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J.T.: Man, am I worn out!

Colleen: Oh, me, too! My stomach hurts from laughing.

J.T.: Hey, I have gotten free drinks with those moves. Let me tell you.

Colleen: Aw, but you haven't gotten any dates.

J.T.: I made you laugh.

Colleen: At you, not with you.

J.T.: And guess who you're going home with tonight?

Colleen: Okay. Okay, you got me. You're right. You're irresistible.

J.T.: Damn straight, I am.

J.T.: What is it?

Colleen: I'm screwed.


Phyllis: Noah wanted to watch a movie in our bedroom.

Nick: Better be PG.

Phyllis: Oh, it's definitely double x-- triple X.

Nick: That's not funny.

Phyllis: Um, he's watching a cartoon.

Nick: I'm in no mood for jokes, all right?

Phyllis: You were 20 minutes ago.

Nick: All right, that oughta do it. No more burnt toast. I think I fixed that, uh...

Phyllis: The poppy-thingy, I think is the technical term.

Nick: Stupid!

Phyllis: Nicholas...

Noah: Dad, what's going on? I heard a crash!

Nick: Nothing, Buddy. Go watch your movie.

Phyllis: Nick...

Noah: You're mad at me, aren't you?

Nick: No, Dude, I just got frustrated because I can't fix the toaster. That's all.

Noah: I'm gonna go watch the rest of my movie.


Jack: Okay, two more.

Sharon: It's hard to stop.

Jack: Noah doesn't know what he's missing.

Sharon: I think, um... Noah may be better off with Nick tonight. I think the baby will be a good distraction for him.

Jack: Noah needs a distraction for Cassie's birthday?

Sharon: Well, it's still really hard for him, Jack. You know, he doesn't like talking about her... ever.

Jack: Ever?

Sharon: Well, he changes the subject every time I bring her up. Maybe he feels like... if he doesn't talk about her death, that it won't hurt so much.

Jack: Yeah, maybe.

Sharon: Well, Nick did the same thing. I don't know. I never know what either of those two are thinking.

Jack: Maybe it's a guy thing.

Sharon: Yeah, it's a guy thing. As opposed to me, I like thinking about Cassie. I like remembering her every day.

Jack: So does Noah. Just not out loud. Doesn't mean he's not thinking of her.

Sharon: When did you get to be so smart?

Jack: And good looking.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Gosh, it doesn't seem fair, does it?

Sharon: Well, you better stick around. 'Cause I'm gonna need both of those assets tonight.

Jack: Well, in that case, I ain't going anywhere.


Jill: Mother, would you please let me call a doctor?

Kay: No, I do not need a doctor. Would you just please relax for a minute? Because you're driving me crazy, Jill!

Jill: Oh, we're past that point.

Nikki: Don't you wanna hear everything that Katherine remembers?

Jill: I've heard enough.

Kay: When Phillip was born, at that time, I was drinking night and day. And I--clearly, I wasn't in my right mind.

Jill: I'm pretty sure you're not in your right mind now.

Nikki: Jill...

Jill: Anyway, I know all this stuff. I know you were a drunk. I know you made mistakes.

Kay: And I planned on raising Phillip myself.

Jill: What?! Well, now I feel better!

Kay: How can you?

Jill: You told me that you planned on stealing Phillip and raising him yourself. Did you?

Kay: Well... well, no.

Jill: Well, exactly! Don't you see how ridiculous this is? We both know that I raised Phillip. Now maybe you planned to steal him and raise him elsewhere, but very clearly, you couldn't go through with it.

Nikki: Katherine... tell her the rest.


Amber: Adrian, that guy in the chat room sent me a message. "My adopted mother's name is Violet Montgomery."

Korbel: Can you talk to him?

Amber: He signed off.

Korbel: I'm sure he'll be back. If he took the time to IM you.

Amber: Maybe I should try to find out this Violet person's information. See if I can call her. See if she has some kind of a connection with Mrs. Chancellor.

Korbel: I'd be pretty impressed if you could contact a dead person.

