'd wanna know.

Jill: Gee, ya think? I'm only the C.E.O. of this company. I should've been consulted before this decision was made. But it doesn't surprise me. Nobody wants to tell me much of anything these days.

(Cell phone ringing)

Jill: What?

Jack: Jill, its Jack. I wanna talk to you about Gloria.

Jill: Oh, what now?

Jack: I don't want her going on this stupid television show. She might--

Jill: Jack, I don't have time for this.

Jack: Can we just discuss--

Jill: Jack, I know you don't like the woman, but that is tough, okay? Now Ji Min could walk in here right now and fire me. I wouldn't care. Because Jabot is not the top of my list of priorities. Bye.

Brad: First of all, you should know that what I'm about to tell you is Victor's idea. I don't like it. But I told him I would talk to you.

Colleen: Wow. What a build up.

Brad: Victor wants me to be more proactive when it comes to finding the missing Grugeon.

Rebecca: What do you mean, proactive?

Victoria: Doing something to find the answers.

Brad: My concern is that Victor's plan could put us in even more danger.

Colleen: What's Victor's plan?

Brad: Well, first, I wanna tell you about my plan. I want us to go into hiding again. All of us.

Rebecca: Hiding?

Victoria: Oh, no. No, Brad.

Brad: We'd go even deeper than we did before. Nobody would ever find us. It would be like we just disappeared. I have unlimited financial resources. We could relocate, start a new life without leaving a paper trail.

Colleen: No, Dad, you can't be serious.

Brad: I am serious. I can't bear the thought of losing another person that I love. Mom? Say something.

Rebecca: Oh, George... I spent most of my life underground. I hid from the Nazis before they took my family into the camps. I hid again when Isabel, Stephanie and your father were massacred. I'm done hiding. I'm not gonna do it anymore.

Ashley: I understand your frustration.

Jill: I don't think you do.

Ashley: You're feeling under appreciated. Believe me, I do, too.

Jill: Is that why you're going overseas?

Ashley: No. No, but, um... it does have to do with Jabot management.

Jill: What do you mean? Never mind. Don't tell me. Ji Min is a thorn in my side, too.

Ashley: I'll tell you what. I'll be your eyes and ears while I'm over there, but only if you want me to.

Jill: Oh, I would like that very much.

Ashley: Okay.

Jana: Did I tell you I worked in some art galleries in Italy?

Korbel: No, you didnít.

Jana: Yes, I, uh, studied art in school. I majored in art history. Oh, the plight of the artist has always intrigued me.

Korbel: In what way?

Jana: Well, it's a fine line between madness and genius.

Korbel: You know, many of the world's most famous artists suffered from mental illness.

Jana: Like Van Gogh.

Korbel: Countless papers have been written speculating on the cause of his bizarre behavior. Even his penchants for the color yellow.

Jana: I've always heard it was syphilis-- rotted away his brain.

Korbel: That could've been it... or Meniere's disease. Lead poisoning.

Jana: From twirling around paint brushes in his mouth to get a certain shape?

Korbel: Perhaps.

Jana: You know, while we're speculating, Professor... it was a broken heart, right? I mean, that's what caused him to cut off part of his ear.

Korbel: So the story goes. He and Gaugin-- it was love that could never be.

Jana: Yeah. That's frustrating, eh?

Korbel: Profoundly so. It makes one almost understand what could drive someone to such a desperate act. Don't worry. I'm not one for self-mutiliation.

Jana: Van Goghís passion bordered obsession, didn't it?

Korbel: That is the thing about passion, Jana. It can be deadly when it gets out of hand.

Rebecca: We've been scared long enough. It's time to fight.

Brad: Mother--

Rebecca: I know it won't be easy to get the collector out of hiding. Whatever piece you choose to sell has to be rare--exquisite.

Victoria: Last summer I managed to acquire two pieces from the Grugeon collection.

Rebecca: How?

Brad: We paid a premium.

Colleen: You got them on the black market?

Victoria: We had no choice. We were trying to save Sharon.

Brad: The object have no provenance. They could've be authenticated.

Victoria: But even without the papers I could tell that they were the real deal. I used parts from both pieces to make a replica of what the kidnappers were looking for.

Colleen: Were they damaged?

Victoria: No, I was careful. They were both restored, so they're in the same shape that they were in when they went missing during the war.

Rebecca: When was that? Do you remember?

Victoria: About 1940.

Rebecca: Which pieces were these?

Victoria: They were two shape reliquaries from 1230 A.D. One was a box with a large circle--

Rebecca: I know them. The commandant had them both.

Brad: Have you seen them?

Rebecca: Once. They were at the camp for about a week. Then they disappeared.

Victoria: Until we found the right dealer. And offered the right price.

Colleen: So will those really work? To draw out the people you're looking for?

Rebecca: I think so.

Colleen: Okay.

Victoria: Okay. So are we gonna do this?

J.T.: There she is.

Colleen: Hey, what's with all the papers?

J.T.: Oh, it's just work.

Colleen: Oh, something for Katherine and Jill?

J.T.: So, where you been?

Colleen: My dadís.

J.T.: What, did you two run into each other?

Colleen: No, no, no, he called. He wanted to talk.

J.T.: I feel like I'm up for a break right about now.

Colleen: Oh, you don't have to take a break. I have a lot going on.

Jack: You're still here? Why? You won. You're gonna go on this ridiculous television show and make a fool out of all of us. Congratulations. Now get out of here.

Gloria: Oh, stop it, Jack. I would never take the name that your father gave me and disgrace his family. Not the way you have.

Jack: Spare me.

Gloria: Jack, you have become twisted. You have become even more evil. Your own dear sister can't even stand to be around you anymore. Maybe there is justice in the universe. It's ironic. Think about it. Because of the way you've treated everybody, you get to ramble around this big old house all by yourself. And trashy old Gloria... has two loving son, a wonderful daughter-in-law and a beautiful grandchild to go home to. So if you'll excuse me, Jack, my family's waiting for me.

Brad: Hong Kong?

Ashley: Yeah. I'll be leaving as soon as possible. I assume you're gonna wanna keep Abby here while I'm gone.

Brad: How long will you be away?

Ashley: I'm really not sure.

Brad: I think, um...

Ashley: What?

Brad: I think you should take her with you.

Ashley: Wow. I thought you wanted to spend time with her.

Brad: Well, of course I do. But, you know, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. She'll experience another country, another culture. And we'll make up for lost time when she gets back.

Ashley: Oh, I would love to take her with me. That was-- oh, that would be so great.

Victoria: That's great. She'll have so much fun. But you have to take her to see a dragon dance for sure.

Ashley: Oh, I will! Brad, thank you so much! I gotta go. I gotta tell Abby the news!

Victor: Tell Abby what?

Ashley: I'm taking her with me to China.

Victor: Huh. Well, how exciting.

Ashley: Yeah, isn't it? Anyway, bye, I have to go.

Victoria: Bye.

Victor: Bye.

Brad: You knew Ash was going away?

Victor: Yes, she told me earlier. Have you thought about what I suggested?

Brad: Your plan's a go.

Victor: Good.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: I'm gonna miss you.

Ashley: I hope you take some time to think. Someday you're gonna make us proud again.

Dru: You had your fun, now you can leave.

David: Not until you pay for what you did to Carmen.

Victor: I don't want Nicholas to know any of this.

Brad: Right there with you.

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