Amber: Oh, that's right. He said in his post that Violet had died. Well, guess I'll just have to wait until he contacts me again. See if he can tell me something more.


Kay: I've been agonizing for weeks. Debating whether I should tell you about this. When I realized they weren't just dreams, I... I just couldn't keep it from you.

Jill: All right, keep talking.

Kay: I remember giving the baby to someone. It was a woman.

Jill: Who?

Kay: Violet. I only remember bits and pieces, Jill. Finally, I-I persuaded-- got her to take the baby. And she promised that-- that she would raise him for me. And then I gave her the ring because I knew she would need money. It was the ring that I'd dreamed about. You remember that?

Jill: Yes, I remember that.

Kay: And then she took the ring and the baby. And then she disappeared.

Jill: Katherine... if you took Phillip... who did I raise? Where did that baby come from?

Kay: I wish I knew.


Jack: Well, this looks amazing. Good thing I'm not on a low carb diet.

Sharon: Right? You know, every year on the kid's birthdays, we let them have whatever they wanted for dinner. And Cassie always chose Mac and Cheese and pigs in a blanket, spaghetti and German chocolate cake.

Jack: Well, it looks great.

Sharon: I thought I'd go ahead and make it. I thought... maybe it'd make me feel better.

Jack: Hey, come here. Come here.


J.T.: You know, why don't you tell me what was in that message? 'Cause ever since you heard from Lily, you've been acting a little--

Colleen: Okay, okay, okay, okay, you know the fellowship that I mentioned?

J.T.: Yeah, the one in Italy? What about it?

Colleen: Well, I totally forgot, but I had to have my application in the mail tonight to get it there on time.

J.T.: Oh. Well, you wanna go back and get it?

Colleen: See, that's the problem. I only have half of it. Professor Korbel was going over my essay, because he was gonna give me feedback.

J.T.: All right, why don't we go back to the loft and get your stuff. And then we can stop by his place on the way to the post office?

Colleen: Okay. Well, actually, I should probably call him. 'Cause, you know, I don't wanna bug him if he's busy.


Korbel: How goes the search?

Amber: Uh, no luck. The guy hasn't signed back on yet. What are you doing over there?

Korbel: Sketching.

Amber: What? Let me see.

Korbel: Well, it's-- it's not quite finished.

Amber: Ah.

Amber: Ah! Wow! You're really talented! That's sweet. Guess this means you got a crush on me, huh?

Korbel: I guess so.


Sharon: All right, enough stalling! Taste!

Jack: Okay, here we go.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Ooh! Now that is expert macaroni and cheese.

Sharon: No. It's an expert failure. There's too much salt in there.

Jack: Now hold on. The chef happens to be my girlfriend. She's not only a good cook. She's a gorgeous woman.

Sharon: I bet you say that to all the ladies, jack.

Jack: Oh, just the ladies I like a whole lot.

Sharon: Yeah, including Phyllis?

Jack: Where did that come from?

Sharon: Um... it just seems like she's been on your mind a lot lately. You know, since you delivered her baby.

Jack: I think about you a whole lot more, if that matters.

Sharon: Do you think that... you ever really get over someone you were in love with?

Jack: Is that the, uh, universal, hypothetical "you?" As in, "does one ever get over someone else?"

Sharon: Sounds safe.

Jack: Speaking strictly for myself... the good memories, the lessons you learn, the love... you hold onto those. The desire to be romantically involved-- that goes away. But it takes some time.

Sharon: Yeah. Seeing Nick holding Summer in his arms-- that was like getting divorced all over again.

Jack: Yeah, I think I know how you feel.


Phyllis: Yeah. Uh, okay, um, hey, um... enough with, uh, all this. And, um, we'll-- we'll just fix that later.

Nick: I can't. There won't be time.

Phyllis: Listen, it doesn't matter. We don't need toast. And if we want toast, I'll just pick up some from the coffee shop.

Nick: You have been complaining about that for a week. Now you don't want me to fix it?

Phyllis: Listen, what's going on with you? If you keep this up, I'm--I'm gonna go out with cranky pants, and I'm not talking about you.

Nick: What? Why?

Phyllis: Why? Nick, you're snapping at me. You have-- you have Noah so worried. I've never seen you like this.

Nick: I know. I'm a jerk, aren't I?

Phyllis: What's going on with you?

Nick: It's Cassie.


Nikki: I thought maybe some tea would calm everyone's nerves.

Jill: I don't want any tea. I wanna know about this supposed second baby.

Kay: I don't know. I told you I was drunk.

Jill: Katherine, please think harder! Now... this Violet woman-- maybe she stole your ring and left the baby?

Nikki: I suppose that's possible.

Jill: Because it's the only thing that makes any sense. I mean, you were incapacitated. She took advantage of you. She wanted money. She didn't wanna raise a baby.

Nikki: Jill could be right.

Kay: No. No, Jill isn't right. Because I remember the last time I saw that baby's face.

Nikki: Katherine, where?

Kay: In the back seat of Violet's car.

Jill: This has to be a dream.

Kay: No, I really don't think so. I remember seeing that sweet, innocent... precious face. And then she, uh... she drove away.

Jill: Katherine... please, tell me you didn't do this. Please.

Jill: I don't understand this. The psychic said that Phillip's spirit was at peace. We were at his funeral. We saw his body.

Kay: Yes, but, uh, Sylvia also said that there was something that I should make right. I really believe she was encouraging me to tell you the truth.

Jill: Well, then where is my son? The one I gave birth to?

Kay: I-I don't...

Jill: Are you saying that he could still be alive? Katherine, answer me!

Kay: Jill, if... if all of this did happen as I'm starting to remember... yes, it's possible your son is still alive.


Korbel: Perfect.

Amber: What did you say?

Korbel: Nothing.

Amber: I really wish I could talk to Sylvia Browne again.

Korbel: Oh, she might charge you this time.

Amber: Cut it out. She really connected with Phillip's spirit. I just don't understand why she didn't have more of an answer.

Korbel: Maybe the ghost was playing hard to get.

Amber: Cute.

Korbel: Hello? Hello? Anyone there?

Colleen: Hey, it's me.

Korbel: I can barely hear you. There's a ton of noise coming through.

Colleen: It's me. Its Colleen--Colleen. Can you hear me now?

Korbel: Well, it's a little better, but it's a terrible connection.

Colleen: Look, I'm sorry to bother you. But I was wondering, have you gone over my paper yet?

Korbel: I did. And it's ready to go. I was gonna bring it by class tomorrow.

Colleen: Well, actually, can I--can I come by and pick it up? 'Cause if not, I'm gonna miss the deadline for getting in my application.

Korbel: Miss what?

Colleen: The deadline. Deadline, for my application.

Korbel: Oh. Right, I hadn't thought. Um, well, I-I guess I could, uh, meet you if--

Colleen: No, no, I'll come by and pick it up. Are you at home?

Korbel: Yeah. Yeah, I'll--I'll be here.

Korbel: Uh, Amber, I hate to do this, but I got all this work to do.

Amber: I know. I'm doing my own thing. I promise I'll be super quiet. Hey, hey, hey! This guy signed back on again!

Korbel: What happened to quiet?

Amber: Sorry.

Korbel: Maybe you should get dressed.

Amber: I thought you liked me in your shirt.

Korbel: I do. But I got a student coming by to pick something up. Have I told you how sexy you look?

Amber: Yeah.

Korbel: And did I tell you how sexy it was undressing you earlier?

Amber: Does that mean you wanna undress me again?

Korbel: Well, I guess we'll only find out if you put your clothes back on. Go.


Sharon: Do you think that Nick and Phyllis sit around talking about us?

Jack: Oh, yeah. Yeah, my ego tells me Phyllis spends 75% of her day thinking about me.

Sharon: Oh, yeah. Well, she'd have to. I wanna, um... ask you something serious. Do you still love Phyllis?

Jack: I will always care about Phyllis. But I think we've kind of... lived out the nine lives we had in that relationship. How about you? You love Nick?

Sharon: Um... I don't know, I feel... sort of an anxiety, in a way, over the thought of never having another child again, which was something Nick and I seriously talked about.

Jack: Well, wait, never say never. Don't rule anything out.


Nick: I just wish things could be different. I wish Cassie could be here.

Phyllis: I do, too.

Nick: You know, she... wanted Sharon and me to have another little girl. I didn't think I could ever be happy again after she died, but... but you... and Summer...

Phyllis: Will never replace Cassie. I know that. Listen... you're allowed to miss your daughter. You're allowed to get mad. You're allowed to... throw the toaster across the room if you want. Just make sure that I'm sitting over there.

Nick: Okay.


Korbel: This is a nice surprise.

J.T.: Well, I'm, uh, playing chauffeur tonight.

Colleen: We were at Indigo.

Korbel: That explains the noise. Here you go. I made a few changes in red. Um, but, uh, other than that, you did a great job. I'm impressed.

J.T.: Smart and beautiful? Did I get lucky, or what?

Korbel: If you have any questions before you send it out, feel free to call me at home later.

J.T.: You give all your students your number?

Colleen: J.T., stop.

J.T.: That's great.

Korbel: Just-- just my research assistants.

J.T.: Okay.

Amber: Hi, guys!

J.T.: Hey.


Jack: Hey, I didn't scare you with what I said earlier, did I?

Sharon: What do you mean?

Jack: When I said not to rule out the possibility of having another child one day?

Sharon: Oh, um, well... I guess that's possible. I just never imagined myself having a baby with anyone other than Nick.

Jack: You know what? I think we've spent enough of this evening talking about Nick and Phyllis. This evening is about Cassie... and sharing her favorite dessert.


Jill: Okay, let me get this straight. You're telling me that you stole my son. You replaced him with another baby. And you don't know where he is? If he's even alive?

Nikki: Jill, this isn't helping anything.

Jill: You know what doesn't help, Nikki? Not knowing if she's lost it, or if any of this is true.

Kay: At this point, I wish I had lost it.

Nikki: Oh, stop.

Jill: Fine! Then tell me where to find Phillip! Now you have nothing to say?

Kay: Jill, we have come so far. I really don't want to go back.

Jill: Oh, please, do you really think if any part of this is true, I'll ever be able to forgive you?

Nikki: Can't you see how hard this is for her?

Jill: For her?! Oh, my God! How do I do this? How do we figure out... if he's even out there? If the son that I gave birth to is even out there?

Kay: I don't have any answers, Jill. Don't you understand that? I don't have answers! I have no answers!

Jill: Well, get some answers! You stole my baby! And you don't even know where he is!

Nikki: Jill, stop it! Oh, my God! Oh, Katherine...


Noah: This is something familiar... This fish.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, it's a piranha. Make sure she knows that.

Noah: I will.

Phyllis: It's not just a fish. So cute. Um... hey, this is payback.

Nick: Like this is punishment?

Phyllis: I liked our little project.

Nick: Yeah. Do you know why he suggested the papier-mâché?

Phyllis: No, why?

Nick: Because Cassie used to make all these... papier-mâché animals out of the newspaper when I was done with it. She'd have, like, 20 of 'em around the house. And Noah would help her. They'd paint them.

Phyllis: He was reaching out to you.

Nick: He's a good boy. A good boy. Did I apologize to you yet?

Phyllis: Huh? I'm sorry, I didn't-- I didn't... hear you. What?

Nick: Oh.

Phyllis: Keep rubbing.

Nick: Okay. I'm rubbing.

Phyllis: Yeah, you apologized to me. It's accepted.

Nick: I love you. And I love Summer more than I thought was possible. And I have my son, who reminds me of... of Cassie and the bond they shared.

Phyllis: Maybe Summer and Noah will have the same bond.

Nick: Something tells me, they will.


Jack: Can I help you there?

Sharon: No, that's okay. I got it. I like to take my time.

Jack: Any reason why?

Sharon: Well, this might sound crazy, but, I don't know, after Cassie's birthday's over and I put the dishes away. It's just... it's all over with. You know, the food and her memories and...

Jack: No, no, no, no. Her memory lasts forever. She's part of you.

Sharon: I wonder who that could be?

Jack: Hmm.

Woman: Delivery for Sharon Newman?

Sharon: Oh! Oh, my goodness! Thank you. Here, I'll take that.

Jack: Here you go.

Sharon: The note...

Nick's voice: Dear Sharon, this is the hardest card I've ever had to write. How can I sum up Cassie in a few short sentences? She's so much more than I can put into words. But I wanted to let you know she'll always be a part of the family. Our family.

Nick's voice: The beautiful daughter we raised together will continue to amaze me every day of my life. She was a thoughtful, caring, intelligent young woman who showed me the true meaning of love. Much like her mother. My thoughts are with you both today. Love, Nick.


J.T.: You gonna work on that essay now?

Colleen: I have to, J.T. the deadline's tonight.

J.T.: What's another 30 minutes? Why don't you get in the shower with me?

Colleen: No, I can't. Not now.

J.T.: All right. Well, you know where I'll be if you change your mind.

Colleen: Okay.


Man: Amber? You IM'd me earlier.

Amber: Hey!

Man: Are you searching for your parents as well?

Amber: Not so much.

Man: I noticed you were looking for someone who had an adoptive mother named Violet. Do you know someone named Violet Montgomery?

Amber: Never heard of her.

Man: Oh, must be the wrong woman.

Amber: I'm not really sure what I should be looking for, actually. It's kind of complicated, but I'm searching for answers. For a good friend of mine.

Man: You sound like an intuitive person.

Amber: I try. My friend saw this psychic and the word Violet kept coming up, which kinda led me to you. Along with every flower shop in Genoa City.

Man: Well, Amber. May I call you Amber? I wish you the best of luck.

Korbel: You, uh, talking to that person searching for Violet?

Amber: Yeah, not really saying anything of much use.

Korbel: You know what? I'm gonna go for a walk. I need some air. Be back in a little bit.

Amber: Okay, see you soon. Thanks. I feel like it's my duty to help her. She has a son-- I mean, had a son who died in a car crash.

Man: I can empathize. Well, sort of. She lost her son. I lost my parents.

Amber: No luck, huh?

Man: Not yet. The longer it goes, the more a part of me gives up hope. A woman named Violet took me in as a baby, but she died two weeks after bringing me home. Her brother raised me. I never knew where I was originally from.

Amber: Don't give up. Have you tried adoption agencies?

Man: Years ago. I registered hoping they'd be looking for me as well.

Amber: I really wish we could help each other. My friend has a son, but she kept him.

Man: You'll find a lot of dead ends when searching for answers that have no definitive beginning.

Amber: Makes it worth it in the end. Hey, I know this might sound a little off the wall, but IM me anytime and let me know if you've made any progress, okay?

Man: You as well, Amber. Take care.

Amber: Wait, I didn't get your real name!


Jill: I can't believe any of this. I feel like I'm in a dream.

Kay: And I wish I could take it all back, Jill.

Jill: How can you be my mother? How does a mother steal a baby from her own child?

Kay: I... I didn't know!

Nikki: Will you stop it, Jill? She's had enough! Stop!

Jill: Okay... we may not know where Phillip is, but you know where Violet is, right? So we go to her, we ask her and she tells us. Why didn't I think of this before?

Kay: This is what I've been frightened to tell you.

Jill: What do you mean?

Kay: I don't even know how to reach the woman.

Kay: No, I never saw her again. I don't remember a thing about her.


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Lauren: So how long have the two of you been planning this little intervention?

Phyllis: We're concerned about you.

Man: I came here to meet you.

Dru: Me? Why?

Man: I was a friend of Carmen's.

Jill: What I'm gonna tell you, it's a horrible story. I don't even know if it's true. I don't want it to be true.

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